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Flying saucers

Dear son Hadrian (...)

Regarding the letter which I promised to write you on flying saucers, I will try to write now.
Your father never saw any flying saucer, but there is who has seen and then through the use of
reason, logic and spiritual exam I conclude that there is, because if we examine properly, God our celestial
Father, is eternal and in the eternities of the past, He already existed infinitely before this world Earth was created.
Two thousand years ago, little was known on Him (God), then our older brother Jesus Christ, came
to reveal Him, but not everything could Jesus teach, because the men did not have knowledge to understand
such great teachings that He was possessor and bearer.
It was then that He spoke that He would send us the Consoler in appropriate time, that would teach
us new things and that the Consoler would remind us what Jesus had taught us.
Now on that time men’s knowledge was almost none and when Jesus spoke to them that: “In my
Fathers house are many mansions", (John, 14: 2) men did not understand that Jesus talked about the great
Universe of trillions of galaxies and trillions of stars that God the Father in an infinite past had created.
And, then in the modern times with the astrology, cosmology, astronomy, etc. The man began to
receive the revelations of God, always in agreement with his progress moral, spiritual and scientific, then God has
been revealing through inspiration or through direct revelation, that is through Angels, in other words, Superior
Spirits and people with talents medianímicos who have telepathy capacity with the beyond second sight., because
the spiritual world lives in parallel with our world or material worlds, that is those of solid matter, and God also has
ordered great highly developed Spirits, to embody in mission of helping us and like this the progress in
accordance with the purposes of the times, designated by God, develops itself in a quicker speed, two hundred
years ago there were neither cars nor electricity, nor airplanes, nor trains; the ships were sailing-vessels which the
wind blew through the world and so it goes ahead, returning to the past one sees that really God created us:.
“Simple and ignorant”. (The Spirits’ Book, Question, 115-121)
And, through the times we passed we were accumulating knowledge and in the saying of our Lord
Jesus Christ: “their works follow them”, (Revelation, 14: 13) and in our reincarnations we bring with us, in intuition, our
spiritual progress, some bring talents, and vocations for a certain end, others bring remnants or original faults, for
not having had progress moral or intellectual, in other lives, analyzing it becomes easy to see, that there are
inventive people, others scientific and others with teacher's talents, because they already have sufficiently
knowledge for themselves and to teach and in that effort, they progress still more and become more perfect in all
things, in Jesus saying: “Be perfect as your Father who is in Heaven", (Matthew, 5: 48) it is applied also not only in
the morals, thence our sojourning is long, nevertheless with support of each other, but without ever losing Jesus'
support, because he said: "I will never leave you nor forsake you"; (Hebrews, 13: 5) now Jesus Christ already existed
before the Earth was created and He is, therefore, now the Governor of this world Earth, this being so, Jesus
before the Earth was created, had already past through the infinity of times through all the evolutionary processes
of his learning and as the Earth had not still been created it is obvious and logical that his spirit developed and
grew in other worlds much older, still existent or not in the Universe.

(Translated) Extrato do meu livro ‘CONVITE AO ESPIRITISMO’ com Jesus e Kardec, António Martinho
Fernandes - registrado na Fundação BIBLIOTECA NACIONAL, no Rio de Janeiro, sob o número: 416.202 livro:
777 folha: 362 a 19 de Novembro de 2007.

And, as well as this had happened, Our Father of Heaven is also the Father of billions and billions of
millions of spirits in scale of thousands of degrees or infinite evolutionary scale, in other words, some are already
angels or pure spirits, others not so much so, others slightly more here than there.
And now then, my son, the answer comes within these revelations, that other beings of the more
advanced worlds and developed have already the knowledge and certainly moral condition of traveling through
the galaxies transferring themselves from world to world to research, to analyze, and to understand the Universe
of their God better.
But, as in general the intellectual progress accompanies the moral, they certainly are much more
developed than us in morals or telepathy among other, and as they foresee our backwardness, when visiting us
being that the case and they also foresee our horrifying fear, they certainly avoid contact with us, not to scared us
too much and not to harm our progress, because certainly they foresee that the religious knowledge or of God, in
this world, are still semi-primitive, in other words, we are still very blind as for to believing in a God all powerful
Eternal Creator.
Although we know about that, but in practice most of the leaning people think that God only created
people in this world - Earth and so they developed theological concepts, in other words, knowledge on God, as if
He was, only ours, ours, ours!
And, our selfishness does not let us share our great Father with other people, not only that happens
to us, as a world, but also as a nation. Still a little time ago there was and still there is who says: “The God of
Israel" (Exodus, 20: 2), symbolically the country where Jesus was born and we are still so ignorant although each
tribe, nation or world develops their notion or concept of God.
And, so we debate and we ourselves sometimes kill each other in defense of our concepts that are
not sometimes the best ones and so we are taught by Jesus, to have tolerance to all and to teach each other
Jesus saying: Be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves", (Matthew, 10: 16) that is: to live with
caution, because not all the people have our spiritual progress and their backwardness may harm us and make
us suffer being ignorance the greatest evil of this world, and the people who choose aversion roads, discourage
those who want to follow the Master in: “Love each other" (John, 15: 12)
And, they harm us quite a lot and even sometimes after they die, in other words, after they
disincarnate, continue with dislike arrows, in other words, no-love that can be hate, envies, incomprehension, etc.
Therefore and other Jesus said: Be of good cheer: I have overcome the world". (John, 16: 33) As well
as we have Jesus already in the beyond helping us, we also have our guardian angels, family and friends, who
aid us when they have condition of helping, because we have much in common, we all are Children of God and
this great God of ours, is also the God of the whole Universe and Father of all including the bad, for that Jesus
teaches us: “Forgive one another" (Mark, 11: 25-26) , and also: Have peace one with another" (Mark, 9:50).
Yes, our journey is still difficult and very difficult indeed is the people accept that; to conclude, to
accept other alive beings, in other words, extraterrestrial, because the most people still cannot accept, there is
certainly already exceptions of people like me a little in understanding that accepts, of course there should be
flying saucers and that is one more voucher than God does not stop to create and to work and already Jesus said:
“My Father worketh hitherto, and I work" (John, 5: 17).
Now, what sometimes makes us not to work, is a sign of our backwardness, because work is a
natural law and good, which helps us to develop and to grow in the direction of our infinite God, of course we
should not have envy that already in the universe be there those who had moved forward much more than we to
the dimension of having built incomprehensible spaceships capable to tear the galaxies and to visit us, therefore
then let them be well come when they decide to make themselves present, do you not think I am right Hadrian?
Well, Hadrian, keep this letter so you can read little by little according to your understanding, o.k.?
Then I will write you; shall we call: “flying saucers part II" when if God permits and gives me inspiration I will
increase the study, in short in this study we see that: “God is the supreme intelligence and primary cause of all of
effects", (The spirits’ Book, Chap. I Q. 1" In Him we live, and move, and have our being",( Acts, 17: 28) "He giveth to all life,
and breath, and all things". (Acts, 17: 25)
With love, your father, Martinho.
Notice of the author:
The second part of this study was given later in December of 1992 one year, after several stories for moral edification and spiritual

In flying saucers part I, we saw that: “God is the Supreme Intelligence -- First Causes of all things,"
(The spirits’ Book, I chapter, question, 1) "In him we lived and we have our being" and" He is in the heart of all things."
(Acts, 17: 27)
God is infinite and creator since infinite times, and certainly created intelligent beings in other parts
of the universe. The Cosmos or Universe is infinite, any side that one travels one does not find end and it is
replete of galaxies and gatherings of galaxies after galaxies.
Now we will analyze that, if someone intelligent from a flying saucer came to us, a lot of people
would faint or think that one was the devil, as always; always the devil, because of our ignorance and lack of
In the past of the human history, the most intuitive men or more advanced always suffered
persecution, by the backward men, and the man's morals was always more back warded than science, with some
exceptions obviously.
Let us imagine in the time of the stone, the men killed themselves to steal each other their stone
axes, and in the cannibals' time, the missionaries were devoured by the cannibals, so that one sees that this
world which was primitive and that is now in a degree of proofs and atonements, it is not a world of giving well-
come, be whoever might be, or else then, and of some time to adapt to the new ideas, we know that when Jesus
Christ came the people crucified the Lord, nowadays, sure, the world is on the way to ascend another degree in
the scale of worlds, because it is going on the way to being a world regenerator, but as it is in this condition
transformatorial and transitory it finds itself in a whirl of displacements among back warded spirits in war with the
more advanced, the most backward and selfish with the wisest sensate ones, etc.
One clearly notices that those who have are stolen by those who do not have, in everything it seems
there to be robbery, besides in the industry and science stealing or copying each other, and also among nations in
the industrial espionage sense and to steal the inventions, ideas or discoveries some from the other ones; now we
imagine or let us analyze, a flying saucer to fall inside of this "caldron" before the world turns regenerator,
because Jesus and His angels, they are now urgently in this phase of the world to transform its morals, because
the times are come and necessary is that for the general wellbeing to be taken off or be reincarnated or
immigrated to backward worlds, the backsliding spirits.
Worlds those more compatible ones with their spiritual degrees, because they do not move forward
nor they allow others to move forward in their moral progresses.
Once the world turning world regenerator in condition of receiving extraterrestrial beings, then I think
Jesus Christ will give permission for them to reveal themselves to us.

Well, nothing happens without the knowledge and permission of God and Jesus, as a pure Spirit that
He is, He is aware of God the Father's plans, Jesus not only is the governor of the Earth as He is the protector of
our Solar system, as well as St. Paul said that, Jesus after his mission on Earth. God Father gave him a greater
glory than the one He had here before., I find personally that Jesus is also a member of our galaxy and counselor
in Intergalactic Council of associations of galaxies.
Now, returning to the subject of if the beings of flying saucers on this time , showed themselves to
us, would it be that we are already ready for receiving them? Without us wanting cutting them up to see if they
have two hearts or blood similar to ours and if they eat the same way as us, if their knowledge on God are as ours
and their religious systems as we have, etc.
And, as for the flying saucers would it be that we will not kill the beings E.T. to steal from them the
flying saucer? To see how it is made?
But of course there are laws and that the governments would not admit such inconceivable
atrocities, however with so much inexplicable moral delay, they could kidnap Ets, to do blackmails to the
governments saying: “If you want the Ets alive you have to pay us x of dollars", and what else, but God knows
everything and, Jesus who emanates love and knows that it is better to prevent than to remedy, He contains a
pure and communicable telepathy, He knows about the as much the intentions of extra terrestrial (Ets) as of men
and will let it happen, when He sees that the hour is right, is it not so?
I think in spite of everything; the hour of traveling in space is arriving, who knows when the son
grows to be a man and older or more or less your father's age, you will not see flying saucers arriving and leaving
and find everything normal and say: “How God is Great!"
What an experience, what happiness, what a brilliant future, what a beauty and everything is due to
our tireless laborious God that is always showing new realities to us little children Of Him, but whom will grow with
His aid and the one of Our Lord Jesus Christ our older Brother, to the point of perfection and pure Spirit as is

Jesus Christ, and not only we will be like Jesus "but we will make things still greater", because our spirit is
Although Nature does not give jumps; God gives us opportunities of reincarnations in the escalade of
the worlds, "as many times as necessary" and as spirits, who knows if we will not be reincarnated in those moved
away worlds and will not be we ourselves the Ets of the future? In God nothing is impossible, there are primitive
worlds, worlds of proofs and atonements, regeneration worlds, worlds divine or celestial and worlds fluidic, in
other words, spiritual where the matter is invisible to our eyes, but with the development of our perispírit which is
the body of the soul which goes on rarefying itself to the point of being so ethereal that becomes invisible to us,
but is visible to other beings’ eyes of same spiritual progress.
What a beauty, we still do not know what we will be, because the much we already think to know still
does not give account for the much more that God and eternity will offer"; we will know each other and we will be
known", pass whatever millions of years which may pass, here is what is a small idea of eternity, we will pass in
the scale of all the degrees of worlds in the great “stairway of ascension ‘Jacob’s Ladder’" for God.
What a beauty, what a wonderful thing, and how we are " marvelously done" (Revelation 15: 3), in the
saying of the Bible, here is, here one more point of view and your father knows so a little although I already know
a little more than I knew, therefore I live and learn and I have still to increase, my son, that it is not a lie the
possibility of ourselves to come to be the voyagers Ets, because we know that there are people among us (the
spirits say) and who knows we ourselves did not live in other worlds and are reincarnated here and now in this
world, because we are immortal spirits and as such we are travelers of time, not only did we already live before in
this world as it is not impossible for us to have lived already in other worlds, is it not like so!?
Because the whole universe is of same God, who is our Father, as well as in this world there are
divisions of countries and whose inhabitants sometimes need to emigrate to other countries, we evolutionary
spirits sometimes we need to emigrate, in other words, to be reincarnated in other worlds of Our Father’s House,”
(John, 14: 2) the universe, to give accomplishment to the Supreme Will of God in the ascension towards Him, for our
supreme happiness and for our universal freedom.
God gives us free will, but each one has his freedom limited to the spiritual degree in which he is and
that freedom is increased accordingly to his ascension towards our God Father.
Likewise in this way of thinking, we know that, if beings Ets visit it us it is because they are in
freedom not only spiritual as physical superior to our populated shy Earth, then, let them be well-come, but in
reality we are afraid as the primitive men had fear of thunders or of fire! I do not think of being exception!
Within my knowledge degree, with much love, happiness and satisfaction I united by the grace of
God this study for your increasement of wisdom and spiritual knowledge, and who knows to learn to ratiocinate
through logic and through the effects to arrive to the causes!

The Spirits’ Book, question, 172: Do we accomplish all our different corporeal existences upon this earth?
“Not all of them, for those existences take place in many different worlds. The world in which you now are is neither the first nor
the last of these, but is one of those that are the most material, and the furthest removed from perfection.”

Question, 173: Does the soul, at each new corporeal existence, pass from one world to another, or can it be accomplished several
existences, on the same globe?
“It may live many times on the same globe, if it be not sufficiently advanced to pass into a higher one.”
-We may, then, re-appear several times upon the earth?
-Can we come back to it after having lived in other worlds?
“Assuredly you can; you may already have lived elsewhere as upon the earth.”

Question, 176: Can spirits come to this worlds, for the first time, after having been incarnated in other worlds?
“Yes; just as you may go into other ones. All the worlds of the universe are united by the bonds of solidarity; that which is not
accomplished in one of them is accomplished in another.”
-Some of those who are now upon this earth are here, then, for the first time?
“Many of them are so, and at various degrees of advancement.”
-Is there any sign by which we can know the spirits who are here for the first time?
“Such knowledge would not be of the slightest use to you.”

Question, 177: In order to arrive at the perfection and the supreme felicity which are the final aim of mankind, is it necessary for a
spirit to pass through all the worlds that exist in the universe?
“No; for there are a great number of worlds of the same degree, in which a spirit would learn nothing new.”
-How, then, are we to explain the plurality of his existence upon the same globe?
“He may find himself, each time he comes back, in very different situations, which afford him the opportunity of acquiring new