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Instrumentation and Measurement

Design Project

Design Project
Instrumentation and Measurement
Date Assigned

: Engr. Muhammad Amin Qureshi

: 3rd week

Project Details
You are required to design a hardware project in the field of general or industrial Instrumentation. The project
should essentially be a measuring device to display or store the magnitude of some physical quantity. The
basic Instrumentation block diagram discussed in class would be helpful in understanding the requirements of
the project.
Project Deliverables
You are required to produce four deliverables during your course project. Details are given below.
1) Project Proposal Report
A written proposal must be submitted and approved. The proposal should be no more than 2
double-spaced pages (excluding cover page and references), Times New Roman, 12 size font
and should include a cover page having title of the project, names and ids of the group
members and name of the course. The body section of the proposal report must include the
reasons for choosing the project, importance of the chosen project, desired goals that are to be
achieved when the project is finished and the general approach to achieve these goals. It must
also include a general block diagram of the overall system and an initial circuit diagram (if
applicable). Your proposal must include an initial of three relevant references as a proof of an
initial literature survey.
2) Hardware Project
A complete, running project should be produced at the given timeframe. There will be
continuous monitoring of projects in the class and lab. Students will have to work in a
modular approach. These modules would be loosely based on the blocks discussed in the
Instrumentation block diagram. The time-to-time monitoring of the project will heavily be
based on these modules. For example, by the mid-term evaluation you must have selected a
sensor/sensing approach and have worked on its signal conditioning and the output of the
sensor with signal conditioning would be shown to the instructor with complete
understanding. This is just an example; every project would have different modules and
3) Final Report
It must include a cover page, table of contents, all the relevant introductory text, and design
details, obtained results in the form of graphs and tables and their comprehensive analysis.
The report must contain and mathematical equations, calculation and calibration information
used in the design process. References must also be included. All program codes must be
included in the appendices of the report. Project report must be ring bound and must not be
more than 10 double-spaced pages (excluding cover page, table of contents, references and

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Instrumentation and Measurement

Design Project

appendices), Times New Roman, 12 size font. Before printing the report, it should be shown
to the instructor in soft copy, for verification and checking.
4) Project Presentation & Demonstration
After submission of the final report you will be required to make a 10 minute presentation
followed by the demonstration of your project and a QA session. Presentations will preferably
be done in the lab.
Allocation of Marks: The project will be counted in the lab evaluation. There will be no component of project
in the theory part.
Total Marks of project out of 100 in lab component: 50
Breakdown of 50 marks:
Proposal: 5/50
Mid-term evaluation: 10/50
Presentation and Demo with complete hardware: 25/50
Final Report: 10
Note: The criteria for the assessment of presentation and demonstration would be issued subsequently.

Some Suggested Areas of for Design Project

Energy Meter
AC/DC Voltmeter
AC/DC Ammeter
Digital Temperature Gauge/Thermometer
o RTD, Thermistor, or Thermocouple based
Temperature Controller
Light Intensity Meter / Luxmeter
Tachometer/RPM Meter
Digital Scale 0-5Kg
Heartbeat sensor

Note: The project idea may not be limited to the above-mentioned


Dates to Remember
Proposal Submission
First Evaluation
Midterm Evaluation
Project Submission


4th Week
6th Week
7th Week
10th Week starting from 21st March
13th Week starting from 11th April

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