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The El Wastani Facility is located in the Nile Delta area of Egypt.

The facility has Condensate and Cryogenic Gas conditioning processes.
The facility control system consists of a Allen Bradley ControLogix PLC and HMI. The existing hot oil and
regen heater control panels are hard wired logic with standalone proprietary controllers. They do not
currently interface with the existing Allen Bradley system.
It is the intent of this upgrade initiative to consolidate the Control systems into the existing distributed
Allen Bradley system as most of the heater control panel systems are no longer available for spare parts
and maintainability. Additionally the proposed PLC heater panels that will be added will allow for
operations to have interface with the heaters from the control room.
Additional operator screens will be developed while on site on the control room HMI to allow for the
operator interface.
All of the existing instrumentation will be re-used with the existing wiring. The only instance where new
tubing and or cable is required will be with the addition of the stack damper.
The existing fiber optic ring will utilized to connect the new heater PLC panels to the existing network. A
multimode fiber optic switch will be added to the nearest existing PLC panel (Turbo Expander). This will
be added to the existing ring network and will star out to the new heater control panels via supplied 6
strand multimode connections.
Additional to the heater Control System upgrade the following items are proposed to be upgraded:
Stack Damper actuator and control.

Upon award of the project shall provide a proposed schedule showing the following activities in each of
the Project Phases:
Project Kick off.
Engineering & Design schedule.
Procurement schedule.
Commencement of field activities.
Construction Completion.
Commissioning and Start-up.
Date of completion.


Local construction will be utilized for the installation of the new PLC control panel, stack dampener
actuator and fiber optic cable installation.
Construction Management will be provided by contractor to ensure installation is done to the drawings
specifications and in order to minimize on site down time with the transition from construction to
commissioning and start-up.
The work includes, but is not limited to, the supply of all labor, equipment, tools, Bulk material
(Tape, labels, ty-raps etc.), Electrical and Instrument cables, Instrument tray, tubing and fittings,
Supervision, subsistence, transportation, specified materials, overhead and profit for loading and
Hauling of equipment and materials, offloading, storage, final clean-up and all other work
Necessary to provide complete, finished, and operable systems as hereinafter described.
Contractor shall supply, install and hook-up all wiring and cabling for power and control circuits,
Interconnects to the new PLC panel and cabling not necessarily shown on the cable schedule
(I.e. reference all drawings, schematics, layouts, etc.) Appendix B
The contractor shall allocate costs for tubing and cabling for the stack damper.
All approvals, permits and licenses necessary for electrical and instrument installation. The
Contractor shall supply a copy of his permit, inspection reports and final inspection certificate to
The WASCO Engineer.
The Contractor shall install all of the Owner supplied equipment.
Contractor shall maintain records such that all special costs and force accounts are split out
The installation of all equipment and components shall be completed in a professional manner by
Properly qualified tradesmen duly authorized by the local authorities perform such work.
The work is to be installed in a manner consistent with acceptable industrial construction,
Operating and safety practices
Due attention shall be given to the final appearance of the installation.
Demolition will be limited to existing heater control panel and stack dampener actuator.
There will be the requirement to repurpose some components of the existing heater panel in to the new
Heater PLC panel, such as the Fire Eye


Commissioning and Start-up will commence upon construction completion and will be provided by
contractor WASCO will require providing support to contractor throws the construction, commissioning
and start-up phases of the project. Appendix A
This is an operational facility, and therefore, caution must be taken so as not to interfere with day-to-day
Operations. The Plant Manager shall be notified at least 48 hours prior to any shutdown of the
existing operating equipment.
WASCO requires a minimum shutdown window per heater to. The commissioning and start-up time will
not be contiguous between the heaters as they will be done one at a time based on the operational
requirements of the facility. The goal is to have a panel completely commissioned within a 12 hr period. A
large portion of preparation time will be required in order to achieve this goal.
(a) The contractor will provide installation inspection.
(b) The contractor will verify all wiring to end devices during commissioning.
(c) The contractor will verify all Communications.
(d) The contractor will supply all test equipment to perform all tests and inspection.
(e) The contractor will provide inspection, commissioning, and start-up report for sign off by WASCO upon

A complete set of accurately marked up "As-Built" drawings shall be maintained and updated daily by the
These red-line drawings will become the property of WASCO at project completion (startup). The
contractor will then provide a set of As-Built drawings electronic.

Full consideration shall be given to normal hazards that exist in process areas and activities shall conform
to all safety procedures required by WASCO.

WASCO shall be responsible for the safety of the supplied personal including but not limited to
appropriate transport to and from accommodation, secure accommodation. Appendix C

Heater Control Panels
Custom Control Panel

Regen Heater Programming:

Custom ControLogix Program
Custom Panelview+ 1000 Operator Display
Complete Panel Drawing Package
Cause and Effect Diagram
Control and Operation Guide Provided after Commissioning and Start-up.
3 Hot Oil Heater Stack Dampener Actuator:
Provided by the contractor side (Manufacture, model)
- power to open,power to close,fail last
- 24VDC power,CSA XP certification
4 Fiber Optics & Switch:
(2) Estimated 200 meter runs of 6 strands Multimode Fiber Optic Cable.
Pre-terminated with ST connectors. One to each heater to the Turbo
Expander Panel.
Ntron 714FX6-ST, to be mounted in the Turbo Expander Panel