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Danone published a presentation describing how it is using

UI5 and the SAP Hana Cloud Platform, e.g. for a CRM Call
Center in South Africa and the Nutricia Metabolics Web Shop.
The company also blogged about it. In this "customer
journey" (section entitled "Short Curve, Fast Progress") Danone
explicitly mentions how fast the learning curve was for UI5 and
the development process.
Analytics software company SAS decided to do "all of their
new web application development with SASUI5 ( SAS has also
started contributing to SAPUI5).
adidas has reported about its usage of UI5 in its dealer portal
at the DSAG Technologietage 2014 conference.
The National Center for Tumor Diseases (NCT) developed
a UI5-based app called "Medical Research Insights" in
collaboration with the Design & Co-Innovation Center of SAP,
as described here.
This product won the "German Design Award 2015" in the
category "Excellent Communications Design", thanks to its
"intuitive UI system and clear, graphic presentation".
Furthermore, it received the "Strategy & Research Professional
Notable" award at the Core77 Design Awards, especially
applauding the "elegance of the interface" - built using UI5.
It also earned a special recognition from the White
House Office of Science and Technology Policy.
TV Rheinland, a global provider of technical, safety, and
certification services, gave this presentation about the UI5based implementation of their customer portal, at the DSAG
Jahreskongress 2014 conference. Their bottom line was that
"UI5 leaves a very good impression, the design is fresh and

modern, UI development was fast, and the project was very

Geberit presented its own UI5 development, including custom

controls, at the "DSAG Technologietage 2014", and also held

another conference talk at the SAP Tage Munich.
Bilfinger Chemserv (maintenance and engineering provider
in extended manufacturing and process industries)
has presentedabout its own implementation of enterprise selfservice scenarios using UI5 during the "DSAG Technologietage
2015" conference.
VEKA AG (the world's largest extruder of uPVC profiles used
for windows and doors) has optimized its ordering processes by
using a UI5-based application developed in cooperation
with UNIORG, according to this press release.
The Berliner Stadtreinigungsbetriebe (Berlin public

cleansing and waste collection service) outlined during the

"DSAG Technologietage 2014" conference how they introduced
UI5 into their systems.
SpinifexIT (an Australian HR/Payroll software
specialist) blogged about using OpenUI5 for their new "Easy
Reporter" solution.

Companies using SAPUI5-based applications

developed by SAP
there are hundreds of companies using UI5-based applications, i
have picked some of the most notable ones:
Colgate-Palmolive reported about their implementation of
UI5-based SAP Fiori in this video, mentioning the fact that the
UI is "extremely easy to use" and talking about "very positive
feedback" regarding usability and performance.

Nampower, the national power utility company of Namibia,

held a presentation for the African SAP User Group outlining its
successful SAP Fiori introduction project, which was also
echoed in the local press. Official reference slides can be
found here.
Nestl has been reported by SAP insider (Volume 15, Issue 2)
as using 18 SAP Fiori applications built with UI5, and to be
rolling out these apps to around 18,000 users. They report that
the 500 test users "have been very positive about using SAP
Novartis is listed as one of the reference customers of UI5based SAP Fiori.
Pacific Drilling S.A. (a Texas-based offshore drilling
company) explained their focus on user experience during their
SAP Fiori implementation in this video.
Pretoria Portland Cement (a South African company
specializing in cement production) reported about their
implementation of SAP Fiori, explicitly mentioning the "simple,
friendly-to-use interface" powered by UI5.
Shell has been announced in an SAP News article as also
moving towards using SAP Fiori.
Unilever talks about user experience design in general and
also mentions UI5-powered SAP Fiori as an answer to the
usability challenge in this video.
Vilore Foods reported about their usage of SAP Fiori,
emphasizing the ease of use of the UI5-powered user interface.
There is also a YouTube video about it.

UI theme

DescriptionThe UI theme designer is a browser-based tool which allows

you to create your own themes to adapt the visual appearance
of applications. It shall become one single tool for theming and
branding SAPs key user interfaces.

Key capabilities Graphical web-based WYSIWYG editor for controls and

application previews.
Different skill levels of theming: quick, expert and CSS* .
Custom CSS3 and LESS support.
Supported UI technologies: SAPUI5 (e.g. SAP Fiori), Unified
Rendering (WDA, WDJ, SAPGUI for HTML, HTMLB), SAP Portal
and NetWeaver Business Client (additional planned).
Supported platforms: SAP NetWeaver AS ABAP, SAP Portal and
as a beta release on SAP HANA Cloud Platform.

Product road map overview key themes

and capabilities

Benefits Reduce visual breaks for end users.

Increased theming/branding efficiency.
Easy ramp up via SAP HANA Cloud Trial and lower TCO.

SAP Screen Personas

DescriptionSAP Screen Personas allows companies to improve user
productivity through personalization of their SAP ERP screens.

Key capabilities Streamline business processes by providing only the essential

screen elements and data to complete transactions faster and
more accurately through fewer data entry fields and reduced

Automate repetitive tasks and simplify complex screens

through pre-filled fields and pull-down menus, which help the
user save time on data entry.

Benefits Improve business user productivity.

Increase SAP adoption by making screens easier to use.
Decrease training time for SAP users with intuitive screens.

Product road map overview key themes and


Companies developing their own Screen PERSONAS applications

Company are increasingly anxious to make their employees more
productive, motivatedand happy while using SAP solutions. With
that in mind, Agile presents the SAP Screen
Personas application, which offers a new option for SAP GUI
screens customization.
It provides a simple approach to drag and drop for modifying
common screens, making them more useful and visually attractive.
With the SAP Screen Personas, the user himself can eliminate
fields that he does not use or even unify the interface of a
transaction in a single screen.
ABSOFT Allows IT professionals, key users and end users to
personalise mission-critical tasks.
Enhanced personal satisfaction leading to increased productivity

SAP Personas Co-innovation with Bluest