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HEAT RACING 1934 - 1956

In the early days of harness racing the There were several four heat races
contests were, more often than not, a including the race won by Nita Volo with
series of match races between two horses. Joe O’Brien driving in 1938. He won one
The standardbred breed did not officially of the first three heats and then won the
come into existence until the 1860’s and it three horse race-off. It was a typical Joe
took many years to develop enough horses O’Brien come from behind charge from
of comparable ability to provide several last to first in the stretch.
contests on any one day. One way to make
up for the shortage of horses was to race One of the big factors in the move to
them against each other more than once reduce the number of heats was the
on the same day. The system was called interest in speed rather than endurance.
heat racing and it was not uncommon to The “standard” after all was based on time
see horses race five or more heats to and as speed became the focus, the ability
determine the winner. Races were to trot or pace several heats or go long
advertised as best of 3, 4 or 5 heats. If, in distances became less of a priority.
a best of three heat race, there were three
different heat winners then a fourth heat Another consideration was the method of
race-off between the three winners would starting the races. In the days before the
decide the overall winner. mobile starting gate, the starting method
was called open scoring. The starters
would approach the starting line together
but were not allowed to be ahead of the
“pole” horse, the one on the inside.

Jerrys Nightmare sets a three-year-old Maritime record in

1953 of 2:12.2 winning all three heats.

With heat racing a program could be put

together with a dozen or so horses split
into two or three classes based on time.

Dr Charles Dougan

The starting rules were enforced by a

starter, who would announce a “recall” or
restart if one of the horses got out of line.
Palacona wins both heats in 1956 and sets a Maritime record It took a special person to enforce the
for two-year-old trotters of 2:19.4 rules and one of the best starters was Dr.
Charles Dougan at Charlottetown.
As the number of competitive horses grew
the race promoters were able to have more The Island Colt Stakes raced under the
classes racing fewer heats with the same heat system until 1956. Ultimately it was
number of actual races. Ada Worthy, in the tracks who forced the switch to double
1940, was the only Colt Stakes winner of dashes in order to accommodate the flood
a race that went five heats. of entries for their limited race dates.

The President’s View - George A Callbeck – President
“For every officer who had anything to do with September 20th 1934 – Charlottetown
the conducting of the meet we have only words
of commendation. There was no unnecessary 3 Year Old Futurity Purse - $345
scoring of the colts in either of the races, and
Paddy Aubrey (Harry O’Brien) 2, 1, 1
the spectators, generally, regarded the racing as
Lena Worthy 1, 4, 5
a good exhibition of clean sport. Nor must we Bud Cope 4, 2, 2
let this occasion pass without voicing our Miss All Worthy 3, 5, 3
grateful appreciation of the capable assistance Balbo 5, 3, 4
and the very thoughtful consideration our Club Willow Bud 6, 6, 6
received from the officials of the
Charlottetown Exhibition Association, and Winning Owner – Harry O’Brien, Alberton
especially from its President, Lt Col D A Times: 2:24 ¼, 2:23 ¼, 2:22 ½
MacKinnon, who, with courteous attention,
2 Year Old Futurity Purse - $310
provided for us every convenience that might
add to our comfortable well-being, or help win Bud Aubrey (Tyndall Semple) 1, 2, 1
the ultimate success of our Club’s first venture Colonel Upton 3, 1, 3
in a public exhibition of the King Of Sports. Dominion Belle 2, 3, 4
The winning owner of the two-year-old Leta Kalmuck 5, 2, 4
futurity was Gordon Dawson while the June Worthy 4, 5, 5
MacArthur entry, with the second heat to his Helen Kalmuck 6, 6,
credit, won second place. So ‘tis now plain to
Winning Owner – Gordon Dawson, Summerside
be seen that these men were not mere braggarts Times: 2:28 ½, 2:32, 2:32
when they challenged each other with a
flourish of bets on the ice of Summerside
harbour in February of the previous year.”

Race Highlights

Paddy Aubrey (Colonel Aubrey – Baby K)

was a chestnut gelding, foaled in 1931. He was
bred by his owner Harry O’Brien of Alberton,
PEI who also trained and drove him to a win in
the first ever Colt Futurity on Prince Edward
Island. Harry, father of the legendary Joe
O’Brien, was one of the first directors of the
PEI Harness Racing Club.
Christie Budlong in 1934 with Earle Avery up.


George Albert Callbeck was born March 26,

1894, at Augustine Cove, P.E.I. He became
involved as an owner of Standardbred horses
in 1916, which led to his taking up the King of
Sports - Harness Racing. He became a
breeder, trainer, driver and promoter. In 1919
he became active in ice-racing. To assist in the
King of Sports, by producing good race horses,
he brought to the Island the stallions Abner T.
Clegg, Watchim and Ableway. In 1920-1933
he acted as Race Secretary or Judge. He was
one of the judges at the first night race at
Northam in 1933. In 1934, George and eight
others formed the P.E.I. Harness Racing
Club. He was the first President from 1934 to
1939. George Callbeck was also an original
director of the United States Trotting
Association, was inducted into the PEI Sports
Hall Of Fame in 1969 and in 1978 was
inducted into the Canadian Horse Racing Hall
George Callbeck
Of Fame in the builder category.

From The Minutes - F J E Wright – Secretary
The minutes of the third meeting of the September 25th 1935 – Charlottetown
Directors of the PEI Harness Racing Club, held
in Summerside at the offices of the Canadian 4 Year Old Futurity Purse - $250
National Fox Breeders Association, carry the
Paddy Aubrey (Lloyd O’Brien) 1, 1, 1
following changes to the Futurity.
Bud Cope 2, 2, 3
Balbo 3, 3, 2
“Moved by J C Cobb, seconded by Willard Rosebud 4, 5, 4
Kelly, that we proceed to form a Four-year-old Ima Bee 5, 4, 5
Futurity Stake for 1935 and any four-year-old Winning Owner – Harry O’Brien, Alberton
having won $500 or over previous to the race Times: 2:19 ¼, 2:17 ½, 2:17 Stakes record
is barred and his entrance fee to be returned”
3 Year Old Pace Futurity Purse - $125
“Moved by B W MacArthur and seconded by
Leta Kalmuck (Willard Kelly) 1, 1, 1
Willard Kelly, that the nomination fee be $5 Belfast 2, 2, 2
payable March 1st, second payment of $5 July Holly Britton 3, 4, 3
2nd, and starting fee of $5 due fifteen days prior Donna Watson 5, 3, 4
to the date of race.” May Cope 4, 5, 5
Winning Owner – Willard Kelly, Charlottetown
Race Highlights Times: 2:21 ½ Stakes record, 2:24, 2:22 ½

3 Year Old Trot Futurity Purse - $125

Paddy Aubrey was the first repeat winner in
the Futurity, winning the three-year-old event June Worthy (Wellington MacNeill) 1, 1, 1
in record time after winning the two-year-old Bud Aubrey 2, 2, 2
event in 1934. He was driven by Lloyd Bonnie Britton 4, 3, 3
O’Brien for his father Harry. Temple Kalmuck 3, 4, 4
Winning Owner – Wellington MacNeill, Ch’town
Leta Kalmuck also set a stakes record in Times: 2:22, 2:23 ½, 2:26
sweeping three heats of the three-year-old class
2 Year Old Pace Futurity Purse - $100
for Willard Kelly.
Guy Ann {G Callbeck) 1, 1, 1
Guy Ann set a track, stakes and Maritime Miss Victoria 2, 2, 2
record for two-year-old trotters of 2:24 for Hi Sox 3, 3, 3
breeder, owner and driver George Callbeck. Jackie Volo 5, 6, 3
She went on to claim a Maritime bred record Queen Helen 4, 4, 5
of 2:11 ¾. She was a bay filly, foaled in 1933 June Morning 6, 5, 6
Winning Owner – George Callbeck, Summerside
and bred by her owner George Callbeck. Her
Fastest heat: 2:24 Stakes record, 2:27, 2:26
mother, Lady Helena by Captain Aubrey, was
last owned by Ray Lidstone of Freetown, PEI 2 Year Old Trot Futurity Purse - $100
Raymonette (W. Macneill) 1, 1, 1
Personalities Darky Kalmuck 1, 5, 3
Miss Belle Aubrey 3, 3, 2
Guy Zombro 4, 2, 5
Harry O’Brien was one of the founding
Guy Todd 5, 4, 4
directors and the second President. He was the Winning Owner - Wellington MacNeill, Ch’town
patriarch of a legendary harness racing family. Times: 2:33 ½, 2:35 ½, 2:33
He had three sons, Claude, Lloyd and Joe, who
all took up the call and made their marks on
the history of the sport. Claude drove Nita
Volo to a heat win in the third running of the
Futurities and his son Mike O’Brien would
also have a stakes winner in 1984. Lloyd won
with Paddy Aubrey in 1935, and Joe O’Brien
would become the greatest trainer/driver of his
generation. A three time winner of the Colt
Stakes, Joe would go on to fame in the United
States, winning virtually every major stake
race and blazing the way for Island horsemen
to compete and succeed anywhere. It is no
wonder that the annual awards in Canada are
Joe O’Brien and his oldest brother Claude
named after him, the O’Brien Awards.

From The Minutes - F J E Wright – Secretary
The minutes of the meeting of the Directors of September 7th 1936 – Charlottetown
the PEI Harness Racing Club, held at the
Montague race-track recorded the following: 4 Year Old Futurity Purse - $238

Leta Kalmuck (Willard Kelly) 1, 1, 1

“Moved by Willard Kelly that the Stakes
Belfast 2, 2, 2
Races be held on Labour Day, September 7th June Worthy 3, 3, 3
and that the secretary be instructed to insert an Bonnie Britton 4, 4, 4
ad in the Charlottetown Guardian calling for Winning Owner – Willard Kelly, Charlottetown
tenders for the meeting.” In response to a Times: 2:18 ¼, 2:17 ½, 2:17 ¼ Stakes record
tender of $400 from the Charlottetown
Exhibition the Futurity races once again took 3 Year Old Futurity Purse - $350
place there as they have for all but two of the
Guy Ann (George Callbeck) 1, 1, 1
Colt Stakes’ events in its 75 year history.
Millie Kalmuck 3, 2, 2
Miss Victoria 2, 3, 3
Total purses for the third edition came to $945, Hi Sox 4, 4, 5
a considerable sum in its day and the Guardian Jackie Volo 5, 5, 4
reported “an enthusiastic crowd was on hand to Guy Todd 6, 6, Dr
watch this fine exhibition of the trotting sport.” Winning Owner – George Callbeck, Summerside
Times: 2:19, 2:16 ½ Stakes record, 2:17 1/2
Race Highlights 2 Year Old Futurity Purse - $357
Guy Ann repeated as a Futurity winner for Buddy Volo (Harry O’Brien) 1, 1, 1
breeder, owner and driver George Callbeck Nita Volo 3, 2, 2
and set a stakes record for three-year-old Guy Kalmuck 2, 6, 6
trotters of 2:16 ½, sweeping all three heats. Volo Scott 5, 3, 3
Major Bowes 4, 4, 4
Leta Kalmuck also swept her four-year-old Leland 6, 5, 5
Winning Owner – G H Barbour, Coleman
class in three heats, repeating her Futurity
Times: 2:23 Stakes record, 2:25 ¾, 2:25 ¼
triumph of the previous year for breeder,
owner, driver Willard Kelly.

Buddy Volo broke the two-year-old record

with a 2:23 best time while sweeping all three
heats for breeder and driver Harry O’Brien,
and owner George Barbour MLA.

Gordon Dawson, at the age of seventy-three,
was one of the first to promote colt stakes
racing. An argument between him and Wilbur
MacArthur over who had the best yearling in
training resulted in some serious bets being
made. The problem was finding a venue to
have a race – and so the concept of an annual
colt-racing program was born. Dawson enlisted
the help of his friends Dr Bell from Borden,
Fred Wright and Jack MacPherson. Dawson
did indeed win the two-year-old race the next
year in the first event in 1934 of their newly
created PEI Harness Racing Club. Wilbur B
MacArthur had to wait until 1937 to get his
revenge with Ethel Bellini. Lauretta Abbe, in
1942, was the second Futurity winner for
Gordon Dawson but sadly it was to be his last
as he passed away shortly after at the age of
eighty. President Willard Kelly noted, “ It is
fitting that we refer to the great loss this club
has sustained in the passing of one of its most Charlottetown racing program for the 75thAnniversary of
Confederation. Fred Wright, secretary for the PEI Harness
esteemed members”. Racing Club, was the starter.

The President’s View – George A Callbeck - President
“Our Futurity races which took place on August 17th to 19th, 1937 – Charlottetown
August 17th, 18th, and 19th, were held in
connection with the Charlottetown Exhibition 4 Year Old Futurity Purse - $223
races for the first time.” Millie Kalmuck (Willard Kelly) 3, 1, 1
Guy Ann 1, 2, 2
Hi Sox 3, 3, 4
“Keen interest was displayed in all three races Jackie Volo 4, 4, 3
and the close competition prevailing made Dorothy Dix 5, Dr
those speed contests a source of veritable Winning Owner – Willard Kelly, Charlottetown
enjoyment to racing fans. We wish to thank the Times: 2:14 ¼, Stakes record, 2:15 ½ , 2:14 ¼
donors of trophies presented by Dr Charles
Dougan, Wilbur MacArthur and The Peerless 3 Year Old Futurity Purse - $360
and the Imperial Fox Feed Company Manager Anne Worthy (Ollie Hudderham) 1, 1, 1
Major Bowes 2, 5, 2
John McDonald.”
Nita Volo 5, 2, 3
Leland 3, 3, 5
Race Highlights Volo Scott 4, 4, 4
Winning Owner – Ollie Hudderhan, Cape Breton,NS
Anne Worthy, a three-year-old filly that was Times: 2:23 ½, 2:19 ½, 2:21 ¼
bred, owned and driven by Nova Scotia native
Ollie Hudderham, became the first out of 2 Year Old Futurity Purse - $285
Ethel Bellini (Johnny Conroy) 6, 1, 1
province winner of a Futurity race, sweeping
Royal Jim 1, 2, 2
her class in three heats. Nancy Scott 2, 3, 3
Peter Bellini 3, 6, 5
Ethel Bellini won the two-year-old class and Bessie Scott 5, 4, 4
was driven by Nova Scotia based driver Joe Volo 4, 5, 6
Johnny Conroy in the first of his six driving Winning Owner – W MacArthur, Kensington
wins in the Colt Stakes. She was owned by Times 2:32 ¾, 2:29, 2:32
Racing Club founder , Wilbur MacArthur.

Millie Kalmuck was by Kalmuck and won

two of three heats in the four-year-old class
setting a new stakes record of 2:14 ¼ for
breeder, owner, driver Willard Kelly. She
would end up with a very respectable record
for her day of 2:08 ¾ h and would go on to a
career as a broodmare, producing nine foals,
mostly by Playdale, and including a Futurity
winner in Mildale in 1950 for her longtime
owner Willard Kelly. She is one of only a few
mares to win a Futurity and also foal a Futurity Millie Kalmuck and Willard Kelly

Wilbur MacArthur farmed in the Kensington
area and was a great supporter of the ice racing
in Summerside. It was on the harbour ice in
1933 that he met up with Gordon Dawson and
made the wager that resulted in the formation
of the PEI Harness Racing Club. After
finishing second in the inaugural two-year-old
class he enlisted the top driver of the day ,
Johnny Conroy, to steer Ethel Bellini to
victory in the 1937 Futurity. Conroy is the first
“catch” driver to win a Colt Stake and also the
first driver to score three consecutive wins
with the same horse with Hillside Scott in
1938-1940. His first of six wins in the PEI
Futurity came in 1937 with Ethel Bellini, his
last in 1945 with Quakers Boy.
Johnny Conroy

The President’s View – George A Callbeck - President
“Horse racing has long been known as the August 16th to 19th , 1938 – Charlottetown
Sport Of Kings which, when conducted in a
spirit of true sportsmanship, it is not only the 4 Year Old Futurity Purse - $392
Sport Of Kings but also the King Of Sports. Nita Volo (Joe O’Brien) 7, 3, 1, 1
Anne Worthy 3, 1, 2, 2
The 1938 Futurity races were conducted at the
Hillside Jack 1, 2, 6, 3
Charlottetown Exhibition over three days. The Major Bowes 2, 5, 3, Ro
track was in fine condition and the days, Leland 4, 6, 4, Ro
though warm, were tempered with favoring Margarets Abbe 6, 4, 5, Ro
breezes and the thousands of sport lovers there Volo Scott 5, 7, 7, Ro
were thrilled with the performances. The Silent Mac 8, 8, 8
grounds were in the pink of condition and Guy Kalmuck 9, 9, Dr
where a brush of paint could add anything to Winning owner – George Barbour, Coleman
Times 2:16 ¼, 2:17 ¼, 2:16 ¼, 2:20 ¼
the beauty, neither was this neglected. Those
who attend horse races in other Provinces 3 Year Old Futurity Purse - $289
consider the Charlottetown track to surpass any Royal Jim (Willard Kelly 1, 1, 1
such Canadian grounds and race course.” Joe Volo 2, 2, 2
Ethel Bellini 6, 3, 3
Race Highlights Scotty Watson 3, 6, 6
Peter Bellini 4, 4, 5
Bessie Scott 5, 5, 4
Nita Volo gave Joe O’Brien his first Futurity
Winning Owner – Willard Kelly, Charlottetown
win as he drove the mare to victory in a hotly Times 2:20 ½, 2:20 ½, 2:20 ½
contested four heat class of four-year-olds.
Despite a shaky first heat the mare prevailed in 2 Year Old Futurity Purse - $334
the final two heats with the fastest time. Hillside Scott (Johnny Conroy) 1, 1, 6
Little Aubrey 3, 2, 1
Hillside Scott shipped in from Nova Scotia Polly Scott 2, 3, 3
and took two of three heats in the two-year-old Mr Tillie 5, 6, 2
Tommy Volo 4, 4, 4
class, losing the third heat to another Nova
Star Jr 6, 5, 5
Scotia owned horse. Winning Owner – J A Kerr, Truro, NS
Times 2:32, 2:31 ¾, 2:34
Royal Jim avenged his loss to Ethel Bellini in
the previous year and swept her and four other
rivals in three straight heats, all clocked in the
same time of 2:20 ½.

Joe O’Brien was born on June 26, 1917 in
Alberton, Perhaps the greatest driver and
trainer of harness horses the world has ever Harry O’Brien’s barn at the Alberton track where
Joe O’Brien began his career.
seen, he was the son of Harness Club founder
Harry O'Brien. Joe was introduced to the Sport
of Kings at an early age. At age sixteen, Joe
claimed his first victory with "Mickey Mouse"
at the Summerside track. A true legend of
Maritime racing, Joe would leave for the
United States in 1947. and would open his own
stable and was later based at Shafter,
California. In 1975 the U.S. Harness Writers
honoured O'Brien for winning the 1975 North
American driving title. Joe O'Brien was
inducted into the Harness Sports Hall of Fame
in 1976, and he died on September 29, 1984.
Joe had driven more sub two-minute miles
than any man in racing history; he had won the
famed Hambletonian on two occasions, the
Little Brown Jug, and countless other major
stakes races He also held the world's pacing
record driving Steady Star to a time trial of
1:52 flat in Lexington, Kentucky in 1971.
Joe O’Brien and Armbro Flight

The President’s View – George A Callbeck - President
“August 15, 16 and 18 when the two, three and August 15th to 18th, 1939 – Charlottetown
four-year-old Futurity races were respectively
conducted, on the Charlottetown Racing Park 4 Year Old Futurity Purse - $270
were days of thrills and pleasure, days of Royal Jim (Willard Kelly) 1, 1, 1
Joe Volo 2, 2, 3
recreation enjoyed by throngs of men, women,
Ethel Bellini 3, 3, 2
and younger folks, the majority of whom were Bessie Scott 5, 4, 4
keen admirers of clean sport. Scotty Watson 4, 6, 5
Mickey Volo 6, 5, 6
We are glad of the true sportsmanship, fairness
and cooperation displayed and thank all those Winning Owner – Willard Kelly, Charlottetown
who have done so much for the up-building of Times 2:20 ¾ , 2:18 ¾ , 2:18 ½
the Prince Edward Island Racing Club, a club
3 Year Old Futurity Purse - $342
of which we are all proud to be members.”
Hillside Scott (Johnny Conroy) 3, 1, 1
Little Aubrey 1, 2, 2
Race Highlights Guy Aubrey 2, 3, 3
Mr Tillie 5, 4, 4
Track conditions were fast on August 15th as Polly Scott 4, 5, 5
Happy L tied the track record of 2:06 ¾ in the Jean A Hal 6, 6, 6
2:19 class.
Winning Owner – J A Kerr, Truro, NS
Times 2:19 ¾, 2:22 ¼, 2:19 ½
Hillside Scott and Little Aubrey renewed their
previous year’s rivalry and although the latter 2 Year Old Futurity Purse - $280
won the first heat it was Hillside Scott that Margaret Jean (Andrew Perry) 2, 1, 1
won the final two heats and the hardware. George Mac 1, 2, 2
Ada Worthy 3, 3, 3
Margaret Jean gave Andrew Perry of Nora Worthy 4, 4, 4
Summerside his first of many racing victories Duke Abbe 5, Dr
but his only Futurity win as a driver.
Winning Owner – Andrew Perry, Summerside
Times 2:38 ¾, 2:36 ½, 2:30
Royal Jim repeated his last year sweep of all
three heats, this time in the four-year-old class
as Willard Kelly had yet another Futurity win.
Royal Jim was by Kalmuck and he took his
record of 2:15 ¾ during Old Home Week 1943
as an eight year old. His sire, Kalmuck, a son
of the legendary Peter The Great, was a
favorite of his owner Willard Kelly, having
already sired two Futurity winners for him in
Leta Kalmuck and Millie Kalmuck. Kalmuck
would also go on to produce the Maritime
record holder Kellys Nightmare and the
speedster Bonaparte p.2:05 ¼ and continued to Willard Kelly with Nell Kalmuck by his stallion Kalmuck
sire foals till he was 31 years old.

Andrew Perry of Summerside was active
throughout his life as a horse owner and much
of his enthusiasm came from early success as a
driver and trainer, including his 1939 Futurity
win aboard Margaret Jean. It was as an owner,
though, that he had his proudest moments. In
1954 he paid $250 for an unproven 5-year-old
trotter called Bay State Pat who developed into
a free-for-all pacer during a career in which he
faced the best aged pacers in North America.
By the time his career ended in 1963 at the
mandatory age of 14, the former trotter had
compiled 77 wins and 63 second or third place
Andrew Perry and his trotter Nyland Hanover
finishes in 272 starts.

The President’s View – Willard Kelly - President
“Our Futurity races were held as usual in August 13th and 16th, 1940 – Charlottetown
Charlottetown on August 13, 14 and 16 in
connection with Old Home Week. 4 Year Old Futurity Purse - $250
Hillside Scott (Johnny Conroy) 1, 1, 1
Little Aubrey 2, 2, 2
On account of the number of starters in the
Sampson Royal 5, 3, 3
two-year-old class it was decided to divide this Polly Scott 3, 5, 4
class with five in the trot division and six in the Star Jr 4, 4, 5
pace division. Winning Owner – J A Kerr, Truro, NS
Times 2:17 ½,2:19 ½,2:16 ½
We might just here remark that we have heard
many favourable comments on the whole 3 Year Old Futurity Purse - $280
racing program, the credit for which is entirely Ada Worthy (Hugh Fraser) 3, 3, 1, 1
Margaret Jean 2, 1, 2, 2
due to the President and Secretary of the
George Mac 1, 2, 3, 3
Driving Park to whom we extend our thanks Presto Kalmuck 4, 4, 4
for their interest in the Futurity Stake racing.” Kellys Dream 5, 5, Dr
Winning Owner – Hugh Fraser, NB
Race Highlights Times 2:20, 2:19 ¾, 2:23, 2:24 ¼

Ada Worthy was awarded the trophy in the 2 Year Old Trot Futurity Purse - $193
three-year-old class on the basis of her best Lusty First (Clarence Schuman) 1, 1
overall summary in a four heat contest that saw Dorothy Abelle 2, 2
Wait N See 4, 3
three separate heat winners.
Kellys Nightmare 3, 4
Miss Brewer 5, 5
Hillside Scott swept his three heats in the four- Winning Owner – Fred Bennett, Charlottetown
year-old class to become the first horse to win Times 2:38, 2:34 ¼
a Futurity race in three consecutive years as
was his driver Johnny Conroy and owner J A 2 Year Old Pace Futurity Purse - $193
Kerr of Truro. Hilda Budlong (Tyndall Semple) 1, 1
Bonnie Budlong 2, 2
Lusty First won both heats of the two-year- Jack Clyde 3, 3
Raymond Budlong 4, 4
old trot Futurity division
Dr Budlong 5, 5
Bullett 6, 6
Hilda Budlong smashed the two-year-old Winning Owner – Wilbert Lawless, Kensington
pacing record with a 2:20 ¼ victory over five Times 2:24 ½, 2:20 ¼ Stakes record
rivals. She was driven by Tyndall Semple for
owner Bert Lawless. Hilda Budlong was by
Calumet Budlong, a stallion owned by Frank
MacKay of Charlottetown that produced
several futurity winners. She ended up with a
record of 2:11 ½ taken at age four.

Willard Kelly was one of the nine men who
formed the PEI Harness Racing Club. Like his
father Hammond Kelly, he was a force to be
reckoned with and was an active participant for
many years as a breeder, owner, trainer, driver
and activist for change. He served as President
of the club from 1940-43 and won his last
Futurity with Mildale in 1950, a son of Millie
Kalmuck, a mare he also won a Futurity with
in 1937. In all he had six Futurity wins as a
breeder, owner or driver and nineteen all-
around wins. His love of the sport was shared
by his brother Lorne and his nephew, Dr A
Blair Kelly, the latter being an honorary
Director of the current PEI Colt Stakes, and
himself a breeder/owner and a past President
Willard Kelly
and Secretary/Treasurer of the Association.

The President’s View – Willard Kelly - President
“The offer of the Charlottetown Driving Park August 12th and 14th, 1941 – Charlottetown
of $500 to include our stakes in their Old
Home Week program was accepted. 4 Year Old Futurity Purse - $215
Margaret Jean (George Callbeck) 1, 1, 1
George Mac 2, 2, 2
In the three stakes, first and second payments
Ada Worthy 3, 3, 3
were made by forty-four entries, an increase of
two over 1940. Twenty-two paid the starting Winning Owner – Andrew Perry, Summerside.
fee and eighteen faced the starter, being three Times 2:16, 2:16 ½, 2:18
less than last year. On account of the number
of starters it was decided to split the three- 3 Year Old Trot Futurity Purse - $188
year-olds by gait leaving five starters in each Kellys Nightmare (Willard Kelly) 3, 1, 1
division”. Dorothy Abbelle 1, 3, 4
Lusty First 2, 2, 2
Abbe Jackson 4, 4, 3
Race Highlights Miss Brewer 5, 5, 5

Trixey Budlong won the two-year-old Winning Owner – C H Horton, Murray River
division in straight heats giving the driver Times 2:26 ½, 2:24, 2:22 ½
owner combination of Tyndall Semple and
Wilbert Lawless their second consecutive two- 3 Year Old Pace Futurity Purse - $188
year-old Futurity winner, another first. Raymond Budlong (W MacNeill) 1, 1, 1
Hilda Budlong 4, 2, 2
Bionnie Budlong 2, 3, 3
Margaret Jean made it three Futurity wins in Jack Clyde 4, 4, 4
three years when she took all heats of the four- Wait N See 5, 5, Dr
year-old class and joined select company as
only the second pacer and the first mare to Winning Owner – Well MacNeill, Charlottetown
accomplish the feat. Times 2:16 ¼, 2:14 ¼, New Record, 2:16

Raymond Budlong dropped the three-year-old 2 Year Old Futurity Purse - $193
Trixie Budlong (Tyndall Semple) 1, 1
pacing record by over two seconds as he took
Margaret Rose 2, 3
both heats of the pacing division. Bred by Eva Worthy 4, 2
Raoul Raymond of Charlottetown and owned Margaret Frisco 3, 4
and driven by Wellington MacNeill, he took Janet Bud 5, Dr
his record of 2:13 later in the year.
Winning Owner – Wilbert Lawless, Kensington
Kellys Nightmare won two of the three heats Times 2:29 ½, 2:27 ¾
in the three-year-old trotting Futurity and had
the fastest heat time in the last heat. She was
also bred by Raoul Raymond and that makes
him the first breeder to win two Futurities in
the same year.

Wellington MacNeill was a horse trader who
could also train and drive with the best. A Kellys Nightmare with Willard Kelly
resident of Southport, he kept a horse shipping
business across the river on the Buntain Bell
wharf in Charlottetown. He was a dapper
dresser and entertained many of the Maritime
horsemen and women at his CDP stable during
Old Home Week. He was one of the first in the
area to have two telephones, one at home and
the other in the barn, just in case there was a
horse to be bought or sold. He carried a lot of
cash and it was said that no-one ever got
behind Wellington MacNeill, or ahead of him
for that matter. He was quick to move
Raymond Budlong after he won the four-year-
old Futurity in record time. The horse went on
to race for new owner, Charlie Willis. Wellington MacNeill

The President’s View – Willard Kelly - President
“A number of members have suggested that we August 11th to 14th, 1942 – Charlottetown
abandon the two-year-old stake for 1942. This
will be a matter for later discussion. The 4 Year Old Futurity Purse - $320
number of starters this year again shows a Raymond Budlong (W MacNeill) 2, 1, 1
Jack Clyde 1, 3, 3
small drop with just seventeen facing the
Hilda Budlong 4, 2, 2
starter, of which there were but four in the two- Peter Budlong 3, 4, 5
year-old Futurity. This happened despite the Wait N See 5, 6, 4
fact that there were eighteen nominations in Lustys First 6, 5, 6
the first place.
Winning Owner – Wellington MacNeill, Ch’town
We applaud the win by Lauretta Abbe owned Times 2:14 2/4, 2:13 1/2, Stakes record, 2:14
by Gordon Dawson, a founding member of this
3 Year Old Futurity Purse - $374
club, who, we are advised, is four score years
Trixie Budlong (Earl Semple) 1, 1, 2
young.” Margaret Rose 2, 6, 1
Eva Worthy 3, 2, 3
Race Highlights Alta K 4, 3, 6
Margery Budlong 5, 4, 4
Trixey Budlong won the three-year-old Weatherman 6, 5, 7
division with two of the three heats to her Christy Budlong 7, 7, 5
credit although the fastest heat, the third, was
Winning Owner – George Brookins, Kensington
won by Margaret Rose. A young Earl Semple
Times 2:26, 2:27 ½, 2:23 ¾
captured his first Futurity win for new owner
George Brookins. 2 Year Old Futurity Purse - $273
Lauretta Abbe (Tyndall Semple) 4, 1, 1
Lauretta Abbe took the last two of three heats King McKane 1, 3, 2
needed to decide the two-year-old stake. Lady Rose 2, 2
Tyndall Semple became the first driver to win Bud The Tramp 3, 4
three consecutive two-year-old Futurity races
Winning Owner – Gordon Dawson, Summerside
with three different horses. Times 2:34 ½, 2:31 ½, 2:27

Raymond Budlong repeated his heroics of the

previous year, setting another stakes record in
winning the four-year-old division.

Tyndall and Earle Semple were born in
Travellers Rest and had long and illustrious
careers. Tyndall began behind the sulky at 13
years old, and he would still be active into his
85th year, driving at Charlottetown's Old
Home Week for sixty consecutive years. The Wellington MacNeill and Raymond Budlong
love of horses and the competitive impulse
would shape the career of his equally famous
son Earle, who made a name for himself in the
United States, where he would buy the colt
most associated with his own career, a quirky
but lightning fast horse called "Dean Gallon."
In 23 races, Dean Gallon picked up 20
victories. Earle Semple would sell the horse in
1954 for the hefty sum of $20,000. He and his
father Tyndall would drive seven futurity
winners in total including a three year sweep
beginning in 1961 with what was perhaps their
most famous horse, Little Art, bred by another
son, George Semple, who also farmed in the
Kensington area. As surely as Tyndall Semple
could shoe a horse, no-one equaled him in this
art especially when it came to trotters. Tyndall’s son Earle was known as The Wily Fox

The President’s View – Willard Kelly - President
“This has been a banner year with respect to August 10th and 11th, 1943 – Charlottetown
nominations in the individual stakes. In the
three-year-old class a total of fifty-one 4 Year Old Futurity Div. Purse - $243
nominations exceeded by far our best previous Margaret Rose (Johnny Conroy) 1, 1, 4
Christie Budlong 2, 2, 1
total resulting in a record purse of $379. There
Billie Bishop 3, 3, 2
were sixteen paid the starting fee in the four- Just Betty 5, 5, 3
year-old Futurity resulting in two divisions of Marjorie Budlong 4, 4, 5
six each to greet the starter. It was necessary, Winning Owner – Fred Lahey, Dartmouth
however, to draw the small number of trotters Times 2:16, 2:18 ½, 2:21 ½
in with the pacers since there were not enough
of the trotting gait to have their own division. 4 Year Old Futurity Div. Purse - $243
In addition to such bounty of entries the Scotty McKane (Eric Moreside) 1, 1, 5
Alta K 5, 2, 1
Charlottetown Exhibition increased their bid to
Mac Worthy 2, 5, 3
$600 to get the stakes for the Old Home Week Nancy Budlong 6, 6, 2
program to be raced on August 10th and 11th.” Trixie Budlong 3, 3, 4
Margaret S Frisco 4, 4, 6
Race Highlights Winning Owner – Milton Bell, Charlottetown
Times 2:18, 2:18, 2:21
Scotty McKane got the best of favorite Trixie
Budlong in one division of the four-year-old 3 Year Old Futurity Purse - $379
Lady Rose (Rankin McLaine) 1, 1, 1
class which saw the driving debut of a young
Bud The Tramp 2, 2, 3
Eric “Ike” Moreside for Milton Bell, who also Miss Fingo 4, 5, 2
had his first Futurity winner. Shirley E Temple 3, 3, 4
King McKane 5, 4, 5
Margaret Rose made amends for her Winning Owner – Wilfred Praught, Rose Valley
contentious loss the previous year by winning Times 2:19, 2:19 ½, 2:23 ½
the first two heats and posting the fastest time
in the other division for new owner Fred Lahey 2 Year Old Futurity Purse - $295
Lela Budlong (George McIntyre) 1, 1
of Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.
Molly Kalmuck 2, 2
Nell Kalmuck 3, 3
Lela Budlong came out the best of the five Betty B Hal 4, 4
two-year-old entries, winning both heats. The Harrys Budlong 5, 5
win was the first of three for the Montague Winning Owner – McEachern &Yeo, Montague
partnership of Yeo and MacEachern. Times 2:34 ¾, 2:26 ½

Lady Rose won all three heats for a young

Rankin McLaine in the three-year-old class.
She was owned by long time horse owner
Wilfred Praught who was winning his first and
only futurity.

Milton Bell and his son Myron were major
players in horse ownership over a span of fifty Milton’s Old Spain Restaurant
years. Milton’s first and only stakes winner
came with Scotty McKane, driven by a young
Ike Moreside who was also taking his first
Futurity win. Milton was a well-respected
Charlottetown businessman who will be
remembered as the proprietor of Milton’s Old
Spain restaurant on Kent Street, a favourite
hang-out for the racing fraternity. The walls of
his establishment were covered with racing
photos and memorabilia, all of which have
been lost, unfortunately, with the closing of
this harness racing landmark Myron was a
business associate of James MacGregor and a Milton Bell
partner in several horses with Roach that raced
under the Glengyle Farm banner.

The President’s View – Lt. Col. J P Hooper - President
“As you know, your directors on suggestion August 15th and 18th, September 19th 1944 -
from the owners and concurred in by Col. Charlottetown
MacKinnon, the two-year-old Futurity was
raced at the Goodwill Meet in September 4 Year Old Futurity Purse - $490
instead of Old Home Week and I feel sure it Bud The Tramp (Joe O’Brien) 5, 1, 1
Mack Fingo 1, 3, 4
was a move in the right direction. We have in
My Ann 2, 2, 3
the past felt that the extra month of training Lady Rose 9, 4, 2
would put the young trotters on a more equal Britains Lassie 3, 5, 5
footing with the pacers. The ideal condition Winning Owner – C L Dauphinee, Halifax
would be to divide the entries by gait and it is Best Time 2:17 by Mack Fingo
hoped the entry list in future will permit this.
3 Year Old Futurity Purse - $495
I would like to stress the point of early colts to Lela Budlong (Rankin McLaine) 1, 1, 1
Nell Kalmuck 4, 2, 2
be raced at two should be foaled not later than
Bonnie Spruce 2, 3, 4
March. I would suggest that stallion owners Lusticia 3, 4, 3
encourage early breeding.” Winning Owner – McEachern &Yeo, Montague
Best Time – 2:18 ¾
Race Highlights
2 Year Old Futurity Purse - $406
Bud The Tramp led the four-year-old division C Harry Budlong (Alf Lowery) 1, 1
with two wins in a race that saw all three heats Bonnie Dale 3, 2
George Guy 2, 7
won by horses from Nova Scotia. It was the
Quaker Boy 4, 3
first of several Futurity winners for Halifax Winning Owner – Alfred Lowery, Montague
owner Cyril Dauphinee, a long time supporter Best Time 2:27 ¾
of Colt Stakes racing.

C Harry Budlong won the two-year-old

trophy to start Alfred Lowery out on a long
and successful career winning Futurities on
seven separate occasions as a driver. Lowery
would later team up with Jack Annear and
breed a winner of his own.

Lela Budlong was a repeat Futurity winner,

sweeping three heats in the three-year-old class
and giving Rankin McLaine his second Lela Budlong with Rankin McLaine driving
Futurity winner in a row.

F R (Rankin) McLaine is perhaps best known
as the owner of the “Iron Horse” Just Gary,
who campaigned for many years in the
Maritimes and recorded a total of 157 victories
and one year made over 100 starts. As a young
man, McLaine drove Futurity winners Lady
Rose in 1943 and Lela Budlong in 1944, both F R McLaine co-owned Mighty Lee who set the CDP track
in three heat sweeps. But it was as an owner of record of 2:03.4, driven by George Callbeck
older race-horses for which he is primarily
remembered - that, and his business acumen
which led him to own a successful automobile
dealership in Charlottetown. He was also the
one responsible for the first mobile starting
gate, which is still in use today on ceremonial
occasions. He drove his starting gate, mounted
on a modified two–door coupe, as the starter
for meets all over the Island. The mobile gate
was first used at the Charlottetown Driving
Park in 1956, and became a part of Colt Stakes
history the next year. Rankin McLaine with Preacher Bill (left) and Just Gary

The President’s View – Lt. Col. J P Hooper - President
“As you know, time brings great changes and August 14th and 17th, September 18th 1945 -
many old friends pass on, they having run their Charlottetown
last race. Might I mention those that you will
all remember well: Frank Boutilier, Jimmy 4 Year Old Futurity Purse - $600
Sanderson, Bill Cummings, Tommy Raymond,
Colonel Dan (D Morrison) 4, 2, 1, 1
Professor Rockford, J Pope Clark, Melvin Jay
Lela Budlong 1, 3, 4, 3
and William McVay. Nell Kalmuck 6, 1, 2, 2
Eleanor G 2, 4, 3
Our membership this year is thirty-three. I Bonnie Spruce 3, 7, 5
believe that every person making a nomination Lusticia 5, 5, 6
of a colt should be a member of our Lillian Budlong 8, 6, 7
organization and a fee of one dollar would May Budlong 7, 8, 8
appear to be reasonable. The Charlottetown Mollie Kalmuck 9, 9, Dr
Exhibition is to be thanked for their grant of
Winning Owner – Jenkins Brothers, Chatham,NB
over $1,100 this year, which enabled us to Times: 2:17 ¼, 2:17 ¾, 2:17 ½, 2:18
make all purses $600 for the first time. It is
hoped that this will encourage the nomination 3 Year Old Futurity Purse - $600
of many more colts”.
Quakers Boy (Johnny Conroy) 1, 1, 1
Race Highlights Prince Budlong 3, 2, 2
C Harry Budlong 2, 4, 4
Bonnie Dale 4, 3, 3
Bee Budlong took both heats of the two-year-
Professor Clegg 5, 5, 5
old stake driven by Leo Collins of Montague June Morning 6, 6, 6
for owners Yeo and MacEachern. Margaret Laurel 7, 7, Dr
Marlene Budlong 8, 8, 7
Quakers Boy swept the three heats of the
three-year-old Futurity in Johnny Conroy’s last Winning Owner – George Turner, Dartmouth, NS
winning appearance in the Island colt stakes Times 2:20 ½, 2:18, 2:17 ¼
for Truro owner George Turner.
2 Year Old Futurity Purse - $600
Colonel Dan made his namesake proud in the Bee Budlong (Leo Collins) 1, 1
four-year-old race by winning the final two of Vallie Long 2, 2
four heats for his New Brunswick owners. Daisy Budlong 3, 3
Guy Harvester 5, 4
Personalities Miss Commando 4, 6
Verna L Grattan 6, 5
Lt. Col. Dan MacKinnon, had a love affair Winning Owner – Bruce Yeo, Montague
with harness racing. After all, he did spend 73 Times 2:32, 2:27 ½
of his 87 years training and driving trotters and
pacers. He was born Nov. 12, 1876, in
Highfield, P.E.I. Orphaned at 10, he left school
and four years later bought his first horse. His
interests in racing were not limited to training
and driving. He owned the Charlottetown
Driving Park from 1930 to 1947, and was
president of the Provincial Exhibition
Association. His financial support of the PEI
Harness Racing Club through purse
contributions was a key factor in the growth of
the program. He founded Old Home Week
racing, which now draws the largest crowds in
the Maritimes for the sport. He also was a
strong supporter of the United States Trotting
Association, introducing that organization to
the Maritimes and serving as its District 10
director. In 1959, at the age of 82, MacKinnon
was still racing two horses with success in the
Maritimes, the trotter Windy June and the
pacer Stalag Hanover. Lt Colonel Dan MacKinnon

The President’s View – Lt. Col. J P Hooper - President
“May I say that this past year was one of our September 12 and 13th 1946 - Charlottetown
best, both in numbers of colts and in paid up
members. A total of ninety nominations were 4 Year Old Futurity Purse - $602
received and our membership grew to 103. June Morning (G MacDonald) 1, 2, 1
Prince Budlong 2, 1, 2
Owing to the large number of horses wishing
Sir Frances Drake 3, 3, 3
to race during Old Home Week we were Marlene Budlong 4, 5, 4
unable to start our three-year-old and four- Dorothy Hal 5, 4, 5
year-old classes at that time. They were held Winning Owner – George MacDonald
during the Goodwill races along with our two- Times: 2:15, 2:15 ¾, 2:16 ½
year-old Futurity and suffered in attendance
and in race times due to inclement weather. 3 Year Old Futurity Purse - $691
Vallie Long (Art Lowery) 1, 1, Dr
Tiny Budlong 2, 2, Dr
We regret the passing of two fine horsemen in
Dudy Budlong 3, 3, Dr
Frank Holmes of Glace Bay and Mr P C Miss Commando 4, 7, 1
Brown of Charlottetown. ” Nelda A Volo 5, 5, 2
Daisy Budlong 6, 4, 3
Race Highlights Mona McKane 7, 6, 4
Winning Owner – Alfred Lowery, Montague
Lucky Harvester took two of the three heats Times: 2:20 ½ , 2:21, 2:27 ¼
in the two-year-old class for driver Joe
2 Year Old Futurity Purse - $548
O’Brien and his father Harry as owner.
Lucky Harvester (Joe O’Brien) 3, 1, 1
Just A Gift 1, 3, 2
June Morning proved the best of the four- Billy McVay 2, 2
year-olds with a remarkable mile of 2:15 Ola Budlong 4, 4
considering the track conditions. She also won Marys Delight 5, 5
two of the three heats contested. She went on Quakers Bud 6, 6
to race in Maine where she took her record and Winning Owner – Harry O’Brien, Alberton
became the fastest Maritime mare to date. Times: 2:38, 2:38 ¼, 2:39 ¾

Valley Long , bred by Jack Annear, gave that

breeder his first of many successes in the
Futurities as he took the three-year-old class
with two wins driven by Art Lowery. In a
gesture of sportsmanship the top three finishers
drew thier horses in the third heat.


Lt. Col. J Parker Hooper served as President

of the PEI Harness Racing Club from 1944
through 1950. First nominated as a director in
Valley Long with Art Lowery up.
1942, he quickly made his mark on the Club by
promoting changes to the scheduling of
payments and the races themselves, in addition
to swaying Colonel Dan to add significantly to
the purse contribution by the Charlottetown
Exhibition. As President he had some strong
opinions on breeding and his annual meeting
reports became increasingly filled with long
commentaries on how to improve the breeding
on PEI. His comments were backed up with
action when his mare Rosalie Hooper became
a double Futurity winner in 1948-49, with
Parker himself in the sulky for the first win. A
Charlottetown native, he excelled at rugby in
addition to racing horses, but his greatest
accomplishments came in track and field.
Inducted into the PEI Sports Hall Of Fame in
1975, it was said no-one had more powerful Lt Col J Parker Hooper and his trophies
drive or greater speed than J. Parker Hooper.

The Presidents View – Lt. Col. J P Hooper - President
“Quite a number of events have taken place September 10 - 11th 1947 - Charlottetown
this year with two in particular affecting this
Club very much. I refer to the death of our 4 Year Old Futurity Purse - $550
Secretary, Mr Fred Wright, one of our charter Daisy Budlong (George MacIntyre) 1, 1, 1
Dudy Budlong 2, 3, 2
members. Another founding member, Jack
Valley Long 3, 2, 3
MacPherson also passed away, leaving us in a Bee Budlong 4, 5, 4
state of grievous loss. Aubrey Budlong 5, 4, 5
Winning Owner – George MacIntyre
Another change is the management of our Times: 2:15, 2:16.2, 2:16.3
Exhibition Association with the retirement of
Colonel MacKinnon. This great man has been 3 Year Old Futurity Purse - $625
a pillar of support for Colt Stakes racing and Billy McVay (Walter Craig) 1, 1, Dr
Ola Budlong 2, 2, 1
we owe him our gratitude and appreciation.
Dorothy Won’t Tell 3, 4, 4
The addition of lights for night racing at the Lucky Harvester 4, 3, 3
Charlottetown Driving Park and improvements O K Volo 5, 6, 2
at other Island tracks are good signs for the Merle Direct 6, 5, 5
growth of the sport and more opportunities for Twilight Melody 7, 7, 6
Colt racing, as was the introduction of the Winning Owner – Dr Temple Hooper, Charlottetown
mobile starting gate for this year’s event ”. Times: 2:17.1, 2:18.1, 2:21.2

2 Year Old Futurity Purse - $525

Race Highlights Retas Trinket (Alf Lowery) 1, 1
Rosalie Hooper 2, 2
Daisy Budlong swept all three heats in the Miss Cherry Valley 3, 5
four-year-old class as owner/driver George Westphal Girl 5, 3
MacIntyre captured his second Futurity win. Glib Hanover 4, 4
7 Up Direct 6, 4
Retas Trinket also went undefeated in her Winning Owner – Jack Annear, Montague
class, winning the two heats for two-year-olds Times: 2:27.2, 2:29
with the Montague combination of Lowery and
Annear triumphant for their second trophy in
as many years.

Billy McVay gave Walter Craig his first

Futurity win and it was also a first for owner
Temple Hooper, as the colt won two of the
three heats for three-year-olds. As a four-year-
old he would win another Futurity in record
time of 2:12.2 and then, during The Goodwill
races, he set a Maritime bred record of 2:09.3
for a four-year-old pacer.

Billy McVay 2:09.3 with Walter Craig driving
Alfred Lowery was a local legend throughout
his horse racing career in his hometown of
Montague. He was a meticulous horseman,
with an attention to detail that was rewarded by
his success as a breeder, owner, trainer and
driver. Many of the younger horsemen in the
area benefited from working for Lowery and
learning their trade from the master. His
association with Jack Annear was perhaps the
one with the longest lasting benefit as Jack’s
son Ralph has carried on the tradition of
excellence that Lowery established to the
present day. He had thirteen Colt Stakes wins,
primarily as a trainer/driver, setting a stakes
record with Pearlway. He also bred, and won a Alfred Lowery with Venita Pearl who finished second
to Royal Bank in his record mile in 1951
two-year-old trotting colt class, with Real Sett.

From The Minutes – W G Gillespie - Secretary
“At the Club’s Annual meeting in October September 8 - 9th 1948 - Charlottetown
considerable discussion took place regarding
the future of the two and four-year-old classes. 4 Year Old Futurity Purse - $533
It was moved by George Callbeck, seconded
Billy McVay (Walter Craig) 1, 1, 1
by Harold Dunsmore, that the Club sponsor
O K Volo 3, 2, 2
three-year-old trot and pace Futurities only. Ola Budlong 4, 3, 3
Motion carried after a standing vote. At a Marys Delight 6, 4, 4
subsequent meeting on November 26th about Merle Direct 5, 5, 5
50 members met to consider the continuance of Johnny Kalmuck 8, 7, 6
the two and four-year-old classes voted out at Maxine Dudds 2, 6
the annual meeting. An official meeting of the Just A Gift 7, 8
Club was requested to take place at City Hall
Winning Owner – Dr Temple Hooper, Ch’town
in Charlottetown. On December 3rd a motion
Times: 2:12.2 Stakes record, 2:12.4, 2:13.4
by Jack Annear, seconded by Frank MacKay to
reinstate the races, and to split the two-year-old 3 Year Old Futurity Purse - $521
classes by gait, was successfully passed. ”
Rosalie Hooper (Col.J P Hooper) 1, 1, 1
Race Highlights Retas Trinket 2, 2, 2
Lil Frisco 3, 3, 3
All three events were won in straight heats Ginger Bread Man 4, 4, 4
with a four-year-old record set by Billie
Winning Owner – Col. J P Hooper, Ch’town
McVay. Times: 2:18, 2:19.2, 2:20.2

Billy McVay swept all three heats in the four- 2 Year Old Futurity Purse - $472
year-old class and set a new record of 2:12.2
with Walter Craig driving. New Money (Jack McGuigan) 1, 1
Little Simco 2, 2
Rosalie Hooper won the three-year-old class, Bingen Budlong 3, 3
Lady Rolo 4, 4
also in a three heat sweep. Allen Jenkins was
Range Hawk 5, 5
the breeder of both Billy McVay and Rosalie
Hooper and the pair of horses were owned Winning Owner – Jack McGuigan, Montague
seperately by cousins Temple Hooper and Lt. Times: 2:37.2, 2:48
Col. J P Hooper respectively, a unique first for
the Futurities.

New Money doubled up with a two heat sweep

in the two-year-old Futurity for young
breeder/owner/driver Jack McGuigan from


Jack McGuigan has the distinction of being

the oldest winner of a PEI Futurity who is still
around to tell about it. By virtue of his win
with New Money, a colt he also bred, at the
age of sixteen he was the youngest driver in
North America to ever win a stakes race and
probably still is. Operating a small breeding
and training establishment in Montague, a
growing centre for breeding and racing, he was
part of a talented group of horsemen including
Leo Collins, Alfred Lowery, Jack Annear and
his son Ralph. New Money gave Jack
McGuigan the five minutes of fame that we all
strive for and most of us never attain. In many
ways he typifies the spirit of the rural roots of
the sport that are grounded in the virtues of
hard work and perseverance that he himself
Jack McGuigan and New Money
displayed in his career.

The President’s View – Lt Col J P Hooper - President
“I believe more interest was shown in our Colt September 16th 1949 - Charlottetown
Stakes this year than ever before. I base my
opinion on the response by the public in 4 Year Old Futurity Purse - $400
wagering $13,000 on the evening and the Rosalie Hooper (Walter Craig) 1, 1, 1
Lil Frisco 3, 2, 2
number of spectators far exceeded our
Yankee Dale 2, 3, 3
expectations. In addition our government and Belle Budlong 4, 4, 4
Premier Walter Jones, recognizing the value of Hyland Budlong 5, 5, 5
our industry, was pleased to provide a grant of Lustys Queen 6, 6, Dr
$1,000 towards our purses which was much Winning Owner – Col. J P Hooper, Ch’town
appreciated. Today horse racing is big business Times 2:17.2, 2:15 Stakes Record, 2:19
both from a Government and a spectator
standpoint and it is time a racing commission 3 Year Old Pace Futurity Purse - $521
Allen Mac (Clarence Schuman) 1, 1, 1
was appointed to look after and control the
Just Brenda 2, 3, 2
sport. We have the best pigs in the world, Nova G 3, 2, 3
disease free cattle and why not the cleanest and New Money 4, 4, 4
best racing? Diana Girl 6, 5, 5
Bingen Budlong 5, 7, 7
As time marches on we must sadly mention the Bruce Budlong 7, 6, 6
loss of Lloyd O’Brien, a horseman and Winning Owner – Lorne McFarlane, Summerside
gentleman in his prime, who met a tragic death Times 2:21.1, 2:19.2, 2:20
in the United States.”
3 Year Old Trot Futurity Purse - $521
Kay Cash (Elmer J Newson) 2, 1, 1
Race Highlights Little Simcoe 1, 3, 4
Milldale 4, 2, 3
Rosalie Hooper won the four-year-old class Range Hawk 6, 5, 2
with a sweep of all three heats and a stakes Money Adds 3, 6, 6
record giving Walter Craig a third consecutive Willard Dale 5, 4, 5
Futurity win. April Bud 7, Dr
Winning Owner – Elmer J Newson, Summerside
2:32.3, 2:31, 2:30
Kay Cash had the best summary in the three-
year-old trot division while Allen Mac took 2 Year Old Pace Futurity Purse - $400
the pacing division in a three heat sweep. Peter Clegg (Clarence Schuman) 1, 1
Lindy H 5, 2
Peter Clegg captured the two-year-old pacing Billy Budlong 2, 5
class to complete a driving double on the day Lady Hoosier 4, 3
for Clarence Schuman while Real Sett and Propane 3, 4
Miss Lady May 6, 6
Tyndall Semple, the horse, waged an exciting
Laura Budlong 7, Dr
trotting battle, separated by a head, in the Winning Owner – George Brookins, Kensington
deciding third heat with Real Sett the winner. Times 2:35.4, 2:30.2

Personalities 2 Year Old Trot Futurity Purse - $400

Real Sett (Alf Lowery) 2, 1, 1
Tyndall Semple 1, 2, 2
Edgar Franklin (Duck) Acorn never bred or Tom Stuart 3, 3
owned a colt but his influence on the growth of Winning Owner – Alf Lowery, Montague
Colt racing on PEI is immeasurable. From his Times 2:32, 2:30, 2:33.2
early days in the 1940’s as starter and classifier
at the Charlottetown Driving Park to his role as
part owner, program director and announcer at
the City oval he supported the PEI Harness
Racing Club in many different ways. He
became a member in the late thirties and
although he never acted as director or held any
position he could be counted on to bring a
voice of support at the annual meetings. The
“Duck Acorn” stake was conceived by Acorn
to support Colt racing on PEI. He was voted an
honorary Director of the PEI Colt Stakes in Frank “Duck” Acorn was a member of the ownership group
1983. The legacy of his leadership is evident in at the Charlottetown Driving Park fifty years ago when the
many areas but most notably in his dedication Gold Cup and Saucer race was first run. We share an
anniversary year with that prestigious race in 2009
to harness racing.

The President’s View – Dr R F Seaman – Vice President
“I make this report on behalf of our late September 13th 1950 - Charlottetown
President Lt Col J P Hooper, whose passing 4 Year Old Pace Futurity – Purse - $575
has left our club and harness racing generally Nova G (Waldy Carroll) 1, 1, 1
with a great loss. In addition we have suffered Just Brenda 2, 2, 4
New Money 5, 3, 2
the loss of Milton Bell, James Collier and H H
Lanadale 3, 4, 3
Horne. With the growth of our stakes program Winning Owner – C L Dauphinee, Halifax
there are four matters that were of concern to Times 2:15.4, 2:19.3, 2:20
our late President that require our attention.
Firstly the different classes to be raced, 4 Year Old Trot Futurity – Purse - $410
secondly, the number of starters necessary to Mildale (Willard Kelly) 1, 1, 1
race, thirdly, the amount of money to be added Little Simco 2, 3, 3
by the Club to the purses and fourthly, the Willard Dale 3, 2, 4
Money Adds 4, 4, 2
method of dividing this money amongst the
Winning Owner – Willard Kelly, Charlottetown
classes. This year we had a record entry Times 2:35, 2:35.1, 2:31.3
requiring six classes and seventeen heats.
3 Year Old Pace Futurity – Purse - $700
Race Highlights Abner The Great (George Sobey) 1, 1, 1
Miss Lady May 2, 3, 2
Nova G was the winner of the four-year-old Billy Budlong 3, 2, 3
pacing division with Waldy Carroll up for Freddie Scott 4, 5, 6
Winning Owner – James Haffell, Summerside
Halifax owner Cyril Dauphinee. Mildale won
Times 2:20, 2:22, 2:22.3
the trot division and became the first Futurity
winner whose dam was also a Futurity winner. 3 Year Old Trot Futurity – Purse - $450
He was bred by Willard Kelly. Tyndall Semple (Tyndall Semple) 1, 1, 1
Real Sett 2, 2, 2
Tyndall Semple set a new stakes record in the Judy A Lee 3, 3, 3
three-year-old trot division with his namesake Buds Echo 5, 4, 4
driving in yet another unique Futurity event Winning Owner – George Woodside, Malpeque
Times 2:20, Stakes record, 2:20, 2:23
while the pacing division went to Abner The
Great with George Sobey collecting his first 2 Year Old Pace Futurity – Purse - $400
driving win. Gallant Bobby (Waldy Carroll) 1, 1
Julie Clegg 2, 2
All Budlong won the two-year-old trot Bison 3, 6
winning two of three heats and Waldy Carroll Penny Royal 7, 3
completed a driving double by winning the Bonnies Money 4, 4
two-year-old pace with Gallant Bobby for Winning Owner – C L Dauphinee, Halifax
Times 2:31.3, 2:32
owner C L Dauphinee of Halifax making it
also a double victory by an owner on the day. 2 Year Old Trot Futurity Purse - $400
All Budlong (Randall MacDonald) 2, 1, 1
Abner The Great swept all three heats of the Pepper Boy 1, 2, 2
three-year-old pace for George Sobey driving Gertie S 3, 4
in his first win in the Futurities. Jackies Pride 4, 3
Winning Owner – R MacDonald, Milltown Cross
Times 2:40.1, 2:45.2, 2:41

Dr R F Seaman was President of the Club for

the last seven years of heat racing. While he
was unsuccessful in winning a Futurity
himself, his son Donald won with Just Bettys
Mark in 1956, the last year of his Presidency.
Donald would claim another win with Brewers
Pride sweeping a double dash event in 1959.
Dr Seaman’s contribution to the ongoing
development and growth of the Colt Stakes
program on PEI, however, far outweighed his
lack of success on the track, as his quiet and
professional manner did much to establish the
positive relationship with the Government of
the day that has continued to the present. Dr R F Seaman

The President’s View – Dr R F Seaman – President
“A number of members have once again raised September 12 and 13th 1951 - Charlottetown
the question of our support for four-year-old
racing. I trust this matter will be settled finally 4 Year Old Trot Futurity Purse - $600
at our annual meeting. While the attendance at Tyndall Semple (George Woodside) 2, 1, 1
Tartan 1, 3, 3
our races was not up to expectations, the racing
Real Sett 3, 2, 2
was certainly good and the track and weather
excellent. In view of our new agreement with Winning Owner – George Woodside, Malpeque
the Exhibition to lease the track and provide Times –2:18.3, 2:16.4, 2:16.4
for the officials, the conduct of the races over
two days, to accommodate what turned out to 4 Year Old Pace Futurity Purse - $600
be seventeen heats of racing, was a Abner The Great (George Sobey) 1, 1, 1
considerable job and we must thank all of the Lindy H 3, 2, 5
Billy Budlong 5, 4, 2
volunteers who made it possible and
Freddie Scott 2, 6, 4
particularly Mr. W R Godfrey for donating the Kitty McKay 4, 3, 3
photo finish and public address services. The
mid week dates of Tuesday and Wednesday Winning Owner – James Heffell, Summerside
did not help the crowds and adversely affected Times – 2:17.3, 2:14.3, 2:13
the gate admissions which the Exhibition had
agreed to allow us in lieu of their previous 3 Year Old Pace Futurity Purse - $600
purse support.” Dr J A (Ray O’Brien) 1, 1, 1
Gallant Bobby 2, 2, 2
Mona Clegg 3, 3, 3
Race Highlights
Winning Owner – J A Donohue, NS
Tyndall Semple scored a repeat Futurity win Times – 2:12.2 Stakes Record, 2:12.4, 2:15
with a two win out of three heat triumph in the
four-year-old trot with his owner George 3 Year Old Trot Futurity Purse - $600
Woodside driving. Jackies Pride (David Pound) 1, 1, 3
Frisco The Great 2, 3, 1
Pals Irene 3, 2, 2
Dr J A highlighted the three-year-old divisions
with a stakes record in winning all three heats Winning Owner – David Pound, Charlottetown
in his division. Times – 2:22.2, 2:22.3, 2:22.3

Royal Bank lopped over a second off the two- 2 Year Old Pace Futurity Purse - $600
year-old pacing record in a two heat sweep of Royal Bank (Hugh Harrison) 1, 1
the pacing division. Money Royal 2, 3
Venita Pearl 4, 2
Hoosier Moon 3, 4
The two-year-old trot also produced a sweep of
both heats by New Forest driven by Len Winning Owner – Frank Ryder, Moncton, NB
O’Meara for Mrs James (Ma) Poulton. This Times: 2:20.2, 2:19.1 Stakes Record
was a first in the Colt Stakes for a woman as
owner and breeder. 2 Year Old Trot Futurity Purse - $600
New Forest (Len O’Meara) 1, 1
Air Lift 2, 3
Personalities Sandys Squire 3, 2

George Sobey started his Colt Stakes winning Winning Owner – Mrs James Poulton, Charlottetown
streak as a driver with wins in 1950, 52, 53 and Times – 2:33.2, 2:34.2
54 including Janet Clegg and Doctor F C, both
of which he bred. Doctor F C came back in
1955 to win again for new owner Ralph
MacFadyen. It was to be another eleven years
until Doc Price, a horse Sobey bred, owned
and drove, would win the four-year-old pace in
stakes record time. That win would prove to be
George’s last in the Colt Stakes. His son, Dale,
would win three times, once with St Catherines
in a Colt Stakes record in 1984, and twice with
Tom Boy Knight for the father and son owners
Leith and Wayne Clark of Summerside.
Jackies Pride and David Pound

The President’s View – Dr R F Seaman – President

“According to the racing fans the program this September 13th 1952 - Charlottetown
year was the most successful meet we have had
the priviledge of staging. While it is true that 3 Year Old Pace Futurity Purse - $500
no records were broken nor the fields large, the
Just Rita (G Sobey) 1, 1, 1
racing in each class was close. The favorites
Royal Bank 2, 2, 2
were shoved aside and every heat was in doubt Vernita Pearl 3, 3, 4
right to the wire. The weather was perfect and Money Royal 4, 4, 3
the crowd large. Pink 5, 5, 6
Ruby Dale 7, 7, 5
As you remember last year we decided to drop Abner McGraw 6, 6
the four-year-old races. Consequently this year
the nominations were down considerably and Winning Owner – James O’Brien, Elmsdale
Times – 2:15.3, 2:15.4, 2:15.4
again I have been requested to reconsider to
offer four year old racing for trotters only. It is 3 Year Old Trot Futurity Purse - $500
felt by many that the trotter comes slower to its
gait and does not develop its racing ability as Ginger Worthy (G MacDonald) 2, 1, 1
quickly as a pacer.” New Forest 1, 3, 3
Tara Little Dale 3, 2, 3
Race Highlights Sandys Squire 4, 4, 5
Pal Reynolds 5, 5, 4
Ginger Worthy took the three-year-old
Winning Owner – George MacDonald, Mermaid
trotting division winning two of three heats for Times – 2:29.3, 2:25.3, 2:20.3
owner-driver George MacDonald.
2 Year Old Pace Futurity Purse - $500
Just Rita came close to the record for three-
year-old fillies in winning the pacing division Flicka McElwyn (G Sobey) 1, 1
in 2:15.3 and winning all three heats. Bell Hop 2, 2
Ethel M 3, 4
Edgar D 4, 3
Flicka McElwyn bested the colts in taking the
Bob Clegg 5, 6
two-year-old pacing class to complete a Roy Harvester 6, 5
driving double, comprised of five winning
heats, for George Sobey on the day. Winning Owner – W E Monaghan, Alberton
Times – 2:25, 2:25
Robert Lee swept the two-year-old trot in two
heats for a second straight Futurity win in this 2 Year Old Trot Futurity Purse - $500
class for the combination of Len O’Meara Robert Lee (L O’Meara) 1, 1
driving for owner Mrs James Poulton. Just A Squire 2, 2
Lakeburn 3, 3
Personalities Skimo 4, 4

Winning Owner – Mrs James Poulton, Ch’town

Mrs James (Ma) Poulton was the matriarch Times – 2:44.2, 2:48
of an extended harness racing family and she
was the first woman owner/breeder to win a
Colt Stakes race. She won the two-year-old trot
in consecutive years with New Forest in 1951
and Robert Lee in 1952, both times with Len
O’Meara driving. Her son Harry, as owner and
driver, won the two-year-old trot class again
two years later with Jolly Dick. Harry’s brother
Oliver was the father of Harry Poulton Jr,
trainer of World Champion On The Road
Again. Harry also had two of his sons that
made their mark in the Colt Stakes. Alan won
in record time with Race Time Robbi in 1981
while Vince was in the bike the same year for a
Colt Stakes record win with Moldaus Boy.
This was a unique first in Colt Stakes history.
Mrs James Poulton (center) receives the trophy for her
trotting colt Jolly Dick driven by son Harry.

The President’s View – Dr R F Seaman – President
“Yet another one of our founding members has September 1953 - Summerside
passed away with the death of Willard Kelly, a
charter member since its inception twenty 4 Year Old Trot Futurity Purse - $700
years ago and a past President between 1939 Ginger Worthy (George MacDonald) 1, 2, 1
Miss Palli 2, 1, 2
and 1944. He is missed and will be for a long
Tara Littledale 3, 3, 3
time. We also note with regret the passing of Winning Owner – George MacDonald, Mermaid
Tom Rogers and Al Carver. Times: 2:19, 2:20, 2:18

The purses this year of $3,500 were the largest 3 Year Old Pace Futurity Purse - $700
on record thanks to the generous contribution Jerrys Nightmare (Earle Semple) 1, 1, 1
of $1200 from the Summerside Raceway who Flicka McElwyn 2, 4, 2
hosted our stake races this year for the first Bob Clegg 5, 3, 3
Captain Morgan 3, 5, 5
time ever. Horsemen responded by producing
Winning Owner – James O’Brien, Elmsdale
two Colt Stakes records and a Maritime record. Times: 2:15.2, 2:13.2, 2:12.2 Stakes record.
These performances are remarkable and show
that our colts are getting better every year in no 3 Year Old Trot Futurity Purse - $700
small part due to the Colt Stakes programs put Play Safe (J Andrew) 1, 1, 3
on by our Club and now by the Provincial Just A Squire 3, 3, 1
Exhibition as they sponsored stakes for two Judy Federal 2, 4, 2
and three-year-olds.” Winning Owner – Dawson & Bell, Summerside
Times: 2:31, 2:27, 2:28.3
Race Highlights 2 Year Old Pace Futurity Purse - $700
Janet Clegg (George Sobey) 1, 1
Ginger Worthy was a repeat winner in taking Premier J Walter 2, 2
the four-year-old stake this year in two of three Chevie G 3, 3
heats for owner/breeder George MacDonald. Winning Owner - George Sobey, Summerside
Times: 2:18.3, 2:18.1 Stakes Record
Jerrys Nightmare set a Colt Stakes and 2 Year Old Trot Futurity Purse - $700
Maritime record in sweeping all three heats of Royal Train (C Llewellyn) 1, 1
the three-year-old pace with a time of 2:12.2. Joppa Maid 2, 2
Lauras Princess 3, 4
Janet Clegg set a two-year-old filly pacing Sarah J 4, 3
record for owner, breeder and driver George Winning Owner – Dr Preston MacIntyre, Montague
Sobey winning both heats of that class. Times – 2:31, 2:35

Royal Train owned by Dr Preston MacIntyre

of Montague swept the two-year-old trot in
two heats.


Dr Preston MacIntyre was one of three sons

of Dr John D MacIntyre, an original patron of
the Charlottetown Driving Park when it was
founded in 1888. His two brothers, Heath and Royal Train and Junior Chappell
George were both drivers and later became
judges at the CDP. Preston was a physician
who practised in the horse-racing hotbed of
Montague. He loved a good trotter and
whenever he could, he would take one on his
rounds as a country doctor. Royal Train was
his only Colt Stakes winner but he bred and
owned him as he won at two and three and also
owned his dam Eva Worthy as well as her
pacing son Here Am I that campaigned
successfully in the Maritimes. Preston was an
avid supporter of Colt Stakes racing and, as a
The first photo finish on PEI was at the Montague track. Dr
director of the Club for several years he was an Preston MacIntyre tests out the photo board with his pacer
example of sportsmanship and fair play. Here Am I, a half brother to Royal Train

The President’s View – Dr R F Seaman – President
“Total purses amounted to $3,000 for the September 25 and 26th 1954 - Summerside
stakes races held again in Summerside this
year on September 25th and 26th, their tender of 4 Year Old Trot Futurity Purse - $600
$1,000 being the highest received. A total of Lakeburn (J Aitkens) 2, 1, 1
Winning Owners – Aitkens & Downey, NB
34 horses made up the five classes which were
Best time – 2:18
keenly contested including another stakes
record performance. I would like to thank the 3 Year Old Pace Futurity Purse - $600
following Summerside merchants for the Bruces Sister (Don MacNeill) 1, 1, 1
trophies donated to the winners: Maurice Hill Winning Owner – George Brookins, Kensington
Clothing, Harbour View Cabins, MacQuarries Best time – 2:13.3
Drycleaning, Canadian Tire, MacDonald
Dodge and Desota, and to Col Dan MacKinnon 3 Year Old Trot Futurity Purse - $600
Royal Train (Leo Collins) 1, 1, 2
for the fine tray for the four-year-old trot.
Joppa Maid 3, 2, 1
Sara J 2, 3, 3
Once more we take note of our departed Winning Owner – Dr P MacIntyre, Ch’town
members as we say farewell to Percy Down, Times – 2:24.3, 2:20 Tied stakes record, 2:19.2
James Arbing and George Thompson.”
2 Year Old Pace Futurity Purse - $600
Race Highlights Doctor F C (George Sobey) 1, 1
Winning Owner – R MacFadyen, Hunter River
Times – 2:19.1, 2:20.2
Lakeburn trotted the best mile in winning two
of three heats of the four-year-old trot. New 2 Year Old Trot Futurity Purse - $600
Brunswick owner Milton Downey shared his Jolly Dick (Harry Poulton) 1, 1
first Futurity win. Winning Owner – Harry Poulton, Charlottetown
Best time – 2:38.1
Doctor F C paced under 2:20 in the two-year-
old pace making this the third year in the last
four that this barrier has been broken.

Jolly Dick swept the two-year-old trot for first

time winner Harry Poulton, son of the
legendary Ma Poulton, to make it three two-
year-old trot winners in five years for the
Poulton family.

Royal Train repeated as a Colt Stakes winner

and matched the stakes record for three-year-
old trotting colts as he took two of the three
heats in that class with Leo Collins driving for
George Brookins and Bruces Sister driven by Don MacNeill
owner Dr Preston MacIntyre.


George Brookins farmed in Kensington and

like many in the area kept a few broodmares.
From his small band he nevertheless produced
more than his share of stakes winners. There
were five to be exact in the early 50’s,
including his first with Peter Clegg then with
Jolly Bruce, Bruces Sister and the repeat
winner New Idea that was undefeated in six
heats of Colt Stakes trotting action at two and
three. New Idea was sold to George Henderson
of Quebec in a deal brokered by H B Willis.
He ended up with a record of 2:08 in an era
when a 2:10 trotter was a rarity. George’s
interest in racing carried over to his son, also
called George, himself a long time owner George Brookins and Christie Budlong
primarily of aged racehorses.

The President’s View – Dr R F Seaman – President
“We returned to the Charlottetown Driving September 7th 1955 - Charlottetown
Park this year as their tender was the best
received. The races took place on September 4 Year Old Trot Futurity Purse - $500
7th and the Exhibition Association graciously Joppa Maid (Elwood Shaw) 1, 1, 1
Sara J 2, 2, 2
admitted all ladies free of charge. Once again
Ima Hoosier 3, 3, 3
silver trays were sponsored by various Golden Reynolds 4, 4, 4
merchants including Justamere Stable, the Winning Owner – Dr George Bishop, KY
Victoria Driving Club, the Rendezvous Times: 2:16.3, 2:18.2, 2:20
Restaurant, Jackie Williams in memory of his
father, J R Williams, and by Colonel Dan again 3 Year Old Pace Futurity Purse - $500
for the four-year-old trot. Doctor F C (Ralph MacFadyen) 1, 1, 1
Jinny Budlong 7, 2, 2
Jollity George 2, 3, 3
This past year has seen a large number of our
Jollity Leigh 3, 5, 4
members pass away among whom were such Winning Owner – R MacFadyen, Hunter River
stalwarts as Dr Dougan, Johnny Williams, Jack Times: 2:11.1 Stakes record, 2:12, 2:12.2
Ladner, Ernie Murphy, Alex Agnew and
Bobby Gregory. They will all be missed.” 3 Year Old Trot Futurity Purse - $500
New Idea (Don MacNeill) 1, 1, 1
Race Highlights A R Mac 2, 2, 2
My Heroine 3, 3, 3
Winning Owner – George Brookins, Kensington
Joppa Maid won the four-year-old trot in Times: 2:30, 2:30.1, 2:36.2
three straight heats for breeder owner Dr
George Bishop, a resident of Kentucky. 2 Year Old Pace Futurity Purse - $500
Just Bettys Mark (George Callbeck) 2, 1
Doctor F C set a stakes record in the three- Ann McGee 1, 2
year-old pace and was a repeat Colt Stakes Helens Dream 3, 4
winner this time driven by his owner Ralph Barries Breeze 4, 3
Winning Owner – Mrs D Seaman, Charlottetown
Best time – 2:22.3
New Idea with Don MacNeill driving swept 2 Year Old Trot Futurity Purse - $500
three heats to win the three-year-old trot class Ruthies First (J Collins) 1, 1
and add another Futurity win and trophy to Cheeky Dude 2, 2
George Brookin’s growing collection as owner Colonel Argot 3, 3
and breeder. The time tied the stakes record. Sandy Reynolds 4, 4
Winning Owner – James Shaw, Montague
Times: 2:33.2, 2:28.4

Dr George Bishop was born and raised in

Kentucky where he developed a veterinary
practice and bred a few mares on the side. A
trip to PEI convinced him that there was an
opportunity here to develop a breeding
operation that he could operate on his annual
summer visits. His farm on the Brackley Point
Road soon became established as one of the Just Bettys Mark with George Callbeck up
best on the Island. Bringing in mares from
Kentucky and standing several sires such as
Pack Trip, Kings Island and Darn Good Pick,
he did as much as anyone to improve the
bloodlines of Island trotting and produced
three stakes record holders. As a breeder he
had fifteen Colt Stakes winners to his credit,
third best in the history of the Association, and
all with trotters, eight of which he owned
himself including the Champion mare Rash
Statement who was a double winner and
another Maritime Champion in Exit Smiling.
He sold several others at the annual sale
including record holders Pack Baron and
Lucktows Flame Dr George Bishop

The President’s View – Dr R F Seaman – President
“At the annual meeting it was proposed that we September 8th 1956 - Charlottetown
should change the format for the two and
three-year-old races to best summary for two 4 Year Old Trot Futurity Purse - $500
dashes. This was unanimously agreed to. We New Idea (Don MacNeill) 1, 1, 1
My Heroine 2, 2, 2
also intend to encourage the Exhibition
A R Mac 3, 3, 3
Association to program more races for young Otto Todd 4, 4, 4
horses, as curtain raisers if need be. Winning Owner – George Henderson, PQ
Times: 2:18.2, 2:25.1, 2:27.4
Thirty-one horses went to the gate this year in
five classes for total purses of $2,500”. 3 Year Old Pace Futurity Purse - $500
Just Bettys Mark (Don Seaman) 1, 1, Dr
Helens Dream 3, 3, 1
Race Highlights Nellie Blighty 2, 2, 6
Mayhews Pick 4, 6, 2
New Idea was a repeat Futurity winner when Reva Belle 9, 4, 4
he won the four-year-old trot in three straight Winning Owner – Mrs D Seaman, Charlottetown
heats for new owner George Henderson of Times: 2:12, 2:15.2, 2:27.2
3 Year Old Trot Futurity Purse - $500
Just Bettys Mark won two out of three heats Miss Russell (W Simmons) 1, 3, 1
Ray K 3, 1, 2
in the three-year-old pacing class and took a
Colonel Argot 2, 4, 4
new record of 2:12 for driver Don Seaman’s Brias Scott 4, 2, 3
first Futurity win. Winning Owner – W&L Simmons, Summerside
Times: 2:28.1, 2:31.3, 2:41
Blue Cheer set a stakes record for two-year-
old pacing fillies for her New Brunswick 2 Year Old Pace Futurity Purse - $500
connections, then tied it in her second heat. Blue Cheer (J Campbell) 1, 1
Jolly Bruce 2, 3
Arabian Night 3, 2
Miss Russell won the three-year-old trot to
Jean Clegg 4, 4
give Walter Simmons of Summerside his first Cymar 5, 5
Colt Stakes win as a driver and co-owner. Winning Owner – Campbell & Roberts, NB
Times: 2:18.2 Stakes record, 2:18.2
Palacona set a Maritime Bred and stakes
record for two-year-old trotters when she 2 Year Old Trot Futurity Purse - $500
swept her class and trotted in 2:19.4 for Elmer Palacona (E Newson) 1, 1
Newson as owner and driver. She was bred by Lady Lakeburn 2, 2
Miss Cyclonic 3, 3
Robert Banks of Summerside and bought by H
Make Time 4, 4
B Willis and George Henderson to race in Annie Rooney 5, 5
Ontario where she took her record of 2:05.2h Winning Owner – Elmer Newson, Summerside
and earned over $66,000. Times: 2:19.4 Stakes and Maritime record, 2:23.4


Walter Simmons of Summerside drove his

first race at the age of fifteen and seventy years
later can remember that day and also his first
win as a co-owner in the Futurity with Miss
Russell in 1956. In 2008 he would win his
most recent Island Colt Stake with a filly
optimistically called Island Quick Cash. In the
interim years he has been a strong supporter of
Colt Stakes racing and has regularly been a
buyer at the annual PEI yearling sale, sharing
ownership on Colt stakes winners Woodmere
Lofty and stakes record-setting Woodmere Jet.
Over the years Walter estimates he has owned
all or part of over 100 horses starting with the
trotter Ruby Volo, a mare he drove to hockey
rinks all over Prince County in his youth, and
the mare he first drove in a race at
Charlottetown. Walter Simmons