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THE LORD'OF Leu? BUC oc ae (Cet Cme Meme O aU alan MAUL AD) AO. P RCS OSB Latin MIRKWOOD™ contains * 6 major layouts * A 16” x 20" full-color double- sided detachable mapsheet, side # 1 depicts settings from THE HOBBIT™, side # 2 maps out LAKE TOWN, DALE and a Wood-elf village * Journey through the shadowy depths of Mirkwood, encounter the Great Eagles, Giant Spiders, Bears, Wolves and the Dragons of the WITHERED HEATH * Produced and distributed by IRON CROWN ENTERPRISES, INC. Stock # ME 2600 a ———————————————r———————————————iOoOoU3O northern mirkKwooo™ REALM OF THE WOOD-ELVES CONTENTS 1.0 NOTES ON THE FEATURES OF AND USE OF THE MIDDLE-FARTH SERIES, 1.1 Detintions and Terms 1.2 Middtecarth Campaigns: Creative Fow 1.3 Adapting This Modal to Your Fantasy Ro Playing Campaigns 1.4 Specal Notes Concerning Maps and Inerpretatio 1S Of the Area Covered in This Module 2.0 INTRODUCTION TO NORTHERN MIRKWOOD (TA. 1640) 30. THELAND: AN OVERVIEW 40. OF PLANTS AND ANIMALS. 4.1 The Great Eagles 42 The Dragons 43. The Giant Spiders 44. The Mears SS The Wolves 4.6. The Flen and the Great Plague a et 5.0. THE INHABITANTS: WAYS OF LIFE (TA. 1640) S.1 The Woadelves 52. TheDwares 5. The Nortanen 54 Other inhabitants 6.0. POLITICS AND POWEK (I-A. 1 1.0 PLACES OF NOTE (FA. 1640) 7.1 Setlement Patterns 7.2 Significant Lay we x i Produced and distributed by IRON CROWN ENTERPRISES, Ine P.O. Hor 1608, Charlottesville, VA 22902, Stock #ME2600. 8.0. SUGGESTIONS FOR ADVENTURE AND. GAMEMASTER AIDS 8.1 Adventuring In Northern Mirkwo0d 8.2 Combat Capability Summaries 8.3. Enchanted Things 552 Set ee | 8.5 Campaign and Adventure Suggest 831 See Ste, 9.0. NORTHERN MIRKWOOD AT OTHER TIMES (LATTA. 3021) on Oi ember ie 5 Fama te 92. The Troubled Third Age 10.0. SELECTED READING ‘CREDITS Author: Joha David Ruommler Designer/Ealtor: Peter C. Fenion Gover Arts Dean Morrissey iy Plans: Tey K. Anthor Maps of Endor and Northern Wilderlnd: Peter C. Felon Floorplans: Terry K. Amthor and Peter C.Fenlon Interior Art: Carles Peale, Richard H. Britton, Peter C. Fen Production and Proof Eating: S. Coleman Charlton Typeseting! USI Graphics Cover Graphs Richard H. Heitton Special Contributions: Howard Hugeas, Betsy Carwile, Tom Willams, Patty Rucrer and the Running Dow: S. Coleman *1'm Hiding and favsble and Flying” Chartion, Sam “Not Another Ticket” livin, Bruce R. Neidingsr, Heike Kubasch, Olivia H, Johasion, Leonard “Bos” Cook, James "Explore the Chasm Head-fist” Blevins, Brian “Youre My Way” Bouton, Steven “Puddle” Bouton, “ine Dna”, Teery "Docs My Cloak Look Okay” Amthor, and (Christian Dread NATTY Dread NATE" Gehman (ana hee lackey "Captain Ned” Fenfon) Printer: Kaminor & Thomson, Ine, Charotesille, VA Copyright® 1983 TOLKIEN ENTERPRISES, a divsion of ELAN MERCHANDISING, Inc, Berkeley, CA, Northern Mirkwood, The Hobbit, and The Lord ‘of the Rings an all characters i places therein, are trademark properties of TOLKIEN ENTERPRISES. 1% 1.0 NOTES ON THE FEATURES AND USE OF THE MIDDLE EARTH SERIES (COMMENTARY “This series is intended as a tool for gamemasters who wish to have & strong working foundation for fantasy roleplaying campaigns based in TRL. Tolkien's Middle-earth. The modules detail specific regions of the doniinent of Eador, and attempt to give the reader a view ofthe physical, {ellecual, and spiritual structures of the given area pois, culture, rography, climate, and magic are all included. Since these teritoies ean~ rete fully decribed in any modest Come, emphasis is given tothe domi- tnt and/or peimary features. Where iis possible, “typical” layouts are provide, giving the reader an approximate idea of what would be found in en place ora similar setting, Alof the data provided is aimed at giving 1 cture of part of Middle-earth, and the gamemastr i encouraged to use {hese resources to buld upon; certain vague areas and details that souk not reasonably be included in the modules can be defined by using the founds ‘Ton provided in conjunction with one's creativity. The invaluable source thateral found in Tolkien’ works and the continental map of Endor are ‘eal aid, and act stimulate this proces. Each module covers certain citadels and setulements with great care t0 deal. Nonetheles, these works are nt intended as “ready-to-run” cam puligns The eamemasteris given the basic information necessary to unders- {and and visualize « part of Middle-earth. This data, combined with e- famples and whatever source material the gamemaster wishes to employ, ‘nllenabe he/she to add whatever color and detailisdeemed necesary to fiven campaign. Any fantasy roleplaying rules system may be used, and Jy form of campaign can occur soon asthe gamemaster and playersare MMleted that tits their requirements. ICE provides a descriptive view of he continent, witha peneral overview and certain key structures and con~ ‘opts: beyond the given foundation, itis up to the individual user 10 setup the campaign. Creative guidlines, not absolutes, are emphasized “the serie also provides interesting source material fr those desiring 10 ‘understand the nature ofa particular cepion of Middle-earth, Back module js bared on eatensive research and attempts to mect the igh standards sociated with the Tolkien legacy. Where the material is interpretive nor speculative great care has been taken to insure thatthe conclusions Fiinto the patierns and schemes that have been defined bn these areas, he modules im at providing the reader withthe flavor of the region, 90 more. ‘Stimulation ofthe creative processes isthe goal, and [CE does not intend Sich material fo be the sole o “proper interpretation. In adition, always ‘member that Tolken’s works arethe ultimate sourees. Whats provide Inthisseries, however, isa consistent view ofall of the continent, We hope tha his wil blp the reader to delve deeply into the wondrous world that Middle-earth 44. DEFINITIONS AND TERMS “ea metre a emote) nde ing t= Book.) etl et) = ret Sera 1.12 DEFINITIONS. “cert uigeerm trams to Th Haband The Lode Rape titer entngacotionssanaenis ates sayar ates rings Late TAs pee oy ae en cent "Tce am sth ah bem ing ce ie, Th COUT Tictome apes pray, howe hye se Te Bs a ec heiadpon re at eanrae “etaaeshyserte isha oe Suess eas oer pred tee tok tb Te Base cept Ohne ean “sector eaten at ancy tes Nats othe Beat eam ‘Cmmang, Corig versie poe im hs om ih the Ya) a tee True areca mene eee ‘Shear ance se (Container Aron ee wing fm ome ned mag dp ine mest Cousins Com. “Caine Antnmgrae aay nc fhe ee i e Scoeeaneyetonram oan cit ser, pny fn ri a eo ‘memnns Teh nth Ein at of a” woven ean “Bien urs uf ian fending antag he Sonne Un am Deel eerste Ramen nh dc [aetna suru Mngt rw Ae Tan 8. "Fn fe We "Daan "Var Ask (th Sah Teste arom om sone Tht wrenches tein team ta el ame Pe ‘hana roy ey resnanrapf 80 yuan the 0 Tay ae ‘borage panda ose T cp eek the aeamarpaned wore one ito, a use meat te rivera Kor redone towey val 9 oe a heme 1 hun onan sd urement pra en eps ot Feo erie "KZ" terete bearer hyrowetalashe Dear ete ‘ia yh ons ln, forte Sud hs ene en or ac tk ‘meetin eth alg ead bee ‘Src irentermat et ef ms Pr ng ‘ew Ae he it Agfa, ee oa ig Forage forte a fownd RR. Tan's fed Tes The (ise ard an ours IC hs tonne te Pw AF ee Fath Apa, Fenn Tam shih eter ree and peo Fa Neto ates Ee The “Serb Wine art on nr Tan Oa ey ‘ttre in ands entre they ani. pea be eh nao water nod ty ca deo atowph he coat when troy "iid Tyna ie of rai mea shy apa aon Chnticas aaterssbr ap herrea eae), Thome icone Aue eH tetas nue ore ner nee tdersondy then ah detvmopenr onion ree amas eens coarsh acura torayr chase a mah Inne Tes fal ar cig pel of ain Mater, Anain permeate ete nem once Fe Trvsiles cating rope berg onc bagehapng scan Theses mea Ponca nance, at" Nett i mania Me: Had hnd comb cont it nn roi ho min ca. ir sthemniaaton one went rede pe, Pteo ne eal ‘ines bpain he our Aa ‘ow “Gemma th et Suu Shadow change fe ert ‘ec aeea ner, Norn toad wh west of he Mans espa Meath The renege Ve Vat bow no cnt dtp vet, nd oy esi Meth hack Eons enone eee ret ‘Strat anduttnrnipoe nro ae ceteris Fo ‘eco nf sf eta La, ani earn ou pened "in Mort ceed ey fol ees of bs pervert ot ‘Side tom rv oma oh thes Var, cou thd he iho hi ei he ‘oa ser mann rect aes sou hae Ome nd edo ‘eineaig capo onde on angi cone Harr regen ‘ouem Moree" srengh cased whe cations Wen Cova rus ae torent ibe hesan snc ncn he om ne et et {eStart en conan much fhe Bint Enemy a poet Mer wa fly “estrone Can aes tewieseamachenre ‘tciesarsnd tired ie wor Saron, cn fhe em ena red he anit Asoce he Rigor ony TheNng "ee weenie retard mene ‘teenie Sven st cond ae acd ape coed ea Pe a ‘Spool heNne hing of Wer eg Soro Shing nee raey eae Roman lee he Dt Lr te asc ie Astin pes hey ae ‘onal soe sn ano yr peed bar ace wh Ea {in thy came sdons of grep nda Seon meted Nido peoctakptnt Sg rt Feel ena ur of ce oleh biped set reel Cot re ea "remem tage ara Ther poe ween ete ay, Kh, sen nara eri oot mar Nonstee racer PCI Ain ete erating in ony ligne raed (rary he pana, eo taser tari yo oh lpr, bata ety wha hs ey wis aan prc Since Be PC Bt [envi pone ode pre wirensronian ea Norte: Ado ee Norton A rong of ta ou i and ay mah They Teeane “sce Men ro courtly sn yeni ee ed “onan nin a tes la, Bante ‘Date, he tense) he Stat ea a vanes por A Tea Teor Bebe dA are dendanc Rao Noren. Tae hep ome eck a Rivas Se Sin 3.9 or ered ‘ter Bas (OR The tl aia ohm ol i othe ahr abate — mini besacke sac owes peer 9 wee epee maps ‘Or Oral et by Mgt athe Fat Ag, eens uly Doane era of ‘Drs ey ha hey wee ot ky vbr weer nd eal Feed ord theo He Leen et ther sce wee Es whore (Shen mi andy he Bac Enemy ei and sport weteer, neds enh peter Us asso eh ie Elec ene ae Aurenche set tne ta ify ses ee es, ey a ‘gious wehbe prseid. Acg hrapparne ft Door te perma erh Tey ut mae Ha anced hf, Tr ocr ore ines a ede ney the ese Gree rt mottled en oper nap Pet ‘iio spay rei, re ae ih Otten Rott A rl reconmnsombuue dee of na ing una won ‘een Auocted Ne Rs ag singe ing Forge y Sa ae dhe lene eben mexm cooley er au er ae ia ed tr "ie nine the Dar Lr to tar ee he es earn ed men Maho ‘Ssoow\onn tenet nto mang ane conve berm wo ‘Wheeling eutner rom aa teenot tesco Aeshna sets ‘elm Upon fring ed 10 Sate om ae Rigs tC theseabeconenor she snr osreerth tearetegetnayet ihe ‘pn tstaincinn note npebate ‘degen risotto wed een ca Te Ro ‘By te sc ao Had ewe ead he Mh ents Sense itd enn Annan ond bing ‘nchoanadite met SCs psn Age ‘owe of Ano Sl on Wear} Taster hr oer wih acter hsp Arete i ct Oia, Ae ne a eM i ‘Sone Ao itd Some" Pia pnt Tomer ary Thee of me oto comtattr lenve tno ne eee ps ayertaracer PO} Acc oc hing conte an sei with of eee: "Sevan nen, pay uae YP) st pean wa "pl omy oy apd ere tn ec ta uh et ‘Seti Powe paternal a, Toye eat et lawns iat eh tee ie pr Seceenntt hewn attest ean lop! Megane poe ‘Simeone eth parte doit dest ono Sra i sci ay en pi ca ane es Sete opus Tn crainissetirineedentictret div oedeta NOTE: Psion slat tare ea of anoperamde (thay yang (ih dng aren offthne 10) Tr ows cn a he Seat ‘ot int ue saa a in Ty pe ‘Sepocabttyte at ees-Tauhor (Pa Ho) seca edo ‘Sets asrdoncathe Balto ahora he a: ‘ery eda a set Di a owe ee Amnon sneton {okey cot heme nd drs. To fly wears se exo {nfo batter een, howe, he Saga oa erst ‘Stan gthe concede ee of regen eens te rer epi ie Sto be fre te One Rise Ths ing eb uo poe and meat ‘Seren enap: owe need onan re the bee tee ‘Sintered lima ered Ndr Sed Ae ed he ‘etopet tae benef om ioe tua be capt hen nape {Ss ns nee ero, arch he eR othe Dt Le and Ns Sm: An apes chaser with eb n/t prom an acon morte The ‘Steen tats er epee FRP gd stntCancterh: One se hs ad meta chron ge ‘nto sm stars PRP pa, S at bow wel curse Sedop eve evans domag sarittaeaioe ts Teen compacted ‘ir AgeE-AeThe read Age! Mie ah tee song delet Seon trout ofthc as Aline Men anes ee nA, when eel ‘Seta pede (tom he Ory Have) TA. wie “Tre use mosey of Ero aren he oe wh ey eae They be tty abot I) at inert oe pa ewig, The ind SS ae woman eyo eg i cs rma ath at Rete gu, Sure gh dp tan wan eight Tae a Ie posts They tem! tein The Uren me fr al Toa Urs (0 “Pree Teo fe rac of rage anf Mica fas, "iy wee eo Mog he wien Dragon ch a ee ae th War athe ‘ty pode dau Aco he Bah Sag one Ura Nata Sm ter ot nn hie Dats nh ie sino pen de Ree pny Yr ee ig Mero, te fourteen Er. Li psh eg encom of pte at fe aie pga ae fen ve eign Mec erg hem erotic Cae or The Hoi and Tear hs tok Looe rn Ube ne 1.2 MIDDLE-EARTH CAMPAIGNS: CREATIVE FOUNDATIONS. Since each module inthis series strives for Meibiity, the GM is given se- ‘ings which allow for variety of campaigns. Naturally, one game, game sytem, or GM's approach is exactly alike. Some portions ofthis module wil be better suited to certain campaigns, wile others may not come into play until the adventurers have considerably progressed in skill. Its, therefore, important that the GM focus upon the sections of the module which are geared 0 his/ber campaign. ‘The maps, cultural notes, sections and general descriptive text relate to the area asa wile, and have bearing on the poiical and economic stuc- ‘ures -regardles of the time chosen forthe game. These lds are intended for use with any campaign; they provide the “common denominators” of ‘the region, and act as the ultimate creative foundations. AGM who wishes tocreateallor most of his layouts and adventures from sratch wl stil find ‘there sections extremely useful. Regardless of the details and day-to-day ac. tivities associated with the area, these fundamental factors have a beating ‘Afterall, and forms and cultural norms change relatively slowly, ‘The individual layouts and descriptions of personalities are provided 10 tive the GM an idea of the power structure ata specific point in Midle- ‘earth's history. Interaction based on these sections will epend on one's ‘campaign. Dominant politcal figures and their hols will provide adven turers with certain death in many cases. Only the very accomplished and/or rong group of player characters wil be geared for such an experience ‘Most adventuring partis should best be runin the conten of ese power, therefore, more modest personalities and layouts have been provided ~ enabling the GM to gota creative start should he/she wish to employ slready- detailed structures, Of course, all ofthe layouts and figures found inthis module can be considered as flavorful examples associated with or common to, the area, AS noted above, these modules describe whole regions, and we encourage the GM to create his own detailed version ofthe sven section of Endor 4.3 ADAPTING THIS MODULE TO YOUR FANTASY ROLE PLAYING CAMPAIGN COMMENTARY “This module is designed for use with most major fantasy role playing systems, Since the various FRP rules have their own particular approaches to combat, spells, and character generation and development certain com son descriptive terms have been selected for the individual outlines of places, peope, creatures, and things. Unfortunately, statistical dta such ‘as bonuses and character “sats” differ widely between systems after all they are Keyed to specific gamemechanics. ICE has choren to we percentile (D100) terms as a base, since conversion to D20, DIB, and DIO can be Achieved with relative ease (note See. 1.321 below fora handy conversion chart). Player character and NPC characteistics/stat are alo detailed in fone particular manner; again, simplicity and consistency have been em ‘phaszed, and conversion your game system shouldbe relatively painless. ‘This section deals with (1) tis for using thismodule with respect to start ing a campaign and 2) guielines for fiting the given data into terms a ‘propriate forthe game sytem you are using. Keep in mind that fantasy role playing is by nature a creative experience, and the individual GM or player ‘Should feel fee to incorporate his/her own idea nto ther seme. 1.31 APPROACH FOR INTEGRATING THIS MODULE INTO. ‘YOUR CAMPAIGN The sections specially oriented toward the GM use the terminology found in the reion (e.g. “Ered Mithrin’ instead of "Grey Mountains") This, we hope, will help the GM become more immersed inthe culture of [Northern Mirkwood, and wil enable him/her to beter ai the PCs. The “open sections” employ the English translations ‘The following steps may be helpful when beginnins to employ the exion here described: () Read the entre module to eta flavorful ide ofthe resins (2) Reread the sections devoted to nots forthe gamemaste, and convert. ing statistics for your game system; £8) Choose the ime setting for your campaign. Should you choose fo rama tame ct the beginning or end of the Third Age, or early tn the Fourth ‘Ade, pay particular attention 1o the section devoted to this region “at ‘ther times." fect, this section Will give the GM an idea ofthe con siderations invoived with seting a campaign at any date other than that chosen here. ICE chose the mid Third Age esa partculrl exci era, ‘but you may enjoy another time even more (4) Assemble any source materials (note suggested reading) you find (8) Research the period you have chasen and compose any outlines you ‘noe in addition tothe material proved here: (6) Convert the NPC, trap, weapon, spell, amd item statistics 1 terms suitable 10 your geme. Note changes inthe system you are sing Which ‘must be made inorder to keep your campaign inline with he flow of Me in Middle Barth: (7) Createa total sexing, using ots of maps to detail patiernsand providea creative framework. In this way you will have @ rich and consistent ‘world ond the foundation date will give you the flexibility to detai!ran ‘dom areas and events 1.32 GUIDELINES FOR USING YOUR FRP RULES SYSTEM WITH. ‘TINS MODULE: CONVERSION NOTES, When using this module wth your FRP campaign, becarefulto neal the non-player character statistics before bepioning pla. Should any ad- justments need to be made, you may wish 10 consider the following ‘Eudelines. The material provided sin terms of percentages and isinended fo give the reader a elatvely lear picture of the strengths and weaknesses ‘of the individuals and creatures discussed. Most PRP systems wil late to the data, and conversion should be simple; remember, however that here are dozens of roleplaying rules and the change-over feor the statistics ven here may be troublesome; you may wish to design your own NPCS Using this module as no more than a framework. Note: Asa general rule, al bonuses inlude advantenes or disadvantages which normaily operate in activities involving the given cheater. Offensive bonuses include stats er hhanced primary weapons, constantly or near-consianty ‘operating spets, skill levels or expertise, ete. Similarly, defensive bonuses incorporate the effets of sleds, stats, Special tems, ski, normally activated spells, ee. Spells of limited duroiion or access, secondary weapons, and other Joctors involved ina given situation may act 10 modi these ‘bonuses. The character's description will act 10 give the reader a breakdown of the specific components making up the bonuses, Bomses preceding weapons oF shilds are ‘modifications tothe inheren strengths ofthe piven item. 12 +10 Shield would subract 30 from an opponents attack, {Jor the shield would normally add +2010 the holders DB, ‘nd the bonus adds another +10), 1.321 Converting/Determining Stats. Tea sits are used to describe each character detailed inthe module. Should you use a character development ‘system with lferent characteristics and/or an alt~rnativenumber of stats, ‘imply follow these sep: 1) Assign the appropriate stat from your FRP system to the value given beside the analogous characteristic listen the module. Ifyourrules use fewer stats, you may wish to average the values for those combinations ‘of factors which contribute toa characteristic found in your system (8. dexterity = an average of quickness + agility). Should your guidelines lize moe stats to describe par of acharacter, younay wish o usethe ‘lve provided for more than one “corresponding” characteristic (8 youmigh use the value assigned to constitution for both endurance and Gurabiity, The Following ia char listing some examples of equivalent STRENGTH: power, might, force, stamina, endurance, conditioning, ‘physique, ete. Note thatthe vast majority of systems i ‘de steength as an atribute AGILITY: deverty, defiess, manuel kil, adroliness, meneuserabilty, seatth dodging ability, iene, ec. QUICKNESS: dexterity. speed, reaction ability, readiness, ef CONSTITUTION: health, stamina, endurance, physical resistence, hsique, damage resistance, et. SELF DISCIPLINE: wil, aliennent, faith, mental strength oF power. concentration self control determination, zh ee. EMPATHY: emotional capacity, judgement, alignment, wisdom, mane, ‘magical prowess, bardie voice, ee REASONING: intelience learning ability, study ability, enalsisrating, ‘mental quickness, logic, deductive capacity, wit, judge- ment, LQ. et MEMORY: intelligence, wisdom, information capacity, mental capacity, recall. retenton, recognition, ee INTUITION: wisdom, tuck, talent, reactive ability (mental) guessing Abily, psyehic ability, insight, clairvoyance, inspiration, erception. presentment ec. PRESENCE: appearance, levelheadedness, panic resistance, more, -ovchic ability, self control vanity, perceived power, men: ‘al disciptine, bade voice, charisma, ete. 2) Convert the statistical value ofthe assigned characterises to numbers ‘appropriate for your game. If your FRP system uses percentage vals, no change should be necessary. If not use the conversion table Blow. ‘TABLE 1.321 STAT BONUSES AND CONVERSION Unusual Personal characteristics such as a high ABilty or Strength seciouly affect the capabilities ofa character. The following table gives & series ofa." ranges onthe 1-100 scale and the bonus (oF penalty accruing ‘o actions heavily influenced by tht sats, Columns ae provided for 318 and 2-12 tatistice for comparison and/or conversion if other portions of the game system mandate use of non: percentile stats,” om Bonus on an bao Sut Stat. 2+ 435 " 20+ n+ 101 430 +6 9 1546 100 425 +5 8 Bs 58-99 +20 +4 0 n os +1 8 16 50.98 +10 #2 1s n + ir 0 6 9 2 5 to > ° 6 ® 5 7 4 6 3 s 4 2 4 2 + This bonus will vary with ace if appropriate 1.322 Converting/Determining Combat Ability With Arms. All combat values are based on Arms LaveClaw Law. The following guidelines willalo aid conversion, 1) Sivength and quickness Bonuses have been determined according 10 Table 1.321 above. Note the stats you are using and compute these ‘bonuses using the rules under your exter: 2) Combat adds based om level included here are: +3/leel for fighters and rogues, + 2/level for thievesand warrior monks, and + 1/levelfor bards, ‘monks and rangers. Simply take the level ofthe NPC, note hi character ‘lass (or equivalent under your system), and compute any offentive boas (vetlel eporopriate for your game. Note hat he bomuses other than ‘these mentioned under armor type are “offensive” adds. 3) Uf your system s based om Skil Levels (or other skillincrements), use the offensive bonus as ven. Youmay hae to convert the add toa non-per- centile value. Alternatively, you may wish 0 note Section 1.325 below. 4) Armor Types piven are based on the following breakdown Armor type Covering Description 1 ‘Skin (or light normal clothing) Robes 3 Light Hide (as part of body, not armor) 4 ‘Heavy Hide as part of body, not armor) 3 Leather Jerkin (pliable leather) ‘ Leather Coat 7 Reinforced Leather Coat « ‘Reinforced Full-Length Leather Coat 9 Leather Breastplate 0 Leather Breasipate and Greaves u Half-Hide Plae (as par of body, not armor) 2 Pull-Hide Plate fs port of body, not armor) B Chain Shire “4 Chain Shirt and Greaves 15 ull Chain 16 Chain Hauberk 0 Meta Breasiplte 8 ‘Metal Breastplate and Greaves: 1 Half Pie 20 Ful Plate ‘Simply look atthe armor description and substitute the appropriate ar ‘mor type/elass from your FRP system: 5) Defensive bonuses are based on the NPCS quickness bonus as computed ‘0m Table 1.321 above. Where the defensive bonus isin parentheses, the value also includes the added capability of «shied (an extra 20 fr on ‘magi normal shields, plus any value for magia enhancement). fe sucha ‘ase, simphy note that there rs nota shield, and if there, whip 123 Converting/Determining Spells and Spell Lists. Spll references provided here aren the form of “iss,” groupingsof rated spells. Eachlst has a common theme and normally wil havea different bu telated spell at ‘ach level. For instance, knowledge of “Fire Law” to tenth level would fesult in the acquisition of 10 similar fire-based spells, one ofeach level from one to ten, Whether the spall user could effectively cast these spells would be upto the GM, the system, and the caster’ evel or degree af ski PRP stems using rales which provide forthe learning and development of spl through “colleges” or along specialized lines employ concept similar {those used jn this modale. Many systems, however, dicate tat player charactersor NPCs undertake 0 leara but one splat time, ofien wth 00 requirement that its subject mater effec relatetoaparticular background ‘or pattern. Converting the NPC spel ists to individual spell counterparts will be more difficult, bat can be achieved with relative ease using the following guidelines 1) Look atthe NPC‘ spel ists and noe the various names forthe group ‘ings. Fach name wll indicate what type of spell specaization the NPC has followed (eg. the "Fire Law list indicates a preference for fre. oriented spel 2) Note the NPC’ level and determine the number of sels o spel group ‘ngs he/she would have under your game system. Also consider the evel ‘of power of accessible spells the NPC would have e.g. Sth level magi- cian under your rales might have a maxim of @ spels-wo 3rd level ‘spell, thee 2nd level spl, and three Is evel spel. 4) Select spl from your system appropriate fora spell user ofthe NPC's {evel and profesion, keeping in mind tha the preference indicated tn ‘the module should be flowed where posible. 1.324 A Note on Levels. When using certain “level-systems,” a GM may find thatthe levels provided make characters too powerful fo his world system If Ui isthe case, multiple the levels given by 75 oF. depending ‘upon your sitution, This would reduce a 20 level charactertoa 1Sth eve oF 12th level character respectively. Remember to reduee appropriate bonuses accordinsy. 1.325 General Ski Bonuses. General skill bonuses ca be obtained by ak ing the level of the character and calculating the appropriate bonus under the system being used. An NPC's add, as noted above, willbe based ona ‘compilation of level, his weapon and/or other tems, therelevant stats, and Skil levels The normal bonus derived from skill development has been ‘computed as follows (a) where the skill vel zera the Domus is — 25,4 reflection of baie unfamiarty(b)@ bonus of + Sisawarded for skillevel ‘ne (a +30 jump); () foreach skill level between one and ten an additional +5 bonus is applied (eg. skill level seven yields +35): (for sil levels ‘eleven through twenty the additional bonus s +2 fk level nineteen lds +68); (3) for skil levels twenty-one through thirty an additional Domus of + 1 per level i awarded fe. skill level twenty eight yes + 72); and (f) 4 bonus of + ¥ is ven for each sil level above thirtieth evel, 1.326 Locks and Traps ‘Thelocks andtraps found in this module are describedin eemsof dificuky tounlock or disarm. Subtractionsare from the ols representing person's attempt to find or overcome these devices, The fficulty factor may rere- sent specific colar on anacton/mancuver chart (e.g. Rolemaster or an ‘ional subtraction oe modification to the attempt ol. Inany case, the terms are descriptive and willelp the GM determine whether the traps of above average difficulty, and how much. The descriptive term isa relative constant based on the following order of modification: Routine (+ 30) Easy (+20), Light (+10), Medium (0), Mard(~ 10), Very Hard(~20), Ex ‘emely Hard (30), Sheer Folly (30), Absurd (70). Poot lishing, ‘one’s physical condition, nearby activity, ete. may affect the lock/trap modification number, but not the difficulty category. Thus, «trap might read “very hard (~80),” indicating i is normally a* 20" construct, but ‘ther factors (8 dark) make it harder to disarm. These aditional pro- blems are easier to overcome than the intrinsic complenty of the ‘mechanism this explains why it differs from a wellht pit which reads “shee folly (~ 50)" to disarm. The $0” associated with the very hard” {rap can, with thought, easly be reduced to*~ 20," but no more advantage 's normally aiainabe, shor of disassembling the mechanism. We sugeest {hata modified (D100) roll exceeding 100 esuls in svccest sil, sats, should be applied versus the difficulty subtration and the rol to yild a result Example: Wonir he thief encounters a supposed tapi the ‘passage wail. The GM tells him thatthe mechanism appears ‘oe “hard ro disarm, and tha the darkness inthe passage will meke 1 even more efficut; the module sates "hard (-40)." As stated above, the normal modification for @ “hard” category mechanism is ~10, 30 the GM knows that ‘the additional ~ 301s dueto factors other than the tap its, ‘Often the descriptive passage will show what the other pro- Dlems are (e.g. lighting), but in any case the GM will beable to note some external factor(s) and will allow the acting ‘character fo reduce the difficulty modification tothe usual fadition/subtraction by acting correctly 0 overcome the ‘uiside obstacle. In this case, a it Lorch wil eliminate the =30 modifier for lighting, reducing the tap (0a ~ 10, the ‘norm fore “hard” rap. Should the rap read “extremely herd (-30)" the GM would note that the ~30 the intrinsic ‘modifier fora tap ofthat category, and that lighting ete. ‘Play no part inthe igure: the trap would have to be disarmed ‘accordingly, The terms used here in order of difficulty Routine, Easy, Light, Medium, Herd, Very Hard, Evireme- \y Hard, Sheer Folly, and Absurd. senate eerie eee SUGGESTED SPELL LISTS USED IN NORTHERN MIRKWOOD. ‘ene ema sk dar Seta Mee ene od comm iy tes tre ng or ot ‘ating oe ‘Sa ery il en te al wap es ed ow te eM Sent Mie pores Neathen, Cabos far othr ‘eating mn apes Span ean Sena i em ea "bain bo perenne ithirgntc aes tag Mint Serna oat Pemoe ees Contig Wa Se cee once (ett evar ei et rit Sekirei cnet ee eg i no ae 1.4 SPECIAL NOTES CONCERNING MAPS AND INTERPRETATION A variety of maps and layouts have been provided in order to givethe GMa ‘teaive framework within which to work. Remember that theaccuraey ofa _raphic representation wll depend somewhat onthe sale used the smaller ‘the area covered, the close thearea sto it real-life size, the more accurate the illustration. Ifthe seal is 1 inch = 20 miles (siti onthe color are ap) the accuracy factor is greater than a map with scale of say inch 200 miles. The following notes are helpfl for apovoaching the maps ard ‘raphic layouts found in this module, [LL GAMEMASTER'S REFERENCE MAP “The color map sa eatvely detailed work ands inended for use by the GM and those characters who have vitually somplete knowledge ofthe region. The malor sites and setilements are accurate forthe period T.A, 1000~F.A. 1. Dae is in ruin ftom T.A. 2770 to 2941, The euin symbols cover the remains of principal sites from prior mes, A place's character, however, will vary throughout the Thid Age. For instance, Esgaroth iin the same place in both T.A. 160 and 294; but during the later period it ‘sas unlike that show on the color diagram ~ being rectangular, smaller, and having bat one cenral harbor. The color map is the main reference piece, bu the GM is also provided ith black and white map detailing the locations of additional places, as well as dstebution pater for people, flora, and fauna ‘We suggest the GM allow acess othe player charaeter map.on page 10, bt only tothe extent thatthe PCs have actual or inferred knowledge. ICE Permits copying of portions o this map (no more)for non-commercial put= poses. The GM should cover or obscure labels which would be unknow the recipient PC. 1.42 BASIC COLOR AREA MAP KEY (0) The scale Linch = 20 miles; (2) Mountains are represented by the symbol 2%. and denote relatively extreme grades which rise at last 2,000 feet above the sur- rounding “Ma land surface; (9) Hits are denoted by thesymbol_ —~ and represent relatively cep races which rise a leer 200 fee above the surrounding land surface. Usually the surface area immediately adjoining these risesis rugged (@ Mixed foretsareshown using the symbol GB®__and are com. prised of variable grouping of deciduous and coniferous tres and associated plant species; (5) “Pine forests” are represented by the symbol ggfth and are almost exclusively coniferous in natare; (6) Mecgetows, brush and thickets are illustrated with the symbol (7) Primary vers re represented by the symbol ao and ce ssl (8) Secondary rivers ae represented by thesymbol =” andar fom-aavigale by vessels with a draft of more tha two feet; (0) Streams are represened by the symbol «and ace com pletely non-navigable; aaa (10) Intermittent watercourses are shown using the symbol —=—~ and are dependent on rainfall et; 1) Glaciers and icefiows ae represented by the symbol <2) i ((2) Mountainsnowfieldsand snowy regions have no coloring, but may be noticeable by virtue of the contrast with surrounding colo; (03) Primary roads ace denoted by the symbol": (14) Secondary roads are denoted by the symbol (15) Tralstracks are shown bythe symbol oom 5 (16) Beige are represented bythe symbol e+ (17) Fords are shown using the symbol WE 5 (U8) Cites are represented by the symbol WH and ther relative size is dependent upon the width ofthe symbol. The red coloring ‘Sgnifies a nonmiitary settlement site with civilian characte (19) Towne ate represented by the red symbot (20) Manor houses of “Great Houses” are shown using the red symbol ay ei (21) Citadts and huge castle complexes are represented by the yellowish symbol ah (22) Saal eastles/bolds/towers/keeps etc. are denoted by the yellowish Symbol A Military sites are all given a yellowish colo; (23) Monasteries are represented by the symbol A (24) Downs, carnfields, and burial caves are shows using the symbol an (25) Cavernsand caveentrisarerepresented by thesymbol =~ (26) Buttes and plateaus are denoted using the symbol aa@P@ (27) Lakesare represented by thesymbol (— Rama an vr ae oe ee TO | _SetercumTieceeofsteatemestictentaichcowatiacec, | Shuanaaamalsgsn estes reese mange me weet g ERRRENIR TBO, ie Es bleed Ege eee sae ech Sasa St Ee eben pe OF ‘manifestations of the Thought of Manwé, Lord ofthe Valar. in truth the seal = it oe ad eae ee mighty and majestic Eagles seem worthy of such worship. Never evil, in- ‘ane Mudie Noten Miwon no eon ral thente bathe caine pez ees of Mie cet ‘hc preomimng sre ot Naren ifceceethe nom. ramen al et es ne pean cag of dees sofcwrecbreyianeitheaetcpn meinen Ret manny nut ora Lay erg ‘cent ravaging of the Plague, the region would surely have been settled and Inthe turmoil of the First Age the Eagles served the Eldar valiantly; after Sense tenet mcttonncay ee haternc sane lear hit gt ase er any er ssealth of the mountains, the commerce and harvest of the rivers andthe met i in the high peaks ofthe Misty Mountains (then a home tothe inhospitable fell of he pains mere cy sce and foros, Si ied (Ores) and some to the Grey Mawatains, where Dragons slept, mated and {6f ods, especialy at Sauron’ instigation, and earthquakes have shaken Sete soem ta ey are sie Doe eee ieseton bat at tomer ctasd nolo nSeSORITO) a oes strpos nor, Ltr he Td Age Det, Eh “over-civilze’ west, a buffer tothe brutal cold of tbe North and a safer M ee ‘Hobbits and men would come to depend upon the Eales for rescue, nfor- ‘zone agains incursions of ei rom the Fast and Sovtf, Unfortunately, ena “alety zone cam become a death trap with alarming rapiity inthe Middle- nen ee ‘arth ofthe mid-Third Age and proud, these great hunters show no mercy to foe orprey Clasped inte ‘eagle’ talons, oe may aswell sh his eyes and prepare for eternity, be he 4.0 OF PLANTS AND nalied withthe pine ofthe sy. Armed with hooked beak and vie ie, ourtoedtalonstclchendcrahorinpalelis prey. aneage cana ANIMALS Scere by arma or ee Thecyro beagle wean than man's and, unlike other bieds, thet retinas contain dense concen Blesed by a temperate climate, plenty of fresh runsing water and the ‘ions oF exteaordinaily smal igh-sensiive cll to aid in color dserimin- protection of the Grey Mountains othe north, the dense woods and grassy tions (A soaring eagle can perceive details a landscape eight times better pling of Northern Mirkwood normally abound with a great variety of than a man. Fer example, the Lord of the Eagles can spot a rabbit dashing plant and animal ie ~ some ofits creatures starting In size and homicidal for cover amie Blow him ~ in the moonlight!) On top ofthat, an eagle's in desire. (The unwary adventurer may find himself acting a6 a “unch on ‘yes point both forward and sideways, allowing the great bird an excep- legs to the Giant Spiders of the forest) In the Long Marshes near Long ional wide secor of binocular stereoscopic vision vital for the long [ke thrive the preaest numbers of specie of anima fe — insects mest, sistance sighting and targeting of prey. The highly curved cornea of the unaffected by the recent plague — but birds, amphibians and mammals ‘eagle allows in plenty of ight 1 aid hunting at times of ow natal ight also depend upon the masblands for ood, drink and shelter (and just a “The great natural gifs of the Eagles make them valuable alles in war; place tounwind after ard day at the forest) Mere, in the slime and muck Sones dominring an lackigin sentiment th Eagar wel spoke ‘rte Fens, hundred of species of flora an fauna iveand multiply and de and rational Unlike Dragons, who have — one-on-one ~ grater dest lunencumbere by greater territorial ambitions tive power, the Great Eagles of Middle-earth operate asa squadron, and {hr wisdom and Knowledge make them a mateh for almost any evil Forse Sauron can gather, excluding the awesome Balrog cr Jk. 1640, the Grea Plague, while mostly memory, has left The ores a quitr pac, the pass higher, he hchets wilder. Along the Lake the dnt Types Of vegetation lustre the Interaction of water and land upon the growth and distribution of plants: the aquatic 42 THE DRAGONS Community ofthe Lake, the shoreline commny of grates, and the “This snot to sell shor the devastation a Dragon, once aroused, can ‘ted sub-Drel fret, largely an extension of he cathedrab ike woods weak (The Hobbit adage, "Never aig tv dragon sel founded nearby. This balanced, sound ecosystem, prosides ralafall, normal inexperenceand common ens) Wiha roa ea lors nia, tenperatrer apd posscucr the siamina to conaue uring Inde flying Dragoncan sear staring ke ttenend reduce to cindrsand initely. blackened stumps a theiving settlement of mea. Dragons first appeared on | Theft im Nor Mckwoodsichandoncegannth eset ae Fst Ae whe Moro, nen von deoyng te sormal rainfall and tind femperaturs,veetation Theives, tn turn, the Vala, unleashed host of winged, fire-breathing, monster fed by, 1 ‘ection ~ grasses tosupportsheepandeatle crops hols the lop “Anclagn the Back, might o ll Mid garth Dragons Ancaagon| ‘hus preventing eroon. (However, Saurors influence — ora Dragos ~ ‘kes Smavg look tie «homesick HobbI) Fortunate for ranking, an eal reverse i He ime growth that has thrived for hundreds of Evenkind and all but Morgtiking, Anctagon ‘nas slain (the Elves | Sears and reduce 10 cinders and smoke a living ersen ecosystem tat ap believe) by Barend in a battle inthe sky, and asthe monster fll upon the ‘eats indestrctible, The Desolation of the Dragons provides gross, vivid ‘Mounaisof Tyranny raised by Morgoih, he latened thes, hist and roo ofthe delicate nature ot plan growth and survival ia Middle cath, Morgoths hopes n one erth-shudeting crah that instantly invalidated Living above and bevond the mations put upon Northern Mirko Ml contemporary topographical mans of Middle-earth bclate and exologyaethe greater creatures, the Bagls and Dragon of Drasont, wil une areconning and crcl creatures whocan ean, the Grey Mountains. (Almos as impresve But more mora ar the fre Arcam and even peopecy they are alnays ready to sunpet the worst of