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Amusement Rides

and Leisure Parks

Safety and Quality,
Testing and Certification.

TV SD Industrie Service GmbH

Reliability through experience

and tradition
Uniquely in this field, TV SD has focused for more than 80 years on
amusement ride systems. Our internationally renowned expertise is based
on a wealth of experience and close contact with key authorities as well
as involvement in national legislation, and European and international
standardization activities. With our convenor ship of the standardization
process, we have actively participated in setting up national and international standards (EN, ISO).

Partner to owners and manufacturers

worldwide: For decades, we have been
cooperating successfully with leading
international amusement park and ride
owners and amusement ride manufacturers. Our engineers have tested
amusement rides, parks and structures
on site from Hong Kong to Canada.

TV SD a unique ride safety and

engineering group renowned for its expertise
TV SD Industrie Service enjoys an excellent international reputation as an expert consulting, testing
and certification body for amusement rides and leisure
parks. Our team of experts with experience in the fields
of mechanical, structural and electrical engineering as
well as welding technology, interact closely with each
other, and this ensures that we offer comprehensive
proficiency in all technical disciplines.

Quality for global amusement ride trade

Ride certification, testing and approval at international
and European factories for export to other countries
Ride approval for import into Germany or other
countries to satisfy pertinent regulations
Issue of approvals to operate amusement rides and
structures in Germany and other countries
Approvals according to DIN, EN, ASTM and TV SD
standards to suit the needs of the customer
L icensing and log book procedures

Service for water parks and aquatic equipment

E Consulting on technical and safety issues
E Acceptance tests and initial tests
 horough annual and periodic examinations
and inspections

Four steps to safety and quality

Highly qualified engineers, interdisciplinary cooperation and extensive know-how of regulations, the latest
developments and leading-edge technology make
TV SD your partner for all safety aspects. The
following steps ensure a high level of safety and

3. Final acceptance tests: Our experts carry out

acceptance tests on numerous new rides each year.
Sophisticated test procedures enable us to ensure
the safety of passengers, owners and manufacturers.
We measure speed, accelerations and tensile strain
to arrive at the final assessment.

1. Design review: Our experts review and approve

design drawings and stress calculations in a detailed
in-house analysis.

4. Thorough examinations: Our experts carry out

thorough independent examinations on approximately
2,000 installed rides per year. We assess rides for the
purposes of extending official operating licenses and
for safe ride installation and operation.

2. Manufacturing and quality assessment: We assure

the quality of manufactured parts, assemblies and whole
ride systems during manufacturing and before final
assembly. Our inspection and supervising processes
improve the quality, safety, life time and reliability of
safety critical parts and assemblies of rides. Testing of
materials and components allows us to ensure correct
properties of assemblies and materials.

The TV SD certification
octagon is a highly appreciated quality mark in the
field of amusement
rides and theme parks.

All services from a single source

Unlike any other group, we are engaged full-time in
the needs, detailed technical and operational matters
of amusement rides, parks, water parks and fairgrounds.
We can cover the full scope of services:
Advice during the initial idea and concept phases
Tests, consultancy and inspections during design
and planning
Kinematics and computer simulations to draft new
ride systems
Detailed in-house-review of calculations and design
Review and approval of all structural, mechanical,
electrical assemblies, including welding
Risk analysis and ergonomic evaluations
Welding tests and inspections, welding approvals
Welder qualification tests according to DIN, EN
and ASTM
Quality control during fabrication; detailed assessment
of manufacturing facilities
Initial approval and acceptance tests (structural,
mechanical, pneumatics/hydraulics, electrical and
control system; acceleration measurements concerning passenger and structure; safety devices
and passenger-containment systems)
Thorough independent examination, i. e. periodic

Maintenance and operating procedures, assessment

and consultancy
Consultancy, instruction, training for operators
and maintenance personnel
Awarding of official operating licenses (log books)
Certification for rides and operation of parks
All kinds of material testing
Accident analyses and expert reports
Initial and follow-up training for owners and
maintenance personnel
State-of-the-art measurement, quality assurance and
special services
The internal quality-assurance measures of TV SD are
as important to us as is the deployment of modern testing
and measuring techniques. Confidentiality and discretion
towards our customers rank equal to absolute impartiality
when it comes to the test object.
Testing of materials and components with state-of-theart testing equipment
Measurement of speed and accelerations
Strain gauge measurements
 Valuation expertise
Damage and incident evaluation
Accident investigation and analysis expertise
Consultancy and testimony for local authorities
and official bodies
Research projects

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International Accreditation
The TV SD certification group is accredited by DAkkS as an inspection and certification body for amusement
rides in accordance with the ISO/IEC and EN standards. It issues European and internationally accepted certification
for amusement rides and parks.

TV SD Industrie Service GmbH

Dipl.-Ing. Stefan Kasper
Westendstr. 199
80686 Munich/Germany
Phone: +49 (0)89 57911943
Fax: +49 (0)89 57912022

2015 TV SD Industrie Service GmbH | IS-MKG/PWS/215.0/en/DE

Inspection body for amusement rides since 1929
Testing and inspection of all rides and structures at the worlds largest fun fair, the Munich Oktoberfest, since 1930
Approval authority for the design and safety of amusement rides and structures since 1960
Internationally accredited and certified approval body for amusement rides and leisure parks