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Exercise 4.

Breckinridge School of Nursing

ITT Technical Institution

A Writing Assignment
Exercise 4.2
Submitted to:
William Seabrook
English Composition II

Linda Cort

Crawfordville, Fl.
11, February 2016

Exercise 4.2

In the statement Rush Limbaugh is making that feminism was established so that
unattractive women could have easier access to the mainstream of society is obscured. It is
basically saying that attractive women have no need or desire to be equal with men. I believe
that the basis of feminism is for appearance to not be the issue.
His first point is that feminism is about harassment. The second point Mr. Limbaugh
makes is that feminism will cause real harassment to be consider trivial. These points are
supported by several statements in attempt to justice his beliefs. he is saying that it is normal
behavior when a man is the aggressor to a woman. He claims that with the confusion of what
is acceptable to do in turn the women will become the aggressor. A point is made to show that
classification of rape into date rape trivializes real rape. He makes statements that wolf calling
and other harassing statements are victimless in that they shouldnt be crimes. He states that
men will end up confused to what should be do and not do and hence will do nothing. He makes
allegations that Mrs. Long should have been able to handle harassment in the workplace
outside of the courts a grown adult should be able to handle a 16 year-old. He makes the
statement that this movement was started by unattractive women that wished to have more of
an access to society. He does not back his statements with fact once again. He states it is true
because I say its true and I would never lie.
In regards to feminism Mr. Limbaugh makes the point that it is about harassment.
The movement in reality is for the equal rights of the female gender. This does not only that
females have the right to not be harassed but that they should receive the same compensation
as someone that is has the skills, position, and experience as the male figure standing beside.
The idea of desiring to have equal rights as male does not mean that they wish to overcome
men as Limbaugh states. In most movements for equal rights the opposing team often feels as

Exercise 4.2

the one fighting for rights in truth wants to overrun the other. The idea that in order to be a man
this means that you must be an aggressor. In truth relationships do not require an aggressor.
When in the proper setting many women do not mind be addressed in a request for relationship.
This request being made in areas that are not acceptable such as the work setting should not be
not made upon anyone whether male or female. Mr. Limbaugh makes several points on a
multitude of subjects but rarely has factual data to back his statements.