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growing in faith...sharing Gods love
days &
March ersaries

We are in the season of Lent and as we have learned, it is a season of
preparation and self-reflection. It is a season when we humbly admit our
shortcomings and seek to gain more strength with the Lords direction.
My days begin with prayer. In addition to lifting up family and friends,
neighbors and world situations, I generally close my prayers with the
petition that I would be a faithful servant. I know I cant do that on my
own, so I ask for the guidance of God. Making that request has me
thinking of that great hymn, Guide Me, O Thou Great Jehovah.
The great hymns of the faith have served me many times in my life.
Thats why I like singing them and selecting them for our services. For all
the really good sermons I have ever heard, or even thinking of the
sermons I have prepared for our services, I have to admit that few of
them have ever come back to me in times of trial. But the hymns do. I
feel blessed to have them in my memories.
One hymn that has echoed in my mind lately is Come Thou Fount of
Every Blessing. As I opened, I noted that we are in Lent. This hymn may
not seem very Lenten. But when you listen closely to the words, it makes
sense: Oh, to grace how great a debtor; Daily Im constrained to be; Let
that grace now like a fetter; Bind my wandring heart to thee. Prone to
wander, Lord, I feel it; Prone to leave the God I love. Heres my heart, oh,
take and seal it; Seal it for thy courts above.
This hymn is full of admitting our faults, our tendency to wander from
Gods path. Isnt that our focus throughout Lent? Self-examination and
acknowledging our limitations are part of preparing ourselves in the days
leading up to Good Friday, so that when we arrive there we know for
certain that we are unable to atone for our sin on our own. This time of
reflection is not so much about making sure we feel nice and guilty; its
about realizing the enormity of Jesus death and resurrection. Its about
remembering the depth of our sin set against the vastness of Gods love.
How could Gods love possibly be big enough to take away our sin? Its a
question on all of our hearts as we wait, not only for Good Friday, but for
the Sunday that follows as well.
Prone to wander, Lord I feel it. It happens on a daily basis. Thats what
is so important about prayer. It is that intimate conversation with the
creator of all that is, including me (and you). Is that too great a concept
to grasp? That the Lord of the universe wants a close relationship with
us? In spite of my prayers, I am prone to wander. The blessing of the
Holy God with whom I commune, is what keeps me grounded and on
track for His mission. I still stumble in my journey towards faithful
servanthood, but I also know that Christ loves me enough to stay with me
on the journey. As we travel through this Lenten season together, may we
dip our cup often in that fount of every blessing. See you in church.
Pastor Mark




Madelyn Newcomb
Sara (Krull) Himes
Morgan Burt
Madisyn Anderson,
McKensie Vaske
Kaitlyn Lamer
Austin Strayer
Bev Iverson
Dan Steen
Grace Bandstra
Alexander Tichy
Kevin Lynch
Hannah Gaulke
Matt Bandstra
Chris Bland
Matt Jackson
Terri Weitzell
Violet Jackson
Renee Wiese
Michael Svendsen
Hope Kenya
Randy Svendsen
Mark Keefer
Myrene Appelgate
Lee Cornwell
Brielle Vint
Billy Ormston
Monte Lamer
Conner Appelgate
Wyatt Jackson
Abbe Callahan
Jace Hlas
Paden Himes
Shelly Appelgate
Doug & Peggy Lynch
Lisa Koster
Jason Anderson
Gabby Himes
Bill Backoff
Rachel Svendsen
John Richter, III.
Matt Vint

pel N ew s
Clocks Ahead
Remember to move your clocks ahead Saturday, March 12th, before you go to
How Should We Pray for Our Pastor?
Preparing sermons is difficult under the best of circumstances. Pray that Gods
words might be the words that escape our pastors lips every Sunday because
only Gods words will bring about what God desires.
Pray that our pastor might make Gods words known fearlessly. But watch out! If
you pray for boldness, our pastor is going to be filled with power, with zeal, with
fire, and your church will never be the same!
Pray for our pastors protection physical, spiritual, emotional, and mental.
Lord, keep my pastor from injury, heal his diseases, renew his strength. Lord,
keep him from sin, temptation and demonic attack. Lord, let insults and
criticism bounce off him without injury. Dont let stress overwhelm him. Open
his mind to the truth of your Word and to it alone. Lord, fill him with Your
Pray that our pastor might be filled with the Holy Spirit (Ephesians 5:18); that the
fruit of the Spirit might be produced in his life (Galatians 5:22); that he might
have a clear vision of where God is leading our church (I Peter 5:2); that staff
and members might work together harmoniously; that busyness doesnt distract
from prayer and ministering the Word (Acts 7).
The list could fill this entire newsletter. The important thing is not
whether everything has been covered but whether we are all going
to be praying for our pastor. Lets do it, and have fun!
Super Bowl YF Party
On February 7th, a YF Super Bowl Party was held at Doug and Marla Hlas'
house. Six YF'ers and seven adults were able to come. The kids had fun eating
and watching the game, but also playing basketball, seeing a brand new baby
calf, and playing video games!
Volunteers Meeting
The Chapel Volunteers will meet Thursday, March 3, at 7 pm in the Fellowship
Hall. Carolyn Kloster will lead devotions, and Shirley Svendsen and Karen
Handorf will provide lunch. We will make plans for the Easter Sunrise Breakfast
and also elect a new chairperson. All church women are welcome and
encouraged to attend.
Birthday/Anniversary Updates
We are continually updating Chapels Birthday and Anniversary Calendar. Our
most recent copies are on the west table in the narthex. Please make sure your
family is included in it. If not, please contact Amy Niedermann,
amyniedermann@yahoo.com or Sue Koster, swkost@iowatelecom.net,
because we want to include everyone! Thank you.
Save the Date!
The date for Chapels Ice Cream Social has been set for Saturday, June 18.
Yes, thats right It will be on a Saturday! The committee is trying very hard to
avoid school activities so that everyone can help that day. If you know you are
unable to help, please contact someone on the committee: Ann & Matt Jackson,
Rusty Brown, Kristen Rhodes, and Lynn & Claire Handorf. Thank you very
Chapel Friends,
Thank you for your cards and prayers during my fathers illness and passing.
Your kindnesses are very much appreciated, Diana Collins and family



Tues, Mar 1: Financial Audit to

Jackie Bradford
Thurs, Mar 3: 7 pm,
Volunteers mtg; Carolyn Kloster
devotions; Karen Handorf &
Shirley Svendsen lunch; election
of officers
Sun, Mar 6: 9:30 Lenten
Lesson in Fellowship Hall;
regular Jr SS; 10:30 Worship,
communion, 4th Sunday of Lent
Wed, Mar 9: 6:30-7:30 pm,
Confirmation, Brook Rosacker
Thurs, Mar 10: 3:30-5:30 pm,
Girl Scouts
Sat, Mar 12: 9 am, Mounties
4H; turn clocks ahead; BLOOD
Sun, Mar 13: 9:30 Lenten
Lesson in Fellowship Hall; 10:30
Worship 5th Sunday in Lent;
Childrens Church; The Great
Egg Hunt, leaders; Ad Council,
lunch Cindy Ormston & Darrel
Mon, Mar 14: 6 pm Cub
Fri, Mar 18: Newsletter items
Sat, Mar 19: 9:00 am, All
Church Ladies Spring Breakfast;
Karen Handorf & Phyllis Mann
program; Susan Beichley, Connie
Buchman, Lois Groth, Cindy Krull
hostesses; Lois Groth, Karen
Handorf decorations
Sun, Mar 20: 9:30 am Lenten
lesson; 10:30 Worship, Palm
Sunday, Confirmation Sunday,
reception following; deadline for
ordering Easter lilies or mums, Lois
Fri, Mar 25: 2 pm, Good Friday
service at Westbrook; 7:30 pm Good
Friday Service at Gladbrook UMC
Sun, Mar 27: 7:30 am Easter
Sunrise Program by YF;
Breakfast by Volunteers, 9:30
am Lenten lesson; 10:30 Worship
Thurs, Mar 31: 7 pm Roughriders
in Fellowship Hall

Cha pel N ew s
March Sunday School Teachers
Jr SS Opening: Diana Collins
Preschool/Kindergarten: Heidi Langenbau
Grades 1-3: Barb Plaehn
Grades 4-6: Diana Collins
Grades 7-12: Marla Hlas
M&M: Ron Groth



Sat, Apr 2: 10 am, Emily

Havelka bridal shower
April Sunday School Teachers
Sun, Apr 3: 1:30, Angie
Jr SS Opening: Ann Jackson
Bessman bridal shower
Preschool/Kindergarten: Heidi Langenbau
Sat, Apr 16: 1:30, Morgan Burt

Grades 1-3: Ann Jackson

Grades 4-6: Heidi Langenbau
bridal shower; 4:30 Tammy
Grades 7-12: Tina Mann
Backoff using Fellowship Hall
M&M: Ross Iverson
Fri, Apr 29: 5:30-11:45 pm,
Fellowship Hall for Secret
Church Camp
Church 16
Please consider sending your children to camp next summer! Not only is
there a lot of fun, such as horseback riding, fishing, swimming, caving and
rock climbing, but there will be many opportunities to share in amazing
worship, reflections and devotional time. Choose from three camps: Lake
Okoboji, info@okoboji.com; Pictured Rocks at Monticello,
picturedrocks.camp@iaumc.org; or Wesley Woods at Indianola,
wesleywoods.camp@iaumc.org. You may also register at 1-800-765-1651
or register online at www.IAUMC.org/camps.
Jan: Randy & Susan Beichley
Feb: Vaugn Kloster(no opening 2/14-3/27)
Mar: none
Apr: Vaugn Kloster
May: Lynn Handorf
June: Dan Beane
July: Randy & Susan Beichley
Aug: Vaugn Kloster
Sept: Lynn Handorf
Oct: Dan Beane
Nov: Randy & Susan Beichley
Dec: none (Advent)
Confirmation Reception
The families of Chapel's confirmands invite you to join us for cake and punch
to celebrate their confirmation immediately following worship on Sunday,
March 20.
Brook Rosacker
Presley Bland
Austin Strayer
Grace Schewe
Andrew Collins
Nick Collins
Jace Hlas
Cooper Langenbau
Angel Schewe
Frances Jackson

id yo

Church is not something you go

to Its a family you belong to!
Congratulations to Frances
Jackson, Grace Schewe and
Angel Schewe for recently being
chosen to participate in the Marion
Middle School Honor Band.
Congratulations to all of Chapels
students on their recent
successes, both academic and
extra-curricular. We are proud of
Congratulations to Devan Mann for
qualifying for the state wrestling

Cha pel N ew s
Friday, APRIL 29, 2016 from 5:30 pm to 11:45 pm
Chapel Fellowship Hall
In a world filled with religious options, what makes the gospel of Jesus Christ
unique? Please consider joining us at Chapel for the SC16 simulcast as
author, speaker, pastor and head of the International Missions Board, David
Platt, looks at the world's major religions and shows us from God's Word why
Jesus is still the only way. If youve ever sipped from a fire hydrant, you will
be in for a flood of teaching from David Platt, author of books Radical, Follow
Me, and Counter Culture.



Our C

Tricia Steen, growing pancreatic

tumor that she has had since
2013; biopsy Feb 12
Connie Appelgate, received
pacemaker Feb 15
PTL, Janice Collins news recent
Secret Church is our version of "house church" where we meet periodically for
test shows no cancer! The
an intense time of Bible studylasting 6+ hoursincluding a time of prayer
suspicious tissue is determined to
for our brothers and sisters across
the globe who are facing persecution and for those who still have not heard
be scar tissue.
the gospel.
Ryan Hook, health concerns
Our sympathy and prayers to the
A multiplicity of religions exists in the world, all claiming to hold the truth (or at family of Elaine Plett, who passed
least some truth) about who we are, how we got here, what were doing, and away February 5, 2016. She was
where were going. Billions of people believe in Christianity, while others
a longtime member of Chapels
embrace Islam. Some are Hindu and others are Buddhist. Amidst it all, many
LCA (Ladies Cemetery
are atheist, or at the very least agnostic.

So how are we to think and what are we to do in this massive

marketplace of religious ideas?

Is there one right way to believe or are there many right ways to

Is there one right way to live or are there many right ways to live?

Specifically, how does the gospel of Christ compare and contrast with
other world religions?

And if we believe this gospel, then how should we share it specifically

with people of other faiths?

For that matter, why would we share it specifically with people of

other faiths?
During this Secret Church, we will explore the claims of Christ in the gospel
and consider how these claims inform the way we understand
religions in the world and impact the way we live when surrounded by varied
believers with diverse belief systems.
The simulcast costs $10 per person. Each participant will receive a study
guide and notes.
If you would like more information on the evening, please go to
http://www.radical.net/secret-church. Please let Susan Beichley or
Lori Somers know if you are interested in attending Secret Church so we can
order enough study guides.
We hope to see you as Chapel hosts Secret Church 16 for timely teaching
and focused prayer.

Jan 24: 108
Jan 31: 63
Feb 7: 67
Feb 14: 38

Noisy Offering
The Mission Committee is inviting Chapel's Sunday School classes and other service groups to further God's kingdom
by allowing them to choose how each month's noisy offering is distributed. On a rotating basis, groups will be in charge
of deciding who to give the offering to and relaying contact information for their recipient to Vaugn Kloster, Chapel's
Groups must decide their recipient before the next month's offering or they lose their turn! Find your group's place in the
February- Confirmation Class
March- Adult I
April- Preschool- 6th
May- M & M
June- Noisy Offering will be donated to VBS mission
July- UMW
August- Volunteers
September- Adult I
October- YF
November- M & M
December- Preschool- 6
If your group got missed in the rotation, let a mission committee member know and we'll get you added!
Thank you! Mission Committee: *Ann Jackson, Doug Svendsen, Dan Beane, Mike Vint, Lisa Stanley, Connie Buchman

Community Choir Practice

Community choir practice, for Good Friday service will be on March 9th and 23rd at 6:30 pm
at the UMC in Gladbrook.

Darwin Lynch
Born: April 26, 1927
Died:February 14, 2016

Darwin Wesley Lynch, 88, of Mesa, Arizona, formerly of Gladbrook and Marshalltown, passed away on February 14,
2016, with his loving wife Donna beside him in Arizona.
A celebration of his life was held February 20 at 10:30 AM at Gladbrook Chapel. Burial followed at the Chapel Hill
Cemetery. Visitation for Darwin was February 19 at Mitchell Family Funeral Home in Marshalltown where family was
present to greet friends from 5-7 PM.
Darwin was born on April 26th, 1927 in Marshall County Iowa. He was the son of Alva and Maymie (Hoing) Lynch. He
grew up on the family farm west of Gladbrook. He attended Vienna #6 County school where he won several county
spelling bees. He then attended high school in Gladbrook where he graduated as class Salutatorian in 1943.
In 1949 he met his future wife, Donna Shultz. They married on August 28th, 1949. They had 66 memorable years
together and 3 wonderful sons, 2 daughter in laws, 5 grandchildren and 5 great grandchildren.
Darwin began farming at an early age and continued his lifelong passion of farming until he retired and moved to
Marshalltown in 2000.
Darwin was a long time member of Chapel United Methodist Church rural Gladbrook. He held many offices including
Sunday School Superintendent, teacher and youth leader for several years.
He was a 4-H member and leader of the Marshall County Mounties and Wolfcreek Whirlwind 4-H clubs of Marshall and
Tama County. Darwin exhibited cattle at the county and state fairs. He was a longtime Farm Bureau member and director
of Springcreek Township.
He was a 30 year member of the Gladbrook Lions Club, holding many offices. Darwin and Donna enjoyed traveling and
were members of several camping clubs. He loved playing cards, especially 500, and belonged to several card groups
over the years.
After moving to Marshalltown, he learned how to play golf and he loved that game. He also enjoyed visiting the local
senior citizen center for a quick game of pool or cards with the men. He also enjoyed fishing in Canada with friends and
He was a loving and devoted husband, father, grandfather and great grandfather. He will truly be missed by all.
Darwin is survived by his wife Donna Lynch of Mesa Arizona, three sons Douglas (Peggy) Lynch of Scottsdale Arizona,
Kerry Lynch of Castaic California and Kevin (Mary) Lynch of Gilbert Arizona. Grandchildren Andrew (Julie) Lynch of
Laguna Niguel California, Stefanie (Chris) Neumer of Waukee Iowa, Misty Lynch of Chicago Illinois, Jacob (Jennifer)
Lynch of Phoenix, Arizona and Jaret (Mina Saito fianc`) of Phoenix Arizona and 5 great grandchildren, Emma and
Jackson Lynch, Sofia and Alexa Neumer and Natalia Lynch; sisters Doris (Bill) Tessau, Gladbrook Iowa, Janice (Dale)
Larsen, Cedar Falls, Iowa; a brother Mark (Darbie) Lynch, Gladbrook Iowa, brother in laws Dwayne (Maxie) Shultz and
Dennis (Mary) Shultz all of Marshalltown and a very large extended family and many good friends. Darwin was preceded
in death by his parents and many aunts and uncles.
Chapel friends offer their heartfelt sympathy and prayers to Darwins family. We have appreciated his service and
friendship throughout the years.

Cha pel N ew s
Lenten Study
Our Lenten speaker has been Jean Holthaus, and she will lead through March 27. The adults are meeting in the
Fellowship Hall at 9:30 am. Coffee/tea and snacks will be served. If you would like to help in any way, such as
providing a small snack, please contact Lois Groth or Tammy Backoff. Jean plans to present the following topics:
Prayer as Conversation; Basics of Praying With Others; Blessing and Curse; Lament and Forgiveness; Intercession;
and Contemplative Prayer. Thank you, Witness Committee: Vaugn Kloster, Matthew Burt, Tammy Backoff, Claire
Handorf, LeAnn Fleming and Lois Groth
Easter Egg Hunt
The children will have their Egg Hunt during Childrens Church on Sunday, March 13. Please come and join the fun!
Palm Sunday
All children are invited on Palm Sunday, March 20, to wave palms at the beginning of the worship service.
Good Friday
There will be two Good Friday services: One will be at 2:00 pm at Westbrook Acres. The second service will be at
Gladbrooks United Methodist Church at 7:30 pm. A community choir will sing two songs. Area pastors will join
together to lead the service.
_Easter Sunday
The fact that Jesus rose from death demonstrated He has the power over death, and only through Him can people
have hope for eternal life. Jesus said, For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever
believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life" (John 3:16).
The youth will lead the Easter Sunrise service at 7:30 am on March 27. Afterwards, the Volunteers will serve a
delicious breakfast. Easter worship services will start at 10:30 am. Please join us to celebrate that Christ the Lord is
risen today!
Easter Activities
Lenten Studies in Fellowship Hall

Sun, Mar 13: 10:30 am The Great Egg Hunt during church, leaders in charge
Sat, March 19: 9:00 am, Womens Spring Breakfast in Fellowship Hall
March 20: deadline for ordering lilies or mums; 10:30 am, Palm Sunday: Children will wave palms at beginning of
church; Confirmation Sunday with reception afterwards
Thurs, March 24: No Maundy Thursday service
Fri, March 25: 2:00 pm community Westbrook Acres Good Friday service; 7:30 pm, Community Good Friday
service at Gladbrook UMC; community choir
Sun, March 27: 7:30 am, Easter Sunrise Service; Youth will present program; Volunteers will serve breakfast; All
welcome to attend; 9:30 am last Lenten study; 10:30 am, Worship Service
Easter, A Time of Reflection
Notable Aspects
Jesus repeatedly predicted his own murder in Jerusalem.
Jesus did not take defensive actions or avoid Jerusalem.
Jesus endured significant physical torture and emotional distress over a 16-hour period.
Jesus was tortured to death and was buried.
Jesus' followers reported and recorded his live appearances throughout forty days after his execution.

Easter Flowers
We will soon be ordering Easter lilies and mums to decorate our sanctuary for Easter. The mums will be
yellow with green foil. Order forms will be in the bulletins March 6 and March 13. Both the mums and lilies
are $11 each. Please return this order form and payment to Lois Groth. The deadline for orders is March
20. Please make checks payable to Chapel Flowers.
Your Name: _______________________________
Number of Mums: _____________
Number of Lilies: ______________
In Honor/Memory of (circle one): ________________________

growing in faith...sharing Gods love
A monthly publication of
Chapel United Methodist Church
1597Abbott Avenue
Gladbrook, Iowa 50635

Pastor Mark Keefer (319) 478-8502; cell (319) 239-4743;

Secretary Amy Niedermann- (641)499-2530; cell (641) 691-3315
Group Email: chapel@iastate.edu
Chapel Blog: http://chapelfriends.blogspot.com





Music & Flowers


Susan Beichley
& Kathryn Burt



Contact usher if
nursery attendant
is needed.

Sunday School


Kathryn Burt

Marla Hlas

Angel & Frances

Pre-K: Heidi Langenbau

1-3: Barb Plaehn
4-6: Diana Collins (opening)
Jr/Sr: Marla Hlas
Jean Holthaus



Trisha Slifer

Childrens Church:
Treats Kyan

Angel & Frances

Jean Holthaus



Merlyn & Connie


Susan Beichley

Jace & Nick

Jean Holthaus


M&M: Ron
Supt: None

Randy & Susan


Pastor Mark

Jace & Nick

Adult: Jean Holthaus

Life Application: Jean Holthaus


Chris & Amy



John Fleming & Marcia Wiese & M&M: Ross

Sean Raymond Sue Koster
Supt: Vaugn

Contact usher if
nursery attendant
is needed.

Ron & Lois Groth

Marla Hlas

Andrew & Austin


John & Pam Fleming Childrens Church:

Treats The Great
Egg Hunt-leaders

Andrew & Austin


Lynn Beichley
Claire Handorf
Bob & Marcia Wiese Pastor Mark

Brook & Grace

Brook & Grace

Pre-K: Heidi Langenbau

1-3: Ann Jackson (opening)
4-6: Heidi Langenbau
Jr/Sr: Tina Mann
Adult: Kathryn Burt
Life Application: Dee Burt