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Vichento Maxamillian

The Sexiest Kobold Alive

So Vichento, what did you use Wish for today?

Oh eh... um... I really needed a beer, so I cast it this morning for a brewskie.
Vichento Maxamillian is, in short, a Kobold who is optimized like crazy (At least
in my definition of optimized, which is If one of my players tried to play this, I'd
whap them over the head repeatedly with the Dungeonmaster's Guide). He
doesn't use and abuse infinite loops, and doesn't use things that make him
inherently invincible, only insanely powerful. He is a Dragonwrought Kobold
Unseelie Fey Magic-Blooded who has three primary scticks:
1. Free cast Wish and Permanency: Dweomerkeeper is broken right out of the box,
and that is his primary prestige class (I think they didn't intend for players to go
almost 100% arcane with the class, since it requires Divine and Arcane
spellcasting). Dweomerkeeper can, several times per day, cast spells without
taking Material Component or XP costs. This means, essentially, using Wish and
Permanency and Gate frivolously, having a Sorcerer that can cast any Wizard spell
for free several times per day via Wish.
2. Save or Die: Vichento is lazy, and as such does not like to put much thought
or effort into his amazing spellcasting. As such, he specializes in save-or-suck
spells, saving Death throws for the living ones, and Polymorph/Transport to other
plane shenanigans for those immune to Death Effects. Vichento's entire feat
selection is geared towards making his save-or-suck DC really hard to hit. Add to
the fact that Dragonwrought Kobold Abuse + 0 LA template abuse skyrockets his
Charisma into the stratosphere at level 1, this strategy is to make sure that
enemies die when he points his finger in their general direction.
3. Roleplay: Vichento has way too much Charisma for a Kobold. As such, he is
played as a suave half-the-time, laid back half-the-time Kobold who lives day-byday. He uses his ability to cast Wish and Permanency for no cost for trivial things
such as summoning Beers and Babes, as opposed to serious uses of the spells.
He will, if threatened, use the spells in combat, but more often than not he just
uses Wish for personal frivolous things to get ahead in life, in addition to
permanent buffs. Vichento is Chaotic Neutral, with his strongest alignment being
to Chaotic. His shifting between Good and Evil mostly has to do with his odd
personality, a mix of self-centered hubris and a kind heart for the underdog.

Name: Vichento Maxamillian


Class Levels: Cleric 1/Instant Metamagic Sorcerer 4/Dweomerkeeper 10/Fate Spinner

4/Mindbender 1
(Reasons: Cleric Prerequisite for Dweo | Sorcerer Vichento is an Arcane Caster | Dweo
Free Permanency, Wish, and Genesis several times a day? Yes please | Fate Spinner Fun
on the bun and helps Save DC | Mindbender Entirely flavor, telepathy is fun)

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

(Reasons: Vichento is self-centered, and while he sometimes has a soft spot for the little guy
and respect for those that assist him, he mostly does whatever suits him. He would help you
get your cat out of a tree as soon as turn you into a cat for shits and giggles)

Race: Magic-Blooded Unseelie Fey Dragonwrought Kobold (Chaos)


Age: 122 (Venerable for a Kobold who is Dragonwrought, page 39 Races of the Dragon).
(Also noted on that page is that Dragonwrought Kobolds do not take ability penalties due to

Feat Selection:
Level 1 Feat: Dragonwrought -- Flaw: Snowcasting -- Flaw: Cold Focus
Level 3 Feat: Craft Wondrous Item
Level 6 Feat: Greater Cold Focus
Level 9 Feat: Arcane Mastery
Level 12 Feat: Quicken Spell
Level 15 Feat: Dragon Touched
Level 18 Feat: Draconic Aura (Energy: Cold)
(Reasons: Most of the feats are to increase Spell Save DC. Dragonwrought is also to increase
Save DC, in addition to being a complete badass Kobold who does not suffer aging penalties.
Craft Wondrous Item is to meet a prerequisite, Arcane Mastery to bypass Spell Resistance)
Deity: Zagyg the Mad Archmage

Cleric Domains: Chaos, Magic


Leveling note: Every ability score bonus gained since level 1 goes into Charisma. Every. Single. One.

Notes: Wish can cast most Wizard/Sorc spells, and thus qualifies for Mindbender's Charm Person

Reach level 20 so that Vichento can fully realize his Wish build, or in character Realize his full potential as
a Sorcerer.
Use Wish or Gate (Or some abuse of Wish to get gold) to summon some hot Elven Babes.
Transform Greenhollow Cave into a luxurious pad and Sorcerer base, complete with a king-sized bed and
Permanency traps laid out for intruders. Maybe summon a saber tooth tiger, slay it, and use the pelt as the
blanket for said bed.
Become rich by starting an extraplanar shop (Created via paying a wizard to cast the Genesis Spell) where
Vichento sells off magic items generated by the Wish spell for cheaper than any other shopkeeper in the
planes (As he can generate magic items for no cost, while selling them for cost).
Gain favor with and perhaps become champion of Zagyg, Chaotic Neutral god of madness, eccentricity, and
unpredictablity by becoming the ultimate joke character.
Open a Casino/Brothel within the same demiplane as the Shop, allowing high level adventurers and other
extraplanar beings to enjoy a house of earthly delights.
Gain the favor of a Solar Angel, as they are one of only a few friendos out there who can also cast wish
freely. Also, have sexual relations with said Solar if possible.
Join an adventuring party (PC or NPC, doesn't matter) and go on a grand adventure, being that weird
mage who focuses only on Save-or-Die spells. Essentially, lets roleplay One Punch Man time, as most
things fit to level 20 CR can be felled with Save-or-Dies. Perhaps hold back on power so as to just act as a
backup deus-ex machina who summons beers and babes in the morning for the party?
Use Wish to increase every stat by 5.
Obtain a Vest of the Archmagi (Magic Item Compendium), one of the greatest magic items of all time.
Vichento would go through a campiagn's worth of material just to get one, if need be.
Obtain a Veil of Allure, an item (Magic Item Compendium) that increases spell save DC by 2.
Obtain a Cloak of Charisma +6 to increase Charisma.
Use Baleful Polymorph to turn various world leaders into cats, watch the chaos ensue from the shadows.
Create a dungeon for adventurers to go through, complete with magic items created by Wish and monsters
summoned to protect the treasures. Maybe call in some of the fellas to watch the adventurers go through
the dungeon on a televi- I mean, Scrying Crystal Ball, complete with buttons the guests can push to have
different things happen in the dungeon, like traps set off or treasure rewarded.
Build a grand temple to Zagyg in a city, contributing to his god.
Play nice with the deities, so as to not be smited for having too much power (Pun Pun would laugh
hysterically at this, but optimization is optimization, even if it is poor non-looping optimization).
Share a conversation with Pun Pun, the Kobold of many ability scores. A handshake is enough, but as a
shining symbol of brilliance to Kobold underdogs everywhere, Pun Pun is like a hero to Vichento. At the very
best, a handshake, autograph, and a conversation with him.

While Vichento Maxamillian's backstory should be a grand epic of events, it isn't really. Because real
wizards, the ones who are go-getters who become liches and worms that walk? They don't adventure. They
don't go out and make a name for themselves. No, they stay secluded in their towers, their caves as
Vichento did, and study. Study, learn, and become great. It sucks to be a nerd in high school, but you reap
the rewards after you get a promising career and make much more than the jocks who bullied you. As is so
for Vichento, the adventures come after Vichento has gained arcane power.
Vichento was from a tribe known as the Lok'Dok Mflaggon Kobold tribe, and his legendary Dragonmarked,
Dragonwrought, Magic-Blooded status was simply the sign of a perfect being formed. Vichento was born
under the stars only one in a million are born under, and at a very young age he manifested great magical
power through his blessed bloodline. Some say Vichento was born of an ancient bloodline dating back to
Bahamut himself, but that is just speculation. Perhaps it was just the gods looking down and favoring an
underdog, just as they had with Pun-Pun. Perhaps it was Pun-Pun's own doing, to create an apprentice, a
master of magic that would continue to spread the Kobold legacy. Perhaps it was blind luck.
In any case, Vichento soon left his tribe to seek fortune elsewhere, never looking back. The lawful kobolds
despised Vichento's free, Chaotic nature, and so he abandoned a life of ostracization and jealousy.
Vichento found a cave named Greenhollow Cave, and took it over, making it his base. He would study his
magic here, testing his arcane energies and how to perfect them. Vichento was not connected to any
society; no guild or city or government could tell him to do something else, so he could focus entirely on his
magic. Vichento specialized primarily into quick magic, very hard-hitting and deadly spells that took up much
of his arcane reserves. After mastering the art of the save-or-be-fucked, Vichento Maxamillian continued into
the study of Wish, the ability to bend reality to his whim. Eventually, he mastered this as well, over the
course of the hundred years of his life.
On this day, he sits back in a chair within Greenhollow, thinking up the goals listed on the previous page,
about to go out and commence in them.

(If this character does not start at level 20, instead start in the point in the backstory where Vichento is
studying the magic of Save-or-be-fucked and Wish, perhaps adventuring to finalize his research. If he is at
level 20, he will immediately begin working on his goals, in any order the Dungeonmaster finds convenient.)

(The shop Vichento hopes to one day build within a Demiplane named Pleasure Hollow)

Spell List
Detect Magic, Read Magic, Ghost Sound, Mage Hand, Message, Dancing Lights, Open/Close,
Flare, Arcane Mark
1st Level Spells
True Strike, Magic Missile, Enlarge Person, Expeditious Retreat, True Casting
2nd Level Spells
Glitterdust, Hideous Laughter, Invisibility, Fox's Cunning, Mirror Image
3rd Level Spells
Phantom Steed, Heroism, Displacement, Explosive Runes
4th Level Spells
Stoneskin, Fear, Dimension Door, Detect Scrying
5th Level Spells
Dominate Person, Teleport, Baleful Polymorph, Major Creation
6th Level Spells
Dispel Magic Greater, Transformation, True Seeing
7th Level Spells
Finger of Death, Teleport Greater, Scrying Greater
8th Level Spells
Wrathful Castigation, Power Word Stun, Irresistible Dance
9th Level Spells
Reality Maelstrom, Wish
The Cleric spell list will have no effort whatsoever put into it and will consist of whatever is
even remotely helpful.

This character uses content from Core D&D 3.5,

Frostburn: Mastering the Perils of Ice and Snow,
Draconomicon, Races of the Dragon, Epic Level Handbook,
Deities and Demigods, Spell Compendium, Player's
Handbook II, Complete Divine, Complete Arcane, Dragon
Magic, Dragon Compendium, Forgotten Realms Campaign
Setting, Unearthed Arcana and Dragon Magazine 306.
Yes, that's right, he uses 14 splatbook sources. Yikes. At least he isn't taking a
Cancer Mage level at 20 for infinite Strength and AC...