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What are your immediate and future career goals?


– Increase Vision's average monthly revenue by 50% in the next calendar year


– Lead Vision in being recognized as leader in coaching & leadership development space
– Support Vision in developing relationships with partners/affiliates who are doing
meaningful work throughout the world with leading edge, value driven organizations in
corporate, public and non-profit sectors
– Role model in realizing our vision 'A world that values, and is transformed by, creative,
resilient and compassionate leadership!'

How will management strengths help me meet my careers goals?


– 'Your profiles indicates that you have a strong need for affiliation. Your people-orientated
interests and skills are coupled with a healthy level of self-confidence and knowledge of
yourself. This a a very effective combination, representing a unique balance of attention
to people, tasks and one's own growth and development.'


– 'At work you are inclined to be curious and flexible. You possess the capacity to be taught,
and are able to be guided by others without feeling threatened by them.'

How might your counterproductive tendencies affect your ability to reach your
career goals?

Immediate & Future:

– 'need for affiliation alters or impedes effective problem solving and decision making'
– not sustaining the goal setting habit – clear, concise, time sensitive & measurable

Keeping career goals in mind, what is the key counterproductive tendency that
you must change to develop into a more effective manager?

– Setting goals constantly to help make goal setting a habit.

– Continue to focus on making a commitment to achieving a standard of excellence in
everything I do AND actively inspire others to achieve high quality results.

Desired Result:

- Increase Vision's average monthly revenue by 50% - by March 2009

Anticipated signs of success:

– Use Quarterly Revenue Reports to show gradual increase

Target dates:

– December 31st, 2007

– March 30th, 2008
– June 30th, 2008
– September 30th, 2008
– December 31st, 2008
– March 30th, 2008



1) Increase number of coaches on Vision Team – Goal 5 coaches (total) –

1. Legal Agreement/contract between Coach & Vision – done
2. Create criteria to become Vision coach - done
3. Identify coaches that fit criteria – done
1. Set up meetings to interview/discuss partnership - ongoing
4. Create survey to filter other potential team members – May 1st, 2008
1. Put survey on Vision website – May 15th, 2008

2) Increase personal work-time for business development vs. delivery of

coaching, facilitating, etc.
1. Find admin support – done
2. Cap 1-to-1 coaching time – no more than 15 clients at any given time
3. Focus 75% of 1-to-1 coaching time on strategic clients (accelerators, connectors,

3) Focus Vision's efforts on high profit margin work

1. Develop group/team programs – Leadership Forum, Team Coaching Model,
Strategic Planning Model (Team Innovation), COOTB - done
2. Put marketing strategy in place to promote each program – June 08
3. Discuss other opportunities with KVB – April 08
4) Explore Strategic Partnerships for Vision – Goal - 2 solid strategic
partnership in place by September, 2008
1. Identify partners where collaboration supports client satisfaction & revenue growth
2. Create stronger revenue sharing relationship with Alison Hendren – COOTB
1. Goal – To have strong model built where Vision is seeing, at least, 25k of
revenue from strategic partnership and win-win relationship where we are ready
to really ramp up revenue – March, 2009
1. Currently – Letter of intent for profit sharing and train-the-trainer work in
November 2008.

5) Work with new coaches to develop sales/business plan related to Vision

1. Goal is to have each 3 Coaches (besides me) delivering 20% of 1-to-1 Coaching
business – March 2009
1. Current (April/08) – 1 coach (besides me) delivering 20% of 1-to-1 Coaching.

6) Focus on building retainer system with client organizations vs. individuals

1. Goal – have 5 organizations working with retainer of multiple coaching programs. -

in place by Dec. 31, 2008
1. Current (2 organizations with retainer system)

7) Revenue from Product offerings (vs. services listed above)

1. Documentary – continue to work with partners (Hemmings House, ICG, etc.) to
complete project and look for revenue opportunities
1. Completed – October 2008
2. Launch at ICF conference – Nov. 2008
3. Marketing Strategy – December 2008

2. Coach Gateway – monthly revenue by March 2009 (currently no revenue)

1. Marketing Plan – Done
2. Survey users – June 08
3. Corp user account – 1 Pilot in place by Oct.
4. Other coaches using product – 10 coaches using CG by March 2009
5. Investors – February 2009

8) Paid Speaking Opportunities – Goal – 5 paid opportunities by December

1. Speakers Kit – June 2008
2. Marketing Plan (which includes Marilyn speaking) – June 2008
3. Meet with KVB to discuss partnering (joint speaking) opportunities – June 2008