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(the solution)
In 2003 I left the monastic order of life to come ‘back’ to living with the people. I was
aloof in my time as a monk, in love with God, and self-satisfied.
There were two reasons for my change. Passion and compassion. Divine love filled
me so much my being became a force of passion and I wanted to share that passion
with others, aware it was not mine, but a gift given to me.
And compassion. I could feel all the souls in the world and felt like I cannot ignore
the ‘fire in my neighbours house’ anymore. I cannot live in peace aware that people I
regard as my family are suffering, without doing my best to change for the best what I
So this is my humble attempt.

I have a plan.
It is a very good plan. A very necessary one.
We must do something. Something quick and something big. Most importantly,
something together.

The problem is like this. We are floating on a raft named society and it is heading
towards a huge waterfall. Sensitive souls in lookout posts have declared ‘danger
ahead’ but the captains of the raft do not know what to do. Either they have no faith in
the declarations or they have decided to ignore the warnings and are keeping
everyone’s head in the sand so they may continue to carry on regardless.

We have a huge problem to deal with. The first step is to realize this, deeply. Imagine,
if we are going over the cliff why are we still fighting each other? We are in the same
Shall I repeat. We are in the same boat.

This little fact is our saving grace. It takes a catastrophe, it takes chaos to bring about
unity, for now, only unity, and only those adhering to its beautiful ideology, are going
to survive the crescendo which man’s greed and illusion has brought us to.

The end is nigh. Or the end is high. Apocolypse or revolution. Which do you want to
be a part of? Take your pick.

Unity is the last resort. We are each other’s salvation.

The sweet truth is – the last resort is a place where human beings live together as
respected equals. The last resort is Utopia, the kingdom of God, Heaven on Earth…
and it is coming soon. I assure you.

It looks so far away. You turn on the tv and see war and hate. How can you fight these
armies and bring peace, what to speak of love and Utopia? You cannot fight them.
They are all suicide bombers. Every man with hate is a suicide bomber. If you are
around him it is dangerous. But don’t be around him. Consciously associate with the
opposite, with Heaven’s angels. There are two forces fighting now on this planet.
Dark vs Light. It is a clichéd movie, and one in which the end will be the same as
Star Wars. We win.
How? We become a ‘we’ and we make an exodus to utopia.

We have a natural enemy as we have a natural friend. The enemy is against nature, the
friend is for nature.
We don’t have to fight the enemy, the enemy is the enemies own enemy. We just have
to get out of this system and into the lifeboat, then when the raft goes over the cliff, all
the people still fighting in it will go over too.
Sounds terrible. But there is no death. Souls return to new bodies. And Mother Earth
is vanquished of the greedy who have polluted her.
We, as a race, have drained the natural resources of the world so much that in one
hundred years the planet has changed. The sky, the earth, the water are all
contaminated and suffering, which means we are too. We made some stupid mistakes
and are paying the price right now. The brilliant eternally replenishing system called
nature is being threatened by greedy human beings. It is too late to rewind. But it is
not too late to restore.
Planet Earth will shake her self free of parasites. We need to be clinging to her breast
like loving children again to stay with her. And if… no… when we do… it is going to
be paradise thereafter.
Proof? You can consult astrologers, climatoligists, prophets… however you like your
proof. For me… proof is internal. So I guess that makes me a prophet. I am not alone.
Sensitive people are aware of the coming change and just as animals sensitive to the
earth when there is a natural disaster looming, the sensitive people will avoid the
tsunami when it comes.
As I write I flick to the news which I haven’t seen in three weeks. China is invading
Tibet. China had a terrible earthquake. We still don’t piece it together. Once I heard
there was an African tribe unaware that sex and birth were connected. Sounds stupid.
But there are some people who do not connect karma, though it is obvious. You are
only fighting yourself. We are shaking the Earth till we die. The governments won’t
stop. It is as if they are on some sort of secret apocalypse mission. We can stop the
Earthquakes if we start behaving differently towards each other and the Earth.

Now you personally may be a nature-loving, conscientious citizen, going about your
daily life not meaning to harm anyone. This is most of us. Unfortunately the runaway
train of technology, industry and capitalism has us living like slaves to a system which
one day will inevitable crash.
It WILL crash. I believe very soon. If not, still, something needs to be done before it

Contemplate our delicate position for a moment. We are obliged to a system. We need
money to survive. We need cars to get to work to pay for cars – which are polluting
the air we breathe. We need medicine to keep healthy so we can eat more polluted
food to make us sick again. And even the medicine is designed to keep us sick, but let
me not go so into conspiracy for now.
Still, it seems Ok, sat in the living room. The tv shows wars but they are far away, the
tv shows famine but it is far away, the tv shows that so many countries are in horrible
debt – to who, to what?

Nobody knows. It is all a big mess. There is no money. It is a big lie.

One day a little number will have all the economies of the world on their knees…then
BOOM, chaos. No money, no import and export of goods, no manpower, no
computerpower, no transport power, no supermarket power, no food. What will the
people in New York eat? Each other probably. I AM SERIOUS. They will eat each

Chaos. Like you have never seen even in movies. The Matrix came close. We have
been hooked up to something we created to help us. Now it is destroying us. The
system; a big, bad idea.

The solution?

Thank you. I am a person who doesn’t like to dwell on the negative.

We created bad order, which is leading to chaos. The solution is good order. The
solution is a global community based on the intelligence of nature, of which we are an
integral part. Always have been and always will be.

The solution is actually very simple. Take your energy away from a destructive
system and put it into a creative system. Minus one from one side, plus one to the
other side.

The problem is huge, complicated, apparently impossible to resolve. The solution

however is simplicity. It is not to go into the system and amend it, but live aloof from
it so when it crashes, you don’t; so that when the heavy raft goes over the waterfall,
you and your tribe are disconnected from it and float gloriously to the new world

Human beings are naturally tribal. We live together in small tribes not one huge
interconnected system which creates a dependency on something outside itself, like
money and technology. A new global community will support all tribes. A global
network will give strength to the whole, in a way which nourishes the diversity of

In a perfect world we will have many communities. It starts small and grows. It has
started of course, there can be no beginning to anything, for all ideas are with the
original Thinker. But now is the time for an explosion of good; of beautiful ideas to
manifest a beautiful Earth and humanity.
People are moving back to nature as a natural outcome of people having moved away
from it.
And they find themselves in paradise.
As I write I sit on a hill overlooking a family\community project, watching friends
building an irrigation system, planting crops, playing music, cooking and looking
after children. It is such a far cry from the hideous life in city boxes, from the hell of
Earthquake chaos. The worlds are growing apart. Hell and heaven on planet Earth.
They are going to separate more till you realize it is a clear cut choice which you
want. If there is an Earthquake in the nature, the tee pee might shake a little but there
are no boxes to fall over on top of us.
The cities are boxes. We live in boxes, go to work in mobile boxes, spend half the life
earning money in boxes, and buy food in boxes to feed our boxed minds. Which is
where the trouble really begins. God didn’t create lines or squares or boxes. To live in
a house with corners is crazy. It takes the mind completely into an unnatural realm of
start and finish, and where there is a threat of an end, there is a fear of it, and then
there is an internal panic, and a race to consume, and a competition with other fearful
box-dwellers. I must sound crazy. But that is how crazy the world has become.

Nature is heaven. Everything is there. Here. We have it. Everything. And in it, if we
sustain it, and share it… we have all abundance, and ample time for fun, enjoyment.

An exodus is what I am calling for, to nature, which is Utopia.

For the benefit of all.

Dream creates Reality

Is it not simple to understand how to live to benefit all? Are there not enough
crusaders of love to turn this whole thing around?

The greedy have had there turn. The thing is, there is always debt. The greedy don’t
know it which is why they are continuously robbing themselves of a luxurious future.
Love has a debt too. You receive love in return for it.

It is called karma.
It is not just prophecy which dictates that the Bailiffs are coming to collect what is
owed, but universal law. It is time the world understood karma. Life is a game of
tennis with yourself. If you are ignorant you try and defeat yourself. If you are clever
you simply play with yourself. If you are artful you will be a professional tennis
Now, the people of Earth have accrued a shit-load of bad karma and the system is a
spiralling force of destruction. There are those that believe that it is going to destroy
everyone and ultimately end life on earth. It is not a ridiculous prediction but there is
one thing which is going to save the world and the people of the world who are ready
for it. The love revolution.

What are we to do?

This is a book written by someone who is continuously thinking what to do to turn the
spiral around and give it a kick up the ass.
The product is a book which aims to touch the hearts of those empathetic people of
the world whose desire to better the place matches mine.
From there we unite and grow as one entity. A revolution. A beautiful one. Merging
hearts with purpose understanding and love. We live how we would love to live,
trusting and loving nature and each other.
We welcome empathetic, humble, souls wanting to join a global sharing tribe.
It is an operation. We are about to do something. And here the beauty lies. The taste.
What we are about to do is live in Utopia, and invite people. It is going to work
because we are not creating something huge, but a snowball, which may attract more
flakes, and become bigger, and bigger, while remaining in essence fresh and pure, and
then bigger, till an avalanche is created. An avalanche of love. What can defeat it?
I am sat with people who live the way of unity, and it is great. Our present and future
are beautiful. The future more beautiful for snowballs grow, love grows, charity
It is divine.

Dream creates reality. An idea leads to its actualization. All we need to do is conceive
of the best idea and work on it, advertise it, live it. This book is a plan, an offering,
what I believe is a good idea, the best idea. If someone has better ideas then we are
together, for, when the foundation is love and unity, then the ideas will come thick and
fast… and I’m sure you are aware, if you are aware, that it is time to put into action
all the brilliant ideas we have been blessed with as we open up to the divine.
Dream creates reality. This is the secret. Everything is possible. The law of attraction.
We conceive of Utopia and step into it together. If we can have what we want we
should desire nothing less than Utopia, not another few zeros on our bank balance.
Are we such pathetic dreamers? (re; the film The Secret).

I will tell you in the book my dream reality, what I want to see and how I want to
create it, the first steps in manifesting it.
And it will be.
It will develop with spontaneity, with the increasing of the snowball, the ideas of
united dreamers.
Imagine all the people living life in peace. The best idea to date. Now it is time to
manifest John’s good idea.
An Exodus, to Utopia. THE Revolution. Starting now.
EXODUS – movement of the people
Part I – The Way

An exodus, from one place to another.

One place we may call Babylon, the system, the concoction of collective destructive
ideas of man.
Another place we may call Utopia, the heaven, a concoction of collective creative
ideas of man.
In between, the journey from one world to the other, from the old world to the new.
The exodus.

The exodus is a revolution movement we are calling ‘the Unity,’ for unity is what
creates and what is heaven. The Unity is a boat, a life-boat, an arc like Noah’s arc.
Noah was seen as crazy when he was building his boat in the middle of the forest. But
he knew what was coming. I know too.
So we need to survive the flood, a flood which will come from nature to wash away
anti-nature. Therefore the aim of the boat is to take everyone back to nature, back to
nature, the land itself, through the re-establishment of natural minds. You put Babylon
people in nature and they trash it in a day. We need to re-educate, we need to
naturalize the minds of men, so we may live in heaven.

My idea is to create a system where energy reaches through a global network of

conscious people who work to create sustainable, natural tribes, communities and
villages. There are communities all over the world that exist already with the same
ideology as myself. Those communities I would love to help grow and become more
productive and efficient and completely independent. If conscious people are to serve
the world then we must unite to bring about awareness to the people that this is the
way forward. Once a self-replenishing community is in operation then another can be
created, and another.
While some people may be inclined to relax and enjoy, others may want to create
space for more and more people to live like this. It is important. We need to grow
food. There will come a time when there is a healthy trend back to nature and all who
opt for nature must be welcomed. All it takes is a consciousness of solidarity, which is
naturally evolving in these communities. So heaven is being created. We have
examples on the planet of communal intelligence and living with Mother Earth.
The Unity is to bring this to the norm. To make heaven accessible for all. It is also
important now to unite our selves on a deep soul level, throughout the planet, to
ensure that unity, once installed, is a lasting phenomena.

To revolve. To turn around and go, together, in a positive direction. It is an overseeing
of a natural change. A careful re-assessment of how we should live with nature and
each other. Basic human standards of respect won’t need commandments in stone. We
should know that to kill our mother-in-law with a pick-axe is a bad thing.
We are family. Inter-connected life-forces, eternally related beyond the temporary
designations of man, woman; black, white; rich, poor; muslim, jew. Now is the time
to connect beyond designations and embrace each other aware of our oneness and
difference. The past is irrelevant. When you step into a new world you can forget the
history of the old one. History is history. Who killed who first. Wars continuing due to
reaction. Absolute Amnesty is the key. Forgive, forget and rebuild, create.

The Unity
A movement. Or should I say ‘movement’. We don’t need another ‘movement’ which
doesn’t move. However, the sense of belonging to a tribe is a part of the human
experience. We have our self, our lover, our family and our extended family, the
brotherhood. This brotherhood has no boundaries of caste, colour, or belief. It is
natural. The Unity is created to bring about the natural spirit of community.

The form of the Unity must be as flexible as the human being. Infinite and indefinite
as the souls attracted to it. It will exist to assist the turn around. It will assist
consciousness. In that regard it will be alive. But it will not exceed consciousness, just
like Chritianity took over from Christ. If we make machines they should serve our
freedom, not increase our slavery.
So the Unity is a mission and we are all missionaries. Right now, you have the choice;
to be a slave in a bad system, or a missionary in a good one. Otherwise you are
neutral, living in a self-sustainable farm, an example of what is required.

Energy Bank
Hopefully already established by the time you read this will be a website with
everything to go. The energy bank will be simple and effective. There will be ‘offers’
and ‘requirements’. People offer their energy, their skills, their labour, their time, their
ideas, their land. People require skills, labour, energy etc….
In this way we will link up the land to the people and farm it, make communities.
As the Unity grows we will have established sectors. Education departments, offering
education in Permaculture, Sustainable living, natural healing, conscious child raising,
farming etc…
These are areas concerning creation of the future environment. Also there will be
much publicity towards achieving the changeover. Departments of art, theatre, music
and so on will help everyone group together and produce genius art in a mood of
Earth-restoration and revolution.
There is something similar on the internet now, energy trading schemes. There is
everything, nearly. What is lacking is one beautiful magnet to suck everything
together giving all the positive projects support. So many spiritual and environmental
projects, if there was a one centre and one vision then all would benefit and achieve
their partial goals and we would all achieve that one true goal, unity.

The problem with money.

You may have noticed I am not in favour of dirty cash. Consider some truths.
Everyday it is on people’s minds. It is has become the obligation of life. You need
money to survive. At least that is what you are led to believe by those wanting you to
buy stuff. You actually need a little land that’s all. And a little land can keep many
‘So what do you do?’ people ask when you meet.
‘I do what I want to do. What do you do?’
Doing and money become inseparable in people’s minds. The whole world is built on
money, but it can fall at any moment. And then…
You have been deceived very mysteriously. Fast cars symbolize the ‘King of the
Road’ but surely the king is in no rush. Do you see any kings these days, all are in a
rush. For security.
I have had no money for twelve years and I eat like a king. People love me and give
me food and board and more. I serve the world and it serves me. I give whatever I
have to whoever needs it and I receive what I need when I need it. It is simple. So,
someone needs to work to buy the food I eat. No, they may grow it out of the ground.
Not everyone can be a nomad but everyone can plant a few seeds.
The money propaganda sought to fill people’s heads with dreams of comfort and
luxuries, keeping them working harder and spending more. It worked hideously well.
Capitalism aims to capitalize, on you. It is a game very few people are winning. Those
few people can do what they like, but what to do with all the money. Consuming
doesn’t feed the soul. We don’t need any more examples of depressed rich people to
understand this.
Happiest are those with no money. A little money is a problem cause the fear is there
it will run out. I lived on the streets of San Fransisco for a few months. There was
community, everyone seeing the other had food. And it always came. There was no
desperation for food. For drugs yes, but the angels are not so bothered about feeding
addiction. But for feeding needs they are there. The same angels, spirit guides, look
after the rich man’s survival too but more often than not he is oblivious to their help.

There is a deeper problem with money. If money is exchanged for goods then there is
no charity. There is no giving and receiving, the two fundamental acts of love. Money
has replaced love. Everything in life is affecting the body, mind and soul. If you eat
food packed and sold in huge supermarkets, not only the food is bad, so is the attitude
stored in it. You eat consciousness. Everything is consciousness. That is why you
cannot get out of the hamsters wheel. You are eating money, so you need more money.
If you eat food grown and cooked by friends you eat love. And you will have to give
love back in exchange. Karma. An opportunity to love will pass you, so you may give
back what you owe. If we exist in loving communities we will all be caught in a spiral
of loving exchange. The consciousness of the people will soar.

So money not only creates war, but it also prevents love. And because money creates
war, war also creates money. Look at the 9/11 disaster. Can you believe three
buildings collapse like a perfect demolition job with only ‘two’ planes hitting them.
How fucking remarkable is that? Then America chases a phantom terrorist and hence
the sales of arms had a good year. It is outrageous. It is so unbelievable that yes, the
people don’t believe that these humans play money games with lives. It is outrageous.
What is more outrageous is that we are not outraged. We are apathetic. Dull.
Because… we have been so separated now that to admit that the leaders were so
disgusting would mean we would have to make a revolution or something. And who
is going to start that?
Me. If no-one else. I don’t care who. But come on!!!!
These mass murderers make the laws we have to follow. They may arrest us for
having a leaves from a plant in our pocket or gathering in numbers to party. Two
hundred years ago we moved to America, killed the tribes, created laws and a system
to take you from nature and love… and into a world where we sit hypnotized behind
our steering wheels, polluting the air we breathe, and then vote for these people to
keep fucking up our lives.

Let us set up our own camp.

We just need to establish what we need. Trees for air. Little space for crops. Simple
shelter, beautiful shelter why not (…and trees and crops). Electricity. Not really. What
for? We have fires for warmth, lanterns for light, and each other for love. We will
have love. We will be falling in love again, so don’t need internet porn and love-
match sites. Maybe I am too extreme for you, but seriously, once you live in nature
you realize that the extra time cutting logs is so much more pleasurable and healthy
and rewarding than extra hours in a sweaty office financing some inconvenient
electrical convenience.

There is a war of consciousness on the planet. They, the illuminati or whoever they
may be are in the business of dulling the consciousness of the people, keeping them
blindfolded and distracted like children with new toys. They have radiation towers
sending out frequencies to directly mess with the mind. They are putting chips in our
bodies so we will not have any privacy, so if they decide we can be tracked. They are
keeping us sick with their medicines when we have invented small devices that kill
parasites within five days. Aids and cancer etc can be cured. It is just that this
information will be financially disastrous so if you try to leak it you may be killed.
We can run cars on water, so why are we still sucking oil out of the ground. Maybe
the earth needs it there. We mine everything and expect the earth to remain stable.
Information is available on the conspiracies. I am not an expert. You can look up Joe
Cell and Zapper and see what alternatives we have.
We need alternatives. And the alternative to this shit seems very alternative, too
alternative for you maybe. But you have a choice. Sitting in front of your tv,
comfortably watching the world at war. Or sitting round a fire eating good food with
good people. The change will change things.

So, to change things we can start where we are. In the city.

Hence the Unity Charity.

The Unity Charity

In towns and cities around the world I want to start a Money recycling program. It is
simple. An old idea used in a new way. Community. We make a franchise with
conscious outlets, organic farms, fair trade shops, natural healing centres; and invite
any ‘conscious’ business to be a part of the Unity.
The Unity businesses agree to give all extra profits above their expected growth to the
Unity Charity. The businesses will not lose. And the people will be giving Charity by
buying what they need to buy and what they usually buy from large supermarkets
from the community supporting Unity.
This way the money will come back to the people. It will create a dam so the money
circulates back within the community.
The extra profits caused by focussed spending of the people will go back to the people
in two ways.
The prices in the Unity places will come down so more people will be encouraged to
shop with consciousness and buy organic food and fair trade goods.
The Unity will buy land and farm it, growing communities. The money will be used
to orchestrate the whole revolution; and like reiki healing, where the money is needed
it goes. It will go to Africa to help those starving too. But not just food we need to
provide, we will send teachers and teach how to create sustainable farms within their
climate. If it is impossible then we will make a noise and relocate the people.
The Unity Charity creates the best business and gives ALL the profits back to the
people because those organizing the Unity do not want money. Just land. And it costs.
So we get it like this. Just by people spending in a better place than they do now. By
bettering their lives we better more lives. We create the spiral of positive exchange.
Charity. You will feel the difference consciously. Even if you are in a Unity bar
buying beer (organic would be best) you would feel good that you are giving in
charity as you are enjoying. And the bar staff would be happy to work there knowing
that they were giving back to the people who are buying the drinks. Hence, the
external and the internal start to change, from money to love.
Once the Unity snowball rolls, more businesses will unite, and also rich people will
start to donate. As it rolls we can invite in other charities also and bond with positive
schemes so there is no competition. This will eradicate all the false charities too!

All this takes organization, committees, trusts etc. It takes trust too. How else are we
going to crack this fear driven system and create the beautiful alternative? We may
show all transactions openly on websites. Nothing needs to be hidden. Showing
everything will reveal only integrity and honesty.
Which is why the Unity calls for honest people with integrity to keep the
consciousness clean, especially in the beginning.

This project is purely to speed up the Exodus. As communities pop up, people may
sell up and come and live in paradise, and relax, and play and add their energy to the
revolution however they feel.

As I write we have a lot of work to do. I have people working on this project but we
need more help. I am in the idea station and need ground workers.

So. Is it necessary? A whole Babylon business? Yes. If we see our trapped brothers
unable to jump into the life-boat. If we are going to use money, let it be wisely so one
day we don’t need it. Let us use a thorn to pluck a thorn.

Fifty-two Funny Fridays and World Unity Hour

The Charity will work because of our ludicrously brilliant publicity campaigns. We
have such a pure and genius goal so we may use all sorts of tactics to bring it to light;
street theatre, music, art, circus, pure ridiculousness. On a growing scale.
For example, an idea: every Friday at 4 pm we can have World Unity Hour. The first
Friday may see twelve people standing on chairs wearing white robes and holding
boards with the words ‘Dream Creates Reality – the best dream wins in the end.’ We
give out flyers and make a youtube clip. 2nd Friday. 200 people dress as frogs and
dance around the street giving out cookies and flyers. 200 frogs, it’s a lot of big frogs
for one town. Publicity all over. If you do something good in one place, many places
see it.
Next week; a request from someone; ‘Let’s make circles around the city centre and
back up so we catch more and more people. We can all paint our bodies purple and
give out purple balloons with wise words on each. Publicity. So the Unity Charities
will be known about and the whole idea will be opened up to the public, and this book
will be read, and communities will be sought, and money will come for land…and….
..the next Friday we can all pose as Superman. Exactly at 4 pm we will explode into
action… 2000 superman spanning 14 countries. Inspired to be ridiculous yet kind, and
not in anyone’s faces…. (If we are representing light let us be light!!!)
Oh, the fun. Next week. It will grow exponentially and as it grows the power to create
beautiful publicity will grow.
When the numbers really grow we can start doing circles around the cities, chanting
Om, or World Love Making Hour, when one hour tantric sex is followed by
worldwide multiple orgasms… Or World Holi Day, we can spray the whole world
with colour just like in India, only there it is an official holiday. Imagine the train
stations with covered businessmen. Whatever we decide. But we do one thing,
together. It isn’t what it is how. Together is how.
All this creation and celebration and innovative art will point towards a utopian
alternative, a real alternative. Practical and necessary. And it can be achieved in a
short space of time.
Fifty two Fridays. Next good idea!

Idea Banks

So, as well as energy banks we have idea banks. We will have teams of teachers,
speakers, artists etc. We need to catch the imagination of the world. When I am
writing this book I always see how one idea would put off some and attract others.
Some words some will find funny, some not. Some statements too bold, not bold
enough. It is a difficult task attracting all which is why I appeal to you, ‘Come out
from boundaries and see the light and beauty of an idea.’ Personally you can be how
you like, but allow everyone to be how they like. One world has so many types of
consciousness. We can utilize all skills and all colours of mind, but we need, we need,
to put it all in one pot, and accepting our differences, accept and appreciate our

I had an idea for Israel when I was there. Imagine.

Once the Unity grows, big and beautiful parties will take place. Many friends make
trance parties, especially in Israel. Watch out world, there is a lot of light in this place!
5000 people dressed in white, holding hands around the Old City of Jerusalem, in
silence for one hour, in prayer and meditation.
Simultaneously, 5000 people in Tel Aviv dressed as superheroes, standing on the
streets for one hour, the same hour. In the evening the two tribes come together as one
day it is prophecized they will, and a big Tribal Dance Festival will take place. A play
battle will commence, all organized and orchestrated for the cameras (sometimes the
camera makes magic). The white throw flour and the superheroes spray colour and
everyone gets united in colour. Then the drums start and the craziest ever tribal party
commences. Everyone I told about this told me they would come. This is the point.
We can organize events and put out idea and see who is ‘in’!!!
Who wants to be part of an expanding party scene with a revolution as foundation?
We can know by internet. Let us know.
I am giving just ideas, you can see it developing in your own mind as you read. You
are starting to know it is possible yet…? Yeah…
…so let us do it!!
Viva la revolution….ha,haa.

The Convoy of Light

I am building a picture for you to visualize, to feel. Of course, it will flow in its own
spontaneous and unpredictable way, but once you feel the intensity and joy of the
plan, then the details you can help to fill in yourself. Dream creates reality. It is of
paramount importance therefore that we dream the same dream. So even if the book
inspires us towards consultation on a serious level to what that dream is and should be
then we are stepping inevitably towards its manifestation.
And once again, we can choose our reality, so dream high.
I have had, and will continue to have, many ideas for projects to bring about the
Unity, some radical, some basic and practical. Some failed but all led to the next one.
Many criticize me because I come out with many ideas, but that is my strength I tell
them, I never give up. It is not the idea it is the fact that they are coming thick and
fast. One sperm will get through to the ovum, and life will begin.
Let this book be the lucky sperm.

Another idea manifesting now is the ‘convoy of light’. Some of us are nomads by
nature. As well as communities we will have travelling communities. The idea started
out with buying a van, and meeting a friend buying a van and then realizing together
we can make food in festivals, and then another friend with another van comes and
we can carry twelve or so people and then we can make street theatre, and music, and
food, and in all towns we pass make children’s puppet theatre and have a healing tent,
and an information desk about the Unity. The idea grew. It will happen.
As I speak, around me are travellers buying donkeys, fed up with polluting the planet
with vans, and rushing form here to there. What is the rush? Beautiful light beings
becoming the kings and queens they were destined to become, now with ideas to
travel together, with donkeys and mules, from village to village, country to country.
So beautiful. With children growing in the nature, learning through life and not
military style information books.
Nomads and gypsies may join our convoy, form new convoys, all over the world.
They may travel from community to community, learning once again the secrets of
nature and teaching these secrets to everyone else.
With a beautiful mood of love, adventure, creativity and revolution we will grow, in
quantity and in quality.

In April 2009 there is organized a walk across Israel, named ‘Walk about love’, for the
purpose of inviting different groups to walk and sing and live together in the three
month trek. Such energetic work is changing the world, from ether to matter. Prayer
groups, meditation circles, dance celebrations are never a waste of time. Soon we can
become closer and focus these events towards a clearly envisioned destination.

When speaking of organizations a lot of people are understandably averse to the idea,
the world having been plagued by institutions, religions, societies, groups that only
separated people by the methods of categorization and hierarchy.
The Unity has no such hierarchical mood. There will be leaders of projects and there
will be my self in the middle of it all making sure it is not polluted or diverted. The
part I am to play is like that of a conductor, keeping the timing and absorbing the
It is a sensitive role because the ego of man will protest as if I am about to reap some
benefit from it. But I don’t want or need money, or fame or adoration or followers. I
have no needs. So, understanding that the revolution needs a head, I stick my head
out, again… and if it gets shot off, at least the book is out there. The revolution is
created by an idea not a person; many ideas from many people. The focalizor is
someone to focus on and keep in tune with. I hope you understand. It is important.
Otherwise, argument, indecision and balagan, chaos will rock the lifeboat. We have
no time for endless discussions. What is needed is obvious, what is nature is nature.
What is needed is just some focussing work, otherwise we all know what needs to be
done and that we need to do it tog

The Rainbow

One world. One love. How is it possible to consider? The people of the world are so
dispersed. Mostly it is true. But that very split has caused a trend of the opposite. The
further apart we become the closer we want to become.
The fruit of that desire has manifested, in one way, as the Rainbow Gathering.
Since its conception after the Woodstock festival, there have been hundreds of
festivals under the ‘all are welcome’ rainbow flag.
Conscientious guidelines are set in vision councils which give the foundation of the
festivals an Earth-friendly, people-sharing, vibration. Due to this effort by volunteer
organizers the gatherings host strong community feelings.
The idea is simple.
You find a location off the beaten track; a forest, a desert, preferably with water
supply (otherwise running back and forth with tanks apply). You make a kitchen area,
a main fire area, and invite people to live together for one month.
Requested of the people is no electrical appliances, phones etc, no hard drugs, no
vehicles on the site, there is usually a welcome centre and car park a distance away.
The festivals not only provide for a months entertainment, enjoyment but really bond
people with each other and with nature. There are always problems of course, because
you are a group of people, with eternal life-problems at hand, stripped naked and
revealed. Internally many people go through big processes in the festivals and
externally there is always some saga, someone getting crazy or police arriving to
disturb the peace.
What is missing mainly in the Rainbow is a head. Somehow, we concluded that a tribe
doesn’t need a head. But there is nothing wrong with a head if it is wise. In fact a
body cannot do anything without a head. The shaman, guru, chief were the heads of
tribes and respected by all. Talking circles led to decisions, and tribal people felt
protected and united. In the rainbow, because of the equality ideal being taken to the
extreme of headlessness, the hippies never created the revolution that was threatened
in the sixties. Thoughts never die. Here we are. One and different. The revolution?
Same job, different roles.

Unity Tribal Gathering

I envision a Unity gathering, taking the education seriously. Imagine, one hundred
people, no more, no less, together, for 28 days. In the beginning there would be
acquiring of duties – so all may relax completely knowing the other 99 parts would
provide efficient energy in constructing a temporary tribe.
We could have builders of beautiful natural homes teaching this art. Permaculture
experts, herbal medicine healers, masseurs, meditators, craftsmen, tantrics, musicians
all teaching and leading each other in their own given workshop space.
Talking circles would be eloquently conducted, with everyone absorbing the ‘sharer’.
Such events, attracting strong individuals, could be organized all over the world. We
can also make a film of the event so the world could benefit. I am not against
technology if it benefits nature and mankind.
This idea is not to oust the Rainbow tribe, but rather to take the Rainbow ideal of
natural tribal living a step further.
Again, it is an idea. Nothing has begun yet.
But what could we do if we set about it knowing the goal?

Prophecy 2012

The last date in the Mayan Calendar is 21/12/12. Much speculation and prophecy
surrounds this date. The feeling amongst the people who feel the new age is coming is
that 2012 is going to be the year of significant change. This timing coincides with
other prophecies of other cultures and also with astronomical research and logic.
If you look at the rate of growth of industry and technology (materialism) and also
spiritualism, it fits an exponential growth curve. Everything grows in multiplication
like this, including ignorance and consciousness.
1900-1960 Enormous inflation in materialism.
1960-1980 A fear in the people gains momentum, ‘where are we going with all this’.
1980-2000 Radical advancement and more fear. Children kept inside, imprisoned in
2000-2007 Faster growth of materialism and spiritualism.

On 22/11/07 there was a small earthquake in Tel Aviv. On this day in Tel Aviv I wrote
pages for a website similar to this writing. As I began to explain exponential growth
of consciousness, I drew a 45 degree angle with the time line as base. Where the line
touches the curve is the point where time and change move at the same pace. That
point, I realized, was that very day. Thus we were entering a new energetic climate
where change is faster than time. I stepped outside and noticed the colours were
different, the energies, the vibration. Friends noticed too.
0-45 degrees = beginning of time to 22/11/07 and 45 degrees to 90 degrees = The
Revolution Period, where we are now. This period will last only five years, and
change will be greater in that time than the rest of history. All this goes to illuminate
the fact that right now everything is possible. It is difficult to foresee exactly where
these five years will bring us to. I know one thing. It will be light. The darkness will
grow and defeat itself. The light will grow and redeem itself.
By the end of 2012 we will be united, living in paradise on Earth. At least it will
begin. The darkness may take out a big percentage of the population. But there is
nothing to fear, because if you are reading and believing you are probably ready for
the paradise, and if not, I am wrong and there is nothing to fear.

Plus, there is no death. Only life, here or anywhere else.

The prophecy is for here. The Hopi tribes predicted that a new tribe will emerge from
the chaos of our times. It is quite clear to see these people amongst us. We know who
we are. The shepherds at least. There are shepherds and there are sheep. A lot of sheep
will come with the shepherds. They may not know that yet, but simple people will
uproot easily from this nightmare.
Now, we should unite more clearly so others may recognize us, and themselves in this
glorious time.
The new age will come soon, but not overnight. It is not something to wait for but
create. As we move into further spiritual heights our divine creative powers will help
concentrate and speed up the unification of mankind. It starts now. Small. A domino
effect of people deciding, ‘I’m in’ and then energy wil come to really create our
Before 22/11/07 I noticed how my desire and the fruit of my desire were becoming
closer. Then, after this, the fruit was coming before the desire had struck me. As if
God was planting exactly what I needed in front of me before I was aware I needed it.
It is our time. Money and time are to be replaced by love and timelessness. It is the
end of time. Not the end of the world. We must learn to live not in a new way, but an
eternal way, which means a natural way, full of love.

The Taste of Exodus

For the last few days I have lived in the countryside of Portugal with friends living in
simple accommodation, growing their own food, everyone serving each other. The
system is far away. I don’t know what day it is, where we are on the map, how much
anything costs, or how Arsenal are doing in the league.
It is hard to be anywhere but in the present. As I consider the future it seems so easy,
not a difficult lifestyle to step into.
But then I remember the city streets, and people scurrying with high heel shoes and
suspicious faces, and I remember, we (mostly) have a long way to go.
But, I am more than optimistic, I am knowledgeable. We will go a long way in a short
space of time. What is there to lose?
Everything is here in nature. Full security. It doesn’t change; the system remains
friendly. You put a seed in the ground and plant pops up, and with fruit dangling on it.
Just like in Adam’s day.
Paradise exists here on Earth. Utopia is here. You just cannot see it, or feel it. You see
the shapes but you don’t feel the shapes, or the colours, the smells, the tastes and
awareness and love and God.
The exodus to utopia is not only an outward march, it is primarily an inward journey.
The inward journey needs to be taken too.
Part II will uncover secrets of the internal journey. And how we journey together.
To end the first chapter Exodus, what we do, let me imagine a successful mission and
taste its fruit.
If we had a growing number of communities worldwide, independent yet affiliated
with the Unity, supported by the Unity Charity till completely self sufficient, the
world aware of the mission, that position would be an easy lure to nature.
Most of the space on this planet is not used. We can live there, plant trees, instead of
living on top of each other in boxes like chickens, chasing the money to lock yourself
more securely in your box.
Wake up people. You are being ridiculed from heaven.
Think, think, think.
Watch the movies Zeitgeist, Sicko, V for Vendetta etc etc. The system you serve is
shitting on you.
Come, let’s start again. We have the space, the time, the ingredients, the initiative, the
ideas, the inspiration, the inside information, the intrigue, the inclination, the
intoxication, the ink!

Incredible isn’t it?

FREEDOM – the internal exodus

Part II – the mood of the way
If the internal is not changed, don’t expect the external to look beautiful. The outside
world is only the internal world manifest for all to see.
Right now it is ugly. The people are ugly. Some rapid beautification is in order. We
are entering the new age. Heaven is coming down, so you’d better be looking good.
We can try to change ourselves by plastic surgery or we can change ourselves by
‘atmic’ surgery!

Again, it is a simple truth which all should know. Consciousness produces matter.
Consciousness is first. Matter is second.
‘First change yourself’ the wise tell me when I tell them ‘I want to change the world.’
They are right. But when you do change naturally you want to change the world. I
spent seven years as a monk changing my self. It is not necessary to be a monk or a
nun. That was my exclusive path. No two paths can be the same. As long as the first
incision is the soul. Then, immediately, may come the change to the external world.

The Three Modes of Nature

There are three fundamental qualities, or modes, of nature. Tamas (ignorance), Rajas
(passion) and Sattva (goodness). (I will use a little Sanskrit from here to help describe
essence.) A quality of Sattva is knowledge so one in Sattva knows that Sattva is good
for one’s happiness.
Simply by knowing Sattva is congenial for happiness once can do work to keep in
‘sattvic’. For example; by performing yoga and meditation your consciousness will
feel fresh, and your senses alive. In such a condition you have to clean your house,
you won’t be able to tolerate dirt.
If there is too much dirt however, maybe you won’t find the inspiration to do yoga.
Those in knowledge of what is good for them help themselves with knowledge, first
cleaning the dirt and then doing yoga.
This is how the relationship between consciousness and matter works.
It only takes a moments desire for light, truth, cleanliness, love for action on the
outside to begin. I want this. I do this.
Before the yoga you have created environment for yoga. This cleaning the space for
yoga is also a type of yoga, karma yoga or bhakti yoga depending on the internal
consciousness, so it also cleans the heart.
Intention is the starting key. You intend to do yoga, you clean the place. So yoga
begins immediately after the intention is set.
You may also clean a place begrudgingly, so you may enjoy a party in it. Obviously it
will soon be trashed again. This is the mode of passion. Up, down, up, down. Extreme
to extreme. The mode of ignorance is something like waking up in the morning,
sitting amongst last nights leftover pizza and beer cans and lighting up the morning
cigarette, not caring for cleanliness. The senses are dead. In that state you feel nothing
is wrong, but don’t feel good. In fact, you barely feel.

Taking these examples, it is obvious that it is in sattva guna, the mode of goodness,
we have to change our living space, the world. And once this intention is set, once the
internal agreement is there, then we may offer our self to the cause, to the Revolution,
‘what can I do?’ The yoga has begun.
The Process of Creation
First intention, then action.
First dream, then creation.
Before you clean the room you have seen it clean in your mind, for a split second. A
few more seconds thought, and you have found the vacuum cleaner, the dustpan and
brush, and you have used them and, in your mind, you have cleaned the room. This is
called manasi seva, mental service. You have the goal and the way to the goal clear in
your mind, the rest is easy! You’ll find if the intention is sattvic the rest brings the
happiness of sattva. Cleaning a dirty house can be in ignorance, begrudgingly, in
passion, hurriedly, or in sattva, in happiness. Everything is consciousness. Nothing is
good or bad. It ain’t what you do it’s the way that you do it and that’s what gets
results. (Thankyou Bananarama – ed).

So it is a process.
1 Observe the present. Look at the world, see what state it is in.
2 Intension – desire and decide to make it better.
3 Mental plan – understand how to make it better, what to do, what tools you need,
what help you need, and then, mentally, see it done.
4 Do it.

It is easy.
1 The world is in a shit state.
2 Let’s do something about it.
3 What to do?
a) Tamas – everything is O.K. Nothing needs to be done.
b) Rajas – Let’s kill Bush
c) Sattva – let’s create a new system, disturbing no-one and freeing everyone who
wants to be free
Organize a revolution solution and see it done.
4 Do it.

The difference you may notice is ‘change in passion’ and ‘change in goodness.’
Change in goodness doesn’t mean there is no passion but the passion is subservient, in
service, to goodness. Passion alone is reactionary and the seed is exactly the same as
the fruit you want to change.
Take most anarchists. They are predominantly in rajas, the mode of passion, so
naturally they consider 1) The system shits on us 2) Let us shit on the system. Bush
kills so let us kill Bush. The police use crime against us so we use crime against them.
Anarchists because of constant meditation on police are always surrounded by them.
It is an intimate relationship. Nothing is solved. Just more war.
You bring to you what you love and what you hate. This is the law of raga
(attachment) and dvesa (aversion). Therefore we need to concentrate on positive
attachment rather than negative aversion. We concentrate on the beautiful dream
vision and not the nightmare.
Everyone is mixed with different modes of nature. Some anarchists really want to
change things, and are active, but have high rajas as well as sattva. Hippies have a
problem too. The sattva is there, but so is tamas which produces lethargy. So good
ideas stay good ideas and never manifest.

Of course, there is no such thing as anarchists and hippies, we are one beyond these
limitations. However, we slip into categorization due to the modes of nature.
Goodness supported by passion, supported by tamas is right for positive change.
Ignorance has its place. As sattva produces rememberance (of the dream) so tamas
produces ignorance (of the nightmare), which is necessary to concentrate on change.
If you have only sattva then you will sit in meditation forever and not care that others
cannot. It is Ok. But by God’s grace he endows us with love which has Suddha sattva,
suddha rajas and suddha tamas; divine modes of nature which creates positive
transformation in consciousness as opposed to lethargy, fight and escapism.

Greed or Love – a choice

Knowledge of the way things work helps us to create what we want to see.
Fortunately, this ancient knowledge is being received again. It is a natural cycle.
When the consciousness of the world plunges into ignorance, which produces greed,
envy, illusion – it eventually leads to disgust. This disgust is the catalyst of inquiry.
Who am I? What is the meaning of this life? How can I be happy? You ask, the
universe answers.
With this information you become aware of the power to control your own destiny.
The game is not over. There is a process of purification. What we are desiring is
largely reaction to what we are receiving. This is karma and we have lifetimes of
karma accrued.
We have the desires of others manipulating us, the natural movement of the sun,
moon, stars and planets, which affects our consciousness, and above all, the Suprem
Consciousness, the Generator, Operator, Destroyer… God.
We are parts of the Whole, individual units of energy paradoxically able to experience
the infinite.
If we want. We have choice. Without choice there is no relish of the fruit of life. If we
are continuously tasting strawberry juice there would be no relish. There would be no
strawberry juice even, for things to exist, nothing is also a requirement. Then from
nothing, something is produced. From space we move, we desire, we act, we grow,
we create, we taste.
So God is not to blame for the mess we are in. He had a choice. To give us choice or
not. Non-existence or existence/choice. Existence and choice are inseparable.
Now with that existence, with that choice we are free to create.
But we are not alone. We are we. We are many. This is another ornamentation of life.
Millions of creative units, dumped on one planet. For what? For survival? Yes, but as
humans we are not merely satisfied with survival, there is room in our hearts for
something more. Love. If this is not satisfied then we create war. As humans we have
a natural dissatisfaction with basic survival that is designed to create the impulse for
fulfilment which comes actually from love, but being unfulfilled leads to greed, which
leads to war. So in one sense, when God created the space for love, he also created
space for war. He created the space and then came and told us what to do with that
space. We didn’t listen, so we filled it with kama, desires for self gratification. A
world of many self-gratifiers produced Babylon.
A natural human being is full of love. If there is no love there is war, and an exodus
away from nature. This is why human beings mess up the planet and not the animals.
It is because we are meant for a deep love, a divine love. And if that is not
experienced we go against each other and nature.
The solution therefore is not peace. There can never be peace without love, because
naturally a human being wants to fill this space which God designed for our
fulfilment. And the duty of human life is to fill that space. We never had it as animals.
We neither messed up the planet nor achieved divine love of God.

Now, if we can mess up the planet, we can also achieve divine love of God.
Individually anyone can do it. But collectively, this is Utopia. Collectively makes it
easier for all.

Imagine ten little beings in a box with ten grapes. They can do three things. 1) Share
the grapes evenly. 2) Fight over the grapes. As soon as one takes two there is a
struggle to survive (and because no-one wants less, others will try to take two or
three, and leave the rest fighting to survive). 3) Crush the grapes, make a wine and

Greedy units created a struggle for the rest. This is our world. In our apathy, we
accept it, we even give more power to the greedy by supporting their greed. The most
greedy are full of intelligent ideas how to take your grapes without you knowing
which is why they disguise themselves as people who are giving grapes. This is the
predicament. Intelligence of those who want love to flourish, who want the grapes to
be shared is seen in this world now. They must be supported. Otherwise, what chance
has love?

What can we do to experience the units united in love, drunk on life?

We take a little space and create abundance. Then share it and experience the bliss of
this exchange. We separate ourselves from the greedy and create a new system, where
we share. And then we invite people to the party. It will taste so good in a human race
after time in a rat race that greed won’t enter there. Because love will satisfy the space
in the human soul!

A new culture will emerge. Units create this understanding the meaning of life and
how to extract the nectar from it. An alternative from the struggle is being created.
You may choose. Greed (rat race) or Love (human race).

At present the new culture still needs to associate with the old culture to acquire land
and materials, but in a short while the new culture will be independent and exist by
harmonious relationship with the Earth.

The rulers of the old world have claimed the land their own. You cannot live in a cave
because it is owned by the government (I tried in Israel!). You cannot live in a home
unless you have money. You cannot live on the street because you are a disturbance to
their slaves who are hypnotized by their bullshit. You have to make money. But then
they take it. To make bombs. To make more money for themselves.
You are connected karmically to murderers and thus are obliged to reaction. It is not
your fault. You need to survive. But if a smart group of people could offer you
survival as a mere consequence of a tastier pie then would you take it. A new world; a
re-emergence of choice. Have you not had enough injustice and slavery?
You have a choice; money, competition and death or natural abundance, sharing and
life. Because God created choice he didn’t need to be a Judge. There is no judgement
day. There is only moment to moment action and reaction. There is choice and there is
reaction. Choose love and receive love as reaction. Choose greed and suffer in the
karmic flux of this world life after life. There is no choice really once you know there
is this choice!

Trust in the Universe

When I took Babaji initiation in India five years ago my guru told me not to
endeavour for money. The Babaji path is an accepting path. He surrenders to the
Universe like a baby surrenders to the mother. He is dependent on the Divine. As
such, the Babaji experiences the universe is serving his needs and he relaxes. The
surrender frees him from karma and he is able to take people’s karma. When people
buy him food they are being used as an agent of the Divine and he sees it (and mostly
the buyer sees it, because he connects with intelligent people). Also he receives the
offering of Daksina. Daksina is what is offered to the saint for one’s own purification.
What you give is money. What you receive is the power to surrender. For that is all
that the Babaji has. Now you can imagine the number of Indian ‘holy’ men ‘purifying’
the people of karma and receiving daksina. But remember, Christ came before
Christianity. The guru, the saint, the holy man is rare but he exists. Among the
millions of shaped-glass impersonators exists the diamond.

Existence is so happy when you trust it. God is happy when you pull yourself away
from a force which pulls people away from Him. You are so happy when you realize
this and let go.
Now the time has come for this let go.
Day by day you will have magical experiences. When once you thought of
coincidence now you will understand the gift of spirit guides. Everything is gift of
God. And his timing in giving what you need makes you aware of his conscious
You will not only acquire what you need to survive, but you will be drawn into
experiences of love. Your life becomes like a fairytale, falling in love under waterfalls
with people so beautiful; people who also trust. Once you trust you will naturally be
surrounded by others who also trust. Once you share you will be surrounded by
This let go takes away all the stress and you become beautiful. Then you find yourself
surrounded by beautiful people and naturally you fall in love with them. It is amazing.
Once you start to tread this path of trust it just increases, the love increases, it never
stops. Sometimes you feel like you need a day off from it, it can be overwhelming.
But this is just the introduction, there is more to come. We are being led to the real
Utopia where we are constantly in love. And it is here.
My friend has ‘jumped’ three times into the hands of the Universe, twice returning to
a secure life in the town due to fear and uncertainty of the trust path. We have been
fearful many lifetimes so the mind becomes split. Security and fear; let go and trust.
Once you have tasted the trust once you inevitably trust again. This time my friend
left her job, university degree, and home and buying two tickets to Portugal jumped
with me and headed for the rainbow. The first night we set up our tent in a park just
outside a town which ‘by chance’ was having a festival the next day. There was an
opening ceremony. As we finished erecting the tent fireworks lit up the sky. For us.
For her. The Universe, God, will let you know She/He is pleased, and that feeling is
worth a million university degrees.

So here we are in paradise. We were going to buy a van but now we are sharing a van
with a woman who is happy to have our company. She is amazed at the reciprocation
with her trust.
One time, in Israel, she feared. She only had 600 sheckles before her money ran out.
‘I’m worried’ she admitted. ‘So put it in the magic hat (donation box!) and stop
worrying. She did. It worked. The angels began immediately giving everything we
needed. In God We Trust. The other side will tell you the same thing. I told you, the
greedy use the same words.

You can experiment with life a little. Go travelling and take no money. You will meet
your spirit guides. You will meet people who love to help, whose help is love. While
you have money you can only create business relationships. With no money you will
create loving relationships because people love to give. Giving and receiving are two
sides of the same ‘coin’. It is a circle. The more you give the more you receive. The
more you receive the more you will have chance to give. If money is involved then all
the karma is there and the heart will remain dry. Trust me.

Again and again the lover’s of God appeal to the people, ‘trust, trust, trust.’ Then the
people start arguing. Jesus says trust in him. Mohammed says trust in him. Krishna
says trust in him. They are ALL SAYING THE SAME THING you fools. Truth is
truth. At last spiritual seekers on the planet are aware of this and join hands to praise
all the speakers of truth. Religion is dead thank God. Spirituality is alive, growing
from the compost of its death.

The churches are dead too. Most are closed. Oh. St. Paul’s Cathedral is open. I love to
play flute in churches so we went inside the last time I visited England, so I was
happy to walk through the door and read ‘Heaven’s Gate.’ ‘Four pounds fifty please,’
they wanted dirty cash. I refused and walked in. ‘Sir, sir… you must pay.’ I spared
him my full dramatics. ‘It’s a good job Jesus doesn’t come here, he’d turn over your
table,’ I said, ‘can you tell me where Hell’s gate is?’

Hypocrisy. The wise are not fooled anymore. Only fools are fooled. The sincere find
truth. Now it is coming in science movies. ‘What the bleep do we know?’ Thousands
of years ago the Vedas were written down and the fundamental teaching was, and is,
consciousness manipulates matter, dream creates reality.
So as long as people understand this, it doesn’t matter how the understanding comes.
God is not attached to one book. You may pick up Playboy magazine and read three
words ‘come inside me’ and it hit you, ‘That’s it, I must enter God’s heart.’ It happens.

Union through devotion

It is Absolute Amnesty time.
This world is a karmic mess. How to sort it out? Imagine millions of balls of wool
forever intertwined. Are you going to start unravelling? If you are from the Church of
Scientology yes. If you are from the Church of Common Sense, no. But what to do?
Bhakti-yoga. You cut the thread with the scissors of devotion.

There are three types of yoga. Three ways to unite with the divine energy.
1) Body yoga – astanga yoga, karma yoga
2) Mind yoga – jnana yoga, buddhi yoga
3) Soul yoga – bhakti yoga

Each serves the other. As I mentioned before, creating space for your body creates
space for your mind and vice versa. The goal of astanga yoga is health, and a clean
vehicle for jnana yoga or meditation; the goal of meditation is merging with Brahman,
awareness of God’s omnipresence and experience your own non-difference from It.
The goal of devotion is love. You unite with God while remaining an individual unit
in love with God. This is where God gets personal.

Some knowledge is required.

There are three aspects of God. Brahman, Paramatma and Bhagavan.
Brahman is the Everything.
Paramatma is the Everyone.
Bhagavan is the Someone.

This Someone I will deal with later. For now the basic concept of devotion I will
Karma yoga leads you to a happy life in relationship with God. You achieve happiness
but the relationship is not practical or personal. You offer everthing to God as you
produce it and that process purifies the karma. You may ascend to heavenly planets in
this way. Jnana yoga sends you into God’s energy, ridding yourself of your self,
annihilating all possibility of suffering (and love). Bhakti yoga rewards you with
premananda, the ecstasy of loving. Therefore it is the Supreme process for elevating
the consciousness.

Surrender is the initial step. It is a leap of trust. That ‘leap’ may take a while. That is
why there are books and boks on philosophy and logic and mantras you can chant to
purify the heart till the Universe nudges you off the back end of this plane and into a
sky dive. Then you are free.
Real surrender cuts the bonds of karma instantly. Real surrender not only destroys all
previous bad karma (and ‘good’ karma) but also the tendency to create more karma.
In bhakti yoga because you surrender yourself, then everything you do becomes
devotion. You become devotion. You become love.
Devotion and love then increases, intensifies. You are manipulated by love. It moves
you and the blissful experience of it moving you impels you to surrender more.
You become endowed with internal vision. You will perceive Love in all things,
animate and inanimate. You will become sensitive to energies. Which is why you will
prefer the nature, which is unadulterated sattva, pure goodness.
You will prefer the company of sattvic people, people who are trusting and
surrendering to the Universe, and Love.
The jewel verse in the Bhagavad-Gita, the holy text of India, is spoken by Krishna to
Arjuna, God to man; ‘Give up all dharma (obligations) and surrender to Me (Love,
God, Universe, Self). I will free you from sin and karma. Have no fear.’
Theoretically one may live in the middle of a busy city, work in an office job, married
with five kids, and possess three automatic washing machines. Love is in everything.
But, Love wants you to experience the fruit of life. Love, magic, heaven.
What Love gives is choice and opportunity. The opportunity to choose love’s choice
for you. It guides. It doesn’t just plop you in the world and leave you. It guides.
In the beginning, till your senses are spiritualized, it guides you to guides, people who
understand it’s guidance. Take the opportunity. Love gives opportunity. We take it.
And experience the Earth and the Divine simultaneously.
However, the obligations we have the more difficult it is to follow it’s guidance.
‘O.k, get off the train, speak to the girl in the red hat,’ Love may inspire.
‘But Love, I will be late for work.’
Love doesn’t give a shit about your work. It cares about your play. You are running to
work to secure your food, but Love will give you food and the girl in the red hat!
Love tells you to not be obliged to a system cunningly designed by loveless people to
sidetrack you from your spontaneous infinite self. You don’t trust Him. Hence, you
believe there is no Love. You have no inner vision.

If you are sensitive you will see everything in everything. This is science. In Vedic
metaphysics each atom is described as an unlimited universe posing as limited,
bonding with a few more unlimited universal atoms and appearing as a white pair of
shoes. This is maya, the illusory energy at play. It is real because reality is subjective.
Everything is real. What we see together is seen as the same because our vision is the
same, and this phenomenal universe is related to our frequency at the time of death.
So we live a life on Planet Earth, and presume there is no more. But there is much
more. Even on this planet, if you become super-sensitive you will see colour in sound,
smell shapes, feel the personality of trees, see the Goddess of Red in red, the God of
Dexterity in dexterity, the God and Goddess of Love in everything.

It is all very scientific. Understanding this science can lead you to the highest
consciousness. The highest consciousness will produce the highest reality. Therefore
to surrender to Love allows you the freedom of infinite choice. You become a slave of
Love and thus He promotes you to creator of your highest reality. Otherwise, you are
not seeing things as they are. It is as simple as that. If you don’t see how things work,
you cannot go about adjusting anything. If you want to change the world, you have to
know how it is being governed by the Supreme Consciousness called Love. You can
only work with that Consciousness to produce the ideal Utopia for yourself and all

Once you come to know Love then you realize that not only is this helping me create
Utopia, the very experience of knowing Love is Utopia! Inside you have made the
exodus. Now the external exodus can go all the way.

Speciality of the Individual Soul

Once we know ourselves to be servants of Love we will wonder ‘how to serve’.
Dharma means obligations in this world. To family, society, country, but it is the
eternal dharma which gives ananda, satisfied bliss, to the individual.
Bhakti is the fundamental duty of the soul. Devotion to the Divine Love; and due to
our individuality we all have individual dharmas which are related to our true nature
in service of the Divine Love.
When we act in devotion according to our dharma, together in service to Divine Love
we become truly blissful.
Because of the struggle for survival most of us don’t know our own nature, our own
dharma, but if we begin a new culture, in friendship with the Earth and the Divine,
then we will find our Self and what to do with our self.
A person is not limited by dharma. Dharma is a speciality of the soul. A gift. A skill.
An art. We all have different gifts, as a garden has different flowers. When we share
these gifts with each other we attain the fruit of life. Living as part of an ecstatic
organic whole, a community.
When Krishna said ‘give up all other dharmas and come to me’ he is saying give up
those obligations which veer you from your deepest self. He doesn’t advocate
stopping work, but working in devotion.
Working in devotion, right now, means organizing a revolution, because only
revolution can bring the space for Divine Love to be freely experienced.

Loving Relationships
The individual in Love will take shelter of a certain way of life. Within human life
you may want to be married to one wife and experience growth of Love together. You
may want to be celibate and fly alone. You may want more than one wife, or more
than one husband. Everything is possible. When Love moves you it moves you in a
perfect way and you will come in touch with the perfect lovers around you who are
looking for you. Exactly. You will be perfect for your lover, and your lover will be
perfect for you. Even if you are not yet completely perfect, you and your lover will
realize that for the journey to perfection you are perfect and thereby there is only a
process of purification and concentrating the love energy.

Some people may want never to marry but experience love with whoever he or she
feels. God is not against Love in any way. If the journey is to Love how can Love be
against it. In times gone by the religious books have encouraged marriage, but
marriage these days is just another burden. It may be the beautiful vehicle for Love to
grow, but more often than not it is a farce. Chaste love is very deep if you can
accomplish it. This means never thinking about anyone buy your wife or husband, not
just masterbating in front of the computer and dreaming of what is outside your
marriage. You will just hate the one who is tying you to a relationship. It is better you
be honest, have an open relationship and share your experiences with your lover. This
can be very deep. To allow your lover other lovers is such a surrender that it brings
the lover back to you, and it keeps your love alive, it keeps interest, and the erotic
flavour alive for each other.

In these times of breaking through to the other side, marriage is as dead as religion.
Love is surfacing and needs no vicar or priest to confirm a vow with a piece of paper.
If religion is dead, the paper must be dead also. So, that surrender to each other must
be between each other. In this way you create your own rules, your own level of
surrender, and you become close to each other, amending on the way, or parting, with
love, to journey towards the divine. Marriage in society has become a joke. People
arrange their divorce agreements before marriage. It is all business. Money poked its
ugly head right inside the sacred union. Best to surrender completely to a lover and
tell that lover that tomorrow I may fly away, you may fly away, but with love in my
heart. When we stop building boxes around ourselves and live in simple communities
it won’t be a problem to follow love. There is a deeper chance of surrender to each
other if there is no mortgage to stress about.

Even with children, it is better the parents are loving friends who have parted than
people who don’t like each other anymore but are keeping together because… this
because is a problem. ‘Because’ is the opposite of love. In love there is no reason.
When reason comes in, love leaves. Children need love. They are so sensitive. They
are not interested in the presence of the parents’ bodies, but the love of the parents’

The times are a-changing. We must move with the change and not be afraid to
establish new relationships with new lovers who are heading in the same direction. If
you are hitchhiking from Scotland to London, don’t expect a ride all the way. But take
the ride in the right direction till the vehicle turns off. Get out the car and stick your
thumb out again. You will get there. You will arrive in the company of your true love.
It takes time. But don’t be afraid of letting go and continuing. The internal journey
will be rewarded externally. When you find your true self you will find your true love
next to you. Love is the only obligation, not even your past declarations of it.

Having surrendered to Love you become free from karma. However, you are still
here, in karmabhumi, the world of karma, so Love uses your past karma so you may
experience life here and the journey towards a deeper love. Otherwise you would just
die and not be able to perfect your love. When your karma is finished it means that
Love is responsible for everything and you view the world like this. No one is against
you, everything that comes to you is for you. The pains, the pleasures, the insults, the
torments, the compliments, the caresses. Everything is used in the development of
your love. To be free from karma is not the goal of life. It is a big step in the right
direction. Once you are free from karma you are on the next leg of the journey which
is purifying and crystallizing your love towards the Divine.

Surrender is the key to freedom.

Beyond freedom there is another choice.
Do we remain free and enjoy the fruits of our endeavour, or do we go deeper, into the
realms of intimate Divine Love?

UTOPIA – the Playground of Love

Part III – the homecoming

There are two types of Divine Love. Universal Love and Personal Love. In Part II I
spoke of Universal Love, a Love for the Divine which is formless, nameless,
pervading all religious belief and available to every man and woman on the planet
without taking specific shelter of any doctrine. Freedom. In freedom we can unite as
brothers and sisters and create the beautiful love revolution. We can build
communities and respect each other as equals forgetting past sectarian dogmas.

Personal Love however is not just something to experience with each other on the
way to the Divine or upon reaching the Divine, but something to experience with the

Bhagavan is the Someone. The Personal God. The form of energy – Love Himself.

This is Acintya Bhedabheda Tattva. The inconceivable, simultaneous oneness and

difference of the Absolute Truth. The Ultimate Paradox.

Brahman, oneness, is the fundamental experience of divinity. We can all agree on the
oneness of God. And we can all disagree on the difference of God. And remain
brothers. Our Mother is the same. Mother Earth. Our father is the same, but we may
see Him differently. It is O.K. We may disagree and still be in love with each other.
Once we agree on the oneness, we can respectfully disagree with the different forms,
characters, expressions, aspects, deities, forms of God. Brahman is the ontological
objective Truth and Bhagavan is the experienced, subjective Truth.

There are many forms of God as there are many forms of man. That side of the divide
is as variegated as this side. The spiritual dimension is not a mere beam of light but
unlimited universes. God, one, becomes God many. So how do you find your way in
this saga realizing God has many unlimited possibilities.

What can you do? You can pray. God, connect me with your highest Self. Then He
will send you someone to pick you up at heaven’s gate. All you can do is surrender.
All you can do is desire Utopia and Love and then God will come and explain the
dream of all dreams. The fantasy land of the highest unimaginable love. The truth is
dream creates reality but reality in its highest manifestation is so much more fantastic
than we can imagine. Therefore we need to be taken into that Divine realm. Therefore
God will come and reveal Himself to you, so you can begin to desire to serve Him. Or

I would like to introduce you to how I see God and how I got to see God. With this
information you have, as ever, choice. You may respect my way and decide it is not
for you, or you may desire to experience the taste of my way in which case you may
begin to practise the more specific sadhana (method of practise) which my way

My way is Krishna’s way.

Krishna’s way is Radha’s way.

I am a servant of the Goddess Radha who is the embodiment of the highest Divine

Specific love for Radha is the most intimate, most beautiful, most fulfilling, most
intoxicating love I have experienced and I have read nothing else to come close to it. I
have been following the path of bhakti for twelve years. (Since 1996).

Spontaneous Love of God

The basic mood of bhakti, devotion, I described in the last chapter. In this chapter I
want to reveal the process for attaining Love of God in a specific way. This specific
way incorporates all the philosophies and sentiments and understanding of Universal
Love of God, or Brahman, but it also uncovers, reveals, much more besides.

Bhakti is of two types. Reverential and intimate. Reverential devotion to Bhagavan

necessitates following the required scriptural prescriptions and prohibitions. The goal
of this bhakti, called Vaidhi bhakti, is devotion to God in a mood of awe and
reverence and is usually connected with Narayana or Siva or Kali. Intimate devotion
to Bhagavan is spontaneous and requires ‘greed’ to attain it. It is no coincidence that
the requirement to attain the highest Love, the goal of life, is the same force which
leads us away from Love. This is because greed in this world is the perverted
reflection of the greed in the highest dimension. When we have greed to love, to
serve, then it is obviously opposite to the greed to aquire, be served.

To attain that greed to serve Radha one obviously has to come in touch with some
information about Her and the love for Her. This is how the desire comes. This is
where it all begins. Usually the desire to attain Radha-dasya, service (love) to Radha,
comes about after studying the Bhagavad-Gita, following Vaidhi bhakti for a while,
understanding the basic tenets of Vaisnava (Hare Krishna if you like) philosophy, and
then meeting a guru who has the right mood of Love of God in his heart. The only
way it can actually come to you is through someone who is in the mood of Lover of
Radha, because it is a mood and not a philosophy. The mood, as always, is the most
important thing. Mood may stand alone and captivate you, but without mood what is

Endeavouring for truth, one day I picked up Hare Krishna books, read them and was
awakened to the truth in them. I began to chant the maha mantra. It took me so high I
felt like I was never going to come down and at the same time I was so grounded, I
never left the floor. It was like taking ecstasy pills and magic mushrooms and hash
cakes and a years course in yoga in one go.
It worked on me like this because I had been at it before, in past lives, and I was just
waiting, like dry grass to touch this fire again. It happens to many people. The mantra
is powerful, beyond your imagination.

Mantra is sound vibration used to control the mind. It is something you use knowingly
to aid your connection to the Divine not something that controls you and brainwashes
you as some think. Mantra stabilizers the mind, awakening the power of internal sight
so one may understand the nature of nature.

Mantra enables you to differentiate between mind and soul, and then soul and super-
soul. Once you can differentiate between your own soul and the part of your soul
known as the super-soul, which is connected to all souls, then you can experience
relationship with God. Relationship with God starts with this connection to Super-
soul, you begin to have conversations with the part God part of you. Hence the truths,
‘God is inside you,’ ‘You are God.’

Yogis following the path of jnana yoga meditate on this Super-soul called Paramatma
and achieve liberation. For yogis of bhakti yoga there is further thickening of
relationship with the Divine. This is just the beginning.

There are different mantras to connect you to different deities. The maha-mantra is so
called because it connects you to the Original Personalities of Love, the deities
heralded by the Vedic scriptures as the Absolute of the Absolute. In the Srimad
Bhagavatam, which is regarded as the essence of the Vedas, the essence, the essential
teaching is revealed. In the middle of the book it is declared ‘Krsnas tu Bhagavan
Svayam’.. Krishna is the Original Personality of God, and furthermore, the Love of
Radha for Krishna is the highest Love.

Radha and Krishna therefore are glorified as the Absolute Lovers. The yin and yang
of Love. I will explain why later.

The maha-mantra has three words. Hare, Krishna and Rama.

Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama
Rama Hare Hare

Hare means energy of Divine Love, the female aspect, Radha. Krishna means ‘all
attractive,’ the magnet attracting that female, the male aspect, also known as Rama,
from His personal name Radha-raman, lover of Radha.
When you chant these names in the mantra firstly it cleans the heart, just as
windscreen wipers clean the mud from a muddy window. Then it reveals the Divine.

The process of creation is described in the Srimad Bhagavatam like this. There is
Mahat-tattva, the undifferentiated oneness. Manipulated by the will of God ego
(ahankara) is created, then intelligence (buddhi), then mind (manas), then ether, air,
fire, water, earth. Ether hosts sound; air, touch; fire, sight, water, taste; earth, smell.

Through the doorway of sound therefore we go back into creation, back to the
Creator. Sound is the most subtle of the gross senses. That sound calms the mind,
inspires the intelligence, transforms the ego from ‘I am purusa, the enjoyer, the
served,’ to prakriti, ‘I am the enjoyed, the servant.’ Illusion is thus destroyed and we
go deeper into the spiritual realm realizing ‘I am a servant of Bhagavan, (in my case
Radha and Krishna), then intelligence comes how to serve, then the mind becomes
spontaneously attracted to that service, then the sound of Hare and Krishna will be
experienced directly as God. First you hear God. Then you touch God or things
considered to be non-different that God like His land, His devotee, then you see God
– directly (internally or externally), Radha and Krishna can appear before your eyes if
you are fortunate or you can see them in meditational trance, then you taste them,
which means you experience the taste of their character, their sweetness, and then,
finally you smell them, which mean you go into their lila, their play, in trance in the
beginning and finally, for real, when you die.

Karma is burned by devotion and Lila is granted by intense spontaneous devotion.

Raganuga bhakti means spontaneous devotion. Lovers of Radha also follow
prescriptions in the scriptures because they are techniques of purification which bring
you to achieving attachment to your goal. Chanting of the maha-mantra is the
essential practise. Reading books which explain the form, character and play of Radha
and Krishna is also essential. These books are written by elevated sadhus who have
met Radha and Krishna in trance and then write books explaining who they are in
such detail you will think they are talking about someone who lives next door. From
the ankebells she wears to the melody of His flute. From Her best friends favourite
colour to His favourite type of sweets. It is all there.

So, as in all expeditions there are two things to consider. The way and the goal. The
path of service to Radha, and the goal, the description of the Ultimate Fantasy World
where they She resides with Krishna.

The quintessential, obligatory consideration for reaching the Ultimate Universe is

falling in love with someone who has experienced that Universe. The guru. You may
chant Hare Krishna all you like but to go deep deep to attain the heart of Lover of
Radha, the only way is to fall in love with someone in love with her. It is not difficult
because they are the sweetest people on the planet. But it is so difficult because we
are not. Their sweetness throws you into turmoil, reveals your shit, and you see in
them all your ugliness. Slowly your heart melts, and then it remoulds into a divine
receptacle to hold all this Divine Love. Actually, your soul starts to take a shape. It
takes on a form, a sound. The guru will give you a mantra which is the sound of your
destiny. Along with a meditation he inspires in you, you begin to enter the spiritual
world in trance.

Surrender to the surrendered is the key to Love. Those who have surrendered and
used this key to enter the Kingdom of God become the guides for others to follow.
They become impregnated with Love and thus they become the shelter for those
desirous of that Love. The guru has been misrepresented as have all holy positions of
responsibility. The guru is the abode of love of God, and surrender to him is even
more powerful than surrendering to God directly. You cannot surrender to God
directly because God you don’t know. But you can meet the guru who has Love for
God. It is handy because the goal of life is not God, but Love for God. So if God were
here and guru was next to him, still I would say, go and fall in love with the guru. If
you go to God directly you won’t get through the door. You cannot just walk into
George Bush’s office and declare your love for him, or your hate for him. You cannot
walk up to God and declare your love for Him. Who are you? You need a special
tactic. In the case of Radha, you need to fall in love with Her Lover. All devotees
therefore consider themselves the servant of the servant, the lover of the lover.
Humility is the only way through discreet entrances.

The guru will feed you the desire to serve Radha as his sweetness seduces you into
serving him which will melt your heart to his so you can experience Radha. He is the
channel which love flows through. It happened to my guru, my guru’s guru, my guru’s
guru’s guru etc, it happened to me and now it is happening through me. It is incredible
how, but it is happening through me. I think this is the most incredible, inconceivable
mercy God ever delivered because I have nothing like the sweetness and grace of my
guru. But I have seen my lovers falling in love with Radha and Krishna. It is
happening through me.
My path was to become a monk for seven years and follow the standard Vaisnava
etiquette and sadhana. It is a beautiful culture. It is a whole book in itself. What is
most beautiful for me to witness is my friends who come to Radha through me getting
taste for culture, the tilak (mud worn on the forehead), the deities (statues of Radha
and Krishna), without me advising them in that direction. Mostly devotees with no
taste bow down for years, wonder where there fruit of prema (love) is, and then go
away and become expert salesmen.

I want to describe just the essence. The essence of devotion to Radha of course is
Radha Herself.

Radha – The Goddess of Love

‘My mind constantly remembers that Sri Radha who wears a beautiful stripe of
vermilion in Her hair-parting and who has arisen from the ocean of Vrsabhanu’s (Her
father) dynasty like a beautiful moonbeam. Hearing of Sri Krishna’s form and
attributes naturally awakens Cupid’s aches within Her. She wears a most soft, fragrant
jasmine garland within her very beautiful braid, Her large lotus eyes defeat the
playfulness of wagtail birds in their restless intoxicated motions, Her captivating gait
is as elegant as that of a love-stricken elephant, Her very tender vine-like arms are
decorated with jewelled bangles and armlets. She enchants every young girl with Her
wonderful form, Her gently smiling face defeats the moon and Her large beautiful
buttocks are bound with a sash of bells. Her fabulous breasts are as beautiful as
golden jugs and are covered with an embroided blouse. Her red lips incite lust in
Krishna’s mind with their ambrosial flavour, Her beautiful chin is beautified even
more by a very captivating spot of musk and Her charming nose and Her golden
jewel-studded big nose pearl bears an enchanting lustre and radiant beauty. Her body
is the essence of tasty brilliant passion, Krishna’s bewildered deer-like mind falls in
the nectar well of her navel. The wearing of necklaces, anklebells and captivating
earrings makes bodily lustre even more radiant and she wears a beautiful red dress.
Krishna is agitated with lusty intoxication and runs down the pathways to take shelter
of Sri Radha’s footsoles.’
Sri Prabhodananda Sarasvati

What I have just quoted is a description of Love. This is what Love looks like. This is
the form of Madanakiya Mahabhava, which is a term to describe the highest possible
level of love in all the three worlds, of which Radha, the Absolute Female, is the sole
possessor and experiencer.

Consciousness has form.

If you live in England and your name is Carol Vorderman the you are the form of
Carol Vordermanness, that special flavour of consciousness of which Carol
Vorderman is the sole possessor and experiencer, and England is the level of
consciousness suitable for that experience.

There may be others on a similar level actually. For within the scope of human
experience we experience the same emotions through the flavour of our own
individual character. If you see someone who has features similar to someone else it is
because they have a certain trait or character similar to that person. Sometimes you
get twins which means the karma of two souls is nearly identical so they meet in the

We experience love and greed and our bodies are constructed according to our
consciousness at the time of death, and they also change through our life. If you could
experiment and take a person and split him into two and then bring him up with
different minds, they would look totally different in later life. Everyone has the
chance to be beautiful or ugly according to their consciousness.

Radha and Krishna are 100% Intimate Love. There forms are Love. We are a mix of
love and greed. Once we rid ourself of the greed and accept the Divine Love our body
will change and become like Theirs. If at the time of death we have complete
disattachment from this world and complete attachment to the Divine World, then we
take a body in that dimension. Our body will resonate our consciousness. It is science.
Bhakti yoga is the science of subjectivity. Even our scientists are moving into the field
of subjectivity, slowly but surely. One day they will just get it and surrender to the
science that has existed since the beginning of time.

Subjective evolution of consciousness

If you think about yourself as an object then it is difficult to conceive of your eternal
growth. You will instead consider the age of your body, where it was born, which has
very little to do with you. Old people should be the happiest because they have had a
long life to attain perfection. But, due to false recognition of themselves, they feel
they are going to die. It is a lie. No-one is going to die. If you realize this, you realize
life is a continual development towards the greatest love, and Greatest Lovers.

So it was a lie when I said old people should be the happiest because there is only
now and we have all had forever before us. It is a fact that the change in
consciousness on the planet is attracting high souls with evolved consciousness. The
indigo children and now the crystal children are very evolved spiritual beings arriving
on the planet to help with the change over and to taste the fruits of it. They have done
much sadhana in past lives. You can tell from their eyes and their auras and their
bodies. It is as if angels are descending to escort us to the highest dimension. Some
may be coming down from high and some may be on their way up from low. It
doesn’t matter, what matters is we all get caught in an Exodus to Utopia.

Change is inevitable. The teenagers are not growing up as satisfied souls in the
system. For them, when revolution erupts it will be easy to take part. They have a
qualification from previous lives and they have not accrued any possessions or
stagnating concepts and ideas.

Many souls here have been in touch with Krishna bhakti in previous lives. That karma
will fructify in stark realization of truth one day as it did with me twelve years ago. I
see many people who have the features similar to Radha and Krishna and the gopis
(their girlfriends). Because the body is a manifestation of consciousness ones karma
can be understood by people who can read the body, especially souls who have
witnessed the Absolute Forms of Love in meditation. Your past is written all over
your body. On your palms, your iris, the moles on your body, the shape of your feet,
neck, nose, breasts. You are your history. But you are not confined by it. You can
change any moment. You do change every moment. The life is a groth towards love
and away from greed, away from karma, action and reaction and into bhakti,
devotion. If not, it is a waste of time, or not a waste, it is just time, a continuous cycle
of happiness and distress, sometimes enjoying good karma, sometimes suffering bad

Everyone wants to be beautiful and attractive. There is nothing wrong with this desire.
For God’s sake we can be beautiful, we are supposed to be beautiful. If you want a
beautiful body however become a beautiful person. Even in this life your body will
change. Mine has. I seem to be getting younger. My body is like that of a twenty year
old. And I attract twenty year old girls and am attracted to them too, their minds not
polluted by Babylon and the idea of age. I am of no age so I am any age. I play with
two year olds as if I’m two, twelve year olds as if I’m twelve, twenty, fifty, seventy.
The only fifty and seventy year olds I’m with are like me, of any age, so we can
choose to be wise old men or stupid teenagers.

When you come close to Love your aura will radiate, your body will glow, your shape
will change. You won’t need moisturizer and all this shit, and you won’t need plastic
surgery. Please stop this. Let me tell you how ugly you look with stretched faces and
silicon tits, really.

If you come close to Love, if you come close to God, you will start to attain Their
internal mood, their qualities, and concomitantly you will start to look like Them,
physically. E=mc2. What your E is like your mc2 will be like. Radha and Krishna’s
mc2 is so amazing because their E is so amazing. Your mc2 is a reflection of your E.
Spiritual people all look beautiful. Even their figures, their smell, their hair.
Everything about them. You become so beautiful when in touch with the divine. If
you see some beautiful man or woman with a fucked up mind, know that they are not
waking their past remembrance yet, or they have gone a different direction in this life
and will not look so pretty in the next life, if they are lucky to get a human body at all.
Those like animals will become the animal they are like. It is science.

In ignorance we are so attached to how the body appears, we forget the soul. Then we
go to the other extreme, we forget the body and consider it a bag of useless bones and
shit and mucus that needs to be left behind as we go into the soul. This is separate
mentality and not recognizing the present at all. If you are not recognizing the present
how are you going to live in a dimension where the present is all that exists. Rather,
by being completely in the present you will naturally belong to a world which is
completely in the present. Your only ticket to the divine world is realizing you are
divine, this soul, this mind, this body. If you do not respect your body how is God
going to accept you into his world? He has full respect for His body. She has full love
for Hers.

The body is changing but it always exists. It is an eternal concept too. Between
bodies, at death, you may have a bit of time floating around as a ghost in the interim
world, but you will move into a new body when the right time comes. Once we are
connected with the soul then we understand this glorious relationship between body
and soul. The soul is the artist, the body is art. The way you move, the way you use it,
what you create with it, how you feel the universe with it, how you dress it, how you
share it.

Once you understand the glory of soul and body, you will understand the glory of
sharing the soul and body. In material ignorance people try to gain pleasure by
rubbing their mc2’s together. If both are disconnected from truth the happiness
attained by this is three seconds long. You want sex so bad it pains you, while having
sex you can’t wait for the three seconds to come. They come, they go… ‘was that it,’
then they look at each other and realize the ugliness of the whole thing and run away.

I remember this. I ran away from it and became a monk for seven years. It was great. I
had no thoughts of sex even. It was very cleaning. I could understand why the
religious scriptures were advocating celibacy and the teachers were saying ‘sex is bad’
woman is man’s downfall. What I didn’t like was how the ‘spiritual’ seeker took that
teaching. Instead of love the ‘devotees’ were hating women, seeing them as the devil’s
temptress or something.

After I was touched so deeply by Radha, and my gurus, I felt prema, Divine Love,
and that filled my body. I was brought to the present and knew no difference between
my heart and my mind and my body. I was a servant of God. I could do what I like.
That is what they told me. That is what my guru told me, secretly, through hints and
whispers. It was amazing. I had come through to understand that all this monk
training was to come out the other side with a new angle of vision of the world. And
the world looked so beautiful. I desired it. Desire came back beautifully flavoured
with love.

This is Krishna Consciousness.

There are three basic realms. Greed and the desire it creates. Peace, desirelessness.
And love and the desire it creates. Greed and Love may look the same but they are
opposites. One is a downward spiral. One is an upwards spiral.

I was encouraged to make love again after seven years. Now my problem was all this
philosophy about sex is bad, and lust will send you on the downwards spiral. Krishna
was telling me, ‘no, now it will send you up.’

I went through a crazy period with my guru where he was making me do everything
against the rules that he had used to guide me for seven years. It was harder to break
the rules than to follow them. But understood exactly what was happening. In order to
break through to God’s world in spontaneous love I had to be spontaneous. To be
spontaneous it is not only helpful to put the books down it is compulsory. God began
to speak to me in ways He had never before. (Though I am a servant of Radha, I use
God and He because She is more subtle, more hidden, more shy.)

My guru made me steal his food and then he told everyone I was a thief. The western
devotees treated me with hate, but the Indian devotees showed more love knowing
what I was going through. I was beaten for this it went so far, but the pain from that
beating felt like ecstasy. He was turning everything around for me. He turned all bad
into good through the alchemy of love. I made love to one girl in the temple and my
guru when I arrived in class looked so pleased like I had just passed my driver’s exam
or something.

Religious prescription is like a child’s bike stabilizer wheels. In the beginning they
help a child to balance. After the child can ride comfortably you take them off so he
can ride fast around corners, otherwise the very tools to balance you in the beginning
knock you off in the end!

It was very clear the journey, in hindsight, from greed to zero to love. The Vaisnava
scriptures do not tell you it will be like this for the scriptures are to get you on the
way. The way then takes you into love. There is no need to tell you about what
happens when spontaneity takes over, in fact, it is disturbing to spontaneity, it is
disturbing to surrender if you are looking at the fruit because surrender is about giving
up fruit. Therefore the scriptures say give up, give up. Those who need to give up are
attracted to it. Those who don’t are not. Many people didn’t come to Krishna because
they couldn’t understand why he was so against sex. He is a hypocrite or something,
look at His life! No, when Krishna speaks in Bhagavad-gita he is speaking to man
who needs to get out of greed. When you get out of greed you do not need Bhagavad-
gita Krishna.

Think about it. He is going to say something to the world through Arjuna. What
should he say? Do what you want? Then those with greed will never get out of it.
Those with no greedy mentality don’t need advise. When you are mature you
naturally understand. It is not that Krishna doesn’t realize sex is good. He knows very
well. It is like a mother speaking to her sons at the dinner table. She has one sentence
to advise all. ‘Don’t speak to strangers.’ It is good for her five year old son who walks
to school everyday. And the fifteen year old son who is looking for work knows it is
not for him, he knows she is speaking to his brother.

So now, I speak the deeper knowledge, and those devotees who need prescription will
consider me an offender to Krishna, to my guru. But it is O.K. The sieve is there. I am
not considered authority. In the temple I am considered dangerous. My guru has given
me this label as protection from children. Then he encouraged me to write ‘his book’.
I wrote my autobiography called the ‘Ecstasy Matrix’ which is not in bookshops yet,
but I will send it to you if you like. You can get it from Lulu.com

Making love
So making love became my sadhana. After seven years away it was sweet to dive
back in. It was so different. I wasn’t in need of sex of but then when my heart
connected with a beautiful heart lust would radiate and enchant me. I became so
intoxicated, more horny than ever before, but it was a different vibration, pure, divine.
What was beautiful was that I started really to understand Radha and Krishna and
their moods of love for each other. I read scripture but only rasa sastra, the stories of
Radha and Krishna. I didn’t need philosophy anymore for I had fortunately been
captured by the Divine Love and was never going to be attracted by anything else.

Bhakti came and mixed with tantra. I shared my heart, my mind, my body and instead
of God disappearing He came closer to me. This is the only test of if something is
good or bad. Is it bringing you closer to God. Is it bringing you light, awareness,
love? Love brings love. When there is no greed involved making love is the highest
form of ‘making love’, or condensing it, maturing it. There are Krishna devotees
called sahajiya and bahul, they practise tantra and chant all day. Mantra and Tantra.
These are the two pillars of their service, of their spiritual practise.

Tantra, for a man, usually means not to ejaculate. By holding the ejaculation you
bring the energy up the spine into third eye. Semen takes a lot of energy to create so
to lose it all the time is very draining for a man. For a woman it is obviously better if
her man doesn’t ejaculate straight away so she may experience the raising of her
kundalini, and orgasm.

Saying this, there is something higher than tantra. That is love. When two people love
each other, and the energy is so pure, ejaculation is not wasting energy, it is creating
energy, and life. Life which is created by pure intention is going to be a life, a soul,
whose intention is also pure. This is how to offer perfect vessels for angels to

I have the experience of losing energy by ejaculation and gaining energy. It is all
consciousness. Making love can be the most destructive thing on the spiritual path
and it can be the most creative, the most enhancing. For the new age we will be able
to accept our bodies and our hearts as one and make love in the awareness of our own
divinity simultaneously aware of our eternal nature as servants of the Divine Couple.

The Ultimate Dream World

Like Radha and Krishna’s bodies, their world is also eternal and made of Love.
Let me explain their world.
It is an eternal world appearing like a temporary world. A paradox universe. Brahman
is the infinite behaving how infinite things should, in an infinite way. Bhagavan is the
infinite breaking the laws of infinity and appearing finite. Of course, this is the active
side of infinity, there cannot be something outside of it.

A rabbi once told me, ‘God cannot have a body.’ ‘God cannot, I’ll stop you there. God
can do what He likes.’
It is because you think the body is a limitation and you believe God doesn’t have a
limitation, so the conclusion from your limited brain is that God cannot have a body.
But look what you can do with a body that you can’t do without one. That is why God
is both formless and with form.

Bhagavan has many characters. Though essentially One, that One has many
emanations. So why emphasize Radha and Krishna?

There are two truths I mentioned already. Objective and Subjective. God has many
moods and many manifestations of personality, and therefore many relationships.
Because we are talking about God in form, we can recognize the depth of relationship
in our human lives.

1) Santra rasa – neutral, the relationship and love you have with trees and plants.
2) Dasya rasa – servitude, the relationship of servant and master, disciple and guru.
3) Sakhya rasa – the friend.
4) Vatsalya rasa – parent and child.
5) Madhura rasa – lover and beloved.

The first four you may have with God but not the romantic mood for all the Gods
have their consorts. Siva and Parvati; Laxmi Narayana; Sita Rama; Radha Krishna.

Wait… with Krishna you can.

The romantic mood is divided in two categories.

1) Svakiya – the wife
2) Parakiya – the extramarital lover

In all of the guises of God He sets the standard of righteousness for mankind and
shows the chastity of married lovers.

In Krishna’s lila (play) He experiences married life with Rukmini, but before his
marriage, in his teenage life he experiences free love. The height of his passion is so
intense that he transgresses al moral and social boundaries to love his lovers, who
maybe single or married, He doesn’t care. Maybe He doesn’t want to disturb in His
righteous heart, but his loving passion is more powerful.
Radha and Krishna have very simple human lives. Of all the Gods They are the most
human, and they are the most sweet.

Their world is called Goloka Vrindavan. It is an ever-existing world. It does not die. It
exists right now on a higher frequency level. As Radha is the Goddess of Love, and
Krishna is the God of Love, so Goloka Vrindavan is the Playground of Love. Love
has personality so their must be a place for personalities to live. There must be
relatives and friends, trees, water, fire, everything. Everything in Goloka is eternal,
though it appears like this world. Here we are covered by an energy called maya
which covers us from the truth that Krishna is God. There, Krishna is covered by his
own energy called yogamaya which deludes Krishna from the truth that he is God.
When God doesn’t realize He is God then He acts just like an ordinary boy. In this
way he savours the intimacy with His parts, us. Like a king in his kingdom who has
everything. What can you give him for his birthday. How can the God of Gods be
surprised if he knows everything. Krishna therefore accepts delusion as the greatest of
gifts and wanders in his playground in love with everyone in the deepest way
possible. This is the glory and speciality of love for Krishna, the sweetness and

In the most glorious love-affair ever, which never began, exists at this moment, and
will never end, Radha, a simple, beautiful 15 year old cowherd girl, is born in Raval,
raised in Varsana, and married in Yavat, to Her husband Abhimanya. These are village
in Vraja, the area surrounding Vrindavan. In the eternal world the past exists only as a
memory, something like ‘Total Recall’ if you saw that film. She was never born, but
she eternally remembers her birth place is Raval.

Five thousand years ago Krishna brought his dimension to ours. In this worldly
Vrindavan in India, he appeared and played his eternal drama. He moved through
time, experiencing all ages, baby, teenage, youth, married life, and fatherhood. Those
who love Krishna as a baby will behold him as a baby forever, when they attain their
spiritual body, those who attract to the romantic Krishna with Radha will forever
reside in that mood, in that world conducive for hosting that mood.

That world is inside of us. In the super-soul. Inside the super-soul, the paramatma,
you enter deep deep inside and find the Forms of Love. And yourself playing with
them. For each person there is a different God, but it is the same God, just as the same
Paramatma resides in everyone’s heart. What you see when you go deep is a
manifestation of your own dream which is designed by you and God together. Radha
and Krishna are there. Everyone will find God inside themselves and move inside
themselves eventually flipping to the other side of themselves and experiencing
eternal pastimes with reflections of the Absolute Male and Female Lovers, who are
the Self outside the Self. Radha and Krishna are you manifested to give you the
highest pleasure possible. Or, you are Them, separated to experience the experience of
Loving, for Loving is even higher than Love. You are one and different with God.
That is the objective truth. What matters is the subjective truth. Experience. What is
the greatest experience? What ‘matrix’ provides the deepest, most succulently sweet
ecstasy. That is what the soul searches for. The game is not to find truth, but to find
love, ecstasy. It lies in the Secret Garden of the Palace of Truth. The place where the
King lets his hair down and forgets who He is!

So, Radha, the Goddess of Love, has a form. I described, she has qualities, they are
described by saints who have seen her in person as they have travelled as if in a lucid
dream into her dreamworld. She is the embodiment of sweetness, sexiness, gravity,
humour, trickery, honesty… she has ALL qualities to the maximum, yet They increase
forever as does her love.

Radha seeing Krishna falls in love. Her beauty thus increases. Seeing this His own
beauty increases. Seeing this her love increases. Seeing this His love increases. And
so on. When They separate it is as if millenniums go by so when they meet, even if
they have been apart for five minutes, the relief of meeting is indescribable. They
recognize each other but simultaneously completely fall in love with each other again
for the first time.

Krishna wears golden cloth (Pitambara), a peacock feather in his turban, his skin is
shyama, the colour of rainclouds. He plays sweetly on His flute, which along with the
incredible beauty of His body, movement and speech sends everyone in his universe
crazy for Him. Especially his girlfriends in madhura rasa, who give up their chastity
in the night to meet Him.
He seduces all of them. He is Rasaraja, the King of all mellows, and his favourite
mellow is eroticism. He is the God of Erotic Love. He knows all the arts of kama-
sastra, how to satisfy the erotic heart of a woman. Radha, she knows too, how to
satisfy His erotic heart in ever-fresh ways.
Radha experiences jealousy sometimes, which separates the couple for a while. While
Krishna’s love knows no boundaries in a broad way – he loves countless women –
Her love knows no boundaries in a deep way – She loves only Him. Its not that she
doesn’t have equal rights, she just has the capacity to go deep inside One Love.

Krishna is astounded by this love and chases Her, leaving all the other gopis (cowherd
damsels) behind, tries to appease Her. This explicit dedication from Krishna only
Radha can usurp. He begs forgiveness at Her feet, and eventually They make love by
the Yamuna River bank under the moonlight.

She is so happy she tells him he can make love with all the girls. She feels love for all
the girls too, so she wants their union with him, for him, them and her. Thus she likes
to watch her hero as he moves through the jungle of gorgeous voluptuous girls like a
mad elephant.

Krishna’s world is available for all to go and live there. There will not be a population
crisis or a queue for council houses, for Krishna is Absolutely capable of expanding
infinite times to allow closeness to his infinite souls. When you arrive there, here,
inside, inside out, you will be in the dearest lover of His, and Hers.

This is God. RadhaKrishna. There is so many books describing explicitly their names,
forms, qualities and pastimes. Raganuga devotees meditate on this information and
attain internal union with that world.

Who are you?

Lovers of Radha and Krishna know who they are, what role in the Divine Play they

Who are you?

What is your eternal identity in the sweetest ecstatic universe? The glory of Krishna is
that you can develop a romantic relationship with him which set him apart from the
other deities. So are you to compete with Radha?

Your eternal identity depends on your practise. From here to eternity, how to do it?
When you practise meditation, chanting the maha-mantra you envision yourself with
Radha and Krishna serving them, in your own specialized way. Here, the story gets
deeper and sweeter.

The love of Radha for Krishna is the highest love. But you cannot be Radha. Radha is
Radha. You could be one of Krishna’s other gopis but you will be left cold for Radha
when she gets pissed off with him.

There are girlfriends of Radha called manjaris (literally it means bud, when the
creeper shakes the buds shake!). They are 11-13 year old erotic nymphs. They are
100% dedicated to helping Radha be with Krishna. They are energetic engineers of
eternal erotic euphoria. They are Radha’s limbs. They are her maids, her shoulders to
cry on, her legs to pull her to the forest, her mouth to give excuses why she was late
bringing the water form the river! When she feels the highest bliss, the manjaris feel it
too. The manjaris also feel the bliss of Krishna, for so does Radha. The manjaris feel
even more ecstasy than Radha and Krishan, for they feel the love of the couple like
the couple feel AND they feel it from their own separate experience. They feel the
Union of love-making though they are not actually making love. Though there is only
there own allegiance to Radha stopping them. They mesmerize Krishna with their
charm and beauty. Radha sometimes allows Krishna to touch them so he is turned on,
otherwise they are completely Hers and they tease Krishna towards Radha with their
expert erotic seduction powers.

This may sound a bit far out. It is the secret of Gaudiya Vaisnavism. Now the world is
so perverted the sweet secret can be let out for the seekers to grasp a hold of. No-one
else will care if some new age guy starts talking about a God making love to some
girls. In the past it was difficult to bring this level of Love of God to the open for in
the past there was culture, and righteousness, in India at least. So the depth of Krishna
lila was hidden in secret poems written by elevated saints.

Manjari-bhava, the mood of the maidservants of Radha, is the goal of all Krishna
devotees who are following in the line of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, a saint, and re-
incarnation of Krishna born in West Bengal five hundred years ago. All those Hare
Krishnas you see jumping around in the street are aspiring to become erotic teenage
virgin nymphs. Or they should be. Some don’t know of this goal, the secret is so

Srila Prabhupada, the saint who spread the awareness of Krishna all over the world in
a few short years focussed on the Bhagavad-gita and its fundamental knowledge of
Krishna bhakti. What he did was create the foundation for future teachers to take the
seekers of love in the world deeper and deeper. He gave everything, the deepest
teachings are in his books, but he emphasized the stabilizers, the religious practise,
and the Vaisnava culture. What he did was so incredible. He hitch-hiked from India on
a boat at the age of 70, giving up all his life in India. Arrived in New York with
nothing and started to chant Hare Krishna in Times Square. Soon he was in San
Fransisco and with the hippies in Golden Gate Park. He chanted, they inquired and
then he created a snowball of bhakti. It spread all over the world. He created a new
religion pretty much from the tenets of the oldest religion in the world.

When he died the rush for his seat was on. What to expect from western monks with
desire to control. Srila Narayana Maharaja, his friend, has been travelling for twelve
years encouraging and inspiring devotees to go deeper into the esoteric truths of Love
for Radha and Krishna. Other saints live mainly in Vrindavan or Navadvipa, Bengal
and are full of the highest love. To meet them, to surrender to them and learn from
them by absorbing their heart is the way to the goal. If I achieve nothing else but
provide the inclination for someone to do this I am successful in my life. But, I will
see the revolution through too!

The deeper you go, the more specific the devotion becomes. That is the secret of
success. When you have the desire to go all the way, and your heart is attracted by the
mood of Love for God in the flavour of Lover of Radha then you can inquire more
about practise. All the time there is focus on the present, where you are, what to do
now… with an eye on the goal.

Enticing the Divine

I could reel off the standard prescription which have been followed for centuries. But
we are not living in centuries gone by. We are here and now. The methods used over
centuries are eternal so are appropriate but need the flavouring of the present.

I mentioned already, the most important thing to entice the divine is to associate with
people who are associating deep in their hearts with the divine, in the mood you have
come to be attracted by. Many new age spiritual books like Conversations with God,
Celestine Prophecy, The Power of Now, can lead inspire you to Freedom, but to go
deeper and establish an eternal relationship with the Personal aspect of God takes a bit
more effort.

1) Sadhu-sanga – associate with saints in the mood of Lover of Radha.

2) Saranagati – surrender to them, giving up your ego of I am served, for the ego I am
3) Diksa – take initiation into maha-mantra from the guru.
4) Mantra – chant the Maha-mantra

The mood while chanting will develop as your bhakti develops. In the beginning you
may chant even before initiation. The mood should be a prayer to Radha and Krishna.
‘I don’t know you, but I am curious, I am open, please reveal Yourselves to me.’
Something like that. Later you will develop a taste for chanting and you will develop
a relationship with Super-soul. Krishna will speak to you through signs in the
universe. He will appear all over the place. You will wonder how you never noticed
him before. Everywhere I go he is there. His picture will become attractive to you, be
it a lousy Indian neon-blue portrait. It will be Him. And you will see Him. The mantra
will clear your vision and help you in practical affairs, inspiring you to go the right
way. If you have no pre-conceived ideas of where it will take you it will take you all
the way.

5) Siddha Pranali – your personal mantra and identity

Your guru will reveal to you your svarup, your eternal identity. There are eleven
pieces of information you meditate on which you will experience as your dream
reality when you become skilled in meditation. When you become more ‘related’ to
your eternal reality you will also connect your outside world to your internal
‘dharma’. Revealed will be your name, colour of body, service to Radha and Krishna,
place of service, colour of cloth, names of Mother, Father, Husband, Mother-in-law,
Sister-in-law along with all your gurus identity, as you will serve next to him.

6) Visit Vrindavan.

The land where Radha and Krishna ‘played’ five thousand years ago is the place best
to chant and understand the mood of the Divine Couple. It is the most powerful place
on Earth (from my perspective). It is so beautiful. All the villages around remember
the pastimes of Krishna as the stories have been passed down through the centuries
completely in tact. It is as if He was there yesterday. Deeper still, it is as if He is still
there. That is how you feel. You feel like you are not in India or Planet Earth but high
on a divine pedestal. It is difficult in the beginning because the energy is so pure,
again, the shit in your self rises to the surface then reflects outside and someone,
something will come to annoy you. If you take it as you and go through it, and pray
for the grace to stay then it will reveal its incredible sweet vibration. Of all places
around Vrindavan, Goverdhan Hill is the most magnificent. In Goverdhan there is a
village called Radha Kund which was Radha’s secret pond where she used to make
love day and night with Krishna. It is full of sadhus in the mood of manjari bhava. If
you take bath there you will one day leave samsara for good and go all the way home,
to the internal playground of Goloka Vrindavan.

7) Hear about Radha and Krishna from the mouths of devotees.

In their presence or by reading books you will get a taste of the mood of Love for
Radha and Krishna by hearing their glories.

8) Bhajan, Kirtan and Sankirtan.

Singing mantras, songs, and prayers connected to Radha and Krishna is very
powerful. Sankirtan, to chant and dance in a group is the most powerful process of
enlightenment in these times.

9) Tantra

Enjoy the art of love making with your lover. Fall in love with your lover. And
understand that this life is temporary and all relationships connected to Radha and
Krishna are the eternal relationships. So your moods, emotions, ecstasies are all
related to your education of the Supreme mood, emotions and ecstasies which come
from service to Radha and Krishna.

10) Help me make the Revolution happen so we me live happily ever after and our
children have the benefit of a beautiful environment to grow as happy spiritual beings.

ROMANTIC REVOLUTION – what everybody wants

Part IV – the ever-increasing ocean of ecstatic love

Inside and Outside – the mirror of your self

The introduction and creation of your highest self is revealed in your own personal
way. Using the prescribed methods of elevation of consciousness along with your own
personal flavour of spontaneous love towards the divine you will experience bhava
and prema, spiritual emotions and ecstasies.
There are two sides to the life of a spiritual traveller, two visions. One is from the sky,
one is from the ground. One is grace, one is karma. One is from God’s angle, one is
from man’s angle. One is free will, the other is fate.

From God’s angle you will everything as it is, and remain like a witness of your life-
play, your mind, your body and environment, acquiring a deep bliss and renunciation
of the world. Also, you will behave like an ordinary lover of this world. You will fall
in love with gorgeous girls, beautiful guys and in simultaneous awareness of the fact
that you are an eternal servant of the Divine Couple you allow Them to move you
through this world as they move through their world. As your emotions become
intensified your relationships will start to really mirror that of the original lovers. In
this way you feel how it is to be Krishna. How it is to be Radha. This is the path of
Sahajiya bhakti, it is not a new process, but one very secret (and warned about by

The intensity of your love climbs – 30%, 50%, 70% towards 100%. You relate your
external life encounters to your internal goal remaining aloof from attachment as you
experience divine attachment to the lovers you encounter. It is something like
climbing through the looking glass. You will feel opposite sentiments at exactly the
same time. This is a good sign that you are on your way to the inside out world of
Goloka Vrindavan.

Radha will bless you with opportunity after opportunity for loving so you may
practice the art of seduction, and erotic love. Now, if you wish you can misuse this
beautiful secret to go around fucking in the name of God, and I will be to blame, but I
tell you, as long as your attachment to serving God is increasing and your spiritual
sentiments and humility are increasing, you are on the right path.

The maha-mantra may send you into celibacy. It tastes so good just to chant and float
in bliss. Your sex desire may leave you altogether for a while. This is also a healthy
sign. What you need will come to you. If after this your sex desire returns like blazing
inferno, in a way you could never imagine, this is also a healthy sign. If you start
spontaneously shouting Krishna Krishna or Radhe Radhe when you are making love,
you are either going to hell or heaven. You will know which.

(*I hope you have a smile on your face and not a frown. Look in the mirror. If there is
a frown it is time to stop reading. If there is a smile… good, life is not so serious… I
am serious. Life is not a joke!)

This way is not without its difficulties. With increased sensitivity the energies of this
planet are sometimes overwhelming. You may experience tension, insecurity,
paranoia, mental discomfort. It is O.K. It will go. Inside there will be a balance, a
security, a steadiness like you’ve never felt before. On the surface you will have to
ride the waves of new emotions and sometimes your boat hits the water. You may
have been sailing for a long time on the calm of the spiritual lake. Buddha is the lake.
Krishna is the Ocean. Buddha is the light. Krishna is the prism. To go into spiritual
emotions is a very rare thing and the world’s energies is opposed to it. When the
energy of chaos dissipates and love energy sweeps the planet, the times will be easier.
We will all give each other space out of love and respect for our personal chosen

I move between two moods. I feel like Krishna, being a male in this world. I feel the
love of Radha by merging my heart with different Radhas. And I feel like a manjari
when I have two lovers in my presence.

My friend and I were together with a beautiful girl for a week. We all loved each
other. Sexual tension was sweet and high. Maybe we three were going to be together.
It happens sometimes when you have an equal triangle. My friend and the girl one
night started to make love and my manjari mood came out. As there passion moved
them into love I was there to help them undress. I made the atmosphere sweet,
lighting candles and incense and then I sat in the corner and played guitar. After they
fell in a heap, in love, laughing, I returned back to them and massaged their legs. I
cried in love. I had no desire to join them and no feeling other than service. It was
amazing. ‘Wow, you are really my best friend,’ my best friend told me. Me and my
best friend share life, our stories, always connecting all dramas to the Absolute
Drama, our goal of life.

My partner, the mother of my only child, have an unusual relationship. We are lovers
sometimes but mainly we are close heart friends, just like a couple of teenage girls. So
close. She falls in love with the most beautiful guys, usually souls who have a Krishna
connection already manifesting. I fall in love with adorable ‘gopis’ ..everyday. It can
be intense. You see this world through the mood you see the internal world. If you are
a Buddhist everything is illusion so you won’t get too involved with it. If you are an
atheist then you won’t see God anywhere. If you love Krishna in the erotic mood, you
see the world with eyes of that mood. Internally I see rainclouds and lightning as
Radha and Krishna, these colours, dark blue and golden, even Cal Bears American
football outfits remind me of the Divine Couple. Peacock feathers, flutes, rivers, saris,
anklebells all remind me of my internal world. This is called udipana, the outside
world creating ecstasy in remembrance of the inside world.

So I am lucky. But what is luck. No-one is lucky because all have the same
opportunity to attain whatever they want to attain. If you are greedy to be served you
will have to fight with others who are greedy to be served. And you will meet them
too cause you meet people vibrating your own energy. That is why you cannot stop
wars by talking because the people fighting wars can never see that their opponents
are exactly like them. If you become greedy to serve God then you will meet others in
the same frequency, and you will fall in love and notice you are in heaven. Option A
or B. It all comes down to choice.

I see many times beautiful girls and I fall in love straight away. Mostly I fail to seduce
their erotic heart. To be Krishna is not so easy! When you meet someone you are
sexually compatible with you have a chance to go through that door, and after a short
while you notice that you become friends and the erotic passion subsides. Opportunity
for intimacy is there all the time in whatever mood you like. All moods of love are
sweet but there is no denying what love brings the sweetest feeling. That is why
relationships are akin to the creation of elements. Within earth there is water, fire, air
and ether. Within romantic love there is parenthood, friendship, servitude and
universal love, neutrality.
A question may arise. ‘Is there any point in establishing relationships in this world if
they are temporary.’ We do not go to heaven alone. We go with those we fall in love
with here. The guru will be our guru-manjari in Goloka Vrindavan and your ‘god-
brothers and sisters’ will be with you in the eternal world also. We arrive as a family.
We are destined to go all the way with the closest friends you will ever meet. You may
be with them now. There will be more to come. As the consciousness becomes clean
the bonds of love thicken, the friendships become more deep, the romances more
ecstatic, and ultimate awareness of our divine ascendance bonds us forever in service
to the Divine Couple.

Sexual revolution
Empty sex is an epidemic in this world. ‘No sex’ is not a solution. Love is the
solution. Sex is a problem because people don’t know how to make love. The people
in the world are so afraid of each other too. The girls are scared by bad encounters
with guys who are scared of girls because they are scared of guys. In the end people
run to their computers and place a picture of their dick on the internet to see if some
scared person wants to suck it. WHAT IS THAT?

We are human beings. Yes. We are animals too. That is why I don’t believe we should
deny our animal, but rather go into the animal in the most divine way. If men and
women were sexually satisfied there wouldn’t be wars. Men need the fight, but if they
cannot conquer in an erotic battle they will have to become a football hooligan or
something. It is part of nature to fight.

However, sexual satisfaction doesn’t come from sex it comes from your self. Peace
doesn’t come from outside. It comes from your self. Love doesn’t come from outside.
It comes from your self. Once you have conquered your self which means once you
have accepted and understood and realized your Self, then you may conquer, with
love, the world. Then you will be spiritually satisfied, sexually satisfied, satisfied
right through your chakra system. Bhakti satisfies all the charkas because it is holistic
medicine for the soul. Once the soul is satisfied then your external drama will satisfy
your mind and body too. If you want to be the sexy superstar of your dreams you
should start meditating. God is a cure for your lack of everything, because He gives
everything. There is nothing denied to a Lover of God.

Religions scare people from the Divine Experience by suggesting God doesn’t
approve of sex. Now, when you are with your lover, do you feel you are committing
some terrible sin? Or is it so sweet that you wonder why we don’t start making love
not war.

I am not advocating free love I am telling you ‘yes, it doesn’t cost anything!’

I am advocating God and I am telling you yes, He is the Sexiest Motherfucker there
is. And He is ready at all times to seduce you!

It is a lack of romance the world suffers from. If romance is there we will understand
God easier. If revolution is there we will have time for romance. If we have romance
and revolution then we will satisfy the souls need for Personal Love and Universal

Once we go cut through all the boundaries we have created for ourselves and unite on
a deep soul level, then we may unite however we like to unite. Then we may create
beautiful romances, beautiful parties, beautiful communities. Imagine a community of
lovers accepting manjari bhava, guiding each other towards divine erotic love. I have
laughed with friends ‘maybe we will choose Radha and Krishna for a night, and all
take roles as manjaris to serve them, music, art, circus, food, and all feeling the
energies of the two lovers, with no desire to change places and be Radha and
Krishna.’ This is selfless love. The manjaris are the forms of selfless love.

Once we know art is our human gift and love is our goal we will be so artistic in
creation of festivity. Maybe we will drink ayahuasca on the occasion of romantic
initiation ceremonies. No, plants are bad!

Excuse my creative mind.

The Golden Avatar

Once you are capable of being present in the most erotic environment possible
without the faintest desire for your own pleasure then you are qualified for the next

Let introduce you to Sri Chaitanya, THE Romantic and Revolutionary.

Once upon a time there was a gorgeous boy named Gokula Chandra (Krishna). He
was in love with the sweetest girl in the village, Vrindavanesvari Sri Radha, the queen
of Vrindavan. She was renowned as the most chaste girl in the universe. One day
Krishna passed on the way to the forest herding his cows. He caught the sight of
sweet Radha as she was dressing her cows. His heart stopped, and the moment of eye
contact with the sweet gopi made time stand still. He was pulled by his friends down
the lane. But life had changed. Any other desire other than appreciating Her beauty
had been extinguished by her glance.
Radha was stunned as he disappeared into the forest. Her manjaris saw her and sang
‘Krishna Hey, Krishna Hey.’ She found him there, in the voices of her maidservants.
They took her hand and led her to her look-out tower. She saw him and heard that
flute and its melody entered her heart and coated her love with his love.
‘We will meet him by the Yamuna, let’s go,’ said one manjari.
They took her, dressed her in fine garments, designed to steel the mind of Cupid
himself. ‘We must take Radha to worship Yamuna Devi,’ the manjaris told Jatila.

So she moved through the village and into the forest, her maidservants calling more
maidservants. They passed hints and started to work, some picking flowers for
garlands, some picking flower-petals for a love-bed by the river. Musician girls,
incense girls, girls with peacock fans, girls with drinks and sweets, and girls with

‘Krishna, the lightning strike will pierce the clouds and rain will bless the Earth.
Quick come.’ His friends looked confused. It was sunny. Remembering her golden
form he followed the beautiful young damsels to the kunja, the secret forest location
prepared for love.

There, love itself took over.

The jewel of divine femininity ornamented the chaste girls body. Idiosyncrasies to
melt iron hearts. Krishna had no chance. His soft soul melted, disappeared. He found
Himself inside her looking at Himself. ‘Wow, Krishna is so beautiful, He thought and
realized again he was Krishna, and returned inside his own body. He looked at Radha
and Radha saw her love starting at herself, ‘I am Krishna and she is Radha,’ she
believed and wondered how much he loved her. Then again, she awoke to reality. Or
was it a dream, she could not tell.
The manjaris disturbed their meditation so they could move towards each other.

What followed was the graceful movements of intoxicated lovers. The One which had
become Two to become One again.

Krishna held his love, laying satisfied in his arms. Manjaris cooled their bodies and
massaged them. He witnessed her bliss. ‘What does it feel like to love me?’ he
thought. ‘What is her experience? How tastes her bliss?’

Chaitanya was born.

In Navadvipa, West Bengal. A direct incarnation of Sri Krishna, endowed with the
mood and bodily lustre of Sri Radhika.

Two had become One.

Male and female united in one form.
Purusa and Prakriti.
Love and Beloved.

He grew strong, always chanting Hare Krishna. He preached the philosophy of

Oneness and Difference and defeated all the wise pandits of India who came to
Navadvipa to challenge him. He began to dance and sing, ‘Hare Krishna Hare Krishna
Krishna Krishna Hare Hare Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare.’ Give up
speculation and just chant this mantra he roared and drowned in the beauty of his own

He switched between moods tasting Radha’s love for Krishna, Krishna’s love for
Radha. And around him; Radha had incarnated directly as Gadadhara Pandit; his
brother Balarama had become Nityananda, everyone was there, players from the last
play, creating the next incredible fantasy drama.

The gopis and manjaris where there, as Brahmana boys, dancing with Him through
the streets.


He gave the maha-mantra to his followers, endowed it with the mood of Radha, and
manjari-bhava. His followers became a fire, and passed on flames to dry grass.
The flame is still alive!!

There were no boundaries for Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. He took sannyasa. He married

twice and he enjoyed union with the manjaris.

The brahmana boys had female hearts and male hearts, their bodies even changed
back and forth as Mahaprabhu blessed them with his love.
Now Radha was with Krishna. The manjaris were his, hers, his hers. Direct service to
the Divine Couple in the most simple, unadulterated, innocent and astonishingly
ecstatic act of making love with God and Goddess, simultaneously.
This is Chaitanya.
This is your relationship with your highest self.

The soul splits into two at the time of your ultimate liberation. One ‘self’ enjoys
Krishna-lila, and one enjoys ‘Chaitanya-lila’. They are said to be non-different which
is why the same character, you, with the same heart can split to enjoy two universes.
In Chaitanya-lila sometimes Krishna-lila is remembered and the brahmana boys
become nadiya-nagaris, like gopis, female lovers of Gadadhara and Chaitanya.

Krishna five thousand years ago, and Chaitanya five hundred years ago came to the
world for two reasons. To give and receive. Krishna tasted the gopis love in this world
and later gave instructions to mankind, through Arjuna, on the science of yoga.
Chaitanya came to taste Radha’s love directly, and give manjari-bhava to the people
of this world.

This time is so special. Chaitanya only comes to this world once in millions of years.
They cycle of avatars in which Krishna takes a part and appears as an expansion of
Visnu revolves many times till in one of these cycles the Golden Avatar appears.

Chaitanya is the treasure of treasures and once you get to realize this, and you realize
the fortune of being on the planet while the wave of his love is not only continuing
but expanding (and soon crashing all over this world) then everything else looks like
stupidity. Stress over your basketball teams performance. Concern over Britney
Spears erratic life-style. Worry that your boyfriend likes your best friend. Fear that the
world is going to end in apocalypse. It all seems so irrelevant when you realize we are
here now, we have been blessed with the most simple opportunity to attain the highest
dimension and meet God, fall in love with Him, be seduced by Him, and live for ever
in anandambhudivardanam, an ever increasing ocean of blissful love.

One day hopefully you will understand me, and understand the grievous misfortune of
souls being in human bodies in this time of the Gaura Prema Revolution and not
taking part – only to go back into samsara and struggle to survive for a few more
million years, till Mahaprabhu comes again with the key.

This key has been passed down to me.

And here I am. Now.

Holding open the door which no-one can shut.


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