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Criteria for Selection of Shortlist

It is too time consuming and expensive for the PE to invite and evaluate proposals from
all consultants who expressed their readiness to participate. Therefore, unlike in
procurement of goods and works in which all interested bidders are publicly invited to
present their bids, the process of consultant selection is based on obtaining a limited
number of proposals from a shortlist of consultants prepared by the PE. Selection is
based on limited competition among qualified firms that are capable of delivering the
required services and desired level of quality.
From the Consultancy Organisations point of view, the use of a shortlist reduces the
number of proposals to be prepared, raises proposal quality, and increases the chances
of winning the competition.
For the PE, it is an effective way of attracting the best candidates for the assignment.
Unless specifically stated in the Guidelines or in this manual consultant opportunities are
first advertised. Then, on the basis of those Consultancy Organisations who submitted
expressions of interest in response to the advertisement and from other sources of
information, the PE shall prepare a shortlist of consultants who will be invited to submit
The main objective of advertising is to inform all eligible Consultancy Organisations
about consulting opportunities. Advertising promotes transparency, enhances
competition, and facilitates the participation of smaller and larger Consultancy
The REI should request sufficient information for the PE to judge the Consultancy
Organisations capabilities in the field of the assignment.
The response might include, for example, descriptions of similar assignments conducted,
experience in similar conditions, and possibility of deploying the appropriate staff.
Given the large number of such submissions, the advertisement should stress the
importance of information in a summarized form. No legal documents, such as certificate
of incorporation of the firm, power of attorney, or translations of standard brochures,
should be requested. Not less than 30 days should be provided for responses if
international consultancy organizations are expected to submit EI, and all other cases a
minimum of 14 days shall be given.
General Considerations
The shortlist shall comprise of not more than seven. The PE shall review the credentials
of those who submitted expressions of interest and gives first consideration to those that
possess the relevant qualifications.
In selecting the shortlist, the PE shall carry out a diligent review of key aspects such as:
qualifications in the field of the assignment;
technical and managerial capabilities of the organisation
core business and years in business;
qualifications of key staff;
client references; and
administrative and financial strength

In reviewing the above aspects rather than using a point system, it is recommended
to use the judgment of the PE.
The following are other considerations related to preparation of the shortlist:
If a shortlisted Consultancy Organisation considers that it does not have all the
expertise for the assignment, it should be allowed to obtain a full range of expertise by
associating with individual consultant(s) and/or other consultants or entities in a joint
venture or sub consultancy, as appropriate;
A shortlisted Consultancy Organisation may associate with another shortlisted
organisation only with approval of the PE;
Consultancy Organisation must obtain the approval of the PE to enter into a joint
venture with consultants not invited for this assignment.
Consultancy Organisation should be required to confirm their intention to submit
proposals shortly after the invitation to submit proposals is issued;
The PE should identify one or two additional firms to include in the shortlist in case any
of the shortlisted firms decides not to submit its proposal.