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Zaid Ghazzawi

Webpage: www.quran-miracle.com The End of Evolution in One Page

Allah (God) Almighty in the last revelation to people (i.e. The Quran) teaches us what to do whenever any
person makes any claim regarding any matter, such that Allah (God) teaches us to ask for the proof for that
claim and this necessitates that we should examine that proof to know wither it is true or false. This procedure
is stated in verse 64 of chapter 27 of The Quran:

Is not He Who originates creation, and shall thereafter repeat it, and Who provides for
you from heaven and earth? Is there any god with Allah (GOd)? Say, "Bring forth your
proof, if you are truthful." (The Quran 27: 64)

Adopting the teachings of Allah (God) in The Quran I concentrate here on the claim made by people regarding
how life started on this earth and how people appeared on this earth which is the Theory of Evolution, such that I
will investigate the proof put forward for this theory.

In biology ,evolution is the change in the genetic material of a population of

The Basis of organisms from one generation to the next .The basis of evolution is the genes
Evolution Theory that are passed on from generation to generation; these produce an organism's
inherited traits .(Wikipedia)

To put it simply evolution claims that

changes occurring in an organism’s
population are carried from one generation
to another using genes, meaning in other
words that genes found in the DNA
are the memory which saves the changes
occurring in a certain generation such that
when the next generation starts populating
it will start from a modified design rather
than starting from scratch.

Thus we can say that the corner stone of Evolution theory is the storage of creature’s design information in The
DNA molecule and the ability of this molecule to transfer design changes from one generation another, so if it
can be shown that genes and The DNA molecule do not have this ability to store creature’s design information
and transferring this information then this means the end of Evolution Theory.

So the question is how to show that

genes and DNA do not code for the
overall design of a creature? We can know the answer by pondering
upon the following Verse of The Quran:

And you will see the mountains and think them solid, but they pass away as the passing
away of the clouds. The manufacturing of Allah (God), Who perfected all things, verily! He is
Well-Acquainted with what you do. (The Quran 27: 88)

We learn from the above verse that Allah (God) created all creatures by a manufacturing process, and it is
interesting to note the use of the word (manufacturing) such that if we think about what any manufacturing
process entails and compare this to how creation happens we can show that DNA and genes are not responsible
for the overall design of a creation, as shown in the following steps:

Any manufacturing process needs a factory

(taking a brick factory in this example) and
this factory contains design information to
manufacture the products (bricks), and
when these products (bricks) leave the
factory their assembly into a house is not
controlled at all by the factory or the design
information within it.

Step 1: The genes are part of the

information contained in the DNA
Step 2: So when the proteins
molecule such that this information
leave the cell (taking the
when it is read it becomes a protein
collagen protein as an Step 3: The answer is NO, because
and proteins are the building blocks
example) they are found in as we said the control of the DNA is
of living creatures (like the bricks,
the space outside of the cell, found only within the nucleus of
glass, and stone comprising a
then the big question now is: the cell. Thus it can be concluded
building). The DNA is found only in
Can the DNA molecule that genes and DNA can not code
the nucleus of the cell and as such
control the collagen proteins (memorize) the design information
the controlling action of the DNA is
to form the shape of the of a creature and as such design
localized within the cell.
hand for example? changes occurring in a certain
generation of organisms can not be
transferred to the next generation
using genes and so there is no basis
for the evolution claim.

So the big question now is:

Since the mechanism proposed for Evolution Theory is shown to be
invalid so can you trust such a Theory and build your entire belief
system upon?