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iNSIDE iAM Course Fair Showcase

March 8, 2016


Welcome, Introductions, Overview

Teaching and Learning at IMS
EL Education and How We Learn
The Registration Process
After-School Program Plans
Transportation and Facilities
Discovery Zone

What specific
courses and pathways
are offered at IMS?
Glenn Hutto
Assistant Principal for

We have built a rigorous sequence of course
offerings to allow every student to find their
passion and thrive academically. These elective
course sequences include:
World Languages
STEM Integration
International Arts
Honors & High School Credit Course Pathways

World Languages
French (prep and level 1)
German (prep and level 1)
Spanish (prep and level 1)
Chinese (prep and level 1)
Sixth-grade world language
A foundation in a foreign language is terrific preparation for
students who are interested in entering the IB program at
the high school level.

STEM Integration
PITSCO STEM Systems Courses
Gateway Pre-Engineering Courses
Honors Math and Science Courses
Algebra Readiness Courses
Computer Application & Keyboarding

STEM modules allow students to learn about Robotics, Rocket Science,

Alternative Energy, Body Systems, Computer Graphics, Computer-Aided
Design (CAD), Nutrition & Fitness. These are great foundations for entering
the STEM magnet program at Dutch Fork HS or the Engineering,
Environmental Science and Exercise Science Academies at Spring Hill HS,
plus the multiple Engineering and Technology programs offered at the Center
for Advanced Technical Studies.

Fine Arts
Visual Arts & Pottery

Music Technology

These foundational classes in the arts are excellent preparation for

students to take their passion further at the Irmo HS International
School for the Arts or the Entertainment Academy at Spring Hill HS or
the Digital Art & Design and Media Technology programs at the
Center for Advanced Technical Studies.

Course Pathways
Beginning in sixth-grade, our course pathways are designed to maximize each
students growth. Students can finish Irmo Middle School with high school
credits in:
English I
Algebra I
Computer Apps/ Keyboarding

French I
German I
Spanish I
Chinese I
STEM Systems

For sixth-grade, we offer an all-Honors pathway that includes Honors

Science and Honors Social Studies. We also offer a Literacy Lab, Algebra
Readiness Lab and Math Intervention classes to help students accelerate their
progress in these areas, if needed.

How do students
learn at IMS?
Jennifer Cook,
Magnet Lead Teacher

How do you
register for
Sheila Inabinet,
Director of Counseling

School Counselors
Sheila Inabinet, Director of School
Students Last Names A-E
James Fanning
Students Last Names F-M
Tina Stevens
Students Last Names N-Z


6 Grade Electives
Year Long Electives
Semester Electives
Beginning Band
PE/ Health
6th Grade Orchestra
Intro to STEM
World Language
Beginning Dance
Intro to Multimedia
Music Technology
Art 6
Chorus 6

7th & 8th Grade

Year Long Electives
7th & 8th Grade
Beginning Band
Intermediate Band
Honors Chorus
Concert Orchestra
Honors Orchestra
Advanced Dance

8th Grade Only

Chinese 1
French 1
German 1
Spanish 1

7th & 8th Grade

Semester Electives

PE/ Health (required by state law; 59-32-5)

Honors Art 7 *
Art 8 Honors A *
Art 8 Honors B *
Beginning Dance
Intermediate Dance
Keyboarding (.5 High School Credit)
Computer Applications (.5 High School Credit)
(Prerequisite- Keyboarding)

* Audition Required

Gateway to
Technology 1 & 2
Intro to STEM
Leadership/ Service
Intro to Multimedia
Multimedia 2
Music Technology
French Prep
German Prep
Chinese Prep
Spanish Prep

Selecting Elective Classes

! Students will be placed into PE/ Health
(Class is marked with an X on the Registration Form)

! Students are asked to select 6 choices

! Mark a 1 by the most desired course, 2 by the
next, etc.
! For courses with two parts, mark both options if
desired to continue the series

Additional Registration Information

! Exploratory Elective Registration Forms should
be turned back into your students Crew Teacher by
Monday, March 14. If students do not return forms
indicating their preference selections will be made for
them based on seat availability.
! Core Registration Forms will be sent home with
students on April 22, 2016. Recommendations are
made by the students current teacher.
! Core Forms should be returned by April 25, 2016.

How can you

acquire afterschool services?
Danielle Major-Murphy,
Assistant Principal

School Directed After-School Program

Open to 6th, 7th, and 8th graders
Nominal Fee or grant funded**
Staffed by school personnel
Opportunity for tutoring, enrichment, and
3:45-5:30 daily according to the district calendar
Transportation is provided
*pending district approval

Will transportation
be provided for
my student(s)?
Vernon Sava,
Assistant Principal

Students grades 6-8 who are zoned to attend
Irmo Middle School and be provided with bus
transportation may ride the bus to school.
Choice students who are not zoned to attend
Irmo Middle must provide their own