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International University
Program Information
During your stay in Chile you will
attend courses at Universidad
Catlica del Norte and live in a
host family provided by YFU. This
means that you will have the
chance to get to know Chilean
student life and also our culture
and family lifestyle. Learning the
language will be part of the
experience aswell.

You can choose between a

semester o a year program.
Semester program starts in the
beginning of August and ends before
Christmas. The year program starts
in August and ends in June.

Before your arrival to Chile, you will
be abke to choose the field you will
be attending.

International University

Youth For Understanding

Av. Los Leones 1534, Providencia
Santiago, Chile

Universidad Catlica del Norte

The University offers an arrival orientation for all their students, nationals or foreigners. A
support person will be also available at the university. During the first semester you will have
an intensive language course and during the following months you will be able to improve
your language skills by attending the different clases in the field of your interest.

You can choose between: Archeology, Psychology, Architecture, Latin-American Literature,

Geology, Law, Journalism and Astronomy.
For further information about the university visit: www.ucn.cl

Detailed information:

YFU Chile offers a 10 day trip to the south of Chile arround Easter time (Optional)

YFU Chile will provide a support person. This
person will help you during your stay in Chile in
case you have any problems with your host
family, adaptation, etc.
Requirements for Students:

Be graduated from High School

Be between 18 22 years old

Grades need to be average B

Basic Spanish skills

Support Allowance:

- Placement with a Host Family
- Enrollment in Universidad
Catlica del Norte
- Airport Assistance
- Domestic Travel to Host family
and YFU Orientations
- Orientations: Arrival, Mid-term
and Re entry
- Regular support by trained

Not Included:

- International travel tickets
- Visa fees
- Inmunization required for
- Medical/Travel Insurance
- School books and activities