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Responsibilities As Quality Control

Quality control of KPM.

The Quality controllers role includes but is not limited to:

Act on behalf of KPM as their representative on the project based in Lahore during

the construction stage.

Develop written procedures for quality control/quality assurance;
Monitor tests on site and in the laboratory to ensure conformity of material and works

according to the contract specifications;

Supervise construction work contracts including quantity measurement, quality,

variation and payments;

Ensure that contractors comply with works specifications;
Establish and maintain procedures to develop standard documentation for

construction works and quality control and assurance for the projects;
Review the existing standard documentation for the Operations Centre and propose

any improvements deemed necessary;

Monitor standard quality control procedures to be performed by the contractors;
Develop and conduct robust procedures for quality assurance;
Assess work activities for which labor based construction methods are appropriate

and for those sections where heavy machinery is appropriate;

Define a procedure for using the cost norms to maintaining the construction task;
Supervision of the contractors in the implementation of the work;
Perform any other duties deemed necessary by the C.R.E, R.E;
Monitoring and administering the QA/QC Plan or Programme and ensuring
incorporated materials on construction projects are in compliance with the plans and

Assuring that the work is performed as required by the contract and meets or

exceeds the required qualities.

Assuring the acceptable quality of materials, processes, and workmanship in the

project work.
Assisting Quality Assurance such as steel reinforcement checking same as in

construction drawing.
May following up the concreting works in a presence of the Engineer or Consultant,

slump test and cubes preparation for the compressive test.

Finishing work checking in a presence of the Engineer or Consultant.
Kitchen cabinets

Ceiling and light fittings.

Maintain standards of safety and comply with Companys Health, Safety and

Environment Management System requirements.

Follow and maintain Company standards of Quality in accordance with Company

Quality System requirements.

To review the relevant documents prior to start of construction e.g. IFC, project

specification etc.
To be more proactive to construction crew for advising to correct the activities this

could lead to non-conformance.

Be vigilant upcoming scheduled activities in advance to coordinate with 3rd parties in

advance for the activities require testing e.g. concreting and asphalting etc.
Responsible for all aspects related to Project quality assurance and quality control.
Guidance of the Project Specific Quality Plan.
Inspection and test plans.
Check sheets and related procedures.
Implementation of the Quality Management & Control programme for the project.
Daily site inspection and periodical offsite inspection.

Controlling all inspection activities on site.

Completion of necessary documentation to verify the work performed.
Ensuring that inspection requests are implemented.
Ensuring that all test reports are verified to meet the contract requirements.
To ensure all materials delivered to site are inspected and conform to specified

Report to the Project Manager any deficiencies in the operation of Quality

Management & Control System.

Completion of final quality documentation in a presentable manner, in accordance
with the conditions of contract.