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CIS175 Final Exam All Possible Questions


Question 1
The image below is an example of what type of WAN connection?

Question 2
Which of the following is a type of coaxial cable? (Choose 2)

Question 3

Which of the following is a common Layer 2 protocol that could run over a dedicated
leased line?

Question 4

SONET uses ________ cabling and offers high data rates, typically in the ________
Mbps ________ Gbps range, and long-distance limitations, typically in the ________ km
________ km range.

Question 5
The data rates for T3 link is ________.

Question 6
A common Layer 2 protocol used on dedicated leased lines is ________.

Question 7
If the bandwidth of an OC-1 link is 51.84 Mbps, what is the bandwidth of an OC-3 link?

Question 8

When a wireless channel uses more than one frequency the transmission method called
________ spectrum.

Question 9

To protect WLAN traffic from eavesdroppers, a variety of security standards and

practices have been developed, including all of the following except:

Question 10
WLAN security based on a PSK technology is called ________ mode.

Question 11
The wireless device that is marked X in the image below is a ________.

Question 12

WLANs can be categorized based on their use of wireless APs. The three main categories
are ________, ________, and ________.

Question 13
Which is NOT a security threat for WLAN's?

Question 14

Which of the following is one of the broad categories of wireless antennae that are based
on coverage? (Choose 2)

Question 15

The Wide Area Network (WAN) design below represents what type of fault-tolerant
network design?

Question 16

Which QoS design consideration is incorrect?

Question 17

Which term is best described by the following definition: "Both NICs are active at the
same time, and they each have their own MAC address"?

Question 18

Which of the following is one of the two modes of Network Interface Card (NIC)
redundancy? (Choose 2)

Question 19

The ________ command can be used to display information about current sessions,
including source and destination IP addresses and port numbers.

Question 20
Which command is a UNIX command?

Question 21
A route can be added by using the route ________ command.

Question 22
Which command is a UNIX command?

Question 23

Which UNIX ARP option below is use to display current ARP entries in a UNIX Hosts'
ARP table?

Question 24

The ________ command can be used to see what a Layer 2 MAC address corresponds to
a known Layer 3 IP address.

Question 25

The ________ command pings every router hop from the source to the destination and
reports the round-trip time for each router hop.

Question 26
The ________ command displays NetBIOS information in IP-based networks.

Question 27
Which of the following is NOT a UNIX CLI command?

Question 28

Imagine that you have been troubleshooting a network cable (either copper or fiber
optic), and you determine that there is a break in the cable. What would you use to identify
exactly where the break exists?

Question 29
What does the acronym PPDIOO stand for?

Question 30
Which of the devices shown is a Throughput Tester?

Question 31

When working with copper cabling (as opposed to fiber optic) a ________ can check a
variety of a cable's electrical characteristics.

Question 32
What kind of information would you find in an Application Log?

Question 33
What is the name of the instrument pictured below?

Question 34
What does a Throughput Tester do?

Question 35

Which of the approaches is used to determine the password of a system account or a user
account? (Choose 2)

Question 36
Which of the following is NOT an example of an integrity violation?

Question 37
Which of the following is a firewall device type? (Choose 2)

Question 38
What type of integrity attack is described in the diagram below?

Question 39
What are the three primary goals of network security?

Question 40
What are the three types of malicious traffic detection methods?

Question 41

What type of availability attack is described in the diagram below?

Question 42

________ can occur when an analog connection creates an electromagnetic field around
its conductors, inducing its waveforms on a nearby analog connection.

Question 43

What is the administrative distance of Routing Information Protocol (RIP) routing


Question 44

Which of the following is a common OSI Layer 3 (network layer) troubleshooting issue?
(Choose 2)

Question 45
Look at the topology shown below. What is the design issue with this wireless network?

Question 46

Consider the network diagram presented below, let's assume that both switches are
capable of auto negotiating Ethernet speeds of 10, 100, and 1000 Mbps. Let's also assume the
switches do not support MDIX.
Refer to the network diagram. Identify what the Layer 1 issue would be in this topology.

Question 47
What is the administrative distance of Open Shortest Path First (OSFP) routing protocol?

Question 48

What is the administrative distance of internal Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing

Protocol (EIGRP) routing protocol?

Question 49

Out of these three steps above, the majority of a troubleshooter's efforts are spent in
which step?

Question 50

Which of the following is a common OSI Layer 1 (physical layer) troubleshooting issue?
(Choose 2)