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Books For Mathematics

Rahul Gupta

April 23, 2010


Textbook plays an important role in learning a subject.Choosing a good book helps a lot in developing your interest,while a bad or dry book can kill your interest Information of books become handy and quite use- ful.Here I am going to list some of books I have come across,and how I used and found useful in learing the subject. For little exposure to branches of mathematics ans books look at book ”All the mathematics you missed but need to know for graduate school” by Thomas A Garrity.Some of good books can be found at MIT open course web page.

1 Linear Algebra

1.1 hoffman and kunze

:I haven’t read this book,but I heard people say that this contains good exer- cise.On the other hand some people find it dry,as it doesn’t provide any motiva- tion to know theory.So,I think this book will not be good for first introduction to subject.

1.2 Linear Algebra by Jin Ho Kwak Sungpyo hong, J. H. kwak

: I guess book provide motivation for the theory developed and contains good examples to show the application of the theory developed.

1.3 Introduction to Linear Algebra by Gilbert Strang

:Renowned professor and author Gilbert Strang demonstrates that linear al- gebra is a fascinating subject by showing both its beauty and value. While the mathematics is there, the effort is not all concentrated on proofs. Strang’s emphasis is on understanding. He explains concepts, rather than deduces

1.4 Linear Algebra Problem Book by P.R. Halmos

This would be fun to try. for more choices of books visit Linear algebra wiki


2 Real Analysis

2.1 Principle of Mathematical Analysis by Walter Rudin

This is a classic rigourous text.

2.2 S. kumrasen

This is compact book for introduction to topology of metric spaces.

2.3 Carother

2.4 Bartle sherbert

2.5 Apostol

for good notes look at UCLA tao notes for more useful information surf this site tao homepage

3 Algebra

3.1 Gallian

Reading this book is fun as it provide historical information and application of theory developed and quotes and poetry for literature oriented people.

3.2 Herstein

This is compact book focussed primarily on problem solving.I had a great time solving problems from it.

3.3 Dummit and Foote

This book covers lot of topics and can be used as reference book for learning algebra

3.4 Luthar and passi

This is series of 2 or 3 books aimed at having exposure to higher algebra.

3.5 Surge langs algebra

3.6 Emil artin’s Galois theory

4 Introduction to commutative algebra by Atiyah

This book is for introduction to commutative algebra.


5 Complex analysis

5.1 Lars ahlfors

This is one of the excellent text to start with.

6 Topology

6.1 Munkres

6.2 Simmon

This is a compact book .I think before going to read munkres it will be better to read it first.

6.3 Armstrong

This gives a topological insight into real world geometry or say discusses the geometrical aspect of the topology.

7 continuum mechanics

7.1 I-shih liu

7.2 chandrasheran

7.3 Fung, Y. C

8 Ordinary differential equation

8.1 Raghvendra

8.2 Boyce Di Prima

8.3 G F Simmon

9 Miscellaneous

9.1 Problem solving strategies by Artur Engel

for series of problem solving book look at problem seminar course mit for other problem solving books look at titu andriscu books.

9.2 Proofs from the book

This book contains beautiful proofs from all branches of mathematics.worth looking at

9.3 Naive Set Theory by Paul R Halmos