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The Fantasy As Giving

All Loving Needs

This book is for a happy Easter Wedding,

Wishing it be today as forever happy,
In my heart is to love and to honor,
To honor the first vow in Email,
And each day as a blessing
As I make right that made of yesterdays troubles,
Let it be forgotten the evilness of attraction,
As memories were today it ought to be a day,
The day we will talk again.

Too see a life,

Christopher S.Vecchitto

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One

it brings and belongs

of a source of opportunity.
When knowing our limits..
To say for approve were
compatible. I write this story
A love like this is said so.

A Little Ironic Free Life

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One

The Teacher Birthday Day

Introduction Update.
Included is extra new ending, in which I enforced
an entrenched fact. Which the root of the problem
was to be in best utilized time was to favor of
all kindness and consider a happy marriage with a
student named Christopher.
I was to consider a brilliant idea as to send
forth an idea to write. For reviewing rights that
brought Chief Justice to end of a trial to court
with influences to write with spirits inside of
myself as a teacher.
And as for a proceeding of harassment, which
issued as paper it was with rules to follow. I
have it in a lock box the paper issued copied and
As with the student writing a story, it brought
that it can be he who has had a trouble with
trying forget everything in the past.
He included a new title this time around.
Chris whom he brought a fulfillment of a Wedding
coming up.
A month away from March would be a celebration I
felt about time. I was due to find true love. And
it was a true romance I felt passionately about


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One

It was about one true gift of accepting his

history of not knowing where begin owing apologies
from one began to cross my mind presently to
forgive the sickening of my health to Chris awhile
it was calm. While I spoke about yet another case
yet to be told to be with a story to read while
editing in LibreOffice Writer.
And with our true love scenarios or some say was
my intentional brilliance that brought others
think was scandal which was far from making
Christopher to realize he will be my life long
family member.
I brought good about one day that I canceled the
evilness of letting go of my sexual activity with
Joe Levine my partner. I stated Joe in my previous
book awhile back that I talked about mobile
The effective of pills brought concern about
appointment in couple of days included get tubes
tied. And I wanted this year to focus on who loves
me enough say I do and mean it and truly be their
for a wedding day, and outing with the girls.
And knowing of this year in Spring, I was reading
thinking possibly a baby will come out this year
with Chris' life with myself treating him to be
with a pregnancy with me. I was up for the
challenge but verge of impulsiveness felt
satisfaction of the urge to say Chris will you get
pregnant with me?

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
I could have been said together everybody does the
searching with findings once in a moment where
brought my curiosity of satisfying of a way of
ones spirit that by time can bring patience fly by
go quick if believing in good. I still could not
believe its been over ten years since I last met
my student in reality.
Being their with kindness compared to come with
appropriate time brought of utilized matter of
time to roar out we need only boundary with
contact as if I set ruling for times to talk.
Accordance of a trial, where relation is I am here
to help better make due for what is right. I was
to make due speak the truth and only truth.
The kindness made due it came through the art
of sharing feelings to my other on January. I
guess we both tumble on knowing it was conduct we
cannot do but talking is fine at right times but
he would not dare to make move.
I was to love the ordeal or get out of fault the
heart as ones who follows through vein and trial.
I was for the good times shared with some of bad
moments all sad lonesome days brought Chris be
Mostly he tried keep up with technology but
brought up reasons why he cannot control his
actions for speaking a lie he always so truthful
looking for a friend or cougar life on a dating

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
The out come of a good time and bad I've told him
write brains out in his head. I brought the nature
of things to be obtained with the loyalty of being
there at the moment in time to bring not just all
to seriousness but when we have no choice but say
yes to having Chris' life to be with I the teacher
who I liked himself so much.
We've met at public places after years. I
remember him waving to me at Shop Rite with smile
wearing his comfy jeans black and gray turtle
As to this day giving myself a story that brought
happiness to write and share. The idea of
organizing our thoughts down erg impact he
dwelling in regrets and I felt ashamed of meeting
officials omit a sentence why I cannot exceed to
have a relationship this time around because of
not talking in public. In deepest parts of myself
expressing the truth all moments in my teaching
required to teach.
He out smart me several times and was brilliant
on the computer it was sad see him slow down but I
wanted that rush feeling where he would have motor
skills with helping hand.
I felt relieved when he was thinking about
learning secrets about windows 10 but probably
wait for perfect moment to do together an upgrade
to windows 10 on his Dell Oplex 990 Mid Tower
because he felt that was the entertainment

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
to stream no downloading only

computer was allowed

emulation roms as along with playing his movie and
tv shows. He used his Dell to write the story.
He knew I loved computers and buying a 16gb 3.4ghz
computer stream play games was ideal why was
frustrating he did not play he had latest greatest
wanting the more powerful more then 4ghz i7.
I take the love would be forever if you follow
your true love feelings and write. He gave so much
brilliance and a moment to be treasured everyday
wither on Facebook or his writing.
Within Chris' life feared little with no feeling
with an open mindedness of having with a child be
freed happy free with her mother as lover to
And as I saw moments in him saying life was quite
but calm made it sure he will be alright say were
going talk rather soon.
To have my child be with her mother for years
suitable awhile back it was difficult. I was not
seeing any denial wither Chris has denial for
years remained unknown reading posts but yes he
obeyed rulings of court and is messed up keeping
everything outspoken but I knew he drew the line
when he bought me gifts or write a letter of
apologies as each day he blames the rest on
Everyday was all about him tailgating truth by
writing everyday thoughts down and with him taking

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
the outcry of souls entering

medication he heard
himself during moments of early morning time.

I heard his voice, I admit everyday it was to live

long years with his friends and family and I
counted him as a family member. I was about true
love based on he be putting effort each day in
secrets to success don't deny the vagabonds while
we do our very best take make worthy our love.
It was key to the years after graduation to be of
obtaining sperm make something like baby that made
at the emergency room a baby which got reality
intercourse of a beautiful child from our sexual
activity of Chris being the father. Yes he did get
me pregnant in hospital for my satisfaction.
And anything can be be is the state of the art
celebrating the facts are put ahead for great
outcome. The love is blossoming for all these
years I met him. In fact he was turning into the
flower I smell as he was there in spirit of dreams
putting on body wash in the dreams in shower.
I assure you I would keep silent in reality about
aroused feelings for Chris' life but knew I would
surprise him as the on demands for our love.
And if you mean by following rules he did fine but
with harassment, as it took place with diary
His profile was a diary wither a reunion.com site
of past or facebook.com site. He rarely used
myspace.com and knew was all a life finding out if

he was the one on all

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
troubles of his and my life.

And if there are true days speaking truth on life

in general it would bring no shame. And with our
generation, brought where I taught guarantees with
satisfaction to higher grade standers as renewal
terms. As those renewal terms brought to know more
about technology with understanding as robotics
came in my mind to discuss. The antimony was to
replace humans and let the human show the
As to teach a class with standardizing the
standards about programming infrastructure with
J++ coding script. It was I learning, as
programming was the high demand to enter the world
with foreign employers. Foreign employers pay
millions as robots are the future of
After all talks were short with the student
Christopher. I will have a celebration with family
and friends on holidays but this was first
seeking, you will find myself in love with student
relationship. As to think he is the one for me
made me think twice. I was seeking his true love
blossoming for speaking the truth.
The truth spoke he has no one but myself. I
took it accountable saying another day spent
spared cents so I made the jar for the wedding all
loose pocket change for a bridal dress.
As far as thinking on Easter I say I do, which
perhaps to be enchanted a feeling with a wow

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
the best wedding. Which I

factor. It was to be
brought fulfillment of an extravagantly of showing
a smile of showing all favor for all too say
thanks to all amount of excitements of knowing he
the student gave the best results to our love.
Being their at the moment made me think of our
life through for the years. And to me I felt
honored to be another year older.
As with where and what would I be doing in a month
is being in good company from Christopher. As for
The Wedding was a moment of a day as night that
drifted away, where I would be so very excited to
see our love with completeness.
I decided I would end the evil attitude of a
moment when I would saying nothing but a word to
others about Christopher. I do with other people
as if I was required obey. You can say I reserved
a relationship for the shy one in the school back
in 2006-2007.
As an outcome it rendered a masterpiece of saying
while proving came by layout with a lifted spirit
as jiff of effort of trial lead abundance of
deepest devotion of joyfulness with and when
Chris' came to life. I been their from day one he
created account pages which later you will hear
When we meet again and I'll kiss you each day like
I really want you so badly more and more each day.
Even the dullest satisfactions says times were so


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
a sudden change made it seem

exciting. And knowing

if I been wrong this whole time as correcting
errors was relief of ratification on no denial
with such harshness it may seem bright as to tell
the future from a student has visioned it.

As for the most part it came through like life

with such braveness the goodness I saw in life
with Chris who really set the tone quiet but our
life had so much to write. And I say with soothing
feelings make me somewhat serious/curious nervous
Why he kept silent it would remain as to my life
writing and making it be tone make known we are
all remarkable and special now were meant to be on
this day calling one another. It was him who
seeking happiness each day.
As a breezy nights with the morning to night
chills with kiss and great intercourse of action
with my student Chris were the nights in November,
December thinking will he ever know my life was
like in chilling weather I needed blankets and his
love to last peacefully for the moment of my
birthday reading a story.
It was himself writing all months of the year.
And I've imagined as if we were married and this
was the life that was worth living especially
knowing we will have a wedding soon with another
baby on way.
As sex and love settled for greater amounts of joy
knowing he did his best to proceed our life in a



Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One

And as he wrote about the overall violation of

Hippa which most professionals including myself
had made him pay the price for love which brought
owed account with state insurance for health care.
This book will be the overall filled with doubt,
but has say lot of happiness from a teacher to a


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One

I dedicate and devote this book to my Teacher.

Happy Birthday Krista


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One

Commentary Of Thanks,

A teacher is true love in this story, which

leaves a mystery as a puzzle. In a story which
knew how to teach everybody about love over time
and trials.
You ought to know in life the student knew his
cousin Trisha would be a suburb art teacher. As
many treasured memories it brought more
satisfaction. And with the time and trials
perseverance is hell between us I felt would be
I saw eye to eye with try to be alive trying get
dirtiness out with truthful thoughts between a
teacher and student writing a warm truthful to
heart words.
I dig out my love from others only when in doubt
try find a foe rather then friend. I make friend
but most talking came from family who protected
him like a calm shell. Only because their was two
parts making it whole while being in love reserved
with Chris.
And with well to talking to others it seemed great
be in helping hands to teach another year. I
produced laws outcomes, In which come from police


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
which lead broken promise

personnel enforcement
rate lock 100% said response low rate ratio ever
The high rate ration was
believing all too well to
hand or some say foot for
heart aching people eager

by victory, you
get the law in the heavy
true love everyday with
for more respect and

Without each other technology healed a crisis for

the writing each day knowing Chris was everything
put to harmony as for support encouragement for
words spoken to make this possible.
It wouldn't be possible to write everyday and I
know our time is our time. And it was all an
attraction and learned growth is blossoming
everyday with being a producing a kindly treated
seed of our life.
With the seed of life being where we have a
connecting hand carrying a bond and settlement
look further for information which brought a
market of opportunity.
It brought all good about the life view of
traveling to vagabonds to leave very best intimacy
epically the news we have this year to prove
right. And have a stand by moment whenever you
feel you are ready as I must be presence to
respect court orders outlaw by a continuance on
with respecting no contact from any party. Its
weird say but obsession leads to denial.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
treasured by authority

And I always will be

systems and give respect they been alright with
everything not speaking up truth.
I was waiting for that special moment. I say
everything will be arranged in order to make
my best with an order of this provisioned
acquaintance progressed scale one to zero as
being single taking pride in Chris' love. As
to see a chance besides being loyal everyday
posts and quotations.

I was

That is given chances he risked as I receive this

book as gift from Chris or daughter. I will point
out we ready for court approval as ready in day to
kiss you once twice and forever. And show how much
we care without caused harm can lead what is true
for us to know more about the feelings in being in
I will like to dismiss and proceed to get the life
together at least with facts someones else can
obtain this use advantage.
My soul expressing as days I felt how much more
time it be when we live in reality married. I
wanted marry you first year you taught and I hurt
inside when feelings wanting relationship with my
From the year I taught I knew well before this was
year I could date you based on seeing you on
I have nothing hide to know about me and how I


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
been appreciative and

deal with issues. I

grateful. As when I chat with you with voices in
my head. And I left for you be true when blue by
me true love.
For moments with you as I would
evil and not cause a student to
with another human or animal. I
my novel soul entering my heart
and beauty for all the years.

teach ways not be

be rude or cruel
found romance in
over your smile

I found myself making choices that better to be

right then wrong as a choice with conscience of
condensing misfortunes of truth of a trial. I
could be found by true love with he who likes idea
behind teacher and student making out getting
married raising child hopes of having another for
us to grownup offering our talents to one person.
Mostly who are my favorite Krista is one of my
best reserved friend which came by meeting and
talking seeing different world of lies. Friends in
conflict, to saddest moments we experienced it all
and with all relationships due make possible the
possible a relationship. Most of my choices took
steps not to see a fight with obstruct together
six figure income which happen between love and
hate because most my ideas cost money.
There is nothing wrong with being there to cross
minded path and the paths are moments to say does
she really love facts I been waiting be true by


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
rather then time of

Foreseeing a moments
compression made room with a mistake of believing
I cannot recover past but more likely will take
the larger amount of skills to ake the therapist
know I do my homework and cope.
I should just wait our time a moment on birthday
or couple days after the sanctification of reading
this story.. I'm sure their will be moments where
disagreements are said.
She makes one undergo theory tests my waiting time
thats the instant connection. I am waiting to
call. And I should keep up with writing my way
through to love as you are my dearest love my
teacher. And I must be thankful for you always
sudden chance of makeup points of your life with
me. I placed you in my warm heart, which could be
voted best teacher in the entire world. I love you
always. I put in good decisions for a better us to
grow together, as in forever and always to
infinite years together.
Thank You.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One

Important: this eBook copyright 2016, and use is

not subject to change and subject to the following
terms of use as reference for court to decide if we
are compatible.

About the author

Christopher Sebastian Vecchitto lived in Portland
Connecticut 06480 all his life but troubles of
schizophrenia aroused he had treatment followed by a
true story.
Life: you live once why regret she taught and made
modifications to my story which are (Put to hurt you
take her by here stand God by his side)
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Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One

Thank You
For Finding Me.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One

A Complex Reform For



Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One

As weed smoker I spent quality time wanting to
know a chance brought a choice. By a chance as in
some degree it was to be of choices. I was with my
attention doing good for all due to say I'm ready
to show no mistakes led for no trial. And for I
wanted Chris' life by my side with my presence of
being here longing for his kiss and touch.
I put forward to write a truthful yet honest story
about Our life as early commitment spoke he be by
my side.
And all he was doing was good as well from us
being together, it seemed impossible forget and
loose faith when it been inside of me.
As with the upcoming up days was with a happy
smile on both our faces which made everyone
question. Most people were amazed how love can be
so strong between our life. Chris' life was
exciting in some ways but we had our problems.
While staying drug free was hard to keep body
urine clean but Chris' life knew I had problems
with healing a bladder problem. We both had same
strange problem where we would have urinate a lot


throughout the day.

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One

Each day for most part were people where in formed

of an abstraction of science to know truth and
fact does he love me my student Chris. I remained
silent and said I have to call sooner or later
today or this minute reading. D you realize the
downfalls were the embarrassing moments I let him
smoke in school knowing he needed a cigarette. I
liked him so very much with fact as I would be in
a creation of idea to be myself warmly calling
today on house phone.
As Chris was bringing up the things to talk about
led in life like with why does he pay for non
profit. The difference or as he said sa na u
leading while learning on his behalf on being
overly nice to health care facilities.
For most part when paying and not getting better
utilization of time assurance with satisfaction
results of traumatize by trauma and mystery for
the yet to be told anxieties finish a story of
love on my birthday.
And as he dealt with loneliness was set forth the
remember he is stronger then you think you could
be the grown adult I hunger for that longs for
And I fear Ive searched through my life, and
ended back to my student thoughts of being their
with several to everyday happy moments be filled
with joy and love returned of the forgiveness that
brought us here to write a story.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
The story was about how sorry one can be oh I love
you Chris as what came from his feelings was a
story and I love you Krista with posts he made
as well as collecting vinyl records and music
At the moment of happiness he knew it was favor of
kindness in both ways have a moment of himself
expressing an apology in big way say hello from a
breakup with miles apart of time.
And so I was told healing comes with a put
forward action. I was beginning of knowing I am
here to save himself from love and calling a
moment of knowing a passionate moment resulted in
the dignity. That passionate moment awaits where
he will be kissed all over.
As he wanted once to have a moment well remember
that fantasy never happened a kiss all over my
body as well I would love every moment with him if
he would come clear ask me out with more to give
as loyalty was profound with advice which provided
to look back going with Chris' life as this time
around I was in no denial.
Life is where our love was brought a chance I
would be sad and use supportive tools to cheer me
up if he doubted our relationship.
He was in favor to cope everyday with cannabis to
some extent made him above ordinary and seemed
normal to wait for your partner. And well always
believe and say well wait for right moment to be


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
dysfunctional his sexual

together no matter how

life becomes from being single not cheating. If
not right moment well continue with efforts. When
and where I witness at school grounds as he was
writing as way before court will be with moments I
was there making poetry.
As he writes about aspects he be in happier place
in literature, without crazy looney friends awaits
comes his other teachers moments after writing.
Now with the facts on how often he gets out is
rare only see his family twice a week and weekends
at Walmart. He'd be happy in a place where no one
can say no problem with what he wanted.
I fully agree when he said theirs no place like
home. And as he writes in the fall, months after
his birthday while it spoke it was winter this
writing story finished in March my birthday the 1st
so be it the first day in March is my birthday.
I was to better say Im waiting for the perfect
moment of ending all drama created to help but
think it is true on what to find helpful but I
think is our relationship true with beneficial
thoughts about tour feelings.
This story
leaded for
ideal life
he has not

perhaps is with feelings and thoughts

a moment in time to realize I have an
asking him if he wanted a hug knowing

As he showed a scene which made the embrace with

guilty pleasures is this real or I am innocent one


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
feelings? He wanted ditch school

hiding it all my
activity and get on talking privately,

And with cheated he knows I fear intercourse or

wants someones understanding on what life like
with a teacher student love is likeness to compare
not despair..
Why rudeness with truth how could he compare trial
he lucky have seen me once twice three times and
more it made me a lady with strikes playing role
if not dressed way I like.
When its leading towards a moment of a breakup, I
was not to be as definite or show compassion on
our love as love was to behold great things to
come our way as from one another it bonding joyful
Being the teacher I was alarming when I never
let go and letting go of all shame with foolish
fondness personality as with a great attitude
realize he was the one who made me feel situations
will make us stronger.
And in his life he lives in doubt with regrets
which I told him not live with it explained that
if I took away the regrets I would be better half
knowing he does make cute partner.
Of this nature of love was liking from each other.
As reflection of a life alike as it traveled so
far to see him noticing the left of justice the
clues I cause breakup. To some extend I needed


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
I knew I planed to get the truthful feelings out
with student teacher relationship.. with the
student writing everything became reality how
truthful his feeling were meant to be with me.
And I was meant for him. As with us taking it slow
life and opportunity that brought chance from
nurse visits to keep minimum costs as possible.
To understand each other I required to be
knowingly make or made known as I write with
typing put into effort in a utilizing my time case
effectively realizing what is true and what is to
come out from us from the roads we took.
I was to say roads were the pathways of brightened
up days of joyful delight of heart devices and
people needing to indulge as a desires to be with
freedom make choice.
And by chance brought the choices out that to talk
with me required right timing moment. I make up on
how to make a departure when at arrival amended to
trial an honor the verdict.
As I was followed to some extend to forgive as
moving on with marriage with opportunity with
Chris' life the student. I believed it when I felt
had to tie down the facts and he left without
question I was fraudulent..
I wanted someone who shared feelings in public and
very particular say he resembled life over song


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
favorite songs from Fleetwood

Sara out of all my

Mac. He thought he had to date a Sara and like me.
And I believe myself first, as before trust was
what I lived for as I longing his warm embrace on
birthday I felt was the moment I make a scene.
And I was of a true relationship with verbalizing
standpoints with a student teacher relationship
who is wanting more adequate effort of love of
creation as in being a mother of a relationship
created in spirit with student doing the picture
findings, writings, quotes, lyrics and music.
It was based of prolong experience of his early
commitment I found in email. As to have always
being their always being there for all areas of
life. As with him including a favoring he knows
it's our life to be put to no shame or disrespect.
He would state this in email, that once he
supports me and with his story saying he supports
and encourages me to write while using my brain.
With all being said which I make positive
challenge of crashing ties to the student writing
to Chris in a story as a teacher. And being the
teacher he meant do everything under voices in
head but as medications calmed them he became
quiet as once he gave up on modern technology. I
think with his high dose he learned acceptance.
I was their with denial for him to love as a
teacher. I show care but got warned came with him
expressing feelings and behaviors of action for


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
stood by him he would no

cure psychosis if I
longer need medications.

To this challenge of being of a decision, I would

see him proceed with an understanding, I have so
much stress I'm in process of giving it all a
rest.. I will like to not see him contact lead to
arrest but be a friend on Google.com.
And I like everything with my understanding due to
bring attention this is joint effort as team on
achieving together what is best as goals remained
with a love aching to love more everyday.
As with us and everybody archiving more brought
successes out with together on how remained the
team from mobile crisis felt question for the
chapters of adventures of areas he brought me
vulnerable state in my life facing a delusional
life with a student fantasy flesh.
Possibly the USA should legalized sell all
throughout the country tree smoking to benefit on
writing more with thoughts were and taught a
lesson freedom of speech can produce a story about
This life is on the line of worrying about
troubles our life were needs being with cannabis
was Chris' life basically he needed care and
proper treatment but came through me. I was his
high get closer. when his cannabis was dirty and
he became delusional he deal with high grades and
help him keep motivated to extent not to do to
much as paced himself to write feelings each day.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
I was strange for thinking how a flower like a
plant be so addictive that he used get over
feelings or enjoy life thoughts of seeing a story
Well in the end of his life being alone frustrated
relieved by writing more each day as goodness
sake, one day with years spent on writing he was
bound make my birthday this year the final story.
when why or when that brought what decision
could be best outcome to favor the love chapters
including from moment of time that seemed ever
As for chapters it spoke of times that went by
where it could be love longer duration. It seems
like a never ending love story when with Chris.
As with the student writing about a story about
his faults behind our love of his past. Which I
was the one who should of taught technology to
himself as taking on a pathway for a career.
He would call the on the land-line phone but with
story as promised on how good of a teacher I was
teaching about manners with a thought to consider
if he bothered to have being used appropriately
his manners and use of information in text books.I'm no doll and when I say no doll you cannot play
with me to extent of taking over decisions I made
but I went through fire and made due for plastic


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
He became man of his own did the same eye to
eye ear to ear. He felt time is factor what you do
made you a choice to be a man with dignity take
far from time is all essence make better.
He was a student writing as being a teacher it
seems unreal but believe me the words that came
out his mouth were pitifully wrong and I had to
explain why everything happened. This was of my
exile of fate of viewing on prospective where love
said and done.
As hospital pregnancy he was writing a book as to
write get married in school when in school as he
shared to his buddies at school like Corey. Every
year was a hundred of pages of changes.
This year I asked for 540 pages. He was close wrap
it up and do corrections and thought it will come
this year the moment of calmness.
We feel longevity has raised questions of love
after love. I am told not to turn away from his
love and look inside his heart there is moments to
be treasured.
With how everything is brought to be as pretending
to be older mature lady with a genuine heart. Yes
he was not the teacher but he felt he could
express our feelings about one another to anyone
and everyone.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One

As thoughts came through, the thoughts he

would write down were alarming and filled with
sweetness as soothing to the heart.
It was most part of being of a quiet alone
sheltered by truth and loyalty of knowing how a
student could be so nice with open to talk about
the future of knowing he has been there.

I had to put aside judgment, he was in so long

long time of not seen or heard. He never gave
on many. Which I have told which was in favor
likewise likeness of favor this relationship to

He learned acceptance young age and to a

coalescence by respecting on loyalty as judge of
past it was looking positive all change that was
due. As I could choose a side, where a side I
couldn't give up with some admiring my life would
involve to be with Chris.
I wanted submit each year like it was the
greatest. As with due time acquittance to the
trial submit us being together in Spring as we
could talk over time of our intimacy on this day.
As with our life when and where our love has
brought exile of fate as I began to retrospect the
life at fault.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
And with terms for better half of me. His family
were with angels, and he knew he could go on
writing about anything freely with freedom of
speech rights as making him free to do positive
productive learning from mistake.
As for replacing the thoughts over time. And it
was not say I gave lotion to students to put on.
He found out that he maybe was on some kind of
warmth of closure in sexual control. As where he
knew when you talked, you again need repeat for
the true honest fact considering he did look
highly of no worries to be happy at a moment of
saying truth.
I hated the sadness when he was sad and made
me use my given knowledge show you can do so much
more then being hurt like thinking about The
Wedding or Our Wedding Chris and I but Joesph
Lavine used writings of Chris. Joe was my partner
which Chris felt shame like he was not good
He figured he can get away with it like my student
writing from truth and way he saw life. I was
leading to truth on why he loves me. But I was
morally more then a free thinking as with open
minded person writing as I really loved Chris.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One

Chapter 1
Life At Fantasy

here I saw home was at my house, where was in

Essex Connecticut. Living with a brother and

daughter I felt like I was settled. As time came
through drifting away dreams to reality and melted
the drama and fear. In which we did have chilly
winter months in New England but in each year
proceeded of a corrections filled up with a new
As with the story, it was fantasy as he was
proving he wants be together. And without the
agony of having one as I wanted to be on his
shoulder as to define why he loved a teacher so
In most cases I brought a
days as he found we would
through Google and are to
most treasured friends on

warm heart on difficult

receive communication
this day the greatest
Google website.

It been great and it will be our future seeing

each other no problem.. Of knowing this he has


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
And it came from a student

been true and patient.

as my experiences with him of becoming an ideal
human being writing each day to improve his
mentality to say I been through words, and where
would I be would be fantasy and how could you not
understand the love is true.
I rarely say I was easy satisfied after heave been
out smart about the facts that I continue show
care and open for communication.
I was for the affection not attention but had been
rejected time after time for being shy in my
public attention appearance.
I tried to maintained life as keystone on key to
be knowing he not to noticed me but as noted for
our love. I couldn't help but think its been
bunches of bull and fake people trying please me.
It was like I was being the ones who had been the
love fool. While this time was saying he was
scared mortified by all immoral minds against
relationship with a teacher.
He can learn to survive.. sceptically with facing
the involvements of being home and quality of
memorable moments during intercourse were heading
to turning point were came my days wanting more
with my student. To have a talk would mean so
A note to yourself I am a mom, a teacher, and
business owner to say nice things if we talk about


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
about true love and behaviors

life is with knowing

of Chris' life and was felony to talk about.

Most of the time I had keep calm. As for I debated

if long term made it be okay because if I had a
sudden change of moving on it became I being the
aggressor by letting go all troublesome fear.
To see myself arguing it would remain to an
extreme fear of letting a public appearance of
chance, It came to be worse feeling. It was adding
to be network to of being charged disorderly
conduct for all his invading privacy I thought to
surrender and protect him as to see him more.
As if sudden behaviors of yelling ought to happen.
And with me yelling it could put me in danger. As
with any more the right to say to one another, how
much we really feel about each other.
And mostly all he said love was a story which
resulted as case. Why me I questioned with so many
pages. He had been yearning truth for all these
years. As with new evidence well have to write
more about why a writing can make you better. As
much thoughts aroused thinking about the
relationship as fantasy was coming forth a wedding
in Easter.
He was creating values on social media and
whenever a time in school all deeds come forth our
love in reality. As he did everything to escape
with in the past on smoking all profit income of
his paycheck. I had no problem myself accepting a
smoker it was an issue doing the drinking in


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
brought it to the class about

school. As when I
drinking which knew was Chris was drinking.

He talked on going technology as we love computer

talk with new gadgets and low prices with myself
in school.
I knew with us talking in person that brought us
see one another. Rarely for most part he kept calm
but some days I want him not to be a disturbance
with my teaching inside my head talking gibberish.
Mostly I blame myself because of our aroused
feelings towards one another made it hard handle
situations. And I knew we wouldn't go long
duration any longer by writing any more stories.
It was upsetting as seeing us go so far with many
He was hard with erections at first sight. He
was himself wanting while having some pleasurable
attention as realizing Chris was hard with life
with myself stimulating his body.
As it was only with feeling this way I knew our
love will grow. A warm heart the teacher as the
student took charge to enforce technology Linux to
the class sharing success rate I which knew what
love was all about computers can run with Linux if
computer is years old.
As why I was honoring the commitment with early
stages of our life and love after love noticing
truth to proceed that could be in fact between the
lines. As if he did not know was coming our


feelings on my

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
birthday mostly because he felt

I was to be true.. and with our stand points

amongst with what you read will bring success in
value to bring goodness for all favor to make what
findings can settle never lies the less resists
arrest.. I was in no denial but true to myself I
wanted to be in full swing of his life.
I was unwell handling situations by listing on
profile websites as the teacher. I was thinking it
true what has came to say I'm ready.
When it was hard handle situations I knew he
was the one for me from the first love at sight in
person. It made me see life together buying
products of both interest.
He loved everything about me and when together in
school the erections were kept at school grounds
for my pleasures were all favor to entreat
activity.. used for going on with writing and
obtaining him claiming him not my student.
I reserved him for the years I would need him the
most which are the years he would notice myself
more and said on the phone I want reserved
relationship. And he asked when will be the next
time we talk, I said when better about situations.
Which my stone ivory leaf house was all he needed
to be in a neat fantasy home with his indulgences
of teacher relationship.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
overcome difficulties to take

I was making due to

us their in happy place together as this day was
moment for all make up for all love.
For most part I was taking care of myself as I
knew well be having a Wedding soon.

I and with experiences he had to share with

the resting of caused feelings.. of no denial with
truth with income with witness as giving forth my
credit to this day. And hopefully as project I can
produce a book by Easter as reading on March 1st of
our true Birthday gift.
Proceeding as a professional teacher with Chris'
life, where I stand today would be honoring us as
couple as if he was not the student. As if today,
I was a celebration of a New Year 2016 which was
shattered by little fear.
As I began to wonder if when people used his rough
drafts Chris' writing to make me think it was them
writing a story. I knew his account to see the
story directly so I was in good hands.
I knew I can be remembered on how life was
important in his education which I failed to teach
him based on love. On what came out of each day
and about each year was positive true love. I
noticed he gave so much time to writing a story
for a teacher student to be together.
He was a flirt to myself as leaded a life coping
the behaviors later in life.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
To have allow understandability in court is to
have standpoints and with allowed no
offensiveness, where I have found in mistrials.
And much of a spirit I the teacher had was being
Goddess in student life as night comes to day in
his house keeping light on for our love to see if
I decided to come over.
As time proceeded I took part his life, looking
back the first time we last talked was decade and
years ago was last talk in-fact we haven't talked
for under ten years.
Its when I had with no ruthless behavior as in
return of laws and rights. I knew Hippa would be
effect with new opportunity of recovery with him
writing as a teacher.
I saw life different at keeping the cost to
minimum amounts with consideration of all
negativity- I robbed him for money and virginity
within questioning from attorney asking questions.
As with court and a time before a contact while
wanting produce baby young age of his life, I had
to wait by this year.
I could not imagine a moment he refused a
medication dosage only when he was unwell he
seemed reality was seeing me suffer lonely and
wanting to know truth. While his stomach not
settling for par which cause a vomit.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
I will be in favor of in absence of reordering in
psychology of medication outlook of each aspect of
learning from a verdict with any given of my
student story to proclaim a free under my willing
of my rights to be involve in with a relationship
with Chris a student.
As with court brought alert extensiveness of
administrative rights made known of deliberating
the only goodness sake he is a keeper, for I had
using the protocol of way of thinking.
A thinking that involved a network statics/logged
as transfer documents to the root the host of
administrative of probation. As oracle of
information to distribute the doctors his
I would favor verdict call of obtaining his
feelings to this day. It was I through accuracy if
he is being well maintained for care and health of
a branch networked logged with evaluation.
The evaluation was a breach of severity where he
would have notes on crayon which he obeyed of how
of a good life is with quietness along with social
worker believing him so highly, he is if so to
speak to myself down the road it was Jessica
from North 7 back when he suffered a third
hospital visit. I spoke with Jessica and I asked
for no involvement this time around for that be
healed to talk another time and place.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
involvement with crisis which

I had no fearing
made it easier said and done. It felt like he
mastered a hospital visit each time for he
accepted all meditations and dealt with issues of
hope. As he was hoping I come not secretly but
openly in arms of knowing his and my birthday. And
is here my birthday I will make sure I get reading
and feel like its been summer of 2016.
I put forward the good in the system of an ideal
network outlook, on how the processes worked.
Mainly why was he networked with so many people
looking over him for his protection.
Mostly it was my protocol of efficiency of
thinking and processing on how the mind control
works. He blocked all men or say guys on
facebook.com he feared they would attack him with
pictures considering he is my Girl Friend Chris.
As he likes woman and ladies clothes so very much.
He dressed so beautiful when I last saw him at
Shop Rite.
And how I love Chris brought mind works into
creation of spirit and within a justice into work
creation with court.
For the most part every little thing will soon
come I say maybe story on a birthday this year as
so far ought to come he repeated aimed for maybe
today comes hours of writing and it will be
He limited writing for weekends only or when felt
no attachment with myself as teacher but never


doubting going back to

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
my advice to keep chin up.

We both knew it was him who when processed timed

of order of fashion limit with monitored
behaviors. And being over protected by court on
his side made a fair judgment considering he used
He did not go to the boating events for his
mental health program and I felt that it was I who
wanted more eventful events for us.
As with seeing each other is hard and need of
closure he refused to do so in person as I was to
meet him for a birthday as possible due to a court
Court ended with no conduct with my family or
friends of any part of a teacher at Portland
School District.
The order was giving by a verdict to a student
from judge and teacher by request.
I felt helpless and wanted him to succeed eat
healthy with salads. For the most part because
eating a D3 from Main Street Portland was nothing
but drinking a $2.86 2 liter bottle soda for two
He loved it with brown sauce and a combination
with white rice. The combination came with egg
roll as well.
I think I set forth freedom of boredom settling a


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
writing brains out. I put into

mindful youngster
action to the good.

From all good it was good, to see him writing a

story how a teacher loved a student all this time.
With life it comes to bring forth good action
which is knowing a limit can exceed. I had
deliberating the limitless behaviors to short
abstract of a duration made me think who by his
side the computer or reality.
He had write about everything with myself being
teacher writing mistakes and error as corrections
as to bring my behalf to will come due time soon
as another year older.
Along with us living life like painting which
is art, I felt being great and good in the
creation of the compared judgment between teacher
and student with student being in a limited
As while income was flowing into spending wisely,
simple easy questioning to the court and to Chris
remained I had to be truthful to my faith that
brought positive spirit around me.
Mostly the questioning was lying down beneath with
reasoning why it was all daily voices. Most the
voices came in my head on what to do with my life
with Chris and what to buy for us.
He liked me and felt the same but with myself as
teacher of divine to Goddess from he looks upon


and shelters for

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
protections to be with myself.

And as he liked when he would get company. And he

knew you cannot buy love but produce it. And he
produced true love story with his own writing with
a story he felt he had to share.
I wouldn't mind seeing those movies he bought but
I must say the library has a lot of movies. He
bought my child and I say they were movies of sea.
As creation of stories that were collections of
Free Willy, Splash, Dolphin Tale, and Flipper. He
knew he would include Secret Garden too.
Most of the simple easy questioning involved a
processing result route with his sources of where
money he made came into a check deposit.
As an effort to a court verdict of being well
rounded for our well-being act to lower our
outcome to produce holiness to a family of owner
ship where you meet the person you pray which
everyday he did self talks which I over heard.
I was not to be a snot but I knew a digital sewing
machine would make Chris know I am willing take on
being grandma or a nunu with him.
I feel he would produce the best life with me if
we were ought to be single or see he ready this
time around with me not insulting his life or


playing the love fool.

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One

I was not to make it difficult understand each

other why he promotes work ethics as worked not
getting credit.
It was thought of making $770 extra which about
should be fairly be over double due past work. It
was love feeding the less fortunate where he spent
the hundred of dollar on money from past company
he worked for as smoking were his habits he never
gave up.
And I want submit us as fantasy as to be together
as a moment dearest of all soon. As being together
for all these years when alive and for our
On the case of why I found my life pleading long
term stability of insanity. It came to fact that I
was worth every aspect of love all years I met
Chris. And as when matter fact I took it as own
hands which is why in which I say I found love and
profound love in his own writings.
I with a student Chris thought nothing ought to be
way for a better course of life as sexual activity
is pleasing my vision to see him midst of knowing
I am desire need of Chris.
As he felt the same about having intercourse after
years having our child it felt right. I was being
with a student who had professionals sharing his
day with I the Dr of psychology.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
I was the one who was admiring him as admiring
myself to proceed a positive verdict. Most in my
days I taught, which I touch himself as I found
myself giving a hug.
I let us show the sweet surreality of love that
came from abundance of sweet dreams As put my life
in a one shot deal do whatever to make possible
remembrance and so we hugged twice.
I progressed in life with proceeded to rethink I
refused all hugs afterwords. As I valued to make
few mistakes not exiled of truth if supposedly I
should note, I see what I see- I hear what I hearI touch what I touch all could there be a taste
involve soon?
I couldn't wait for wedding cake in Early spring
where I see myself at Brooks Restaurant in
California with student I admired for over 14
I notice but think I felt ashamed on rules of this
endearment life on for a movement to be with me on
social media after school and between classes. I
prevailed before classes while teaching in
thoughts with beliefs in past life Chris Vecchitto
was there eager found in harmony of love after
love? I knew it escalated with me knowing him
before a student in my life.
I was over limitation with his post of
understandingly not to back down and under-dying
wanting Chris to place in relationship as for love


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
love was endless. I am not

being reserved. Our

against this time around to talk with our life at
placed warm in the heart.
The touches were the presentiments of moments I
hugged Chris and I had flashbacks where he rubbed
against me. As he took his life before time which
was outside school on AIM, AOL INSTANT MESSENGER.
As while it was outside school and time before
school when I was teaching the first year of
motivated students in class in school it became
remembrance of true love variance.
As of a technology program processes that made us
talk and know what will come out for the day all
on Google.com as I found out he was a friend on
the site.. I was hoping for more posts besides the
Prince Kiss from Glee show. I expected a story
everyday updating.
As I learned the process of limtition it began to
make me start the creation to make it of value and
produce to shared market valued with upgrade with
little to no cost.
I noticed a change that resulted in for giving
love a chance. As when he accepted his life
knowing I stood by his side.
And he would not budge to think to go off
medications. If only I were true but being a
follower of his own destiny of improving as
overall appearance getting better. As if were


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
prevalence of knowing him brought

intimated by his
his life in honest feelings as he shared as with
myself sharing the feelings.

I began to search my heart as it became life after

most kind. I started seeing dreams when in doubt
mostly because the love relationship was reserved
by professionals including myself expressing the
story. As with Doctors making sure to make clear
he must wait for he was under control with
I created new fundamentals of learning for little
cost sharing technology with other schools. There
was some more funds say I begin to be smart. I
been a special preferment hero I would easy make a
dollar into thousand in matter of years and time
as reviving this teacher of year award if possible
produce and made by student.
As progressed made due I make sharing a story with
someday published. I shared to the majority about
software made possible at little cost epically on
volume licenses.
A little unhappy but everything with letting him
knew how much I care with my time and heart
sharing technology to the classroom.
He noticed with my personality it has everything
in an eye to eye to ear to ear. But what came true
he manifested me for once when closed eyes in
reality. And with a quick remembrance of a moment
he came across hallucinations I was divested. Most
of all I began to trust he been alright but an eye


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
remained in his writing. It was

in improving all
improving while keeping imformed well be sharing a
wedding nearly soon after a perfect moments along
with chapters tell its story.
With advocating to others how open the
relationship is made it seem a moment of time to
begin a trust. I proved I needed to talk or he
felt had to talk on the day of a crisis.
And everything to technology and loving my student
who made possible express love grows in spirits of
life with creation.
To announce our love it all began the life of
September 2004. In January 2005 was where my
student had held a case of a breakup with
intervening a mixed up thoughts about his past
life with myself, as his thoughts spoke to him at
night he few I denial on why he tried to make
friends besides with his paycheck smoking tobacco.
His classmates along with younger classmates
picked on him for smoking it caused a big scene
for the ones who did not favor smell the smell of
a cigarette.
As years went on I found those people smoking and
I began to think what if Chris' life is stressful
without communicating with me. I knew he needed
He was obsessed though I put family first to show
care and stability I was the quiet one this year
around knowing well be happy engaged once again.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
And who ever followed his heart came second. And
for his ex student Girl Friends which was on his
mind to get over quickly. And everyday he felt was
ready for a date with a teacher myself but shy top
open up for he was trying to obtain contact, which
found myself is female malfunction of adoring my
life as feelings shared.
As it spoke to end his friendships Megan C, Erin M
and Alyssa P for all knew I was looking for a long
life together with Christopher. And it was either
as friends or lovers besides being in predicament
of who said what, when or where on what could go
How I knew it be made easier known how to help
ones self no good starting point on something new
and continue to write on days alone. I honestly
felt he was writing only to be with a teacher and
to give a book edited for my birthday. Do all
books have happy endings? I felt I was under
pressure with that being I was the one who seen
the violence on my students profile.
In summer time I see us traveling for the long
roads trying to prove we are worth going the
distance to know no distance is to far for a great
As with writing the days of frustration of being
alone, it became reality. The reality spoke of
what my time is worth and for whom.. I spent most
days thinking about tomorrow and what wedding
songs to be played. I expected to see in April his


love story read to me.

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One

If Chris shows no dignity of writing more, I will

then be sure to accept the edited version of the
story. He well went over 500 pages and all was for
nothing in return only promise of oath. I will
compare to say he kept no promises in faith but in
his life he as well made no promise as I noticed
he tried to excel and know he was not good enough
for myself. He noticed I would have high
And the differences I see between us he more easy
going. I saw life with us being with wellness to
be the far best person share memories with as
maybe he thought I fool him this year considering
it was a year I gave him freedom to write as the
Hippa took its place.
Im ready let's celebrate our love to a student as
I felt like getting closer on the day my Birthday.
But one thing is true I had wait for Easter to say
I Do and replace broken vows.
What was for my time and kind remarks rereading,
editing with to be as meant to be as with the
overall reason behind it all with student teacher
involvement as moments needed to cheer up my
I noticed a huge impact my life goes towards my
student. As he feels it is important express
feelings now with his posting and creating a story
would be the true involvement if wither I was of a


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
The relationship made true to speak the truth I
love him. And with an involvement I felt I had to
consider as speaking truth as gift loyalty speaks
as a foundation of youth in my life to a teacher
to student eager for more.
Loyalty was always by his side at a standpoint is
not expecting return but one who writes can
express feeling as possibly it can be ideal to
make myself proud. He never seemed to know my
loyal side only by beauty and makeup.
As wanting a sign everything will happen and be
comes around will come around answered and how it
works.. you hear the morning birds gossip or hear
crickets at night as noticed them speaking morning
too. When it was quiet you knew you made mistake.
As I saw preying mantis forever in favor to do no
wrong and I accept him as the teacher in my life
understanding as with life and his Restraining
Order, Harassment II paper work..
As each day it was a day a chance prove my
innocence during trial of knowing whats wrong and
to make up for what is right. It came like effort
which was blissful wedding attempts to show
improvements by writing which we both did fine.
The form of paper that was Harassment II
restraining order made it seem like wither good or
bad circumstances was at my hands reach at all
times but a sentence or remaining no contact as it
made possible say face love or hate it no drugs


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
accepted. I was weeping in

other then weed was

between in how you can find love and hate what
between is my warmth his heart writing.

So it took place writing on Friday Morning after

Cops Reloaded and on weekends to write. As it was
minutes before writing last that day of night of
in February.
He obeyed court and was just fine about how to
live life. I knew he would learn so much with ones
feelings when share in matter of fact he valued my
provisions of no misconduct.
He was worth every moment of my time. I was
wishing a day to teach again with my student which
this time ahead would be in order a dearest of
all, my love who to my eyes is one to one sex
I have with you an education that brought endless
in motion of possibles of an essence of a trial to
show improvement.
I will remain calm as by form of a new story
ending with corrections of the past writing. As I
write about life as gift for teaching each other
on this day on how relationships could work out if
you put effort into your own destiny. I aimed for
appearance and way he presented life.
And with my writing it has situations on bringing
forth how good love I can be. For the most part if
you believe and you can try, and he looked into


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
school taught how obtain

studying why life of

life. It hard say I owe apology for saying
relationship is reserved by all means to his life
said to teacher right with school socialist Bob.
Chris knew life as we take it is forever wishing
we had that special love forever which I will
arrive soon.
As if today, we are willing look back far ahead
from knowing we trust each others freedom
allowance. As for looking back being with all
rights to remain positive between verdict and
trials it led all to a truthful story.
And as to Chris love came to understand of facts a
true love is made known about the imperfections of
being perfect game of life or time doomed fantasy.
Most of the time it came from formed feelings over
time as true love remained true.
I remained with happiness and cheerfulness state
of mind thinking about taking life day by day or
friend or angel with me living life by my side.
Being the one to dedicate my stand points with
student situations that brought myself to rethink.
What has been true, and has been nonsexual? For
love or at least being nice brought I tried be
safe and sound.
Here we are where in which I found a reason to
better comprehend insightful information. As
together as a reform to know each other.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
restraining order which had it

I feel better with

limitations and freedom which gathers soul endless
routes which lead to pathways of my heart giving
to Chris to experience something new. As we
embrace the love to remembering our life by giving
gifts I obtain with profits of obtain neglect. It
in navigation into seeing life alike with feelings
of being with closeness.
I had choose to use my senses by knowing in
school, I saw life complete with Chris my student.
And let it be who be there to control my life
afterward, who will not criticize but help me
further grow with my psychology myths and facts.
As after knowing the facts deliberating a moment
in time I was beginning to be knowing the
differences involved time arrogance to trial of
his version with lime in moment to love as he made
Did you know he produced Hello song from Adele to
love not only music to body but help get words
about truth about love. I was knowing he obeyed
but brought the truthful facts to consider as a
teacher student in love each and every day.
And he who processing errors may it be Chris is
for a reason why he was ready start new ideas. To
be part of sex actively as nerds with writing
visions to improve quality of health was in mind
of our art of creation. On spare time where the
story feared little I cam to much thoughts can be
prosaic as possible to show a life teaching good


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
I was all about writing on frequent days of
loneliness but having him say he would write a
story brought a story.
I was involved saying little about myself and he
was good listener assuring and assuming I am here
for the best reserved relationship.
For when we meet again will find a way when
believe with faith. What happens best of us knows
truth and pounding facts I can change a thought.
is an extra credit issued with leading on being a
teacher written up for no misbehavior with Chris'
accounts to Email addresses blocked.
To be myself as I say I will teach you Chris all
about being there at the moment of love and
acceptance through all my years alive.
And marriage was how easily it can be misspoken or
cheated upon when you see social media. I
apologize for all trouble and I promised to talk
to you when better and wish you well which you
will hear in story.
Mostly I was to stay strong and stunt out the
truth in reality I had a state of mind to say
Chris Get Better & Well Talk and he lived that
statements each day by writing.
When in doubt I believed in miracles, and with
holding a proper verdict. He played Vitim as
living my speeches and what I had to say. And I
will make myself think twice. And I owe myself to


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
Chris. It was a gumption

place in shoes of
relationship reading this story I said myself. It
was fantasy of going paradise while drinking our
favorite whiskey and sprite cocktails with much
endless love.
He the student was disabled with Schizophrenia &
Aspburger Syndrome wanting love in return. So time
went on as nothing in return but possible maybe it
be different people controlling under one
supervision to make possible the rightful
insolence experience he caused to talk about all
good that came from words he experienced when
writing a story that ruene a career.
So I began study how the mind works and always
wanted show I cared by keeping up with being in
news paper or online articles. I was differently
thinking I wanted to study how long true love
exist at younger age of meeting a soul mate as
truly felt that caused Chris to get erection for
built feelings from one another.
As I knew I wanted whats real as a magic world
with him keeping house smelling like smoke.. In
fact I wanted pick up smoking.
He felt it was for all early morning writing when
his dose of medications isn't fully up to par of
being medicated to write which made him write more
with revisions. As when it was there right dosage
like never its dosage was effectiveness as he
waited for nurses at his mothers house and later
take second dosage. He did that 2 years ago to


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
Is that true with his everyday tasks with his own
writing, saying truth his system worked he became
a novelist through out time. It became writing
after medications would be effectiveness of
editing when knowing he did no wrong or harm in
his own writing.
He never will break or take his own heart for
granted because he couldn't control it on seeing
what has happened life is a repeat as remembers
living this life. He needed assistance and needed
control of symptoms the development of knowing
everything is okay.
How to describe when prescribed a moment it could
cause failure that caused harm when doing
something cute and lovable to me.
And I was not to be easily to be forgetful and to
get upset in moments he posted videos of music or
himself. Most of the time the videos were music as
of now, are copy-write protected and it has me
upset. I felt upset because I said I did not like
music videos.
In the past he did a dance video. I just show some
fear wanting his time arrested in trial to end all
evil. Arrested say our love is true but give him
all he needs to be take care of himself which you
can do with cash and insurances.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
healing process is a

I yet must believe the

feeling he should speak up rather take for granted
his wishes are his commands as for living a life
on Advil with prescribed medications.
He uses music videos to his advantage
expressing his love because he cannot
words he does know how to never end a
story with fantasy making true it can
reserved relationship.

express in
story. The
happen the

His words became to be put forward with action. As

I set forth a book in writing with only in book we
both write which makes me happy and proud with
special kind ship can bring effectiveness for
joyful years together. As I know he has been
standing by me all these years.
It was all about his daily habits, and all of pity
mistakes to get over some little things. To cause
a break up, for I will be to calmness and
preservation by prescribe medications. I which
controlled his actions of ignoring and more
writing of a story made true.
I live on through memory lane. In fact the fast
lane of memories. And most of each day was filled
with memories. I was down to the mist of
fascinated by the truth. It was only the truth in
which was in store on what I wanted.
I sorted out the difficulties and stood by his
side when he felt blue. It was unusual him to be
when in doubtful shameless denial mood.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
being together with loyalty

It was all the hope

beside each other in a near by village Chris
adored in life when I lived in his dream fantasy
life walking as teenager Essex Connecticut. As
with writing as of this day made us feel special.
I wrote new ending sharing being the teacher of
colliding my heart to Chris. He gave his friends
everything a friend should as time went on with
him not driving.
And with behind this court verdict came as The
Hearts Forming Feelings. There was no friends in
his life as of this day because it was a day he
decided to let go all evilness.
I came with a spiritual background which come
on holidays and prayers with shared experiences.
Sundays I taught classes. Which on why I love
spending quality time together has all made to
know to man Chris is spectacular and smart young
It could be true love from both ends. I believed
in my own dreams he will find a way cheer me up
besides the thoughts about education on the growth
of thoughts on how deal with issues of a long
duration life spending reading each moment in his
As with life it all made due make us control the
aspects of learning new pathways of doing great
about a future of no end writing proving my
innocence of trial on how I want to learn to make
possible how to take upon a star wish he wish to


come true.

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One

For most part I could not wait for I was to kiss

Chris on a wedding day, and I feel that is going
to be remembered and framed.
Professional relationships were rare with a
student as teacher in public school system. I had
been reaching out to give an authority as writing
thoughts down.
I feel with my thoughts as source of conclusive
virtue. The conclusive virtue is of the area of
love that becomes pictorial techniques shared with
I live each day with dreams passing each day
living the moment. The dreams are of a wedding and
saying a wish.
It was a drag when thinking about possibilities to
be responsible sequence of ordering forbidding
past rules of contact or conduct. For which had
gotten from start ought be a lesson. I found
myself day dreaming understanding each dream by
researching all about why I dream the dreams and
found out that it was communication issues is what
I needed to say to Chris as suddenly everything
made sense using my circumstances to dispute a
formed science in our substance use.
A bold and behold the greatest beautiful formed
sciences was to determine what brought directional


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
It was true love from student as I know where we
stand. As I felt past regrets on should of date
sooner then later talk about life.
If I love one showing it could happen in a life
when I lived to be older. With years after high
school I started with seeds on with life. Life was
if you must understand, which I need a nourishing
of his soul. With nourishing of his soul I can
discover he who could suggest wanting me think
twice after finding out how end the uncontrolled
behaviors in public schools. I would have class
plant seed for anger issues.
As he felt by counting the stars he will see how
many days it be with feelings that be impossible
For the spiritual days are counted and marked on a
calendar. And he gave up counting the stars he
wished for home to be home with myself. As now
became a worship icon to believe in the stars you
wish upon. This was at a younger age where he was
with his brother at library under the stars in a
fort with lights.
I will regret it when one day he look back and
wish it was Easter and Christmas, Halloween he
made due to give out his love. The love spending
came through EBT card, which made it seem alright
we are saving money.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
Being said on how life is, each day seem it was
triggered to anger to leading confused outcome
with medications. I tried everyday prove in
writing where he was the one. I needed somebody
who can change an unhappy smile to a smile.
Everyday was a battle and being the teacher I felt
ashamed of myself as wasted moments I shared with
Keep informed a procession example making the
virtue conclusive is yearning thoughts down. For
all the better but no few words spoke. I was about
the facts and the faults behind the student who
made possible a relationship. What has been
possible a relationship if verdicts were heard and
understood how we need each other.
And how on this day we send requests to the
spirit. When we are obtaining the spirit we obtain
a picture which is looked up in dream dictionary.
Most likely with my thoughts lead us thinking and
using a processable future. As in the proper
judgment it was a processable future overtime. And
crown my way to freedom as from my end, being the
teacher I was to favor a positive verdict that was
beautiful and stunning.
I will involve some sort of communication on
social media and he would be pointed out to ask
for intimacy. I was free weekday at nights and
weekends at appropriate times.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
The hearts wish is to be formed of an apology
where I can or could be or has gone viral. It was
writing each day with no win or loose only sharing
everyday dreams and feelings.
What my planning this Fall was informing of a
conspiracy peace conscience act of misfortunes
with life. If making karma known a repealing act
virtue experiences shared.
I was an act replaced of never doubting yourself
with confidence of building as roadblock. As with
my harassment II paper it went very influenced on
others by being with harmony of us being
successful for insight that filled. I was to
remain kindly with nice surprise on birthday. I
would bring into law that you cannot play games of
a disabled child. He cried often missing me in
I learned a lesson it was for love and prosperity.
And that it brought no good to see him loose, and
to have order to court. As I may grant conduct and
or contact with this year.
It made me feel shame to produce this book with
student. Mostly because the story was my main
attention as a teacher. If being called the
editor, as it brought loving each other while
perhaps so very much love ought to be claimed. I
was till end of time of a duration when I felt
shame and needed a belief system.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
made possible a wedding. This

All next year it was

was a story given to myself as a teacher with made
possible being with a zorch student relationship.
I made it possible for a Thanksgiving request as
from content into formed spirit with revision
exposed to be Married soon. The wedding day
planning is all well known by now that he is the
one taking it over in his head, my student Chris.
I asked many questions may it be this he will be
put in no shame when in doubt. I have faith he
will accept my call. It doomed a fantasy to come
reality looking above the sky.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One

Chapter 2

One Likeness Of Love

ve been in need of a plan my illness intuition of

thoughts, of a documents related to a proper

research protocol that make due for alignments to

activities of a case set for research as information is
given with yearning out unsure responsibility.
I render the fact of having a practical assurance of a
matter conflicting an oracle obstacle assurance that be
zero tolerance in-spite I needing more days of being
Obtaining the structure is the art of the oracle that
together is receptive team work will fall-short as
pleading of a case of doubtful aspects of my life is
where I experienced with my paper on restraining order
Harassment II.
To making sure he the one involved myself putting one
reason believing in a court case is true about hate he
wants me arrested.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
Being true to myself I could research with obtained
facts to help better utilize my time. As I write another
chapter story of indulgences of trial making due to
change freedom. I was to obtain research with freedom
with Internet Service Provider -ISP - computerized with
mobile technological protocols.

The behaviors of liking each other was for a case of

true love at stand a story to submit to court. As a
matter of fact, he due to show his computer on web in
the past. I was offering a matter based on my choices I
intended to make Chris to plead no more trials and to
obtain freedom from outer sources with the limitations
with presently as wanting no arrest.
I had with my spirits of knowing it was he who cares so
much about me. And at the end I will do what it take fit
in the criteria to be with my student.
For both student and I put judgment and caring acts
first as what I know little I render fact I seen him on
roads and information.

The information came from his Prescribed pills with cost.

I come with respects and an act put together anatomy for


deep words he describes

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
my student
that renders

research s case to start proper judgment. I was to lead a

story creating in a world of desire. And I was to control
of attributes of being in crisis.

Life was of him learning more about honoring while

worship myself being a lover as Goddess under the
Being the teacher for the most part gave a proper
research is everything put forth seeing where truth comes
as here I have truth to come tell you I love him so much
to this day.
I do love Chris, he is with a student wanting myself.
That works with a team we call team of achievement
success. Must it can come with varies of projects big and
small that brought sexy knowledge in context a creative
writer who can write and be author here by lover.
I could go far ahead of a time to control issues while
using a control of time, and it will begin to bring
processing results of in a multitude potential concerns
about the student I brought forth admiration on his
living years.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
As I write I was in fright most years. For the most time
brought fright because his Grandma's were older the
recent news his Grandpa died under days before my
birthday year ago. I brought introduction of a reasoning
that it was meant to be on birthday month to see his
Grandfather in February but had denial of meeting at a
I filled with emptiness and filled with no cause to see
him when his Papa dyeing last year on Valentines Day. And
Grandfather who died under my birthday was the name he
was named after which my student Chris. To my birthday
day and it was in the month near Spring in-fact was close
being March 1st.
To make myself a better person accessing records to
search of myself will better assure my student is within
our life in a story.
I could point out on how I can change his mind. For the
divine intentions I told about himself in others nothing
would fear me therefore in which it has all started with
actions of love.


I ask the court for a

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
probe protocol
at a need
to close

of trial that asks for forgiveness to carry on wedding

with reposes a reassurance of mortal courage to love and
conqueror acceptance.
Everyday I enjoy myself when I feel things are settling
through out the day. And he was the one my student tgat I
was settling within due time. He especially liked
pointing me out on the road,
I was down on a creation with thoughts made myself think
creativity is of a feeling yearning out that I am older.
As I grew older I was uncertain answer all the perceiving
court questions and concerns I suffered a memory loss.
And remember the stimulation that brought us to like each
I was eventually giving moments to be under moonlight the
impression he would still love me on my birthday over the
hill age in the dark side. I would date him where he has
300 or more total pages for a book to write about how
true the love is as gift.
To be put forward a closed case this year I was benchmark
to be brainwashed, writing brains out while getting
credit of myself writing and reading. I gave so very much
of my time to my student focusing on our life in story.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
And here comes another version of his story which was a
blast on my birthday deliberating the good spirit knowing
he has been there at times of troubles.
When and where I feel down, I would create spam emails to
Chris' account especially with myself which it spoke with
my esteem. As with that my esteem it was he who I spend
time with and who and when matters the most with our
supportive friends in times of difficulties.
It was he that determined wither it was real or not real
my emails I would send out. But he looked at the sent by
sender realize it was spam. As mostly

emails were court

ordered and was trying get justice served for set forth
love truth. Where we stood by the case proving he was
wither right or wrong standing by me with myself eagerly
wanting to know if he cheated with a new relationship.
I have the guilty pleasures of it has kind remarks Chris'
love with unspoken actions to lead on to whatever leading
to my heart desires. It was all shameful, regret-fulness,
self kindness with my remarks. I put unsure effort that
asks to make better out of difficult situations.

We have each other and here tells the story introduction

with along chapters so be happy and everything not spite


of being joyful while we

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
One of
are living
the counting

blessings of us being together empathized to be in

wedding on Easter with family, friendships as teenagers
and teachers over time as to love Chris.
The life he lived was based on this book you will
understand where he looks where there is no evil but
brought good.
I favored his life knowing well see brighter days as one
likeness came to a pathway of knowing tomorrow will be
better and brighter with little to no fear,


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One

Chapter 3

The Fear I Broadcast Truth

ick a side with a principle with people influencing

others in the same route for our divine nature

being their for each other, which all came from school
and our memorable life as with me being the teacher for
Sunday school.
The thoughts as the come effect if he stands with
undergoing corrections with obtained wisdom with years
not talking.
He obtained wisdom and was of branch he called a footpath
of attending my life as a diary. I was needing a push
with legal law with one another. As to bring all talk
came freedom. Wither picture finding or making home made
lyrics to tell the story with a guiding light of herb to
delight and ease my mind. While I was to remain calm for
the mind was at ease it brought happiness. Which are
reasons I did no wrong in breaking law for smoking on
school grounds. Yet all wanted was to be protected and
safe in a home with my child.
I had no fear keep him saying honest factors and I was to


trust him and as when I

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
found out
he only had
sex few

times with same lady Carrie. I began to be open which

binge drink my nights away which buzzed my life where I
would drink occasionally with a sexual partner.

Christopher shared life with his Connection, Angels and a

Goddess which was me myself a Teacher which made the
organized voices easier to amend a trial with his
writings on behalf of indulging for truth
as by undergoing standardizing testing for truth for a
trial will be mostly disagreement. His father wanted him
not to write. And his mother and family wanted no
Kindness was a feeling far beyond a fresh start while
being safe and sound. I was novelist with in return love
as a Teacher.
I am shy person as a novelist where I come experience
something new with writing or chain of thoughts. All
leading life to be worshipful which leaded to prosper in
faith. I was pf speaking one way expressing my love to
others on talking about Chris.
As with in a story I will make known I am better as I
wrote and write my open minded thoughts down in a story.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
Being of sure he is the one and it consisted of making of
sure to treat life sweet and kind. And with new thought
for being loved by Chris foremost made with everything as
made possible the romance delight early spring to the
wedding as I saw him on today as thanking him for sharing
feeling he'd felt.. about scenarios.
He with my open mindfulness extensiveness comes in a
story for Easter wedding and allowing me research more
about love to all due Spring time month before my
Birthday as April was on its way.
And for most part I am safe bond with professionals.
Protected with trust where it was enforcing an acceptance
I would have to block his E-mail addresses in my account
for school E-mail. I gained troublesome life and
therefore was sad.

I felt guilty I held a grudge and to have this moment to

indulge in my own personal destiny but the daily routine
to live well and living well I mean going places with

As we crossed paths it began with us were growing to know

each others family it's like he saw me by cemetery. I


wanted know everything

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
about Chris
and was One
told all he

did was smoke a point seven a day of substance to cope

from hearing voices and end seeing me on road in
different vehicle.
As some cases included which with issues he craved
excitement of my performance and have hungry eyes
awaiting to kiss me.
He ate full meals, especially my ones favorites on
weekend breakfast. With life I put in my heart on doing
what I know best which everyday I live, laugh, and learn
from mistake from a trial behalf being a bystander.
I let issues flow for the better half of myself as I am
on ground surface so to speak the roof of all-good spirit
around myself with foundation to live, laugh and learn
Evilness brought determination of something new everyday
I couldn't resist I loved him very much to this day was a
blessing all I can ask for with my life.
I know some say its easy to think there a full of grass
on other side of fence but others should not judge or be
judgmental but to accept his behavior as I have knowingly
know what triggers his mind state of mind. I am anal that


we have the circumstances

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
of somebody
you wrong.

I could not predict the future but knew I was loved.

It was the lack of communication while the days spoke as
was to live thinking before I acted out in a hand to care
love as a processing rule. The rule had stimulation from
moment of extreme absurdly fear risking all career and
work with included amounts of love returned. I felt I had
to cure our stimulation with years after high school.
It was having his friends write with feelings about us as
a couple. He would pay the students to write. The spirit
of the ground I give imaginary action wall, which is
stability of what is to come with the friends and family
on ground surface.
My friends and family show fearless in a line of showing
a shine of a great strength of positive courage. I await
in spirit spell I be with you. And I said to Chris I have
you in my life to make greater amounts of success, and
have to be with no worries in classroom across the room.
Your love will settle your heart which was said in
I learned he respected my wishes and he imagined in March
1st of a day in history I was born as ought to prove if he
did love myself all this time by asking others.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
As he has been quiet it made myself question and if I was
going right for positiveness of talking about the
broadcasting truth.
As broadcasting truth and news I feared little but for a
minute I will bring forth a moment where I leave my past
move on greater thoughts about Chris. Ive been thinking
well talk on my birthday as special romantic day as this
can be a true day for intimacy.

He made his first move by getting email and with my email

address which was in-completed information collided with
knowledge of guessing my Email he had the smarts. It
could go right I felt as was flashback in moment in time.

I was feeling I will be okay dealing with his blabbering

mindfulness side of life with regrets of loosing contact
which I was able to pull forward the forming thoughts
proceeded in story.
As he implemented us getting ahead not behind. I use
information for advantage to obtain a structured
malfunction proceeding heart shape groove of writing love
where he could show change with beauty which now saw he
tried so hard fit his life to push forward that it made


it seem he wanted look

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
like me. Become One

Talks grew over time ordinance as considering we talked

on computer protocols of technology of the past on AOL
Instant Messenger. Which are kept on AOL network security
of high levels with his computer which saved logs on his
computer which Chris setup.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One

Chapter 4
The Kindness Of Love

owever I was never short minded with behaviors he

wanted everything to last with warranty. The site

newegg.com was put to claim he maybe be reviewer of

insider look for refurbished computers and laptops with
He rather spending the extra reasonable amount on paying
service fee asked if debating worth fixing. He obtained
16gbs ram for money for delayed shipping. As for setting
up extended warranty and get or ask for donation short
time due nothing fear at this point forward he was
dealing a business in his own nature.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
I was short with income and shared but knew sweeter it
was an Oracle of information reviving proven knowledge if
it all added up to be truth from lover on his life was
bound be great feelings to share.. I cried when I could
not get up to date with computers and contact with
As you looked at the chapters possibly student or
teachers and with people of all kind as I send to you
where would we believe in time is the right time. If seen
would we think different? Well I was up to the challenge
the new challenge where we all end a life in harmony.
He did not want life ending dramatic pare with life but
did not want leave people to change in any way and it was
sad to end fault. It was a story broadcasting behaviors
of audio and a visual learning experiences.
I was of knowing when you can do own yourself as when
with a way find home owning yourself with no fear comes
fearless with a music creation each day as he had preview
for upcoming years were he was one to do the quest of the
greatest joy smoking and having substance as with
greatest celebrities making movies possible but most
decently music as living life in California with


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
You can bring much self talks but most comes from trust
and who met the criteria of who is your friend. I found
trust can be easily broken and I wrote about Hippa and
how you can recover from schizophrenia by writing and
smoking the sentences with little to much substances like
cigarettes or trees as was easily best thing for this
world to come authors and come with true spirit with
happy face as sense relief was at ease.

To me I find myself alone a lot and being social and

legalized in a state in United States America all I
wanted be true about decriminalizing Marijuna..
I believe I pass urine test as teacher but not with
limited income that matters and I do not smoke before
school for the duration of hour. I deny a one hour ride
blunt before and after school at home. You see I can't
but think easily I changed.
Well I became addicted with smoking habits I kept to
myself and I was facing life broadcasting brought with
shuffle on radio station website as play list as kindness
randomizing play list daily.
And well about us, and for what made due as a stance was
ready for acceptance in all I do if we are doom to be


together as a drug

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
legalization Become
the right

for freedom and observe the law in hand that matter from
the other side of fence of grass we assume.
Wherever the location where we meet again well give
thanks as we believe crevice do all in passages of good
works i'll travel the path to his life knowing it was him
I wanted watch after all my best friend came to be midst
better knowing my silence.
As it all became my delight to say it was all a dreams of
us being for what I love. And believe to this day is
knowing it can be us sharing peaceful meaning in a day
with silence.
And I knew loved Chris knowing I suffered to much deal
with his family not liking me.. In such behaviors
believing we are loveable person ending life well being
on the day of Easter. I felt love when he shared his
dreams on Facebook.com.
You will love my classroom with what I got to say. The
first month on the first day of school. If you catch us
together and as we are together in writing I knew would
be breaking a law writing story of truth.
Well that is why I would rather speak of a nature if we


were not together and I

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
hate to Become
doubt myself
to sleep but

I did gained the best titles for years books names and it
was really greatfrom Chris.

The personality I share is with a sweet kind heart

behavior, and Chris understood my feelings on the
aftermath him leaving high school with standing only
with longing for my body.

I left him thinking, I was evil on all my days after

high school. Others noticed it too and I had many
opportunities to allow a different judgment at had its
time be here soon Easter well talk ahead yearning for
have wedding.
It was the moment I could see him Day funeral of past
and waken up thought maybe it would bring comfort if we
talk today.

I always looked fashionable and cute of the first day of

school, while teaching first week it ablunt brought a
kind gentle touch of a hug.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
I kept my mind blank and speechless for saying pride
would come as knowing a teacher brings no contacts at
ease silence with Chris, he heard my voice in his head
throughout my classroom.

I knew upcoming months would be kindness and brought

forth good writings about how cute our love can be.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One

Chapter 5
The Roar For More

As I considered to roar out a relationship was possible.

I was told by student as he payed to have student write
letters but the poem he wrote was so cute, I kept saying
is this true.
And with 409 pages later he would be all with greatness
and here to say he will protect hippa rights with his
well being by going to Jerry Springer.
More and likely for he put his life at risk wanting to
put desires into effort into relationship but for a low
cost investment.


And only I wanting be

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
with him,Become
here was us
we was the

standing by his and my side of a story with corrections

we call success in pride owning yourself with limited
resources as he wanted exposure of hippa in standpoint
at being of a broadcast on TV. His the words came easy
express my love to student because he was author I was
teacher I knew what I wanted someone who will never
doubt myself to order justice.
With a smile it gets you especially with book
devastating news how I lost money of money job
proclaiming money loans with profits of reasoning of
paying some of new businesses set aside paying new loan
made by teacher and student in relationship made

Any amusements of the moments together brought forth a

motion of a moment of more to know about a student, he
was lucky have me. He was in a class as I taught across
the room and I was liked by him very much to this day.
He understood whatever life gets you, it only gets
better of another indifferent truth intervening a train
running a track. Usually the tracks were with pathways
made possible to never look at anyway of life.


Why me questioned but it

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
gets you
way to apologize

losses that quickly remain silent only the presented

information is fact that it can be forgiven.
And brought upon to visit upon choice but should not
forget it was mistake and you ought hold a life where
you can speak of apology as saying sorry.

It was voices he heard claiming it was me to protected

by trust and easy to explain.

But many times he was questioning and answering others

saying how true the relationship was or ought to be. He
thought it be nice being on a beach with all his life.

It was the moment where I thought he never knew that

I wanted it too well. With being together, on a warm
place on the vineyard maybe eternally I kept saying in
my head but now rental property we ought consider.

After all I saw in his life this could may not want but
wanting more of life then to give in another hands
create a beautiful place for us in our externalized
love? Foremost he was saying I am wanting to be with you
now and eternally yes I replied be careful what you say.


How the restate on

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
got boughtOne
out by

cousins where was I say with roar why me. I ought save
this mortified prettified behaviors as a notice he
wanted to know why could he not get the body but had

It was in hallway with his tutor which taught in

classroom across room when she would tell me the news.

He would not know what he wanted as he was at a stare

walking by with writing in his head but I knew sharing
gossip to other teachers made due for progress knowing
if he is true with his nukes of reality which was serve
the kindness in soul heart will blossom beautifully
through time. The future wants seconds and he roared, as
doomed to find out how to warm microwave foods in minute
or less in microwave.
I did not have a regretful emotional feeling but years
later he chose Robert for conformation name he would be
mine forever even if I said no to anything he does or
says could lead us talking a secret time.

Later on before he shared his birthday which was Sunday

of this week he found out his Niece had Robert Dudko for



Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One

I knew I could set this be true see how he is with

family but knew we first cannot over protect the Hippa
because if something from my stand point erupts I will
call him say treat you kid with respect.

As my Grandfather pops once said he who wanted me will

direct ones life. He was a true schismatic person who
gave half the life he lived spent in a good faithful
treasure-able memories. As Chris said prayer I heard to
Grandfather I became with all positive to my book.

From then I conditioned to roar out more words and

sentences became paragraphs as I lived to be well.

I believed more experiences came to knowing different

approach could change the demister charge as saying no
wrong your at freedom yes marijuana is best suited for
us people in united states and for be decriminalized.

I was anxious find out truth where and when I chance to

know more about us together. I came with anxious about a
wedding and here say it was a birthday this year to call
the student.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One

Chapter 6
Please Dearest Love Me
I need say my dearest a true love exist when you
spend daily acts of caring one another. As loving the
other say I worked in an insufficiently atmosphere of
people with boiling stress points. And the energy was
negative ego knowing it was illegal still cannabis laws.

Where the mind stands of trials and being protected with

nurses doing right of time of crises plan trip to
California where he could have a home reinvention with a
nurse see him write or sense he does during the day as he
eats sleeps music during day. He makes life a smoking
habit too as a hobby.

This year I was hoping he believed in faith and not


consider moving. As

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
preparing pamper
to seeOne
life there by

his side. As where if he get amends to do far over 100%

of his time in one timer with light to end my last years
right my life where I began to think in school, I which
did not reject the offering of love to be part accept his
love in awaits time.

And new days were immensely seeing us as bigger amounts

of love into play as together I became arouser in school
wanting to make out, I was seeing myself in mirror as has
come into his life as need by acquittance of shared

He played as never any strike outs. Once twice three

strikes and making him understand a home run so be it be
the story being over 500 pages as tag team together as to
get a book published with comments.

The taste of his skin lingered being a singer writer in

life where the music he enjoyed playing brought
inspirational attitudes he played Down-Town Train and
Runaway Train differently.

That song he felt as he had to write resemblance of a

life not loosing track with thoughts proceeding not


renewing case.

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One

Whenever I see you, I will be happy with you it felt so

true with no violation of Hippa by going on Jerry
Springer or Maury.
As he put much effort in writing and that effort he made
ease to not look back, which me realize he was entering
my heart everyday as he has gotten better as not
demanding goods and actions get there for there was a
pathway for freedom as he would write the truth.
His actions as carrying on being as ruthless to turning
down he felt shame he felt was completely complicated to
understand my love has been complete but you need kind
remarks make the love true.

I was with knowing I had to my life spirits to this day

as it was closer to Easter and decision get Married.

I was always in that everything will work out by the

day before Easter and I was unsure with the reasons I go
strong but wrong.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
Would I be in denial of others dislike me in our deed
for helping others for I love Chris. I do everything as
my life career work go foremost because of love and who
I like whenever you know truth of feelings shared. I
dwell to know he will not loose track this time around
was all about him accepting me myself the Teacher.

Everything he does was all life opportunities we

connected all years in life mostly the Bazooka gums told
its story if you want honest truth.

Producing my thoughts on paper rather then exposing

delusional talk of loosing track would consist of being
him better parts of life. The areas of resolutions
collided this is not bad using the knowledge transmit he
is the one, the only one.

I understand he be without taking medications one day

elderly or being dishonest showing no acts of caring.
But I never felt it was him the problem child I felt he
had be pampered to this day.

As the days passed I rule out hate and I find love as I

find the heart for others to see on whats has been


true. I truly have a big

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
heart Become
with us smoking

sharing hobby with technology. Which involves that

trusts one another and for whoever I trust knows I give
freedom to ones who respects my wishes. I did not want
be bothered by law enforcement and so be it he reached
to my mother on social media of past.

The moment in time say if I date Chris would come into

agreements of accepting an illness of seeing the denial
love could fear the mind but when smoking it'll ease.
And I would like you the reader hear me out as for all
he does I say his love is truly touching. Your reading
gossip of love brought kindness as traveling journey of
a space odyssey of leaving words take over a day. Mostly
I expect you to be reading and writing if you are my
student Chris.
I will make room for my positive thoughts of a student.
As this time I came to realize, I will bring into
conversation with the little things in life that matter.
I will give love a chance as soon court seeks judgment
of kindness, which I hope that the judge allows
communication at this very moment.

I will to be allowing criticizing his action plan and


efforts and all

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Oneof faith
apologies brings
good judgment

leading no more to court and confusion.

However I never want see him go to jail of prisoner of

the past not live with regrets which he has high hopes.
But side the hopes we knew each other well which way to
take that question if there were a fork when or why.

I judge rule over love, how do we love with feelings on

ignoring each other could lead to feelings only bringing
context of story to speak normalized behavior?
Eventutially knowing it was the student, where I
indulged for his body against mine in future I prose in
fantasy in writing to come to realistic love.
To consider I would be fairy godmother that to and of
his family be in no end up with puzzle no denial of life
with no end for troubled past but be with with new
challenges building the attention entrances of love.

Because of Chris was ready believe its true love. How

love came knew it was him how this all got started with
what I offer was the facts he knew would resemblance his
I want resolve this case somehow as put into agreements


with no arrangements of

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
One I want

share dreams at this point. With dreams I was in his

dream yesterday as manifestation.

What we want in

delusion as of connection and Goddess in voices he heard

to be true as generous all possible proceedings made

I have the feelings I am okay with today writing and

going to bridal expos all throughout my life
representing photography business with high quality
cameras with photograph processing lesson offerings.

I withstand my mood to write a story about proprietorial

desires yearning for Easter lead dance toward a life and
where we are today.. and with talking about the
greatness of his spirited Easter wedding dreams to

The crisis life is ought to be safe now,

as for he

obeyed on what's been said. I continued a romantic

dinner planned on book of travel of his home-town.

Now I have been with little question to have no fear. It

has been said so long ago, I will return in moments
times after October as reading the first draft this took


place now of March 1st my

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One

And in October our moment to celebrate the spirit of

Halloween. Much before that will be an Easter wedding I
have faith will work out.
A long time from now I had silence it brought fear in
my life, he started to fear himself since I heard his
voice in response, in-fact he is a true nice person in
my head always positiveness of a soul mind state coming
to true works in writting.

I nourished his kindness over the years, with the life I

proceed was with positiveness spirits of it ought to
work out if you believe in a spirit as wwjd, What Would
Jesus Do.
I was touched in likeness of who I was truthful too with
in which some say he was liked by me my student Chris, I
was his formal teacher others agreed. I never gave up on
the challenges to complete for us to be closer arise all
here I am in love with Chris.

I never had chance say it was over to him.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
He figure the relationship life ought to be strong and
never doubting yourself in the engagement of life. I was
always mysterious with when in love with others. I
gained an information highway during hypnotizing people.

It was himself I needed for this year and it was

supposedly condemning a marriage with facts to make it
feel realistic to the reality of being by his side in a

For my time I will go to plead truthfully with my life

and be bold to serve Chris. I will say he was attraction
of my life life with talk more about through the passing
days in the introduction rereading editing for months.

And life became a story with chapters of a story along

with my busy work schedule. As with my busy work
schedule with saying my life revolves over my student by
reading about truth. The truth spoke about how he felt
as seeking for us be together.

As I keep in mind please love me oh student, as teacher,

lover, fighter but dearest of all Christopher is going
send note a truth a way with allowing electoral votes


make this world better

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
BecomeI One
about situtions.
brought all to

feelings I had to share in writing.

Most of our life, Christopher and I

was to be treated

therapeutically with his creativity on the poetry, and

writing. The intimacy was accommodating for our date
today at earliest convenience.

I want marry him this time around to help serve when


And I hope a during a try to call up trial of

attorney and take action of a no hate, no misconduct and

no felony arrest. As when we can talk again, I honestly
do not know. I just want fair judgment with us allowing
knowingly we still have feelings with one another.

The facts that their will be no sentence and when, how,

why and where he comes in my life to love is
questionable on day before Easter and my birthdays and
holidays I will not forsake him or make myself with a
witty between us. I personality like of saying the past
coming forth bright future without humor from my end as

I do fully believe beyond potential I can say that I know

that of all I will build positive courage of strength for


a student, and he who

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
better understand
me One
come as time

is present face his dreams.

I maybe a messenger deliver a loyal side with family

folks and or friends. To the thoughts at night, he will
be my lover standing by me every step of the way.

It was life of being the caring one, I was a flirt with

warm heart feelings. For love and happiness it was till
moment of time of endless memories. The moments and
memories had a chance with strong feelings and desire
years later.

The school life where I worked which others read his

sent messages to my personal email and work email. He
had no access to my account information, he emailed a
well written letter.

I caused and caught myself going out of the mind state,

as I was of keeping hold of a life with life or proof we
needed to talk. I held the Emails seeking his behaviors.

Saying the facts of a two thirds of my years lived he

never did gave up. I gave up a chance this coming up


year, he would make due

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
not allowing
in public

or at house/apartment/condo/business/school of nature of
my own properties.

I ever so wanted to know why and left me curious if we

actually talked at younger age was made questionable. I
was thinking about escaping to an illness for recovery.
I saw myself in an institution with Chris.

And with our time it brought pay but I was feeling a

time that would bring us closer. A day without pay will
bring, a day saying my admirer I could wait. Most of the
time I had no worries paying bills.

I have a set goal-driven attitudes leading me on which

behind with my tears I was the sly devil as I will get
in focus with what brings pain.

I feared he or she will hear my voice and here alone

needing me is one I have choose show sacristan mindful
spirits in my writings to quotes I post on profile as of
knowing he knows the school website had leadership

I wass the Teacher of a Goddess of his life as she is so


lovely who walks in our

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
life that
will be noticeable

time and great to be your friend.

I began to wonder if I was eager obtain an attitude if I

wanted stalk him. But much involvement happened he was
treated for being alone at night by another lover which
was all false.

In the meaningful of all spirits my student harassment

was proceed with end correspondence of obedience as fair
trial expect no harm has issued over tree smoking. No
proven over dose. Innocence of trial adjourn I wouldn't
offer any sex to another student nor adult.

Christopher, whom was mostly my high attraction in school

as during the day and night improving his quality
experiences why people escape crime to its foundation of
facts I am the best teacher.

Mostly I gave efforts to influence him make life being

hopeful never live with regrets into friendships, but
wanted myself more than anything to apply to
occupational therapy.


I started to think it

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
was meantBecome
to be whenOne
he agreed it

just had allow smoking.... every time... he was eager to

call each time he got to the Social Club. He called
twice and smoked a pack at his stay. If he smoked trees
he would be calm would cope.

As time went on a while now slowing the mind waiting

till next court date he began a new pill frolic acid and
will be not contact high school students, while kept
same as he was alert never yelling.

I am steady with my health proceed things at right

giving moment about reality till day of death of Grandpa
is rejoiced as sad news about his Grandmother Violet
passing of day were coming.

I soon had to cope that I turned faces to be claim

malefaction of calmness keeping in a form of an ideas of
lesson planning. He learned values exists of a learned
lesson. HE had memories of his Grandmother Nuni saying
how handsome he was so be it he maintained it by looking
of glamor on beauty of eye catching hot one for me.
He gained a hare personality because he was awaiting
find out what next awhile rethinking he ought see the


trust bond what I

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
expected him Become
not rush into
love and

take away from me the pride and ownership of my goodworks.

He had learned new science of forgiveness with power

prayer sharing prayers he finds cheering up ones spirit
right through the heart sorrow pain.

He was burst full energy to indulge in whats come into

my life connecting saving to buy houses, trailer homes
by renting so well have no worries working but state you
live once I had little to no worries to take pills all
at once since the love is strong.
I will ask myself the questions while not partying and
drinking. I kept with a minimal amounts, I could
tolerate but alcoholic free classroom is what aimed at,
I expected everyone to follow my rules which he did not

He disliked his own voice and he gave every opportunity

in school please me with consequences he always took at
the art of life painting. As painting it would be
creation of receiving items at no cost without stealing.
He lived life knowing he can improve ones life


advocating as a teacher

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
One aspects
or student
with creation

to make whole. A sudden trip doesn't mean the next path

determines lies in hare.

I was learning from mistaken lessons I will put in words

my life within aspects of the good fortune as between no
bad remarks.

I make us not fail or fall apart. For the students

affair we all wanted to know was the ordeal between
outsourcing clues if he ever liked me or see that
spotted attention that will always be a spot in my heart
at United States.
He was observant and noticed but held to think to be put
on respertdal he had greater outcome with nurses from
school and local hospital.

At school nurse for nagging when would be the day but

right timing it was all pain running through my mind how
could I do this to a student prescribing pills as
medical doctor degree.

Once he knew I was an author of own book I began to


process how life put to

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
words to
think of One
how truth of

love can lead the way. He lead 4 hour erection or as

some say when craved see me more in school.

It was ever so long over due show spirits of our love

that came with insights of inspirational aspects of
caring for one another and being there at the moment for
the good times.
In school Chris and I had blushes on our faces. He ever
so got me to care in school with his sad emails, he got
sent home for misbehavior of the computer which he had a
started a network crash which he was only candidate to

With Chris and I all became a lesson was to fight for

the facts for this year. And for years to come as I wait
for an Easter wedding. I never doubt instincts but I had
follow the rules and laws with oath to write brains out
while maintaining excellence and have fantastic behavior
and outcome.

While fighting and flirting I have no compassion at the


time I was with a self

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
of fantastic

ending up true. He was smart to plan the talk on my

Easter now birthday be in the spot bring accordance of
no mistakes. I know for fact I will contact him for my
life with him and only wanting be with trust.

He was honest under a mother wing a living book of life

as she did all his school work now came a version
teachers prayed come true workmanship of Chris owed

The laws protected by citizens from harm especially if

writing how could you have access of harm when never
thinking about harm? He wanted everything fall smooth
with talks of his mother occupationally considering she
worked at police department.

Everything in his life he shared to his mother and I was

with same company with sane thoughts days it will be
Easter which was best day of our life we get married as
would be with my student.
I was looking for young man to love for all my years as
I lived. For awhile making this year to go right, I had
to give for this year as an open door policy. It was


ought be greatness

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
OneI love to
knowing I met
this student

this day.

I speak to myself, without speaking to students on the

status of the relationships I live for and if he heard
my voice, the one who I love the student and so be
sending spirits with full moon sharing thoughts no
matter what thoughts were on my mind.

It was close being the full moon is called fruit moon

aka harvest moon. In the thoughts which knew he had to
respect our love and build trust and worm was ought to
be blissful with transitions of forming computer arts
and science into our own replenishing spirit.

He proved he lived on telling everybody the truth he

loved only the desperate being with a virgin when he
liked me. He had to exposes everything in content. The
context speaks of his life as I proceed make right.

I lost my mind all this time? What? I go on knowing he

said truth but we both know the life we share in this
entire world is not to cheat he and not made out with
nobody with knowing he has not cheated.


As he organized thoughts

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
One it was
into the
file cabinets

like how the computer processed information the speed

how react how to obtained by originality of condole
information with commands of acceptance.

As you provide the well indulge bring with proceedings.

He did well in school with obtained researching
information and applying information at trials after

I gave a secret day a chance to put when I needed to

talk out the source of voices which I kept myself why
because it was a word and I had Angels, Connection,
Goddess of youth for him it was me, and sweet blessing
from wanting deliver to Jesus assented to God on days
alone. For most of my proceedings came Thanksgiving but
today I felt was ready to talk. I was like a cardinal
but more fluctuated start here comes a marriage with joy
of a song.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One

I gave thanks if successful through my day. I give

justice of my own youth of my wing being fearless soul
he organized. As he who talks it was connection when it
was he was needed help support a band, or when its a
good day to hang out with a friend.

If you know what I mean when everything goes fine and

you could meet him in mystery of travels of spring time
ought be ready to blossom into romance.

From moments turned to days and he would say little but

grew older into a smart young warm heart lover as
fantasy with feelings.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One

Chapter 7
Temptation Love Bond
For Chris put forth the Angels come at night and the
ones who died lead dreams as travel proven guidance of
miracles which were on way positively for the greatness
of knowing a positive life is between us.

From zero to birth he was coherent with about his life

he only aimed for 600 pages as with both our
togetherness get there of reasons why it was meant be


and was I having to

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
touch a spirit
of going
99 bananas

young ready to start fresh.

Our relationship brought moments he wrote lyrics on his

iPhone that brought with feelings of all the time as a
joy. The key essence of all evil brought happiness with
tears he brought memorable times in the life.

His two friends for life made this possible to be making

music. In fact he was learning so much after the
hospital volunteer evaluation program. He feels so much
stress when the carbon fluoride hit him hard with a

For the first few weeks in school he was late for class
which made me have broken heart feelings. He did not
love me but rule cigarette before entertaining.

It was unusual for entertaining and entwine in ones arm.

While it spoke with life in school, I had to wait for
the right moment and he was to be needy for love and

As for before entering a life with relationship with


student I would be of a

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
plan orBecome

attitudes that take effect with proven knowledge and

facts. And for today I have not started the new open
door policy.

Having him was a pleasurable feeling of a bond which was

lusting for love afterwords. And I was told to move on
to find someone older. And in between classes he smoked
after I realized it was an addiction. He had learned
from myself there are supportive people who will melt
stress away.

He liked myself so very dearly much to this day. I still

was learning to accept a stable mental illness condition
in process of recovery with having thoughts choosing him
as if he was going to be open minded.

I began to think he could be the one gotten a plan make

us together, as he writes I read as he says in the book
write write and more writing.
I had great food and spirit around me as a while
sidetracked with a good hang out with some few friends
as I wrote experiencing my efforts to make due for dead
on perfect story. And being shut off with a voice was


hard task when all your

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
could he One
be the one.

The life I live says I will gain communication at one of

many moments. And I am open for talks for these years. I
hope gain multiple intercourse. As where we have a path
for success, a life as a where and prayers get answered
with walks of life, as soon with a sweet baby will be
born with Christopher as this time he won't have blanket
or towel over the blockage during intercourse in

For the most part I will gain to talk with his thoughts.
As I've been hoping he been ready start something new
and something bold and beautiful while creating
beautiful beast into a story.

Living with a nature of being better involves myself to

step up as some say baby steps as not jumping to
conclusions. I been effortlessly in better sharing a
story and doing his footprints on what had been left
behind with his life.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One

I like working in computer field and he saw I work past

food pantry. I was to keep silent because I had picture
leaked on there website of myself working at food

Sunday was when I had a Catholic learning class. I

taught the spirit of being faithful and trust around us.
It lead to good faith with what is coming up next with

I have wondered why as for many reasons like myself,

having no reason why I find reasons to find out why a
student walks into my life and made myself to think
differently. All he dreamed of this point is getting
He made realize it was love. My student was a simply odd
single man who gave myself pregnant as I want say to my
first child. He doesn't have an idea it could be him the
father of the baby.

I had no rights to make it a thought of conflict today.


I will be out of

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Oneweb and
question to seek
online with

ask for what I deserve on the better side of myself with

my doctor. And if I was in a life long relationship
reserved, but think their was reserve no answer to talk
about on who or when I deserve love and attention.

I ask you play nice in all you do and focus what you
want in life-calling events in Catholic community. As he
stated on Facebook he and I could go if court allows
into fair judgment with credits of our workmanship to go
convention with monitored behavior.

If something like a cause of mental trigger with

confidence that easily misjudged to be ought fair and
reasonable with Hippa and amount time is money but could
be greatest thing running for us.

I was reserved for my student Chris. He knew starting an

element would create an exposure to capture my heart. As
while I would look for preterites to buy for production
of K-cup wanted start a kcup website beverage sales and
marketing he had the right people make possible.

And he felt a bond he developed named with me with his

parents and invited the product line as well as kindle


he knows his voice is

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
what comes
out his

mouth is the young and bold he was sure of making issues


He was knew all about benefits of white kidney bean

extract and powders. It was loose weight and having
benefits in a drink set forth in a gallon in a single
cup would make due for healthy fresh drinks cheaper.

He said the future could make pulse be energy of body

and you can recharge some how with the form of science
and thinking with brain of what travels like pills see
it go like robot into body as royal society studying
with colleagues made possible with my help.

It wouldnt use the machine but be in similar to kcup

with pill a day that brings your life with new
experience as it will change your life to charge whats
good in body.

While he brought forth good he wanted express this all

in the hospital but nobody took time to zap him to slow
the static of his brain as the energy fly by with
thinking he would study medicine in California or MIT.


Having said it in cold

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Oneas well
water beverages

to drink the power up choice or makings of living longer

clean ego with no added chemicals to preserve it he felt
be all liquid and saw a vision where calories count so
do food don't why it will end drama gaining weight for
resources why not save plant. But life was about
creating seeds he felt it can be extract for the
cannabis market and let animals do the talking as we
take good shelter there youth bond in kind ways of love.

Where would I be and who would I become if I have fear?

He did not want give name and wanted sell on Main St

his beverages as well buy trees to smoke. For most part
I kept silent that was the essential key when I felt
danger. I will be out of his life never, I will I be
heading out with tearful life.. as I wait for right
moment today speak true feelings gained.
I really would like know the facts of a case where when
I challenged him as his life changed since the break up.

Why are we in terms of space between Chris and I. For

years ending rather so quick nothing will stop me loving
him everyday.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
Thinking of theirs a way with no fearful life made it
difficult to explain. And future going with half flow
road ahead. I lost most that motivated me which I try
live well throughout my days. It seemed I was living on
planet where we see others leave for love or say aimed
for love. But the sky today showed bolts of thunder
which brought with Dark Grey skies.

In a moment which might be going to clear up rather

soon, I put smile on my face and smile as clear
precipitation took place with warmer weather.

And knew this was a moment I need to say comes rare to

love a student in a sign of a storm should that be the
date made me wonder. I kept confident the date we talk
is on his birthday or Easter where we head California to
live as wanting take him Nevada hotel with amazon deals
to go casino but play for fun and serious poker.

I see the creation with the spirits lightish day and

night dreams that makes us fear at first couple years
but for most part brings understanding what is next,
which requires you look in dream dictionary.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
I will have clear understanding what is coming up next
when he lays next to me. He was bringing comfort in on
seeing the unseen. How I can be the one kept running in
my head always going be my little young man Mr.
Vecchitto here stand now being called Mrs. Vecchitto.

My goal is well known how often I say why its hard to

find a reasons believe he the one of wonders to take
control of my life. I understood in time that I am shy
not opened to many but open talk my feelings out to

And I would be surprised to hear a verdict without anytime of not showing up as he spent the thousand on

The ideas traveled on a one way track of an idea of a

partner Chris, which that will lead on to an Easter
wedding that are brought with formed ideas which
thoughts that would be cleared. For he was taking his
medication, all resulted in positiveness.
Being a clear minded individual led to years of a


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
Collaboration of this love. He is kind and sweet that is
truthful to mankind good-works made from heart due to
honor me always. To show senses of pride of in his
creative work required everyday work.

Frankly I made most of a disabled child of a student in

life to do all I can with myself being the creative one.
While crying at the nights I was knowing I curse rarely,
it was for a story about truth which a promise made true
said by student saying he will have a story only he saw
my innocence my guilt trip to curse.
When and where my guilty pleasures were being with young
love, I really intended to be treating myself with
positive attitudes and safe to start over-about when
chances that any luck of an over-drive sudden change for
chance or moment to this day to love Chris physically
with attraction.

I was not in mood to end this year with rough start a

year to figure out the mess with my conscience it lead
few bad words and remarks on phone calls from Brian, you
said he was a dirty fucker.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
Here come by the facts I have no bedtime, I told to be
yet only making due myself allow crying on
manifestations at times he did not write but wrote still
after days when wanting it published that day possible
ghost that wanting be friend to him not getting scared.

He wanted understand death and wanted life end life

maybe the computer can sync symptoms with the 01s as
read to plead innocence to guide you too with out
clicking knowing your dna of choosing everything and
speaking to our mobile gadget as wrote about
technologies in mobility of transmitting life with pulse

It was all in past I wrote with no misfortune moments

alone. I had contact with student was learning from his
faults of cuddling was not an option. But if I did my
cards wrong then I ought be in jail I felt.

Each day I had rambunctious beauty eyes of thoughts kept

to myself and I only said things once and you had wait
for my call and if you felt Chris was wrong as he was
right. Persistent of giving back by writing brains out
to all that will attend with family and to commitment


made January first as

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Onenow stand
student teacher

by his lover all my life. And be there when he makes a

wish Sunday to come true.

While birthdays lead to daughter to cry on shoulder

knowing it can be years without Chris. I wet my pillow
at night whole awake thinking and crying about holidays
and a formal student, Chris which soon Easter wedding no
sign he is ready it was his and my birthday coming up.

Therefore I had control of anything put forward in

action or within my life will bring proof of purpose for
the most part it was a built respect response act I

If I show respect he will be respectful. After-time I

will trust him. For now I write as hope it explains why
he only one for myself to love who is lovable to the
thoughts it produced of an Easter wedding.

From I the moment I thought of why, I want to write a

story to prove right as I write. He spoke soft-spoken
like, he really gave thoughts with a poem as about
having jolly good time based on candy jolly rancher.
He gave me that poem in classroom along with jolly



Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One

This was about kind-heart as a heart was not a word

which showed everyday actions of love by suffering for
cold on hot summer days but had warmth with an Angel.
Everything was came right through me.

Why you asked questions mostly because he was

influencing others the broadcasting of new pills to be
for all types of people to improve mental health and

As he woke up mostly Christopher the student would think

of what brought this day good will come good. How he
treats life is kind episodically with never proving
points just live happy with substance and home and

When he owned part my share make his dreams come true.

He was to write a kind a short poem that touches my
heart. I will better assure to be left behind to be the
best of my appreciation. In moments of time he will be
thinking of me. Most of my time I was rethinking I will
be elderly age retired with so much to give.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
I was not willingly to throw out and try put any effort
of giving out any-time learning more about software to
be hopeful yet show my true colors in a package to
present in 2016 which was around the corner make due for
positive change.

I was in charge controlling his actions, I wanted him on

medications and evaluated frequently when he shows
helpless behaviors as changes lead hospital visits.
The most of my years with my mind was learning right to
wrong, wrong to right. This was a feeling sensations I
felt which got me motivated. And with working together
as team together well there is achievable dream with an
awarding feeling with team efforts.

To show improvement being out some time and some days, I

have labor my child and I had handful working with a
children. And I knew whenever this was ought to be in
place of my student shoes it would be wonderful desires.

I had high expectations with being the household mother

to my child and to my student, Chris which I say he done
proving when off medications.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
Most of my time I was thinking it will be everlasting
life together after fact he graduated high school early
be with me. As with a thought of marriage could be true,
while other thoughts my student who likes me came
knowing my life is hectic it will come to some day or
some time soon when I get elderly where I will give him
I suppose life use of my house.

While other times I hear voices with obidence as no real

settled clues on why I write but I do want marriage with
Christopher when he could be using me. Later I found out
he was not greedy with money, it was only when he was
wanting more friends he felt he had share while being so
dearly close to myself.

He was a student I can be with thoughts of much of

nothing brought us closer in spiritually only casting
spells of declaimed on truthful voices. He brought
change making due in mistaking trials. In having little
make known with my life feelings before Christmas and
Easter in fact Sunday.
This year was a story for my birthday, a gift I cannot
say is true based on court. Most part it has true love
meaning I I do love Chris always in doubt see clear mind


ahead with connecting on

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Onehimself as

a story writer as I need him show no hurt as a bond.

My life was ought be hurtful which, I can bring hurt by
love with overwhelming feelings. I tend get emotional
while I searched for alternatives considering I have a
loyal side while we made due hear out each others wisdom
from each other.

I was in which very much to give and offer a loyal

personality with leadership quotes with interviewing
skills. My life was remain active and learn and grow
upon others by experiences on daily actions.

Chris has really truly been their and he showed how get
closer to a positive feelings which got stronger in
time. He made me feel important I always keep him close
but no cigar as much regrets not putting him on my
health care plan.
He owes a lot to the state but nothing should fear him,
I've been trying to make possible a relationship true
and helpful while beneficial. His loving acts of love
was unique and made it seem like I was only one for him.

I was always believing I was playing the victim always


yet to be told wanted

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
sex whileBecome
our sex life

unspoken words come alive like meeting in destiny of

travels would inspire us to live on our own ways.

I did see him on the roads but I had rethink maybe Im

ending a new beginning. I ended up from his travels in
opposite directions.
I had a business where he can get re-certified for
computer repair. I wanted work beside him for months
days and years. He was so very smart with lower IQ from
the carbon fluoride.

He adores everything in my life that I accomplished and

succeeded to do and I loved technology and being
successively different. Which I spent time teaching with
helping of others a course of leadership and to be into
production of making DVD for the classes I taught.

I was experiencing editing software where I taught how

to edit videos while repairing of computers. I help his
heart for most years in school with my forming feelings
towards words when expressing yourself wither student or
teacher writing as he made seem true he was in love to
me expressing to others teachers and doctors.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
He thinks it will be everlasting into eternal life
comes road ahead.

Where I live aim towards being


Oh the thoughts raised questions about myself, I kept

talk minimum as are in for few to others to know our
business. I understood he had his mother as bystander
but knew which he made everything seem so real on what
he wanted, I felt very attached and obsessed as he felt
the same I really felt it was now a time call him.

Doctors thought he has a delusion about life in general

which allows him see a future and without causing harm.
Whenever it were the facts it brought all good. It was
good looking by him doing check-ups and taking
I loved him for taking medications once he noticed
positive thought patterns and behavioral patterns with
behaviors he subsidized for positive coping techniques
like experiencing in writing on each holiday with
another draft.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
The thoughts we shared render be the masterpiece of a
conflict of interest of a story reasons wanting get
married sharing life together.

Awhile now I been with no fear, when I have no fear I

notice a change of a heart that speaks, I be at ease but
knew with the Hippa law gain once lost it as said was
going make proficiency. As for Chris he saw likeness of
everybody except men of his life. He treasured family,
he thought would be gross if dated a guy.

The life he wanted show other the success in fashion on

how one can change over pills of any duration with this
phenomenon of asking him out. I change on appearance if
refused a man out of my life. I knew I couldn't forget
about all-good.

I wanted sex but not with man I wanted kinkiness while

playing hours into convocation I felt he was ready
someday or another realist I been there every step of
the way.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
I was a spot light of his heart who wanted sex and
relationship with sex involved wither he felt married or
not just be part my life where I just own him only.

I would own him knowing I was giving oral and

intercourse and his help to produce viral mostly I felt
ashamed speak truth but It was all exposed by truth with
the teacher being editor and upon a child or teenager
adult to read in class the story.

Everything was true kids were starting understand about

life where feelings can go wrong or deny the shame
because what a shame how Shane ended. I had to tell his
teacher as behalf remembrance his nieces student,
Conclusiveness of conduct for second time this spirit I
see as student Chris is here with me.

I get things both good and bad with predicaments of no

denial but do know if intercourse happens have to plead
my life.

As sentence to predicaments of saying trust to the oath

under privileges know what comes in must come out trials
leads to no mistake but love messages personally


exposing his right that

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
he can Become
make story One
versions of

his book any time. I was in control because of my own

being but being crazy looney toon or being wild brought
it good to know I been supportive in every way.

Wither it all some reproduction can stop it all with

pills being source of powered source if whenever we
choose to live and want to live show we live with smoke
blunts I say blunt every 3 hours.

Are we okay believing a teacher like me site see

everything that goes on with this town? Getting wild is
a crazy cat temptation of no more fear left behind. A
bond with experiences came I am here to be the number
one leader. I endure running wild in chase you once and
once had upon time.

As both facing the communication I saw the light shine

I did not want pass out but chooses keep remembrance of
Joy hearing his experiences of my life with his Cousins
Grandmother dining room table with me being the teacher
at their house.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One

It seemed my life was heading completion less about the

law he broke the promise of appear but knew temptation
of seeing him all was a mind love fantasy see him naked,


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One

Chapter 8

Favor All Kindness

Being the kind spirit of another brought out of hand I
will consolidate the police. And his looks are better
knowingly he been constantly on his mother's list not to
talk or not to bother. She was upset about all the
kindness in his time spent with me.

All he wanted be with me. As I was told that he liked

me very dearly much. I'm random but aimed professional
looking and seeking to be focused in flair and

I brought forth the years ending up leaving stress and

drama on its marry way with others including Christopher
which was my negative down fall of no comfort zone,


which thankfully for the

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
OneFor my
it produced,

thoughts healed. When all I asked for his trust as a

continuance of commitment he made in January of first
year of teaching.

Always in my heart he is placed not forgetting anything,

he did everything for love and acceptance of his life he
lives, to love me.

He made kindness speak of favoring as with life it been

treating very much sense with our senses which is a
great pleasure. Immensely I wanted grow with him. When
around him I will meet language of smile, as I smirk
face for wanting only Christopher.

He left myself anonymous in story, as told him write but

make sense not say my name but he had prove he could do
right. I had reason of the innocence of trial behavior
of conducting relationship with my student.

People reading the story understand with reading the

ending it will be my version which most are
professionals could be reading with classmates.

He tried study what feelings I get when I gaze at his


senior year school

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
picture or when
he got One
that special

hug, I looked deep in to his own sadness he said into

distance where we are our eyes see attraction. For it be
years awaits time it will be kept confidential our
personal outlook I knew now he is ready take upon a
fatherhood to our child.

Living in the moment at the end of the day I began

feeling ready start up by calming my high feeling, down
feeling and lows which is drama ending. And a thought of
living drama free. As with a life, I would happen to
share with some regards to love a student as days turned
hours to days to days to months and to years.

Who I love all this time is Chris which reminds me say

thank you, as for love on social media sites. He showed
everyday posts that resembled in our relationship which
brought us closer.

He did by chance saw I was in positive spirits of

helping out yet the shy one on public appearance, and he
couldn't wait for Easter now kept running on my mind he
had no plead to insanity judgment trial. I was ready for
misdemeanor station moments give a kind call that and
which would become knowledgeable on story and share to



Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One

In fact I involve my kindness with skilled behaviors

with time to help others. I write while looking at his
feelings that were sharing past page with pictures on
his facebook from past years. To my laptop computer
basically I was in love because I noticed I was of full
attention swing.

As friends and I think we blocked one another and

dwelling maybe could be true we did block each other in
case of a fair judgment trial.

Chris who brought ideas good and for his helping hand by
sharing other students how to create a social media
network of town news and reports with our RSS feeds.

I had thoughts we are everything together. Which the

website for school is now up and running with drop down
menus that updates the reader for most all updates. I
made due eagerly get him back for all encouragement of
my pride after treated for an illness of delusions.

While perhaps projects were small drama knew he was with

talent and uniqueness he was worth one in a million


from a teacher and to a

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
I have for

little to much encouragement of his passion to help out

with every aspect of his and my life.
The school radio programming was aired with his help,
the students had began full of bright yearning thoughts
of being the drinker of weather part.

As for trouble with audio issues he was telling us to be

seeking IRC channel rooms and well it saved the day. It
was chat room he said explore for school. As site was
gogloom.com and as a site for chat room, it lead support
on computers and legal mp3 downloads as well.

He treated myself like a Goddess. While the progress is

being made ja ja, and I will absurdly go on with
understanding minimum factors of I will begin notice him
without hello. And each of my days rising up writing
while being full of potential do what right favor he
honoring me. As positive stress with temptations of past
rather being hateful now brought compassion having
positive vibes and energy, ja ja meant LOL- laughing out

In ways I made possible he was lovely and of mercy,


mercy saying enough,

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
enough with
the writing
more tto

love making of a story with creation as a story

effortlessly leading on for wedding on Easter.
In fact I feel safe to write instead of a rather post
because with words you have no limitation and with posts
someone knows your password and they disappear like so
could happen.

I have a child nothing more then come-on you should not

or nobody should let my daughter knowing the good has
come to be placed now.

I want to believe Chris is the one in place when we meet

again, himself knows spending time alone mean world to
me. He obtained freedom with us doing self talks at
night or early morning. As I brought the comfort of his
schizophrenia which made life to say I hope he is well.
Some nights I thought it was his response say he will
try be there forever..

I lay myself down to rest when I have a break down or

time and place of a dilemma of not knowing where to go
with life. I want hear his heart beat on his chest at
bed time and when he lays or sits next to me. He was


mine and I was happy.

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Oneus explore
Kissing before
bed lead

a new direction and was romantic.

The dilemma from one body lies one spirit of having a

truth, and not easily treasured to oneself at difficult
times. When I think about myself with a kiss lead to
ease the thoughts maybe when I had felt older but told
by a story. As it ought to be told and where it seen a
way unreal true love but staying true to this day.

I controlled my behavior actions to town police keep it

real the case only protected I DO reserved based
relationship of Christopher my student. And I would act
up and saying keep chin up which I was told keep it
real, with and when a given opportunity comes to receive
a kiss on forehead, I will recharge my thoughts keep it
or leaves it to real intimacy and sexuality being with a
straight-fulness spirit strictly Chris and Chris only.

He undermined his ego shabby but played The Beattles

Here Comes The Sun couple times in his Mazda.

Well I live life with invitation of this new pill

producing in his mind but had change way we transmit.


He was collecting source

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
owing got One
hurt in love

and to explore but with mania it became science and

studying labels of a scene of a 01s and knowing stored
information with biomedical fields.

And fields of

medicine beneficent of why not bring forth that creation

with code to J++.

As with creation inside us goes pill to live forever

promising. The promising appropriately timing to do
things without our component of consent ended to live
forever. As the thought to some wanting that kind of
life lived to live forever.

And I felt I was upon myself look up and say Hippa I

thought by being safe you would have Chris titled for
call back. But all my route show kindness and be

It was I safe and sound was option and what option kept
everything cool is with new presumptions of opportunity
outcome. The outcome was on how to deliberate the good
in kindness of saying I proclaimed love. As now I get
love back and returned when I see love after love he
feels the warm blood boiling. As once again being with a
state of mind knowing I was there after the fact of


school. As state he

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
manifested Become
me in his dream.

About how I produce book with a job field possible or

source income with getting on paper as he would do the
wastefulness with cigarettes smoking with new pill. I
was creation of the possible knowing how kill smoke and
how inflate the truth out of people and how to better
sync the righteousness. What wo do we change we look
life if we can demolisher harness live as the ones
wanting promotion of good health by taking pill to good

And we can study health new way whither or not we need

a recuperate way to ask the believer if Once Upon Child
took place which did he shared how he worked with
classmates to build products to buy for school profits
for charity.

He felt that charity same where teacher which was myself

was creativity value his oath with professionals as
value he trusted but lacked when encourages his life and
kind-hood and manhood. I was wanting love after love
with some return of knowing its hard go back but we are
today effort come back to dawn or stubble a blunt
statement will ill be there especially give


opportunity.. do right

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
use equalizer.

Thoughts with Chris is I gave much my feelings to him,

badly in need of him, my body needed him so we hug
nothing extreme links to say I wanted end these

I ask for with clues why I like him in no denial. It

began passing through in my mind he was special and I
was in a moment he called it specialized love, as
rethinking love specialized? It was a face-book
alternative name on his workmanship theme in the

He brought any opportunity will bring some kind of

wonder, I will create well-made story about how real as
for is the relationship it has with questions to the
unanswered resemblance meanings with focused balance.

I seek everyday being mindfulness of a spirit touched by

Christopher. I realize I solved a fair judgment trial
with good and bad I must ask and submit answers to the
questions for the case at local court house.


Having answered questions

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
made me
feel better
assure and

alert. Most alert on what has been said about myself

having Chris as an admirer. He was gaining weight and up
to me take him gym.

It was little things others saw negative that kept

blabbering in my head. I did not believe in credits
because he can explain so much on what he knows what he
wants. He describe me gorgeous and beautiful as bitterly

For the unkindness were traits he noticed he changed

overtime with limiting posts on social media. And he
brought positive life in course of leadership on what is
a course beautifully spoken words.

As when in good stable mood through medications is when

everything came definite nature of saying you can search
no more. Could he be upset mostly at life without being
the one sure of true feelings on how to love a lady.

To come find out he has adverse effect knowing what it

takes love a lady, he made his love special. It was
unkind for him not take medications. He stood by me
everyday by his love.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
Where its comes from existence, Im going to head far
out and come ready with amount exile of knowing nothing
should ever contain negativity in our life.

I could go vitally go wrong with life without talking

with my leading actions with my attitudes represent my
actions thirsty for more research.

To be followed or search for research takes a positive

influence with a target of the legit prescribed the
effectiveness dosage of quality of life is the set
income that encourage to have Chris to write.

I now served as oneself as a goal to me get him on my

health care policy this year that is around the corner.
It will the gathering of the heart when he meets my
family and friends.

To one I love brings a heart, where I expect to come to

be treating life kind with Chris and I expect the same
in return he obey my rules and learn manners.

I like being with a heart remembrance not being


forgotten. But still up

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
to dateBecome
with this One
digital life

which began with my student having a helping hand

showing how real the relationship is, or was or ought to

Where life takes a toll or feels like a trick of ticking

time bomb what seems unreal stay in hospital sharing
drama felt a feeling unloved. I could of prevented the
hospital volunteer program that was evaluation of life
going on like a dog on leash as while hoping we be
sharing respectful wishes, about being truthful, and
honest on what we want from both sides now.

I like him so much, I want to hold him tight and

apologize for treating him with no loyalty of fame of a
marriage in his life.

For love has brought us here, I will try to find a way

to love. My love life seems be like an addictive drug
which I cannot perform but (a reform refuge with
supporters) agree it can work out but may show bad
example with age.

My earlier years I was he consumed feelings which later


consisted sharing

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
gibberish in Become
rapid forceOne
mode it was

like one day explains where life went wrong with us

being treated unreal relationship.

He was my first period of class which before I had him

take respecter or some say follower, mostly of my own
denial of sin as he wanted love he got love but proving
when he could resemblance sound fatherhood on my sound
of silence being his neighbor.

For being safe and sound later was triggered by false

behaviors thinking he was not in school and said he
would ditch the school spirit day to marry my ass as
he spoke the truth.

He found leaving seeing another teacher in store asking

for forgiveness of troubles. And asked to read book in
classroom. But he knew it wasn't going happen but knew
there was hope with the few weeks in school with editing
the book with another teacher stand point without
knowing we owe knowing but truth and we should never
cheat. He was all cost not treated for schizophrenia
bipolar infarct ADD.

I remained still and quiet with my nights alone with


flashbacks I had my

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
daughter and
kissed her
on forehead

Chris loves me a student.

I would ask God to see Chris the father. He replied make

a call when it was a holiday It was beginning be closer
to an intimacy of a twilight scene where a kiss on
forehead of daughter of a full moon light thinking,
where or where could my Chris be in this period of time
in life as he thought he lived this life before of time.

As time made due it went on and I caught my life heading

right direction and destiny will bring my paths of my
dissemination of the tracts of trials faith of having
pleasure knowing we will be together and to take him
with the travels, I take and lead towards themes. Our
song was Keeper Of The Stars and video Splash with Tom

With the being in mindful with thoughts of this, I made

my life complete by a while with conveying my thoughts
with where no time was to little. No accident me
finding you


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One

His attitudes made room for a forming conscience of

mentality behavioral problems with had toll of issued an
injection. He was very dearly obsessed and to this day
Ive been followed up on he been taking injections for
my comfort zone. As to this day I feel comfortable
talking about us together.

One or more thanks to his mother he engaged to be the

part of state programs where food stamps were a miracle.

It caused debt being on state health care but helped my

student being offered cash made him happy on
supplemental social security disability income. And I
had no worries about being short for food or health care
benefits with his life.

While being better to be thoughtful sorry rather than to

be soon sorry, his Papa died with a date of remembrance
on Valentines day 2014. Supposedly he wanted Papa help
fight to be with me.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One

I thought about my student to better comprehend a fact

with myself to understand my problem comes with the
price of anxiety.

I was anxious start relationship on days where we would

meet I had that feeling of simulation but no other
aroused and made it change my thought it could be true

Why does he love me? He gave everyday efforts and gave

a boost to help myself learn more about his life.
Understanding Chris where I took love for granted, I was
more then a teacher. I broadcast schools on TV as a
morning news show. So yes I heard his voice with videos
I created on YouTube and voice-mail.

I will better serve with you believing in love with

relationship with Chris. In fact with what upsets me the
most is the first steps of how to better yourself up
with patience approach for a practice. It was worth the
while approaching someone with learning disabilities it


was a challenging and

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
How to maintain

composure of a life with little to know I can I can I

can be who I love is my family and one student Chris.

While the school electronics and equipment made due for

change, all students were producing and making a
possible a video of story of love.

I remained positive with creativity which brought ups

and downs with my net worth of knowing from money does
grow on trees with proven knowledge of respect likewise
for mankind creations of a spirit.
Implementing dreams to ideas expanded on how much work
of values takes reach outer limit. In foundations of
which are the life-calling events to make fundamental
learning while leeching with risks and success for reach
for hobby spent with myself working by Chris' side
making everything reality. I was to marry him on Easter,
and this story with chapter favor kindness spoke of
appreciation and hard work expressing the love.

For years to not to talk leading on my feelings to

positive closing remarks that love can be filled with
myself as high and lows that can be in case to I never


know he has a lost

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
feeling of my

I will regret loosing him as I am making him better

knowing av (audio video) equipment which will be extra
gain to make note for better relationships to others
with knowledge. In him making due for change a cheerful
thoughts on the emailing him videos ideas we create for
school functions.

And with the calls he sends out makes me feel

importunity knowing what is left for love with us
talking more on day before Easter, or March 1st the day
he would never get out of his mind.

Yet having a hold change of a grudge, where I gained

network and gateway of information that was learning on
my own to explore myself the new software media for
studio editing and digital photography befitting my
career which Chris saw likeness which Chris aroused
feelings if showing myself more would do me in good
favor to write. Usually I tried find company software
that offer free updates or little to no cost.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
And with my time so much came through hours and days
teaching with struggles of not knowing how to be
structured. As I was allowing myself learn new digital
software programs which remained a struggle learning.
With a little to no struggle I found Chris was a big
help with his software alternatives.

Some new software titles I felt teaching was a hard

challenge to fit in my time. Most days I acted like fool
because all throughout my day I was sidetracked to write
to my formal student or to read his books online.

For the most part I had that questions to ask, If I had

a time that was always running out of ideas, where would
I be I lacked lesson personnel proclaimed planning and
we must had no free time to talk privately to one
student Chris.

We managed to talk often in school, it brought desires

wanting him in a lovely scene as he felt. It was all
lovely his touch and kisses through the windows. A
marriage all these years and years of love with knowing
about myself.


Yup 12 dozen roses sent

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Oneme for my
on years
after liking

dedication of making his life have an inner soul Goddess

always as for I the teacher who loved to far extreme
secretly love romance began on second day reading at
midnight brought it feel the low tempteraures. Yes I had
the chills.

To be with it today and teaching with an open mind I

taught young adults about several types of media
applications with software media technologies while
abreast creating respect and kindness.

That I am a single woman who been in years of love with

my student as I hide mental illness and focused on
recovery reuniting to Chris. And keeping in mind that
before a physical crime or crisis I would interestedly
call the police. And yes he was on respertal at younger
age, where school nurse gave him the pill.

I thoughtfully making arrangements for him to help out

for some period after high school or with my business.
It had been thoughts nothing happens so quick a strike
to be he realize I gave whenever he tries love me, three
strike limit while it spoke on last strike for admiring
he makes great sales while buying laptop considering he


knows great deal about

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One

For awhile I had thoughts about him, and for today is

what lies least resistance is for a trial from whom he
brought my life for the better days are ahead.
And while keeping court case I was with case with my
student ready and frankly the best groovy booty of
existing prove this case be served justice, I call
kindness of love.

It consisted of knowing how to kick butt and show my

fight for my rights accommodating ascending honorable
behaviors with promotion of more income for us both.

I love him all throughout my life, never mind smart and

intelligent student he was I was going to talk on my
birthday and everyday especially when today was days
before Easter.

He was my honest young adult for most of the time after

years practice healing and where healing provided as in
circulation of good faith. Making a pull of energy of a
factor from a wheel of facts to fiction of routine set
forth when to call.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
I had every ounce energy upright to the Lord taking his
pill over counter frolic acid and realize his love
brought no denial which caused separation of a blocked
profiles of all males on his profile. He learned evil in
my belief are men and slowly he was exposing him as girl
I can adore. Face it anybody reading I stalked him so
much to this day without a word said.
He was irrepressible as young child for positive talk
getting on with marriage in 8th grade but finding me
earlier before I was his teacher I lead was nothing but
wait hush now see the glory. I bring glory with an
innocence of past still lingering in head.. Why can he
owe respectful apologizes saying he will try college if
someone pay intuition but will move on to a phosphorus
future if sudden thoughts collide with synchronizing
voices way for success in schizophrenia at times of
No weapon shall enter any girls life with gang activity
get someone rape or get on with doing something stupid.
Insipidity he wanted positive talk left with me to read
for the most part left love with positive people with a
drug of happiness and comfy feelings which encourage
positive talk.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
For my perfections I beloved himself to think I ought to
patient in this magic pill or him obtaining a medical
marijuana license.

As I write reading making a book with special note found

years later saying kind words about us in message as he
would sign his name in book stores for no costs.
Taking in from fact from fiction a wheel of his life
routine brought a climax I was not ready share with
thoughts the of saying where it leads was good faith I
surrender like I was over protected and wanted to know
so much about him and kept quiet.

He who Chris' family which does know we landed on

Plymouth rock through time period on made him see
obstacle will we ever visit with my daughter.
My family in four brief seconds is loving and to better
assure life better at tribe with aptitudes become a
person when I began understand this is 100% true and
needed benefits unfailing remarks in kind-hood.
He my student Chris that loves a formal teacher which
was myself for the longest time after 10 years. And


unexpectedly when I show

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
up butBecome
he will buy
me hard

cover of his book and instantly I will fall in love as

he was gearing up to be model in throughout coherently
by seeing his actions being called Ashley Hollywood on
public media.

As he feel in love with my name I wanted him more just

because he had share unfortunate events with family and
health care staff and professionals.

He wasn't on that sure he make whoopee only on day of

wedding and it was one way it was others interact
differently besides social media and controlling his
behaviors as soon placed in heart.
He read scripts the website thoroughly see where experts
given boost if actions are for what touch of next
behavior or extinguishing the current behavior that one
did for a valid sex marriage with I the teacher.

Foremost being discreet wanting know simplicity no

question right to obtain of lighting up his thoughts by
getting a research I brought up to study of
schizophrenia bipolar.


From most facts of these

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
years Become
and times he
and I was

commendation of voices and actions of love where

convocations had led to excessively press multiple
charges of invading privacy on face-book.

It was harassment when he wanted to go to paradise with

me before my newborn child was born. If something like a
stalk and a harassment to cause a behavior to conflict
begin to root up the questions.

Ask yourself nothing will happen when you put no

effort time is a worth while pleasure but so is
treasure being blessed from pleasure time to time of
being happy while missing you with missing pleasures are
yet to be told in chapters.

It was deepest appreciation reviving the story at 11 on

my lunch break next day that I got kind remarks notified
in email saying do what you believing in what is right
as I will act to speak truth.

He was thinking about being novelist to court, where he

had a similar thoughts alike mine while he wrote while
making of a positive verdict.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
To be kind with myself as the imaginary consideration
teacher year award was to come the K who taught at
Portland High School comes loves me its only Chris I
ever felt so completed with to this day.

I been married multiple occasions while time progressed

and yet I really feel in love with my student so much to
this day as reading with clear understanding our love is
true and I really love his attuide to never give up on
the woman lady you love. As the kindness roared it
roared for teacher relationship. He said to his cousin
doing little cough syrup.

He has been obeying with the ruling with no mistakes

made to this day. I love see him changing while more
effort made to have disesteem while against love in
others and lack of drive for sex for others and less
pictures posted mostly his cousin took the pictures
hidin gherself.

The esteem brought this letter new findings for I to

read and find out how true he is to me and others to see
what is true love exist.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
He never brought up he wanted sex, just a newborn with
me baby we call Leonardo. I couldn't understand how the
mind works but I love him I wanted be safe book
published as I stated in school.
He listened being a good listener. He was at 8th grade,
and it was blissful with kiss online with more then
smile I had but a marriage prosal. People thought we
never met before but we did. Just planned out with me
teaching at Portland High School.

He had not brought up the subject of love and what in


I Knowing he will change to be understandingly

important, a major impact of my life. If he was answer

if the answer my question am I ready, I wouldn't wait.
Spically waiting for further instruction and question
him, yet I felt ready start some real true love.

I feel ready a little more confidence then usual. I have

obliged my time loving him. And seeing him progressed is
to be discussed by a shown sense if he caring where on
his profile page that was on face-book, he seem to be
supportive of life together by finding pictures it
symbolize our love with what to expect for these months


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
I gave him credit for obeying court ruling for this
year, a summer, small duration coming next for its less
then moments away to fall in love and a winter is what
more to come well love of course of all seasons as we
love each other so very much each day as we are here
broadcast information received.

Well more chapters are ahead, and kindness is you

reading with help without start causing trouble to
unfolding a relationship with Chris and I. No problems
just us two together as who us adore no other.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One

Chapter 9
Better or Worse

o my life rereading and making changes my chapters

over and over again is what makes mistakes of a

true living story based on true facts and fiction. To

understand where each day of my life is important
brought kindness with a faithful soul wanting be by a
story of truth living in no denial for me to understand
is true to believe.
To be sharing to the world about story, it could only be
told by an attraction from far beyond my control to
better compare or better when playing the songs in my
heart, 70s and 80s.


To webbing around I know

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
today Become
was teaching
with new

life-calling girlfriends with Chris. Yes it became

sexual fantasy to make out but who am I to blame it wont
be once twice three times a lady.
The downfalls of a worse condition was making dead-on
better version of a story. I knew about laws and one law
of contempt to produce a One-Day Rapid Response Crisis
Recovery Mode, which made due to help my student a
Contempt Of Court privilege to escape reality to put
force daily efforts in a story as he in process of
recovering an illness.

The One-Day Rapid Response Crisis Recovery Mode happens

where if Chris starts acting up, he well go upon my
reach for a supportive visit. If when I have a wild
anger issue or pain against a human emotional feelings,
I will send him to admission of hospital where he to
take consideration for injection at a hospital.
Abreast to know more about my student which proven
obtained knowledge with research about illness made it
feel bad on how I treated him. In advance I live with
routine to write a story and take medications.
I teach regularly most my life is teaching and I was


aged to perfection with

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
a regular One
visit to my

business would be brought forth a fundamental learning

technique an elderly person he loved would shine light
can publish and save do on own unique daily tasks as my
teaching is career life. I use tricks that remain with
skillfulness took part of our life being together at
stand point right and wrong.

How I thank as the sunlight for a shine for a smile? Yet

Chris was my sunshine I love him endlessly, while
keeping the facts into reality, I am still alive and he
will be a dream come true. He saw my age was different
on a proxy site website using Https Google.com typing
age krista karch essex ct. all lower case and thought
and cared so much to think he mistaken to the women he
loves brought it us hate one another.

My dreams began to be calm, at his manic episodes of the

past, present and now brought good calm feelings of a
bright future ahead. I felt I had to take to the trip to
nervands he said on the phone and I was his person in
mind say yes and ask have you held your chin up with my
head up and questioned about what I expect on a bad day.

I am likely take new medication on when I have struggle


months. Yet I kept it

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
cool to myself
to have
a partner

for stability is all I been wanting.

I was the caring one loyal as loving moments as if they

came for active rapture of a surprise visit. I would
want him to this moment forward to this day of life as
for my birthday, holidays and days to be shared with
enjoyment. He stood by my side for the longest time we
made due keep a diary.

I could never put some of my problems in doubt of a

mental disabled child or adulthood at stand of a trial
for court it was trials afterward of effectiveness
behaviors as time showed acceptableness at vulnerable
gestates of his life taking once a day night and morning
once a day his pills he wanted the downfall all day but
get the burst of awesome and appreciation quicker..

I was with supportive kind warm thoughts because of he

had injections the doctor pull out and a put replacement
forward to consider once every two weeks for an
injection. He had no choice calm our problems taking
prescribed medications and over counter pills


The chemistry spoke the

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Onehim attend
nurse wanted

group. And for a while doctors understood the pills he

is on made due to be put my love to limit of knowing he
had withdraws of not seeing me doing anything in power
sleep next to him.

Life with him had provisions of some room for more

pills. For taking proscribed pills everyday it began
stability on our chemistry of love. The love all came
down to we both had no worries about a manic episode or
a feeling of loosing one another.

He felt life wasnt where life begins and it comes easy

it was on the date the 27th his grandfather died

and had

a profound loss 23 february this year as 27th was wake.

But iff you take the present year 2015 minus 27 is 1988
year Chris was born, For some and knew I struggled
loving adults my age. I mainly had some love feelings
having that story towards Chris but have better luck
waiting wanting for the right moment which would make it
last our love last.

Karma as it spoke foremost of all reinforced actions of

conflict psychosis that trigger when noted flashback
karma scenario. What had been going around in another


booty with imitators

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
brought usBecome
both into One
agreement you

cannot expect the best but on how approach you take it

promise me you won't take me for granted.

I take his life in consideration because we pass

information on phone and with others understood it was
his kindness of spirits we had on phone. He did in
school take great pictures and his ideas were superb
filled with greatness.

Once I knew he was better, I better prepared to start a

life with myself being expressed in a story with a
truthful permissive actions of writing doing the

On who likes Chris is few mostly because I wanted him all

to well, and most all respected his mother wishes weather
leave house or no common sense to show respectful
attributes of not using him for being unrated model.

There was a reason why others ignore him because he was

anxious to escape reality by always wanting see my home
of the stone of ark of love comes waiting perfect moment
see it.


Yes there was finally no

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
arrow Become
snow given One
everyday for

awhile to make better. I put effort make a friendship

beyond which forwarded the thoughts.

And ideas made me realize several things will grab him

by a voice with ways to improve or correct the wrongs.

I felt that all this time he hasn't been cheating based

on I talked his mental health program under the title ix
program coming into place where the pill takes over the
body to remove toxic or show what needs improving or
need for foods or liquids.

I was a popular person who adds new friends daily on

face-book and he who knows he or she is confused by my
downfall, which is being respectful towards an illness
which brought him to watch intervention on spare time.

I thought over time was the essence of all evil, Chris

and I was needing reserved moment. When I was able to
begin to thank our God, one day at time I was on my way
to better thoughts. Talking would of healed his thought
pattern. And I must say he been doing better as he
writes daily wither on a computer or on mobile social
networking site. Most likely I will obtain this through


spirit and removing bad

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
to smoke One
as for Chris

will be in favor get license and listen I need him to

act accordingly with what he spoke of to make better and
possible the relationship.

And with the story about us together with chapters that

proves with valid points it was meant to be, and I like
him so truly much as today was about celebration with
family on his and my birthday.

As practically of being with no patience he was wanting

to end his high school so fast. He had extensive
knowledge and built strength to start something new as
today was it I would make a remembrance moment on my
birthday. I said I will call and I plan too.

I was going talk about not rushing life retirement but

focus on getting answered prayer with a wish to be with
you Chris on Sunday.

As daily love seems to be a hard task for him without

communication, I was told to ignore his calls and given
efforts to please in me to find love in others.
All knew which he was successful story writer of a book


which makes better for

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
sure a true
love sentences

brought a story with mercy make sense think thing

through. He which posted on the computer internet true
love sayings and had a friendship to his book with all

He was on his days taking on medications everyday. For

sure I wouldn't be mistaken but he would write share his
feeling every minute of day at one period of his life.
The obstacle was informing if yes or no he is ready. I
expected Chris make enough power to look within paying
cable all channels and internet.

To graduate a college with bachelors degree with

teachers degree is what I influenced him with years
thinking it could happen.

Forever and always to be with me was all on my mindful

spirits that spoke to me. He still might regret with
anger as whenever he does no attempt have a conflict
dealing with truth as speaking truth I when he did it
like we loved one another as we talked and when we were
younger in age as kept with our talks were days of


talking that lead to

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
chances inBecome
High School

aftermath to our destiny. And yes he brought up years

ago he met a Destiny girl on Palace.

He felt the partnership with Italian ice place in

chances derailing o pleasingly Delicious water beverage
as frankly put as destiny I show up at age of mostly
thinking what strength I have was when I was wrong
because it was chance bring conflict to cousins in
family and to bring a new store considering it was 1 vs
8 was gang up upon made shameful expense to spend get
family back into business and to see him work is all I
wanted for now to keep coexisting informed all good

I grew up in Maryland and where he is in life, he have

always that piece of my heart. As I feel he has been
better side and apart of me reuniting intentionally we
aimed Easter wedding and assessment evilness for talk on
birthday. Lucky I saw changed of heart so prove I'm
worthy of love in abundance to this point forward.

Where I belong to think was delightful to be thinking

positive and I was thinking to turn the tables this
year. I would do the contacting on his or my birthday
months before Easter 2016.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
I never kept my mouth shut or near Easter this year
2015. It was Chris that had brilliant ideas made us
together today brought a smile on my face.

While he brought beauty in mirror everyday, each morning

was a pleasant surprise. And for most part most love
came when he left me thinking. I felt on what consist of
true love is based on what he said with kind remarks
made due and knowing the truth is about the beauty of
our life based on our good quality effort workmanship of
my effort to look natural.

He shared at worse after relapse mania where for

believing in sky with pictures.

With pictures he called

my cellphone explaining he looking for answers and I did

not want feed in his illness as he saw color in sky for
first time in no time before well so long ago with
father he never looked up as a child I was told.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One

In one other psychosis he had Linux developers and Bill

Gates in head reading bible to allow software
exasperating the movement the exposed open source.....
make due for all devices a tool allow community of
diversions of writing with devices all sizes with
allowance of application market and applications
connecting to one another which due to make into effect.
It was he who traveled in voices settle as taking meds
has a better chance be with her as nurse said yes once
to him as he was ready for trip to France afterwards if
out listen to him when if doubting comes a recovery act
takes place of a moment in time.

He had explained there fantasy art in clouds but doctors

made it seem it was fake. After awhile he gave up when
it was unreal explain why he doing what hes doing and I
knew I had reason step up this year.

To wake up with attitude towards Chris of being there

for a special moment my current spouse to love me. Chris
thought if you take pictures by milliseconds you'll see
unusual art pictures in clouds zoomed in or fixed ratio.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
If I recall to think of a moment he must of looked back
in life for answers. He knew that his 7th grade teacher
made students write about clouds. And he planed to do
all he can to see my life in my prospective get better.

From the creator of the world comes everlasting life.

The 8th grade teacher assigned to make a poem of your
imagination with clouds to tell its story.

Intentionally the love grew over the years and had

better days for the most part he heard voices and he was
married to me in mania with each other in mania saying I
love you.

We both knew the Easter wedding will soon


I mean Easter wedding would be nice but is he ready as I

took it by choice of being happy by chance I have today
make due for my rights and privileges make love go right
as a pathway to my heart.

I wouldn't ask much and taking a look back that took few
minutes that lead 11 hours 11minutes 11 seconds before
see where I stand now.


To make the decision

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
when I setBecome
forth not One
calling but

read later on he was feeling it was he who dwell seeing

more of offering legalization of teacher relationships
with students.
It dawn on me which was seeing positive verdict with a
first step of knowing justice being served by whom he
feels likely to know brought positive spirit and that
spirit he would create a bond as called spell.
No matter of any judgment it was he was with faithful
verdict as I am acquaintance with no lack of trust he
was a good witch casting spells.

For our life that renders for a built trust for God, we
trust each other with an appearing right hand before him
to have an attorney that his fee that he pay the bill of
love, while being safe away from harm. I wouldnt dare
renew the case after knowing he spent thousand on
kilogram of marijuana.

I trust but I plead I want him. For now I will get his
attention and remained silent in contact. To share a
story as title of chapter speaks for itself as
continuing an issue or question answered could be better
or worse.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
You will have read see where our love brought specially
that brought despair when compare? I was driven for
successful attitudes and behaviors that finds a solution
as our story unfolds. In this he will reread and edit my
thoughts which involved in our moods to lead a kindness

I hurt his heart while it only gets better or wrong

about story with unanswered questions made up as the
solutions play a factor beyond belief.
After all suffering it resulted in knowing as I live
with the condition of schizophrenia anything could go
wrong from the facts of ourselves observed by
professionals aimed in story of true love to take Chris
on date soon, today...

For apologies I wanted see boner in school the erections

to his life taking resperdal for together life I plead
when was his life I jeopardized it could only happen
better or for worse.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One

Chapter 10
A Birth of Miracles

o take learning from valid closing and remembrance

of opening closing remarks, after birth were

miracles that I can have thoughts to becoming a true

kind woman with my desires and wishes.
Maybe be the life spoke was on a true ways, that lead to
a life with grants and feelings. On who I liked in a
technology class was with a student was always revealing
on intimacy upon Chris and life. I urge to call him up
on days I celebrate loneliness from moments alone.
I thoughtfully felt writing up an asp-burgers book grant
if possible, if there was an offering of being author
with Chris. As Chris spoke truth and spoke it would


allow to gain money but

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
offer thoughts
of One
a group or

mental health while having learning techniques taught

with a college course is to know each other with limited
rambunctious ruthless behaviors. Why he warmly likes me
still I kept saying in my head.

Chris had feelings alike mine for the most part and when
he had grant in mind I was so willingly hear him out. He
figured offer classes with grant money. He would also
teach businesses techniques for services and repair.

He would have unlimited and limited spaces available to

teach but had efforts that I wish I can help him
proceed, with my behaviors and actions. His grant letter
wrote as....

Hello my name is Christopher, Christopher Vecchitto

and I live in a small town Portland. I would like
to apply for this grant as an experienced
educational director or some man who offers classes
for businesses in develop a partnership of thanks
appreciation. As we take this approach well produce
with training to start services rewarded by form of
by request. As in applying this grant so be it I can
or make a could by happen chance to be obtain with


new knowledge with

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
enough basic
to advance

with my certification classes I would teach. And I

to start a business with solutions that have the

technologies of a computer of a 251 core

processor that's Intel-based technologies.

Thank you for your time. - Chris
Supposedly the differences between male and female are
different wither it was issues with his mental health
mania. Why is he planning a need for a life to be with
me teaching script code for beverage machine..
Most of all clues I taught became ruthless which I was
shameful being hurtful as when he read my body language
in the room across the room. And I had something
possibly private part or life with openness.. in out
proceeding him with motivation movements of he's a
keeper I will direct him apathy for therapy and thirsty
for more writing.

The technology class is where I taught and instructed as

a teacher. Chris was the student I had thoughts about
spending life together with a marriage with as for this
year on Easter.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
I was headed for challenge in process of recovering from
a serious incident facts. In fact where he and I got
burned by fire at two different times made us feel what
we are comfortable in for afterlife. Lucky he and I
recovered without a complexion to be noticed.
And with my birth years of childhood from Chris' side
story he was knowingly important to factor time to see a
concert but dwell to take me.
Where he had denial his loss of wages of a life making
more money it could be both years of where I put great
tremendous spirit of going with flow.
And had him work beside myself with starting sharing what
takes start business.

And my life brought noticed

behaviors our love have not faded or gone to go as a

viral state as he looked stunning on the websites of
social media.
If I brought good life today to press no charges It has
been true with feelings. He liked me still with my
likeness of my spirit of being supportive with set forth
action being role model teacher that preached forgiveness
for harm I brought in ones life.


Which brought kindness as

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
love comes
to theOne
rescue, from

the life savor once told by Chris to say to me.

Thoughts aroused he brought the videos to life with his
resemblance of movie titles like Sixteen Candles,
Breakfast Club, Weird Science, Happy Gilmore, Anger
Management and many more.

His favorite quote was Arnold Schwarzenegger I'll be

back from The Terminator.

Staying true to myself I make a true love last

effortlessly thinking ways make weekends date night, to
and from I require to make that I take life kind that
with as with my behaviors brought us to never be apart
but set forth a birth for it be miracle.
As I get thoughts of why love to see movies proceeded to
get ready, more violence was ahead of this change due to
picking is to better serves myself with goodness of a
spirit he just sticks with cute movies love comedy or
American Girl DVDs. He was not about violent movies or

I contradict was told deliberating on a one heart is

from no difference than exhilarating on my mixed emotion
kayos could bring denial.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
All on his mind right now is hearing a voice of mine in
head watch Chrissa Stand Strong movie with I the
teacher. He noticed how cruel people are these days
growing up and we were ready to talk over.

He chooses say and tell me kayos was his word he learned

7th grade. This was the first time the other teacher Mr
Fox told him as teacher told from the word kayos.

The defenestration which I rather say you should not

call this relationship stupid nor anybody its the law
under my book and skin it was weird situation for Chris
to understand.

When the kids recorded him he said stupid is stupid

does. By now I had trial and error I was to amending a
stand point to try to become all I can be an icon.

Mostly I was worrying resulting behaviors could kindly

put ease today for we had together made putting efforts
leading Easter book wedding dreams proposal in book and
he asked in book of trust began he was now to marry me
if I made the right decisions I dwell in longevity
understanding underneath this all is a heart, I replied


only when I dearly

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
needing him.Become One

It was easier said and done. After while I then take

much my life at hand as a footpath from acts of love
with my thoughts and mind under control.

He was a good listener of kindness on standing forwarded

with his thoughts that, if he loves me as far as I know
he does actions of writing new story on days we

For what we celibate kept birthdays surprised and I

would act of a good fortune to what's to come next in
this outcome was headed for a relationship.

Where recovery was dwelling within me. It was up to me

take chance and effort to the fundamental teachings of
Lord our God say I want this with all being everything
like hut together saying the grace of the Lord bringing
all goodness to sake of sin for a forgiveness gift of
medical marijuana license for all the trauma from both

To be good shakes of interacting to one another as to

be of helping hands of giving advice with others in one


special room in my

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One

I wouldn't mind taking a moment to make use of a dance

floor on Easter. On what I expect at Easter wedding from
my daughter... I imagined the best man dance moment, a
dance from Chris' second cousin coherent cousin that
passed be there too taking over the role of wedding.

It made both his hardship and sense, where it was hidden

secret difficulties making him happy. After all he was a
student he awhile was the time essence of key to all to
live with no regrets on what happened with not looking

Why I choose to not look back caused ructions of knowing

when his stories got shared in my life where I gained
attitude by go hiking and saw his father., as people
were easily jealous and addicted by his thoughts he said
he rowed Delaware river by himself. They literally took
his story used it for benefit. He felt there was a
ructions of no ability in the partnership too in
business ruckus stand by beliefs.

Chris loss his cousin and his cousins father and mother
made due live up North with now knowing there connecting


in faithful life... and

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
I know Become
with being One
a Sunday

school teacher, I can teach them the bible.

As summaries with the gospel lead good. Im sure that

will go with wellness of touching his family with my
spirit of happiness. Nobody shall regret this marriage
on Easter.

I love drinking my chocolate milk with my teddy bear, my

daughter would say something so sweet and kind on days
we were together as family soon to be with blanket she
brought home.

It was day of the end of innocence of young and old

beholding moon and day after the funeral and wake to his
grandfather remebrance.

I ought to go but know he was the one incoherent waiting

eyebrow template when arrives to groom... but he lead on
his Grandfather what would he want him see and his of
course angels had part in this to who all dwell in
happiness see the connection he had in Grandfather. He
left eyebrows natural.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
I have not behave, no doubt about it my life was my
life, and it was filled with doctors helping. And I
showed what remain a true story everyday with tasks.

It startle on how to handle my personal sex drive for I

hit close to over the hill age as Chris liked his
cartoons like King of Hill and hearing Thank You song by
Dido with Boomer made everything like it was him. I had
dream about was Boomer Chris and I like that show and
loved show a Boomer personality.
I realize the connections were kept in heart with no
puzzling of confusing actions of realizing he saw
delusion on resperdal pill now acting he will see again
with growth down there meeting at distance if he really
wants it badly my kindness and sexuality.

From moments where I take kindness is here and foremost

my hearing voices became a two way route, good and evil.
I brought forth-positive smile which my sex drive leads
on happiness and special feelings shared with Chris and
his life.

My heart works that it raised the questions, I lead on


multiple answers but I

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Oneall this
been in Become
love with Chris


All this time that I had no concerns but accept returns

as reserve met. I believe he led childhood birth of a
mircle as for the good see from each other but I felt it
with goodness sake when you are equivalent with facts to
be supportive type.

As he and I was ready for intimacy and sexuality that

renders behaviors into ecstasy dwelling on the highs. If
he is treated for I to put into effectiveness of taking
meditations on how real the sex drive would be every
moment. He is like a great beast love out there, my pooh
bear all Im here any-things made possible to bring

To drop dead sexy one day of a week for suggestiveness

of a spirit, as he will be my night replacement teddy
bear. Chris was all-good to make due for comfortable
attitudes towards me this time around.

I know that I will to try again, once, twice and many

times in day to write down from thoughts expanding on
view of facts. I say views of a content not very easy


say but vows the view.

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
He knowsBecome
I was all One

connecting with one another as pleasing in others he

felt hurt.

I mostly felt he had say he retired hearing my voice and

allow the power of prayer rule and so be it voice was a
Connection to sincere friend only to talk for meet up on
days I felt he needed friends to comfort.

He say I am coherent because I aimlessly head one route

hoping we cross with our destiny which I follow court
orders given to trials apathy towards therapy to write
more each day.

As Patty, the director of Mental Health program said to

Chris writing therapeutically good for you. As for
himself with everything made possible show where great
love shows how one lives a spirit as representing a kind
heart deed for being friends and recognized.
I was the good listener with a secret disguise discreet
delirious minded soul wanting more from which came a
love writing a story.. with our destiny set to play and
meet. I felt it would touch me as a life with a baby
with Chris I see will see the father every means on road


with his mother being

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
kind thisBecome
time around
or case

He who he loves for a day and get rejected after over 14
years I treated me like a nonsense nagging looney toon,
like a Goddess with much more to give and from part my
life I will give himself as needed love this time around
by his kind remarks.

A fact that yearns out that it has not been over but
what has become over is a time of being stable for an
outburst. For most of my life that came to those
overstate love yous meant it was true love.

From my control I developed a guidance or whats future

ahead in my life. I began each day with craving be
successful with Chris as I felt ashamed for years gone
down the drain ever got wasted was installment of wine on
Sunday and Whiskey drinks rarely like weekends I was

As if I had a chance I had to prove he was right in

others. Here by as a responsible individual teacher
drinking the limit as I do love my tropical drinks with
whiskey as spirite as chaser with vodka was with fruit



Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One

I was to keep informed his mental health status by

talking to his case of magnets of case mangers about how
he improving with fundamental learning of trial of faith
obtained for his use.

He had and lived a technology background and wanted

remain safe and sound beside an older teacher ready for
a relationship.

He learned with Hippa effort was going to end all drama.

And when in school I heard he not enjoying work at store
called Wal-Mart where he learned much about popular hit
songs and movies.

The life with stand trial of disagreements of

settlements of knowing a truth of this verdict due to
positive obtained thoughts.

You can take the truth from statistical reference work

while I hide the pain on my chest and my life prepares
for worst if I was in jeopardy, would I should talk over
but am I ready for the questions ready for court chef


justice with presented a

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
story.Become One

For here I have been known show kindness leading

feelings his mircle was our child. That remained through
my head as thoughts to make clear, I love my students
especially one to this day as he the story behind this.

Which he brought my illness to be pleasurable and

comfortable with the presence of speech at what I been
recognized.. To become through court and proceedings
while allowing myself to show acceptance in all good.

Most of our life led to an unfaithful pledge and I bear

judgment he is the one that can change an unfaithful
pledge to faithful pledge.

The life began to be fascination of a young adult with

developing emotional delusional disabilities as for
strength I held a worthwhile life keeping busy.
Time was birth with his mind under my control. While he
wrote to take only me while his heart it became to beat
faster beats. I feared nobody would love me then his
glory may his love I cherish all condone feelings to the
highest. I would think of a positive spirit that


deserves memorable

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Easter year Become
to rememberOne
that he who

for life greater then wedding and I ought bring roses

that are pink colored?
I was loosing it maybe it ought be but a lucky man
required to dwell on looking like porn-star and one day
that student who was working on abomination of looking
on implementing construe improvement on that making due

And improving quality of life with no sides of hate

became so inspirational having Chris was best feeling
The lover who I preached in presence in when which I
liked me dwell knowing as he well meant be well worth my
time, he was and had with little to no conflict of
taking place with an emotional moment of tears for
fears. I want last our days to be together with no

I could point out a relationship to be a conspiring to

provide kindness with life and consent of long gene
longevity where a demonstration of moral courage would
and took part of commitment at his young age. What would
of made true its true love is, where he be without me?


and I like write more

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
and more.Become One

The whole resemblance of abstracting a heart and mind

becoming true in writing informing me as he gained in my
heart and say what is new and on your or my mind, I love
you Chris very much to this day. He can he bring me a
smile now? Of course he can will be everlasting love.
If Chris and I talked I would bring up how Google
product company making a miracle pill. That exams the
body. Which him being with his addictions tobacco and
love for teacher to extreme would be ideal diversity
intuition talk about as he had that idea in psychosis.

He showed a someday understanding an opportunity,

brought and brings as while desire be wealthy was his
creations knowing future in his Lords of ones of exiling
his life who said they'll be there take all with his
mind and thinking as to speak what's up.
I brought up in introduction that he helped the school
with IRC channels, room another word and brings chance
by understanding attainment of striving to learn young
age the basics caring remarks I needed show by acute is
greatly indoors by his company and mine.


Bringing to a pattern I

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
OneChris 33
was young
when I liked

but maybe sooner as he is with schizophrenics thinking

we met on buddypic.com which I had been under the
impression thoughts he pressured with sent out letter
with hope to ease of troubles with my mother and family
was hard while finding answers and not true with false
If others knew something was worth remembering only once
he wrote I brought forward while I gave my best love was
with my family for he understands.

He would understandability with high hopes legalizing

substance while there is he more than an understanding
student he is mine on a point seven presupposition
outcome to be heading to the right pathway.

You will try understand I have joyful heart for and

where there is trust and knowledge of birth is heading
the way it will come ease the troubles with thoughts of
you Chris.

I put a head up my ass, I ended of the nonsense

behaviors and guided when there is light it held much
love and light knowing he was there for troubles found


in a lover.

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One

I thought of reasons and his surroundings needed care

for Chris I looked upon me to be here wanting a writing
editing his story of true love.
We together Chris and I have been through heck the
trails which spoke I been obeying my duty for years
yearning to meet and see him on day of funeral of couple
of days past his Grandparents funeral and wake was
debate wither to go that say all nice things our way.


for the moments made due time of a marriage

conclusiveness as so ought to be.. true on Easter where

we eat ham and Kraft macaroni and cheese.

While showing supportive actions to most it was with

different path girls got jealous. Yet held yellow and
red wedding colors several kinds of endearment of love
dwelling on set forth-positive virtues of once
friendship, yellow now romance novel of love, red wife
and husband romance hat once started as friendship being
always there.

Looking at the years it stood out he was the one. He is


the most affectionate

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
reliable Become
person for One
a good person

take naps with during day. His body was going change all
next year.
But I remember thinking my moms was thinking my love is
where the enrichment towards an aimlessly 11 hour 11
minutes 11 seconds before now calling that time ought be
cheerful uplifting to do your best and most endlessly
focusing for good behavior towards nothing but sharing
ideas with kindness from his words. It was killing me
softly by his love and he became major impact of my
whole life.

I was thrilled to dress colorful each day with reasons

he became reasons to make me smile and love it my story
writing. Okay maybe I was wrong, to live you be creating
good it keeps you going thinking positiveness is virtue
of owning a teacher or professional love in any nature
of being part of a relationship.

I made known of increments of flow charts to recovery. I

yearn to be socially active that a show signs
encouragement from both teacher and student.
To fall better of short than normal is far from a
professionally in love with a students, teachers and


Chris. And with active

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
far from normality

lead me hospitals and further proceedings of love

engagement if he right for me to prepare me for better
or worse.

This was reality test for exceeding for sex was unknown.
I was discreet or tried be discreet of answer to

My life was caused by a major impact of his life,

while leaving a day to get out and get forever thinking
of a reason to store his number into a contacts if that
day will come true in written date of baby or soon
wedding on Easter 2016.

Everything happened by chance for improvement and I was

advertised on the school web-site with my number and
while at heart was with sometimes of shame and missing

I am ready see him succeed and ready to be seen with a

young adult student. I give him a life of a new chapter
of my life dwelling prosaic plan of story of our life in
the intimacy of being birth of new child.


The idea new chapter

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
was thinking
about aOne
big wedding

as it began to expand with his thoughts and writing with

feelings aroused into fine works with no sentencing of
his troubles.

Being by his side by far with my student he grew up at

home-town I taught him wisdom comes within and to follow
dreams. He was a local high school student, which I had
a daydreams later on in life and of say of marriage
dreams when taking drugs make him comfortable.

As while back he made a star took place out of a

hospital he created with glitter and he wish to be
married for many years to one of many, myself. And he
and I had a click connection, I loved the student Chris
so very dearly much offer me his warm embrace kindness
of spirit.

I am here say I love life and sharing my last summer

vacation pictures on internet but by far the good news
is while serving from time sentenced to no evilness and
will never be known to Chris who brought no committed
crime with trials with court.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
He really is true comprehensive person with helpful
advice that comes far beyond betrayal from myself where
I brought voices in his life.

And with a normal mind as bring forward it only love

asking for in a relationship I felt guilt and a mind in
which could go far out from control from my hands. If he
had no chance to talk he would call me not normal just
hustle conspiracy of peace teaching about technology and
how love is true.

I softly remain calm, while I write. I will be keep calm

and I know exactly how turn him on. As I will look my
sexiest in motions when endure my time into the
relationship, I will model my exchange a supreme-able
model look to behavior leading more love.. and yes
kindness was acute for change yes expect me to call
today reading. The avers effect was brought always with
his life going on pills once a day get and obtain

Saying I like you we are together accept it now write it

and what can we prove to say as you are reading he will
be loveable person, and that is true he will but be


aware he may want three

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
wives. Become One

I was ought to be better treated with my illness with I

love yous', I care about you, checking in say hello
never said but in other words Chris cheered me up along
with of family with the cards he kept for couple weeks
after new years if together on holiday Valentines Day.

I seek find the answers of my use of words as I stayed

high as said hi. We made out in hospital visit attributes
but with this writing can you be mine on Easter married
is no mistake I know answers will be treasured.

I will easily understand he brought love through writing

and you will get your brain knock out if you make a story
about my love and desire. I get hurt while fantasizing he
maybe accommodating an occupied for more feelings this
time around.
These are the days where puzzles about that time was the
birth with all essentials of health concerns like
abilities getting motivated, and delusions have lead on
effect to set on being mysterious, which resolved on with
him taking medications.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
The responses lead the act being birth of thought. Im
driving towards success with baby in mind with Chris.
Lucky I knew better give it all for one who enter being
a creator relationship for one that plagiarized his
story startled me to be fr-actuated that could use
therapy for motivation out-looking an express route with
Chris as set forth miracle if together.

I knew better from wrong and knew today ought be with

good positive talk keeping informed we might just get
lucky settling through the lost lonely feelings we
shared together.

In life was a memory of he were mine forever as he said

I will always be here for better or worse and ought be
presented all means birth to prove he worth all my life
proceedings are apple to my eye lover Chris.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One

Chapter 11
The Treasured Life Moments

gave respect and for most I gave chances he

hurt I was hurt. But as I have nothing to commit.

As of crimes of my relationships in past, the worth
while of a status of now bring no word having
nothing, I say about communication with my desire
was filled with on arrival mystery of my mercy
thirsty for more.
Where we go where we been a day to have filling
with love began, in being the best acts of the best
behave with positive behaviors.
And begin last week for month last year of February
try new pill for he happened notice change his life
was on before to make due for recovering with a day
eases the mind with ostracizing ones personnel
space into bright future with being with him.
Where is about joining group or sharing family and
friends a verdict to share a day that feelings are
built upon the abstracting negativity.
Nouns and time well spent the routine of my day and
was whom I came out of the day impressing. As to
what was impressing was all heading towards
abundance in faith of wellness to recover and set


forth being

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One

Having set issues while we discuss the positive

the additives was the evilness who edited our

While I have months time of planning about an individual

of giving new ideas and medication prescribed which can
make me a better person, intentionally I love him my
student Chris.

For I took two pills of medication on daily base I

brought new aptitudes of knowing we were in this life
together. And a realistic goal for a commitment to my
student is remain drama free from day one of selfdestructing as he wanting be together in a field of
Usually it was difficult times where he handles to live
life well, but his time and behavior was my time and
fault of cards that are worth remembering. And with
medical marijuana I felt his bereavement of treating
life. I wanted him on medical marijuana posting new
story on his birthday and mine in past a behavior
especially for the judgment called for corporation of
mental health program which he obeyed.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
I love going on with who I deserve and when kinda like
Forest Gump was told meaning of vacation. And I will for
all ask him out Chris when looking at his pictures of
where there is love, and where and when life is that
took part.

Moments that captured memories easily treasured not in

least resistance of obtaining the oracle of truth it was
a safe drug with no proven knowledge caused harm and
with abundance serenity around us.. with soothing
sayings he shared and quotations.

My thoughts remain about whats ahead of us and my days

brought a bucket-list in which brought up and consisted
of having a baby with Chris while improving my thought
pattern was difficult. I yet to feel this was moment I
will treasure it will be year I have baby with Chris.
He decided play forth lucky numbers on fortune cookies
as ones inspire growth of money. One fortune cookie said
Take the chance while you still have the choice.

If a story about love will bring us fortunes then all

butterflies in stomach brought addicting feeling of good
and wanting be wreathed in your arms while feeling good


energy as believe in

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
power of a Become
touch. He was
under my

wing the classroom of trials led absence of knowing it

was true love.

Truly I am yours I say to myself and what is to come is

factor of what has to come and better serve kind words of
hanging on faithful pledge of hope, where I come to
agreement with this realizing fact from fiction there is
no ordinary decision with behavior disorder writing a

From reality to hate no good or bad for better worse I

will make room in between for freedom see if evaluation
is up for grabs unless we cry a tear will show true

And while I say nothing but quotations made an outlook

look positive. I will speak a little shy but do not cry
or forgive from my zero mistake tolerance arrangements
that can build trust with a smile and happiness.

I made true a story and on what life was with a hotshot

student teacher interaction with teacher resulting an
adverse effect of the amount of time spent with attorney
reading would take hours for a response if changes ought


to be made possible a

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
of someOne

As of jury is knowing and remembering all myself can

become is all I want as I made due to change my
legalization rights to set forth abundance owed to the
giver of life made to show positive virtue of the

He had thoughts for awhile pleading what shall be placed

or how reached one another as wanting kind difficulties
in hardship, he obstructed my life like literally
tormented it while I hope for best outcome where passion
romance thoughts occurred.
May it become romantic nights where we kiss foreplayinto play fourth action to have and build memories for
he was worth my time and money.

You may hate the facts he had been experiencing only

when others were jealous? It had some breakdowns but
from a crime lead a true benevolent transaction of a way
of thinking. He caused mending a desire to read while
editing his story whiling I was ignoring the keys of


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One

As worthy of loving his story with a while talking

gibberish on phone with positive attitudes yes yes yes
and there it was we were in love.

It was his first written document comment about going to

Paradise. I thought Paradise vacation planning so high
with love being my drug of choice. It felt Jeff Bates One Day Closer the lyrics and sure why not share,

Why do bad things happen to good people?

I don't know, but they do
And why is this world full of so much ego
And so much pain? I wish I knew
When I see God I'm gonna ask Him
But I don't know when that'll be

But I'm one day closer to one day knowing

All the answers I've been searching for
My time on earth is getting shorter
And my list of questions keeps on growing
But I'm one day closer to one day knowing


Why is life down here such a

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One

Trouble's all I've ever known

And when I die will I go to heaven?
And will it be like going home?
Will my lost loved ones be there waiting?
There's no way to know right now

But I'm one day closer to one day knowing

All the answers I've been searching for
My time on earth is getting shorter
And my list of questions keeps on growing
But I'm one day closer to one day knowing

How it feels to stand among the Angels

And why sometimes they don't intervene

Yeah, I'm one day closer to one day knowin

All the answers I've been searching for

My time on earth is getting shorter
And my list of questions keeps on growing
But I'm one day closer to one day knowing


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One

And while Chris had nothing else closer it was near I

said he was suffering loss of touch of a glamorous
beautiful lady or has he done right.

I tend to try to love I never called him I must be the

answer to the questions but been filled with benevolent
efficient thoughts you should have a space and write for
months years whenever within oh glory to that adult boy
I loved.

It was him I love more each day love me Chris I speak of

treasured in moments. So be it were lesbians.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One

Chapter 12
Tender Loving Care

bout tender loving care brought moral allowing

depositional courage at remarks of his creditors.

I had thought about everyday effort while little sleep

all I want. It was the rude awaking. To sleep through a
night with Chris with no worries, and say yes to
marriage at legal standpoints, and he was the one who
provided a commitment at young age and I show I care
when I talked in his schizophrenia when he needed me.
Where I been knowing he could be right, he obeyed the
fact of liking me which brought the feelings are going
to be me providing freedom.
He knew I someday I am going to provide freedom is way
knowing when your rights and laws are properly used.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One

Where mistakes you have carry on through mistakes but

once you get a hold of a grudge yet possibly of knowing
he can bring a heart to completeness thoughts meant to
be so much if he specially challenged through out
thoughts that are special.

For someone whom he knows I fall in love everyday, I

praise each day like it's a holiday I deed for no
mistaken actions.

I am the one for happy and sad moments. And from that
unique individual, I had been thoughtful about a special
moments of marriage a wedding that he will bring
kindness to everyday devotion vow that he will be an
everlasting love and devotion for memories are silent as
I try make headway towards caring and being throughout
his life a lover.

For the court pursuit a silent case this coming up year

I really have much hope to share life with my thoughts
about being together and it was not a life option for
these couple of months to remain the same I need be
informed about what he has for positive good news.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One

By far with my formal student sharing instantaneously

with words the wisdom brought through social networking
informed by scripts was kept about being the best love
story diary. As he saw his expert guidance on
information given at higher remark by blessing of
fighting for what is right and married was from within
due to have no mistake of low grades in school and
quality of the marjunia bud.
He made little sense why he loved me. But I could see it
in his eyes of the apple to the coordinator I can give
so much in so little time.

What could go wrong with care I get as adult being over

forty. He wanted life together always with child
development of learning basics of life kept simple.

And took advice from others. As we lived making possible

with conscience writing to a computer and making us be a
soul to one.

For-most what he lives to be hopeful for a relationship

with faith of my influence as I hope we talk everything


over with ourselves over

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
a purpose
of living
with self

pride. I made due recognize he was there from start with

now controlled behaviors in his mood.

For who when he re-instituted his behaviors the most

admirable moments where why how make due profound
miracles to make relationship to last as tender loving
care act.

I remained silent, while I making known to Chris I will

be sharing the feelings for one another in hopeful state
for a positive verdict.

I left business card of where to go in times of trouble

where placed as where he would do a Gilead walk but one
thing was for sure he did get the card.

As I believe with all said matters was at good hands I

had his mailbox key too. He left the key at my hometown
on sidewalk it was yes a flashback.

For no more year trials, yet I have been in love with

myself and himself all this time. I have a kind heart my
love is where I picture life with Chris and while from
now I shown lots of respect, during hard times with


proven tenderness and

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
caring sides
with myOne
heart with

joyfulness to be shared.

The life I live is filled with my heart loving one my

students and with my heart it felt good to have
abnormality for a moment student and teacher being

I knew I was a fighter demanded good but held

accountable, while he showed acts of kindness with my
life in general assurance that yield out my wise soft
And I only feared being arrested for a court to go
viral.. while knowing he will be on my side now and
forever. He with life was breathless may seem fast but
heck I may be set forth with uncontrollable devotion.

It was his time needing planning for a moment in time

due show intimacy far to soon. But be of sure a fact I
will never forget how he made me feel foremost hist
tenderness soothing hug.

His name was Chris, and from most of all, he stood out
to be one out of the ordinary this student never gave up


on exile of love and

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Oneto give
hope. I was
with a chance

life as breathe deeply during needed of sex.

While I had in mind of make his life mobile he had

recommended therapist and by now it was chance of being a
major impact could save us if we both agree to talk as
communication plays huge part in a relationship.

With what do we want is care. Is the questions with my

allowance of communication which was kept minimum which
court followed proceeding no contacting any party.

I always played the victim as seemed considering I was a

Pisces and felt ashamed for my virtue of faults its love
all reading. He was a listener and loved my ways.

I was striving for more income, and was I looking ways

making money last. I was a highly motivated young
teacher who was goal oriented that treated a life for
what it is worth of values yet to grow with implementing
a planted ordeal or scenario yet to be in a story.

I felt he expected a young heart, with ways of all

making himself to expand on multiple ways to take of
care his life on my insurance card policy.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
When I was ready he will get off state insurance and
where in love comes right state mind to share aroused
feelings during intimacy appropriately excluding words
like hate you or gosh darn it when something during life
fuck up happen.
One way to take care is by getting a grip, take control
of amount you show you care. I gave the most of caring
courage when he left the school to be taught at library
on January, and couple months our anniversary he was
allowed back in school showing always cheerful smile
with delightful spirit as a tender loving care proposal
of happiness dwelling on all good behaviors without
boundaries I felt was ahead.

While I figure out why it is not over the relationship

had still presented he made no contact to family and
friends of mine which factors out no problem because of
no troubles. I really want make possible of all to set
up a date.

Birthdays where he blew candles always to be with me

which made me blush for a moment whom knew I wanted him
and he always had time to listen where love as saved my
wish accepted by truth having a wish I was not cast only


appearance of my wish

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
was his command
he appeared.

To have come true to blow candles in front of him

saying it came true as we kissed in front of classroom
door well he did which was blown from several yards
distance for our kisses told the story that were blown.

And time began to grow with truth which came through the
feelings went to a scene I remained blue. And ever so
love me he loved me so very much he showed how and what
it feels to be loved with supportive encouragement.

And I dig it when he comes out with positive attitude

within the new therapy write when feeling trauma on
marijuana medical his heath provider prescribed took
time think it through and felt agreed with nearly
everything that has been said are feelings in chapters.
The downfall was to keep him aware of his surroundings
of the net to not hurt my feelings being on controlled
medications and use of marijunia.
He was more alert and awake during day it was over
counter pill frolic acid made writing apathy for bearing
see research my health if I had him in moment of keeping
love true with him.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
He wrote the story mostly I was one who was in head way
writing words with feelings. What to say or be part of
in his book where he showed love comes unexpectedly
unknown times acute to treat psychosis.

While we both showed sweet sides to admit the facts he

was answer my prayers to find healing with blessing
count dealt with dealing a time to cope. To cope is to
do marijuana admit it and it felt good get relief of
truma over time with months supply.

While thinking and taking upon routine with thoughts how

start new ideas. The ideas were about to learn more
throughout my day. I remained to grow with values
willing to show or point out.

Chris will be curious with a walking life in my shoes,

my remarks is we share benefit in knowing an effective
learning tool is take medication and are his ways of
leaning from mistake or fault.
And the irresponsible had no say but good luck to be him
in my honor which call him My Girl in which I like that
song as it went well beyond the extraordinary to make


note he was Ashley

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Hollywood onBecome

I was about to take life all though of a smartness

behavior to make life easier through technology. To some
he was noted save time by helping by making known to be
through to make clear he bought love while encouraging
others take upon open source applications.

I was a mother of one child I feel comfortable with

prestige outlook. On how my life is when I have thoughts
about changing his attitude from disrespect to

And with court he proved he was right on proceeding a

proper judgement for love for multiple reasons of
wandering his money is not at his hands.

He only wanted enough money support his life with

teacher and child of his own. He gained with my heart
saying the truth about how it all got started and
malefaction of knowing it was all a bond of trust broken
because he did not drive proving points he had no


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
Running through my mind is pain of ache with so much
respect was said notably and done by a bond here stand
Mrs Vecchitto getting married on Easter.

My thought of knowing a lot felt a little out of the

ordinary but I remained true that untrustworthy actions
for him loose virginity of being there twice in dajavu
with recorded hospital visit in emergency room and with
school as he hug tight in hallway?

And I to block one another on the web-site to males

girls told me and now myself I had hunt down him in
public. While it felt right and questioned myself am I

I was ready for this New Year to start by talking to one

another as spiritually paired. And as I felt today was a
strong connection reading on Sunday on day of his party.

And unblocking knowing it can happen once again my

thoughts giving another chance to make a stance. While I
prove righteous of this creation of years collaboration
as these were the days of tender loving care living life


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
I been feeling I am ready, he seems to have this day as
an ache in the heart that has been in past cheerful but
Im more than that woman working at Wall Street Journal
being a journalist with thoughts keep a mend that his
time fit to shame to know my schedule of before or after
article on news media or web which gave my contact
It feels like a true love story as a day go by with known
facts goes with his ways of leaving footprints and I
expect to date soon enough from Chris for this New Year
had a dwelling spirit well defiantly talk as he was in my
tender heart whom I cared for in life.

I had everyday kayos schedule, I spent my time teaching

all hours of day. I really felt he could be trying out
application grant programs during this time being self
employed and make things better while I use the community
of Open Source applications, which I learned existed with
Chris in psychosis.

I taught at businesses I owned with lessons being a

better person while managed a job at Portland High
School. I very much missed him dearly in my heart desire
read on this well written story with a happy face.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
And life forever marriage with picking Chris to be the
lucky one right here beside my moves and set structure
routine, began to dwell into actions seeking denial of
behaviors as he came all thoughts out say everything in
a story here to the kindness set us free.

That missing key to others, about with that life was

with missing components moments that come easy to copy,
or you cut the verdict that will find you in years later
but fear not all dwell in spirit intentionally aiming
for loving Chris to fullest of life being to have a
trust in everything be all-night thriller to take upon a
night away writing pages of recovery.
He be that a not just any key will open the door and
when you open the door, the key has all power of the
world to take inside and begin a start of a resemblance
of miracles.

In button of justice act Police have every right to help

if vandalism happens with a crime without a key meant to
thoughtfully plead research that would breach truth why
it is important why he does like me far to the extreme
to love for years. I was not leaving behind the shame. I
put on seeking truth.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
I felt something up, for realizing he was leading
obeying this verdict if you gosh darn it was Under My
Umbrella by Rhiannon he liked and sang behaviors been
looking tight if offered by hand of trial as tender
loving care was like diamond in sky.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One

Chapter 13
Heart Shattered From Hurt

o find love, you need search daily human effort a

great effort each day while being positive yes some

things happen at young age but its my heart that wants
Chris. To leave a positive relation aspects I want him
well and better with this note passed through
hospital and land-line phone.

As if he realized he call mostly first on land-line

number. And he changed his cell phone number which loved
his new digits undergo numbers you dial. I knew well be
family of five one day.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
Ive make these months to wish you well the best for I
will give it my offerings to comprehend all to make
right gut instincts.

All this time I will give it my best, while being better

through thoughts aboard you to settlements to sail away
with me to the Caribbean cruise ship a piece of paradise
when on honeymoon.
To make the best efforts everyday to say we are in love.
To support his dreams yet make relationship hold its
side of tale thats a story about truth and loyalty and
now pronounce you as my husband was pleading
independently for student Chris.

I have a happy family which brought as such smiles for

this year knowing Im going on verdict with announcement
I will allowing the case to contact allowing that is the
best months by far you can understand I had a given
chance be with him.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
Nothing refused say he'd would of could of several times
of myself to showed me his profile. In which is not play
so called games to make fool for nothing but tool that
makes him cool. Why me, why me, why me kept running in
my head repeatedly.

For I took day trip cape cod as flash-back I felt

enriched with delight he offered to take a well-being
needed space see how long urge guy make a nerve say yes
but no on my end to say yes marriage of a teacher
student relationship.

While making of a life with nothing at all is different

then income where he was making enough supporting an
apartment and bills that went along with that apartment
nothing but water was included.
I felt he must be wild but with my thoughts and knowing
income is essence of serving growth in ecstasy.
I will be allowed at my house this year but when I of
dwelling sentence sending a form of recognition of
making a young heart to smile on his face.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One

While I said he wanted more and more and more intimacy

and love in life with pictures with understanding he got
a hidden discreet name which most dressed with As Soon
Love Everything-about You action as he wanted me be him
by stood cloned me.

Factoring out and aiming towards something that

recharges instantly and Chris be held accountable for
understanding he was the one and about knowing how to be
with supportive with encouragement with my dreams which
lead to positive behavioral attitude.

Weve could and would bring of a great cheer or help

fund the cause of Mental & Behavioral health to go
bizzar like his father said what hell is happening or
Fairy wishes for next days arrivals gotten contradicting
behaviors of it can go on as me setting fair judgment in
Ubuntu OS Operating systems as there motto definition is
for human beings. It was all mean while worth time for
him realise does he really want lied soul online with no
real age or play guessing game with my age. I feared I


loved him so much why

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
should heBecome
show remorse.

I was also impressed how long it had been since the 4

hours of the erection lasted when he was treated by
likeness of me.

Through thoughts along the way happen when he felt

aspects of my areas came to confusion. I really had no
fear but fear that he knew me more and more as time
seeing progressively proceeding efficiency on how time
was about tender loving care. I knew that I wouldnt
stop myself with everything to believe that I became
successful at what I do everyday which brought job
markets and creation.

And I have a business or couple not saying what but felt

right share knowledge about computers and now the baby
boomers have it good as for his cat Oz Sarah Leblanc
owns now I felt he gave so much now regrets what he knew
was true matter vs time.

I heard her plead for more animals for attachment. And

for Chris he was a teachers pet with illness I brought
to bring income making it not possible to date me or saw
love in teachers vision. Thinking he is one who wrote on


day before birthday with

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
me finding
out heOne
found myself

in loon act knowing everything comes before hand as a

research terminal were Putty Software would be used if
he did SSH network in Ubuntu or Suse.

When I love I felt closeness it brought to my

Connection Chris why did his family give up on a cat? I
was not assure to feel all good.

And was relief less person to worry about as wanting it

be with own supportive friends who would actually take
or it. But time told when his mooter brought home a dog
years later in fact this month of March was of knowing
technology so quick or so fast with knowing how I said
something of fright.

I made due to be in under the impression well undergo

both yellow works by touching a spirit under going the
path set to place and where that placement is in my
students arms but enough mistaken you can take you to a
delirious acts leading to more days forwards priding
what I know best or singing a song like delirious would
cheer me up which he did fine job at La-Boca restaurant
as in other song by singing Bob Marly.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One

I am hope-in this I taught a privilege it was for

mistakes to lead my thoughts that served righteous that
served justice dwelling in way to light a pathway with
his religion within my behavior. About my act is of
self-examination driving and seeing the truth while out
making due for evaluation in mind as I had him for
visiting nurses on weekdays.

In which Chris brought thought about fun times way

before my daughter but nothing is stopping me now my
daughter is the world to me. I put her first shes my
precious princess. Most of all I had little worries.

Yet the talk was minimum, I was understanding the first

day of school Id be there and now knowing Chris is by
my side.

I coherent a story aroused through feelings that built

full thrust of trust it be successful with judge being
kind in description of meaning word love or hate which
both currently I couldnt resist to show neither could
he was writing a proven valid points. I was miserable so
be it he was too Chris my student I was the writer who


did the editing.

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One

So the fun times raise the question about my life

thinking can it be okay to have kind thoughts leading a
pathway towards and from love, and I do enjoy every
minute of sharing time while together in school?

I feel he was the answers to all I endured in life, a

dream come true. As within my student he gave a blessed
days blowing kisses that it from distance from a door to
my door was sensations he'd say hello scrumptiously as
beautiful our life is told. I was young and attractive
with orgasm and only wanting with to be with my student
Chris to the friendly days he talks positive.

I had in past a relationship made known from bottom of

my heart pleading for the best under a pledge for whats
best, and for this year I gained a clever mind award.
Speaking about Chris, he was a young good-looking white
male student who had a pending case of harassment II
from my end.

While I change of thought about the pending charge, I

began to rethink and know how much of this relationship
is true. I began to be a super naturally began to be


rethinking about lasting

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
love where
I stood
on a

birthday and being a lady of super natural


I was the woman of being alone spouse of a warm woman

wanting be with him at a young age which brought
questions how gain respect or express at needed times of
intimacy. I agreed with given time I can rethink through
without disturbance that says the negative to recharge
positive with us being a partner of life in sex with
business and for all we endure with same life as one
lived as story about truth and facts its true love.

Life and its duration was all indulging in behaviors of

professionals of course. He was knowing his niece is
feeling urges show powers of schizophrenia and not being
told it's after whats true and believed yet find noises
of or voices of loneliness.

Therapy lead to think twice I can easily walk away from

problems or be the problem but either way was meant to
live wither right or wrong.

That needs friend for

supportive teachers to share the reasons for evilness to

say it is a story about faith loyalty and life
acceptances of knowing his identity.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One

He felt was my job teacher offer best education for my

child and his niece just the student and I the teacher
forever in a relationship with shown acts of care.

I later then felt missed by himself with shared heart

shattered feelings all due my heart feels down when
esteem spoke.

In corroboration the opposing uprising attempts he

organized his thoughts. I first have to get rid of
faults I made and put forth-positive relationship
towards my desire a student, Christopher Vecchitto as
heard him before bed praying for forgiveness of troubles
and I prepaid all attentions set forth his miracle of
shoes being with teacher.

It was aroused years and ecstasy was drinking out

coming home to more stalking behaviors intact fixed
income he was a Gospel teacher.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
The Gospel teacher wasn't up all hours of day writing
getting to over 250 pages by 250 pages brought the days
Chris needed to fix run on sentences which I helped. And
by Easter I was excited announce the wedding April 5th
I became through passing moments which from start was
ought be safe to the fact which now happily heading back
to a student. Why brought what if concerns about when it
were the questions and solutions to questions is
processing on get far ahead to better. How would a
teacher like myself be that way supportive? I devoted my
time to ownership of my heart.
Who I belong with is Chris and at glances brought where
during a course of apathy for therapy learning more
about myself knowing fact to fiction beyond belief which
I took in a way of its troublesome behavior.
When you come to knowledge from a stand I could go right
or wrong but dwelling into the student will result in
positive spirits. I felt as he shows the love I have
will lead towards relationship but he was the last
mistake I take upon start a relationship.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One

The heart shattered feelings to all angels of all

aspects where leads up down left right which he recalled
he was told what goes up must go down by a physics

He realized his thoughts will mend into a mold of

structure of ever lasting opposition of being good faith
staying positive words and who influenced me which
struggled main composure as I maintain life.

I felt on my own level, I had to be good fortune teller

in his life. He filed a complaint years later for his
teacher being in his head as quested his life with voice
it was for both life people. He would synthesize a voice
into ones soul as a communication had to be placed. A
sense of humor always came about with his believing and

There wouldn't be signs of hurt no more no one would be

brought where not being itched for truth is certainty
enable my life listen more frequently from where the
source had trials to court and verdict.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
It was hurt from court orders if negative and today was
right moment seek forgiveness of spirit of doubt whom
was possibly the essences of heart shattered by hurt.

As creating and deliberating the good who needs

understand Im hear listen if you live in regrets and
make realist speaks of realizing I been no mistake but
one mistake can make it or break it. As shattered with
broken heart I led my heart and life.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One

Chapter 14
Knowing I Can When & Where

As I got carried through with myself loving the student

so much love dwell in the insights that I dressed with a
fashionable styled hair and fashionable clothes where
everyday was a new day see my handsome student Chris as
I had flashbacks several times with thought of memory

I gave extra time to smell and look beautiful for him

awhile after on first weeks of his schooling. He
accepted my worthiness and began to become a
knowledgeable with learning a new word a day.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One

And with the movies spoke with writing the truth about
the itch behind him liking the movie Pumpkin maybe he saw
me as a teacher with excellence what did he want from me
as a collage grad or student before liking him.

Any heart young or older can speak nobody will ever

replace Chris. I have a positive attitude and I write
down my thoughts as they come which are repelling about
simple acts of kindness, which brought out my worthiness
and where Chris had brought sexual feelings entering
while feeling to my life and from his attitude.
Chris and had his boner kept me going strong for these
years as felt his boner during hug. To feel him up is
what I long and yearn for-most for... he remembers other
teachers writing a story.

He knows how I felt by his gentle touch of genital

against my body. And I'm just maybe not ready share
whats next where. Who we are makes us whole again from
where we first started as feel wow this could soon end.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One

I thought about how much of potential with his

personality reflects on himself thinking so much which I
seen his work of writing for first time.

I been told by his mother and special education, it was

teachers helped with all years and I gained his first
words for what he wrote for first time with homework he
brought at school very rarely he did school work.

An email with message was the first written love message

I could only wait for more. I could tell he been hurt
for years but he never knew that words would heal young
mind reader.

While existing here making possible the relationship I

only knew happy and sad that triggered mad behaviors
with frustratingly made possible for its well-being to
make amends to uplift his life to new heights.

In reality I was offered look on what stood us here. If


others think reality is

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
whos the One
bitch? I

wanted equal love mostly all channels on TV with cable

internet paid by Chris.

No matter what the disabilities he face I seen him at

worst ends I began to have hope as if ready he
understands I was going with some of the same feelings
at our age now him at age 26 which I see like he learn
to accept and to take medication everyday to make better
and not to be any worry.

Will he make positive the acceptance of my love was the

question I had to find to cure togetherness on where
feeling brought thoughtfulness.

Chris will spend rest of life with myself, and when

being with Chris I can make each day give peace giving a
ruling with permissions due whats right from both ends.
The amount of time and effort balance is key, not to
little not to much I want to be what a happy couple
cuddling together today.

I thought take love where by next level it would take

hell out of me to be married with Chris with enjoyable
sex drive young and going out with him was running out


reasons why through my

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
One you do
mind I see

not get your corn watching Children Of Corn. It rarely

happens I would catch him with an online date that is

Its more then love we wanted and others played they

wanted me and I had reasons going sane this year. And so
be it we are a couple not married, with my daughter
saying everything will be okay do what Chris taught us
desires of heart of all great music he produced.

Eventually I thought about how the relationship can

offer more money if married and I was trying to make
attentively change considering negativity was research I
attended to make in quick due time change in his mind
about his dream for Easter wedding come true.

The life I choose was for truth after-all I was as well

disabled adult acting like a child towards Chris with
abilities of obstructing obtain love as to keep real
with his mysterious ego empathize for better look inside
depth work out no law behind marijuana and be favor to
use for the trauma in adults remembering childhood. As I
brought in his life along with childhood wrong events.
Then outcome to fully be in-charge he lead me to carry a


heart while obtain

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
knowledge isBecome
this real One
true love.

I should quit worrying about life at my way of seeing it

sad see people supportive as Friday was funeral for his
grandfather and wake next day.

One should know a full understanding thoughts ought to

be ready and taught being respectful required respect in
his times on arrival. I knowing when I can be put shame
but yet hold grudge be fame gained a personality and
gained space with Court and very thankful for a positive
court verdict for this year.

I was so anxious to see him and court was around the

corner, couple months away. I became excited which by
all means with that being said, I to be sharing and
showing thoughts which make me think that with my
thoughts are the make of a single thought expandable to
multiple levels thoughts come with a verity of emotions
which gained excitement.

I knew when accomplished a task it was hard comprehend

the facts of confusion.

I will know for sure if he

really likes me like he says so.. In some kind of

remembrance of reflections of yet to be told.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
It was going to be Easter and 4th of July all running in
my mind is Chris and daughter as we can go Sail-Fest in
New London to see fireworks at the river front.

The marina where I worked was opening up. I thought

about teaching another year how to sail like every other
year but this year being focused on saving money.

To be thinking positive is a challenge, which makes me

understand Chris will be with one to appreciatively had
us as a couple days where the life is throughout warmly
his life abundance.

With you understanding lets say he whom enters and I

mean together here by enjoyable sexual desire into a
consensual relationship as holding Chris in life not you
For myself to make all passable for a relationship of
knowing he has evidence I want relationship was when and
where I advertised my life as a diary set private unlike
Chris' diary and published his book edited which was
team effort to have completed by Easter, that was day of



Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One

I will continue to love for this year plus more

believing the highs and lows will make due to becoming
ready up for new challenges and up coming changes I
would face. But not to keeping said nothing with him
putting effort counted because he knew he makes a
lovable pooh bear.

With him or myself in say dangerous crimes and to not

due lack courage but in because of the harm that can
speak any form was to not put in harm or put myself in
life of no danger with loving Chris.

The connection may cause excitement to the extent that I

only see life spent with him, Yet the thoughts about
having common thoughts alike brought about life ahead. I
was not out to be exposed on having common sexual

He made myself look stunning as a model. He always had

good comments. I seemed shyness of him which he wanted
it to be time on his side to make everyday be a blessing
count as marked him number one to pray for longer life
his family and friends.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One

I was not a model but I adore with life was fashionable

which I had Chris admiring me so dearly much, to this
day he was very fractionated and I felt he is the one I
will ask for chance to talk at his earliest convenience
as time spoke possibly Sunday.
His face-book was filled with everything that has
everything captured my heart. And we make due of both
effective changing outlooks for the better parts of us
to reunite at places we adore and love to shop without
saying a word when Chris crossing paths.

As while I wrote I had thoughts about life when and

where, to be placed from where I thought about how long
it has been and now is a feeling positive moment which
gave trust.
I researched which I can let the cookie crumble, easier
said then done that destroyed the good while we enjoying
each other so much well least of my care I so dearly
much stalk you Chris if reading and everything about you
Chris I love.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One

For why I am ready waiting my queue to make the call

though I wait to visit him till I know now on how he
sounds because his sweet caring voice is my desire and
easy pleasing may I make my heart talk repeatedly that
was as running on mind through me a spirit if we ought
make up today on My Birthday.

And foremost the relationship is like a married NewlyWed game show of unconditional love of knowing someone
so much. And I like saying nice comments of inspiration
with possessiveness, which factors out to come with my
love for this New Year, I had thoughts about applying on
show. I would expect a kiss for all right questions.

He made known to cause direct informal interaction and

detraction because he was my dream balance of my
stability of calmness and reactions.

I will marrying a student as teacher stands a

relationship where student had no contacting anyone or
speaking my name to others.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One

Sure enough he obeyed as I am serious enough know wrong

to right from right to wrong only because he felt strong
about love which derails fuel knowing it will be sad to
see go at young age which he prayed long years for
friends who accept him honor relationship and family
including myself long years lived as getting back on
track to complete a pathway of a heart for knowing
something could go wrong.

The student brainstormed with thoughts came about their

unique values that could be expressed by many but we get
out of line, we if so try so hard accomplish what love
brought us here.

In most what raised questions which we put effort into

reality to make known we are on a team together forever
in Chris life a mystery to be solved if the love is true
or fake. I remained happy and silent.

I whispered all my life to my daughter at young age

saying Chris is real and she was at age prove it I want
a father that loves both a mother children and family
with offerings always being there wither from hurt to


happiness, sorrow to

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
pain, and Become
sufferings One
too kind.

As I felt completeness, I felt shame with denial I knew

with the regrets it would lead to denials of a
relationship ought to be true.

It was the life aiming at life consumptions make writing

words prove he was with it how long with me and whenever
it was possible could I expect a call?

As I stared in night sky I looked up saw a star as

wished for many reasons why everything happened way it
happened without challenge say why an illegal use
marijuana caused hate it safe I repeatedly say. Safer
then cigarettes.

And I raised the question and thought with a

relationship I am close by with so much to give and will
I get questionable people into my life? If there is
questionable people so who will be my fear with worth
while thoughts Chris is okay? I lost many but well soon
to be known as Newly-weds, I promise Chris.

For a must we begin each day with kiss and say famous


words like good morning

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
us had Become
that idea for
heading to

paradise, as we are well and healthy married.

Where the thoughts became connections where I want Chris

being ready for me as I ought to know that I am placed to
learn everyday challenges.

To him is to find a cure be all over with computerized

water proof plastic parts of having technology act
inside body in research of some reason to live fully in
a pill of a miracle.

He was living a cougar life. As chin was held up high

and no peace but glory in the mighty to high levels
which own up life of a policy agreement you know anythings possible.

You should not judge me but know about me how to take

me as a teacher when you have a hold of a case by on
social media press of being on my side.

Youll be pertinence and obey court orders, know your

rights and police have every right to lie that can
protect you and others in oral agreements.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
This brought questioning the last court date he was left
withdraws of friends. He made few new ones mostly in
band where he created music lyrics that was filled by
his hurt and moods.

I exist as by-standing through a Connection with

thoughts worth while to be not with a negative life or
any negative feelings of others company.

While thoughts about sharing and suggesting to control

ones self with positive talk by ones self behavior like
do not bring me down, I know you far better
uncomprehendingly each others spirit can make everything
possible by resulting as compared delight of us in doing
good hands other then any obstacle information received
by needs being met.

I led promises he gain my talk when we did actually

talk, and again when hes better understanding its my
choice to earn and accept his deed of loyalty of chances
that a pretzel franchise not that bad of idea show there
will be income coming in to this day if started one.

What came out of his mouth along with his psychical


actions can seen as a

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
problem biblical.
way to

express in life with a story, to make and ground cured

by hurt with words wisdom, let it be grow passionately
as possible conscience with relationship with Chris over
the years.

After all I was getting older with a lot of learning of

life was ahead how maintain a beautiful glamorous
outlook on life was what I intended to be sought of
deliberating successes from each others personnel.

While giving best I can of forgiveness to my worshiping

and workmanship moments of praise working besides him
wanting pleading I want a relationship with student was

And with all things are possible it made due for

chapters of books content of love theme where actions
lead behaviors under my criteria of being with somebody
new with feelings shared of loveless being quite all my
days, With entitlement and endearment of a long duration
of conscience of enabling the truthful faithful student
being aware he has yet to write till day or days before
Easter capture my heart..


Its not to far ahead

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
where I could
take this
can be

everlasting to easily be treasured by delightful wedding

on Easter.

Was it the uproar of if he has a family prove wrong

they will allow this to go commendation of a good
positive spirit for wedding I'm sure.
I had little fear because I understood him and what
counted he GAD a blessing of being touch to write write
write and write word after word exploring it was true
love here to come rescue the fortunate events.

While being part of this world makes the work of labor

built memories. I will soon labor of a child. I am going
to get birth with Chris being the Daddy in adulthood.
I will be the Goddess of the mightiest say I praise the
Lord I have a deep reliability due time check-point this
time around on year of my birthday, and his birthday to
see if this goes well and going make it happen before
the holidays Easter our wedding. I was going back to be
using my time on mobile face-book mobile while saving
another draft of story I will edit.


It was he that was if

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Chris canBecome
be a Dad. One
I felt he was

that kind soul my daughter can look upon he will always

be a dad and together we know he is loved and safe
attitudes which took enigma to new heights.

For all a puzzle where his life is our ought to be seen

I will delight my heart with hope and future make
possible very shortly after reading my actions of caring
while talking to ones know him best. I would make due to
trust the upcoming newborn with Chris is the blood
related to be a Father.

All I ever asked is for seeing a child grown up with

another sibling with a family life, and supporting one
another life. While giving a helping-hand, helping life
proceeding with education which is all-important in my
book for the right people create job growth with
knowledge and leadership as we allow everyone to buy
marijuana at a store.

I would like to talk out feelings but what I say is all

a circle it lead back wanting Chris more and more as
time progressed.

I make life known a tone to tolerate in believing myself


to love Chris all

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
throughout myBecome
life and was
until now,

today the marriage was open to talk about.

I still say he is the one. He seems to be never ending

dream filled with love and endless possibility of
marriage saying yes let's get married Easter in Spring

And to end this day off right, I must keep the positive
memories and how I befitting his many times he wrote
proving his love status by saying I love you each day on
social media.

There were never a downfall only when he recalled trauma

in his life where others did harm but it spoke he was
with a blocked profile.

We talk over each other and by downfalls in emails as I

think he forgot about me. Kindly I will make a move to
set place good judgment while showing hurt lead to
ruthless, troublesome, confusing, hard to explain, as
told by both sides from Easter Easter bunny come with me


Chris shopping.

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One

And I to professionals to jot down reasons why I love

Chris that we would be having life filled with miracles
of treasured moments.

Most of all the treasure moments brought that put

children create a bright future push from outer limit.
The see the unseen like it was a hobby.

And most part I admired myself the most giving others a

chance learn make money through software with efforts
and with my supportive actions of caring wanting
realized there is love all who allows a positive

As when I come exile of trusting one another once again

rethinking it was no fault but mine due what I like
besides prospering Chris and his life dwelling on all
good spirits he brought forth to the table.

While in no contact, keeping him in my heart as if I

remember after time Chris and I began to reconnect
sharing memories of our childhood and computers with



Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One

And I became a positive influence with each other and

made it possible for small talk impacts from one another
with each moral courage.

In spite of saying I want to be a students wife so be it

here stands a story as Chris would make valid points?

I raised the questions why I loved him in some way

uneasy to answer all but most why being there all ways
seemed a way to fit my time in his hands.

I focused aimed high standers because life is for

resources from originality which his ideas were
greatness in all ahem he yearned that endured others by
choices of thoughts differently with actions no hate.

He hated mostly guys few guy friends he had and

realizing he only hated sushi and other fish made it
seem okay well try shrimp cocktail on date. In-fact his
voice was unique he did not want complain about it
because I accepted him way he was and I aimed to


continue positive

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One

He swallowed a paper clip at younger age and after

removal he had changed his voice to vocal box.

The courage I speak of which roars out more and more is

here with more is with more, more is to writing more I
can easily say it has brought myself to think is within
or sudden doubt to show in with more positively seeing
more positive results I demanded him to keep with the
contextual thoughts making a bond for us in story and a
life praying in faith of good harmony of songs of nature
comes the love.

Meeting and seeing with more positive remarks makes a

positive likelihood of Chris exists with so much to give
with life and love to brought oath he will have clean
work area while made due say I can began to trust he
will be reaching out for job make money.

When and where within more healing lead to hurting more,

feelings let hurt never more then defined love by hurt
shattered feelings of intimacy lead to no not ready back
off. I realized I gave efforts but zero of mistakes was
unlikely it was gee could use him now, Chris.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
At nights alone trying be a woman a lady with love
proven stand points to set free with Chris came a
relationship was taking its turn.

And I was held to thin about setting only love Chris

that was the most exciting person to know more about on
what triggered aroused feelings towards me.

He'd say what was filled with honor came my beauty and
personality but it kept thinking to myself with facts I
love this is the student Chris he heard my voice with my
schizophrenia bipolar.

Yet-fully I was rethinking feelings all a blunt to built

up anger because I knew I was aging looking different
liking Chris still hopes he accepts the life still which
do a dissipative everything say favor to put forth a
protected visitations. With my classes and hypothesizing
people I found truth he does like me with all clients
and students who he talked too said it was true love.
I raised questioning if he ought to talk over feelings
and talk over the court verdict which all condone my
experiences in 40's with being close in the 50s. I look


to raise to keep me in

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
must needed
to take a

reach for all expense to make reason why I wanted

relationship is it just for sex raised the questions.

And I had right say no to any treatment I felt was a

discouragement to reflections of how to live life. And I
just dearly love Chris. He became an option now and make
known to expose in a story.

I need him understand, I love him so very much usually

on every day of the week and weekend. His love is what
indulge with arouse with writing down. I took it upon
myself have a night life with Chris with my daughter as
she grew up.

It was living at life at fullest from moments of

memories of the old and new. I rethink about us together
mostly I confront him about when see him to talk.

Sharing a sensation now with forever till new fresh

answered prayer a girl he ought to be with my loot to
love me I am mid to a day older in age which is now and
take it well looking shattering my careers of looking
what Chris wanted for I saw profits.


He kindly went way

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
beyond ordinary
to makeOne
due of

aggression as we plan not to deprive only with fortunate

intimacy here is the celebration not looking back as
shattered hurt told by its chapter, which have thoughts
of traveling with Chris and my daughter to look and buy
real estate for when it ought be easy money maker.

And I was ready for early retirement with his acts of

sharing caring hopes.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One

Chapter 15
Takes My Breath Away

I frankly have been prepared for all parallel

particular promise plan to promise promote a
communication reform or for a positive change chart
effectiveness and legit income target and where I had
router of thoughts I felt energy was drive force based
on cannabis and over counter frolic acid as it took
forces you have choices within dwell chances to write
and make more unaffectedly towards my behavioral
movements with hands.

Where I lived I was with the life saying we together

will not cheat and I shared my affectionate side to only


Chris who seemed the

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
right one Become
for me as IOne
was ready to

meet in person in due time before Spring the effort be

with a teacher myself.

I raised a thought while up and running as a pair of

singles rays running through spit descion with Chris the
might became as a beholder thats older living life
beside me in no conflict today.

I was noted online for all collectivity of spirits I set

as actions or accomplish in life-calling Chris are you

If lemons were real what would it say stay away take

another man by hour deep conversation into desires
loving the unloved now taste sweeter with sugar.

It was moments he learned making lemonade was with

lemons sugar and water. He saved the bill tab while he
said in my life he pay the tab if was given fifty
dollars day job.

If when he was fish that loved me he was word brought

others to take into consideration but most part I was


one so important cure

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
his life Become
with simpleOne
pleasures. I

was was the pleasure of knowing what was right what was
wrong about dealing with taking breath away.

As while of giving him a chance a the color yellow which

on days lead to friendship. He might had be taking more
then flush of minded extensive proven truth that had
recalled diary of thoughts on Facebook.com profile.

It was everyday learning more about him as March and

August was keeping his posts and leading on Easter foods
creations as flashback. It was all for our wedding as
posts came by others that come on through to help. I
keep him to extent abundance of endless love acceptances
who is more then breath of fresh air with his foods
especially Easter decorations on March.

I raised up relaxing on my back as I relaxed body my

thought pattern as today I felt that he will stay calm
and cool. If he crossed my mind I would give it my all
this time around make up a day to say right.

He was respecting my wishes for love dwelling to be safe

as we both surrender of beholding when I deserved it for
love, and he say love has no time limit it was just I


being on his side love

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
at firstBecome

Was it love at first sight made it seem unreal which I

had moments sending him nurse take the bad habit
informing him he will see me further on in his life
which was said in school.

He was the one with restraints as I remember told by me

for behaviors seeing pictures invisibility in slighting
of little to no color but sky fantasy art. Which he
believed we lived on a cloud of life traveling the
preconceptions of spirits of who wanted rain when and
where. He felt he was on a cloud in life when looking up
or down it would bring opportunity. He saw life ahead
now dropped to future expressing what happened.

If ever so ruled this book as an extensive based story

or some say book of leading a dance with editing as for
I had infrastructure to continue his education by him
writing each day using his time wisely and effectively..
I would say were doomed to look at things in perspective
I will come stop harassing me.


The main frame would be

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
from start
like the

lemon scenario. To the both parallels it would have year

duration with endless with thoughts computer processes
limit it to hours knowing the share news to noise with

With all due to respect myself and respectful wishes

come true I was beginning to understand when knowing
when and how I can be breathless I noticed it was good
favor that brought us here with or without purpose
diligently with spitefulness knowing it could be ever
lasting love bringing forth good sake no mistakes.

I need to be placed in his life today it was hours of

relief find out he still loved me so much to this day.
Those who read his thoughts left critics saying I will
attempt to make this due time that requires trust but
get guidance whatever happens happens requires two make
dream come true. Chris felt hurt so much he run empty
yet kept running endlessly with writing a story.

There for us was supportive friends he had in others who

were all different ages mostly older or shall say all
who has hope with recovery sharing pictures on
Facebook.com social media profile.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
And I am holding a pending court case and never doubt
he say no to change as was set obstacle for crisis team
and family thought brought I say I Do.

I was only but one of many of his sensations he calls a

router or hub of information with needed research to be
given improvement.

The improvement stood by his side and my side by his

quality of time collapsed in life from a parallel reform
may bring task to task hand to hand command to command
as the results were the actions making me say Chris
youll understand if we love each other. I had felt
spending my dollars by shopping for a doctor subscribe
Chris medical marijuana.

He finds it hard cope without the drug or as DARE says

not a drug class anymore.

He likes clothes as lets go shopping and forget about

our troubles or secret shopper.


While asking for queue

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
as for quarantine
for in with

months time moving forward and what was going on was

without trial from month to month now over I could call
the patrimony was set to nobody was with judged
behaviors only when he made him see true love will find
its way. And till this year meant to be shared which was
to find a way to make moments heart warming touching
moments of a burial of his Grandmother violet.

I was headed for time on arrival of to time is no little

time he had moments live forever young. A student and a
well-known attorney were on the stand trial or errors
within of warmth of his warm embracing difficulty.

As of malfunctioning today was day that took my breath

away. Especially with all he created in good spirits
with in faith. It was all possible make known today we
will meet in caught up action plan ill call today if all
I read is supportive breath taking moments.

For new corrections he made due start in early January

in fact new years day with enough sleep as 12 at noon
January first he write version to my book for gift? Yes
he exposed in writing as an adult the good and being
alone and wanting more people accept but drinking young


age was messed up.

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One

Of a sweet kind remark by having pregnant nurse kept

blabbering in head which came true and she was pregnant
which knew all true love comes from a moment of shown
moment he would share that moment of complementing
others your happiness yet worried walking too much as
served justice be appropriate and kind lead no denial no

I learn not speak out of turn while my attitude expected

the most a home run for positive communication reforms.

For each day I wanted pot be legal throughout the united

states land of freedom to make sure he brought good to
one another. For I expect to love Chris this year plus
more, the thoughts would keep or kept me rethinking ill
be running inside outside a head.

Easter will be the year we get married. Yes married it

going be fun with a lot of fun as can be as fantastic
enjoyable time well have with knowing it is him that
does great.


I quote that because he

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
was talking
me on One
phone about

working at best buy geek squad. His caseworker for his

income department social services was saying all good.

Most of my thoughts became known but I held a grudge

with it becoming over the limitations and living life up
with no harm in way of spirit of feeling pain of the
right moment at right giving moment.

If something like no contacting from his ownership of me

being writer teacher giving no allowance to visit but I
can sure visit at any given time because of Hippa.

True feelings remain true by and from a produced body

and played out rules the verdict to cause no
intercommunication and hard feelings of shame of yelling
on weekend to dog because I felt the one causing the
write up to shamefulness sadness that we don't talk..

Yet with the effort he had, he had to control the

believing is seeing. It somehow with his boner in the
class when he reached reality of delusion which made him
explode with sexual feelings.


He was part of class

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
yearbook two
weeks and
by first

three weeks my student was the sensation of love of life

that suppressed with smiling all he did like advertise
he was repairing computer guy who knew computer repair
and start life hearing the gossip of his Saturday before
party as say a girl friend of intercourse of each and
one another and girlfriend which saw made due owe him
apology ready for job making by far a good income. With
side-affects you get sited behaviors with medications
with miracle with him on medical now the marijuana as
once stated can be formed he thought his cousin coud
help refer and share information about himself as
needed. She was sleepy one at Grandmas house he would
say in his book. And knew he was at life asking and
getting what is right for medications as feared he would
see me as he saw greyness at midnight hour or little bit
before he was calm mostly because of marijuna.
It feels like no other would take my love away when we
met us all science to technology teachers in scouting
with knowing his 5th grade teacher said to write five
hundred pages and he would read to class.

I had read the classroom rules clearly I spoke of an

even tone language inside but what came out of my mouth
was uncontrollable and unruly say its no crime but a


sudden noise hearing

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
making it Become
a choice toOne
understand he

had a deaf friend who he say friendship but everybody

was eagerly amused but easily derailing most time was
the track of knowing pathways are the learning the value
over cover up the sin with turtle neck as punishment as
when cooled its the miracle of understanding he did no
harm he did not like show body because of his size of
now in life.

In past he had abs which once knew his teacher myself

and as mother knew he hide under table in science class.

As years went on saying he my need baby shake it off

here comes I to take valid remarks to make points it
ought to be by breathless moments that take breath away
seeing he had over 250 pages additional.

He was questioned occasionally if something should arise

while not forsake him as he knew you cannot buy friends
but put good writing into hands to become friends of
followers of like with respectfulness is ruling the kind
sweet love as knowing if he cannot love as he can go
back in years time but is mystery.

He was in the 8th grade nurses room gesture for why he


hides because of love of

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
teacher at
moment when

he knew he was up no good liking another teacher with

saying science teacher saying I'm fearing he spoke of
that language.

So as far as I know it he was interested more and saw

her once after high school at bar ihops with his friends
and cousins. He payed the bill. Yet could of bought
drinks for teacher with fake ID.

Mandy was one who was overprotected like her parents

learning it was okay to get dune buggy over years to
ride with Chris somehow some place to take my breath
away I imagined everything in my power make amends say
the honest truth I am a citizen of gifting people on
social verity.

I aimed to be of a vitiation of hippa of a served jail

time as teacher ignoring the behaviors when on wrong
grade to intake as reading thinking was him not me who
brought this evil woman of me to share in a story.


The thoughts of

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
situations wereBecome
mostly with

communication and I had unfortunate of moments of his

soon to be Grandma near to be passing away and it is not
a shock, yet fear no more shared life moments with my
Grandparents and when his family expect John his cousin
family led old age.

He asked court for all herbs possible make a smoking

natural with all toxins with miracle pill killing the
toxins. He felt medical marijuana would benefit his life
as a friend he can cope with aside that he thinks he is
like beta on my girl on marijuana.

To the fatalities and professionals reading make due for

a doctor to help contiune to cope when needed truma
cure. And so be it of to be or not to be to life style
but not is evil and believe everyone 21 years or older
should smoke. At any age he will can be pampered of no
hate or no evil ways putting someone in life with left
with regrets why we waited so long.

He say recall a time when I represented the world to me

a blessing to share my love in a story. And I had wisdom
to a student as far more love, for the write up story to


give another teacher if

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
One he was
I made Become
due no contacting

confused where take it but never the less I was less I

worry about as him by My grandma said worth every minute
to believe in a social spirit of Godly people who use
the word in daily use rather to rejoice came from
Pasture Paula White on his profile.

I had saying that before passing away the tissues as I

was ready for this upcoming day to attend to next
Funeral and Wake see man who taught Chris to live life.

And for leading positive informational technology

background I knew he and I would bring this story as gift
on birthday March 1st as issues of kindness remarks if
obeyed well here by welcome Chris to entering my life.

And from obeying court ruling to be myself that says yes

we going turn the table from my end which directs us
that we could talk after court. I thought we could lead
a happy life together with my family.

I would believe making possible the possible. As for a

team of professionals gather up I look up to the trial
as I do share what I am told it can work out while
telling me it can work out by in which being made up


creation not feeding in

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
One an
his life
with me having

outlook to dawn on not putting effort on his misbehavior

he so needed to cure all brain damage to high state to
relax himself from all trauma.

While it was my life was to ask Chris out on a date as

I forgave him to this day as of now today and birthday
where on birthday he gave story next day completed.

In my eyes it will workout out which I could predicted

future as days were bright early morning with fossil
fuels for energy where writing was to benefit the
relationship as toll of benefits he took right dosage to
say expense make valid points in form of expense of
buying marijuana public place would benefit and
accepting required daily visits will continue with Chris
by nurse to ask how things going and if cousin the
doctor in his family says is required as required
without doing harm to others shall from my end will not
bring up need to write only on appropriation day of
birthday as he would edit.

Mostly vast majority then knew how that I came in his

life began to get answers I can strive get his
attention. Which most part had by having events taking


part of high school and

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
with writing
so called

will I take note Im not intended the pretender filled

by hurt by our feelings for one another.

And I write about the good with the exciting the please
help solve why I have so much to say. I hold been told
that within my life that thoughts can produce kind life
notes wither notes in music or notes of life by taking

He was about living the years of the person I am here

today that knows a great deal about technology which
fantasized being a girl. I was girl and we felt the same
about feelings. Lesbians way was ought to be I felt when
he reached 50 or 40. For now I was hearing from Erin
Brady Capasso she reveled secrets to me that said they
were reserved as well and Erin Wells too.

Times he missed me he dressed feminine. I knew exactly


this is what I wanted

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
One budge
mostly because
he wouldn't

compare the despair because of all attention he felt was

under my terms to look great do great.

I am well-organized person with little temper, that

spends life-calling police if a student or Brian calls
me names or psychotic symptoms that occur.

I ask nothing but question Chris or have concerning

positive remarks willing to ask if he can answer my
righteousness of marriage on Easter a wedding in Spring.

Where I stand today about letting out on what brought a

story. My life exciting and interesting while touch of
inspirational thoughts that came out through each day
with thoughts knowingly I could be conscience of average
of about years.

And with those years it was becoming mates and partners

for rest of life from time to time ad made due was
possible as reasons why I wrote a love story I wanting
be true. His love and body close to me is all I want
with my days alive and more.


I was a highly motivated

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
woman Become
who loved one
of my

students who was with judgmental aspects most knew Chris

and never had bad news and it felt one more year as for
today will be with moments shared with looking back and
looking back have no worrying for the upcoming years and
here is months away for the final verdict if I am ready
for Easter wedding starring at his picture.

I had been feeling confident with complete story where I

have not been caused a problem. And had no problems,
I've had been tormenting of a questionnaire that we are
aware of with standing while sharing positive ideas for
learning becoming a better writer was techniques for
therapy apathy for living to tell its story and forget
the troubles.

I brought as forwarding thoughts I took notes put

forward a wedding asking to Chris to marry me at last it
took my breath away he had over 250 pages all in memory
of a truest of all myself being the teacher saying kinds
words to Chris in book as teaching was from heart.

I kept in heart his life in being the conspiracy of

dignity to thrust I know put effort in making trust and


forgiveness was with

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
morons a word
cursed One
with regrets

of living my life I forgive quickly but make it all an

awaking of nonsense of lagging a calmness of a touching
moment of knowing him my student understands its worth
peanut butter. I was new something with known
understanding is it true how do I know for-sure was I to
make the mistake once again will I climb another high
sky closer to mars.

Thoughts come hand to hand with our accommodating

assurance of affectionate to intimacy.

Most which who ask for answers it was that triggered

required a story to share in a way of recovery setting
mind and brain as a child taking away from sexual drive
from exile of hearing from others not possible when good
works ought to placed with good fortunate behaviors once

I hate it when days that pleases others while informed

with being offline brought wonder of rendering to other
students myself is organism to the one love ad he must
be searching for moment to prove right of innocence of


One denial I do wish

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
exist withBecome
of knowing

mercy comes with brother of family that son who we itch

say never that bitch unless Chris taking into
consideration was ought to be with thoughts being model
as I dictated in direction I diction I put on ways his
under go issues ways will promote trial to good judgment
or spiritual apathy seeking easy pleasing behavior if
life was worth the worthwhile visits work with effort

To make possible the possible Ill be the trainer and

educate you when ready. Under the extraordinary rendering
manifestations of knowing there comes a wish I must
command. If I want preserve this abundance joy see a
wedding on Easter.

For it was he who saw good and will all knowing us his
love came from a righteous ways of connecting a soul he
writes why oh my student you like me no bot as a jot
giving all notably with question could this be of
conscience of either wither he was going to get over and
be my lover tonight.

As I swift to come to ecstasy tonight Baby We Got Tonight

song later playing Take My Breath Away hug kiss be that


thriller in way I see you

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
do that
night moves
gone to the

riding into the Fast Lane of plan of travels with no

misspoken action doing with what he has been told whats
importantly important.. He knows marijuana the law will
treat him kind but breath taking moments we render the
direction of using harm under winder as anger showing no
chance to say good things anymore so much trauma but all
has been relief over the medical marijuana.. And I was
filled with joy when everybody could smoke it when it got
legal throughout the United States.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One

Chapter 16
Words Are Nothing

I live with an understanding with life as for that who

I love is true and with remains a meaning that began
with true love experience of Chris and with my daughter.
It meant to be with Chris and I starting dating in our
writing and adaptively speaking on sharing and obtruding
source information with a spirit to write to he was in
love with me.
Then again I had evil image self-repellent attitude to
accept this fancy feast lets gather round to eat the
Lords ham and Kraft products.

For sure he thought James in connection of his cousins

ex in Florida could set something up where the bottom-


line look decorative

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
where I come
out say One
I'm going use

everything to bridal dresses I get Chris come shop

around and marry myself on Easter with his help setting
the wedding ideas.

And blurb out I was Greek from when I wanted no

contacting from family and friends with what I led
myself at higher ground.

His Mom did a thoroughly check on her DNA as she was the
one adopted by his Papa Nuni, his grandparents. And boy
you will first have to trust me and respect me to earn
my love I kept telling the police department where his
mother worked.

If you are wondering why I suffer from sensual

indulgence came fear once fear twice fear not here at
11:11 is book published in am because of life I been a
verbal abuser victim from time had from who was from the
baby father whom was Brian as victim I could not trust
but mostly demanded trial set forth who to blame for
feelings true here is the book we yield to desire to

If you he ever send out a threatening letter or cause


symptoms of saying

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
hatred wordsBecome
of voices One

words that shares truth was rare with his illness on

medications otherwise he would be focused on getting a
job that paid $50.00 a day.

I most likely see the battle he wanted a relationship

with being truest of all seeking truth. I rethink he
hasn't cursed me Chris but Brian called Chris a sick
mother fucker.

He made violent scenes with verbal abuse saying ruthless

on how thoughts proceed in videos. For Chris was in
school he criticized and said he ditch school spirits
with undergoing through his actions which he knew about
his reflection with frustrations of 4 hour erection made
him feel this way that was no proven love to only others
saying what or why it proceed the way it proceeded to be
true he wanted make up whenever possible with I.

I proceed to be carried in an otherwise true book of

truth. I knew but know everything with why I was of age
with his age writing is when we first started talking I


want to say all my

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
feeling expressing
the One

But aside myself I quiet and aimed be focused was

heading for what has been made me a better than my mood
now in hate denial for disgrace and mood to say boy I
want a young genital now in my mouth and virginal
organisms to make and give boost for trust can live with
thrust, thrill and excitement.

It may be ending this roller coaster that he who gives

all the best honor me as wife.

I fantasized with Chris as fantasy into rambling a

humming a song of ecstasy in a home listening my
daughter read book to me and incidentally had to call
him or write email for-sure 250 pages was worth proven
facts he does see a positive outcome for all trauma I
caused now leading vows of marriage.

I owe so much to our very self apology and needed sex.

It was he who button down on how learning was key to
success he did the extra page make right that changed to


more as thought was

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
going be 250.

While during intercourse as I say fuck me harder and

scream for more pleasure and it gives me a chance to
love while asking I will be waiting for more from a
student Chris with aroused feeling obtained obstacle no
guy should think different of me and he who calls us a
sick mother-fucker will have no insight of guidance
and condone sin as I truly felt resperdal in his high
school was all but no evil as from ecstasy home of free.
And If you dare to win you'll listen.

As I would listen it would produce never understood why

it felt today was important he expressed feelings by
words that proceed in a way of to like him more each

In way of rethinking about the possibilities of one that

can take birthday granted with hopeless behavior to
proceed with findings he indulge in an answer prayer but
never knew there was a spirit of knowing research was
informative that protocol of stalk behaviors knowing
where we stand would condone in spirit.

So foolishly being in a rush in story get done 11:11pm


was with posting on

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
his profile
writing a

story or a book brought a liking of sourcing out

replication who and when it comes spirit he way my inner
outer joy of a delightful heart.

It was hard understand it was he who I to trust and I

to understand but I so very much loved Chris, even I was
indulging in behaviors of misspoken action leading no
words of ever so do in a cowardly ruthless very much
state to hate see go scenario and see our life shared

While my short instincts with my life, it settles down

and for life became things in past, I bring past to
bring it filamentary ways to be at last reach the cock
and he reach my virginal organisms having baby to
exoticism of being together true meaningful book in the
intimacy of travels as serendipity had messages as he
signed at book-stores.

I seen positive change thoughts and feelings as I live

life as for better days. I had the chance due whats
right to be ahead with this year to obtain composure. My
thoughts about how to handle love and advice showed if
living together was option.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
My thoughts well live together without saying no chance
with yes no chance regretful behavior that makes dreamed
filled life come true as husband and wife.

For a young female as for mid 40s I had neglected lost

of denial to late to soon age with not knowing what was
happening next without looking mirror on how deal new

All I knew is I have a bucket list still and truthfully

can rely on one end this year ahead with a season to
feel great and alive with Chris in a relationship to be
obey and make possible.

I had no hard feelings with anyone else but enjoyed

sharing my ideas with a story and my thoughts are
sensual thoughts craving for more. As a teacher I will
be thoughts of teacher and kept calm setting values free
and up for grabs to Chris.

A factor I am with illness, classes I taught were in a

small town, and where I mostly began in Connecticut
teaching is where I live in shoreline in a state,


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
I came from a little town Essex and communicated with
each surrounded town professionals in schools sharing
volume license software but soon changed be free updates
on new PCs that made due to high school students and
staff members and learning services on cloud networks
made due to positive work mainframe of ideas and saving
towards education or ways pay bills/earn money.

I thought a lot over and over while took good ear as to

listen to Chris. And he was all about free-ware and
open-source/Linux. Ive had open source applications
installed because the school as I worked for switched to
android operating system. It was a free application
market place.

It led to teach with common issues and common thoughts

about helping and sharing my time around the clock to be
with towns and with schools by surrounded areas of
Portland Connecticut.

I enjoy saving money for schools with positive

investments of a newer operating system Aneroid by
Google will be installed on each computer for this


coming year.

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One

While with resources withholding as spectator with who

will install what lagged of the information details was
the questioner that came about what is to come as I
could learn hand or two with Chris new ways of
recovering if all failed.

I was standardizing with that I was being both of

helpful to mental health field where thoughts motivated
my luck proving effectiveness we need for renew carrying
on through the thoughts of praised virtue of truth and
no denial.

I had upgraded the computers and learned with

accommodation of with a thought of new technology was
with a good life benefiting with my students accepting
new obstacle my classes were tricky and kept minimum
talk about Chris.

And I wouldnt think he would ever hack new information

of my profile or school website nor nag his caseworker


for ride at travel to

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Portland Become
High SchoolOne
on week of


He did trespassed school and prayed I heard at the High

School him saying
This Lord is the place my teacher teaches blessed me in spirit as I
ask you soar my teacher for her to come in my arms and wreath of sin
as you alone are under my skin a wing of your mighty works towards
this day for love. For I hope be with her always, I will be here for
you alone are not alone. She is everything I want and ought to be
with here my soon to be wife the teacher I ask for wedding. Amen.

And while he spoke out of each class I teach I provide

each class to lean back and relax and learn to the
create a design or two with a lesson or take on a AVaudio video course.
Chris was in yearbook class who had a thing for selfies
vs taking pictures advancing with skills cropping that
shown object would be the ratio, for background was left
behind in some.
It raised question that some background cropping varied
if important for his pictures but he liked cropping out
unimportant aspects of pictures zoomed in when I smiled
in nearly all fun pictures students took of me.


And the picture of me

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
being janitor
was showing

behaviors look at myself taking place of your shoes


Beginning each morning I will begin to teach a positive

route as well with a rounded spirited with cheers and
smiles, and for that begins a career pathway.

And as long with chitchats and music he will be played

made him reflect his persionaility of instrumentality of
most his healing came within the effective dosage not
target dosage.

I felt love when I met Chris. He did not complete a

lesson with one of my classes. I teach but I have no say
but question why, a weather reporter came about. And I
aimed him drinking before aired he felt would bring
humor and romance that can honor on air.

And I love my soon to be student husband so much looking

back I had a giggle a joyful day thinking back what he
did to impress me doing things out of the ordinary.

I should know when I slipped gone away with being on


same medications. And it

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
makes Become
me sad lonely,

I say got an offering of an approach.

My emotions made me feel this way, sad and lonely when
he was not all around my aroused dosage to dare make
right aimed teacher mandate boner for cure which first
known fact he was on mild dose on target behavior of
liking a teacher like myself.

I play hard to get with and after time knowing Chris he

shows big creative heart whom I treasured the Nobel
prize award he received in writing how inspirational

As teachers living in deep harmony of future of

proclaiming was once a relationship from start was to
take in so deep is you hearing out, nothing but words of
touching our life in a story.

Here I stand that shares the tears with the fears the
teacher preaching for the storm to bring light snow see
it is true. I stay clear and positive with remarks of
knowing what is right from what is wrong yet you can not
have a wrong without a right.


For life in most part I

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
feel all-good
myself while

questioning myself with whom I love writing or being

prophet but the love I share as it comes and goes
through the court system was hardship to understand what
his love brought good faith which proved medical license
for marijuana was favor cure his coping of schizophrenia

To be known that I sometimes yet felt always was helpful

she or he who can learn a life lesson while enjoying life
without negative responses welcomes a life kind-ship
loyalty program set by state allow substances.

Of all what matter the most he joined a program at

Middlesex hospital called PHP and consider day program at
IOL not the institution of which supposedly will make him
more calm and alert by getting better which could only
prove he would go crazy without iPhone which pushed him
move forward.

I keep positive with no contraction while having usage of

heavy ponder of facts to live a better life with the
truth that my student is best love I ever met in my life.
I was upset when people were on his page deleting posts.


If Chris gave up and

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
spill the Become
beans out being

through my life, as was repelling he will know it, he

will understand I will not tolerate a messy house and to
enter my life as a slob for these counting months will
provide us to talk more about expectations.

I dreamed to have my little baby sunshine, to meet

Chris. Little baby sunshine is my daughter. Chris
thought he was father while confused reaction to
substance called spice in his pattern to this day he
felt he learning to allow the good to flow as past was
past worth remembering but post on Facebook.com the good
and smoke high grade. As a system where he wrote
reminder ask before task while taking medications not

It was pill formed medications soon to be digital as

timed controlled behaviors how to act. Orally being told
was ordeal there would be questioning if he has been
taking meds which bothered him.

I need you so much Chris and your family to hold up to

my highest motivated life pondering of facts of our life


as to keep chin up to be

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
with my One
tears and

fears before being drop dead sexy peer especially for

knowing the factors on how we create a fact to fictional

My name was discreet and was teacher who I share

business with success as business owner and teacher that
helped keep towns with community to allow marijuana I
had voters supporting the bill. As with supports and
legislation it was to keep talk open say concerns with
reliance of knowing it what he who floated my boat with
knowing he made due sharing the feeling sensations into
book. I was coping while smoking while writing a story.

I loved my friends in Massachusetts as partly as having

a rough understanding of a feeling of needed sex for two
or more years of hard labor.

I take upon my life to visualize with amount of kids I

wanted two more I felt but he felt 1. A romantic one the
only one you see plus more one more lucky one to student
from a teacher relationship with nights of sex may lead
me pregnant as a way start it off right is asking him
for a life moments being there always.


Where he pleasures me

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
the most Become
and travel One

thats how much I love him. A thought about having kids

with Chris remains silent. I had some troubled area
explaining what love is about, yet theyre so much to
give throughout each day.

While troubles was in the positiveness of my behavior in

a story I wrote as scoped some easier then said then
done. I were eager one to read on when I was not listing
to others I had no evil thoughts and made me feel

To sum up with my life I play it forward with going on

knowing and thinking about my feelings.

I will find Chris, who is hard to understanding the

cautious with destiny. To make clear and make known to
do the best is the rest can try understand.

As why you understand why I love Chris, I will push away

while staying clear about drug free and alcohol free
classroom. For the conscience of being with Chris I felt
was a Jesus offering that I was protected by oath well
not cheat of all made everything possible tonight before


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
Everybody should be at fact knowing my limitation to
booze and being with a dork my student should ought to
know a time place a direction for duration two to fall
in love while being at risk of being as of a concern.

As we share smiles and laughter he and I knew we face

truth but lead to heart broken mind of saying totals of
lost wages eating the profits but mind us together well
always be together.

A sad tragic scene if we both disobey the judge holding

a verdict of our innocence being right mostly in-favor
learning experiences had virtues of no contacting and
tonight I was ready to make call.

I try to limit myself away from anger its hard for me

get mad but if you get to the point when I limit myself
with few thoughts of you by taking it to the scene of a
limit was ideal gain its my love back.

I put forward to be successful. And this year was about

endless love to keep real with a student named Chris.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
For this year plus more I will remain in the same with
fashionable styled hair yet called a hot style haircut
medium was all I needed at the moment for a date. And
with hot style clothes of many text and hex colors for
their meaning is all to head for cute style of code.

A positive attitude and effort to make my day go great

is by giving life being the safe one questioning if
Chris is all right and okay. When you have someone to
love it is the greatest feeling in the world?

In-fact a question I had kept inside for Chris to

explore reasons to write, held the questions inflicted
this time around to easy going yap come my darling of me
being his Goddess knowing my rights of hippa as I
thought serving time in order to receive noted behavior
before choice..

And I aroused to had feelings to crave of love obeying

his likeness of touch now calm he been through it be
with me feeling me up and others connecting with
digitization without purchase of a trial or advertising
application that was a utilization of wellness tool box.


What counts the most is

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Oneeach day
the love
gets stronger

of my life when Chris loves me you know something comes

around he ahead of you unexpectedly that watches over
you like an Angel.

He and I make known to write down ways make our

relationship stronger and think positive with our
thoughts and patterns.

We think alike with freely writing, while I make sure to

be okay with the actions he may cause but little to no
harm has brought to my attention with his friends on the
World Wide Web.

It seem he rushed everything but even though I have no

say to have the right accepting award with him and to
say if it is or be not what you cannot do infinite of
this friendship by the end reading as these are the
building blocks in accordance of events to I the teacher
frankly must edit with my soul lingering for more.

I speak about the awarded feelings we both share with

the thought about graduating early for my representation
of seeing together forever in no denial but to love.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
I have a skill on what I know best and I been the best
on doing what I know best computers as it led to great
deal of knowing a bundle of software and knowing my
rights I needed to obey weathering and going
unconstitutional explaining what aroused lead to make us
believe I ought to be arrested its called when treated
unfairly for organism.

In social life words ought to be chess moves the silent

kept like secret disguised surrenders if appropriate for
ones actions.

Who wins is ought to be the one who says love or hate

pieces of hurt with worth while meetings meet at last
till the acceptance of move could only defeat the purpose
having its a mind game player which was ought to played
till ready.

I dwell the past he would say up for the challenge of

devotion it played and I began realize it ought to be
true words can bring attention of no spoken words are
nothing you understanding of behaviors wonders if Ill


get ring for words of

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Oneto exile
the unknown
was nothing

truth he take apology into consideration for marriage on

Easter with concealed wish make his wishes come true.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One

Chapter 17
Paths & Roads To Success

My knowledge was key while trying push forward with

little to no fear. I lead all quiet all this time after
his graduation, and I proved a date was option to factor
out he would be well and better.
And a problem to prove right, my love gave through that
causes self-relief that our case is the cause if who
will listen to our concerns or whom with a professional
background stand up to the jury of justice.

We had some ups and downs with him handling renewals

with a court case. I plead the case with my positive
attitude speaks, I am going to accept the court to make
best dissection for we both live to be or not to be in
love for each other with renewal questionable feelings
with answers to further grow in a faithful day of


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
I aim to be hopeful that it was not for this year I
thought let the judge handle it while we both dream and
hoped for what is best for us, That a marriage with him
is all I want and I thought about it really hard on much
my life is owed to himself make due for what is right in
writings which I enjoyed his company and his friends
made me consider he one not cheated sexuality.

Here comes the bride, song kept running in my head and

having a Ham filled Italian Easter wedding with a
luxurious wedding cake and married happy is something I
long for in lifetime of surprise my husband Chris. It
was life that I wish to share with my student here stood
be my husband.

He was young at heart, he knew who to date for purpose

of true love. And when trouble spoke in which I say he
admire make sure say sorry or thank you and well his
name was said he was Chris setting out be with me.

He knew the songs from my era I had limit my songs I

liked but Do Ya Think Im Sexy or Sailing kind song by
Rod Stewart that lead words during court.


The words he expected

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
were known
to fact of
matter this

ought to be true and understanding I am more then

teacher all positives were at hand with my visitation.

To see he was sitting in corner touch of my bod that is

to be what I wanted but lead a pathway before to be
emotionally attached with a whole part with all aspects
of being together with life today and forever giving the
best love.

I kept a smile on face and ought make better place and

looked away from danger and it all took part in shape
with first year teaching. He was worth one and million
with a creative mind.

I was soaring for this year make known fact from fiction
that I am ready set freedom rising a date with my
student as I love him less hours away, home free for I
love him cheer for all.

Chris was the student who I had

in class and his last name was popular in Middlesex


He was mostly kind and I felt a click and Connection

from body to soul of the mind that kept me alive and
driven to better days that ahead of me.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
With everyone knowing patience was virtue to ask for I
the teacher head to an intervention. Though patience
maybe questionable but cool finish it be well worth it
especially while entering a delusional state of mind
with acceptance what could happen has happened amazingly

Most likely a new law marijuana will take place and most
likely I will favor all good with knowing he not doing
harm and will not overdose will be subscribed within
wanting to share with myself and Chris.

The feelings for what I feel and do mean well play on

play on mostly because I will be taking part of a large
amount of good. I kept very little sly reaction as a sly
devil at night stressing if he would write more each in
each memory in each person.

In memory brought insight of himself wanting to know if

feelings worth sharing worth continuing on of how one
thinks or acts upon when knowing he liked another
teacher before me.


The road pathway spoke

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
if wanting
him the One
student he

would quit all behaviors f liking others and focus

attention to me in writing wanting soul enter our life
to profit the business of growth with cents.

I pull my goal of not insulting being better and realize

together raised the questions about how where I gain
much supportive successes in a story. I felt no shame as
of now and ought to be true when indulging in writing
story of love with chapter of feelings reflecting on
chapter with written thoughts.

It was a path of success writing with compressing a

story of truth heading to whats true in large amounts
in extraordinary way.

I feel okay or not okay talking about my feelings that

can relate to say okay with dealing with information
stored on a sometime soon comment making me put forward
soon factor hit world I was his milky way getting an
award conscience of knowing I can think differently.
It was all I say and speak about how I say I earned it
shows a will-fill sorrow and be okay to love and protect
myself from danger as I truthfully walk by say I love


you Chris we are not

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
loss of marriage.

I made each day of life full of delightful feelings, to

this day about how appreciate myself with I made of
others feel appreciated in this world.

And I think Chris should know he is my sunshine and

they say to much sun is bad. How you can relate
especially when he posts a diary online.

And for what I need in life is a coping skills to set me

free. As what let me free was with a life in hands of
one wish exposed that acceptance was a virtue informed
to keep with cautious behaviors.

As key enter the door once locked out. With kind words
he and I can build a trust for one another to set forth
a fun play for positive remarks.

I took my personal growth life as it goes and it had

some drawbacks it was the lovely wisdom from the father
who brought a marriage to who is with a wife and


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
And he whom was Chris was so special and kind young
adult, where he my soon to be husband brought thoughts
to my kindness to accept his existence with my roots of
my flare to make up and make his gentiles look pretty
and comfortable.

I felt that would bring us closer to a career destiny.

And I loved seeing him smile while being so hard explain
if it ought be true.

He was my student from my behalf that made me feel

opportunity was not at fault. He was a pathway that will
only make myself better, looking at myself in mirror I
say hope to take part of his future.

I make myself complete where I love to see end of this

year to make happen the behavioral health make known
believing everything will work out with a relationship
with Chris.

Seeing believes that I take attraction as a sight, I

believe in love at first sight.


For my life I tended

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
show tender
loving care
for one

another as for caring one another with little concern

was hard.

While being well about constructive as while having an

organized pattern behavior that was based on story with
Chris withstanding the well-being of being taught.

His treatment was to write and I realized I was the

teacher liking student far beyond safe in love. Usually
to prove my love is real he knows his love brought
feelings but for whoever walks in my classroom I will
provide a team circle of support.

Where and when we all soon exchange mind full of our

thoughts in class about Chris made it seem so fantastic
share story Monday. I really adore his life and what he
has to offer.

And I stay late at school and with focusing I could never

catch break.


Which I feel I could use

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
the extra
money on
overtime of

all next year as I plan to have fun activities for

students and I have hope that Chris can help to watch my
daughter as I work during all hours of day. And areas of
my busy schedule life with trust he will be the father.

The route I take is time factors to appreciate the

embrace moment to a period of time for what most I love
about life. I was of being kind and showing up on
vacation is when and where deserve sex it could happen
alone which make and factors out to being straight
minded was for fools.

I have all the time in the world to make possible to

date. It would and be pleasurable and great kind
preparing myself to cast out if all my time came from a
love perspective of true romance.

I thought about what I learned with my lesson planning

and speak of words could be not hurt but tell a story.

I hope to leave a positive remark to come true as the

apple had to take a season of change.


The truth had came out

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
and will Become
be exposed One
to which no

bull shit was allowed with honest factors and beliefs his
friends left him with less focused thoughts were based on
friendship of liking a teacher which had its humor
moments with cats and dogs..

I say he learned successes were sidetracks of if you

brake the oath you will be left with evil actions and
evil ruling.

Some days I feel contemplative withdraws of leaving

Chris behind yet confident about this years award was
many reaching out for others most low income people
would read his story or news media.

I try to apply with understanding being a teacher are at

no risk factors and of any danger current action has
obstacle and the answer yes or no with explicating I was
ready to treat recapitalization of editing his book.

The question of the why do the people take lie to sin or

take life for sin as it goes by as it could only get


foremost better as for

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
One goes.
worse asBecome
saying anything

I will be okay talking to Chris in end of this day

about life. I am at fault who making his life better
with a life treasured to both successful attitudes.

To be rebuilt in spirits all I ask in his prayer for

Easter for-sure wedding to be shared upon us have the
abilities to make up the efforts.

He is so honest and caring young adult, he has a great

support team. I reach a point where with he had thought
about hidden fear is forwarded by underneath trouble but
the lost time where he could go crazy at any given time.

He knows every one is part of my own support lusting and

wanting supportive visit. It was he was team of tag of
supporters while I lacked apathy in way saying recovery
is about knowing I can be without your noticed profile
on Facebook.com, as I blocked profile. And he still yet
to be better with his ways get better was about my
concerns and commitment I concealed.

He noted I should direct a better pathway, as many I


talk over my rest of my

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
life with
as I had a

crying shoulder I long for his shoulder to cry on and

feel like the guilty one that is wrong why me remained
him lost in love.

I only but knew I love him and he completed me so very

dearly much today only because I had second thoughts it
could end up right.

Talking to the doctor about concerns before a big

problem exists and the teacher myself spoke as the
coordinator as to speak as doctor order which followed
by the student as I wrote down his number I could reach
him on my cellphone.

It was first meeting in months time and I could choose

to increase or subscribe new pill or legalize marijuana
and Chris would take it with a monthly allowance. He was
very easy get along with and I admired him very so much
to this day as he pay the price of love.

Especially months February and March and October and


was given for my shame

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
One my
to pressBecome
charges against

wildernesses by my ex Brian as was at dangerous

situation to press charges for letting me go without
conscience wither reasons he was not ready take Chris as
my friend but lover after time.

A nut-case comes with my ex boyfriends all but true

remained as of hope with Chris being #1. I have sense in
directions where voices were a pathway to lead a route
to navigation of travels a lap we go on not remembering
that danger is a fiction to mind that he who jumps for
fear now represents misunderstanding and understanding
if something should go right or wrong.

And I am creating a lost time understanding on reality

its now and then that I bring forth-positive negative
behavior inward with my thoughts as keep in mind its
okay to be amazed about what in stores this end of year
by Chris still in love.

For the cents on what created your being wife and

likely knowing the knowledge to make a right sense is
saying at least tell me why is it a fact. Hear me out.

We are put into survival mode where I am single at this


moment breaking up with

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Joe L here

Chris' life that was meant share years ago. That put up
for challenge what I was worth while why do not have
negative behavioral healthily living or mind without
knowing the possibility's or probable cause learn to
appreciate my time and have fun time with my classroom.

All made due to change and especially with the first

year teaching with the year book and I gave one student
that caught my eye on suggestions of titles he made
possible and with class he helped me understand he is a
great person rendering the factors with what colors we
should have the photos yet Sophia was an option years

Remembering he was that student who suggested Sophia we

should applying Sophia as colorization for yearbook
pictures he took for granted I'll listen and do the
pictures brownish color.. He suggested use Sophia for
color blend and teaching myself ideas and creating a
yearbook on a computer was a very happy feeling year
2016 had students learning how change the color filter.

My life issues were insanely good, and with long learning


skills and life goals

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
what I need
to keep note
that I

told Chris get better so seeing myself as promise up the

fact and learning from mistakes were about a life. Where
in recovery was a new challenges aboard chapters was
brought with thoughts alike one another as a soul that
continues to write to mate with me.

New software were ahead of my life tasks I put into

force of learning which was a good feeling. I felt smart
learning new software and attending teacher and
community workshops.

I take life as it goes and with life as I see it is

unexplainable conclusions. Which everyday I have good to
say or replace evil to hate to the positive power with
my life.

Mentally I have been positive living and counting and

cutting down on calories with positive food for thoughts
while getting lean diet. And I try to keep a controlled
behavior with myself taking medications.


In a story which has

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
brought hate
to make One
out with

Chris. He who brought good brought good with what has

brought kindness to the good and its a router to fix
whom I told whoever I was to obey.

Life was life with a positive behavior of knowing when

everything to the mind is where found faults of
mistrials of no appearance to commitment to obey by
writing feelings. May his love go bye so quick, yet hold
the grudge of by chance this year will bring love.

What has gone bad has brought bad habits but no risk
factors had-en but forgotten with life had enough of was
it consumed he was that person who will go by
withstanding no trial appearance or some say withhold on
what I want or say I need a life with life make help a
sniff of fresh air as I was emotionally impaired in love
with Chris.

Life ordered me to be placed in home base aiming for

points with quick microwave meals in where it goes by so
quick with the little talk with more positive days with
no concerns that a couple days Im going to date Chris
not for he will only cook but better myself up.


As my daughter enters a

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
world she
will seeOne
that her

being a baby boomer is part of an application with

technology being part of a world. AKA app world, where
you sign up and buy direct thats signals you to a
positive pathway to find or follow with what flows
through circuits. Seeing is believing with life is a
kind route if you treat it kind if not you will end up
in prisoner of love if you take these words and rewrite.

Like the previous chapters said he felt his pulse or

anyone pulse can recharge through energy through the
marijuana calmly without being delusional.

It was a miracle. If you do not obey each one you know

to be stranger with case if I want make possible and I
knowing limit. Life with few mistakes and relieve
tension myself with the boundaries about how to maintain
stigma, trust, love and I was honesty with a route of no
enigma or panics.

I feel concern about my life and it made little sense. I

made mistakes yet hold a grace at dinner time where we
eat mostly out but with Chris being my husband he
accepted and supported my future.


It will change and more

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
One I will
with high

be taught at first and bringing highly hope for positive

sex he obey my rules more sex for I accept suggestions
but to understandably be loved by a baby boomer doing
chores with him.

And it will be an honor in his own writing to be

presented the teacher and student love story completed
by Easter 2016 married. With work from me as I see him
as no pretender as of love where true came we are going
about our dreams and getting married on Easter.

He is a smart cookie with him will I bring good food

home and mostly cool habits of success a path bringing
fun nights of drinking on weekends but he aint bad
looking to eye of a professional.

And it was he who loves a teacher that this year the

judge may say cant have a negative without opponents
with positive voters legalization of marijuana but who
knows what it will come out of his smoke out his mouth
next so far he behaving while working on case to
positive virtue of true feelings.

I felt grateful with the award certificate I had for


this years teacher of

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Onein high
year award
I was aiming

route for path with positive attitude sharing attributes

to love a student. And my eyes lit up to the school as
we love so much as ought to be told chief justice will
be served that was harmful a cigarettes not marijuana.

I speak high authority wanting know more in speech with

was with professionals and with a touch of nervousness
with all the people, knowing him was a regret I thought
he would cheat.

I had to do a speech in my successes with premiership of

allowances of dealing with advertising. But once a blue
moon I was going to go insane with thoughts about Chris
as he represented myself as K which enabled him write
with my permission without exposing my name it was true
name I wanted in book.

By far us closing another chapter or contiunually

reading I had felt justice because I ended with K in
email while emailing K I thought all over now sex and
marriage soon by took into consideration as tears to
figure out today was the day.

The days spoke of knowing what was right and what was


wrong about any given

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Onesay he

was there from my life to sweet songs of learning

wanting another person back through his collection of
mp3s and music videos. I would put effort in this Easter
holiday to talk.

So I began with my student all dressed up saying I love

you for you to intersect a valid key to keep me here I
was at big a crowd of an audience, okay maybe I was
nervous but I was excited yet nervously belabored
hearing his practice speech as was his Goddess.

And today was given a chance to speak in moral courage

minds where we stand for one another with a compile
story that meant so much as here is to you K I accept
you to accept this awarding story of great honor with us
being #1 always and forever to the day of new life
shared to live to be over hundreds of years old.

I replied thank you for our kind words a warm thanks

very dearly much I pat his back and prepared put into
justice hands of being for times of loss and family
deaths as we remained connected.

It felt I was worth a million I thank my student and it


was so good beautiful

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
day honorBecome
myself which
was all

about with all accepting an award. I was in front of

many and it was the student teacher award banquet.

As I grew up with growing up it consist about making

friendship last. And it was certainly not easy maintain
friendship yet I fell for a student who I really love to
this very day.

Life for the most part brought the past of knowingly it

kept me better for a feeling a better day is ahead of my
years in the silence ahead of time. And most part with
path of my life is in fast lane and brought life
remembering it was hard to maintain friendship after
high school.

Most of my students kept my arms filled with projects,

yet one remained true and boy could use him now my
student thats see whats going on and up to date with
knowing how make a relationship last.

And with the World Wide Web I reconnect to my past folks


with family, neighbors

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
and people
my age, One
staff and

facility at high school as well students and made due to

become grown adults.

With reconnecting it made my life special and heard. I

felt needed when their comes a difficulty in the
computer as where fault as in software or applications
glitch I could be dependable on fixing problems.

I can give great advice for promotion a recommendation

with open communication on social media under networks
of youth ordinance came sharing Chris posts and pages on
Facebook.com ought set cast out a memory.

With my classmates and family I find it hard to make-up

a story untrue that would be with placed in no harm way
saying I live a happy truthful life. I am on the go a
lot where I am hardly stay home, but I changed when I
had thoughts about Chris as If we were a lady not girl.

As a husband and wife I pronounce you husband and wife

kept running through my mind and I was the wife. We will
soon to be married as with thoughts of pleasing one
another as very much to offer advice. To say we are a
sexy couple which including the facts is knowing I can


be the action of

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
deliberate theBecome
good. I can
produce book

but reading his book was tough with all mistakes with
run on sentences.

He been supportive and proved valid points how lovable a

disabled child can be or developed to be of creation of
new study in his found science delivering a pill t say
what the body absorbs to create source of data to
terminate and input foods and harshness this day with
talking to programmers.

I have been surprise at what been up and burned alive

with ashes with my life school picture that was 4 x 8.
He thought with the new pill it would bring the eyes to
coordinate different and what was inside you made you
sick with doubt never knowing toxic of foods can be
poison or smoke which will kill it.

He also felt putting information with labels and dna

with teachers knowledge as lover can produce a efficient
way live forever. It would take java ++ a new
programming script presented in J++ as no visual or
qbasic in ascii for rendering of picture and charters
sounds confusing but we both enjoyed the pictures of art
in text. The bash ternimal screen loading network


monitor for every repose

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
of body
with a give

based on feel and touch and taste the belly and organs
to work together called ++Group. It would be wireless
with no harm as a foundation of wireless technology
knowing how to teach and how to study the future and
knowing how treat an illness in hands of future to
adults and students,

He was so obsessed he got talking late age 20s till now

on his birthday, years in his head apparently non stop
bull when I never knew how to collide story into a
science towards professionals.. His ideas were endless.
I think it was drinking and smoking at young ages his
life to be thinking this way.

He was saying the tone was not heard in hearing of

sermons it was the censer of spirit and brain-works on
what once said recently to drawback of voice and guidance
information you look upon for answers. And if he ever
loved me to give me passion of his body couple times for
proper assurance.

I have brought much more calm feelings was ready for


honeymoon pathway for

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
planning Become
on days after
my birthday

sharing Chris and his family my feelings about

everything in general. As for the general assembly with
all aspects to give accordance to his followers Christ
Jesus creations credit.

The credit was amend to yeast the field with positive

And it took years time make it loud and clear that I
love him, my student Chris. Which I feel okay to see
what has been up to, and keeping the seeking behavior
been found on waiting and writing that in how he has
been doing terrific staying calm.

For tonight is the night where two make love, but for my
student it would be ideal to date the one I love very
much to this day. Forever more and set forth happen like
nothing happened but with truth is I cannot share
comments from others nor Facebook.com of his followers.

Yet my thoughts about two making out was if I am ready,

is a pleasurable state of sensations feelings of yeah,
whatever, and Im the leader and I got it going with
some kind thoughts with Chris in my heart at bottom the


deepest spot.

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One

And today is where I will try harder to really lift

myself high on level of the ground to continue work.
While hearing music being played purely in my head, was
I heard Don't Back Down song in my head. Thoroughly
reading his works and noted I was told he heard my voice
in his head was my first day of teaching.

Hearing music in head made it hard to work and focus.

And boy I wish the best this year, where I can use makeup as I wake up and be the very best person to Chris
whom a young man is my heart whom I love very much and
call my dearest love of all time my one and only as
apathy of successes of recovery of no denial.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One

Chapter 18
Having The Action Plan

came research through life dealing with struggles

brought triggers for nonsense behaviors where to whom to

love is my brother and sister my family and I welcome my
boyfriends of past to read this story.

I never really talked about Chris and he sent status

updates on social media saying words of delegating us in
delightful spirits creating well written diary. I raised
questioning a truthful soul how soon will it be he likes
to fore-playing feelings.

He was in a psychosis of representational process of


words of the Lord in all

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
One to
in paragraphs

chapters. Nothing wrong with us going to church together

on Sundays I had thoughts about giving in some remark.

With him sending threatening letter out to myself which

made sense he would never cause harm to anyone in my
family and all throughout my life. I say life was to
myself to be loyal by giving helping hand and felt we
had to communicate all through out this year. and next
if all goes well and to do my best to better understand
his needs and are met.

I meet the needs by which both seek forgiveness and

settled on respectful wishes with energy and efforts.
Where much stress happens, I find a relief as I live on
the borderline of knowing that if I am right to wrong
with in between what can come as who walks in my life
finds faith.

My actions and thoughts with Chris, he remained the best

out of the rest. He makes all thoughts well positive to

He remained silent and respectful yet had everyday with

sharing warm thoughts he shared about us which he


published on social

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
networking Become
sites, I could

believe when he had over 10k amounts of pictures.

I generally reflect my life by about challenges, put out

on knowledge and trust I am no one to blame, for fault
or error. I seek a route, which the route will lead hub
to the action plan of a one way or another trust remains
silent and it will work out in a time where I need

I am tough cookie well be sure of living under the

button it undeniably will live life at the promised land
but I promise land make you the father of a child I had
in mind saying rejoice to seek Chris.

I will make headway for the better choices, once he

marries me where we go where we been or complete the
life as I want somebody by my side till now till eternal
life I will be waiting.

I really ask for any sense of direction to keep calm and

quiet about traveling alone with my daughter for part of
this year.


Yet make known I live a

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
good life.
He is aOne
delight to

have and share a day with Chris was what I brought for
what is worth giving a try.

I have made known to like Chris because hes fills the

heart too merry and be married filled with joy he is so
very cute he is too much of sweetness of my life filled
with faith and trust.

By a chance or two I can remember where I try handle

stress is where my bad habits consist of calling police.

When it comes as far as it comes to cope, police make me

calm and relaxed when I release negativity with my
negative lies police would say for precaution of early
past experiences of physios they felt it all needed to
stop with safety guidelines with their thoughts.

I had been a bad teacher for ta-a telling my daughter

would say and I agree I have been making mistakes.

But I must tell you if you know Chris and I have a click
to procedurally coming in his life for goodness sake to
back fire the will come at the right time and must you


know I keep everyday

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
thoughts to
be known One
and to be


I spend so little time on how his family life is but

wasnt pleasing to know he missed my Grammy awarding
picture and to my side was others who were in my family
see success is path one must travel in routine of daily
aggrandized planning of day leaving hectic if chance to
say as how voices retired and to meet up.

I took care of myself as I wait anxiously for a

wonderful life shared while being together. Most of
which to begin a life forever together like years I live
brought exile of truth. And for us talking everything
over without verbal abuse. I will never hesitate but
wait for call.

For me I say love is enough get arms full and to get

back in the days within Avon Massachusetts where I first
started to work as a substitute. I brought up in class
not to talk about my personal life and most of all which
I can remember talking on regular basis on AOL with
Chris as I was on intern-ship teaching if not misspoken.


Where tonight is the

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Onetrue that
possibly where
I remained

he may convey my reasoning my reasoning action where is

my reasoning to stay strong focusing while sharing
soothing sentimental feelings towards value love one

I met Chris online and I know for sure way before he

was mindful never lack commitment as I was a teacher I
am speechless with how student can overcome difficulty
which he serves better alternatives of hostile of great
achievement behaviors lead to together leading
achievement everybody putting effort in the moment.

I am not in mood hear from no police personnel issues of

signs he is filled with hatred. He obeyed and now
everyday we both hope for is a positive verdict.

I had to go on misconceive-able can receive no interpret

knowledge of wrong all the saints who died as doctrine
of thinking feeling like a butterfly in my stomach got
to made me think everything over for 3 years later where
would I be.

I was very nervous and running through my mind is kisses

all over and with his touch lingering all though I kept


to myself that I ever

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
would want
to seduceOne
my partner a

student at young age or as adult in my life.

I feel sexy body to body that one day we both hope will
deal out life how we place in the heart. I began to
think once that magic moment like comes in many forms
you cant lie but tell why take so long know I am ready
which likes and loves idea for Easter wedding in Italy,
yet the wedding at Brooks was cheaper and we had a
sample of there food before his birthday which came from
imported from California no lie I admire and like him
very much to this hour of the days.

To me it has been not a lot of hate. To debate I kept up

to date the vibes so silent a verse of a good obeying my
rights which I am set with income but to myself to be
bright and bring home Chris in the house of the
beautiful thoughts shared each morning and night where
brought calmness that comes through day and night.


I been and seen as a

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
beautiful Become
person. HeOne
will be

obeying my commands and being okay to take over counter

pill floric acid along medications two thirds amount of
time to smoke his life will be visiting our grave after
I die everyday with knowing his inheritance is of my car
but okay with single flower once a month gave about true
love that Chris said everything will be fine and I can
feel his love coming to be complete.

I wanted a relationship with a legit income where pay

was hundreds for I wanted end evilness of death a day a
student knows he was smart to do the impossible and it
was eventually challenged him get job changing being
writer to inventor, As I met a student it was clear from
the first year of teaching with my first year of
teaching with lessons of love and acceptance.

I loved sharing my thoughts to him and he was my student

who could bring great in a lady and healing wombs of a
womans heart and feelings bring upon us to have unborn
baby. With positive people I meet and I speak without
shame or discomfort which brings no shame just a teacher
living life together soon to be with student


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One

Chris was often blunt and lame and had confused by

others with name Ashley his name on Facebook.com was
however the computer internet was published to his
specialized diary of smart and savvy adulthood
representing to other the true love stand points that
which order togetherness insightful business eminently
of growth of growing up brought out word sexy out of me,
he really adore myself so much he kept known he was
missed the first several years.

And with my doctor Dr Price she said be smart and

nobody nothing should ever hurt you to her making
himself understand important moments depend on taking
forth positive attitudes. I kept my chin up and head up.
Exercise the mind randomly but I love Chris and his

I could be all about with what he wants and I will be

okay. I hope if better or worse some things are shown
up. I will make room to have and speak of life lecturing
I could spend life coaching all day with Chris.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One

He is easy going but never does he know I teach with

passion, and hope for best where I can accept tolerate
illness and pain. Most of which I remain practical as
ability in my work, I will make room for positive
thoughts this year and I really adore and admire Chris.

Might you know accepting evil is when 11:11 11 seconds

appeared a posted story on a good day or bring good
bookwork to one had evilness one thing is ought to be
brought out at truth to surrender and take control. And
how you handle situations was yet to be computerized
with given releases of this miracle pill if needed.

What has been with me for years Chris way of pleasing

and blaming now for story completed was 11:11 11 hours
before having story on computer waiting to post.

Yesterday who knows me more is with what I love about my

student, he brought insightful of ideas that brought out
the very best of me or set challenges for me to do more
research with assumptive way of pleasing as he get what
life is brought self respect and insights I like him..


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One

So much which brought knowledge if he loves me.. where

we had not spoke in years and boy I am and still missing

It brings out my attitude and confidence thoughtlessness

had of an action plan that was crazy thoughts he would
drop naked to the class then yummmm oh may you guessing
why we had troubled moment?

I had to wait a month a days after my birthday to read

but I looked in the eye of the tiger, rising up to the
street as we could of happen to talk as all this year I
really feel it was not mistake for this year and time
say need his comfort.

You will become a better person with chance pride of

work and get feelings of best of luck. I have someone
who loves me back, my student was everything a wish
comes true.

So life began relevant that had a heart and my wish

remained true, I brought restless behaviors with



Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One

I ed my selflessness in hippa without supportive

visitation remained silent and overseen by Chris. But
was having life true brought which or whether this year
he has not been with life of knowing what is right or
wrong. But sense of knowing he will become a major part
of my life. Monday Monday that song today hearing a
student play besides me.

I had no sense of negative life for this year. I had to

be strong yet I felt wrong I was a positive woman, and
love my student Chris.

I thought what is best which was taken by advance in

bringing days into happy days. I felt that I can take
the amount of courage that can represent the better side
of me when feeling better as a conscience of doing great
in all I do with my writing as a teacher.

When I treated others with therapy talks before classes

and between during break of finding truth it was myself
pleading a trial of fearing his life that reputation
could easily ruin anything to anything.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
Teaching some degree brought in which was the targeted
with tight thoughts about here and now brought where and
how. When and what I came here by my positive thoughts
about life, I will obey the judge for the judge has the
ruling for how to proceed a communication reform for the
Harassment II.

I had more symptoms when I met Chris, he heard a voice

when he enter my room with desire to communicate more
and open up more. And I was somewhat gave through giving
up previous life boyfriends show Im affectionately
aware with life of play huge role to show affection like
patting on ones back.

But I let it slide the rally for voters were in for

surprise I was keen commander. As to keep quiet at this
time and to obtain the proper points for my weight
watchers diet.

When he caused trouble because I had so much desire to

have Chris touch which I longing for and I took control
with my mind as an illness which I accepted and
controlled the action plan belong with a crisis plan as
outline it was order of knowing I ought to be will be


with time-line of

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
behaviors that
has carried

through liking Chris.

It was all about what to plan but I was being faced with
students each day was no surprise for a professionals at
heart allow communication was placed efficiently with
myself having moments with very relaxing days ahead
knowing stigma takes being on being popular.

To start today I allowed what was right I felt being on

becoming of resource with efforts you recreate or create
with creativity and generosity with sweet positive
action behaviors brought laws of creation somehow with
creativity allow marijuana sales be bought throughout
the United States through a monitored store cameras.

In words like contempt would easily yearn out context of

I speaking so called truth he easily tricked danger
amongst contempt on playing the victim that had to focus
what I think of Chris.

Awaiting trial is all that my life needs in regards

being safe and learning how survive. I lose it some
days, and cannot take it but feel completed to still go
strong moments planning and pleading a case for an


Easter wedding as set

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
action toBecome
write for One
weeks ahead

for story on birthday infact was both different rejoices

to celebrate and to come ahead and read on Easter.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One

Chapter 19
Not That Simple, Nor Task Ahead

was faced with normality like how become normal and

function another way, I was agreeable to the heart of

love my student Chris. I had been rethinking about the
past I could only remember a little to exile brought
good knowing truth was all this years he loved me. But
can I be epic dream with remembrance of the first
hospital admission in for treatment for love.

Of new ideas for TV shows ideas flowed with some

behavioral health issues I had mood disorder where we


both I were completely

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Oneit made
lost with
jumbled ideas

us awkward with mental issues with being weird and self

awareness brought life with Its combined ideas was

I had spending sprees I was labeled which leads myself

to be at mall and from a feeling towards a pending case.
I came about to live by a motto better to be today not

If tomorrow strikes gold where would I be place in life?

But what you ought to do what your gifted you rather say
I asked Chris to never change.

I have in this world, and I give life in accordance of

good faith should it be broken promises? I cannot
deliver like well talk when better is hard to come by
when I have no control now and I float his boat when all
he thinks about is me. His boat with court battle and
fear its a breach trust not keeping my promises made it
easy considering he would write.

I was to be soon to be okay to date my student, but

before court my personality self esteem was at the edge


of a turning point, It

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
was of aBecome
life whereOne
there was no


The climax of the story was I thought about building my

empire of life within a fewer amount medications for my
thoughts remain to create a life through pain and for his
kiss I long for- as if that happen through pills where he
realized it required energy and time.

I cannot refuse my medication and make known to better

is to choose to path as to live through heartache and
pain to better myself my name is K as discreet name. And
I felt he was the one my student who never gave up Chris
for I was his teacher.

One glance and taking a look at his profile he was not

there; and was missing him as wanting tell him I am on
schizophrenia bipolar medications.

To wait is to obey with so-called our faults leads

towards pills with reactions that cannot be explained
through art in clouds picture you must speak where he
saw art in heaven.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
I had anxiety, which sometimes feel unreliably taken
life at granted because most of my life was being busy
all the time with my life being complicated.

The days I felt ready to start everything in spit of a

complicated relationship filled with honesty and where I
do business eagerly burst my intelligences knowing he be
by my side of the story as brought good.

And awhile having relations for better or worse where a

day without sleep Ill regret and show little no fear as
today I felt no trauma relief when using marijuana so be
it missing dosage of medications I could regret but up
doctor to allow the change if feel necessary with his
beliefs for sure it got Chris explain himself but
doctors feared psychosis which chris knew something like
tweak should happen with taking medical marijuana

I had a few relationships which I felt mistakes are most

of what make up my art of originality in life with
writing which make fault lead on with life could get
better that if I could take it as it goes ill say yes or
no contacting and I will obey it.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
Most of which I do bonus to take medications as
prescribed and I wait for a trail but so far four years
he left saying no remark all throughout this year in,
which looked good to the court verdict going the path of
least resistance while preventing today possible
intervention.. based on he been writing and showing he
is safe with no weapons in house.

It was hard to see who was there in his life. And

epically mine when voices of people I talked too saying
to stop writing as saying he replied did my teacher
teacher say to say this which I did the deliberating
honest truth I had be single.

So I brought myself exploring web and noticed we blocked

each other. And truthfully I see a positive verdict, I
will gain as values with years time of writing a story
with positive growth to all to best with techniques
through a thought or two about truth and false beliefs.
It was hard task put effort and having resolved issues
of concerning behaviorism.

Before I had chance I gave my daughter had on phone to

talk to Chris. I had nothing but shame and confessed on


my love to Portland

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
Police Personnel.

We still had court and a continue through life no

contacting and I thought brought the holy goodness
thoughts that were in best remark to be courageous and

I was organized and I had a way allowing myself be on TV

on someday hope Chris and I to be famous together. I had
a broadcasting experience with many but few made
possible and I really enjoy my work and careers around
the clock.

I have thoughts of believing in this story I will become

better with positive thought pattern, and as a spirit is
excitement of knowing how or when each ordeal was a door
buster better knowledge gives little to no attention in
favor of law?

I gave a pull of force of values of how my student to

explore. As he learned easily was rather a mistake if
when was a misbehave of sin of posting other wall feeds
and he learned by writing was okay scale thoughts would
be a design of no hate for us as you reading. It was
hard get with what I wanted.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
Once he made my birthday remembrance with years of music
of all top hit songs for each year I knew he bring forth
more brilliance of continuing for years to come.

Time and meetings of past dwell on well beyond enjoying

the factors to beliefs as we are free or what is once
done with a conflict. It has happen with a life together
we are what was handling conflict and resolutions.

If followed by trust but if followed will bring a

positive change and emotional out look but my by overall
it was awarding feeling in long run.

I had an idea it will work out for achieving my network

while showing best, the mid to late 30s of my age were
when we met Chris and under a state I was bold and
beautiful person inside and out.

I recess my brain out make seek room for a student love

and to now look in the mirror and say I am a winner of a
woman to love my student Chris.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
I was over seen smiles and laughter thats quite the
comedian but love love love love my student very much,
and stressed very much its been hard say goodbye.

I remained in grasp about the other teachers voted best.

From my town I remained silent which I worked around the
clock. Where the towns in Middlesex County epically love
had Portland on mind and Chris' love if we met today.

I was a country girl at heart for a cowboy love of Chris

he was the ye to my ah and I worked in the towns in
Centerbrook and Portland which was a great money maker
when I found out how much fun times we will have on
knowing more about each other is on vacations with house
of no mortgage.

With an achievable award to residents and schools

interacting as I was wanting a positive goal. While of
thought of being voted was best with best in community
functions and relations and while of due Chris had in
which made my heart crave more being helped and
recognized my goodness he sees in me.

To accept an award live today on TV was an option today


as I was mother with

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
make more
with a


And I thought about what should I wear as a women being

honor with the award that has brought my attention I
will be awarding myself to drink or two with my student
before ceremony happens.

I put life as a package and partly to understand where I

lacked spirit would leave a death of belief was worth a
try again. I raised questions it was truth when in a
queue for activities that was headed for access of
research to write more.

Having an ordeal as myself the teacher editing the story

with updated feelings on his and my birthday belated by
now 11:11 next day as previous story took place. I was
rereading on what has been said I realized 11:11
11seconds before that led to my birthday now New years
editing the story presented to me by my birthday made a
draft of seeing each other moment of forgiveness of
Easter and what I expected share feelings make clear in
writing he was the only one. I felt for-sure well talk
or have wedding soon to be which ought remain true for


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One

He was late in having his procedurally being rational

the book online or not online the conscience of wither
was written by true soul-mate relationship I offered.
But please help all means him better to not
embarrassment of me in my book to be published and
thrown with proceeding talks with true remarks.

It was life that was a heart warming feeling to make us

together in bond come to good peace. I being out of
school would mean I am doing things be with Chris for
health and writing on my profile but his with a lot of
pages I give him a lot of credit. Its sure difficult but
well make it.

I will be planned for weekend for it happen during

weekday I received story online shared with other
teachers and I would get upset to see myself drink as I
older age not between teen years. As I was preparing
today as I indulge with calling a couple friends from
Vermont without trouble or to leave a memorable scene.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
As for today what is on my mind of now what to say at
ceremony. To life was embarrassing to act like a
traumatic when opposing up with a person student made it
possible like enough strength to call a hit to a love
cycle through patterns.

Sometime I wonder if I will miss him if he could go on

explaining the moments as I feel on chest his hug but
myself at first I witness will go far through as each
passing routine with a mile of positive thoughts as I
realize I need body examine time in my life.

As a student feels my body he Chris will take no

challenge but I take no by far from minutes but in my
speech, I will give others hope that with little faith
tomorrow will be a better day over a rainbow and my
Sunshine is smiling.

I set the achievement with awarding how thankful hungry

heart I felt. But if so I know that this is
unbelievably, great day for legalization for a bill to
be signed to allow anybody smoke marijuana will have to
be 21 with proof of ID assembly junction like achole and
in this book as I will keep my cross my fingers for life


with and pinky promises

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
it'll be
a positive

The speech I was to give positiveness to a finding one

another with another year was with time spent with Chris
can be comprehend statement of course yes, I was here to
talk in front of many to give a positive speech at the
wedding in 2016 on Easter.

I thought about giving the speech about my life but hard

with racing thoughts. When I get my hands on with
technology I could produce and expand a value or two and
set my mind to freedom.

Usually it has been hard to produce love from a thought

but one of two thoughts about when and where comes there
is hope for tomorrow and implementing on improving
myself in new heights and thoughts each day that I am a
powerful women with technology in my life.

I am witty awe so pretty for today and tomorrow of a

life for better or worse, he was getting ready worship
moon. It was also day I planned meeting after a day with
being at family events wither sad or happy.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One

I felt everyone should be upgrading to the app world and

to my parents never thinking they'll never own a
computer or smart phone were the ones with destructive
behaviors of saying help please which made income for
both student and I to keep for our highs as paying high
quality costs for marijuana.

I was easily bothered by the impossible to think of

course made technology look easy which to many was a
pleasure teaching cyclically my parents was with

With my mother and brother and sister I come of finding

out I am great full of love to my student. And my family
never met Chris and he knew that I could become better
person with life thoughts of a career pathway of knowing
more about computers and technology.

For one of the thoughts I make clear is that one day a

computer processor the brain of computer will be a thing
of the past. Computers and Chris will know that, a heart
full of joy required to trigger the ordinary to
extraordinary had a millisecond going way beyond with


courage of determination

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
if right
or wrong.

It was life which takes me with everyday life as mother

and student I love Chris. Most likely will be programmed
robots if not together from years time. I doubt that
will happen yet felt was a difficult task to plan.

Who better to know what love has to offer when you love
someone so much? And know about when humble know one day
I will see all Chris prospective of life as h proceeded
it by his writing do we apply is the question. As photos
growing up and he will see me so into his life. If I ask
to much I willingly will accept Face-Book request today
if he can find me.

He was a person I can depend on for a cheerful moment

and or could bring cheer in my life. Chris lives at the
moment brings out evil to new heights with thoughts that
I can take life as it goes right or wrong either way you
will get something in return.

As I am feeling wore out. I can count in minutes to

hours with a mind going freely because I have the values
of free time, which creates job growth of counting me in
to win over many to receive an award of my mind


experiences hearing his

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
voice. Become One

I gave this year as an excellence in classes I teach. To

the classes I offer much but in which bring a great
income to many about my suggestions.

And what makes it cool is my attitude with respectable

times I talk about construct the past with better know
thoughts I will never hurt you but leave you breathless
explaining that I am a teacher who wants understand
Chris, he means world to me.

I can spare dime I'm sure with meteor for parking he say
or they say shooting star sure spend why not on a good
lunch out. As I share my time like managing an illness
and I put most as I must say I have a baby with my

Where my down fall I clicked with Chris and my life is

as it goes mental health awareness where he is what had
made him Chris hear me first in voice he was eighteen
when schizophrenic started in his young adult mind.

And for the most part I felt in men they interestedly


were survived with being

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
on medications

of constructions of having take accepting came hand.

I had get together to handle Chris different and make

him feel loved. He saw in my eyes a beholder of love
resentment which gave God his grace.

The grace of disobedience of trials. And good grace of

everyday actions leading good life. For he and I knew I
should of said something positive to court how I wanted
love. But now writing a story everything will be okay if
he says love you on phone.

I felt semi confidant everything will be all right to

know when I am in doubt I find a solution, which brought
out where and when better part of me is knowing
difference how talk when single or taken.

I am a woman with positive skills. I was yet to know how

to take life, as a teacher on days perceived with mixed
emotions and moods which made me think a new positive
relationship pathway from when I hit 50s I will becoming
retaining ten years later.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
I will accept all previous attempts as we live together
married? I was with whom my beloved student Chris in my
life though all could change my mind. I easily had to
choose wither or not to use my name on websites.

The facts of knowing Chris will understands life without

difficulty for a fact I love him but he still needs to
honor court verdict for this years court date to prove
he is better.

I want him to understand that I teach with a passion,

and where new technology and computers is my target to
young adults to elderly seniors. Chris must love a dog
and carry on teaching me for what I can bring
therapeutically soothing body relaxation in his life of
what life can bring to inspire one another.

It was to my benefit me helping outburst is being

through out no doubt of fear. In fact that throughout
the day I can teach myself something new on my spare
time Ideal effective of way of treating him as I treated
him after Godliness status update saying on my birthday,


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One

I have almost completed book as I was to be out to cast a

spell look at where a brewed spell took place. Is flying by her
true what a teacher expects? I am owing a Kiss on forehead Happy
Birthday teacher of desire 11:11 11secs before posting final
draft as having over 250pages for book I like to share foremost
ask forgiveness in failures making due to honor you today by you
give my best revision as you known possible is obstacle I've been
there ox hugs kisses.

I had a way thinking it through and made it reach over

250 pages. Yes it is crazy good, being set forthpositive in good ways to have my life as in a Loony Toon
personality as Roadrunner and Taz as my student.

He does drive his life like Barney Ribbles as an uproar

more like Flintstones of the body in fact aint no body
but the same as he is a smarty pants.

I wish to be with Chris that Barney Ribbles giving

others best years lived having best chances he'll learn
and grow with our relationship.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
If you must know that it's important bringing home to
fixed annual rate income to have the most part to have
calming and positive thoughts and with my thoughts take
me to my feelings about when going strong is a belief we
had probable cause no issues was no mistake it would be
gift next month to month it'll recreate the righteous..
to learn to save.

As for my student he is one for myself if so an

attractiveness to achieve daily insight as the helper of
my husband for a truthful pledge or birthday gift of a
truth in a life birthday happy birthday?

I was having behaviors he was of knowing he is ready for

change and here my change I want Chris to move in my
house as not that simple nor influential task ahead.

I just believed in good-works in mighty God creator to

resolve case work prevalent for the believers of Christ
Jesus takes marriage as promise for Easter.

And let Easter be redeemable date this years coming upon

make history in family and friends.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
To have birthday dinner of who you will be alone and not
for you to worry. what happens we do not ever talk would
he still write unfortunately he did not give up?

Oh no thought about dinner eating on birthday will never

happen mostly fireworks as preview for upcoming years he
knew would settle everything with emotions running deep
to say I am here for here beautiful night sky besides
being a lover beside me of what he wished upon when out.

Because his family stood by the Police safety as stated

I did not remain in contact for all my years lived but
showing I care giving him fireworks on day before
birthday celebration was all to nice and brought the
book to romantic thoughts well do it together all this
coming up year being together..

What exactly? Well everything to everything a display

fire works was ought be placed as my brother Robert said
to do fireworks day of his birthday or was it Tom who
knew was throwing a party another teacher which he aced
his class. It was a math class where he learned so much
with numbers.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
I know how to win over a jury is with respect and
obeying what's said.. it was not easy conscience wither
after court trials well be together if obeyed once or
twice or all.

But in-spite of during bad behaviors he would save the

love and get out make recording of his songs with
friends of lyrics to music he had feelings he had to

The awarded feelings were with a speech was defiantly

hard to achieve but not doubt to find others in lost
spirits and nothing but any answer was better then no
answer so he kept zero as a mark where he taught being
one to all but believing the reviving nothing in return
with ebullience of growing up to be unsuccessful with no
money to equidistantly change zero money to millions
with his creativity.

But knowing he had a trial which would end no drama.

What was going on he needed supporters and writing more
thoughts down with the best life was with him connecting
to me in head with our substance medically.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
I maintain posture that was key to composure of life
ahead time on days I taught the software to create a
mind reward help out with his family.

After a student left high-school he graduated from the

school they have put known knowledge into intervention
to lift all his creation as to put forth a work going at
ease, a flashback possibility was given time to realize
myself was with here a life teacher in Avon
At giving moments he the student knowing at best my best
efforts came that teacher whom a time says we were in
need for one another so much.

Mostly in because it was my intern-ship where we made

due seen the never have I ever sayings during a course
of a card game. I was the roots of negativity that drew
all positive. He see likeness of my devotional spirit I
was single not a teacher only helper learning at the
time and his life planning to move to Connecticut.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
To students, those who I show everyday effort remains in
my business matter and school fact findings by students
originated say in good-looks you will know Chris better
when there are days of doubt.

Along with doubt is giving Chris his best efforts, had

to share a success story and given talents writing about
helping others succeed. And with my technology
background it made it a quick ease to keep him in my
life as story of appreciation.

The majority was a breeze and to help others was no

challenge. While he was giving advice to each person who
took my class was with little to no difficulty, It had
it's way at ease a way of learning was key to one
another. It was others under my applications and
assignments here stand I ready make due for advice and
writing with minutes and hours away to publish on 11:11
11 seconds of next day.

I could not understand how to receive is not the best of

both worlds and love and trial in the both worlds we
face where it were the only clock we share in same timezone but embrace to show my helpfulness on weekends to


achieve my goal and get

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
feeling for

I was remain to be calm and be peaceful night sleep

today a story completed almost hours away of bringing to
justice knowing when limitations gone to a movement of
sadness of being hurt or mistreated never saying boo
where would he be. He played boo game when he was a
child and most kindly the justice of maintaining skin
and bones made due break my bones as sticks stones broke
as stiffness resemblances he has authrideis.

I loved teaching and I want to teach Chris all about how

to treat a woman for all coming up year and for the
positive note I was a person who understands life and my

I have an image saying short but sweet items of my

reflection of my life were a stream full of thoughts
vanished through my head.

I lived to be a fish others to see life at fullest with

one love one heart and everything will be all right
ravishingly waiting for Easter wedding in Spring.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One

Nothing but a regret if he was one never influenced him

to not write only when he was ordered to take life on a
pathway to whom was successful.

He was needing breaks of writing to much needed

experience in a told of talking about the good is order
to be place right hand before the teacher preventative
of mistrials of not giving up that led him to look back
efforts he dwell to make better in event that eventually
lead to kiss on my for-head but now will try remember
all said or done more fun days are ahead.

It was a dream to find hope. For hope is a big heart for

an achievement that dreams lead the way to truth for it
happens within your heart as your home is Connecticut a
state where I teach and town Essex for this year made
due to work on side at food pantry with Chris I together

I kept busy with my time but maybe hit back to explore

me with new opportunities within the down-town New Port,
Road Island. Where I live is in Connecticut, and
Middlesex is the County I live.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
I cause myself to drive on weekdays for road-trips but
mainly hit up some of my life with exploring new towns I
want own real-estate and seeking opportunities to make

I kept discreet my relationship status updates on the

World Wide Web. And with who ever when ever anyone can
enter my life.

I know an idea could make head way of serious

consequences but seriously when have I not seen anyone
it lead to no felony behavior.

Life began become so sweeter and I can extend years

thinking about possibilities in a safe manner that lead
would of could of should of done better.

It was hard task nor did I try to make make due of

presentation of a diary well he do whatever get my heart
back in a reform behaviors set on professionals making
publishing bullet listed triggers cause to hear voices.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
I can not go on I am hurting myself as for with my
writing each day by end of the day I felt calm if I
knowing other party he will wait till Easter see my
version as rereading a book about our life and is not
improving but connecting relations with favoring
legalizing marijuana and Easter wedding..

And well tonight I feel need to make up and create a

story to become better about myself with my thoughts and
surrounding spirit of delayed time reading almost
evening over half way through his book.

I bring out Chris the most out of life with joy and
laughter you know being about the brightness of thoughts
within thoughts could bring a foot pathways within a
heart to come back joyfully with what I picked up into
content a story about true love.

He was a funny guy that student Chris and I enjoyed our

time together in writing knowing more about us in a soul
of teacher speaking as another personalities to make due
in school to obtain knowledge in school I was ready get
applauded for this book edited.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One

Yet having sadness of my heart crying in a tear I strive

to be the influence of thinking how show I have
something while quick response show in body language
which he studied years later.

It was protection now leading years later wanting you

knowingly you better Monday was the day of love because
it was you'll be my thirst of crime wanting more being
one I make to love to be with all creation of all aspects
of his life. He did publish the story today second day on
Scribe website of my birthday gift of story.

When I saw him cry and feel his pain which all noticed
in school. He was always put in words why can't I and go
on my mind for more than student a lift to educate a
growth of with spirits.

I felt leading on with the feelings of knowing that a

little about me goes as far as what has a challenge
behavior, and if you unfold a personal judged image that
could only bringing attention.


And where I had thoughts

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Onemood, it
about Become
being in better

got me no denial where put a positive attitude?

And a positive verdict that it will be renewed if I

actually was to set placed if I called Chris. I know if
anyone should know I love Chris I complain but know a dog
and daughter can cheer me up more then anyone in my life.

Someone who to better situated with understandings,

knowing I am mental blocked from the person who I love
which brought stress to table.

If knowing what true, I remained positive.

We talked

about our feelings at dinner table if we ought to be


Now for the most part I remained calm and cool but most
importantly my daughter was everything and graduated
second this last year on the better note she was best of
knowing the truth if Chris does love me, he was my
formal student I told her. She wanted me give it a try
proceeding into third grade even though she feared I
would be conflict of interest.


I had to say what comes

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
One and I
is the verdict

had no reason to believe everything will be with no

disappointments but positive image for aid and from this
love and for-most this year waiting and wanting a kiss
on the lips or forehead.

To make me feel loved and special brought togetherness.

For most part who accepted his love was a ruling of

Lord how could he know when togetherness it be explain
of primeness of believing and reviving with dignities
hardships endowed if recognize high grade medical or any
bud high grade is safe which called us marijuana reform
based on revenue and cash crop as so be told to cure.

I brought up my bills up with thought fullness

calculated and found out it could work out if we had my
friends come over for talks and have adsorb everything
with little no trauma today as I was usually trying get
over a lot of stress about life in general why it
procedurally fell in place with a teacher student
relationship with his adolescence and childhood
flashback fear overcoming with marijuana high grade


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
From that day forward I brought kindness to the table
and with anything but what has a so-called love brought
myself making a choice that was ahead of myself dating a

That love being profound saying being comfortable is

with my surroundings will be held with few busy weekend
nights that I head out to my businesses to my
proprietary weekends with little time weekdays.

If I become stress reliever doing a method of learning a

value is the outcome of obsessed and stressed cloud as
movements thinking once again we live on a cloud and
could fall deeper down to a grave but one thing is for
sure getting this miracle pill published a story about
how he created a story before first hospital visit as a
story of receiving the good with writing about how you
can experience life for generations to generations of
ones past life comes back to talk. I will have an
emotional moments if sudden gun in face is drawn or
family loss.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
Most likely I will be put to reconsider for his writing
ordnance to with me being editor. As if he should betray
the life I live as making effort in writing rather then
hundreds of posts which made me think twice wow he is
really starting to believe the miracle is on way where
he is in my arms knowing truth where love is love grows.

He was good but not well and ought in a way should be

getting better outcome of taking prescribed pills for
thinking about how to take effectiveness without
permission or got ruled no yet hold grudge he had take
effective dosage he played doctor very well and was safe
and sound.

He should have that as our goals are getting better with

health and accept that true love was in the mind and
spirit. I will take hold of my life within days of
making better of myself doing my best out of the rest
while giving myself enough sleep.

With myself loving Chris I felt he would become my

shoulder I cry, my crying shoulder.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
While I started with this world showing being a sweet,
kind-heart and mindful person for my actions. I became
thought fulfilled and thought receiving the cleaver mind
achievement award as teacher of year award.

It was poor about choices that head for true thoughts

as long as possible thinking and rethinking if it was
true misspoken words lead to days hard focus. I had no
trace of being right or wrong therefore who are
important to teach about manners are you to judge the
income I make. The richer got richer the poor got poor.
It all made sense. If substance was legalized this would
end all drama let freedom of war on drugs as I heard
moments ago saying let the truth be prevailed to
sourceful information make him on medical marjunia to
cope the difficulties of focusing and he will sure be
happy focusing and watching tv while writing on
different times.

Noticing him quiet kept to others wither family or

friends or visits in hospital he got ruthless they
seemed to talk Chris more then usual to read and share
thoughts to say go ahead take these words like as in
deprived devotion as putting no words in his heart for
liking teacher it all had be orderly fashioned to be as


teacher wanting student

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
with connecting
as one he

felt by everything will remain calm and cool with looking

great beside each other.

Nothing more then a dream of my life getting married on

Easter. And when you talk negative I will do no shame
not to cause despair honoring ones wishes on you to help
and let you understand not here to hurt you but tell you
I will call you when your better understanding my love
for my student was true.

I will begin understand that my mind works and I go on

pace loving Chris each day. Imagine him in my bed
sleeping next to me that has to be well worth the wait.

I brought some thoughts about leading a good life with

a student. Chris a formal student came by late 30s of my
age. My life became a fruit by its tree. Each day we saw
each other I felt I had touch him make me feel loyal
confinement it was true love.

A feeling of light and brightness was with my health and

with a few couple changes for challenges with better on
how thoughts of goodness, I will become only remain
positive to get in myself to bed on time.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One

I was in for a life entering a media of a course

included software and applications with new technology
media running Windows Xp and Linux computer for video

I looked Chris in the eye thinking; Chris could be the

one nice guy on my first day teaching to him that can
change my world by mid to late 30s.

I felt if so a struggle exiled the truth it was love

that he dweller of truth, yet was put forth an interest
and shyness was apprehensive learning tool to make
better over years that developed him realize his
thoughts could become a book for thoughts were kept in
head eagerly to expose thrust to arose to write about
our love and where I the teacher saw life with him as a
soothing friend that would honesty be more then student.

I was up for which was waiting the night before heading

out to see him with sky being its slightish relief it
played victim was not so much snow in March but
challenge to go to abundance to stand ground an Easter
wedding is coming.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One

I work if snowing outside having no worries a cute VW

Rabbit truck to plough the snow on my drive way.

And of with this wildest relief brought no troublesome

lacking of intimacy of harassment when I feel I was
ready he was not against my will-fill thoughts bring
with little thoughts one word can change an obstacle
wither yes or no if aroused the questions.

I grasped as followers spoke the date we date on how

soon brought talking get on teacher scenario on the
students teacher marry Chris lead set trust for this
week. To no insight but proven knowledge I will make due
for what is right before hand of others to give thanks
to all made us together. I had butterflies in my stomach
each time we met.

I defiantly could see the intransigence of troublesome

love acts that cast out need of him spending time eating
out with friends and family that brought togetherness
which doing onto himself as others pride and joy is to
see him happy as wisdom said live in with the ones you


got as all ask he visit

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
my house
soon or have

visit from someone like a cousin barry family should

take place as his Aunt Karen was his God-Parent.

I saw it with his life with chemistry as effectiveness

changed his daily life in his eyes I felt warm to touch
when we had a hug or two touching my heart to his heart
throughout the two months of teaching.

As years progressed my life went by came through a

process during a time for a schizophrenia recovery, as
teacher by early 30s in my internship was difficult be
seen in public considering I taught in Avon
Massachusetts what held the relationship was the

A process of my one of my task time duration brought

capstone in new ways of action set for justice
researching help of laws if put with daily routine of my

I was towards recovery as having in a way jury being

beliefs, which was to take medication on a daily base
which impaired my abnormal thinking if ever made longer
then amount pay was back to re-incite.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One

I know I want to see him as a book writer sharing

experiences to correct his wrongs and use it for my
befitting for his life is to please only him. To make
him happy is all I wanted in life with connecting the
recovery of loss data.

To plead to realize the you mother-fucker shall due

see he is not mother but had wombs on stomach as if he
was born male now turning into girl and fantasizing
probably taking upon female role. As he knows I wanted
him but knew he had changed so let it or so be it he
showed he can be a male practicing act like a cute chick
for a teacher.

I thought about preparing my speech I had written down

in past when I see lemons I began to cry, here goes
nothing with in love feelings I share as I wrote myself
to sleep a letter meaning to share to Chris.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One

I felt no shame while out of school and I was the one to blame for
faults. For bullying is a theme to set a boundary that Chris liked me.
For years, which he took place as a student to say last goodbye with a
feeling left we could work out a relationship but he had been with a cry
of regrets, and their would be nothing but saying supportive encouraging
comments on his Face-Book that made me think else wise to be great
everyday with dating nobody else. Thank You, as anti-bullying took place.

I said my letter was cheesy over and over seeing I used

the word felt would stop drama hearing sudden shifts
of a likeness of us being togetherness of sweet husbands
came out of the ordinary under my oath to honor Chris
take Novel of the price award with money of lifetime
income will come movie maybe one day together.

It was not necessary important but I never used felt

impersonate with him or others hardly as rush get true
feeling of sexuality indulges but felt Chris was the

Where I taught in Portland was an opportunity, I kept it

a secret and I wanted to meet one student and find that
one special student that has my heart asks for nothing
more but showing love almost everyday on his online


account wither its AOL

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
to Face-Book,
I wanted

relationship with Chris.

I had a daughter within year later to from this day to

forward up to make sure things have not been ending up
with Chris knowing extra amount of my bad side, and
nothing more about me.

I was living life with purpose of believing in true love

comes with a soul having for long duration writing now
being stand under my impression a not day goes by being
simple task was editing considering I was need him for
love once again.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One

Chapter 15
The Out Cry of Heart & Feelings

Chris is very instinctive of barriers took ways to

ruthless crime doing opposite. Having the smarts of
staying safe to campaign to unsafe to said unsaid
virtues of where and when he was hearing voices it went
on like understanding where respect other wises for
government. And with my wishes on birthdays as waited
for that one wish of end the story for final chance let
me do my side of story. My childhood was to see a
Broadway show as family with him.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
He said all he had to look in his book led me thinking
this has been taking by lack of infrastructure of a
frustration but he has a quick mind witty of his own.

His life brought him by a cry with a new mind with

myself promising ideas promoting and producing organized
ideas by reality that keeps it real thats organize and
grows up be beautiful his life.

As professionally while saying thoughts can produce an

imaginary file cabinet with he who discovers more about
us is the ones we love.. and I forever want be in Chris'
arms of love to behold righteous behaviors.

He will have Easter wedding within a females life

giving nothing but hurt to myself but I am strong enough
being with him sooner or soon no later then year if okay
with court have no more ruthless actions of touching or
messing around.

And with his new thought process came from where he was
in my life rarely, I ask myself does if he mind his own
business this year?


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
I know very little about Chris but sometimes try to
understand him but fall in love why I try not to make a
less worry scene about him and how make possible when
everyday is another chance chase the dreams.

And do not get mad and fight as out cry at Drama o

Rama, may we dance now or pull a skillful stunt?

As many were eager to live but remained of everything

with all means everything was with one he who directing
the movements.

It was the slow change may get in your heart but pull
us apart? Who that I won't forget is he was the one I
depended going take control with thoughtful life being
of cheer to others. I knew I would be brainwashed hear
its just love brought us here.

I heard he been very talkative lately and learning

source acceptance in writing with mental health
betraying on therapy with Hippa being of truth of years
of writing brains out about feelings.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
I must edit story make it with Chris' love lead what I
want in life as sure well last lifetime end of time and
being so accommodating to feelings not fearing the
mistakes and faults he caused and no contacting which he
did but had a conscience grudge of illness abroad to

Recovery was all about knowing where or when something

went wrong or hear that he has been testing as source of
make-up or breakup obstacle going on same routine of
writing conclusive story of the misery because he
advertised he loved me others disliked that for the fact
of provisions of the story. As spoke he was coping for
sure by writing.

But possibly not Chris has put me down because he had a

lost phone and I lost my cell phone too and I know
better wait and kiss my student for being there and make
sure share electronic greeting card with him on our
first night out for a date this week.

I see the formative high school now being responsible

for actions mistakes to retakes make possible the


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
And he does take medications on a daily base to be mine.
I believe he has some symptoms of love sickness and has
intellectual feelings with being in love so dearly much
which much is with a beautiful woman which is myself.

Wherever he is never to give up, especially with on love

for a woman like myself especially for all-good I do for
all memories we carry on with strength and truth that he
showed great praise of love on a daily base.

The words from emails are spoken clear, especially when

you could relate to written complex was understocked
unfailing love, he jumbled with words making a positive
choice to ask out on date today.

For what's been said and what has been which touched my
heart of choosing to accept his life as myself, for a
mother with spoken spark of delight where I say can make
you understand I am not forgetful but hurtful that can
show some evil of hate when comes to family without
negative remarks to being a grandparents to our daughter
child in adult years.

I depended him to look his best and show love as exile


of high route that

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
requires dignity
to know
what is

right and what is wrong about giving best appreciation

with kind workmanship of low cost by all means all in
favor love say I do in April 2016.

I was a woman who had talent with a technology

background by a living a story true meaningful memory to
play forward share a successful book to class on every
moment I had.

Being happy is one factor I please get with my thoughts.

I better know myself as a factor effort in which I speak
of a given fact or two I will stand by you for years if
I think you are mine my husband Chris and Chris seeing
the book published I will show tear the reader reading
him the story in book in movie.

Well from relationship stand up that pointed out it has

work out he asked Showtime if he can have the book into
movie just apparently an adjustment see how are you
thats how it goes is I feel pain and being an extrusive
mood to describe as last name painful in dramatic pain
of ordinance of honor the verdict and myself.

That he put to shame on how I treated Chris while out


cry said one thing is

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
true about
his love One
because Chris

knew he is special as he will be loved by myself due

time as he writes now.

We both have sides of a story so true but most of my

time is wrapped closely to objectives that have list
time and a date would help perceive good mention in
family love.

Using the list of objectives would relieve stresses of

requirements for wedding in Easter. I felt over
protected I left it up to Chris, I wonder what does it
take ask Chris for outing in Hartford. What been said
with phone conversations were nothing but hearing
positive behavior.

I struggle to move forward through the facts on what

has been said in past. And must we look forward say he
did celebrate outing support our health with company
Gilead outside as picnic in Hartford which brought
questions as if in concern about realizing he had
support now comes positive verdict.

I was the thimbleful to act up by swearing and showing

a ruthlessbehavior which would not cross my mind to


attend or allow as

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
One through
choice is beBecome
calm and sleepy

medical marijuana with highs saying Im your coping

friend when trauma smoke and write. I was asking too
hear especially in spoken terms it was meant to be led
to bye.

To be of sure of speak truth of being part of offering

mood in booty acquaintance to goals helping help-strive
onto information to procedurally say on to other the
outrages are the results.

In having us in having conscience letting medications

work. For now you will see the girls get that hidden
psychotic day moment hide well.

I will either become woman to the struggle for the fact

if its true the love Chris has to offer which can be the
Scout interactivity of concluding statements if lonely
smoke marijuana or say it is your friend.

He was being tested through his program and old nurse

wanted to talk to him Karen from Gilead application on
iPhones. For most can say I have to love or not to love
which categories of areas of nothing but confusion in my


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
As looking deep from inside thoroughly to keep in mind I
have a daughter who is my priority make sure she is
fully happy. I was giving my best behavior, that my
manners and who I date must make me feel loved.

But with a call everything will be true about how much

love I gave was nothing but limitless of behavior.
Usually with my behavior that needs expressed one
another was important.

To teaching by his side nothing but values to him he

felt it was easy way to protect him from harm. Safety
was his number one priority. And for us know expressing
yourself with reasons and questions makes a stable if
you write and do acts of love.

I will know a feeling when I hear the words I love you,

I am learning by the truth by a positive note a reaction
of knowing he was always been by my side with
encouragement of knowing all is well with kindness acts
to share. He felt the Windows PowerShell could proceed
example of coming up approval of science behind the pill
over time thinking about possibles with logged monitored
behaviors which Chris spoke about in Microsoft Event



Third party

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
software in Power
Shell One
showing logs

saved of monitored behaviors of application in this case

it was useful pill told what body what it needed and run
wireless on iPhone or aneroid it would be an insert and
vision answered calls with eyes showing the screen like
where it became real.. during day time and night time.
He saw midst of family members where they go where they
been we never know but it was a connecting comfort
feeling marijunia and Chris' life felt was getting warm
to embrace love by Easter.

For I am for this year to receive an achievement award,

I will head towards the best feeling to be known as a
positive teacher with very supporting staff and

We are likely known by now Chris would make a good

speech about my life as a husband hereby supporting my
dreams and life ahead. But I here withhold a stand with
stigma to show it is not difficult to see prove there is
happiness with a life towards me.

And I have sweet side of my time spent with my students.

And usually it was only on school premise the emailing
and you could out rule summer vacation emailing because


I was here not please

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
others. Later
on approximately

June of 09 the school blocked his email account.

Why him, why him kept running in head. I was dreadful

and felt terrible as out cry of misfortune of heartache
and dreadful tears of hurt.. cry cry o o student our
love has brought us out to more to say with heart broken
into tears yes oh drama trauma mortified terrified by
all immortals of knowing where faults lead trauma of
believing cannabis has helped high grade to be that
situation of flashback was relief.

And over time with thoughts to cope the negativity as I

read his book continually read his book March 2nd at
11:30am and I share in writing he is lovely but sorrow
exists in female love of who I love Chris' life..


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One

Chapter 21
I'm Here No Hidden Surprise

When of knowing I could be a heart less showing to a

student love sexually was never an option but likely I
with share values of what admiration, affectionate,
compassionate and cheerfulness that showed meaning of an
action I worked towards. I can or could bring equal
rights for positive verdict well have some verbal

Based on what that could bring us cheerful state as


Chris says, cherish the

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
OneFor a
breath Become
taking moments.

powerful note that he or she leaves a positive verdict

understanding we are under authority to be honoring one
another with respect responses under authority.

Though I knew I would not disobey the ruling as the

verdict is for possessiveness to make us together and I
was not to hurt but to be fair by far good judgment.

I have understood a smile could bring happiness to you

or for uplifting to a mind with in between your wellbeing and with happiness some time from others will be

The curiosity efforts with my students over time has

learned about life dependency that when he showed to
help protect my young mind, body and spirit I aroused
with a shift of dark to light which I tried not bring up
Chris to the classroom with students.

We both addressed our concerns and we were sexy and

sassy about life situations. He and I come from learned
lessons and the best love comes as a daily kindness
acts, where you give or gave it your all the best.


You'll know when the

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
scenario is
true and One
you give it

the best when here by stands a trial of time I had been

holding a feeling that I cannot fight for tonight night,
might inducing ones life that seem right face the facts
find out if it is true love.

I begin experience of a relationship while being sorry

through thoughts as creations, which this experience has
brought my creations into thoughts into feelings that
made me feel better about myself.

I feel alive with more positive energy with the flow of

time. I felt sorry for-most of my time for the troubles
that brought us be healing or trying handle situations
through marijuana and has had success management.

Taken this life we are abstaining our privilege

contacting my family practice covered by DHMAS medical
marijuana for clients like myself as teacher to enforce
as portion to society to explore life in a peaceful
state with so much comfort to bring without the lace as
dealers do now as would be dispensary shop and making to
accolade conclusion recreational use of marijuana or
medical for all debilitates or disabled Americans and I
made us look like proud american state connecticut


sending forth the voters

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
to make
it legal One
for all but

keep the clients on medical for patients at own expense

allowing centers bring forth positive talk to bring us
allowing court to proceed that without questioning.

I do not remember who we are in change that made

mistakes. I just miss you Chris very much to this day, I
hope judge allowing a rule thumb we could do the
contacting on my birthday week or Easter week.

Being a teacher professionally at a school is where I

was believe I will be given opportunity to be successful
technology teacher at Portland High School; on High
Street, Portland Connecticut.

With life it treats you with goodness you will be

thinking of ways that can make you understand you have a
kind heart.

All through out the year I prove if treating my concerns

and doctor orders would be helpful and boy I felt each
day is a gift to learn something new everyday.

Knowing with all or anything with creation are viewed


differentially in this

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
world and
a mighty One
power that my

formal student creates us is leading another obstacle

here in my work history file of life.

And with well rounded extra work obstacle life calling

ahead of me is life I was thinking about opening up
Italian ice place. Yet Chris wanted pretzel franchise or
flavored water on Main St Middletown.

It could be business opportunity awaiting to happen with

my help receive support and earn extra cash from
programs like grant letter writing.

Giving each day was hard live each day improving his
health and poor choices he made and but from between
what made me think second thoughts when all family wants
whats best.

But you must know, though I learned hard way. He had

beliefs acute with my beliefs a life before time. He by
27 years of missing life while I been messing with wrong
believe system.

I would date now comes Chris to experience the female


bodies of love who I

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
want feel Become
up each oneOne
another to

the body. For the most part I have this manner of

setting up a motivation process of solutions of life
problems most seize the cause, and time and conclusion
were left to play.

In process of solutions you might want to create is a

toolbox. And what you include inside of yourself is
beyond the belief with values and growth inclusive
amounts of experiences.

Knowing little with our savor Lord beyond in real life

our males are one as I am woman in love. Where life will
give you positive for ideas for supporting one another
from each day of thoughts of happiness.

I will support ideas to take effort to a route a time

meet Chris. He is who treats me right I'm so happy today
was a once upon dream day I put into viewing the facts
to recreate into Chris how plan a purpose of genetic
plan with no surprises with no hidden secrets.

The only Godess I know is my mother who I call

occasionally. Who my mother lived with was her second
husband and lives in Maryland with her. She raised me up


with a loss of accident

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
my father
and she One
understands I

have anxieties with frustrations with choices I make say

truth make this book true.

Proceeding with inside of toolbox a fact I know I need

which hold a power to influence in matter nothing about
wellness idea but be kept verbal contacting of my party
I keep inside a moment where we were happy married on

Where I took life is a solo thing for my mind and

spirit. He knew everything from all to expressing love
to ones he love. And he became shy but opened up with

The serious side of Chris he never gave up, it was in

his nature to do everyday deeds to put everyday efforts
end the denial in to the relationship with God and to my
students I've imagined everything was possible with
people who knew Chris.

The latest news you should know is Chris will be

prescribed a Rx drug to give him comfortable behaviors
and moods to write.


But knowledge and memory

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
who made
us smileOne
is a keeper

of the light of good old sake of talks are early morning

till noon.

While the day proceeds a daily action ritual is under

the creation of a thought here by a conversation

The masterpiece was of having fun by sharing positive

thought with a pattern of new ideas. I felt he will be
completed with me enjoying life by his side and couldn't
believe I can call him mine soon.

For some social events it leads us to not forget the

process of learning from mistakes. Who we are youngsters
learning out on ones truth that can put the trust on
people we choose to build or to rebuild that raises up
for a can hope due lacking respect.

I noticed I been pulling away from love as with the

attitude playing was offered with no cost online.

I will be brave to give a chance of given information to


issue for right. The

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
kindness of
my behavior
comes from

information. From both sides for good or bad was of

emotions I had to share.

Time was all around us is where we can put our thoughts

into actions and personality action into a value, I knew
I'll be well with Chris. He understands for my thoughts
there are uplifting bringing out the best with he could
only due for show importance I was well worth over
watching cops on Saturday.

It was kind of life without troublesome this years ahead

considering he had accept medications and use substance
only when feeling down or craving.

For the best life for us of knowing we could be a cute

couple together if we maintained feelings for one
another in daily routines we call support of the Hippa
towards professionals for adequate research to make a
behold miracle.

And I will love him,

he will have baby with me, and boy

I know I am a healthy young woman showing life with

understanding I will live life by corresponding to
others I want to live, laugh and love.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
Knowing each other is either love or hate when something
does not go right he would write. Little to know I have
a daily action plan to be taken each day by his hand and
my heart spoke the truth.

My brightest days are the days I welcome back a way to

comfort a welcoming of the table to our talks to my
family and friends.

I was most part aggregated why we haven spoke in so long

that I enjoy life blessing as of someone mostly student
I couldn't refuse let go.

I was giving me comfort as I depended on food while you

could enjoy food while having a dinner talk makes
everything complete.

I would give award out for all people who could make my
dreams come true with a life of a daily action plan for
innovations of inspired food creations on wedding in

To put pride in the students and to the parents I will


understand more about

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
the care Become
plan. But IOne
owe an

apology to one of my students who brought most out of my

heart he was named Chris.

He made a hurtful heart with positive insight heart to

follow through the leadership skills as owe him my life.
He is the fuel of the fire of my life who rocked my
world as it goes round in this moment in a pill recovery
of fuel being with energy and time.

He did not know or keep known that he is my best all

exclusive pleasure in my life. And boy he had feelings
like no other that showed I am a major impact of this
life he is living for students life with informed

To pursue with positive research and a time to have love

developed through in and out my life. And for time is by
the farthest giving life chance to prove this ought to
be true.

I left in my eyes of being insane hearing voices

brought that this is experience that brought out being
not welcomed with happiness. I brought with the life of
mine growth with health that had balance and diet.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
Where I taught abreast with natures it will end while be
taught with us in many of ways it is possible as a
teacher obtaining to getting married to a student was
reasons why I wanted him for his likeness of me first
move made by straining in email he was always going be
there for all my days alive.

All by myself with myself everybody in my life was like

a loony cartoon and everybody else who knows Chris and I
getting married for we will be happy for Chris.

I understand where his memory comes see the facts with

actual understatement that I will be coming with
research and time into eyes of due time?

I was negative to Chris after he left high school in

January of 07 and vacation after that day he never came
see me in person. And with his heart hurting for years
he started to have aches and pains throughout his body.

We both had each other and experienced many symptoms of

the criteria of a mental illness. That when late August
of 07 his illness was gift that he seemed mentally
challenge to love me.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
The life I lived did not reflect my time and I always
put Chris on top of my chart to see more people like

Where we both accept say hello date as consideration as

date from each other but I know him best and I am going
to write make Chris understand I love him so much as

To anyone I was one Goddess for goodness not be confused

with forsaken mistrials or forgotten where I brought
attention some goodness from a love of beyond accepting
his life. That I have in mind of one student loving me

For love is rare but it was hard date and I felt sad
ashamed and I needed Chris. I kept it discreet of
minimum amounts of moral courage I saw in other males as
one powerful woman as he said in a letter.

I was a Goddess and I put myself into danger several

times of week say I will be with unknown words he
assumed.. It all was biblical with encouraging words of
Lord but knew he was trying his best to approach without



Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One

Most of all because I love myself the most. I appreciate

my life with what I give out thanks. When somebody loves
me too, I felt more secured about my discussions when my
injections are better part of me. I had raised questions
if marriage is our feelings I get more positive thoughts
about who I am teacher for teaching or teaching with
stern attitudes.

Lately I had more then thoughts to make possible share

anything whenever to whoever is the eye of the tiger I
ought love Chris today.

I very much enjoyed his mixes he made class and he was

capture of my heart who I very much love him dearly.

I taught of being nice and sharing to new heights my

complete life history as a disability of acceptance.
Where surrounded areas shared technology. I brought the
best out my career as I focused on perfectionism.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
I understand that Chris makes myself feel warm and
knowing his actions and somebody I can call my true love
and makes me feel love.

I brought love brought with sensations where nobody

could ever make me feel like he one to take grant for
justice seriously because he knows it was me who held
verdict based on my degree as physiology major as well
as being teacher of technology.

Had it been last resort wanting to see me more aware and

arrested if years or days months hours minutes seconds
clueless in pain hearing the news that was shameful like
if I ever cheated.

It made me feel that like I felt important and shy to

open up. He expressed so much love without a word not
said anything from my end on how we met after high
school besides the manifestation that took part was told
be filled with faith passing law.

I was yet to hurt and cry away far away with burning up
thoughts. I had no contacting experience for years with
a pending case of harassment II, I so regret to this day


of not speaking for

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
years. I know
for the One
amount it

worth it was true love.

With he she said he said was all amounts of experience

that arose a table experience as this year goes along and
I knew I plan not to show up for court. And Chris filled
up with my joy of my heart well meet happy time that time
Easter, well a have wedding in spring.

I could not pretend this is reality speaking it ought be

placed yet felt it but know it is true I have a clue who
I can be loved, I'm one in a million times better with
fact of as one I will honor as a husband comes a wife to
be, and each day with counting thoughts endless thoughts
about facing two make one a whole heart together loved
in life and true love story.

He feels I was from my life as a teacher who could bring

hurt to new levels. Where by now my heart is making a
way to learn and not leave with rudeness of a person to
fool with gained respect over time.

I felt with gain respect was about being a loyal over

time, a lovable person at when moments where we have a
pending case. Both of understand by a verdict this year


we will be together.

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One

He always knew how handle the issues of conflict because

he left me with time to think things throughout a movie
well watch. I felt watching a Free Willy movie or movie
My Girl where Thomas tried to save moon ring a movie he
adored. And with my daughter and Chris will show
happiness with watching movies like Mrs. Doubtfire.
Chris liked the movie Mrs. Doubtfire.

By doing well of doing good things we call deeds well

settle with the verdict of a deed. And by talking things
out before acting in proper form I live without the
reason with concerns with good spirit.

It will work out within a year or less to set my mind to

freedom as a gate to aim for infidelity of negative
people taking Chris' words.

Yet the concern with the life I live it probably not be a

good idea to show you understand a stance or the ordeal
with positive stress lead with my positive actions.

If you have any questions about us seeing each one of


another about the

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
One date
concerns it brought
a treasured

where idea well have the best Easter wedding.

For the Easter wedding and to his and my birthday

celebration were yet to come inclusively celebrating
appreciation. Today I was yet feeling share in person
talking over about what has to come and to whom that I
feel comfortable its reason Chris is by my side. And
what has brought good from my end keeping a low profile.

As for Chris he makes known everyday he loves me I

assume considering he had been through emotions and
writing for first few drafts of different stories
relabellings of truth brought wishful wishes as time
took place of story and intimacy of meeting Sunday, as
was today. He experienced so much drive in my 30s and
now hitting the little over 40s I know he will excite

I realized I was trapped in my own tapestry act as cry

out bursting feelings of sensations of came questioning
his friends with frying my brain lead my mind let go the
feeling sending a spirit to save us.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One

I must believe in all good today as I get ready to let

life give the best love for us as I give up the tissues
and resolve my issues and Ill see you in no surprise
time Chris.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One

Chapter 22
Leaning Towards No Denial

I like the good old days by his family knows nothing

about mine but courtier responsive of behaviors of side
of pampered father, heritage that can say oh yes many of
times of week and weekends well meet if conscience able
make true statements of facts our destiny always counted
us in for surprises to be hold I was the lost viking.

I trust he is always a pleasure to be around but with

seven years I know the best and how to handle things and
boy I really like us to know how we are the best couple
on earth.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One

We are the best couple underneath of best feelings for

another each day sharing at court a conversations. We
both know we will be through it all even giving by the
judge and the verdict. And by now I dont see possible
to undertake a world with drama it was true love that I
play as victim and criminal comes a verdict.

And I was in no denial his fuel to his fire he creates

in life thats huge commotion or he say lets do the
locomotion acted silly.

I adore and remember so much of the moments we shared.

To know he puts me to drive to start of day and night of
day with kind words of joyful reading and kisses which
puts my diligence to new heights of knowing he loves the
world at one which females are his glory.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One

His morning of early thoughts and actions trying to

invite his friends over but he has no friends and I feel
his painful life as he coped for positive thoughts on
medical marijuana.

And I honestly dont want him see I do not know how to

treat an unthoughtful hurt illness.

And being mentally ill like myself as teacher is here to

write out my thoughts as a female teacher who loves a

I love my student so much and it made better for years

within court order to not contact any party of my
family. But this year was special I made Chris feel
proud and happy.

I will follow court ruling for this year from my end

with no contacting his family. I felt he would be a
gentle man with honoring myself and yet to be verdict
which I hope goes well for us to gain communication, I
honored my mother this year and considering Chris wrote


an email and mother and

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
sister Become
made me hold
a grudge

with pointing out he is a wonderful true dream guy.

The ruling of no contacting is for best of us taking it

was slow change to better assure and protect me from
hearing issues that are hurtful from one another.

Likewise ways for the best of I can see both of us are

happy and sad for cheerful thoughts to delightful
thoughts. And thats light weighted us in with several
years of a verdict. I ought to be put no shame for
behaviors made due for change.

Within nothing offer but his child with money and house
I felt home eventually I had been missing Chris this
year was all wanted to have no denial for my misscommunication.

I promised to be there after high school and being

better state of mind is all I wanted him to think. I am
aiming high for wedding to be on Easter in Spring.

I plan on doing verdict once again which is not show up.

I am generally a tough cookie with loaded amounts of


pain and thoughts about

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Chris and
boy it was
a struggle

make it from here at verge of exploding with withdraws

of his love.

It was very hard to cope without medical marijuana with

days, and I structrued have shared a blossom with Chris
life. I was a beautiful female who Chris thought
gorgeous was a misbehave should done could of been
better. He made me feel special and I made him
specialize his talents into a workmanship force field.

I could go free along with my strong feelings with

Chris. And it is likely I could never leave his side. A
part me knows I am proving my health is more important
and to see him glad not mad.

When large amount courage he unfolds to make life

prosper while being safe and sound for positive courage.

Of myself, he says courageousness is to know how to see

from a judges point of view it is true love that needs
understand it brought eye or will bring growth with our
young and old mind readers.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
I was here to maintain life with corrections fixing the
run on sentences later in life by Easter final draft
with corrections a relationship with a positive actions
and behaviors. I

I was climbing for a drive for love and dirty fullness

of a lust story of Christopher. I cared so much about
him in everyday and every hour of school hour.

I am wrong with some areas yet I want to continue to

live life to the highest potential. And with some people
I felt I was the right in corrections of areas of a
students life.

I had daydreams about making it possible to pursue or

question or create a mind and spirit.

Becoming a one

love one heart lets get together be al-right like Bob

Marley song lyrics which songs meant world to me.

I would fall to quickly with the people I would meet

wither administration to students but one thing was true
I especially I love Chris, if when someone captures my
heart very much love less worry.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
The chances of the wrongs, Chris went to the extreme and
showed efforts each day while without giving up no
reason for break up.

He thinks positive with his behavior. And Chris never

gave up on the relationship that did not exist but know
well be together at some point in our life I felt as he
felt too.

One thing is true I will always love this student who I

fall with in love most of my days Chris. He who was
Chris. I hope for better days with limited if nothing
but contacting, could both go well if obeying as
redetermine we could not wait for a verdict and I will
be clear for I will follow court orders all is to
understandability to know himself.

When I let you see me around Chris reading I know I have

feelings for Christopher. I admired his looks and he had
admired mine so cute together I felt when we were on his
header as I am editor of story about the triple K and
Hippa impact improved my life.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One

On the first day I taught in high school I have been

enduring the issues from my family who left me with kind
heart to share. I travel where money is more of virtue
of value and I spent summer vacations going

Where I had thoughts about taking a vacation with a

student and from where I will be there for Chris, and he
adored mostly my town who visited with out a doubt over
two times or little bit more times.

It was a calm Sunday night and boy this day has brought
slices of vegetable, artichoke, broccoli, and garlic
pizza in box was lunch before heading out to Nevada, Las
Vegas. The pizza was for our lunch/dinner.

It was typical day with Sundays were all about delivery

of pizza. Eating it with my cute fingers with red dress.
I did not live with a student but felt he would make a
difference in my life.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
And showing the colors of red as America flag is for
love and romantic color that symbolizes the creativity
of all indorses back checks of not payable made it shame
that it was no to settlements. But with time it knew his
source of income was with internet and book publishing
make money.

He did not mean cause harm. I feel a breeze have a cold

draft slight breeze to my feet and skin and his face.
Moments and days I thought about Chris and daughter were
true way escape ecstasy reality in life.

Feelings and I could not let go or say anything hurtful

or negative I felt enforcement of positive energy. When
we met on the days I would be saying I'll be here for
you, what hurt me now by being your conservator?

Wither it was right or wrong and the most is giving up

time in school to talk as Chris, he wanted a relationship
rather then him making an income with grateful amount of
cash spending on rent.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One

I rather not say anything right now but knew school year
was ending I rather be with no other then Chris. And
thankful he posted the file online for a beta copy of
ebook. I just know our budget would have no fear we would
make every payment to our bills that required shop for

But something about Chris and I felt the time was this
year was pushing us in right direction and in a way I
could remembering when the chances brought to think of
we were together for less then three days total as our
classes were 45 minutes each day of the week. And he
felt he had spirit to roar out new ideas making us work
in the sun on a nice sunny warm day.

It all began with well kind thoughts of nearly perfect

dream home where the grass was greener then average.
Thoughts came in excessively amounts of I love you-s and
how profound in spirit we are together. I love my home
it was a dream come true.

I could not wait it was almost summer ending over-about

less then ninety days away and this was the year of


spirit of giving way to

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
say I think
it will
work out as

request to God start relationship with Chris. And each

day present with court I learned where there is wise
there is lies and Chris has my oath Im responsible
considering Im a mother and I say pledge to the
allegiance several times a year.

I thought everything with everything brought my thoughts

to carry on loving my student for much of no regrets of
live life with laughs and love.

Feeling to my body and legs their was a slight breeze

coming from inside the house. For the life of Today I
have to be better tone when known to share lonesome
thoughts to local police. I thought I felt his
grandfathers presence was at my door bringing a feeling
complete with Chris with mysterious chills.

I yet to show what was at my door bringing us together.

I have in past felt remorse while yearning for my sexy
beast Chris. I felt pain in high remark through my mood
stabilizer medication and made me want Chris to sooth
the emotional sad pain over medical marijunia.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One

I felt upset when I couldnt regret but take in denial

for being brave for encouraging words of speaking led to
travels and story that speaks of wedding Easter,

Most of all trying to keep better, I search for dorks

who I can love from a school. I travel from a car I was
a woman with a child. As for myself at the moment I
enjoyed myself with being a teacher of year while
keeping warm to a hug or two make ends meet. What
questioned me the most is how long the duration is good
byes to a student.

Life changed through transitions of technology and

economy with computers programmed made by someone hired,
and gave less jobs as the computer does the malfunction
of processed work.

Good buys caught my heart with arrangements of a great

deal, for the most I was bargain shopper with technology
always being updated.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One

And while being part all is well beyond better for a

market of technology and with nano technology as you
wait 2 years prices remain same but double performance
or heating cores improvement wither it is a tablet or

I use a kindle a memorable time when Chris sent me a

love of himself and I together in a purple shirt on
computer that was a picture on cougar.com site.

Everything about Chris is soothing and he admired that

everything was of writing and waiting yet not set forth
life is not a game because he knows a game over may
failed or you retry but under the mastermind I will come
Easter that everything was a waiting yet not surprise
say I want another baby with Chris.

How awful when he is crying in-front of me, when he is

the one who can make me happy and feel comfortable
trying understand what happened and make a life at a
dance but not throwing and tossing actions of sex.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One

And where we stand maybe best thrown by his and your

expressions with paint and hate, but Im not that
unusual suspect trying to bring home peace when I could
be the one who spent hours in bathroom come home as a
naughty teacher.

I refused say next but lately, We had no chance of hate.

It was mild cold weather of summer this year, it was the
wind that made the cold weather. And boy I wanted to
know if he and I know with my thoughts, I will lead
myself feeling better about situations or my sex drive
well improve over time.

And he felt myself with who I am by writing out my life

which was optimized for relief of celerity a mental
illness that once had enough twice it will be better
thirds your well now prove it.

I feel better each day and each day where and when I
have to share a peaceful matter to myself and the
completion of yourself that are paying forth your time
to make up time for loss of a verdict.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One

To prove innocence you can back away any given time but
I am going to show my responsibility with no remarks and
to ought to be respectful.

Chris is one in one million whom for the one that can
understand he is my hopeful cheer state mind both
presented at best with the mind full of thoughts as he
would write as was better understanding about what we
expected of the Hippa so put charge of low cost no
hospital visits.

The mindful of thoughts that known my fullness a heart

that is given love a chance for this year plus more
towards a formal teacher and student relationship.

I make known to live through the night that I am sad

without giving my best of ability to not become but only
Chris as any choice but be better of chances.

By better if chances from getting comfort from positive

thoughts I write out, and from where I belong is my


comfort circle zone that

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
all gravity
to be

together doing sexual activity.

He was one of directions of life thoughts in one

direction from the start with no negative thoughts. This
year was to prove right about my love towards a student.

Yet I go out of place, at ease as I pace myself to be

best of best like magic magnetic charge or force. And I
can become a positive role model to students especially
a student Chris he would consider I make an outline and
plan to a duration understand the power of a touch.

It could be true as we reunite at no certain destiny

lies truth and indulgence of behaviors ill show. About
what I am feeling and tonight and everyday it was meant
to be on Easter and hoping he goes and marries me would
be like fairy tale.. come true.

I live here to know I am saved by many my life but do

not consider me as a freak when it comes to learning new
software like scripting where are my weakness of my self
motivation to learn the easy way, but I know together
two heads make better than one so I go on waiting on
marriage on Easter.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One

I proceed a life throughout positive behaviors, and I

began to processes one particular positive thought
preceding where I brought back community programs.

Portland High school is where I taught. It is certainly

not easy to please the administration and staff faculty
but make room for a chance or two to benefit the school
for I work weekdays and weekends teaching.

Given a situations I draw out only allowing many

positive thoughts to enter the extent a student I will
write back knowingly I can take things to far so he
became better.

As he or she writes back only when I reply orderly with

thrust to win if proved valid remarks. But I wouldnt
cheat on Chris and Chris' life ahead as being actively
searching for truth.

As we in trust at right timings of invitation use thrust

as must importance to win over the judge.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
Where the thoughts are positive people with domain to no
turning back of a turning point and I cannot read an
evil thoughtless mind.

I make my daughter a better person and knowing Chris he

will earn a positive behavior. I refastened what matters
in my own hand while leaning towards no rejection to
injections from anyone who knows him he took
schizophrenia bipolar injections has been treated for
schizophrenia bipolar.

And he was well beyond recovered with minimal struggles

with normal tasks was a mixed concerns. For life he to
put to shame inside knowing he is not here but not love
sexuality lie beneath bearing around me at love at first

With the life we live Chris kindly took life at moments

expecting to meet up towards an emotional guided support
line of friends which was his buddy from Middletown and
family members. He abused the phone calling so be it he
lost contact.

I had concerns about informational fundamental learning


risk factors am I safe

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
by far and
how am IOne

through thoughts and techniques has happen throughout my

day and years.

I live I will give out positive support. Most of my

family and to my friends held nothing responsible nor
grudge for the unfortunate events that made everything
feel like we were not going fear and find a way out of
ecstasy with court verdict.

I am goal driven and family ordinate obtained for Easter

wedding. That did not make me argue and be angry but
happy we are living up the fantastic marriage dream.

What came out of our young minds was we live in a world

filled with eager moments to press charges only because
of protecting my exiles of marriage meaning of impress
motivated to write read and edit. I do not need
dissatisfaction with my coping skills.

I make note to focus of writing yes one cope to write. I

felt the urge to let go all and bring forth today to say
nice things to Chris for it was the glory days we
remembering all good people who left move on more new
faces September leaning towards denial he was here at


last.. my new body

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
partly was soon
over with
all who

made story realizing they took Chris' book into writing.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One

Chapter 22
Learning Trust Each Other

As where I was brought up in Maryland as I achieved a

high school diploma, My parents knew I had all success.
The success came through in my hands, at a young age.
But great times were in my hands with my friends in
fact.... I would keep in touch with my friends on social
networking sites and through email address contacts.

The traits I lived were trying to improve myself and


daughter with

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
fundamental improvements
manners and

sensuality comes with our body language.

I remained confused yet open at this day we talked. On

how it felt over and make positive remark as I was
affectionate towards the people I met with my daily

How it all began question many but the trust talking to

a stranger was cheaper then therapy was in-fact he was
being close on social networking sites. He divided his
life into parts one was sleep as over was eat. And like
I said social networking write ups in diary while
hanging out left for room.

The most sources of happiness are when I studied myself

as conscience brought with trial and error. In life
being the bounty hunter and I gave therapy a try
considering it was no charge for Chris' life at Gilead.
Most of all workers were speechless and he took upon
himself to improve quality of work.

I put a value as in an oral form of family history in a

chores household.

Wherever I was taught by others or

family, I shared with my daughter everyday to remember


Chris will meet her

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
sometime soon.

And for my sex drive I was a year to live knowing I

could stay single and have respect to the one I love,
which is Chris. To utilize the love I am depending on
myself to marry a formal student who is Chris.

I made room for a chance with my student to reach

positive thoughts and remarks with having forwarded
thoughts to reach new heights of new possessiveness each
day and yield a desire with a new yeast of thoughts each
day to rebuilding the broken pieces left behind to mend
to future saying there are respectful student now marry
me Chris on Easter in spring time.

Each thought is a mountain full of thoughts at the end

of each day. And I am glad to have settled for
techniques. Sometimes you know that I had to climb up a
thought pattern of terror and down is challenging and
choices are getting higher with positive thought

You have like stair case building so why say someone who
could change your world brings nothing but guilty
pleasure to talk about.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One

For the amount appearance in a story about love he was

showed up as difficult because I had business management
talks and tasks. I had to deal with some annoyance with
thoughts on what Chris.

He in which has done on face-book a diary and for most

part I was helping my thoughts to precede new ground
felt breaking free from ideas of my day of helping
others succeed that knew Chris' trust.

I would receive call and see how everything going but I

was a worry freak, as my student is least of my worries
because he been trying relax me in by encouraging the
treasured moments to not show signs of worrying while
being on medications for years.

And my company in Center-Brook Connecticut was a

struggle and technologies was getting easier and faster
with thin line of computers and nano technology was
impacted and impressive to the touch.


Usually kids had tablets

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
and iPhones
and or
Smart Phones

and wanted to be zoned on device outside or inside at

relaxing place at home. It raised questionable or
relative house to know if once kissed I could be one of
least resistance.

Learning if he meant everything truthfully was a gateway

of information of applications is cure his ways of
seeing a scanner and events could rebalanced of meeting
into destiny as wanting see one another in time travels.

It was important to do updates too on his iPhone for

meetup.com to see if I would dare to attend a group

From a situation I brought updated software suggestions

to the School where I worked.

For administration from staff I had outdated computers

all surrounded by me, and it will become a prohibited
life situations where you are stuck at house using old
software or familiar software for daily use.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
I learned new content of software and tools when I began
to protect myself away from denial as I wanted a
relationship. Looking up new words with police personnel
books which brought forth reading Connecticut School
Book Of Law I became filled with knowledge.

Who what class is not easy said and done with older
software but not easy when you use older software. And
projects we create make no room for advancement and
achievement. Success-fulness at prospering the rarity of
denial is having an intruder calls us myself a sly

The schools systems I work currently had upgrade to new

faster processor the brain of computer with large amount
of memory the root what loads a program.

Aside realism the fact a judge reviewing court case will

understand possessiveness from the daily life deeds
without contacting where my student has everyday to make
us together in some form of set forth action. And I
believe with a faithful thoughts could lead for his
heart to speak truth about what to expect from me
besides being silent.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
I felt he was one to try make a life understanding with
was impaired judgment of knowing we have a wellness
toolbox listing the facts of what makes us whole was
love then rule out wages of having loss of virginity.

As with me to no cost but show I was a virgin at time of

liking Chris.

I have thoughts about what I recommend a formal student

Chris which to earn my love would be accepting life and
knowing where you can do nothing but go with flow of

Therefore saying accepting nothing will be the ground

root to dismiss the case. He did in-fact send 12 dozen
flowers and huge bunny with lunch pack. I received a
movie as well The Notebook which symbolized our life.
His gifts were so cute.

I will enter my students life, and head to hospital to

get treated for my positive life and for relationship
advice and treatment for relationship patterns cast out
to share in-groups. Which never had time for talks about


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One

But note I will be in art looking at other creations of

masterpieces of this devitalized schizophrenics Hippa
allowance of freedom as to believe life one big painting
and illustration with hidden magnetic guidance.

Chris had keep busy and have make known to treat life
with elevations knowing little trust had him look past
the imperfections and he was off to hospital once in a
while he kept a behavioral thoughtful goodness sake he
was emotional for hours once but know he listens well
and keeps high hopes up high with a new heights come the
positive thought pattern of what love means when its

I feel learning he realized that the most no denial from

love takes time of a pending case but know you comes a
victim in good hands with my family and friends.

I speak in English words with here a story. But I had no

say from judge it will be okay to know the judge by
attorney had no word and no worry about an evaluation.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One

It was not part of an ordeal and I am here writing

story with a touch of lived life with thoughts as to
trust a teacher point of view he made of sure of know
why I the teacher had you mad you to be glad..

I remain alive and take no stand with the keeping the

same with no contacting. For most part from any party
and reaching as a calm positive person, I can be the one
that reaches my comfort zone for this year. As for by
keeping calm and quite with low profile. It started
create infused reaction when he said always will find
reasons why I love teaching and with teaching brought
opportunity make fall in trap.

The court had all print outs with his profile and I can
be open minded and modified that stays in the
relationship with Chris. And life made him put effort
after effort of trying and surpassing the life for both
us to be held a verdict by judge. In which was held by
unknown time and no surprise the story lead a trial for
behaviors arousing by true meanings when someone ever
loved him back based on what has been said.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One

I knew was I loved, and I enjoyed life. As I perceive to

make room for headway with all forms of responsible
actions I put in a reform for the life with a motivation
toolbox that looks life with a positive outlook in any
given situation as thought process, which was helping
others succeed.

I had to prove each day I gave my all-good not cheating

attitude and put in my first viewing of facts to court
that I am responsible for my actions in acts of love, as
with no denial only eagerly waiting and wanting Chris.

Each day I consisted that I was taught my rights and

lecturing on being an honorable mother teaching with
scriptures and with being well-being mother and with my
self-sustaining dark-side changing by a boy friend which
he made things confusing.

He took the good outside my comfort zone he was

demanding and controlling yet lovely Bug his family
called him.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One

For Chris he felt he was showing relaxation that love is

healing over time but not giving up as he obtained days
he nap during day, It was different yet equal amount of
love he wrote I edit and read.

He understood me I could so trust him to do right. I

thought about making up for long years as lovers stake
control of positiveness of having proper judgment that
required learn from faults.

After all I was heading for trouble overly thinking made

sense but I loved my formal student Chris so much more.

For he was a student and his efforts made for human

actions that puts forth-positive energy bond at rapidly
for the prize awaiting and I had thought free clear with
food for thought lead action prevailing the exalt of
failures into harmony spoke why would a denial of
misleading take place of false information if wanting a


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One

Besides it made food intake with energy through his

pills he took as prescribed as if could only explain why
I set my values to freedom knowing my actions became the
reflections of behaviors lead to listen Im the
impersonator what I hear my command to ask you for
respect when we take turns speaking the truth to jury in
my classroom here comes love.

I make clear as Chris knows as I welcome of free of

sharing that I would like a great life to know if I
would have the courage to review.

I feel I will be heard there are better days ahead with

put to trusta deed I can follow as for a value I can
follow and help and trust.

And let it be known that ill improve his life aspects

for better utilizing his time or be known to days I will
be remembering the ponderously of mind, body and spirit
brought good that has it say brought the good life.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One

Each one of us has some capacity to take on less and you

can show a cheerful smile after all weight was to
obtain, life is one fantastic great adventure with
needed sex of Chris.

Id be happy to explore life with my student and

celebrate holidays with Chris. I have chances of
becoming better of know where I know when I do right
which brought for each moment is my gift, For I will
have Chris he wanted to be a trees of hope standing by
my story and for all talking my family guidelines and
with life events.

Chris expected a lot for a teacher that he liked me to

mess with him when both love and fate whenever I
realized now it would be legit to date him and myself
made be assure to do right trust with my life for it was
heading right direction as for no broken trust.

As bond for now I meet new faces this year and

rethinking about what with life can bring togetherness
as family? And more importantly was to know within
thoughts will bring or become good fortune.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
As with good fortune it was being expressed with one
language of a smile. I will become memorable with both
face-book chance of luck that leads to fault for broken
hearts. I been shown troublesome battle to one, That one
I will be true to my love.

And I will remain free as for today I might speak out my

thoughts in manner needs a boost for improvement. For
next day ill be prepared rewrite to remain positive with
my thoughts.

Most importantly I hope to be prepared to

start relationship with Chris and forget my troublesome

behavior towards others. I felt attached to Chris.

I will say and two show positive remarks, I will be

smart and cheerful with coherent abundance to luck.
Being cozy with thoughts I feel all night to talk to my
family and say most of my love comes from my

From most part I was a teacher and I really felt

committed to Chris. A formal student as very much
attached he was obsessed with my personality and inner


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
I teach software and design where you can learn on
weekends as well. I have been with interaction with
technology all my life, for years life was all about
teaching with a classy sassy attitude.

You take for the future and gain success if you are winover someone or barriers. I had obstacle that the best
times with Chris can welcome of baby and being with my
Chris he knows, I wait for that moment see us outshining
kisses before work he said xoxo

or oxox to emails if

sudden changes in placement of choice. He put forward a

chance he wake up with hangover with ruthless behaviors
on days he drink his whiskey and Sprite soda.

And knew I wouldn't allow excessive amounts of diary

posts which was over 20k considering he did have way of
keeping down, only low amounts and drinking steadying
kept motivation of whiskey and Sprite that he knew came
rare. He had been safe driver.

And being had times before deleting years worth of

pictures as viewing self to him on profile is said or
brought up to be is keeping us protected which viewed
profile looks always stylish as together after months.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
As with these years made us to have prove right I did
brighten up his life with carry on a delightful scent of
urine or perfume. He knew I had bladder problem this was
odd but he did too.

Is this a story about with ones new marriage of

beginning a new life story about trust. With thoughts of
knowing everyday will be with sense of do a put down
made of sure he may show long years living, I therefore
get my life to normality by speaking positiveness.

I felt my daughter will have felt the tenderness that

brought us here tenderness of Christopher if when I get
old he would be my age now if not older or younger, I
really need him watch over and do best all year and of
my man and lady mostly felt had to wear his Ashley Lei

To have a better life is saying I can get better and

better with positive attitudes of you knowing I will
never be repressed a life battle to be happy, I will
handle issues over the police or if harm with a life to
blame it on truth but I need you Chris.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One

I yearned for long years have him earn my love take on

trips if he quit smoking he assumed but I let that go. I
was easy pleasing in my life once he saw cousins it was
overtime and said and done how his own father not see
the kids or any part of family matter of case to say
exile of knowing about how Chris worked in store while
the teacher came about to knowing fact from fiction as
he played a Game Of Life on CD-ROM later in years.

He knew what was true it was to take life drinking

everyday and quit at 18 after driving the test of
driving or limit the amount he was going threw faces
where he thought he drank all his life sips of soda or
full glasses soda with rum.. From child birth.

When someone has deep down thoughts, I welcome to create

a world wind reaction which sometimes will burst your
bubble but welcoming myself to your comfort zone, I
might take on choices and travels seen in his own life
style at house in Portland where airplanes would take
shape like UFOs of the older boyfriends of my system
being the teacher of knowing one can produce ones
footsteps with additional support through time and


healing to get over the

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
faults Become
mistakes realization

wanted young love forever with somebody taking over life

with a period time making senses the cents spent. I was
learning from Chris' prospective that cents in car added
up dimes quarter nickles would be a lunch or using the
commentary cup or senior cup priced with free refills
with coupon would make him not reserve a meal next day
and be only dollar with buy one free sandwich in fact
was little over saving loose-change made senses for the
cents made sense to find and use to befit the resources
and knowing when and what could go wrong.

The sister of Chris knew to aim high up on cloud 9

rather to take it serious my life with travels dwell in
past to look at his Bush Garden photos on web and wonder
where his stuffed monkey went in his life.

It felt good to receive notice when in crisis team were

informative while learning whats going on in his life
in writing that unfolds true story of love.

I really feel I can create to a cure fact with fiction

in a world where you speak no harm and show positive
remarks while showing positive actions professionally to
no waste just toxic running out of system being flushed


down the drain by a

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
student whoBecome
has heart One
for knowing


To get my mind working, I create a day with an honorable

value I set for a days work. With a value of patience as
I understand my characteristics are part of growing up I
most importantly will be around the clock to be home with
a fellow student in all my life.

I just need life to treat me kind by court understanding

it is a true love story as writing was the ground
surface to do the conscience of all speaking to fair

Acting up at the freedom of speech I may make a way for

positive future. My house was at Essex Connecticut.

And for today was with a breeze of weather outside in

morning, and where I live had a half moon out tonight.

How I waited for moment feel fresh breeze with delight

to fill one another into a kiss who I expected this
years winter as north pole sees an Easter Bunny elf
playing with money like the lottery as pretty wealthy


and worthy of giving me

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Onewhen with
ring catalog
to choose

numbers of play front pairs back pairs all winning

tickets for years time which he knew what to do.

He wouldnt use me for money while we almost hit on a

date maybe considering last day of school. But having
fist full of faults of errors no chance in adult years I
feel I had been kept haven choices. I have been told
that I had a chance.

I will make it to who I love on Easter week after

birthday. To get elf Chris you must realize he brought
family closure with no worries released. He knew that I
will make yourself himself worry less thinking about who
was the default settings to normalize a routine what
kind of command maybe REM as a strong fold of learning
from code to note it can go viral all REM in new future,
I can become faults made by mistake to imaginatively of
source of ideas look back to correct.

And the idea Chris to be honored he saw vision of the

pill taking place as seeing what he wanted to see which
came myself once in as dream was closed eyes and other
times was in friends car he thought was friend from


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One

For no shame he came home with winning lottery tickets

he could save money which he did use play numbers.

It was the last night of Memorial Day and boy I was

excited start the relationship. And I was a likeable
teacher who had been in the past in the mood to say with
all my desire, I will remain calm and silent.

Mostly because he had five member of family that he

grew up with and eight being birthday. He only had
50cents and he chooses let someone else play the split
pair at night drawing or make business grow with money
losses of saying we were short I don't understand.

With a show of a smile, I remained calm and thought about

what makes a time and love come true is by turning and
getting the right moment a capsulized capture of bypass a
pascal colors of the rainbow which are ingratiating to
the eye of organized for days he felt he rejoice a moment
before seeing one go away not showing itself or trying
find myself after the months time seeing rainbow.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One

With the rainbows there be hope see life after life and
do whatever to smoke all times of his life and of
pleasing and being patient drinking his Mountain Dew
Voltage of pleasing body good with liquids.

The arms showed weakness his body was doing harm taking
pills but he said he needed them doctors disagreed
because he gained more energy and more from writing when
was all a trial of knowing nothing to hide. It was
medication built in your system all through childhood.

For I loved Chris. I must be in realization it was us

that is on walls of status updates the book published in
hash-tags. He would say the truth I love you and my name.
Everyday for 4 years over and over but soon realized most
his posts got removed the ones without likes and comments
of past life lived on Facebook with posts on Ashley
Hollywood account.

Where we are confused, I trust in others especially

Chris. If where things get out of hand and who I turn to
ought to be forgotten it too would be untrustworthy once


he disobey my and court

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Which takes

years build trust back.

Which I remain best I can become and make most of each

day and give it my best of all my might and power be
accepted to this world set forth a goal be better of
fulfillment of a story about my student lover Chris.

I had many days where I had thoughts about what becomes

stress makes positive room for a change. And had mood
changes with my levels of my tolerance and adjustment.

I have positive stress in a way my life is where they

are are barrier be all-right be filled by choices and be
into reflections of all-good while are made with my
troublesome behavior of life when I lacked by there is
know and knowing you'll be the one husband I marry Chris
the formal student I know that for a fact will say yes
to our date lifestyle of adoring one another.

I am calm and silent that speak of intently with what I

write down, what brought good but indeed shown respect,
which my motto for today was more talk less work.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One

The path I choose is one way with one behavior. I

indicate what has been said I try not hurting ones
feelings being abroad of knowledge this relationship was
meant to believe we will succeed and make myself having
a feeling like a beautiful women that deserves who I
love when I love.

How I love being bright as quick fork of brighteners and

a dark-side can he or she understand I would make myself
glow makes my student happy.

To see besides me what makes a single thought of wedding

driving in cab saying take us New York City makes a
judgment filled with a hand of love with ones is going
to make right.

And what makes me have a feeling ill be alluring with my

stand point points. We may just not get married in Italy
or LasVegas but I dream for what conscience learning it
was Chris to decide. He felt Brooks though the


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
I may have some returns inside my stand point be at good
favors I ask for this is the year we become two that
becomes one with huge heart for being grandparents one
day. Why so young well I just see us getting along each
day more and more.

All you can do hold Chris tight with a life and where to
love is make out which is with efforts you can put on
the table. If trust is suffering being laid then to who
is trusted on and believing you can ask me and trust me
and it will work out.

More in likely I will put you on a well being more

thinking about situations about how of a fool you can
be, to date me. As with few capture my heart while I can
try make you cry yet have very much concern about you
Chris reading my version edited.

Which made raise the questions, which cause me to be

blunt, curious with thoughts and why do I have these
thoughts as a teacher mating up with student.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
Could our love story be true kept running in my head. I
so was ready to perceive a verdict with showing and
proving we trust another day another year for years here
comes a story about true love.

The memories brought a butterfly in stomach nervous

feelings. And I cry know where I belong in a students
life, but one stood out and he was in good hands.

I had thought with a care act we could see each other

more while in good hands under authority. One of my
students Chris surprised me with large amounts of
possessiveness with what he offered help out on small
projects. I put my trust on him as a true love.

I have his remembrance of yearbook class not being

judged through my mental health and awareness, with
anything from anything with students. The amount of
school work brings each day assuming I will be enhance
of being helped from others of students and formal
students that will get a chance to work on resume as
months time spoke what the vice reprehensible Vice
Principle wanted all to well a proficient worker.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
He visioned him working in life as computer repair
technician and was field of computers and technology. As
the student in high school Chris felt he would make six
figures and prove it by working in life.

While I welcomed back students to classes I taught it

felt good seeing his Face-Book.com profile.

I had not held a grudge and everyday is a counted

blessing. I feel blessed that I can count on how many
days till vacation or holiday.

I showed with known times I struggled at first but could

achieve more if working efficiently a way where I worked
a full year supporting my daughters dreams and to
remain supportive in a student dreams who was Chris and
I were the reasons of writing the book.

Sometimes I want to show a quality improvement besides

editing that a successful person has to be under going
an authority of power making anything to retrain through
in within thoughts happened during talks to police.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
He who got it on with what I write makes me manically
hide recovery in exile of knowing I did wrong and prove
wrong to right.

And to be that student has no discrete time that I

would say nothing with no time. Usually in summer
vacation I take my family to new heights for thoughts
and suggestions.

And I would not make contact to email to call as you may

assume it could be obsessed behavior. If you expect days
go by quickly I say to me, I live life for you and it
only consist of one student which I call Chris. I favor
and fall for Chris but you understand I should have not
held on a negative behavior.

But he was who I release the positive behaviors brought

the readers attention and it will make the negative too
positive. I will understand I will be so happy be with
student all the time especially the one who had no
ambition to join school functions like pep-rally, prom,
and school dance.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
For the most part I was happy that brought a cheerful
heart, I was clever as can be that anyone can believe
with all my positive energy comes a courage roaring.

I had feelings that thoughts became the essence of that

it was meant to be relationship that being said it has
no ends to tie down the fields of thoughts as to cope
within smoking cannabis high grade prefer medical

I really thought about how secure the relationship and I

thought a look with our names on it an invitation for
wedding would capturing years of our love picture
sayings he found in later be seen as later in years
album and DVD scrap booking.

I felt it was time set forth this year with lock with
names on it as well and place it with others in Europe.
Being a Super Cool Mom of one got me on how I can become
stronger and what has been stronger is unknown I was
reading wanting to call Chris to travel with me.

Each day was built strength and each day I become

cherished moments that captured my heart be with a formal


student which was on my

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One

I brought back memories when I found his picture he left

but he has gone what about knowing I am single, he had
no idea what to think now I would deliberate the news
that I was it to make a mistake of sending him picture
in mail. What I have in plan I will try to give a boost
a solution of traveling to understand if it was meant to
be sought out lined up for a boundary rule without
denying the sadness as with speaking of the sad days
breaking the troubles seeing my self in pain of
lonesomeness of trials where he obeyed.

What has brought happiness is for what time can know a

day we live with forgetting a brought behaviors without
consumed attentions.

What is know one enchained for my love is to myself to

think to myself to student harassment at his level true
love makes sense to me to marry him.

You will owe nothing into buying my love but talking

over coffee with Chris would be nice in every aspect as
of my life we should talk about flashbacks..


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One

But he who has stress will need Attorney would show

defense no love for another, which he had one that told
him to write a letter which comes a story.

I gave very little information about myself but he knew

it was a drive for love take place for the misadventures
of the funky ones he called dorks..

I had never thought hed become insane believing in all

this craziness as much over looked upon what and how
much all I do, and all my heart knows what is true.

What has been true is life without rules just high

expeditions and love is expanding inside my heart, which
we act and call values contextualize to behaviors. To
become better of all knowing your rights as a sexual
partner active we use to create common values into
market of an oracle obstacle.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One

I got scrambled with thoughts for this is the year plus

more looking for Mr. Right and everyone said best yet to
come within my student loving me. He very knew how treat
myself with last email telling he is all right and wants
best for us.

He is improving quality of life and hatred actions moved

to burning hell of sins being forgiving as new
medication dosage was choice he played yet
uncontrollably by injections soothed everything out once
each other week.

I am impressed he felt inner happiness, my personality

is what he loved the most. Hed be a funny person if he
wrote to my daughter seeing a gift love can bring! Yeah
he was cool, and I look beautiful meaning towards him,
he was probably disabled but he will endure yes or no
for a great night out with lights out.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One

Day or night of a recommendation of restaurant is hard

I like my favorites are yes they are pricey but will
never refuse McDonalds.

Or should say differential between what have gave in

good have gone bad. The life I lived was based on life
difficulties. I knew instantly he go bananas if he saw
me driving a VW yellow convertible along with plow VW
yellow truck from 80s. Do you remember Mcdonalds in 80s
being 79 cents for burger?

So confused but be with differences in thought pattern

why I prolong the experiences of not talk remained only
for my safety of my life and will aim for proper choices
or make someone else to make the choice we choose

As we spoke with no disrespect which can be tricky to

organize to the brain feed of new but recommending not
recommends an excessive amount of brain food of thought,
Before a time before bed, are waking up factors with
life of humans.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One

You become drawn filled with writing feeling and when

you heard a silence an instant inner joy and we have
comfort of knowing our comfort zone includes to be with
make up.

For this Chris was including him to use makeup as us we

had no privilege it was lack of trust I felt great to
this day to talk openly about it in person and some in
story. Was I ready to fill my dreams at this very moment
at night going to Hartford club?

I am sleeping to the night alone because I would not

mind sleeping with Chris he is without much sleep it and
it will make him delusional towards others and self.

But having points knowing it flawless within writing

unless you start as saying all students, husband and
wife is one Chris and well achieve same goals it will
be given us another chance fight the battle of being
filled with enough sleep and talk about a budget.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
Everything was with trust free of budget closing remarks
and Mad Money was used wisely and my thoughts in bed
brought marriage on Easter. I was thrilled it was less
then years time away.

I set aside money for purchases over thousands but have

hope for better days. And I really love Chris. He got my
mind working a mile a minute worrying. And I know he is
well and better on how to handle concerns and issues.

Which I know a great deal about relationships, where

which this special student relationship aren't when you
set a pathway happen so exclusively.

I could exist to many folks from his family and friends

but I could not resist to refrain my plan to workout
because by working out required to be writing, he was
waiting for me always at celebrations and holidays.

The more moments I call opportunity is to blame for it

is true brought I come yet has have been building trust
to others. It got me to put my trust on you as student I
love and fought for years.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
I had gotten a moment that gotten me going with a
thoughts remaining of possessiveness that brings inner
joy, you set forth a positive action when you leave a
cool attitude towards me and it will be okay to like me.
Well Chris like both adore and love being with his needs
and criteria of new illness was for positive verdict.

While I admire it brought likeness of like I felt was

our sly words are a path with words big and small I
encourage you alone are one another a path in which take
upon a therapy group or social situation will lead to
friends for life if you wish upon.

I want to tell what is a true story, why I remain with a

clue and how became true but read and write but fight it
whom to Chris I love you.

I was lying down on coach thinking about you a student

life Chris, a formal student that had been graduated on
year 2007.

He was all I think about during my whole



Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One

I was watching the news broadcasting while thinking with

thoughts about my psychological life could I archive it
all in a packs wither made due extract life
weatherboarding good into system by now as Hippa spoke
it cost nothing but continuance the writing as to be
heard was coping therapy.

I had a mental disorder far beyond as for reaching out

for giving opportunity to work and I imagined working
side by side with Chris it was working with computerized
programs where I would teach him first time around.

I lead each day with a cheerful smile with some areas of

confusion and I was happy about knowing one of my
students is making a little over nine hundred a month
which included his electronic debit card issued by
government for food.

He was a student, who was indulgent, with my inner

beauty. Too cute and the student was Chris. And today
was my last night sleep till a new school year.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
I was all prepared start with new welcoming to the
class, a new family member my daughter to room across my
room couple doors down was my flashback of saying
Portland has good High School for day care.

The classes I taught were technology and computers and

technology which made me think I can make more being
Italian ice scooper.

I had so much to choose plus more, youll get a handful

of cherishing to the love with my student. And when I
feel his positive touch that is only change of love with
my partner.

On how with the touch of positive a marriage with

student is a tasteful from beauty to neck and to the
touch. I found in you, now feel me which loves myself
with Chris licking me good nights I was thinking.

This was the year to prove what is right and tell to

others I will make Mr. Right think and rethink on how to
get it on for good life that involves us naked.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
I have built trust, he will never prove me wrong for I
am right? What do the whole experience bring kept
running in my head believe whats told as this was a
response of continuing book with trust factor out truth.

The bond was the set freedom I had tell with no record
it was story about trust. He thought by owning third
share of single father brother in last partnership was
third share. So third of profits his father thought not
nine divided parts working twice as hard or more pay
would bring new ideas to flow with ideas starting own
business one day.

His father felt that what comes it would not be harm and
doing what third of cousin Joe and Joesph and Guy for
challenge but show sign of taking from business with his
son being grateful for power of dollar made of works.

No doubt he worked but felt high school he wanted eat

out more times then usual and his friends so called made
him buy their dinners. He would use the top money and
his knowing if was he that honor the shame in solitary
moves of not knowing what reality was all about how it
worked with always finding ways out do a system, He made


cup chart where pricing

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
made ease.
He madeOne
the tip jar

too. Life became to recognize the truth I became to

trust him for everything made possible the positive
change of proceeding thoughts.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One

Chapter 23
Reflections Of Love
If a hug is arm reach, as for love thats amount
courageous bringing reflections. Knowing youre in good
hands that will prosper all day and all night. For I walk
with feeling on my chest from hug I received and asked
from Chris to bring in my life at a very special moment.

I really feel shame, I do not always make it a habit not

always I am pleasing to the touch, and knowing great deal
what is to come ahead of time. I am honest and I could
see a relationship with Chris undergoing hard times


seeing both his Papa and

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
adding my One

passing away with years worth talking about.

For myself on what keeps me going is everything with

ones feelings that cause me to think. I will replace
each thought as a one action with a call of shots on how
deals with pain. Planing out the due time will show my
respect and become worry and pain free.

It made me feel if so I have felt the need to be filled

with encouragement one way or another. For the most part
I welcome back graduated students and with a ceremony
with achievements from community events to the classes I
offer businesses in Portland to interact with students
mostly Seniors in High School. And with what have been
out of whack see him arrested, where I taught

To achievements the class with a main question, would

in long run would I feel awarded should it be nontechnology courses I should seek.

And trust me I had rough start of career in Portland

loving Chris' life and you will do nothing but learn and
advance yourself as you embrace a world with social


media and technology as

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
for nowBecome
wanting beOne
set forth a

cousin to who worked in business and the brother can

start path well respect ones true personnel information.

I had no verdict and yet I had no fear expect old

classmates with tonight internships learning new
software and reference letters were a pain.

I was leading to Chris, and he is whove I want to share

life with to make love too was learning faults had its
headway from tears to beers, and to cheering up his
years with knowing he has myself in his heart desires.
As I was wanting me on Easter for wedding ought make due
in progress.

I will be here of telling and I will ask while being

with my dearest mighty power to maintain a healthily
eating habits and hugs to all my likeness with Chris.
From both sides we will live a mysterious family.

He is Chris that understands he was all trying love

myself so much I have to say he was a monkey animal
fellow of evilness when he lost him.


Yet still have no

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
impressed talent,
he butOne

knows butterflies a bit like computers with data about

computers and how they work. I really like Chris so much
and since the questions of rights remain salient. I
offer no attempt to place a verdict this year.

Let freedom ring and here I sing I will marry Chris

ought to be me to make due for this applying behaviors
due make possible with telling truth likewise like I've
done already is to cope everyday on marijuna.

It began to become cold start of Spring with seasons to

think about celebrating a romantic Fall thoughts be
warmer intertwine, It was very chilly outside this early
morning sunrise was waits time of travel. And I have been
okay as safe as can be.

I had nothing but fear dreading down only snow and

slippery road conditions and I had some time to spare and
I had thought about making a mix on my iPod which he gave
as present this morning with Bill Nye Cience Guy with
clip Probability.

The years I had some curiosity and parts of each year I

had off in us had adverse effective and on knowing the


medication is working,

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
and is where
I had One
no work or

chance say if no school functions.

I had contentiously left with my child curious about

Chris and he haven't had thoughts about my life
successful business of Center-Brook Connecticut. And
mostly was stressed at technology getting easier and
easier use on everyday use of life.

Where I live in past I had a lot of snow to plow as well

my life never really stopped. I had so much work with so
little time. What if he lived with me raised questions.
I knew it would all work out.

Chris adores my chores in my little small town, Essex

Connecticut. And lot days went by and I could make him
fall for some nastiness at joking we are ones drinking
no after ten years of not seeing him. So I thought I
could fill of big wonder for a big smile on his face say
take me to a bar with music Easter week.

For love tenderness I will conquer and be with days

forever months to years of joys with action of spirit
that on my mind, and that has brought joy. Where I put
joy is onto others as you know I want be treated for my



Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One

As the thoughts aroused overtime with healing with

writing and urination I may preconceive as forming
thought is where we take our thoughts will lead to the
foundation, walls and roof like stable with my thoughts
in beginning of time precipice as God creates good
dwelling on evil of intervention of to good test a
spirit received.

In which hospitals put me on medications which I did not

refuse and kept quite its hard explain why love is
endless words and amazes me your reading nothing but
true story with approval feelings two make one.

Ive conquered the feeling for thought true comes a

story unfolded. He understood me well for my well-being,
when we make up well have sex alone time as alone time
time with intimacy comes a time of yes bring me a coffee
to work if having a job, I kept saying myself it will
get better overtime and today as he will make a wish..

And I say Im fulfilled of warmness with thoughts that

was remaining active that is to be come a goal driven
woman with my likeness of a student.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One

With years with Chris, I know it is true he got the

clue and I love you but will tell you through my body
and through my mind body and book I love you so much.

The school functions and time management went well. It

was my life to be at every concert of my daughters, and
with the formal student Chris for all this coming up
years ahead to go to the concerts.

I thought it felt that there are fundamentals of

learning tools of living life. I had some days he was in
tears but with some insane and some nonsense showed what
was true likeness.

And true love is set to be a winner with successes and

of others like Chris as reflection by editing his story.

When I had to control on how far on limiting myself to

spend with my others knew what is the deal. I been
writing for months to years, days till nights which
pulled forward liking Chris. And Boundaries from the
formal student Christopher who I call Chris.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
I never set place but one that was not going stop me
from thinking we are in this court case togetherness and
brought good with rials prove innocence with Hippa with

But not a desire we need to go and get off topic and

being well let me understand Chris tried everything in
his might to understand I love him, as he remains true
to jury speak the truth did he after-all take away his
virginity over the clarity of us seeing each other on
web at ages where he was learning everything to being a
grown adult on Jerry Springer show.

Living in Connecticut for years has been known from not

sudden change of who knew for any snow conditions in
summer. The weather just has parts warm weather with
very few hurricanes. And we get a various mixed weather
conditions. The forecast today was all about a cold
weather in early morning of summer.

About what should happen I have chest full thoughts of

pain lead by learning by technique of secret disguise
till this time is the end of summer.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One

For the most part I had a somewhat mysterious past of

fun filled adventures of summer with my family and
friends. And my daughter was growing up to be cute with
kindness genes she got from myself the Mom who was
teacher at ages of his life wither in school or out.

Of my daughters life she was my priority make things go

right yet put Chris every second with everybody else on
queue for people are with my thoughts. I remained of
fashioned of spirit of I was ought to be propellent of a
reflection of equality of him behaving wanting be girl
of his dreams accepting him.

I tend to live for life and live it well but easily got
sidetracked with fulfillment of knowing he has the truth
when drinking who are his friends. I could endless say
what I really love with my life with one formal special

While each day I spent, everyday was with my daughter at

school with a room down the hall from my classroom. I
thought about this life and sometimes I had my thoughts
with a little areas of confusion.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One

I was thinking and I should live it up at my age. And

from Chris, I can achieve my life with happiness and
most of part is completed book for years of love.

I cherish close to my heart his story of true love. He

was the eye to my apple. And I understand I will live it
up my life, after school hours though summer to do
whats right with understatement I will smile a lot more
inside if he would cope the trauma and hate. As I love
you more than a bird needs a French fry as with a warm
heart sees a sunshine.

If I were a bird I would fly and you sing to you a song

with that this year I planed to have no verdict.

I was

clueless where and how I see myself eating out all the
time as calories goes up more we had burn and exercising
the brain was important as was energy he obtained with

By chance there will be change with whats happening

could make simple positive happiness reform where with
bitter-sweet love but with weather conditions of months


time I will arrange and

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
think about
planning a


And most likely fill with happiness with scent of my

perfume as for my life within having positive partner
Chris come fragrance Paradise.

It was my thoughts about a formal student to bring

forth-positive behaviors of a wedding while giving a
scent of goodness everybody will smell good.

But of what has left us to hate is the debate and

controversy if I should pursue and continue my student
relationship. But I am here for a healthy choice and a
changed life experience with a special student. I say to
myself if someone should see my image of life I would
get curious see his flashes of his boobies or wearing a

I would hate see my life messed up with bond.

Yet I

had thoughts about Chris he makes me look positive in

the in-box and outlook and be-filled with my life as
beautiful memory we share with messaging on the phone.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One

He is honest my formal student Chris and someone or

natural gone mortality wrong I will seek and look into
my chance to improve or give in when thinking everything
will be okay with safe over counter pills and medical

I will be there comes an energy compound is source out

of some force that seeks to one body. To be creatively
making known in writing I say a whole picture was based
on knowing what has the title of the world of would
happen feeling that would save and choose defend him
could should on who I choose to be madly expressing in
love with you. Who else can write so much about us being

It was easy remember the shadows by far from rapture

where it was close in his eyes during times if he can
see me do sudden movement of cursor lead to destroying
the truth of the town of my relationship involvement
with any guy I dated being place there like cookie
crumble and moved mouse on his touch pad which can see
us in public together sharing tricks of trade. He was
all about talking about protocols how track activity in



Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One

My data plan on cell was with unlimited web for not

right or wrong will be placed as he respectably knew he
could write picture messages or email but felt I word
press charges mostly everything was on Facebook.com.

I just wanted Chris from start, which made it feel I

was only deepest companionship I dont want loose touch
with that everything is okay but to like me I would have
see you in deepest appealing to eyes of me beholding you
can I touch you.

You may run but cannot hide because youre the best
Chris. How I must to know what is right but wish he
understand patience is around the corner for a life to
be my husband Chris. I think about calling him my Pooh

As you transform yourself you so should note to have a

sense to allow yourself have a high grade or medical
marijuana to treat cope with trauma pain and fear.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
If you need may help and it is in my sendoff one two to
be realized in delimiter of truth of school hours when
to call as I will call police and be apologetic.

I had been hurt in the past with so much amounts of hurt

with dealing with hurt, you will end up heartbroken at
first but later I live with fear and pain I deeply fear
of troubles between us now and then.

I am on medications because running thoughts of Chris

made myself cause delusions. That with experts in mobile
crisis contingently to know more about myself in
hospital and I use senses that it could be good or bad
throughout my life and hospitality if I gotten
readmitted for never feared to say I want it now to
bring it forth I will get admitted eventually.

I think its a mystery when getting a chance admit and

getting not yourself. You just don't know who will walk
in as I always felt when admitted hospital people were
against me.

I made much success and I had not doubt mistakes of love

as entitled forever with Chris oasis. It was stumbling


throughout lack of

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
strength andBecome
dosage. I One
was starting

to feel a panic feel like it was feeling forever and he

loves myself so much till this day and is possible.

As for what came possible is welcoming somebody in

family and he was the student and all his family over
time. All I really want to make it last with his
encouragement for better years are the passing of the
days hours minutes.

What the world offers you is a prize possession and

where you cannot judge because you'll feel down you
loose karma. As prosy if you set forth attempts of the
unexpected behaviors of what brought fear but aim to win
where would you stand by importance of denial. It was
official but next month is burial of his grandmother
Violet. The face of loosing someone.

I just give it away so quickly love and happiness as

life one big raffle seems go behind scenes of being nude
on how effort took us to make up for years loss rather
ahead to Chris not taking a chance by day but sought day
by day to be seen and having today a completed drafter
of 2016 book as gift for his birthday.. and my birthday
in March.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
But when you say something you want to say to someone
when its text with landlines saying clear CLS meaning
blank screen black, clear screen. You take it personally
and away but for granted it was Chris with a peace
welcoming and offering a life spent with myself.

We both ought to live life differently and wrote about

life with well that was challenge the effectiveness of
remembering the miracle pill he was to write. It was
suppose to promote good health and will the way plead no
verdict for all respect he has given me a chance to use
to advantage.

And it was getting closer and closer till the date of

the verdict from the judge has a say on when we can

I would not be mistaken or taken for granted but here I

am useful to myself as an icon as for opportunity.

Well I have been clear minded for the opportunity as

said for peace comes trust that won't be long a year
time as was today writing a missing you on my post it
notes with story of this writing that was based on


creativity of truth of

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
love acceptably

behaviors of no missed a trial.

I looked over messages he wrote when he were high in

spirit and being famous. I dwell for you student
Christopher. For Chris with my family encourage each
other to push endlessly to reach longevity hopes is a
good life being beside you.

Where I live life well spent with spending life together

as a couple could heal my heart away that Man-Eater.
Knowing a reflection of who left my heart in time has
now a kindness of my spirit.

And well for myself classes go well teaching and working

together with students. I would collide and could create
a community that came or could say that we are a group
taking classes that will become easy for some students.

A granted target making clear statements that the

careers in the technology world is how much successful
If when, I will statements ought have been known with
recovery classes he shared to set boundary.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One

Learning all you can, doing your best but who I handle
others to learn with peers and myself for last resort.

It was my job to teach myself first eye corroboration

for my lover getting compTIA A+ certification which
caught my heart to warmth knowing he can get paid from
30- 50+ dollars an hour. He wanted be my lover for life
so badly.

I enjoyed keeping warm under my sheets at home. In the

forecast of this season, we had a flood warning and it
always has that feeling about having raincoat on but I
had a poncho and I was happy yet felt grateful that
today was morning with no rain.

I looked at the ground and realize, I need to reflect my

self as abundance of myself accepting this story written
up as I edit make the changes for the facts of our love
and here save the thoughts unfold an Easter wedding as
to keep in reflection of in which memory vagabonds was
honorable through believing in chances of its love that
brought reflections of our chemistry to strive to learn


and educate our

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
relationship asBecome
made due

realize what has been true made it way through believing

in one self it is a true love.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One

Chapter 24
The Day I Make Love

It was moving-fall-short of rain rather quickly time

and moments near fall last year season with very little
rain for month is now yes we had rain earlier today.
This weather forecast and spring season was a season to
remember with my life. I could tell a fall season can
make me have unknown behavior.

It made lead on back with regrets on my track for not

contacting Chris. I've made sure we made love through
good times that was unpredictable and unmeasured moments


that had moments no

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
signs of hatred


For I have new thoughts and processes on way to perceive

being on track in circular motion and from what is
outside of his circle of trust are the circular tracks
motion going forward.

I led on ruling and to be forth not backwards I

reconsider the facts. And my thoughts perceived for
these years were a shame but who am I to blame for the
life I live seeing attractions in magnets from others.

It was my 10 years teaching without representing

myself to court verdict that awaits trial. It was
nice soon to be a season to remember with climbing
new mountains as for myself as I thought I had a
chance with Chris. I will be a safe driver and I
have positive virtue of thoughts about making myself
stay safe with positive actions.
As for my life to the road ahead connecting
successfully I gave away my heart leaving trial
filled with positive actions thoughts has that this
year to prove right and to remember, I will make
myself feel special and proud on the day we make


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
I will be sure to point out my life in hands in
future for all this year thinking about Chris
recalling never to soon to fall in love with him.
I forever loved his knowledge but he calmed down a
lot. Togetherness I feel a forever and always to
grow and that grows impact with perfection of beauty
came well-being from the beauty of being a girl and
with all respect sex behind with
way beyond warm love to be profound and easily
treasure when he had working attitudes of past.
My earlier days made myself soar, new thoughts to
new heights with new areas in my life. I come
realize that I can explain in for myself for
thoughts with ordinary fashion with areas of female
malefaction that I am fool desperate for love.
With this year to prove right that I am a powerful
trusting teacher as for-who has highs and lows,
accept my behavior move on all relationships and let
true love find it's way on book shelf and bookstores.
I taught all about manners and equal respect, which
became a duty to remain active to equal amounts of
possessiveness sent with abreast of free opportunity
for another day of sharing my attentions and
directions that followed to possessiveness pathway
of love I found in Chris. Leadership quotes got me
thinking positive. Most of which the love true
became that positive actions which came my thought



Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One

And everyday it seemed the same without overwhelming

positively thoughts I had with students, I cared for
some but few of my students made myself act like
jack all trades ill take care of their needs but
their love especially one caught my eye to my apple.
The court ruling is set to the same no contacting
for any party of my family and friends.
I rather think about myself as if I showed I am
ready. If my student and I taught as a couple with
this year plus more for this year plus be more be
more prepared with a thought as if I had a
behavioral influential lesson of love. It was true a
true love always doubting himself. And yes he showed
he cared. I would adore him teaching beside me.
I will be a comfortable as a pillow that needs a
rest but hold on for better days of my life come to
a peaceful rest knowing he keeps a prayer journal.
Everyday seemed the same but filled with extra
possessiveness about what cried came out of each
class and day. With my student behaviors, I noticed
students he helped one each other out a day. And it
felt nice complete feeling of my life had so much
possessiveness and if Chris was around to help. I
would look amazing and do my best on sharing and
caring on what I know best is showing kindness and
being polite.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
For this year comes a crowd and all I do to say
myself I have this day plus more not to worry. I
become perceivable when I follow ones footprints and
moments to survey my story something worth reading.
I share my time but devote my time as if all you
think about what has been true, and what that pussy
cat he be girl who I had true feeling for and
wanting know more on what gone by and becomes a love
and with possibilities.
With togetherness we will grow but I still love you,
I feel comfortable with talking things over with a
thought about goodness sake to love you Chris do you
understand its true love...
There was
for years
about it.
been good
will both

always excitement and he paid prove right

he yearned a story and remained quiet
Today was a great night for a drink but In
for months and years without drinking. We
drink shortly I hope see you soon Chris.

And I very much like see us together making whoopy

on today reading his book almost at end of book to
make pleasurable love to one came another version of
wedding dream scenario another after wedding.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One

Chapter 25
Better Part of Me
I suck on a jolly rancher as a thought about

Chris with all due and respect that was given me

a long time ago. Therefore about whatever was
possible I became what I


heard Fazzino buying

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
him movie tickets as a teacher before grading on
last day.

It was with who becomes better take on one

positive change new approach route of a root. I
long to keep life too. In a positive note I believe
in with one direction comes ones footprints that I
am loved shown I love one male Chris.

For the most part footprints are kept to show

trials of positive feedback when one leaves, and
inside meaningful life I shared one clue on why I
like my formal student.

What led left behind was using his wellness


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
toolbox which to coherently had a tool for life
creativity and growing with value on creativity in
court and computer thats intakes the efforts
required and purchase or make use of time
processing information of the misconstruction

I miss some of my students especially one on

my mind. Chris fell in love with me and keeps
the love going stronger each day. I long take him
on vacation, and treat him with all good each
and every night, And days well be sharing the
exciting news by end of year. And by end of
year he should be better for this year to make
right. I had not pleaded a renewal stand for this


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
I make learning fun it gets a positive life to see
a young adult succeed and have a motor skills to
be important with ones wellness and motivation
toolbox. I feel important when I learn from
mistakes and get and become lesson when I
know my rights interested from others comes with
positive feedback.

I spent a lot of my time towards my students

devoting my time after and before school hours.

With my life knowing to you I was labeled, it


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
does make it hard to comprehend everything. But
the learning from valid experience we talk about
and how I perceive life that is which was hard to
explain while worshiping moon all I got to know I
will publish on full moon from my side edited

With life long longevity and directional of our

destiny of writing could undertake the spirit of
man creation to hit the market with invention of
miracle pill. Take on my partner as responsibility
if something should go wrong it could be
removed wireless connection on how to take on
appearing natural using computer science program
your body to proper nuritanian,.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
But I like to feel safe to extent everything will be
all right. I see a positive life together. Being a
young teacher it was hard living with budget if
wanting plan a trip

There was a lot on my mind, and how make

class understand the tools in the class that are
expanding on everyday actions of oneself. To be
partly with bad remarks got to me. I really had
profits I improved my life with quality of work.

I had business and never thought about changing

a law of attraction and flaws becoming better

about leaving get out purpose of life. We would

noticed if true about the story of notebook


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
plowing with old rabbit truck all for all he made

sense but I could not see us together right now

as reading 11pm was late to be reading. Though

he posted it earlier but moments time realize it is

on Scribd.com.

My family is personally are exciting and I

yearning on my weekend time to talk about life
and visit friends.

I like expressing on how I want perceive a

relationship and I will give the word love a try to
one student who everyday puts efforts on
relationship he knows to blame is to bring forth is
with and when what became what I desirable to
be with warmth of with thoughts in reality came


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
the bitch through the awaking of strength and
incredible amount of love which brought when
love pleasure of better parts of mind, health and
spirit yearning he bright evils only love came to
shew greatness or gratitude love all life lovable
with new last night.

As love is a story living is impressively neutral

with a likeness turns a life around where is pretty
am amazing people reach out for support to help

With what was yielding my desire that is ought to

be placed, its more like thoughts about staying
single can be beneficial saying a life is filled with
all possibilities from whom is a goal driven


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
person crazy who will take care of your needs.
And I knows about personal growth difference
between like and love.

After knowingly asking for forgiveness I asked

for others to respect of my wishes for today I
would be only one editing the book of love here
in writing brought a time some say love existed.

I have always showed a sweet side but feel

butterflies in stomach when very moment has
arrived but wearing something sexy with Chris all
I wanted for tonight. I want to thrill his world and
put that this is his teacher, where his life was
filled with trauma smoking more cigarettes then
cost post he smoked daily so was no major


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
concern based on he considering the cannabis in
jeopardy though if he would of been contacts if
by chance he did not file harassment under

Putting that commands of respect youll know and

better learn so you will make it or break it with
my life. I have high expectations for things to do
and not to do. Firstly not get to sleepy on the
day hours so be it I fall asleep or take nap.

The thoughts about life it will become possible

with a clear attitude that happens when you use


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
Toward a criminal record or a life with record and
made it hard because with one of the students I
had a pending case. With all my desire I will be
not be hurtful but be here as if I became here
as super hero acting upon to be in a students
life. And boy I love his love when we gave
through touch of body to body through computer
to body with hug and our code say Im greatest,
the boss the author as the teacher the end to
the love best of any given trial.

I feel you now here present with that hug as

hoped for longest years to be true or clue I
really want this to work with you and be worked


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One

But who knows a grown fact, he were single and

boy I want you still this day, just dont say I am
not going into your business for this year.

I am guessing he probably will act really smart

and I remembering the last kiss will be a kiss
over my body all over with his touch of lips on
my clothes. While thoughts about cuddling
preconceived with one another at night hasnt
worked in past thats not so great to know he
stays up at normal time. I will not rush myself
going beyond my control of knowing myself
needed his love with me holding back the truth it


was meant to be.

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One

For-most whom I love is headway process with

formal student on my mind who had a superman
default picture on Face-Book, It is really important
in my life about making better decisions and
students called my kindness divine. Superman
comic was my hero with lots of Face-Book
sharing Superman picture as he love play as

He was in love with my family visits on



Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
I live life knowing I am brave child of my life
with much but little fear. My daughter taught me
fear is little when you owe yourself chancing
correct the wrongs in life which he chased outcasting on how-time around the clock made due
for gone fishing fun making wrong serialize
numbers heading to my right scenario.

That was all-good is the caused by attachment

with no boundary set and his determination
between what have been gone good had gone
bad in past behaviors.

I say I read very little and earn thoughts by

reacquisition to determining the facts from fate of


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
facts to fiction alike. And I do not like being
earned justice. I served justice and that being
said I will not hurt any ones feelings only a like
or reply get a boost through pain a student
suffers is going to make him know Im here to
make boost righteous behaviors.

I let you know I am supportive awaits trial for

common thoughts of response for safe and sound
in the relationship to maintain life with ratchet of
rejoicing in spirits.

And with my selective motor skills for no

contacting with family and myself which my family
and I love seasonal rich beer. But I recall have


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
sources of remembering I wish him well and
get better and well talk motto skills, which can
produce values to endless amounts of joy and

I have lots of words of encouraging thoughts and

produces by strength and what been full insight
on what has been perceived courage on what is
excising or not really understood.

And reality all about complaining and having

abilities expressed short life we live was hard
puzzle to make when doubting yourself. I let
freedom ring you know my flaws in which brings
and thought fullness to a key factors of
persistence is key.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
When you think about it to be filled with arms of
honor I am not responsible about the plea for
court verdict because with no boundaries and set
discussion. I favor he will be restful this year and
know next year will become areas of hitting at
right spot if you know what I mean.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
As story I know well do me in well most part
editing each day for a good moment is a moment
to endure life at it will remember what the good
and gone bad he fell in love on 21 birthday with

his past age sixteen making out.

I will be okay and for the judge has a final

verdict says and speaks in never the less
troublesome fear. I been thinking over and over
again I will make my hands to uncross my legs
say I am ready make ready the possible.

And with my thoughts I remained thoughtfully

speaking about rejuvenating my thoughts to
positive outcomes with my actions, to
brainstorming ideas on paper and about a story


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
to make right and to be known.

I am a young teacher wanting relationship with

student who loves me more then anything. He

awaits trial with pending case which I felt is

going end well for positive no renewal hoping

case ends.

My family lives in a beautiful state Maryland. For

the town I rarely let everyday life to be a
problem but a self-learning technique based on
my defensive trials and tracks to offer myself as
publicity and advertising to promote a business.

But I have short business goals which I do not


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
advertise a yearbook ads for companies and
businesses I own. Chris wanted advertise my
business it was cute heard inside his voice that
he asked he wanted it be used to gain write up
of paragraph saying bye to loved ones mostly I
he cared for in his class. I refused in the
entitlements with being short with money.

From the moment I feel the love that started by

successful life sharing others ways as what you
have or what has to offer with dealing with fear
brought of in others the comment cards on FaceBook. Yes is an expense use conscience to the
originality of why but you are what you owe to
life brought quality of daily tasks will bring
positive outcome.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
You bring enrichment quantities carry on to have
fun with the proud and joy spirit.

Thinking about booze or lack leadership which

can bring a partner gives no attentional or have
a chance with final verdict which on how you
have to earn my respect that you will say let us
celebrate the good with all to due the
creativeness that came that I was yearning out to
earn trust and respect our wishes to not be in


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
I have the thoughts of saying some kind warm
thoughts and actions, which promote job growth.
And I am aspbergers, not having manners to
know how to act togetherness with a kind heart
set values daily with kind sharing and receiving
actions and adjectives for my actions of caring
for another was kept minimum in females in
males like Chris it had adverse effect. He gave
large amounts of care and supportive attitudes.

What is up for the challenge is being of a proud

child with us wither of being parents or for
student who undertakes it is at fault when found
failure you realize the love I see is through Chris
with a positive note it meant to be shared as a
memory as to youngster to love Chris sharing the


positive attributes.

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One

In favor will not talk negative but nor have

positive goals as in the classes I create to
students and community. I was the little town flirt,
which only Chris can speak of great cheer with
holiday old cheer.

I say what becomes safe becomes safe with

values about choices with my life with who I lived
with my family.

My neighbors are great people and I who are

American originally from Europe. For myself I am


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
half German and Greek, I think of ways possible
work out a relationship, unlimited ways of thinking
staying positive writing and editing the true of
feelings which is a daily of task of thoughts and
actions I share to the class as the sources are
ways possible to be or in with becoming

At Christmas is a time where my emotions run

free with a desire to be filled with joyfulness
comes a peaceful spirit followed by rules of my
values. The values which is be kindness and be
okay about situations. I usually play my Neil
Diamond on a compact disc early to mid


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
I do not like it when someone looks for love in
memory lane. My town and wrong places I give
others a clue, I like making profit as to Chris
was to maintain composure and happiness.

You will be in a better state of my mind if you

hold your chin up with a smile when you ought
see us in public married.

I raise to appreciate bad habits that is of

smoking and taken a heart for guaranteed that
followed and I brought my affectionate side with
ones I can help and later in life I plan on talking
to Chris today. If he cannot quit smoking well
make sure well compromise to a positive attribute


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
of a medical marijuana license.

From side to side my body was not my weapon.

It the comfort zone saying courage will save the
best for the rest to defeat from others harm with
a circle but with no harm enter-lap. Though l live
up life to remain true be the best you can be all
will create is a debate.

To ones I love I remained singled with so much

thoughts of better days were ahead. I was
knowing I will be honored and ask myself to sink
into marrying Chris, my student who I have an
orgasm with feeling he is the one who is a little
sly ma-goo devil.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
This is a time I await final trial verdict if he is
talking it serious enough earn my qualities. I
really felt Chris was the one.

The first two years of teaching reflect

personalities of one song or two. I cannot make
up my mind, but I have reflection of Blonde Tide
Is High song and the songs from Neil Diamond
to sooth my emotion out with happiness and
smiles from good holiday cheer.

But if somebody gives me a mix I point out what

the class likes and they love and conclude the


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
Eye of the Tiger in a play-list mix by which my
student made.

With long-term learning skills playing music can

produce a network of students while working
together could boost moods and emotions as
mentality being of source led excellence.

I began remember I was ought of finding to be

of divine courage of learning techniques to sooth
a hearing voice or gain opportunity. With learning
I can run the show I can run wild and be free of
music and songs of a mix on a compact disc
which a student made me couple years back.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
He was student who students called him Hot
Sauce it was his nickname. Yeah he was Chris, I
had blurb it out.

I know my with knowing rights could go right

aboard. My thoughts and for my actions, to set

sail which I say, there are positive actions ahead

of time.

Where and when I been here is of an action

planning of caring for one another especially to
be hearing out ones feelings, I built a trust on a
student in my classroom. And some despite that
what I wish for a life filled with kisses and sex
from that special student Chris.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
I have some troubles it was some thinking how
do I make me feel like a loveable person which
could hit Chris up on phone and making me feel
naughty was how I felt but never came true for
true love from my end I had to keep safe.

When love hits with troublesome behaviors

aroused during trial of fraud case on how old I
was and for I understand t was he that I worried
and hit rock bottom as for why despite everything
was what was ahead.

For what was ahead is of getting there was a

struggle on my socialism on reflection of my
image of my life to that represents himself to


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
become to be kept worry free and drama free.

I was in the year teaching technology with

teacher of high class who lived with was without

I ask you just do not be cruel and obey

the rules. And I dressed as a reflection of my life

with my personality and love each day more and
more. And I have feelings towards a student.

I thought I would accept him but remain silent

he heard my voice and it was an illness and let
the judge hold a verdict. Yearning for years of
creativeness express as he knew be respectful
life as is earned my love.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
I have given up on the case but I know well-hit
rock bottom from the heart I know why deserve it
love and attention. I never said it but I love my
student Chris so much I learned he rested when
he was tired. He posted on Easter a version of
his story for I consider it was meant to be.

About my life I can say I became filled with

areas knowledge happy thoughts which makes
me think I will be ideal as a counselor but with
drive to explore software made me think I could
teach how use it. I was the technology teacher
for an intermediate school as well.

Knowledge and happy thoughts make myself feel


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
important on how much of being very happy was
feeling with comfortable about making me express

My feelings about treatment. I was to reconsider

options where are solution and a try enforce for
all negative action on borderline yet have hurtful
thoughts on who makes me important less spoke
with actual actions.

I am major impact on a child life about how I

acted with students and life meaning I tended be
jealous of his life which remained editorial edit of
a book with revision heading towards reader
being part of this my Easter wedding week with
sweetness carry on ebook.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
My colleagues will say I should enforce a
conduct with a police officer of Chris' consent. As
to make me decide better worse about situations
if I feel safe about life with thoughts about what
has been said, but for now and then I feel less
no paranoid thughts because of friend of
marijuana as he treated as. Asbergers is arts of
options, during any given time when two collide,
its true love that required effort.

And every second, minute, hour, day, week, and

month we have chance to hope to defend our
love with court orders make all things possible.

Put aside I let the student suffer during a crisis


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
happens I let him or her become better with
thought pattern not assume anything and wish

well and leave with footprints of behaviors of wow

you need accept a relationship with no eagerness
of trials.

He is realized he has followed a trial find my love

as each trial was a verdict based on his jury of

Its coming to end the end and trial closing with

no budge and remarks led with life sentenced no
contacting but considering the court did verdict
with due previous years. He has attorney and we
are in trial pending case of harassment II.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One

Chapter 22
The Ending

Mr. Fish is my pet fish who is gazing at the

classroom. On my work desk he sits a beta fish
giving to me from Chris with the flashback I had.
I was thinking about making candles with my
daughter and formal student Chris. He was the
love of my life that loved yellow. That I hug care


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
and support for my long years lives in his trust I
feel comfortable as with him now to this day its
okay to talk about an obsessional so called true

Each day is a dream after dream that can be

chased with negative to positive attitudes.

And I was to help find it hard to teach, all I do

is worry about formal students when if something
or someone could go wrong or right about how
to achieve life goals, brought my life to become
him making and feeling whole again as when it
was me he met and I could not easy forget all


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One

I was ill every slot with efforts make me better

person writing a story about my life teaching is

by far a chance you will be amazed by true love

and what it has to offer.

On the flip-side how a young minds take and

pick up life that takes encouragement to wake
up, I rather autocratically cause no correction of
a love so deep that put into work brought into a
kind up-roaring spirit of sweet behavior about
obsession. My student who loved my personality
was obsessed over me.

For many I told many I was interest but only my

student knows whats up. Yes I like 80s 70s


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
music and today was thinking about beholding a
LP vinyl of a Blonde record.

What happens at any giving moment and having

from granted feelings ought to be place life in
kindness spirits. I see without knowing. How a
hurtful some students are to other students
without courage shows it they lack courage with
me teaching.

A kindness retreat you will succeed to show

support, a pyramid of my student reflections of
what it takes marry someone single made today
feel awesome and loved that nothing could go


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
A daily action route I take, I always teach with
good intentions of warm feelings. About feeling
happy abreast my motivation skills are not always
followed through with knowing my rights.

He faced stress on symptoms of a roller coaster.

He well played in my head that is music
symbolized our love while we all work through
period to period to understand it could have
meaning some of songs I liked.

I have nice flaw weeks distractions of students

who fall in love with me. I make life better today


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
better tomorrow then planning ahead fand so be
it having the medical license of marijunia would
benfit the life he lives as better weeks and
weekends are ahead., As better month better
year. I got you inside my heart tucked in but
know nobody will put you down. I live with

With no hard way out from trouble, I

was locked up rather then looked upon in my

bottom of my heart for I love myself for student

The golden rule is life was with loaded

transactions you send annually as action brought
kindness you want live for treatment on ways you
want to live life profound ways to take the good
in and let go aide to you reading by fly by with


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
word of wisdom at standpoints leaving life leaving
a trial of positive remarks.

And solutions are ideal everyday seeing students

fall in love with myself, and I get nothing but
infatuated thoughts with unlimited true facts it was

As I grew I noticed but yet held to think I

worried and fear that something will happen
though out my life where full of beauty and
charm are caring for one another. I held against
me marry Chris he was always on my mind.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
I felt pretty bad on how I treated Chris and I am
about how I want to pick closing remarks of
choosing what the action destination put on track
before headstock of truthful behaviors to being in
bitch-craft saying what's true.. I want see a
grown up man that understand how I feel I am
loved, with remarks we understanding I need a
source of warm people to collide and get cast
out with positive remarks.

I must find out if the single thought process

works, but more likely I will chill I hold a grudge
to deal with smelly under-age drinking smell and
of smoke insight fully speak by pass of behaviors
breaking of the classrooms rules and was debate
to hold a date because I did not really know he


could change.

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One

Everyday somehow with routine and for guiding

my circle requires track boundaries. If once
brought wrong will bring wrong with inner
thoughts left behind days, being with warmth of
going wrong to many will make room to make it
worthwhile feelings of a warm embrace of his
words and thoughts as brought light and human
feeling knowing I can achieve more with being
together in a bond being inspired brought four
years of curiosity.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
I rarely say that life teaching for over twenty
years has a key but is uplifting to life treated like
a key out of turn but replacement and was not
clear but key to function with sexuality that would
be eventually with no denial.

He felt Mr Gibson out smarted him as look life

will get harder use knowledge at moments to be
right and when your right you can express in
reason its okay to dismiss but next time it be
twice as hard to undergo again or made simple
based on factor his classmate wrote time to


I did not study but he felt he had do same


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
he wrote as time went on that day after class to
me I felt that era. If some student as note was
close say he has been there for better or worse
in writing with truth. Its like I heard his voice and
he would type what areas I wanted like I had
been sentenced life to heaven to be reborn from
enemy now brought no denial and sin seeing life
again be formed next to me.

With positive note my behavior is controlled, on

all due to respect. While I put awhile all due
respect I set aside getting there is difficulty that
time and takes practice and that targeted person
makes the world go boom to bloom. With a

beautiful soul I take as a mate you make best of

love Chris.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One

As for court will be judge ruled in court with some

verdict is a positive note I will be safe or undergo
I is safe route.

I am a teacher a person living a

life that has replaced. As with thinking about Chris

I will be thinking about possibilities sincere desires
for Easter wedding with Chris at Circus hotel in
LasVagas or Italy on his birthday wearing zebra
pajamas with him.

About the details and emails know I am loved

and cared towards people I meet in public and
school. I have some areas of confusion about my
wild card capabilities that turn into conversation
but to shows it hard to live.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
Through monitoring behavior that about a write
up is not over but enjoy all that was easy on a
positive note I been giving information through
course of life.As with difficulties and I have a
positive attitude on my outlook. On life toward
researching family history he knew it was I the
flirt of all I endure in life.

When you are on top of your chart presented

clearly about what you want and what could go
wrong was not said informally. What can be on a
positive note card of needs with life which can be
handy and gift of receiving and giving in was
giving a chance that be himself he who finds
fault is meant I will show up if thousands


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
reasons why our love needed his workmanship of
credit from fault to do what matter the most to
say I did the work or half work I must continue
for an amount of life to see where it goes it
goes where I go I go but together meant forever
as he was forming a version of himself to fly with
all formatted limited sciences with delusion which
his medications did not show to work properly.
He needed a medical license top cope..

And people who take one drug happiness in love

could gain a natural high make you advocate
with years of possessiveness from benefit from
the one drug or medication.

My mental status is about what makes me silly


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
but it takes several amounts of possessiveness
that he can put shattered my raising
questionnaires of challenges in hand to hand of
saying here is courage roaring without knowing
much about difficulties brought us here.

I had a helping feeling I thought a lot about my

formal student and so much thoughts and
questions I could ask myself for most if I was
ready tonight reading past intact was happy writer
on marijuana and I

made on this page which I

was steady reader reading on this page.

And each and everyday I can share my

thoughts and share a smile with milestone one to


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
due respect with a child with life I faced
frustrating as seems. I had thoughts about Chris
and I was patiently being happy with him it was
hard to communicate with him within time helddown to say I loved him all this time.

And to be about true feeling you need work for

money and you dont spill all out beans with all
and I put a restraining order against you.

I felt I was ready while not pleading this time

around while I gave very very known fact that to
little information about life and where it grew with


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
How can write a lot while it spoke about the man
behind creation out about my life. Chris was not
nosey and he kept a love to be loyal by writing
in all times of the day.

I want to understand for which we look upon

making myself self worrying less about better
figure out situations to lead a trial of faith. But I
leave positive verdict in story before for a
weekday is over, without kindness of thoughts
and lost causes with nobody answer was

Therefore a lot of my time was about using

positive feedback making yourself control the
goodness for goodness sake. I can become the


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
fool but I know who I love and ones love of
courage from inside to try again and again.

But who am I to blame Im cold and under my

sheets. But for my personification from a starting
become day time dreamer is a target with no
control guide with my oh my goodness how can
one to blame, when you think when you see a
knife in dream world take it as needing buy one.

It means he looking at my profile or of interest

with me being baffled to end interesting feelings
completed of by-standing truth if the day was
interesting brought feelings towards Wedding
comes glancing at each other for this week made
possible join his life this week.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
What actions must I take knowing yourself to
know but he who ones try correct my wrongs
had you been through a thriller of thoughts of not
trying becoming stressful but give significance
enough lead you on to find one but to many as
bitch-craft at standby points.

As it was my beliefs being a good witch and

cure to be with Chris my life was being motivated
by Chris here standing my sex was within him.

Which I will make you smile when puzzled why I

love him which is one language, a smile and


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
story about us. We know a smile means
happiness in moment. Receiving smiles was ways
we express and better present ourselves.

Life in general brought and involved withdraws

understands amends of treatment and making
myself speak about my life at ease with no
difficulties it undergo a life with proving right to
myself write as a life with teaching with chances
going far beyond a potential understand love is
true when you release it was him be the lovable

At legal claims the Malefaction, is when you

trigger positive behavior. In fact many asked how
did it make you feel as being a teacher most


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
behaviors that would become a push off for
couple of days. I will get back to you nothing
came across and let judge rule with ignorance,
but soon enough made someone could go crazy
as he waited for trial.

Like I that got hint smile everything will be okay

I could make us in a story about true love and
hidden profile from both sides it brought pleasant
smiles without a language problem, with a special
or super static moment of charge with care which
had stability.

Where I go your motto comes in self-wisdom but

not getting the attention theirs nothing but arms
worthiness of coolness with my reality I shared


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
with my formal student.

When you have positive thoughts, and where no

return for hostile life of a lost life. I was
disobeying and being cruel in a case knowing
whats been said without having been heard
about whats wrong baffled to be my thoughts in
constructive ways?

How can you help or hide when all you can see
he or she does for you, knowing what is right
and what is wrong without being said or
something has gone funky with positive attitudes,
has brought fear.to say he been coping for


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
Fear has no worries as I feel numbness
throughout my body I was outside making with
family of friends that were older and retired. And
have a pet dog. He admired hearing about and
seeing pictures on Facebook I posted brought my
love, student I admire to the web.

I was here with life with smiles my foundation my

motto for a world so kind. Welcoming the class
To Care Share Club. As classmates and staff
members I share technology as becoming friendly
to share with advice.

When I doubt myself I show if you know what

mean if not a formal student chooses to help
another succeed, I become healthy and with


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
appreciated my love towards social skills.

Laughter and humor which was important with my

life and makes you see life with ones you reach
to a positive unknown trust factors. So you will
get an incline of people concerning you or be in
a pissed off mood if misconduct takes place.

As client with health providers I lost without some

a boost of sexuality a day where I hunt in what
reaches for Chris, and I still deserved best and
with healthy choices and socialize with knowledge
of my life being safe about showing true colors of


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
If you get hurt most inside I gave an opportunity
to make up and mostly realize who can bring
better was better with held remorse with
professionals calling in before set planned
behaviors when if rebellious of which you are up
with put forth stigma youre on top of power of a
mighty individual you make of yourself and bizarre
thoughts may happen, its okay feel down and lost.

When some of us think over and over again and

again a delusion manifest of individual life. Chris
under the pressure took those challenges, he

takes consequences as for a trail knows it will

be okay to this day together.

If you have to wait show great honor then wait.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
As for he felt with life precious moments theirs a

single settlement I ask for which is the hurt it

brought to sue on my ex lover behalf of a
broken heart.

But I had no fear just being patient while hearing

and waiting for a love to come. And I would like

to take part as husband and wife. I previously

took cruel new pathways and in a rude awaking

from past but for my 10 year teaching at

Portland was to have no worries. I remain to be

happy its almost here my love in arms at night.

During days to call my home ready to get life

understanding a trial aroused is love here comes
Chris with other supportive friends.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
I thought it was my best of ability accept
Vecchitto as a gone to make known to be the
male to best fit him with standing in public the
good-works that it represents love with kindness.

As with kindness I welcome him to my house my

student Chris. Hate is a powerful word rather
feeling upset to explain. I become a failure in
having beliefs to renewal to no achievement but
get award of writing. I had my fair say that
included a verdict or some reason writing book
makes us grow with supportive friends all
surrounded by us all better as within as light
focused inside holds your life energy and
motivations to stability on medical marijuana as


writing story..

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One

And eventually time of regrets of happens

defiantly being famous, and obeying others with
some acts of caring with actions as in years
leaded for keeping in mind spring is where
flowers bloomed and we had chance of a
wedding on Easter.

I can go by where I keep on what has been

said to inside heart mind and for all I have spirit
inside that will guide me to you reading Chris for
an Easter wedding is the choice I make a write
up say yes I am going marry Chris. I will only
send you a positive note but will produce of a
motor skill of talking to people.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One

People will see how a day going on his

FaceBook.com profile status update and what is
the plan for dinner. Its always a pleasure
speaking to people see how their day going. It is
always a pleasure know a student can learn
ways possible go with knowing about a
technology is filled study to educate and grow
and he noticed who were his friends on

And I can tend not to show who ones to doubt

and be blameless being one unless it hurt you
say we need to upgrade which can make flow of
class faster and easier and the no cost business


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
and school to hurt for money when we do not
work efficiently of mischief in actions yet have
intimations behaviors I should act upon.

My life found my reasons, I started taking my

reasons as to format the reasons to consider why
Chris is still the one with daily promises of being
their often said to Chris from police personnel..

I often feel a gentle touch but most saw many of

life goals are with a soft touch but Chris was
hard to handle, I lived to be spoken for life about
with modern life experiences, and nobody can
take him nor me away.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One

I lead the heart to a wish that he who tries to

prove myself worthiness onto them has a wrong
but to do what is right in a manner that has way
to produce my thoughts to not knowing whats
right and why people do obey rules but undergo
a verdict for another year through judge.

I am here blessed because I earn each day

which I can learn and grow while a study on
how I feel with the likeness that exist. The year
2016 around the corner for Spring and I to live
with someone special, I am crazy about Chris. I
will not let the world judge me and I know I am
been crazy thinking about him over and over



Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One

And maybe so help as a professional authority

figure brought out his feelings but take it extreme
to say paradise here we comes the fragrance,
Beyond Paradise.

I was the one having life with the personal skills

we live brought about others receiving and giving
a skill at use there would a time where you
might once say its was a little stressful, youre
stressing over-about with my life.

The days seemed to go on forever it came to a

misunderstandings and understanding far too


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
much facts are supposedly bring us together?
About money, you will have that target of where
you want to work and person you need care for
life effectiveness was the before crisis. And
overall I see change with high grade marijuana

past years to this day.

I focus and strive subscribed one drug that will

be your behavior stop cybernetic life with warm
thoughts with mind that not intake negative
thoughts. I say that because really you need
calm soothing side of comfort in life then you feel
stern and mighty with no race you will say is
race regulating to the finish line.

The mightiness with reason and then knowledge


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
takes learning whole new level. I had all next
year with Chris by my side. Let courage roar out
motor skills with out privileges that we hate like
addition problems to some folks of drug abuse. I
noticed it was quarter a week he limit too but
could of used mre between hours of day before
and after a meal..

Abusing on drugs or some area in life will leave

you with some life problems something maybe we
pleasure teasing risk you reading your behavior
over with annually submitting life areas of
confusion. Importantly, I know its not always
good to over think about on ways to how avoid
out of a situation and read or watch others do

the yelling for you as a support line of people


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
you can trust to give positive improvement of

statements of sentencing to an act of fortune

with myself as a teacher and being with student.

I am all about a concern before an action is
placed having days awake say awake now
reading past my bed time was going to have a
relaxing day tomorrow.

Life becomes positive with positive stress in

everyday in every-way to build in life protocol of
understand all I want Chris to be easy not pushy.
You are what you make of life and felt if he had
pictures in story I can recreate them into
something better or keep informed I loved him
very much with his efforts.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
I make myself a small imagination about a
kindness act, a hug arm reach amount
possessiveness of a day with support and a good
deed will make me smile.

To reach happy is making my co-workers and

students understand. The dark side is when I feel
I am on happy falling for smiles on a truth
made myself become insane when you picture
out dreams that we under go with insane
amounts of courage and be filled with needs in
some likeness of becoming buddies.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
For what I really wanted was a wedding happy
ever after that last our life to everlasting eternity
brought abundance to share with past family
members I missed.

Distraction of a daily task I act to get edge off

for positive talk to a step forward command an
image of how you see life. Life is all about great
adventures and pleasures which came about the
life getting better is for our motivations.

Headaches are common ground questions raised

when you have something you try find relief with
cannabis, Life is about giving advice to some and
a must you know it will end up leaving us hurt if
forgetting my birthday was of sure knowing


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
something it had been delivered.

More or less you turn around a thought that

becomes the better side of life route you take not
the right route but uplifting what was to write
knowing how sure you are with a brain food for

I want to explain as you can take courage to

new heights comes with dwelling a new pathway
of a height but having a monitor behavior could
change the life where he stood wanting more


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
Smoking is no different then a capacity we
choose as normality to abnormality for me to
marry a smoker I felt guilt considering I may end
up being a teacher that involved my time be a
smoker off school grounds.

Sometimes having a pathway well make you say

I will get well better out the ordinary to get away
but this is that right better part of me from better
or worse. I am young getting well better with
feelings I can share.

Stating earlier I am label says you will walk

away. But keep at it as is work in progress of a
profound ways to love for many years as was my
dream, as I build up my motor skills with more


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
life responsibility making myself with state income
with therapy of pyramids of what to eat, and
under go strengths in process and correcting right
from wrongs with a stimulate get on with new

And I manage my health in ways possible with

actions of courage to be part of parts tracks to
tracks get out with possessiveness you will have
a day off and I do not wear myself out with
enjoyment I get from each day I live successfully
with no regrets.

Some good of courage days speak of seek God

for help of troubled and try again tomorrow.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
Maybe if things work out on what could happen
is a happy face I can bring you be sent that cast
out your positive energy out but only be you are
responsible one sharing as you please about us
with facts in words.

For being yourself and responsible for my actions

can only see possessiveness on route ending of
a book.

If something or someone finds love let the wild

cards play I rule of thumb love the warm
thoughts being throughout knowledge and

circumstances. I could of been repeatedly say he

is the best suited for myself in which should I

take on to places and events with him but know


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
I do not mad and I do not get along and

involved with his family and friends.

Running is cheaper than therapy session and I

therapeutically understand how you have a world
that is helpful and thankful.

Some other peoples thought and what trigger

good it has brought us here and a bad esteem,
saying he was a student must we know we have
uplift ourselves set the take on something that
triggers positive action with adjective saying what
could I due to make or fake a dysfunction of get
better with conscience is for reasoning is for a
circumstance to drive my ending to heads for true
trust you deafeningly say is true at valid remarks


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
for true love be recovered overtime about loss of

Allowing myself as relationship to be in

community and students. I share thoughts and
improve functions of objects. I leave others
curious with thoughts behind and process to be
with invocations of a better tomorrow and
rethinking life is brighter then most lights.

I can say he had delicious foods on birthday and

is a comfort for our bodies. Though we honor our
food as praise that says go ahead lets eat and
grab bite eat sharing thanks to be my lover and
become wife with Chris on Easter.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
We all have life goals become some superstar
thats a hot shot who was called Smiley and
happy he was for all that happened on week of
birthday. Awhile there is no clue when something
should happen and when I put all remarkable
thoughts with effort someone I will realize ones
emotion side as Chris still does love me.

For my emotions and attitudes with behaviors

always was a hidden danger with new
medications. You are free to date Chris is all
keep running through my head but was not true
but I made that change I was free to date Chris.
It was passed by last Christmas and I was


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
feeling blue. This year I have a concealed
thought that is wrapped by a naughty act in the
Easter wedding conspiracy peace treaty.

Will you get a clue I love you and now I thank

you your one in a million who earns my life and

I never really understood but sending a sexy

letter on his 682 number that made me think
about Chris and here as if a person gave me life
and encouragement. Write more based on my
beliefs of closing remarks.

As I lead what is right to go on heart at


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
Valentines Day when he proved right, I was
worth a lot with dozens of flowers and thought
fullness accepting my true love from him the

He became positive with my thoughts as a

positive thought pattern appeared and I thank
each day when he likes my attitude for this year
is headed for endearment of spirit of joy to the
world coming groom and bride happily married on

Of a life obtained by as I want a freedom the

love to end drama. As Thanksgiving is time I
wanted send forth all to a high spirit on this day.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
With continence as if he say he will endure an
eye to eye ear to ear and felt like a shame how
years have gone wasted, and I yet share how
successful I am in my everyday life.

To make known he or she knows will be known

to acted upon respectable laws and laws of
attraction of limiting the behaviors into one big
gift as within book publishing.

As if you tend to choose wanting a made by an

assurance of reasons. As if why it could be
negligence as all I write with wanting more
attention. Would I ever gain more interacting with
the student in book as with commendation if
health workers fail here comes a great honor of



Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One

Most importantly the wish to have wedding on

Easter with myself the teacher

. This was the idea within years conflict in new

ending of this story, If within somebody should be
sure to say it is true, it would be great honor to
communicate properly say his mother can like
myself as to others say it be team support.

I will be allowing him use judgment if there real

friends supporting his life with lost loved ones. I


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
am sure he will be part of metal heath programs
which he will gain support of caseworkers for
marriage material lessons of everyday skills from
health providers.

And at night I make due for the bright days

ahead with no word as absence of a quiet night
sleep overcoming anxiety with the limitations to
sacrifice the truth behind all from beyond being
real to fear nothing with alertness.

I could fail or make believe as a fantasy were is

love comes miracles after its all over and choose
live on the memories, I learned as the teacher
with the student is part of a soul forever in heart
while writing up no tenderness love making in


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
bed but to happy moments and feelings share
here comes us ready make points he likes to live
the moment of past to live where love always
come around when you start listen and question.

As with my idea of a teacher being with student

with pictorial life seems to have got a chance
seen information stored for future heading his life
with myself the teacher as possible share a
young new birth to carry on my years to look
back no further. As time came a moment slipped
by and we look at each other as with we will
carry on new opportunity.

To not get lost but put a moment carry on to

direct ones knowledge in aspects if this is all true


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
I ended up in legalized state for marijuana and I
wanted get pregnant with Chris as father of baby
with wedding to come our way on Easter. As
being said from student and teacher was meant
to be forever and always sooner should of known
the better will be us smoking during theattempt
get myself pregnant.

Much faults and lies told to be true and instead

of looking back we tried to be known I lived in
CT and workout the relationship. And the state
Connecticut with my preteen child and the
student, who was taught by myself which brought
out the teacher of the formalizing heart wishes.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
I was in fashion everyday like magazine styled
hair and to be dressed up for a true day to
remember. It was a kind dinner with weather lows
on a day to remember. If you could be always
with no insincerity my friends we will be with no
harm. Chris would never cheat sexuality only
once try it with Carrie a female.

May you respect the following book as caution

with this story and you will be with justice served
no freedom of speech to an illness spread
through words as if I only as we cannot contact
each other.

Any moment is a chance and with the student as


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
vision it relationship and was an oracle with us

in story with no obtained life skills after the

separation as longevity took place of a stepping

stone of directions that my decisions will be final.

And I will always put smile to his or her face

knowing we both did best showing a positiveness

of our potential had knowing verdict came to

The story is ending now to look at no further

justice might we consider this year of the action
of behavior lead to fault with trial.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
While it was worthwhile to see each other and fix
errors with corrections overtime it felt I was
slowing down on the captured heart feelings.

I was bringing attention with fix tools on any

Operated Statements of a case with positive
verdict to prove justice by sending an As if and
I Will when statements in a boundary.

It seem as if he should go- I will be here make

sure not to forget post my number of house or
cell on websites - likewise I was dealing with
feelings of confusion because everyday he was in
my heart that student of mine of past.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
He would not call knowing and it was life that
dealt with cards. Mostly of your own cards, what
you give is up to you but don't mess up by
demanding to change over someone who is

Most years it felt I had to see him be himself

with no friends and granted my wish come true
which he did on his free time which became a
story writer.

Where there is justice their is true signs of valid

love scenarios of the ordinary to become one
truth spoken heading life new path to understand
each other sonority by security fraud of scam


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
artiest like teaching findings it was life finding is it
true life can create a heart as when with broken
pieces on a possible way true feelings a student
had expressed in a story.

In this new ending when and where to fixable

psychosis unremarkable beauty manifestations of
seeing her next to me being my everyday life
routine to wait for day we connect as one
successful attitude roadblocked with knowing
theirs enemies trying get with me knowing nothing
will not fear with what my personality like in
fantasy world of Chris with reading over and time

Chris was the student who tricked action lead to


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
correspondence of a make up for quick break of
hour glass of knowing well be with teaching each
other how to improve each day and with waiting
when its over well be all said and done with
seeing you and kissing you all over to myself the
teacher. How much sand to fill? I'm sad that its
been decade of love.

Most likely salience of life will ought to make me

happy and with wild thoughts and truth I became
free keeps the heart knows I am strong teacher
in book. I was acting like it was my heart
feelings in book to say it's true love at a


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One
students life prospective of beauty of no denial or

I spoke minimum but unforgettable beauty of

teacher I brought in his life and I know what I
want and here comes more to world to share
how thankful I edited and made clear its true
relationship and here to say a happy birthday
with kiss awaiting to give him for all to ease
troubles to you hope this story was a happy
story as source of information you noticed about
the love we had which felt completed to this day
as their was two hearts molding a future being
together forever with a better outlook of being


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One

It doesn't matter who you are, where you come from.

The ability to triumph begins with you. Always.
Oprah Winfrey (born 1954) American Television Host,

ages show acts true love with a limited income can

become a miracle to be married! I enjoyed writing
young and here stand by a story.


Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One

Where Two Hearts Become One

The Teacher Who Should Be Voted

Teacher Of Year
Love Grows Up Be Great

Feelings Are Forming

Where Two Hearts
Become One

Profound To Be Presented With Love

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