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Customer Care Centre

AXA Tower lt. GF

Jl. Prof. Dr. Satrio Kav.18, Kuningan City
Jakarta 12940, Indonesia
: +62 21 3005 9005
Fax : +62 21 3005 9008
Email : customer@axa-insurance.co.id

Frequently Asked Questions

SmartTraveller (Single & Annual Plan)



How to buy SmartTraveller online?

You can go through AXA Website, www.axa-insurance.co.id
Click Buy Online button on SmartTraveller section
Choose your insurance cover that suitable your needs
You have to read and agreed with our important information and main exclusion otherwise click Trip Details
Specify your period of travel insurance, destination, number of people to be insured, personal details and
insurance package. After that click Save & Proceed button in corner of the bottom page
Checking your policy total amount in Policy Payment page and after agreed you can continue to the next
page and make a payment
Default payment is using Visa/Master Credit Card, click Continue Process button to the next steps
Put your Credit Card Number, Expiry Date & CVV2 in Payment Details section page and your personal
details in Cardholder Details and then click Process Payment button
Transaction Summary page will be displayed on the screen
Click Continue to Complete The Process button
Policy Payment receipt will appear on the screen and will automatically send policy schedule to your email
address or policy schedule can printed by print-out button.
Insurance payment transaction is completed and you can clear your cache like suggestion box in the bottom
of screen or press back button to go to AXA website
Please keep the policy schedule as transaction receipt of your purchase



How do I make payment using Virtual Account Bank Permata

Input your PIN number
Select Payment continued with select Other Transaction
Enter 16 digit of your Payment Code : 897512xxxxxx
Wait until your name and Virtual Account number appear on the ATM screen
Put policy payment in accordance with the nominal premium to be paid and then press the button Correct
as a confirmation
Your transaction complete



How do I make payment using Virtual Account Bank Mandiri / ATM Bersama
Input your PIN number
Select Others
Select Transfer
Select Online Transfer
Enter destination account number (Bank Permata Code (013) + 8975 + 12 digits payment code)
Enter amount of payment (the amount must be same with premium price)
Select Correct for confirmation

PT Asuransi AXA Indonesia

Head Office
AXA Tower lt.11, Jl. Prof. Dr. Satrio Kav.18, Kuningan City, Jakarta 12940, Indonesia
Tel : +62 21 3005 9000 I Fax : +62 21 3005 9009 I Email ; axaindo@axa-insurance.co.id I Website : www.axa-insurance.co.id



How do I make payment using Virtual Account Bank BCA / Jaringan PRIMA
Input your PIN number
Select Others
Select Transfer
Select Bank Rec Into Another
Enter Bank Permata Code (013), then select Correct
Enter amount of payment (the amount must be same with premium price)
Enter destination account number (8975 + 12 digit payment code)
Select Correct for confirmation



In the event of transportation delay or sick beyond my control and I cannot return to Indonesia before
the expiry date, would I still be covered?
Yes. You are automatically covered without additional premium up to 72 hours where reasonably necessary for
the completion of your journey.




Are there any differences in coverages between business and leisure Travels?
No. You are covered for all benefits insured under Smart Traveller. However, you are not covered for any third
liability arising from your pursuit of any trade, business or profession when you are on business travel.



Does SmartTraveller cover any terrorism act?

Yes. Terrorism is covered except for losses arising from terrorist acts using chemical / biological substances or
where the insured person is participating in terrorist acts.



Does SmartTraveller cover scuba diving?

No. It is not covered under SmartTraveller.



My credit card provides travel insurance cover whenever I charge my fare or travel package to my card.
Do I still need to buy SmartTraveller?
The travel insurance provided by your credit card may not cover Medical Expenses. Our Smart Traveller
provides you with many other benefits i.e. Medical Expenses to protect you from overseas high medical cost.
Many others benefits such as Personal Accident, Baggage, Travel Delay, Travel Document, Personal Liability,
Loss of Deposit or Cancellation, Trip Curtailment, Flight Misconnection, and Hijacking are also covered under




Can any children get SmartTraveller for their travel coverage?

Yes. They can buy SmartTraveller, if they travel is accompanied by an adult.



Does SmartTaveller respond to a claim immediately?

Yes. As long as client has submitted document of claim completely we can process their claim within
reasonable time since AXA has a reputable claims service and fast track system which provides fair and quick
advice and settlement.



If I am above 70 years old, can I still be covered by SmartTraveller?

The standard maximum age for our SmartTraveller is 70 years. However you can be covered subject to our
approval and we can only provide travel inconvinience coverage (no personal accident & medical cost cover).

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