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March 2016



The Miracles of the Quran


Sarah Ahmed (Grade 7)

Before we talk about the miracles in the
Quran it is necessary to understand that
the Quran itself is a miracle. It was sent
down to Prophet Muhammad by Allah
(swt). It is probably one of the best
known miracles still around today, but
there are also others. In the Quran, there
are many different types of amazing
miracles. Some are scientific. Others are
mathematical. Some are like blessings
and things that help the prophets. No
matter which kind of miracle it is though,
they are all equally miraculous. In my
project I am going to tell you about one
from each category.
For Centuries, people thought that only
humans can communicate and socialize.
Though thats not true. Recent studies
have shown that Ants too have an
organized way of life. They tell each
other when there is danger. They interact
with one another and have a leader who
tells them what to do.

They carry multiple sensory organs in

their head which they use to
communicate with. Their brain contain
half a million nerve cells and they have
the ability to taste and touch too.
It is amazing to find out that about 1400
years ago such knowledge had been in
the Quran book when nobody else knew
anything about ants.
It is mentioned in Surah Naml (27:18)
Until, when they came upon the valley
of the ants, an ant said, "O ants, enter
your dwellings that you not be crushed
by Solomon and his soldiers while they
perceive not."

. Honeycomb and bees

And your Lord inspired to the
bee, "Take for yourself among
the mountains, houses, and
among the trees and [in] that
which they construct.(16:68)
Then eat from all the fruits and
follow the ways of your Lord laid
down [for you]." There emerges
from their bellies a drink, varying


in colors, in which there is
healing for people. Indeed in that
is a sign for a people who give
thought.(16:69) (Surah Nahl)
In these ayat the word for bee is
actually in the feminine form
which tells us it is the female
bees are who construct the
honeycombs(verse 68), collect
the nectar and new material for
honey production and make the
honey (verse 69).The male bees
unique function is to fertile the
queen female bee. Once the
male bees fulfil their job, they
are expelled from the hive from
their females at the end of
summer, then die of hunger.
When the Quran was revealed,
men did not know the details of
the distribution of work among
the bees living in a hive; they did
not know that those actively
working in the hive were
females. They did not know that
the function of producing honey
and collecting nectar from fruits
belonged to female bees.
Therefore, it is interesting,
indeed, that in listing the duties
of bees, the Quran used the
mode of conjugation in the
Arabic intended for the female
The functions performed by the
female honeybee leave us in
wonder. The design of the cells in
which she lives in are very
intelligently made. The shape of
in which the mathematician
Honeybees produce their
honeycombs are in the form of
hexagons. (Bee fossils show that
this was also the case millions of
years ago). Mathematicians think
into the reason why this hexagon
remained constant and why
there were no rectangles,
heptagons, octagons, etc. They
found out that the optimum use
of the entire space of unit could
be no other than a hexagon,
which also accounted for the
production of cells using the
available material in the most
economical fashion. Had the
cells been of a different shape,

i.e., triangular or quadrilateral,
there would be no vacuum, as
well. But less material is required
to build hexagonal cells than
that required for triangular or
quadrilateral cells. In many other
shapes there would be unutilized
space left. Thus, the hexagonal
cell is the most suitable for
the bees.
The ayahs also talk about the
nutrition property of honey.
The regenerative property of
honey is confirmed by
medical authorities. In
addition to its rich vitamin
content, among its
components are also such
minerals such as calcium,
potassium, magnesium,
sodium, phosphorus as well
as such metals as copper,
iodine, iron, zinc, and
Thanks to the easy
convertibility of its sugar
content, it is easily
assimilated. Honey facilitates
the functioning of the brain.
It contributes to the
production of blood, to its
cleansing and proper
circulation. Honey provides
for the requirement
necessary for proper
functioning of our physiology
and also it is used externally
in cosmetics and
The fact that honey had
healing properties was
nothing new for communities
all over the world. Therefore,
we are not claiming that this
was not a generally
acknowledged fact at the
time of the descent of the
Quran. However there were
also such superstitious
beliefs as the healing effect
of a camels waste, which
was later falsely attributed
to the Prophet in hadith
books. The Quran never

justifies any of such false

Without an intelligent
Creator the coincidence of
their way of life is certainly
unimaginable. Everything a
bee does to whose
properties there are
references in the Quran All
clearly show that there is
one creator, Allah (swt).
Capable of storing the
greater amount of honey
with less wax.
Prophet Musa
Prophet Musa was given
many miracles at his time.
When he was a baby and his
mother had to put him in the
river, Pharaohs wife picked
him up and kept him. Musas
sister followed. When he
needed to be fed nobody was
able to, so his sister told her
of Musas mom. Musas mom
was given money to feed
Musa and the son and
mother were united again.
Thats a miracle from Allah.
More miracles that happened
include: the staff turning into
a snake, Musas hands
glowing, the sea splitting in
half, water turning into blood
(except for the believers),the
locus disaster and much
The miracles I have
mentioned are only three,
but in reality there are many
more and some are not even
discovered yet. The words of
the Quran go so deep into
explanation we may never
find them all. After all they
are the most beautiful words
of God.



competition next month on April 23,
2016 InshaAllah. Also, any student
who has outstanding performance in
story writing, religious writing,
project, anecdotes, etc. will be
featured in the next month
Newsletter. All students are
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Upcoming Events:

March 14- 18

Muslims Contribution in
By: Sarah Ahmed Grade 7

Inventions and discoveries
A significant number of stars in the
sky, such as Aldebaran, Altair and
Deneb, and astronomical terms such
as alidade, azimuth, and nadir, are
still referred to by their Arabic
names. A large corpus of literature
from Islamic astronomy remains
today, numbering approximately
10,000 manuscripts scattered
throughout the world, many of which
have not been read or catalogued.
Even so, a reasonably accurate
picture of Islamic activity in the field
of astronomy can be reconstructed.

A Note from the Principal:

This month the school is focusing on
speech and there is a NAMF speech

Muslims have a big contribution

to the study of astronomy. A
Muslim needs to understand it, in
order to fulfil his duties towards
his lord. We need to know the
direction of the Qibla, the time
for prayers, when to break our
fast and much more. The
discoveries that the Muslims
made were at peak during the
Islamic golden age. The Islamic
golden age was from the 8th to
the 13th century.


Astronomy: The Muslims

translated astronomical
books written by Greeks,
Caledonians, Saurian,
Persians, and Indians. They
were also inspired from
Quran and hadith. The ayat
of the Quran made them
think and reflect on the earth
and sky and even mentioned
some planet and star names
in specific. For example:
And that it is He who is the
Lord of Sirius (53:49) Siriusis the skys brightest star.
Its very easy to spot on
winter and spring evenings.
This star was worshipped by
the pagan Arabs. It is also
known as the Dog Star.
Throughout the Islamic
golden age, Muslims were

able to advance their
technology and discover
great things.
MusaDuring the Abbasid era,
there were three astronomic
geniuses: Abu alQsim,
Amad ibn Ms ibn Shkir,
and Al-asan ibn Ms ibn
Shkir (the three sons of
Ms ibn Shkir) were the
9th-century scholars who
lived and worked in Baghdad.
They are known for their
Book of igneous devices on
auto mana (automatic
machines) and mechanical
devices. And the Book on the
Measurement of Plane and
Spherical Figures, a
foundational work on
geometry that was
frequently quoted by both
Islamic and European

Conclusion: The Muslims
did a great job and helped
bring us to where we are
today in the studies of
astronomy. Though, the real
achievement lies in the fact
that the Islamic civilization
not only maintained the
sciences of the previous
nation but also corrected
them. The Islamic
civilization, further
transferred science from
theory to practice. It is also
rejected black art and
superstitions adopted by
Arabs during the pre-Islamic
era. Such superstitions
adopted by the previous
nations were totally rejected
by the Islamic Sharia.