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Do you want to participate in developing a 30 year

for the future of Hinton and area?

Do you want to contribute to an inclusize planning process that repr

IW tiff
WIF.-.00 Do you want to live in a sustainable community where soci

Economi`^Goremance cultural, environment and governance are in balanc

if you said YES to any of these questions,

then consider yourself a candidate to participate in the citizens Adv

COMMUNITY SUSTAINABIUTY PLAN CITIZENS ADVISORY GROUP be a visionary; Your contribution will provide com
be action/solution orientated and a decision maker; long-term interests of Hinton and are
imposes of a Citizens Advisory Group: use expertise and/of knowledge in one or more of the S pillars; and Sustainability Plan is individuals comm
A Citizens Advisory Group is a group of citizens who (collectively) will commit to working through the entire planning process (12 to 18 in the understanding of the conseque
act as champions to engage the public to participate throughout the months) future.
development of the Community Sustainability Plan. The leadership of
the committee will ensure that the process is transparent, collaborative QpAJjfiatto s_ Being able to participate in a committee, where you: This is a volunteer position with group
and inclusive so that the plan provides representation of Hinton and • are committed to ac hieving a sustainable community; will have a term of 12 to 18 monthm
area. -are able to bring people to the process;
• have the desire to see a vision implemented despite any barriers; if you are interested in joining the co
Position: Citizens Advisory Group - Committee Member • synthesize community input an a vision using the five pillars of - available on the Two of Hinton web
sustainability; Government Centre. Any questions c
Role and Responsibilities: As a committee member you will: create, define and/or adopt principles of sustairrability that are the Sustainability Plan Coordinator, Wend

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