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Eva Ellis-Jackson

What is involved in academic or scholarly research and writing?

Academic and scholarly research and writing is used to research write and report on
original research. Its purpose fulfills a gap in knowledge for the discipline in which
the article is written about. There are three forms of academic and scholarly articles.
They are:
Original Articles
Review Articles
Theoretical Articles
Peer Reviewed Articles
Original Articles
Original articles are research articles written by the researcher. It includes original
thoughts and works that have been studied by the researcher. Within an original
research article, the author includes their hypothesis or research question. They
provide results of the research, methodologies, and conclusions of their research.
Review Articles
A reviewed article cannot be confused with a peer reviewed article. The review article is
a summation of the current state of the research on a particular topic (UT, 2010). A
review articles provides information on the current information and new advances within
the research field; provides an overview of the people working within the field, updates
the reader on any new gaps within the research and also provides future information on
the topic which may not be covered within the current research.
A review article can help the reader understand what topics have not been researched
and given them ideas of other topics to study within their dissertations.
Theoretical Articles
Georgia State University provides an definition for theoretical research articles that
states, A theoretical piece is a focused, extended discussion or development of an
explanation for why a certain social phenomenon is occurring (GSU, 2015).
Peer Reviewed Article
Peer reviewed is an article which has been reviewed by at least 2 reviewers within the
discipline in which the article has been written. The University of Texas at Austin

published a research module on their website which states that the peer review process
ensures that the article represents the best scholarship information available (UT,
What qualifies a source as acceptable for academic or scholarly research?
Academic and scholarly research articles provide the reader with original information
written for a specific audience which is usually scholars, teachers, and students. The
articles are usually peer-reviewed or reviewed by other experts within the research field
which makes the article qualified for research. An academic and scholarly research
article also includes references and resources of prior research written by other
individuals who are experts within the field. These articles provide evidence that
support the research article.
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