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PBC Goals

1. Project Results
a. The Quality of code /design/peer review/UT/ Ticket analysis/resolution/
documentation should be high. Minimum or Zero defects during Build and Testing
b. All deliverables should be delivered on time. Productivity of work completed
should fall within organization wide acceptable limits. Schedule (wrt to revised)
variance on assigned objects to be at 5%. Effort (wrt to revised) variance on
assigned objects to be at 9%
c. Develop and maintain high quality of communication based on feedback from Feedback
from Lead/PM/Geo/Customer
d. Implement at least 3 improvement initiatives specific to area of responsibility
leading to a reduction of overall costs while continuing to meet SLA commitments
and bringing down Backlogs. Be able to demonstrate the results achieved with
appropriate measurement data
e. Implementing at least 3 improvement initiatives specific to your area of
responsibility. Be able to demonstrate the results achieved with appropriate
measurement data
2. Relationships
a. Effective response to stakeholder needs including Customer, Peers, TL, PM, GEO as
applicable based on feedback from Feedback from Lead/PM/Geo/Customer
b. Support the culture of team work and knowledge sharing within and outside the
team. Participation in teaming related activities based on feedback from
Lead/PM/Service Line/Service Area
3. Professional Effectiveness
a. Develop personal development goals and maintain adherence
b. Number of training days completed
c. Training days (Medium): Number of training days as instructor
d. Certifications done
e. Certify at the right CSF level as applicable for the role/band.

f. Address PBC improvement area and project specific training gaps.

g. Minimum one new learning in the respective domain/technology
h. New Areas of skills (High): Building capabilities in new areas and competencies
i. Cross skilling to be aligned with Market Valued skills as applicable
j. Asset Reusability At least 1 per year
k. Interviews (Medium): Number of interviews taken
l. Disclosures (Medium): No of ICMs, Patents
m. Sharenet / Knowledge sessions (Medium): Participation and contribution to sharenet
n. Knowledge sharing sessions (High): Number of sessions conducted, attended
o. timely submissions on Career Framework
p. Project Assessment (At least 2 PA per year)
q. Have ongoing discussions with assigned Career Guide, managing time
4. Leading Others
a. Mentoring other team members
5. Utilization and other Business Commitments
a. Meet or exceed the ILC utilization target (100%)[Excl. Vacation/
b. No Business controls violations
c. 100% compliance on all organization activities such as ILC, BCG, CV Wizard Update,
PD Tool, timely PBC completion, timely Expense Submission, attendance etc
6. Information Security
a. Ensure 100% WST compliance (ITCS 300)
b. 100% PGP compliance, 100% LN DB encryption
c. Complete mandatory DS&P Training (Annual Certification)
d. Ensure compliance in project (e.g. No IBM / Client mails containing code,
documents, business deliverables or data should be forwarded to project members
personal IDs)
e. No Non compliance from client / internal / KCO audits
f. Ensure IBM and client mandated information security controls are in place
g. Ensure that any Software (Open Source or Licensed) used is within the parameters of the licensing terms and conditions of the
Software and within IBM's SW use policy - Zero non-compliance

7. Personal Development

a. Complete the Self paced online Career Framework training and assessment
b. Certify at the right CSF level as applicable for the role/band.
8. Account Level Goals
a. Account Process Adherence
b. Cross Skilling
c. ClearCase Uptodate for all applications
d. ClearQuest adoption in all areas: all defect reporting thru CQ.
e. KMS drive account wide (AID)
f. Effective use of PMO Portal for end to end demand management
g. 100% adherence to PMO portal utilization & monthly tracking of hours to ensure all
team members have a minimum of 100% AD / AM or Project utilization (excl admin
hours like Vacation/ Training)
h. Test coverage (SIT) for all SR 100% compliance
i. 5 days (40 hours) of mandatory training to be completed and recorded in PMO
Portal. Out of 40 hours of training (Think40), 24 hours should be on skill building (GBS 24).
j. Support PM and Lead in completing following tasks:
i. PMO Portal to be updated accurately in timely fashion
ii. SR/DM artifacts to be completed on timely basis and pcb path to be recorded
in portal
iii. Projects/CRs to be kept green

Note: In the development discussion portion of the PBC tool, write your plans for achieving 40 hours of self-initiated learning
and development in 2013. Every IBMer will need to complete 40 hours of development in 2013. You should aim for at least 12
hours of deep skill building, which is often in a classroom environment.