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QSR Business Details

Dhun franchisee provides you a competitive & robust prot making

opportunity with minimum investment to maximum gain simple QSR models.
Dhun has a strong and sound background in customized Quick take away
kiosk setups (Locality wise Survey) and expensive knowledge & experience in
operation, training, store setup, purchasing, R&D, sales and branding eld.
Dhun - Authentic Arabian, Tarkesh, Chinese, Greek, Persian,
Lebanese, etc.., Concept with the simple aim of providing consumers with great
tasting. The restaurant oers healthy & hygienic food items that cater to
consumers of all age groups. The menu is loaded with unique yet tasty
vegetarian and non-vegetarian delicacies, especially Fried Chicken,
Shawarma. We believe that Customer is King and take all customer reviews and
suggestions very seriously. Dhun is the only organised Arabian, Tarkesh,
Chinese, Greek, Persian, Lebanese, etc..,
Menu includes variety types one of the best family restaurants
developing a unique business model of bringing in the Fried chicken, Grilled
Chicken, Burgers, Arabic Biryanis and Salads, Desert items customized to our
customers with delicious taste and Quality. All our recipes are standardised and
we ensure that the quality and the taste remain the same everywhere.
Training and Assistance: Before the opening of the Restaurant,
franchisees must successfully complete the franchisor's training program. The
training program is held in Bangalore, Karnataka, INDIA or other locations
specied by the franchisor. In-Restaurant Training will be held in various
Restaurant locations that have been authorized as Training Restaurants. The
franchisor may require additional training programs for individual
Owner/Operators or Managing Directors to implement current operations,
standards, and procedures and to facilitate the growth and changes of the
franchisee. The franchisor also makes available and sometimes requires
periodic workshops and seminars for managers, which include management
courses and updating of operational skills. The franchisor will provide
Pre-opening and Restaurant opening assistance as it deems appropriate. The
franchisor also provides continuing operations training programs, which a
franchisee (as an Operating Partner, Managing Director, Director of Operations,
or Managing Owner, as applicable) may be required to attend. For certain
training courses, franchisees must pay a course or materials fee to the
franchisor or third parties. The franchisor may make changes and revisions to
the training program, locations or materials at any time.
Franchise Requirements:
Franchisor Support:
Site selection assistance is provided to the franchisee
Detailed operating manuals will be provided to the franchisee
On-site franchisee training will be provided
Field assistance will be provided to the franchisee
Someone from head oce will assist the franchisee in setting up the
Franchise Benets:
Exclusive territorial rights given to a unit franchise
Present IT system will be included in the franchise term
A renowned brand name & logo
High returns on investment
A very exible franchise model which gives you complete freedom over
your outlet and your spending, join now!
Thanks & Regards
Dhun Team



Nutrition for Body & Soul

Franchise Details

Store Wise

Gross Prot

` 25-30 lakhs
` 5 lakhs
` 30% on MRP
` 4% after 12 Months

Floor area requirement

200 - 600 sq ft

Franchise/Brand Fee

Type of property


Preferred location

Good number of
walkins preferred

Standard franchise


How long is the

franchise term for?

5 years

Is the term renewable?


Franchisee @
Refundable Deposit ?


Master / Multi Units Details


City Wise


` 2-3 Cr
` 25 lakhs
` 30% + 5 %

Franchise/Brand Fee
Gross Prot

` 4% after 12 Months

High Prot In
Small Capital
Takeaway Kiosk Franchise
Biryani, Fried Chicken,
Kebabs, Rolls &

in world
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