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English class Teacher: Rubia Mara Bragagnollo



Task 1: Working in a small group, underline/highlight the discourse markers in the sentences below
before moving on to discuss their function.
a. Furthermore, child mortality rates must be examined.
b. Prices are rising worldwide, thus encouraging investment.
c. Due to the high rate of inflation, interest rates were raised.
d. Finally, the role of the computer in education will be discussed.
e. Various writers have examined this issue, for instance, Van Exel.
Read the following text and fill in the blanks with the linking words below. You may use the same
connector more than once, but not all of them will be used.

Furthermore because because of in spite of the fact that but in contrast although for
since and eventually even though in order to moreover indeed first as a result of
as a result also actually so that in fact.
Every person who has lived in a new culture has had some experience with culture
shock, (1) __________________ I am no exception, (2) __________________ I, too, have had an
experience with culture shock. (3) __________________ I have lived in the United States for almost one
year, I sometimes feel homesick, and still miss my family. When I first came to the U.S., I was very
excited. (4)__________________ everything was new, everything was interesting. I enjoyed my
independence from my parents; I (5)__________________ enjoyed experiencing new situations and
making new friends. (6) __________________ everything was a little strange, I enjoyed these new
(7) __________________ I got used to many of the differences, and (8) _________________ I was
used to them, I still wasnt comfortable. (9) __________________, little by little I grew tired of the
differences. (10) __________________ the things in America werent new to me anymore, the differences

interesting. (11) __________________,





boring. (12)__________________, I began to miss things about Indonesia, such as food, friends and the
warm tropical climate more and more. I soon began depressed and homesick. I stayed in my
room (13) __________________ I was tired of speaking English all the time. (14)__________________ I
studied hard, my grades werent good. I wanted to go home.
(15) __________________ these feelings, I decided to see my advisor (16) __________________ I
could get some advice about returning home without finishing my studies. He told me two important things
about culture shock. (17) __________________, I learned that any person in a new culture has a similar
kind of experience, (18) _____________ that culture shock cant be avoided. (19)__________________, I
learned that culture shock is not only universal, but also temporary. (20) __________________ his advice, I
realized that I should be patient, and that I shouldnt go home just yet. My advisor also suggested that I try
to keep busy and talk about my culture shock with my friends.
I followed this good advice, (21) __________________, as a result, my culture shock has become less
troublesome. (22) __________________I sometimes still miss my life in Indonesia, I dont feel as
depressed as I did. (23) __________________, I no longer want to return home before I finish my studies. I
know that I can adjust to this new life.