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Final Exam
submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements
for the completion of Foundation of Education subject







a. Background of the Study

On Dutch Goverment, education were just for rich people and everyone who was from
poor family might not have education in a public school, especially for women. They were
only allowed for having study until second level and they had to be at home after finishing
their study. Nowdays, after Indonesia was to be independent, all of people get their right to
come at school. They know that education is very important. And they aware that education
is a process, in order to be success. Without education, it is impossible for a nation to survive.
And three main important aspects of education are the students, educational institution and
the appropriate curriculum. The students as the one of main important aspects. It means that
they need to learn everything they haven`t known because they are as the indonesian

Education in Indonesia must be founded based on what people needs. It supported by

Indonesian Goverment who have a vocational school as educational instituion and as one of
solution in education field. Vocational school is one option for students interested in practical
postsecondary education and job training. Vocational schools is a school which focus to
prepare the students within some skill to be independent. In this era, we should aware with
the technology. It likes in Modern Farming Vocational high School concept which use the
technology as tools in teaching learning process and to process their harvest to be pruducts
which have high economical value. In this school use the appropriate curriculum in teaching
learning process. The students will educate about some skills for farming of animals, palnts
and produce the innovative and creative products using technology touches. Hopefully, it
makes them to be productive, innovative, creative and independent people.
We can produce the innovative, creative and process of natural sources with modernly. For
instance processing the harvest of chicken to be chicken nugget, chicken meatball and make chicken
bone become crispy chips and etc. In additional example, this school create a plants garden which
decided into hidroponic and organic side. Then they are processing the harvest of plants such as
package them into simple and interesting one. And sell it out in traditional market or via online. On
the other hands, it is as the income and school business. Therefore, the Modern Farming Vocational
High School prepare the students who have excellent skills in farming modernly. To support this
school, the Modern Farming Vocational high School have some aspects as the foundation. The
aspects are :

1. Philosophy Aspect
Education is one of the crucial factors in building a nation. Indonesia have a pioner or
father of education he is Ki Hajar Dewantara. He is the most prominent education figure in
Indonesia which has lay down the foundation of national education in Indonesia, with his
three basic principles of leadership, known as ing ngarso sun tulodo means that in the front
to be a model, ing madya mangun karso means that in the middle to be a spirit builder and
tut wurihandayani means that in the back to be a facilitator. To this day, these wise
principles are still a guiding principle and an orientation in the world of Indonesian
education. From his principles. Modern Farming Vocational High School will be a school
which have some teachers who expert in the field as models for their students and it will
build the students motivation to learn then, supporting their activities with some facilities to
reach the purposes.

2. Based on Laws Aspect

There are some law which support the education in Indonesia. The preamble to the
1945 constitutionof Indonesia containts the Pancasila state philosophy. It likes on the opening
of 1945 constitution 4th paragraph, states that educating national life or educating all of
citizens. It is supported on chapter XII about education and culture, it states that every
citizen has the right to an education. Also obliges the goverment to allocate 20 percent of the
state bugdet to education. It means that all of Indonesian have the right to an education which
be facilited by the Goverment. Thus are Modern Farming Vocational High School law
foundation as educational institution. This school give attention to the students who from the
poor family to get their right to an education. And supervising them to be independent people
who have some skills. Hopefully that the students who graduate from this school can be
young modern farmers or busnisseman who can improve our country income.

3. Psycological Aspect
Modern Farming Vocational High School focuses on the secondary school. The
secondary range age is about 15-18 years old. It belongs to pubertas period. In pubertas
period, the children or the students have high curiosity about somethings. Therefore, this
school utilized it to guide them into positive activities and produce the up to date products.
That`s way, this school give them facilitates and some extra curriculer to support their
crativity. Further more, it can guide them to think more innovative, creative and independent.

4. Cultural Aspect
Pati is one of regencies in the Provience of Central Java. It is located 75 km north east
of the Capital of the provience, Semarang. This regency is inhabited by more than 1,2 million
population. Most of people in Pati have been behavior and tolerate to each other as their
culture. They respectfull to not only to old man but also to each other. On the other hands,
they are religious to survive their life, it means that citizen in Pati use their religion as their
life foundation. It makes them to be honest and responsible with what are they work.
The phenomena nowadays show how local culture is slowly sinking in the middle of
modern era. Hopefully that they are as the next geneartion should can continuity the culture
and history. Based on this situation, Modern Farming Vocational High School wants to instill
the cultural values in learners life as the young generation. It is supported by giving them

good attitude or used the appropriate Javanese language which shown by the teacher and
create the harmonious atmosphere in the school.

5. Economical Aspect
Nowdays, Pati is well known as one of the significant agricultural in central Java. This
regency is also known as the home base of some leading peanuts factories, such as Kacang
Garuda and Dua Kelinci which the products are exported to many countries around the world.
However, there are some other factories of varied products scattered throughout this region.
Some of them produce sugar, coffee, paper, batiks, salt, fisheries, peanuts, brass handicrafts,
wooden ship, tapioca and etc.
Further, Modern Farming Vocational high School desire to create the young generation
who produce the nature source creatively and innovatively with the modern technology
touches. Hopefully that their products can join in the global market and it can increase the
income of this regency and our country. It supported by National Education System laws No.
20 of 2003 states Vocational school is education system in which prepares leaners to be able
to work in certain fieldwork. Since some of the potential aspects in Pati is farming animals
which produce a pure cow milk, cow meat, chicken and harvest of agriculture. It is
appropriate to prepare learners to provide farming skills. Therefore, it is emphasis students to
process their harvest into products which creative and innovative.

II. School Profile

a. School Name
The name of this school is Modern Farming Vocational High School. Based on the
name of Modern means that in teaching learning process and in producing process, it uses
the technology as the modern ways. Then Farming means that this school focuses on
farming of animals and plants. It can process the farming of animals and plants modernly. In
this era, we should aware of the technology as tools to produce some products. And
Vocational High School means that the basic of school is to produce the graduate who
have any skill, can create a vocation and it is focus on high school level.

b. Vision and Mission


Utilize, develop and conserve the nature source with tuochs of technology to

produce the independent generations who are honest, responsible and care .


- Produce graduates who competent, independent, professional and have well manner with
the learning system is learning by doing.
- Produce graduates who are ready to work, entreperneur and can be continuing in farming
- Build the character that supported by harmoniuos environment.
- Giving a qualified education services
c. Target
- Most of students who graduated from Modern Farming Vocational School can accept in
some companies and institute.
- Create an individu who skillful, religious, productive, innovative, creative and
d. Competency
In Modern Farming Vocational High School focus on some competencies such as :

Poultry Farm Agribisnis

Ruminan Farm Agribisnis, and


e. Curriculum Design
Modern Farming Vocational High School use KTSP as the curriculum. Whereas, the
teachers and textbooks as the main information while the internet as an additional
It is have the cyber learning for teachers and students. It can be sophisticated in teaching
learning process and support them to study in every where.
f. Teaching Learning Activities

Every class consist of 30 students

Duration of 1 hour in teaching learnig activities is 40 minutes

Duration of the active learnig is 8 hours per day which is start from 07.00-13.20 WIB.

Total of day in teaching learning activities is 6 days which start from Monday till

Use the concept of Learning By Doing as the learning approach.

Pray dhuha and dhuhur together.

g. The Qualify of Educators


Graduated from the bachelor degree (S1).

Having the teaching ceritificate.

Skillful in the field.

h. Apprenticeship Program
The apprenticeship program is the special program which only be had by vocational
school. After the students graduate from Modern Vocational High School, the students
who have good score in academic and good skills in practice will be recommended to get
a change join in the companies which have relationship with the school before. It means
that they will get a work contract before they graduate from the school. The school join
with some companies to support the apprenticeship program such as local and national
i. Extra-Curriculer
Extra-curriculer is the activities from the school which support the students activities
and supplying them of some skills to be independent people in the real life, such as :

Hidroponic club



English Club

Defence art (silat)

Leadership Activities (OSIS, etc.)

Music art

Culinary club

j. Facilities
There are some many facilities to support the activities in the Modern Vocational
School High School such as:

Headmaster and teachers office.


Indoor and outdoor classroom.

Kitchen to process the harvest

Hall Room

Stable of poultry and ruminan

Multimedia Room which

A field for horticultural plants and

completed some computers



School healthy unit (UKS)

An exercise yard


hidroponic plants

Dormitory school which be

separated for girls and boys.

Farming mini market which

provide the students needs.

Guess house for teacher exchange

A school car

from the overseas.


Modern Vocational High School is on of school which focuses on skillful in farming

of animals and plants. There are some skillful educators who are teach based on their field.
Therefore this school will create the skillful students. In one hand, this school also have some
modern facilities to support the students and teachers activities. For example in teaching
learning process, this school provide a cyber learning which purpose thath every students and
teacher can get the knowledge and information by technology, so they can study in every
where and every time. In addition, they can process their harvest modernly. Then, to support
them for facing the real life, this school has some activities after active learning time, there
are extra-curriculer activities which appropriate for them.
Nowday`s, the Modern Farming Vocational High School as one of reccomended
school. Bacause, it is the appropriate school. It has some skillful for students to be
pruductive, innovative, creative and independent. The productive means that students can
create products by themselves, so they can not be a consumtive people but they can produce
the products for example they farmed of animals or plants, therefore they can be farmer who
produce the chicken or cow meat, eggs, rice, corn and etc. Then, the innovative means that
they able to create a something new which the appropriate with what`s people need
nowday`s. For example they can create nugget or chicken meatball as innovative product.
And, the creative means that they can recycle the useless things to be a product which can
sell out and have high sale points. For instance, they can recycle the chicken bone to be a
handycraft or food like bone crispy chips and etc. For the last is the independent, it means
that they after they are graduated from this school they can be independent people, it was
supported by the skillful which they have. And hopefully they can create a new vocation in
their real life.
From the explanation above The Modern Farming Vocational School can be a school
which graduated the skillful students. And as the next generation, the students can be a
people who are workface and an independent people. On the other hands, they can increase
the economics aspect and fulfill the food needs in this country.