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Once upon a time,I was a erstwhile die-hard voter of the esteemed grand old party.In election after election since a long time I have voted for this party.Be it the Village Panchayat elections,the Assembly elections or the Lok sabha polls,my vote has been cast on the "HAND" or its associates.

But things started changing since 2011.The mess the Congress legislators had made of Goa was getting worse by the day,Goa's sons and daughters were feeling cheated by the government.The common man was cornered by corruption which was omni-present and which ultimately became an albatross round its neck. Come 2012, and the Congress found itself a new reason to alienate the Goans- 'Family Raj".This proved to be the last straw which broke the proverbial camel's backThe sensible Goan voter,including yours truely was done with the high handedness of the congress leaders and their wrapped ideas.And the rest is history.

Well,not all stories have happy endings.Neither did this one.After voting the Congress party out and voting in the Lotus party things have changed as much as they have remained the same.Its 2015 and the Goan populace definitely are reeling with a heavy sense of deja vu. Its like revisiting the same old nightmare.The broken promises of the BJP and its many legendary U-turns,the corruption and scandals are almost identical,save for the faces.

As much as the Goan voters were not in love with the Congress any more,that much they did not have a choice but to go along with the BJP.It was not the love of BJP that brought it to power as much as the anger the Goans developed towards the Congress.In fact one could safely say ,2012 was a negative vote for Congress than a positive one for BJP.They happened to be at the right place at the right time ,headed by the right person.

Cut to 2015,the same feeling of being cheated,of being ignored and of being stifled is spreading all over the State.Its 2012 ,once more.Then we had the SEZ Land grab scam,the Casino problem,the Regional Plan controversy,the Mining corruption and the MOI issue which the Congress Government was never serious about and on which they kept the Goan populace in a limbo.The Manohar Parrikar led BJP stormed in like a Hero to the distressed damsel's rescue.It rode into the minds of the Goan voters like a knight in shining armour and promised us to get rid of all the ills plaguing our beloved land.And what did we do? We ran straight into the arms of the Great Pretender.Hoping that here was the promised elixir,thinking that this is the answer to our prayers.The above listed problems still persist and additionaly we have now inherited more, .Tiracol land grab,Amarnath Naik land grab,Fr.Bismarque's unsolved death,Betul land grab and more.

Today you name a place in Goa and sure as day comes after night,there is a anti-Government sentiment brewing if not a agitation underway already.The state of affairs in our little Goa is such that voters are becoming wary of political parties,the choice is limited to the two main parties.Its like you can choose death by hanging or death by firing.In 2012 the voter was sure of his options,now in 2017 we will be lacking that luxury.The alleged Third Front which is being talked about is taking a long time to incubate,and neither are its contours clear.It is making things more complicated than bringing about a clarity.If really the promoters are serious about it,now is the

time. If they take too long a time, it will look like some sort of bargaining and match fixing is going

on between the three.i.e the national

parties and the proposed third front.

The present BJP dispensation is virtually a carbon copy of the erstwhile Congress government.People have already lost the hope they held from 2012.The trust quotient between Laximikant Parsekar's Government and the people of Goa is nothing to write home about.Goa was being sacrificed at the altar of greed then and it is being sacrificed now too.Only the high priests have traded places.

What then?What do we do in 2017?Where do we go from here?My wild guess is if you ask a random person at any tinto or bazaar in Goa ,more likely than not,he/she will tell you:"Padd poddonk heanchem.Sogle Chor.Sogle ekech baxeche.Amkam fottoitat ani apunn poixe kortat.Na

ghalchona Vote hankam

today.And we have brought it upon ourselves,by our own acts of omission and comission.If Goa

needs anything now it is divine miracle.Only divine providence can save us,left to the present lot

of politicians


vechina Elesanvak fuddle pavtt."That is the tragedy of Goa


is Quo Vadis Goa