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March 2016

Port Clinton Yacht Club
Commodore Doug Shealy

From the Commodore

Does anyone remember
the last two frigid winters? We are definitely
having the polar opposite this year. As I sit
here writing it is nearly
55 degrees. Well, as
many of you are enjoying the warmer climate
in the South, we are
beginning to think of
preparations for Spring
with our boats. It could
be that some have not
even put their boats up
for the winter this year
and have chosen to
drop them in to fish as
we recently saw in February off Catawba. All
this is making us think
of Spring. If this
weather continues into
March we may see
boats back in the marina before April.
As usual the club house
is busy weeknights and
especially on weekends
even through the winter. Our club Sailors
are busy prepping their
fleet for the summer.
Thank you for those
that attended our Spaghetti Dinner Fund-

raiser for our Junior

Sailors. These fundraiser events are important to our young
sailors as this is one of
their primary sources
of revenue supporting
their yearly educational
and racing programs.
The Port Clinton Yacht
Club sailors also just
completed a Safety at
Sea Seminar. This
event was attended by
other outside club sailors along with our own
members. Under Jim
Millers and Linda
Springers guidance our
older sailors are doing a
great job of training our
next generations of
We do have some great
events planned for
March. We start off
with a Friday Night
Snacks on the 4th and
the St. Patricks Day
Bar Party on the 12th.
Then if you want a
great burger, come to a
family event on Sunday
the 13th to have
Bracket Burgers.
What is a Bracket Bur-

ger? We have another

Junior Sailing Fundraiser Lasagna Dinner
on the 18th, then finishing up with a Friday
Night snacks on the
25th and the Kids
Easter Party on the
26th. You will not get
bored at the Club in
March as many fun
events are planned.
Even though I have
been a member of the
PCYC for over 20 years,
I do not know all 500
members. I am interested in meeting all of
you throughout the
year. Please introduce
yourself if we cross
paths around the club.
I am also interested in
any suggestions or comments that you may
have. If you need anything regarding club
business please contact
me via my email
nyachtclub.com ) at any
time. And as always I
am looking forward to
seeing you at the club
as it is the best club on
the Great Lakes.

Commodore Doug Shealy

The Rear Perspective, Bob Mosser

Did you hear? The ground-hog didn't see his
shadow, which supposedly means Spring will
come early. Sounds like good news to me.
May sound like a broken record but we continue to catch up on inside maintenance items.
Outside, dredging, if it is going to happen, will
be started around the 7th of March. A new
pole for pool house power will be set the last
week of February.
When the weather does break we can wrap up
the remaining work at the pool. Can't wait to
see that thing filled with water. It is going to be
Don't be shy, stop in the Club and say hello.
Life is good.

Fleet Captain of power, Steve Hales

The North Coast of Ohio was treated to its first taste of Spring 2016 with
temperatures in the 60s in late February! Another sure sign that spring
is coming the 2016 Cruise-Out Book is now available for review and
sign ups at the clubhouse bar! And on that note, if you have not already
signed up, the Wine Cruise Out is set for February 27, 2016! Be sure to
review the flyer for details and sign up now, as only a few spots remain.
Remember, spring launch will be here before you know it, so review
your tags, safety gear, and mechanical checklists before the rush!

..spring launch will be here before

you know it..

Fleet Captain of Sail, Jim Miller

Greetings to all PCYC Members. We had a very successful Spaghetti Dinner prepared by
PC John Stefano. Thanks to all the Jr. Sailors and parents for their support. Saturday, Feb. 20
we held a Safety at Sea Seminar. This also went very well! Next month is the Lasagna Dinner
March 18 prepared by Dolores and I. Hope to see you all there!
The Sail Team and Learn to Sail Coaches have been announced;
Emma Eickert 2nd Year Head Coach
Jayson Miller 2nd Year
Ben Sprenger 1st Year
Will Taylor
1st Year
We have the beginnings of a J 24 Fleet. Contact me for details.
Periodically I invite our Jr. Sailors to present an article on their Summer Experience.
Please enjoy the article by Lucas Kyle.
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Junior Olympic Sailing Festival and Skill Building Clinic, Lucas Kyle

Hello, my name is Lucas Kyle and I am in the 7 grade. I am student at Port Clinton Middle School and also a member of the
Port Clinton Jr. Race team. I have been sailing for as long as I
can remember. I sailed Opti up until the last 2 races of the 20142015 sailing season and since then I have sailed Laser Radial.

Last summer most of our race team went to a Junior Olympic

Sailing Festival and Skill Building camp. It started with an interesting drive to Mentor Harbor Yacht Club. It was the beginning
of a very nasty storm. It was raining and was very windy the
whole way up there. We dropped our gear and boats off, we went
..things dont have to go as
in search of the house in which we were going to stay. After conplanned to be good
vincing ourselves the house was haunted we were told to go to
bed. We went to Mentor the next morning in hopes of getting a
good day of sailing. Instead we got a day of 30+ knots of wind
and rain. Before hopes were lost we were told to rig our boats
and go sailing. In my attempts of getting out to the race course I managed to capsize before
even getting out of the channel. It then took me a good 10 minutes to get back in my boat and
after that I was just about spent. I have never sailed in conditions so bad before in my young
career. I then came in to a bunch of other underweight laser sailors. All tired and wet, we
came together to converse about our attempts to sail. The wind made it nearly impossible to
de-rig. I was so happy that I had brought an extra pair of clothes because even though it was
summer it felt like it was 60 . We went up to the clubhouse to get food but instead we got a
one hour long clinic about heavy wind sailing. It was one of the more helpful hours of my sailing career just because there were professionals teaching us. The rest of the day was pretty
boring until we got back to the house. We got to go to a pizza place and get calzones. We were
all so tired that we were all in bed by 9 o'clock.

The next day the wind had gotten up to about 35 knots and switched to the north. The waves
as big as small cars. Just about every sailor did not sail that day including the race committee
because races were canceled very quickly. With races canceled and nothing to do, we were told
to go to our areas by fleet. The laser coach decided we would just have clinics for the rest of
the day. At first I was so bummed out. I thought the whole weekend was ruined, but as the day
moved on I wasnt so mad. I had learned so much in a couple hours. The one main thing I
learned that weekend was that things dont have to go as planned to be good. Even though
nothing went like I thought it would, it was still one of the best of the weekends of my summer!

Commodore Doug Shealy

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27. Easter Sunday,

Club Closed


4th FNS

Baked Potato Bar,

Betty's Salad and
Broccoli Cheese
Soup, 6pm-7:30$5


12. St. Pattys Day

Bar Party
5-7pm $7.00 pp
Open Face Ruben's,
Soup, Dessert and









25. FNS
25th FNS

26. Kids Easter

Party .. Watch
your inbox for

6:00 p.m. $5.00

Comfort foods for fickle
weatherTomato Basil
Soup, Baked Cheese Fondue with Golden Mushroom Sauce, Shrimp
Stuffed Deviled Eggs,
Yummy Desserts

Board Meeting

Bracket Burgers

Board Meeting


Tuesday Dance Lessons