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updated 0708/11

Think Outside the Sox


Corrections & Clarifications

First Printing 2010

Row 63 should start: K1, p6, inc 1 purl

twice, p1, SSK, k3, k2tog...
Page 5
Row 64 should end:...k5, p11, k1.
Gussets, First * needs to move to next line, These changes need to be mirrored for
between Pink Sock and Next 2 rounds.
Chart E.
Page 6
Leg paragraph, second sentence should
read: Repeat last 8 rounds with D, then
with E, F, A (A was omitted in original), G
and H.

Page 43
Chart A, Round 16, 3rd st needs to be a
Chart B, Round 16, the 11th st should be a

Page 8
Last sentence of first paragraph should
end with...first row of Chart A (not B).

Page 46
Gussets section, Round 1, Needles 2 & 3
should read, p1, k2, p2, work cable pattern
as established over next 32 stitches, k2,
p2, k1;

Page 33
Chart D, Row 19 needs to start as follows:
k1, p3, 3 no-stitch squares, SSK...
Row 20 needs to start as follows: k1, p3, 3
no-stitch squares, k3...

Page 62
Foot section, at end of first Next round
stockinette stitch on sole of sock through
Round 8 of Chartinsert the following
Page 33
Next round P1, work Round 9 of Chart
Chart F, Row 57 should start: K1, p8, p2tog between markers, p1, knit to end
3 times, yo, k1, yo...
of round. Continue as established,
Row 59 should start: K1, p9, p2tog, p1, k1, working Chart A between markers and
yo, k1, yo, k1...
maintaining 1 purl st at beginning and
continues on next page

end of stockinette stitch sole

Page 63
Stitch key, need icon for SSP added.
Page 72
Estonian Spiral Sock, Heel turn, Row 11 should read K13, SSK, turn (not K14...)
Page 74
Heel turn, Row 7, ...SSK, turn (eliminate k1).
Row 8 Sl 1, p7 (instead of 8), p2tog, turn (eliminate p1).
Eliminate rows 9 and 10. Repeat last 2 rows 7 (instead of 6) more times.
Page 80
Charts, the following stitches should be grey:
Chart A, repeat section of Needle 1: Row 1, stitch 1.
Chart A, repeat section of Needle 2: Row 1, stitch 2; Row 2, stitch 1; Row 8, stitch 1.
Chart C, Top of foot, first repeat: Row 1, stitch 1.
Page 82
Heel flap instructions. Chart is correct.
Written instructions need to read as follows:
...work Rows 2 and 3 of Chard D 14 times (not 10)...final row count should be 29 (not
Page 82
Supplies, need 128 beads (not 64).
Page 85
Chart E, right foot, Rows 44 and 45 should be color A (not B) and Rows 46, 47 and 48
should be color B (not A).
Page 106: Stretchy Hexagon, Round 2, after closed bracket it needs to say 3 times
(not 4).
Page 108: Cuff section, first sentence needs a beginning * (*pick up ...).
3rd and 4th lines, total stitches picked up for cuff should be 64 (72, 80, 88).
Page 127: Notes 13, page reference should be page 124 (not 127).
Page 129: stitch key, 3/3 LC Dec description should read as follows:
Sl 3 to cn and hold in front, k3; k2 (not 1) from cn, SSSK last stitch from cn with next 2
Page 144: 1st paragraph, 2nd line of text should say...K27 (not 17).