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Wateen Telecom is the Abu Dhabi Group's latest venture in Pakistan. After the successful launch
of Warid Telecom in Pakistan, which has a subscriber base of over 10 million customers in 145
cities, Wateen Telecom has been set up to become the leading "Carrier's Carrier" providing
services based on quality, reliability and affordability in the communication and media sector.

Wateen Telecom is Pakistan’s one of the largest communication company in the private sector
that has helped moving forward the country into a digital revolution with its ability to seamlessly
connect and enable smarter, faster, cost-effective and flexible communication solutions to reach
its customers.

Wateen offers a complete range of carrier class telecom and multimedia services like wireless
and fixed line telephony, broadband for data, internet and TV/multimedia along with a host of
other value-added services and applications like, DTH, Long-haul, Metro Rings, HFC, VSAT,
WiMAX etc., to set the standards for a new era of communications and entertainment in

To launch Pakistan into the 21st century digital revolution by providing complete
communication solutions to Telecom Operators, Corporate, Consumers and to be the leading
“Carriers’ Carrier” by creating a world-class cutting-edge network to deliver a broad range of
reliable, affordable and quality customer-centric services.

• To provide affordable communication services that meet and exceeds customers’

• To deliver high-quality, flexible and innovative solutions that is cost effective and

• To provide complete customer satisfaction on time, every time.

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 Strengths
• Related Business: Wateen Telecom is already into telecom business and has developed
managerial and technical capabilities.

•Geographic presence: The Company is geographically present in wide areas. It has already a
diverse customer base in various areas. There is no such competitor who has such a wide ranging
presence in the country. .

• Innovation: The DTH is an innovative addition to the service as far as Pakistani market is
concerned. It is in line with the policy of the company to tap the markets where consumers’
needs are not being addressed.

• Brand equity: The Company has an established brand name.

• Extensive distribution channels: Wateen has extensive distribution channels for the distribution
of its new service.

• Market oriented: Company’s comparative advantage lies in already accumulated knowledge,

experience and data in the field.

• Financial muscle: Wateen has sufficient resources to invest in the new project.

 Weaknesses
• Unpredictable market: Pakistani market is very unstable.

• Unskilled workforce: Specialized training is required for workforce and management to cope
with new challenges emerging from the introduction of the new service.

• No existing alliances: The company is making alliances with certain new suppliers for the
equipment etc. which, at present it does not have.

• Low initial returns: Return on investment is initially low.

• High turnover rates: The Company has not been able to retain good
employees for long term. It would also hamper the ability of the company

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to handle the launch of new service successfully if the turnover rate does
not come down.

 Opportunities
• Growth in the market: The market for entertainment is growing with the
growth of middle income segment in Pakistan. These customers are
increasingly demanding better services as far as entertainment is

 Threats
• Downturn in economy: The down turn in Pakistani economy might have
impact on disposable income of the population which might not be
inclined to spend much on the entertainment activities. General well
being of economy always has favorable impact on all the businesses

• Little potential differentiation: It is expected that other competitors would

enter the market. It might start price war between Wateen Telecom and
potential competitors. In that case there would be very less
differentiation Wateen would be able to offer given the nature of the

• Short product life cycle: The Company would have to continually innovate
given the nature of the industry. Fast pace of technological
developments might render the service obsolete in few years and it
might be replaced by more advanced technology.

 Critical Success Factors in the Industry

• Innovation: It is very important to stay ahead of competition in this kind of industry which is
driven by technology. So, the company cannot be complacent and would have to focus on
constant innovation.

• Trained Human Resource: Internal capabilities including the experienced and trained personnel
would be a key success factor in this kind of business.

• Customer intimacy: Knowledge about the culture and habits of the customers is very
important. The company would have to remain in touch with the changing needs of the

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 Home users
Home users include everyone who uses internet for personal use.

 Business users
It includes media sector, banks, hotels and other sensitive institutions that require security and

 Media sector

 Banks

 Hotels

 Telecom Industries

Sales are the lifeblood of a business, without sales there would be no business in the first
place; therefore it is very important that if a business wants to succeed, it should have a sales
promotion strategy in mind. The primary objective of a sales promotion is to improve a
company's sales by predicting and modifying your target customer's purchasing behavior and
patterns. Sales promotion is very important as it not only helps to boost sales but it also helps a
business to draw new customers while at the same time retaining older ones. There are a variety
of sales promotional strategies that a business can use to increase their sales, however it is
important that we first understand what a sales promotion strategy actually is and why it is so

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A sales promotion strategy is an activity that is designed to help boost the sales of a product or
service. This can be done through an advertising campaign, public relation activities, a free
sampling campaign, a free gift campaign, a trading stamps campaign, through demonstrations
and exhibitions, through prize giving competitions, through temporary price cuts, and through
door-to-door sales, telemarketing, personal sales letters, and emails. The importance of a sales
promotion strategy cannot be underestimated. This is because a sales promotion strategy is
important to a business boosting its sales.

When developing a sales promotion strategy for your business, it is important that you keep the
following points in mind.

• Consumer attitudes and buying patterns

• Your brand strategy
• Your competitive strategy
• Your advertising strategy
• And other external factors that can influence your products availability and pricing.


Wateen telecom has become a well recognized name in past few years therefore we focussed on
Wateen to extract the promotional activities they carry out for the purpose of their organizational
stability. WIMAX enjoy the position of First in the Market.

• Customer oriented sales team.

• Market since Oct-07.

• Available in 22 cities across Pakistan.

• Wide coverage network.

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The basic objectives of sales promotion consist of:

 Short term objective:

To increase sales by attracting the customers.

 Long term objectives:

Reinforcing the products and building long term customer relation.

The main objective of sales promotion is to acquire the numbers of connections from the market
and leads the market with maximum share. WATEEN uses promotional mix tools together which

 Personal selling

 Advertising

 Sales promotion

To increase customer buying as a short term objective and product positioning and customer
relationship as a long term objective. For this purpose the marketing management of WATEEN
uses different sales promotion tools.

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When they launch their services commercially in Pakistan they utilizes all sort of media
campaigns for promoting their services and establish their brand image in the market. Further
they work with their sales force both direct and in direct channels in acquiring the connections
selling. Furthermore, they use BTL activities at different locations, institutions both educational
and commercials, other public places, and participation in different events organized in the city.

There are three main categories where sales promotion tools can be applied. This category

 Consumers: Consumer promotion tools are used to urge short term customer buying or
to enhance long term customer relationships.

 Business: Sales promotion tools used to generate business leads, stimulate purchases,
reward customers and motivate sales people.

 Trade: Sales promotion tools used to persuade resellers to carry a brand, give it shelf
space, promote it in advertising and push it to customers.

Consumer promotion tools used by Wateen include:

 Point Of Purchase: POP promotion includes displays and demonstrations that take
place at a point of sales. Wateen regularly conducts POP promotion in different
universities, colleges, Karachi chamber of Commerce etc.

 Advertising Specialities: Wateen uses to print their logo on T-Shirts, coffee mugs,
pens, and calendars etc as advertising specialities.

 Discount Offers: Wateen offers discount offers to the consumers during their
promotional activities like waiver of security deposit, waiver of installation charges etc.

 Seminars: Wateen conducts seminars with different type of business sectors to create
awareness of its products as well as to promote the products.

 Sports events: Recently Wateen telecom has sponsored an international cricket

tournament DUBAI between Pakistan and Australia.

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 Young Entrepreneurs Soaring High With Wateen Telecom!

Lahore, Pakistan, January 30th, 2008: The Young Leaders and Entrepreneurs Summit
(YLES) 2008 will be inaugurated tomorrow, on 31st January, 2008. The six day event has
been organized by the Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS)
Entrepreneurial Society (LES), and sponsored by Wateen Telecom.

Wateen Telecom is the primary sponsor of the YLES 2008, and has played a pivotal role
in promoting such activities. With a very large operational set up, they are actively
initiating projects for the uplifting of the Pakistani youth and the development of the
human capital of the future.

 The HSY Fashion Show held on December 16 th , 2007 was much more than just a
fashion show. It was the launch event of Wateen Telecom's WiMAX services. The
fashion show was attended by several distinguished guests as the crème de la crème of
Pakistan walked down the Wateen Walkway. The event was held in the Koh-e-Noor Hall
in Pearl Continental Lahore.
 LUMS Cricket Match: Wateen was the lead sponsor for the second Celebrity Cricket
match which took place at the LUMS stadium on the 21st of April. A large crowd came
to the event in in support of their favorite stars. The 3 main teams included Rockers 11,
Ali Zafar 11 and Mikaal Hasan 11, with the Rockers 11, which had some of Pakistan’s
biggest musicians on the field, coming in first place! The celebrity line up included
names such as Ali Zafar, Atif Aslam, Jawad Ahmed, Ahmed Ali Butt, Junaid, Xulfi,
along with countless other singers, actors and fashion icons.

 Wateen sponsored ASR Pro team, owned by Pakistani Pro racing driver, Adnan Sarwar,
lead the pack and raced to a convincing victory. Team ASR carrying the Wateen colors,
showed exceptional driving skills and established their position as the best racing team of
the country,

 GIKI celebrates its 15th anniversary in 2008. SOPHEP (Society for Promotion of Higher
Education and Professional Excellence) organized a grand ‘Alumni Homecoming’ to
bring back the GIKI Alumni to its Alma Mater on this occasion. The event was held on
the 1st and 2nd of November at the GIKI campus. The event was sponsored by Wateen

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 Wateen Powers the Entertainment Scene: Club Caramel’, one of the most popular
musical events of Lahore in 2007, is back this year and will be taking place in Karachi
today, the 5th of April, 2008.

This has been sponsored by Wateen Telecom and will feature Caramel – The Band with
Kiran Chaudhry and Adnan Sarwar, one of the leading live acts in Lahore.

 Club Caramel is a unique event focusing on live performances, sound and light
extravaganza, and a DJ/post-party, giving the feel of a dance club. The 2007 event proved
to be very successful and was attended by several stars of the Pakistani media.

Wateen Telecom is very keen on sponsoring events such as Club Caramel since its
commercial launch and is consistently promoting the Pakistani entertainment industry.

The best tool of these promotions is the BTL or kiosk activities at main market places,
educational institutions and in major events as it organized in the cities. The door to door
sales campaign is also very effective and result oriented way in acquiring these sales.

Sales Budget
They utilizes minimum of 15% of total sales budget in these sorts of activities. But at times when
we are running some Special Promo or event participation, we will exceed this budget to cater
the event and en-cash this opportunity in acquiring extra number of sales through this event or

Developing the Sales Promotion Program

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A successful promotion program should include all the communication tools that can deliver a
message to a target audience. A promotion program can include five components: advertising,
sales promotion, public relations, sales force, and direct marketing.
When we talk about Wateen Sales Promotion Program which they are programming for
University students.

• They first decide on the size of the incentives. They are waiving-off security deposits and
installation charges for students. They are hopeful these incentives will produce more sales
They have just set conditions for students that students have to show only University I.D
Card. And House’ Utility Bills for choosing different packages of Wateen Broadband

• Wateen is promoting its product by Waiving off Rs. 4800/- only to continue using their
services via university campaign.

• Wateen’s this sales promotion campaign will consist normal on three days.

• They measure the return on their sales promotion investments before and after the campaign
activity and evaluate the quantity of attracted new customers with their student’s packages
of Wateen……if they find negative differences before and after sale promotion or complains
from current customers, than they work out to settle those hassles which are the caused of
their loose sales promotion.

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