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Informative Speech COM115

Speech Details
Informational speaking is the most common form of speaking in our everyday lives. This speech is going to give you an
opportunity to fine-tune this skill.
You have three option areas for this speech:
Option #1:
Speech about an Object, Person, or Place (a person, place, or thing)
Option #2:
Speech about an Event (an historical review would include background info, timeline of events,
Option #3:
Speech about a Concept (a belief, theory, or idea)
Do not give a process or demonstration or process speech.


The goal of this speech is to inform the audience. At the end of the speech, the audience will have a balanced
view of the selected topic based on your research.
The audience should not know your attitude or personal viewpoint on the topic; they can learn what other
"experts" have said. As a note of caution, you will want to watch your use of language, using descriptive terms,
not evaluative terms. (Avoid terms like: good/bad; right/wrong; important, critical, essential, valuable, and
helpful. Unless cited from another source, these terms imply your position which the audience should not
The speaker should provide the facts so that the audience can decide what (if anything) is important. Do not
urge the audience to act on the issue. Action is an essential component in the persuasive speech, not the

Organizational Guidelines
A typed preparation outline is required for this speech and should include all relevant content and sources.
Follow the model in your text (pages 178-180)
o All Main and Subpoints must be written in a complete-sentence format.
o Your bibliography listing the sources you consulted must be included in proper format.
A speaking outline is required when delivering the speech. Remember, this will include key words/phrases,
data, quotes, etc but no full-sentences in the body of the outline.
The speech must be 4-6 minutes, with 10 seconds forgiveness either side.
A minimum of 3 sources need to be included and orally cited within the presentation (use APA or MLA citation
A Visual Aid is required
o A minimum of one PowerPoint slide (or similar technology) must be shown and referred to during this
o Ill be posting more details about how to execute visual aids on Moodle

Speech Day Guidelines

Wear clothing appropriate for your audience and occasion. You will be standing.
Practice your speech several times before presentation day.
o You should know your time and get a feel for the flow of your speech. Time and eye contact are very
important elements of memorable presentations.

Jodie Bowers

Informative Speech COM115

Outline Template COM115
Below is a helpful template when just beginning your outline process. Use this template as a
brainstorming tool for your rough outline draft, and then also for a complete outline draft.
*Avoid writing out your speech word for word. Rather, write talking points or statements to remind yourself of what you
want to talk about.

General Purpose:
Thesis: (Central Idea):

Introduction: (attention grabber, credibility information about speaker, relevance statement to audience, and
statement of thesis)

Transition statement into 1st main point

Body ( 3-5 main points)

I. Main Point 1
a. Supporting detail
b. Supporting detail

Transition statement into second main point

II. Main Point 2

a. Supporting detail
b. Supporting detail

Transition statement into third main point

III. Main Point 3
a. Supporting detail
b. Supporting detail

Transition statement into conclusion

Conclusion This is where you will make final remarks, summarize your 3-5 main points, and make your speech
memorable for your audience. This can be done in a variety of ways, so pick what works for you. Avoid the Porky Pig
conclusion thats all folks.

Your reference page would then follow on a separate page. Dont forget to include in text citations in your outline, just
like how you would in an English paper.
Evaluation Rubric

Jodie Bowers

Informative Speech COM115



Gained Attention (5)
Introduced Topic Clearly (5)
Established Credibility (5)
Previewed Body of Speech (5)


Organization/Main Points clear (5)
Effective Transitions (5)
Content Clearly/Equally Covered (5)
Oral Citations: (10)


Summarized Speech
Strong Concluding Remarks


Eye Contact (5)
Body Language (5)
Vocal Projection/Variety (5)
Articulated Words Clearly (5)
Extemporaneous (5)


Appeared Prepared (5)
Met Assignment Goals (5)
Delivered within 4-6 minutes: (5)


Outline/Bibliography Content (5)
Outline Structure/Format (5)




Additional Comments:

Jodie Bowers

Great Job! You nailed it!

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