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Message from the Chairman

Dear Colleagues,
As we are entering year 2016 with pride in our academic excellence and aspiration
for new goals, it is worthwhile to reflect some of the memorable moments in the
past year. This issue of the departmental Newsletter highlights some of these
moments, from graduation of residents, fellows and students to the arrival of new
trainees and new faculty members. Looking back at the past year, the Department
achieved some of its intended goals. Our residents, fellows and students continue
high-standard learning with great success in their career goals. We continue to
provide excellent diagnostic services, albeit with increased volumes. Our research
missions continue to expand, as reflected by innovative projects, excellent
publications, and extramural grant supports. As we look back with satisfaction in
the accomplishments of our Department, we likewise look forward to achieving new

Happy Mardi Gras!

Tong Wu, M.D., Ph.D.



The Department of Pathology held its graduation ceremony last
June 13 in an evening filled with awards, recognition, and farewells to
graduating residents and fellows. Dr. Tong Wu, Department
Chairman, presented Lu Yao (see below, right) with the Outstanding
Graduate Student Award. Dr. Wu also presented the Award for
Outstanding Postdoctoral Fellow to Dr. Jun
Hong Park.
Dr. Barbara Herfel, Cytopathology
Fellow, received her certificate from Dr.
Krzysztof Moroz, while Dr. Janet Schmid
awarded Hematopathology Fellow, Dr.
Thad Primeaux his certificate for
successful program completion. Dr. Alun
Wang presented Dermatopathology Fellow,
Dr. Michael Lee (see below, left) a
graduation certificate.
Dr. Janet Schmid awarded graduation

certificates and a textbook of their choice

to the graduating class of residents: Dr.
Laura Bratton who will pursue a
Gastrointestinal Pathology Fellowship at
the University of Rochester in New York;
Dr. Buu Duong, Chief Resident, who will
remain in the Department of Pathology at
Tulane as a dermatopathology fellow;
Dr. Chancey Christenson, who will join
the New York Blood Center as a
Transfusion Medicine Fellow;
Dr. Greg Mayhall will undertake a
Surgical Pathology Fellowship at the
Medical College of Wisconsin in
Milwaukee; Dr. Lacey Sullivan, Chief Resident, who will assume the
duties of Cytopathology Fellow in the Department of Pathology at



GRADUATION 2015 (Continued)

Dr. Andrew Sholl presented the Rokitansky Award for Excellence in

Autopsy to Dr. Darshan Trivedi (seen below, left).

Dr. Philip
Daroca awarded Dr. Greg Mayhall the Richard J. Reed Award for
Surgical Pathology (seen below, right).

Faculty members were likewise recognized for achievement in

pathology education for the year. Presented by Vice-Chairman Dr.
Byron Crawford, plaques recognizing their achievement were awarded
to Drs. Laura Kidd (below, left with Dr. Crawford); Tim Peterson
(second from left); John Schmieg (below, center) and Andrew Sholl
(below, right). Dr. Crawford was presented with the Philip J. Daroca
Award in Residency Education from Drs. Duong and Sullivan.



NEW FELLOWS 2015-2016

Left to right: Dr. Lacey Sullivan,

Cytopathology Fellow; Dr. Michael
VanVrancken, Hematopathology Fellow.
Below: Dr. Buu Duong, Dermatopathology
Fellow. Drs. Duong and Sullivan were
Tulane Residents; Dr. VanVrancken
completed his residency at Baylor
University Medical Center in Dallas, TX.




Clockwise left to right: Drs. Victoria Collins;

Zahraa Ghandour, Cacey Peters, and Abida Kadi.



Chief Resident Dr. Lacey Sullivan, (seen below),

presented a poster at the American Society of
Dermatopathology Conference last year, and two posters at
the American Society of Cytopathology.
Drs. Meggie Doucet and Eleanor Lewis, both PGY II,
presented a poster at the ASCP Conference last October in
Long Beach, CA. Dr. Doucet attended the CAP Conference
with Dr. Darshan Trivedi, PGY I in Nashville, TN as resident
delegates. Dr. Trivedi presented a poster at the CAP



The Dr. and Mrs. Michael A. Gerber
Memorial Lecture was delivered on
March 25, 2015 by Dr. Adrian
DiBisceglie (seen left), Chairman of
Internal Medicine, Chief of Hepatology at
the St. Louis School of Medicine. Dr.
DiBisceglies topic was, Prevention of
Hepatocellular Carcinoma.
The Fifth Annual SternbergReed Lecture Series was held
November 19-20, 2015. Guest
speaker Dr. Peter Burger (seen
right), a professor of Pathology,
Neurosurgery and Oncology, and
Director of Surgical Neuropathology
at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore, was
the featured guest. Dr. Burger
conducted resident slides reviews and
a lecture. His topic for the SternbergReed Lecture was, Glioblastoma
Evolution of our Understanding. Later he spoke to the
residents on, The WHO Classification of CNS Tumors.



GUEST SPEAKERS (continued)

Dr. Gary Hoyle (seen left), Professor, Schools of
Medicine and Public Health Information Sciences at
the University of Kentucky at Louisville, was a guest
presenter for the Departments weekly Grand Rounds
on November 6, 2015. Dr. Hoyle spoke on,
Pathophysiology and Treatment of Chlorine-Induced
Lung Injury.


Dr. Loren Gragert (below, right) joined the Pathology Faculty last
August as an Assistant Professor. Dr. Gragert received his B.A. degree
in Quantitative Methods/Computer Science and a B.S. degree in
Biochemistry at the University of St. Thomas, St.
Paul, MN. He received a Ph.D. in Biomedical
Informatics and Computational Biology at the
University of MinnesotaTwin Cities. He worked
as a Bioinformatics Analyst at the National
Match/Bioinformatics Research in Minneapolis.
At the same institution, he was Senior
Bioinformatics Scientist. His area of expertise
includes bioinformatics and genetic association of
immune-mediated diseases and stem cell




Joining the Department last October as
an Assistant Professor of Pathology, Dr.
Nadja Falk graduated from Wellesley
College in Massachusetts with a B.A. in
German Language and Literature. She
received her M.D. from the University of
Texas Health Sciences Center at Houston
(UTHSC). She then worked as a General
Surgery Resident at St. Vincents
Hospital in New York, followed by
postdoctoral research training at MD Anderson Cancer Center
in Houston. After completing her residency training in
Anatomic and Clinical Pathology from UTHSC, she received a
Cytopathology Fellowship at MD Anderson, followed by a
fellowship in Surgical Pathology. She has co-authored 18
articles and abstract and is the first author of six articles.
Graduate Student Lu Yao received his post-doctoral fellowship last
November. Yao, who works in the Department, focuses his research on
liver disease and hepatocellular carcinoma.



Sarah Garner (seen right) joined the Department last
June as a Pathologists Assistant
student. She received her B.S. and
M.S. degrees from Tulane University in
Cell and Molecular Biology. She is
working on obtaining a Masters degree
in Pathologists Assistant Studies at the
Rosalind Franklin University of
Medicine and Science.

Welcome to Brandi Johnson, Medical Transcriptionist.




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