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The study is aimed at analyzing the current scenario of Indian FMCG industry.

It also traces its

genesis in the Indian Market and the situation that prevailed before its arrival in India. The scope
of study to find out the existence of the category and generate the brand awareness for the
customer and generate brand purchase intention and achieve the awareness, conviction and
action after viewing the advertisement and satisfaction level and also study the campaign design
of Lux and to acquaint with the functionaries and challenges of customer satisfaction in
Companies. It can be used by company to improve the quality of the product and also
determined the prospective price for Indian market as well. It can also increase the sales volume
of Lux because now consumer only looks for the market value of product. It also recommends
that how other soap industry should adopt the various strategies in future to improve its brand


To identify the factors which satisfy the customers?
To study the importance of these factors.
How Lux soap perform on those factors?

Recommend what Lux has to do to improve customer satisfaction.

Although a proper care has been taken to keep the study unaffected of any inconsistencies, a
few have always been unavoidable. Listed below are a few of the limitations that this study/report

suffers from:I identified limitations with the customer satisfaction survey process that result in an
increased risk that the measure is not reliable. I determined that the data is not fully
representative of the universe of examination cases.
The study is done from a neutral, no-biased attitude. But due to limited knowledge, due to
which some aspects of the study might have been out of my understandings purview, could not

have been done justice with.

. Due to time constraint, it is very much palpable that some aspects may have not been

properly dealt with.

In the primary data collection data has been collected from Gurgaon consumers and
skyline business schools students only. Therefore these are the views of Gurgaon people
Skyline B. School students not of whole Indians.

From the data obtained in the previous chapter, we can come to the following conclusions:1.
Nourishment to the skin, and not price, is the most important factor that people today
consider while buying soap. From the data gathered, we can see that Lux scores high on the
nourishment factor, and hence it is such a popular soap today.

For housewives, presence of natural ingredients plays an important role while buying
soap. However, although price does play an important role in the purchase decision, today more
and more housewives are conscious about skin nourishment. Also, many of them buy the brand
mainly because of it has been used in the family for years together.


In case of students in the age group 15-25, brand name, besides nourishment and
natural ingredients, plays an important role. Lux has the aura of the cine stars soap. This aura
of aspiration and achievement makes it irresistible for them.


For working women, nourishment, freshness and fragrance play a vital role. They look for
a soap that provides complete skin care and protects their skin from the harmful effects of

pollution and dirt, as they do not have the time for a regular skin routine.
Presence of natural ingredients is an important factor considered while purchasing soap.
Consumers today prefer natural products to those containing chemicals.
Lux scored high on all parameters like fragrance, lather, packaging, availability, variety
and nourishment of skin. The only factors on which it did not score very high were freshness and
price. Consumers think that soaps like Liril score better on freshness than Lux. Lux leaves them
feeling nourished and cared for, but not fresh for a very long time.
Brand personality of Lux: feminine, caring, dependable, pure, sensuous, serene, and
mature. This was what we found out from our study. However, this is not in line with what the
company wants to project. Today the company is using the same concept, of aspiring to beauty,
but in a different environment - more modern, upbeat and contemporary. Though some
respondents did think that Lux represented modernity and progressiveness, most respondents
were of the view that it represented femininity, soberness and maturity. Maybe, it will take some
time before this new concept and new image is accepted by the consumers.

According to the respondents, Lux is a soap for quality-conscious women, especially

those belonging to the middle class. It is generally used by those who are conscious about their
appearance and want to look good. It is used by those who respect the brand and have been
loyal to it for years.


Most of the respondents feel feminine, mature and cared for on using Lux. They feel
confident and also superior, as they think that they are using a premium brand and the most

trusted brand in the market.

Lux evokes a feeling of pride and security in the minds of the consumers. They feel that
they are using the best and most trusted brand available in the market. They have a feeling of
hope that by using Lux they will achieve what their favorite film stars have soft, glowing and
beautiful skin. Their aspirational needs are fulfilled.
The consumers share with Lux, a relationship of trust and dependability and of respect.
They look up to the brand and literally worship the brand. Lux, thus, commands the respect and
even love of the consumers.

Most consumers are satisfied with Lux and think that it is best that they can get.
Lux is an emotive brand. The purchase decision is based on emotions. Emphasis is not
on the physical attributes of the soap. Demands from the brand are high; people expect that Lux
will make their skin beautiful.


LUX Is Generic Brand Widely Used By all Segment of Society, so company should
consider all segment of society while launching its different type of product.


Company targets only youth between 15to 35 years who are conscious of beauty and
skin but in current scenario adults are more conscious regarding their skin and beauty, so
company should also consider them while manufacturing the product.


Region wise north has been identified as more responsive segment as according to other
region distribution is done urban and semi urban parts because the people of northern India are
more beauty conscious than the other parts of India but to increase sales company should also
consider other parts of India.


From the beginning Lux, using a leading film star of the time, Popularly known as the
beauty soap of film stars, With top movie stars from Madhubala to Madhuri, from Babita to
Karisma and Kareena having endorsed the goodness of Lux over generations, However, the
communication was slowly seen to be losing relevance, as consumers were beginning to
question if the film star actually used the brand. Now Lux is a brand of all segment of society, so
advertising should not contain only FILMI SITARO KA SABUN but also like AAM ADMI KA