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About us

Established in the year 2006 VOTC is started with the vision of providing
quality health care delivery of occupational therapy to the general public and to
promote awareness about occupational therapy among medical community,
student community and general public.
From the beginning, centre rendered its services to the children’s with various
developmental disorders such as Autism, ADHD, PDD, CP & MR and Adults
with various neurological, orthopedic and psychiatric dysfunctions.
A new branch of the centre has been started functioning in Choolaimedu [within
the premises of Purushoth therapy centre] since September 2008. Contact us
3/68, Radhakrishnan street,
Palavakkam. Chennai-41.
Issue 4 November 2009 : 044-42856371

Dear all, 9, Sri Balaji foundations,

flat no: 5, vannair 2nd street,
We thank you all for your support and wishes. In this issue we bring you a choolaimedu. Chennai-91.
: 044- 23720906
case study in OT, tips to prevent falls in elders and the development
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corners contains scissoring skill development.
Editorial Team

Patient Testimonials
Changing maladaptive behavior to adaptive behavior through OT
I consulted Occupational
Master ramu [name changed] has been brought by his parents to
Therapist Karthik for my 20 yr old
occupational therapy evaluation with the complaints of defiant behavior
son named Arvind, as my son’s
and delay in motor, speech and cognitive skills. Our occupational psychologist referred to him. My
therapist initiated the process by gathering the background information son was experiencing difficulty in
through interview with the parents which revealed his birth, educational working and continuing on his
jobs. Mr. Karthik evaluated my
history and past medical history. Child was said to be attended OT
son’s vocational skills and
sessions elsewhere in the past for about 2 years. His IQ assessment oriented us about the underlying
revealed score little less than the average range for his age level. problem. He asked us come for
few sessions for activity based
training & counseling. Finally, he
OT furthered the assessment through naturalistic observation, activity
gave us a list of jobs which
analysis, developmental screening, functional behavior analysis and
matched with my son’s vocational
sensorimotor profile. Upon completion of the assessment the therapist skills. Now my son Arvind was
identified the following problems 1. Moderate level of assistance in ADL able to work continuously and
tasks, 2. Maladaptive and defiant behavior 3. Limited cognitive perceptual peacefully in one small private
office. I thank Mr. Karthik for his
skill 4. Limitation of fine motor skills 5. Inadequate social and
needful service.
communication skills. - Arvind’s Mother
OT sessions were planned on daily basis to help the child to learn skills to
overcome his difficulties. During the OT session child received ADL
training through chaining methods, structured cognitive perceptual
Nice to see the newsletters.
activities graded in complexity, fine motor skills training emphasizing It is very informative – Mrs.
functional skills and combined activities with one or more peers to Renganayaki, OT, Chennai.
develop interaction skills. In addition, parents received behavioral modification
Newsletter is very useful –
education with the booklet which suggests strategies to manage modify and
Ms. Kavitha, OT, Chennai..
handle behavioral outbursts and it related concerns. OT advised the parents to
have a consultation with a child psychologist and speech language
pathologist. At the end of few months the child was observed to be
Our Additional Services
gradually acquiring skills which reflected in his functional performance.
Parents reported that the Frequency of the behavioral outbursts was
Speech therapy
significantly reduced, however, sometimes the behavior manifests which
Special education
is depended on his immediate human and non-human environment.
Frequency of the sessions reduced to thrice a week and goals revised as
the child improved. Special Announcements!

Tips to prevent falls in elders To receive our therapy

Do regular exercise. This will improve your strength& newsletter free of cost
endurance and helps you to feel better. Consult with your through email, send us a
doctor / rehab specialist to decide upon the best exercise. request with your mail
Know the effects and side effects of the medicine you are
Know about OT – Book
Check your vision often.

Wear suitable/ appropriate size foot wear.

Avoid shoes with long laces.

Use grab rails while climbing stairs.

Improve lighting in your room. Avoid glare.

Remove throw rugs and other things you trip over.

Install grab bars in slippery and wet areas.

Place nonskid mats near sink and shower.

Developmental corner of Scissoring skills

"Are you really interested to
2 years – Snips with scissors
know what occupational
2 ½ years – Cuts across a paper
therapy is"? Get your free
3 ½ years – Cuts across a straight line copy of the book "Know
4 years – Cuts out a circle about Occupational Therapy"
5 years – cuts out a square in person from our centre