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of three sticks.

How long will I need to cut off

from the third stick?
Direction: Write all equation of the line in
standard form.
Time: 1 hour
1. What is the greatest integer function of

16. What is the median of the following data?


2. The sum of the complement and twice the

supplement of an angle is 111. What is the

17. For what value(s) of y is the graph of

y=16-x2 above x-axis?

3. What is the period of y=tan2x?

18. Evaluate: 8+4+2+1+. . . . .

4. What is the range of y=log(x^2 4)?

19. The area of the rectangle is 4 more than

its perimeter. If the length is 2 more than the
width. What is the dimension in meters?

5. Find the equation of the line though (2,-3)

and perpendicular to 3x-4y-1=0.

20. What is the positive root of 2x2-x-3=0?

6. A pair of fair dice is toss once, what is the
probability of getting a prime sum?
7. PT is tangent to circle O and a secant
intersect the same circle at points A and B.PT
= X , PB=9, PA=(x-2). How long is PT?
8. Find the equation of the line with slope of
and x-intercept of 3.
9. The line x-2y+1=0 intersect the circle
x2+y2=28 at two points. What the slope of
the line joining these two points?
10. Solve for n: (23n)(4n)=(1/2)n-4
11. What is the inverse function of y=log4(x2)?
12. In a math contest represented by
different schools, each school sent 3
participants; everyone has to make a
handshake with each other. If there were 105
handshakes happened. How many schools
participated in the said contest?
13. What is the maximum number of
diagonals can be drawn in a regular
14. The minimum value of y=2x2+kx+3 is 1.
What is/are the value(s) of K?
15. I have two sticks with lengths of 6 cm
and 10 cm. I have a third stick measuring 20
cm. If I want to create the largest triangle out

21. Three of the roots of the equation

2x4+ax2+bx+c=0 are -1, 2, and -3. What is
22. How many pairs of positive integral
solution in x+y=10?
23. A regular hexagon is inscribed in a circle.
Another regular hexagon circumscribes the
same circle. What is the ratio of the area of
the smaller hexagon to hexagon circle?
24. How long after 3 oclock will the minute
hand and hour hand be together for the first
25. 5 fair dice is toss once, what is the
probability that exactly three fours will show

Now, the sum of the roots of this quadratic

equation is just the negative ratio of b and a.
Thus, the sum is -1.

Problem 22:
If r and s are the roots of x^2+x-1=0,
evaluate (r+s)^2
The sum of the roots of quadratic equation is
again the negative ratio of b and a. Thus,
This means that \boxed{(r+s)^2=1}.
Actually, this problem doesnt really make
sense at all. I was expecting a twist
somewhere. They might mistyped this
(r+s)^2 from this (r-s)^2. The latter is more
challenging and adds flavor to the problem.
Anyways, lets proceed.
Problem 23:
For what value(s) of m are the roots of (m1)x^2-mx+1=0 equal?
Problem 21:

For a quadratic equation to have an equal

roots, the discriminant must be equal to 0.

Compute the sum of all the roots of (x-2)





To find the sum of the roots, we expand the


Problem 24:


It is known that y varies as the square of x

and y=8 when x=1. What is y when x=8?



Let k be the constant of proportionality. Since

y varies as the square of x we have,

We let k be the constant of proportionality
and we establish the equation.

Solving for k when y=8 and x=1,


Solving for y when x=8,

IF x in increased by 25%, the value of x will

become 1.25x. Since the constant of
proportionality is constant. We equate the ks
of two situations.











Problem 25:


Suppose that x and y are inversely

proportional and are positive quantities. By
what percent does y decrease if x is
increased by 25%?

From 1, the value of y decreases to 0.8.

Thus, it decreased by 20%.