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Campus Connexion

West Africa Advanced School of Theology www.waast.org

March 2016

Events on Campus
This Semester
February 29April 29
BTh/Diploma Sessions
April 1214
Spiritual Emphasis

May 6 & 8
Registration for MA
May 9July 22
MA Session

A New Semester: Learning and

Living Together
One hundred three students began their
BTh courses on February 29. Nineteen
professors from 7 nations will teach
during this 9-week semester, and the
students hail from 11 countries. They
quickly find that valuable training takes
place not only in the classroom, but also
in day-to-day interaction. WAAST's rich
cross-cultural setting provides students
and teachers alike the opportunity to
Looking over the Student Handbook at the
glean insights from each other and to
orientation chapel
broaden their worldview, thus equipping
them to serve the Church more effectively
wherever God may call them. Photos: http://on.fb.me/1WcOeOa.

June 1415
Library Expansion and Building Projects
Meeting of the Executive
have arrived on campus, a gift from the former Central Bible
Committee of the Board
MO, USA. To accommodate the new holdings, the walls
of Governors
June 2024
Mid-session Break

Please Pray . . .
for strength and health
for the students and
professors during this
that God's Spirit would
pervade every class.
that the new library
books and software
would be available for
use quickly.
for good progress,
funding, and safety as
the building projects

B.P. 2313
Lom, Togo
(228) 22 25 06 63

that had formed an office, 2 classrooms, and the computer

room have been removed. The computer room is now on
the ground floor of the new multipurpose building.
software system has
been donated by
Africa's Hope. We
WAAST's invaluable
theological library,
and Africa's Hope
for its help in
improving it.
The roof has been placed on the 2-story multipurpose building. Work will soon begin to
relocate and refurbish the cafeteria and kitchen, now situated under high-tension wires.

Extension Center News

KINSHASA, DR CONGO: Fifty-two students attended the January/February BTh
session. The center also hosts an MA program, and 11 students hope to come to the
central campus in May to complete their courses and prepare to write their theses. Praise
God for new dorms that can accommodate 28. Please pray for finances for the students
and center, and for peace as elections are held later this year.
GHANA: Forty-three students recently completed BTh courses at this center in Kumasi.
NIGER: For a variety of reasons, this center has not been active for some time. Pray for
the leaders as they make plans to offer the BTh courses again. An alumnus reports that
churches are growing, and many Nigeriens are questioning their own religion. More
workers must be trained while it is yet day!
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