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NCE 526 1 CET

December 02, 2015


A Reaction Paper on Seminar:Geosynthetic v2.0 Innovate Artificial, Elevate Conventional

The seminar which was held this February 15, 2016 at University of the East Caloocan
multi-purpose hall, made possible by Engr. Michael Baylon, is entitled Geosynthetic v2.0
Innovate Artificial, Elevate Conventional. This activity gave us the chance to experience
being a part of such event as an organizer rather than a spectator. Being behind the scenes is
so much different than what a person sitting and attending a certain seminar could expect.
We should be well coordinated and focused on the task we were given. The seminar is well
planned by our adviser. The groups are given their own task to fulfil in order for the seminar
to be successful. Three speakers became a part of the seminar. They are Engr. Dindo M.
Macabante, Engr. Djon Mar Ellyz M. Santiago and Engr. Joven Ganancial. The last speaker
is our very own, Engr. Michael B. Baylon who discussed a video presentation about
installation in foundation engineering sent by Geoconsult.
The first two speakers are from Department of Public Works and Highways. They talked
about geotechnical investigations and jet grouting. Jet grouting caught my attention because I
am not familiar with the term. The mechanism is so fascinating. Ive never thought that there
is such a machine that could optimize the use of water and incorporate it with water dynamics
to create such method in strengthening the soil and can be used even if there is already an
infrastructure. The other Department of Public Works and Highway representative talked
about subsurface exploration. He started from the history of the topic. He then stated some
earthquake events which are familiar because it was already discussed in our earthquake and
foundation engineering subject which is facilitated by Engr Michael B. Baylon. The new

thing in his presentation is the in-depth explanations of the process in subsurface

explorations, requirements for bridge projects, retaining walls, roads/highways, vertical
structures and culverts. The first two topics are very informative and it gave a glimpse for
lower year civil engineering students on what they can expect in Earthquake and Foundation
engineering subjects.
The third speaker is from Infratex who focused on the topic about engineered
environmental containment solutions. I am amazed when I saw their facilities for production
of geosynthetic materials. They have gigantic machineries. The speaker also explained how
their machineries work and the processes involved in manufacturing. Modern sanitary waste
containment is also one of his topics. He explained how it was done and what geosynthetic
materials are used. Closing his presentation, he presented some of their successful projects. I
am surprised of the number and how massive the projects were.
The last Speaker is our professor, Engr. Michael B. Baylon. He discussed about the
installation of a boring machine. The presentation is informative. In some part of the video
we can notice the lack of control in terms of safety. The workers improvised by using ropes
as steps above the equipment and the use of cut tires to tighten the hoses. All in all this topic
is another element of geosynthetics. We may know what certain geosynthetic equipment can
offer but we do not know how these things are assembled.
The seminar tackled geosynthetics in different dimensions. This kind of activity has
so much impact in preparing us for our future. Being in another point of perspective is an
experience of a lifetime.