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The Terms and Conditions as listed form the basis of participation in PetroBonus Programme; they are
intended to protect your rights as a Member of PetroBonus Programme. These provisions will govern your
participation in this programme, and you are requested to read these carefully and understand all of them.
Should you require clarification or further information, you may contact the BPCL Petrol Pump or call us on
our Helpline Nos. 1800-22-2725 (Toll Free) or 022 4042 2725 or email us at
1. PetroBonus is a Programme which is owned and operated by BPCL in BPCL RO across India and is
targeted at individual vehicle owners in India. 2. Membership and benefits of PetroBonus Rewards
Programme are offered at the sole discretion of Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited, hereinafter called as
BPCL.3. BPCL RO means participating BPCL Retail Outlets (petrol pump) at which the Petro Card would
be accepted for earning Petromiles. 4. Member means a Member of PetroBonus Programme.
5. Petro Card and Card refers to the pre-paid card that you receive as a Member of PetroBonus
Programme. 6. Petromiles means the award given to a Member for utilising the services or facilities
offered by BPCL as specified in the programme from time to time. 7. Reward is the benefit and service that a
Member can avail of through exchange of his or her Petromiles. 8. Data means personal information
provided in the application form.
Membership & Enrolment
1. Membership is open to all individuals who are aged 18 (eighteen) years or more by filling up a Petro Card
Application Form and paying an enrolment fee (currently Rs.250/-) or as per the offer at any BPCL RO.
2. The enrolment fee of Rs. 250/- is non refundable. 3. Petro Card will be delivered to the Member within 21
working days of receipt of a completed application form. 4. The PetroBonus Programme Membership will be
valid for a period of 6 years from the date of issue of Petro Card. If you are an active user of Petro Card, your
membership may be renewed for a further period of 6 years at the discretion of BPCL. The Petromiles earned
in a financial year are valid for a period of 6 financial years from the beginning of the next financial year after
the accrual of Petromiles, subject to the membership being valid. In case the membership expires, you
should utilise the balance amount on the card at a BPCL outlet within 3 months from the date of expiry of
membership, failing which it will lapse and cannot be utilised. (Note: Financial year refers to 1st April of that
year to 31st March of the following year) 5. All cards will be provided with a PIN feature. 6. The card is nontransferable and intended for personal use only. Any liability arising due to card loss, misuse, or out of
sharing of PIN consciously or otherwise, would render the Member liable for all losses. 7. The Member will
be solely responsible for the inconvenience or inability to use the card due to forgetting the PIN till the time
BPCL is intimated in writing. The card will then have to be returned to BPCL who in turn will reset the PIN.
8. The Petro Card can be used to purchase Fuel, Lubricants and products from the In&Out Convenience Store
at participating BPCL RO. 9. The Member should take adequate precautions to protect the card and prevent
damage. 10. Should a card be lost, a fresh application can be made for a replacement card on payment.
The latest charges would be available on request and can be viewed on the website of the programme.
11. The loss of the card should be intimated to BPCL immediately, and BPCL shall arrange to hotlist the card
within 48 hours. However, BPCL will not be liable for any misuse whatsoever during the interim period.
12. If the hotlisted card is subsequently found, it cannot be de-hotlisted and the card holder will have to apply
for a replacement card. 13. All communication will be sent to the address given in the enrolment form and it
is the responsibility of the Member to inform BPCL about any changes in the address. 14. All communication
will be deemed to have been received by the Member and BPCL bears no responsibility for communication
not received or lost in the mail or courier. 15. All telephone instructions received and verified by two unique
identifiers shall be deemed proper and BPCL shall not be liable for executing these instructions in good faith.
All such telephone instructions will be treated as having been written and signed. 16. The Member permits
BPCL to use the Data for marketing activities. However, BPCL would ensure confidentiality.
Loading and Payment
1. The card will have the electronic equivalent of cash loaded on the chip which will be referred to as e-cash.
The amount to be loaded will have to be deposited in cash with the dealer of the BPCL RO having
the loading facility. 2. The card will have to be physically taken to the card reader for the amount to be loaded
on to the card. 3. The e-cash is a payment towards future purchases. 4. The minimum load amount at
each time would be Rs.500 per card. Any additional amount desired to be loaded will have to be in the
multiples of Rs. 100/Accrual of Petromiles
1. The programme currency is Petromiles. 2. Membership of the PetroBonus Programme entitles the
Member the right to earn Petromiles which can be redeemed for rewards in accordance of the terms and
conditions of the programme. 3. Petromiles can be earned only at BPCL RO. The list of BPCL RO is subject to
change at any time, without notice. Additions and deletions to the list of BPCL RO will be announced from
time to time. For a detailed list of BPCL RO Members may log on to www.petrobonus.com 4. Petromiles will
be earned on transactions and are liable to be changed. The details of the Petromiles earned on transactions
would be available on request and can be viewed on the website of the programme. 5. Members will earn
Petromiles on every Indian Rupee spent on eligible charges (Fuel, Lubricants and In&Out) only at BPCL
RO. 6. Petromiles will be automatically credited only if the Petro Card is used for payment at the BPCL RO.
7. A transaction slip would be generated at the time of transaction that should be checked for accuracy of
details. Any disputes on the debits can be verified and corrective action taken only if the transaction slip is
provided to BPCL. 8. Petromiles earned by any individual Member cannot be combined with or transferred to
other PetroBonus Member or to reward programmes administered by past, present or future partners of
BPCL and any other programmes offered by BPCL. 9. If a Member believes he or she has not received
Petromiles for any transaction made by the Petro Card, or any partner Petromiles, he or she must contact us
on our Helpline Nos. 1800-22-2725 (Toll Free) or 022-4042 2725 or email us at
petrobonus@bharatpetroleum.in. For the Members protection, he/she should check that all points are

transferred onto the Petro Card at the end of each transaction. 10. For the Members protection the Member
should retain all original transaction slips until the point credit of Petromiles has appeared on the Petromiles
statement. 11. A Member cannot purchase Petromiles or add Petromiles in any other way other than purchasing
any of the eligible products under terms specified, in order to redeem the Petromiles for rewards.
12. Any fractional Petromiles earned will be truncated to the nearest integer. For example, if a Member earns
125.90 Petromiles from a transaction, it will be rounded off to 126 Petromiles, but if he / she earns 125.40
Petromiles it will be treated as 125 Petromiles. 13. Accrued Petromiles do not constitute property of the
Members except specifically provided herein, no accrued Petromiles are transferable in the event of death, as
part of a domestic relations matter or otherwise by operation of Law. 14. Petromiles issued have no monetary
value and cannot be bartered or sold by Members for cash at any point of time. These Petromiles may only be
exchanged for rewards or benefits on offers through PetroBonus Programme. 15. Any Petromiles or benefits
which BPCL deems to have been transferred sold or assigned in violation of programme rules may be
confiscated or cancelled.
Rewards and Redemptions
1. PetroBonus membership entitles Members the right to earn Petromiles, which can be redeemed for rewards in
accordance with the terms and conditions. Kindly log on to www.petrobonus.com for the details. 2. All taxes and
applicable incidental expenditures as and where applicable will be borne by the Member. 3. Redemption rewards
once issued will not be exchanged and the Member will not be entitled to any refund or credit for the Petromiles
redeemed. 4. Member will be handed over his/her Quick Reward instantly by the dealer, where he/she got
enrolled, on redeeming his/her Petromiles, while in case of Cherished Rewards, the reward will be sent to the
address registered with us within 6-8 weeks of redeeming the Petromiles and submitting his/her request.
5. BPCL does not bear any liabilities or responsibilities for lost vouchers and credit will not be given for
unclaimed and unutilised vouchers. 6. Any holder of the Petro Card can redeem Petromiles for rewards and
BPCL has no liability of this, redeemed by any other person other than the Member. 7. BPCL will not meet the cost
of any tax, which may apply to rewards particular to this programme. This is the sole responsibility of the
individual recipient. 8. All rewards are subject to availability and supplier restrictions. BPCL may, without notice,
withdraw or substitute any reward for another reward of comparable value and nature. 9. Rewards
classifications and redemptions centers for Quick Rewards may change at any time without notice at BPCLs
sole discretion. 10. No credit or substitution will be given for any rewards that are partially used. 11. Members
must address all their queries, comments regarding reward items, damage of products on receipt, etc. to
PetroBonus at P.O. Box No.16579, Worli, Mumbai 400018 or call us on our Helpline Nos. 1800-22-2725
(Toll Free) or 022-4042 2725 or email us at petrobonus@bharatpetroleum.in 12. BPCL takes responsibility for
providing products on time. However BPCL cannot guarantee delivery handled by third party vendors and
courier companies, since they are not in control of BPCL. 13. Members must take open delivery of rewards from
outlet and must not accept damaged products. Any complaints post acknowledgement will not be BPCLs
liability. 14. Any risk/loss during usage of the product is not the responsibility of BPCL.
1. BPCL reserves the right to discontinue PetroBonus membership to any Member who appears to be using
the programme in a manner inconsistent with the terms and conditions or intent of the programme or
any portion of the programme, including, but not limited to, reward redemption. BPCL also reserves the right to
discontinue membership for any Member who acts in a manner inconsistent with local or state laws, statutes or
ordinances. Discontinued membership may result in the loss of all accumulated Petromiles
and the cancellation of all rewards, benefits and privileges. 2. All interpretations of programme rules shall be at
the sole discretion of BPCL. 3. Any Member who has not earned Petromiles for 12 consecutive months may be
removed from the mailing list of active Members. 4. BPCL reserves the right to add, modify, delete or otherwise
change any of the rules, conditions, benefits, rewards or reward level pertaining to the programme at its sole
discretion, with or without notice, even though changes may affect the value of Petromiles or rewards already
accumulated. For example, BPCL may increase or decrease the Petromiles required for a reward or limit the
number of participating outlets for a particular reward. 5. Any change of information as provided in the
PetroBonus Application Form must be notified in writing to us at PetroBonus, P.O. Box No.16579, Worli, Mumbai
400018 or call us on our Helpline Nos. 1800-22-2725 (Toll Free) or 022-4042 2725 or email us at
petrobonus@bharatpetroleum.in 6. The programme and any benefit, offering or the like relating to the
programme, shall not be construed as to constitute a contract or otherwise establish a contractual relationship
between BPCL and any Member. 7. Nothing in the BPCL PetroBonus Programme rules is intended or shall be
construed to create or establish any agency, partnership or joint venture relationship between BPCL and the
Members and partners. 8. The PetroBonus Programme has no predetermined termination date and may
continue until such time as BPCL decides to terminate the programme, at any time, with or without notice.
9. Each Member is responsible for remaining knowledgeable as to the programme rules and as to the number of
Petromiles in his or her account. BPCL will send correspondence to Members to advise them of matters of
interest, including notification of programme changes and Petromiles statement from time to time. However,
neither BPCL, its subsidiaries, affiliates or allied companies nor programme management service providers nor
the owners of participating outlets nor companies participating as partners in the programme will be liable for
any failure to do so and will not be responsible for correspondence lost or delayed in the mail. The latest terms
and conditions shall be available on request or can be viewed on the website of
the programme. 10. Terms and conditions of PetroBonus Programme are governed by the laws of the Republic
of India and will be restricted to the Mumbai jurisdiction under the Mumbai High Court. 11. Terms and conditions
of the PetroBonus Programme are subject to change without prior notice and for further details Members may
log onto www.petrobonus.com.

PetroBonus, P.O. Box No. 16579, Worli, Mumbai - 400 018.

Visit us at: www.petrobonus.com or
call at Helpline No.: 1800-22-2725 (Toll Free) or 022-4042 2725

Welcome to a whole new world

of rewarding relationships, where
Every purchase is a bonus.
Earn valuable Petromiles every
time you purchase Fuel,
Lubricants and products from the
In&Out Convenience Store at the
Bharat Petroleum petrol pumps.
Yo u c a n r e d e e m t h e s e
Petromiles for a wide range of
exciting rewards.

Every purchase is a bonus

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ROC No.:

Batch No.:

TID No.:


Customer ID:









Signature: __________________________________

MANDATORY FIELDS (This application is liable for rejection if mandatory fields are not filled in.)

I declare that I have read the Terms and Conditions mentioned and I agree that by using the Petro Card I accept the same. The information provided
on the application is correct and true to the best of my knowledge and any misrepresentation of facts will amount to termination of the card.

d) Document Type:

7. Credit Cards Held:

Standard Chartered
American Express
Others ________________________

Vehicle Brand 3

8. Debit Cards Held:

Standard Chartered
Others ________________________

20 lacs and above

Other (Please specify) ____________________________

Vehicle Brand 2

10-20 lacs


10. I do not want to receive information on special offers and SMS updates.

c) Document No.:

Identification Documents

b) Mothers Maiden Name:

a) Place of Birth:

9. Unique Identifiers for Petro Card


5-10 lacs

Vehicle Brand 1

0-5 lacs


6. Brand of Motor Insurance:

The New India Assurance Co. Ltd.
United India Insurance Co. Ltd.
The Oriental Insurance Co. Ltd.
National Insurance Company
ICICI Lombard General Insurance
Tata AIG General Insurance
Iffco Tokio General Insurance
Bajaj Allianz General Insurance
Others ________________________
Date of Expiry of Motor Insurance:

Four Wheeler

Two Wheeler


5. Details of Vehicles Owned:

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3. Occupation:

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