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Learning Taekwondo is hard work. It will take you many hours of practice before
you become an expert. You will need to listen closely to what your instructor says and
you will need to practice on your own at home. But sometimes its hard to practice by
yourself because you may not know exactly what to do. That is why the San Pablo
Colleges with the assistance of Philippine Taekwondo League is offering Taekwondo
You should try to do some things every day. You might want to work out with a
friend that way you can help each other remember all the punches, kicks and blocks. But
be careful when you are practicing that you dont hurt yourself or your partner.
Remember that Taekwondo is a serious art that can be dangerous.
You should only do Taekwondo techniques when you are in class or practicing at
home. Of course, you can also defend yourself with Taekwondo, but dont try to show off
all your moves unless somebody is really trying to hurt you. Good Taekwondo students
are really trying never using their skills unless they absolutely have to.
Where did Taekwondo Come From?
Taekwondo started many centuries ago in Korea and slowly traveled from country
to country. Today there are many different kinds of Karate, with names like Shotokan and
Goju-ryu. The name for Korean Karate is Tae Kwon Do. It means the way of kicking
and punching.
The name Taekwondo is derived from the Korean word tae meaning foot,
kwon meaning fist and do meaning way of. So, literally Taekwondo means the
way of foot and fist. The name Taekwondo, however, has only been used since 1955
while the arts root began 2,300 years ago in Korea. Known as a martial art and way of
life, the evolution of Taekwondo is a direct result of the happenings in Korea long ago,
and knowledge of the history is an important step in understanding Taekwondo.
What is a Taekwondo Uniform Like?
The uniform that Taekwondo students wear is called a gi (ghee) in Japanese and
a do-bok (dough-bahk) in Korean. It looks like a pair of pajamas, but its made out of
heavy cloth so that it wont tear if somebody grabs it. Most beginners wear an all-white
The color of the belt indicates your Taekwondo rank. All students start out as
white belts. You have to take a test to pass to the next-belt rank. The color sometimes
vary from school to school, but they usually are in this order: white, yellow, green, blue,
red (brown), and black.

What is Taekwondo Class Like?

Every class starts with a bow. A bow is a way of showing respect. Thats why you
bow to your instructor and to your partner before practice.
Everyone must pay attention in a Taekwondo class. You must be quiet, especially
doing exercises and sparring. Your instructor will tell you when you can ask questions.
Never be afraid to ask questions because thats the only way you can make sure you
You should show respect to your instructor in another way besides bowing.
Address your instructor formally such as Sir, Maam, or Ms. Smith. Speak to Red
Belts, or Brown Belts, the same way.
Most Taekwondo classes begin with exercises. Then you spend some time
learning blocks, punches, and kicks, at the end of the class comes sparring practice, when
you and a partner get to practice what you have learned. Most schools lets students spar
only after they have been Taekwondo for one (1), to two (2) months.
How Do You Earn A New Rank?
You have to take a test to earn the next-color belt, as weve already said. Usually
more than one black-belt instructor gives the test. You have to show all the things you
need to know for the next rank. This includes blocks, punches, and kicks, as well as
certain Taekwondo Forms, self-defense and sparring. For higher ranks, such as red belt or
black belt, you may even have to break some boards. It will probably take you at least
four (4) years to make black belt.
How Much Do You Need to Practice?
You may go to the Taekwondo School that has classes every day. Other students
YMCA or recreation centers that has classes only once a week. No matter how many
classes you attend, remember that you will learn faster if you also practice at home. When
you are getting ready for a test, you should practice every day before the exam for at least
two (2) to three (3) weeks.
Lets Get Started.
We have already said that Taekwondo is a hard work. You need to pay attention in
class and do your best in practice, but its also important to have fun! Who knows, you
become a black belt someday!


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Our goal is to develop the person into upright citizen of the nation, a
responsible member of ones family and a respected individual of society,
conscious of ones self and fellowmen.
This we achieved through training with martial arts, strengthening body with
mind, understanding the nature of defense and offense and developing
mastery over ones strength and weaknesses.
Our inspiration rests in the youth in offering them a better future from our
present learning and experience.
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