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Lesson Plan

Christine Storz

TOPIC/TITLE: Multicultural Literature

GRADE LEVEL: 8th Grade

New York State Learning Standards:
Reading Standard 2: Students will read, write, listen, and speak for literary response and
Reading Standard 4: Students will read, write, listen, and speak for social interaction.
Consider the age, gender, social position, and traditions of the writer.
Recognize the types of language (e.g., informal vocabulary, culture-specific terminology,
jargon, colloquialisms, and email conventions) that are appropriate to social

Information Literacy Standards

Standard 5: The student who is an independent learner is information literate and appreciates
literature and other creative expressions of information:
is a competent and self-motivated reader (explains and discusses various examples of
fiction; able to analyze literary plots, themes, and characters; reads avidly and evaluates
the strengths and weaknesses of the literature read)

Standards for the 21st Century Learner

2.3.1: Connect understanding to the real world.
2.3.2: Consider diverse and global perspectives in drawing conclusions.
3.3.2: Respect the differing interests and experiences of others, and seek a variety of
4.1.1: Read, view, and listen for pleasure and personal growth.
4.1.2: Read widely and fluently to make connections with self, the world, and previous reading.

Multicultural titles from the collection, pulled and attractively displayed
PowerPoint presentation, displayed on projector screen

INSTRUCTIONAL OBJECTIVE: Students will learn about multicultural literature by choosing a

multicultural fiction title to check out.

Why read multicultural books?
 To gain understanding of another culture.
OBJECTIVE/PURPOSE: Today we will learn about multicultural literature.

I’ll be highlighting some interesting books from several cultures today in preparation for
you to choose your own books to check out during the second half of class.
The display is organized according to the slideshow so you might want to take notes on
the books that you like.
Begin PowerPoint
 Have students read book blurbs aloud for the class.
 Add interesting notes when applicable.

Show students where book display is, remind them how the books are organized.
Remind them to choose a book at the appropriate reading level.


I will informally walk around during the book selection time and be available for
questions, making sure students are finding titles without difficulty.
I will have a list of audio titles available for those students needing this.

Give the students appropriate time to choose books of interest to them.

Once they choose a book, they should get it approved by their teacher, check it out, and
begin reading.