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Contact Information:

Missouri Valley Christian Church

119 N. 4th St. Missouri Valley, IA 51555




Dates May 9th— 7 PM— Baccalaureate May 16th—Graduation Sunday May 19th—RUSH ENDS May 20th—FUSION ENDS
May 9th— 7 PM—
May 16th—Graduation
May 19th—RUSH ENDS
May 21st—Fellowship Fun

The other day I saw this magician on TV. He did this cool trick. He had a random guy on the street think of someone, then he burned a hole in his shirt and revealed a tattoo on his stomach. The trick was this: the tattoo was a picture of the random guys girl-

friend, the person he was

thinking of.

the trick, the random guy

was baffled and amazed. His comment was, “I don’t know what to think.” He knew what he saw but he just could not understand what happened. It amazed him.

Often, God amazes me! I sit back in wonder saying, “Wow!” One of

After seeing

the things that makes me go , “Wow” is the power of prayer. There really is no limit to its power. Jesus said, “Again, I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything you ask for, it will be done for you by my Father in heaven. For where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them.” Matthew 18:19-

20 Think about those

words for a moment…….

Jesus says, that if we are in agreement and pray over the things God calls us to, we will re- ceive what we ask for.

God will hear from heaven and act in a marvelous


guys to come together

I want to ask you

in a marvelous way. guys to come together I want to ask you with me and
in a marvelous way. guys to come together I want to ask you with me and

with me and to agree with me in prayer.

This summer there is a lot going on: VBS, Camp Nebowa, the Lakota Mis- sions Trip, and CIY. These trips can be great. Lives can be changed. I believe that the more we ask for God to lead and direct these events, the more

they will honor and reflect Him, the more they will

change lives.

join me in praying for these events? Will you ask God to “have His way” and ask that “His will would be done?”

Will you

Thank you,


Sponsorship Available!

Camp Nebowa is one of the greatest things you can invest in. I like to use the word “amazing!” The cost for a full week of camp is $90. I understand it can be hard to come up with that kind of money. Money should never be a reason you can- not go to camp or on a missions trip. Therefore, if you are having trouble coming up with the full tuition, please speak to me (Theo). We have gracious donors in the church who are willing to help .


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1. Consistency. When it comes to behavior we like predictability. A person who blows up one time, then

acts calm the next time the same event occurs makes us nervous. Our children will try to wrestle control when they see that we display little ability to react in the same manner in identical situations. Write a paragraph detailing consistent and inconsistent areas of your life that your teen could pick up on. Pin- point the circumstance you show the least consistency.

2. Walk Away. Watch any professional sport and you will witness officials and players arguing at some

period of the game. If the player refuses to back off he or she risks being tossed out of the game. Ulti-

mately, we have the power of restriction or discipline when it comes to our children, but like the sports official, we are not often liked after the struggle. Determine a walk-away level when a confrontation rises above a certain level. It may be raising the voice, getting personal, etc. Return to the conversation when the atmosphere is workable. Explain it is time to end the discussion to and pick it up later after a period of “cooling off.”

4. Establish A Procedure. Before every flight the attendants go over the same detailed rules "in case

of an emergency." Put together a plan for your family to follow in the case of a power struggle emer- gency. If your family tends to explode your first step may be taking a twenty minute time out. If your family is less emotional you may want to begin by listing the reasons for your position. Establish the

rules collectively. The procedure you choose should benefit all family members so everyone has the same advantage.

5. Communicate The Consequences. Set a clear and concise punishment that

will coincide with a power struggle. As mentioned earlier in the book, setting a specific standard will enable you to carry out the consequences without argu- ment. A rule that has been has been made is difficult to fight against. Have all family members agree to and sign your "power struggle covenant" so it will be known that everyone understands the standard

6. Deal With Current Issues. Reopening old wounds brings with it the risk of

infection. Keep your family clean by sticking with issues that affect your family in the present. Make a verbal pact with your teenager that you will not hold past struggles against him or her. Set up a consequence for yourself that your teen may hold you responsible for if you fail to remain true (maybe treat them to a movie).

7. Avoid Anger. As parents we all lose it occasionally and discipline our chil-

dren out of anger rather than love. Nowhere is the temptation greater than

during a power struggle. We feel our control being wrestled away and our pride steps in and takes over. Memorize James 1:19-20, "My dear brothers and sis- ters, be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to get angry. Your anger can never make things right in God's sight" (NLT).

8. Admit When You Are Wrong. When the President of the United States takes advantage of his posi-

tion for personal purposes it's called abuse of power. Our parental position places the same risk on us. "Because I said so," is the number one answer when we as parents have few answers. Most of us are

blind to our missteps. Once a month sit down with your teen and ask him or her where you have taken advantage of your parental power. If your teen makes a good point apologize and grow from the experi- ence

9. Plan Ahead. We listen to the weather before taking a trip to the beach or lake. We consult a map be-

fore venturing cross-country (hopefully). Likewise, we should consider the difficulties in the road ahead before we come to them. How will we handle teen pregnancy, academic challenges, or sneaking out of the house at night? Call on several of your church or community families who have children in their twenties. Ask them about the struggles they faced when their kids were teens and use the information to prepare you for the possibilities. 10. Stay Focused. God seeks godly offspring (Malachi 2:15). Each morning thank God for your teens and pray for your gentleness and their openness when it comes to the power of your home.

Tips for Power Struggles by Paul Evans & Al Millergren
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