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6 Scope of the Study

The study would be carried out in Kenya at Kenya Airport Authority. In Kenya,
not much in terms of research has been done on employee commitment. The
population of the study will comprise of a total of 168 employees.92
employees will be the sum total of the workers from the various departments
which include; Human Resources, planning, finance, research and
development and the technical department. The researcher will take three
weeks in collecting data. The most significant limitations expected by the
researcher were shortage in resources such as printing costs of
questionnaires as well transport.

1.7.1 Employee Commitment

(Jaw & Liu., 2004) states that Employee Commitment is that relationship
employees have with their organizations.

Scope of the study

The study was confined to identify the important drivers which affect the level of
employee engagement in respect of Delhi International Airport. Next focus was to identify
the cost effective and most affected driver during the project to operation transition
period. This was the driver internal communication. Then it was decided to find out
the impact of internal communication on the employee engagement. The three factors or
characteristics of employee engagement commitment, discretional effort and
meaningfulness in their (employees) work were taken as base for studies. The study
covered 300 employees from different areas of airport operation and they were selected
based on random sampling. The employee engagement surveys in the airport is regularly
(on half yearly basis) are carried out by using UWES (Utrecht Work Engagement Scalestatements)- Appendix-1 for finding the level of engagement.

1.5 Scope of the study

Purpose of this study is to explore culture of the company which consist of almost all HRM
practices including
the management style, T&D, employee performance, reward system, employee job
satisfaction. After this study
able to prove that whatever organizational culture exists in organization is to enhance
the employee job
satisfaction and organizational commitment. After this study corporate management can
find best ways to bring
best culture, which causes an employee's towards organizational commitment and job
satisfaction. Hence
organizations should critically examine which type of culture will be beneficial for their
organization, and then
properly communicate it with each and every member of the organization.

Organizational culture is the shared understanding of the beliefs,

values, norms and philosophies of how things work (Wallach, 1983)

1.5 Scope of the study and delimitations

The study was limited to a single plant of a larger organization and may not
necessary reflect the findings of the organization as a whole.