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Dear Sir/Ma'am ,

I am writing to you today for applying to Summer Internship at World Bank India. I have had an
abiding interest in field of Energy reform in India. Being born and brought up in various townships
of NTPC , India's largest power producing company, and subsequently working at internships at a
Gas Power Plant and a Coal Super Thermal Power plant have endowed me with significant
experience and knowledge about India's Power Sector.This in-depth exposure to practices and
culture of India's Power sector and my rigorous training in the field of Electrical Engineering has
encouraged me to think deeply about the energy challenges being faced by us.
I am currently pursuing my Masters degree in the field of Economics ( with full scholarship) at Shiv
Nadar University. During this masters programme I have taken a keen interest in improving Indias
Energy ecosystem.As of now my research interests lie in incentivising voluntary over compliance to
environmental regulations in power industry.My previous degrees include B.tech in Electrical
Engineering with a minor in Economics.In my time as an undergraduate I have also spent a
semester abroad at Duke Kunshan University , China . During that time I have been fortunate
enough to work with Duke Prof. Stephen Kelly who is a Op-Ed contributor to New York Times and
a world renowned energy expert.Working under him I analysed the role played by Saudi Arabia in
energy economies of India and China and suggested policy changes which could lead to a symbiotic
relationship between the countries in Energy Sector.While working on this project I read
extensively on issues permeating the global energy scene from various sources such as E.I.A.
( Energy Information Administration) and MENA ( Middle East and North Africa ) report by UN.
As I result I gained insights, which pushed me to think about dealing with Energy challenges more
intensively on a global scale.
Apart from energy sector,I have significant interest in the field of education.As an engineering
undergraduate my inspiration to shift to the field of economics came during my stint as a volunteer
for A.S.E.R. , the largest and most comprehensive survey about education in India. Thus the topic of
education is very close to my heart .I have worked as a teacher and a mentor to students at
Vidyagyaan, which is a school specifically for underprivileged children of rural India.I believe that
education is the key to unlocking the growth potential of developing countries of the world.To this
end,I have completed a academic study in which I have successfully demonstrated the significant
impact of literacy rate of girl children to a states overall growth rate.
Going forward, I am looking to broaden my range of experiences in Energy and Education sectors,
and strengthen my research, communication and organising skills.Interning with World Bank will
be of great help to me in attaining my professional goals. On the other hand I am confident that m
along standing interest, exposure and training in developmental issues will allow me to contribute
meaningfully to the organisation.
Thank you for taking the time and effort to consider my application.
Warm Regards,
Suryakant Shrivastava.