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Constitutional Amendments

DCUSU Referendum

These proposed amendments

form a necessary part of the
incorporation process of DCUSU.

Why another referendum?

The incorporation of the three institutions is a lengthy and complicated process, so too is the process of incorporating the
students union of St. Patricks College Drumcondra and Mater Dei into the new DCUSU.
This referendum proposes to tidy up some parts of the constitution, decrease the number of nominations requried before a
candidate can run for election, expand the deadline set by the constitution for students union general elections, make the
language in the DCUSU constitution gender neutral and to introduce a new part-time officer, the Irish Language Officer.
These proposals will be voted on by the students of DCUSU only.

Nominations process
At present a universal-franchise candidate must be
nominated by .5% of the membership.
It is proposed to change this to 1%. This change will be
made in article
For faculty and postgraduate officer candidates the
number of nominations will be changed from 2.5% of
the constituency elligible to vote for the position to
.25% of said constituency. This changes article
What is a universal-franchise position?
These are the positions in which all members vote for.
These include:
VP for Academic Affairs
VP for Education & Placement
VP for Engagement & Development
Clubs Officer
Socieites Officer
Irish Language Officer / Oifigeach na Gaeilge*
*If passed

Why do we have such a nominations process?

It was decided that candidates should be able to prove they have the baseline support of a
proportion of the student body before being able to be declared a candidate. Nominations
will be online through the eVoting system.

Irish Language Officer / Oifigea

geach na Gaeilge

An Irish Language Officer

At present the CRC can appoint an officer of Council to
be the Irish Language Officer. It shall be proposed to
make this position part of the Executive.
Job description (insert new article 8.6)
There shall be an Executive member elected, who is
responsible for the representation of the Irish language
within the Students Union known as The Irish officer.
The Irish Language Officer / Oifigeach na Gaeilge has
the following responsibilities:
The Irish Language Officer / Oifigeach na Gaeilge shall
engage the membership on Irish language issues.
The Irish Language Officer / Oifigeach na Gaeilge shall
promote and implement Students Union policy with
regard to the Irish language.
The Irish Language Officer / Oifigeach na Gaeilge shall
receive support from the Students Union Executive.
The Irish Language Officer / Oifigeach na Gaeilge
shall sit on relevant university and Students Union
committees in pursuance of their duties.

Expanding the constitutional deadline for elections

At present the students union general election must take place before the end of Week 9 of semester two each year. It is
possible that such a date is no longer practical and CRC has decided to propose to the membership to expand this to Week 10.
This will give some additional flexibilty when deciding the dates for elections and referenda. It will allow us greater flexibility
around work placements for students, reading week and any public holidays. The proposed new wording shall read as follows:

The election for positions to the Students Union Executive shall be held before
the end of the tenth week of the second semester. The elections shall formally be
called by the Returning Officer of the Students Union.

Housekeeping changes
Some additional housekeeping changes are also being proposed to the DCUSU constitution.
These changes primarily updated the position titles of officers and list the executive officers
correctly in various articles throughout the constitition. For example article 6.2 and article will be changed to include the Irish Language Officer / Oifigeach na Gaeilge.

Gender Neutral Language

There is also another proposal to remove gender references from the constitution, that is
the words he/she him/her. Instead these shall be replaced with references to the position
the article refers to. The articles to be changed are 5.6.4, 5.6.10, 5.6.11 and 5.9.5.

What will be the question on the ballot paper?

The question on the ballot paper shall read as follows:

Do you agree to the proposed changes to the DCUSU Constitution as proposed

by the Class Representative Council on February 4, 2016?
These changes will introduce an Irish Language Officer to the Executive, modfiy nomination requirements, expand the deadline
for elections to be held by, create a gender-neutral constitution and make minor housekeeping changes.
If you vote yes these changes will take immediate effect. If you vote no these changes will not be incorporated into the
Constitution of DCUSU.

Produced by
Steve Conlon
DCUSU Returning Officer