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Task 1: The School and Learning Environment

Name of student: Claudia Andrea Santander Guzmán

Name of School: Escuela Industrial de Valparaíso

Number of students: 30

Date: April, 6th to April, 7th Class: 3ºC in High School

Briefly describe the following aspects:

1. The school:
Escuela Industrial de Valparaíso is a High school, this entity is financed by
parents and government, it is located in España Avenue, Valparaíso; its student
population is about 1300 students, receiving boys and girls who come from
different social areas. They have a very well administrative organisation formed by
a Principal, second principal, inspector and the head of Unidad Técnina
Pedagógica whose are worried about its student’s problems. Besides they have a
several list of rules which students have to obey.

2. The classroom

The 3º C grade works in an appropriate atmosphere inside the classroom; they

are always paying attention to the activities given by the teachers despite of the
hyperactivity of some students. They are a group of collaborative students.
I think the equipment, space, bright light, air, large whiteboard are right, they have
a special room for English teaching, and the room has a player to be used in the
listening activities. Inside the room we can find recyclable trash cans, an English
bulletin board where are information, cartoons, holidays, etc. (everything is written
in English).
3. The activities & resources

Mix answer A and B:

First of all in every class the teacher greets her students and calls the roll. The
activities she prepares have always an aim which is writing down on the board and
it is communicated to the students. The one hundred percent of the teacher’s
speaking is done in English language; she made a compromise with the students
because she wants internalize into them this language. She works with the
student’s book given by the government but also has more resources like data
shows, projectors, an “Enlaces” room, which is not always available for its use, and
as I mentioned before a cd player inside the English classroom to do listening
activities. I have to say that the teacher has a high level of dynamism to engage
the students into the activities she prepares, but always the same students
participate when she asks something; also she gives an accumulative point
whoever participates in hard activities.

Task 2: Student´s learning

1. The learners.

They have all the conditions to receive a complete teaching; they have
resources and a good teacher. In my opinion this is a group in which the teacher
can develops the activities she has prepared easily because they are paying
attention every time she is giving instructions or explaining what they have to do.
Some of the students are talkative, noisy and some times very unquiet, but they
are respectful, so I can feel that most of them have a real commitment to their
English learning although most of them don’t know much about vocabulary, how to
express themselves in English, and they don’t understand what the teacher is

2. Behaviour during classroom activities

The teacher gives them an extra point for participation, extra works, etc. “This is
the best way to keep them working and contributing in class” the teacher
explained. Most of them are afraid of participating in speaking activities in front of
the rest of the class; they feel the other students are going to laugh of him/her, they
are fearful of making mistakes too. An important strategy that the teacher uses
during the class is speaking everything in English and to promote oral participation
she has left every Wednesdays specially for doing oral activities.
3. Discuss the learning styles and levels of English in the classroom.

Personally I think they have serious problems with English language, I have
noticed some of the students don’t have essentials vocabulary knowledge like the
numbers, the alphabet, colours, etc. and as a consequence they are always asking
about everything the teacher says, or are “Lost in Wonderland” like I had seen in
their faces, but they can work when another classmate explain them what they
have to do despite of the fact they ask to the teacher explains them the activities
again. There is a small group of students that works without much the teacher’s
help because they understand almost everything what is teaching during the class.
They like work in groups, especially in couples, and they like work with dialogue.

Name of student: Claudia Andrea Santander Guzmán

Name of School: Escuela Industrial de Valparaíso

Date: April, 13th to April, 14th

Task Nº1: Collaboration activities

1. What kind of activity did you perform the first time you were asked for help?
How long did it take?

The first activity that I did was to help the teacher to take the first test, I had
to watch the students’ movement because some of them were cheating a lot, she
asked me to do it carefully, I solved their doubts, then in the listening part of the
test I had to control the audio and at the end of the class I had to pick up the tests.
The second activity that she asked me to do was reviewing the first quiz she took,
it was about spelling words.

2. What were the students doing before you started helping out?

So I caught their eye but they always treated to me pretty well with huge
respect and sometimes they asked me things as where I live, how old I am, etc.
and things related to the unit.

3. How did the students react?

I felt they gave me a lot of attention; they were very keen on me so then the
atmosphere was the best way to start working with them. I consider there was a
high level of engagement in the room. Besides they have a good relation with their
English teacher, it is a great advantage because some of the students whose are
in this class are considered to be “the problematic students”.

4. What other assignments were asked you to do? How often?

I think the assignments that I mentioned before were the only ones.

5. Were you asked to prepare any kind of special audio visual material learning
material for the students? Were they used? How effective were they?

No, I wasn’t asked to prepare any kind of special material.

Task 2: Lesson Planning

1. How did you get the information for planning the lessons for your students?

The guide teacher gave me the teacher’s book, the student’s book and the
CD corresponding to 3º grade; it facilitates me to take the main ideas and it
directions me to create a mixed planning where also I put my ideas. In order to
plan the lessons I used extra teaching material from appropriate websites, also I
got some guides that the teacher gave me to.

2. Did your guide teacher give you any suggestions for planning?

Yes, she gave me suggestions for planning, she had started the first
student’s book unit and I had to continue with this, so she had some ideas since
She has been involved with my lesson plans because she pointed out that I have
to cover all the units from the text and also she is always indicating me strategies
that I can use to have a better attention or the ways they work

3. How long did it take to you to prepare learning material for your first lesson?

It took me about 4 days to prepare learning material for my first lesson and it
was a little bit difficult because as the teacher plans the classes according to the
student’s books units I had to prepare activities which had to have connection with
it and at the same time I had to think in the best learning strategy for teaching