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Mark Hexums (Peoria, IL) Family Court Ordeal:

My name is Mark Hexum. Im 52 years old. My crime is, I married the

wrong woman, stayed married to her for too long and believed in the
US Judicial System. I have a very solid reputation as a person with
strong integrity and I am highly respected by those that know me. Over
the past four years in the IL court system I have been lied to, lied
about, stolen from, insulted and humiliated beyond anything I could
have ever imagined. I have been threatened with jail four times and
forced to borrow to feed my sons and myself. I had to borrow the gas
money to go to work to keep my job and stay out of jail even though I
have what most would consider an excellent income. Why? Because
the family court system is corrupt. I have spent four years of my life to
rectify a divorce trial that is so clearly corrupt but its me against nine
judges whose priority is to protect the corrupt legal fraternity.
My story:
Pictures tell a thousand words:

My nightmare began on September 27, 2011 at my divorce trial. My

attorney, Rob Parker and the opposing attorney G. Edward Murphy pre-

arranged a meeting with Judge Michael Risinger mid-day to see how he

was leaning regarding alimony (alimony). After the meeting, the
attorneys told me Risinger would award 50-60% of my gross pay as
permanent alimony. I was told throughout the diovrce process it would
be about 20% of my net pay. After telling me this devastating
information where after taxes my net pay would be as little as 8%, my
attorneys, Rob Parker and his father Drew Parker, recommended not
continuing with the trial and negotiating a settlement outside the
presence of the judge. During the negotiations and recital of the
judgment my attorney sat silent (see attached court transcript). I
ended up paying 37.5% of my gross pay, the mortgage on the marital
home, all education expenses for my sons, the apartment for me and
my 16 year-old son who I had primary custody and the living expenses
for my 20 year-old attending school in Minneapolis. After I paid
alimony and the mortgage, my net pay was gone. I said I could not
make the payments and that my son and I would have to eat macaroni
and cheese, but no one cared. I left the courtroom in shock.
Weeks later, I contacted another attorney that told me I had no choice
but to fight the judgment. She filed a motion to vacate. After a few
insane hearings, Risinger denied the motion to vacate and instructed
the attorneys to draft the final judgment. I stated I would not sign the
judgment and would be filing an appeal. A few days later, as he began
protecting himself and the attorneys involved, Judge Risinger issued an
order vacating his denial of the motion to vacate and took the issue
under advisement. A few weeks later, he again denied the motion to
vacate stating I had buyers remorse and that he never said nor
threatened to award 50-60% of my gross pay as permanent alimony,
but found the issue irrelevant. The following day the judgment was
entered and Risinger stated the judgment definitely favored the wife
and I would have a difficult time until the marital home sold. He
followed that by stating he is very specific, very very specific about
child support and did know how he overlooked it in my case. It was
five months after the trial. Three weeks later my ex-wife was partying
with Mari Halliday in Las Vegas. Mari is the wife of Doc Halliday,
partner at Parker & Halliday the firm that represented me at my
divorce trial. At the same time, I was burying myself in debt and hiring
an attorney to file an appeal.
In March 2013, Racist Judge Risinger was moved from the Peoria
County Court to Tazewell County (Pekin, IL) because he stated he
based his sentences for black males on how they dressed and their
attitudes. In the past, Pekin, IL had strong ties to the KKK. It appears
the District Chief Judge thought Risinger would fit in better in Pekin.
He should have been removed from the bench.

I hired attorney Joseph Gentleman in Chicago to represent me in my
appeal and malpractice suit against Parker & Halliday. He filed a brief
in the appeal stating the judgment was obtained through fraud and
coercion and was unconscionable. The opposing brief was struck since
it violated Supreme Court rules. The Appellate Court recommended
waiving oral arguments since they had enough information to make a
decision. Joseph Gentleman recommended not pushing for oral
arguments since my case was so clear, the opposing brief had been
struck and we did not want to piss off the judges. I respected
Josephs guidance and continue to do so today. Neither of us had any
idea of the judicial corruption in my case. It turned out the Appellate
Court Judges recommended waiving oral arguments to keep the truth
off the record. In July 2013, my appeal was denied. I immediately filed
a complaint with the Illinois Judicial Inquiry Board (IJIB) since the
appellate decision contained text copied directly from the stricken
brief, the decision failed to even mention my financial obligations for
my sons and that Judge Risinger stated he never said nor threatened to
award 50-60% of my gross pay. My IJIB complaint was dismissed. On
November 22, 2014, the local newspaper, The Peoria Journal Star
published a story on Rena Parker, the Peoria County Court
Administrator on her outstanding accomplishments. Rena Parker is the
mother of my attorney, Rob Parker, and wife of my attorney, Drew
Parker. Rena Parker gave accolades to US District Judge Joe Billy
McDade for launching her career and mentoring her back in the 70s.
Joe Billy McDade is married to Appellate Court Judge Mary McDade, a
deciding judge on my appeal. I filed complaints against the appellate
court judges in November 2014 with the IJIB. It was closed without
investigation in December 2015.
In January 2014, I filed a complaint against Rob Parker, Drew Parker
and opposing attorney G. Edward Murphy with the Illinois Attorney
Registry and Disciplinary Commission (ARDC) for engaging in fraud
(copy attached). I copied the Peoria County States Attorney, Jerry
Brady and the FBI. Both Jerry Brady and the FBI contacted me to
discuss but did nothing telling me family court cases are civil cases and
not criminal. Attorneys and judges are free to do as they please in civil
cases because they are above the law. My ARDC complaint was
dismissed because they said the district and appellate courts
addressed the fraud and coercion. The ARDC is funded by attorneys
and managed by attorneys to protect attorneys.
As mentioned above, I filed a malpractice suit against my attorneys at
Parker & Halliday. In March 2014, all Peoria County Court judges
recused themselves on my case because they knew Rena Parker,

Peoria County Court Administrator, mother and wife of my attorneys,

Rob Parker and Drew Parker. I had hope. My complaints seemed to
being having an impact. Again, I was nave. My case was transferred
to District Judge Clarence Darrow in Rock Island County, IL. Illinois
Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Rita Garman was involved in the
corrupt transfer to an out of district judge tied to the Parkers. Im in
the IL Third Court District that has six circuit courts. Eliminating the
tenth district where my case was filed, that left five other districts
available to transfer my case. Only the fourteenth district was
selected and the case was assigned to Judge Clarence Darrow.
Coincidently, Judge Clarence Darrows daughter-in-law is US District
Judge Sara Darrow. Sara Darrow was appointed a US District Judge in
Peoria, IL in 2011 to take over some of the caseload of US District
Judge Joe Billy McDade, mentor of Rena Parker mother and wife of my
corrupt attorneys, Rob and Drew Parker.

Parkers attorneys filed to dismiss the cased based on the decisions in

the Peoria County District Court and the Appellate Court. My case was
dismissed. In June 2015, I paid another $10K to file an appeal in my
malpractice suit. To date, no one has been held accountable for
engaging in fraud by telling me Judge Michael Risinger would award
50-60% of my gross pay as permanent alimony when he issued an
order stating he never said that.
In 2014, I hired yet another attorney to file a motion for a review of
alimony (alimony). In the three years since the trial, my ex-wife had
done nothing to find job or seek education, thereby violating the terms
of the divorce judgment. Instead of bettering herself, she obtained
also two DUIs, has been in jail three times and lost her drivers license
for over a year. In the December 2014 hearing on the motion for
alimony review, Peoria County District Judge Kate Gorman anointed
herself a mental health professional and stated my ex-wife had mental

health issues so reduced alimony to the legal maximum of 30% of my

gross based on a new IL law that went into effective January 1, 2015
and stated my ex-wife at 49 years-old never has to do anything with
regard to education or working for the rest of her life. Coincidence or
corruption, Kate Gormans father is a recently retired US District Judge
John Gorman that worked alongside Joe Billy McDade for many years.
Also, Drew and Rena Parker contributed to Kate Gormans judicial
campaign fund. More corruption.
I have transcripts, court filings, court orders, newspaper articles and
more to document the facts in my case.