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1. Complete the sentences with the verbs in brackets.

Use the Present Simple or

Present Continuous.
1. She (not go) swimming with her friends today because she
(not know) how to swim. She (want) to
learn and she (wait) for the swimming course to start next month.
2. Teacher: Graham, you (listen) to me?
Student: Yes, Mrs Black, but I still (not understand) the story.
3. The world (get) warmer and most world leaders
(believe) that this is a big problem. Next month, many of these
leaders (meet) to talk about the problem.

2. Complete the sentences with the verbs in brackets. Use the Past Simple or Past
1. While he (shave), he (cut) himself.
2. She (break) her nail while she (clean)
the house.
3. While Adam (look) for his keys, he
(find) his glasses.
4. Rosa (meet) her boyfriend while she
(travel) in India.

3. Complete the sentences with the verbs in brackets. Use the Past Simple, Past
Continuous or Past Perfect Simple.
1. They (not finish) packing their suitcase when their taxi
2. They (be)
(get) married.







3. Clara (try) to study while her brother

(play) his drums.
4. Mr Brown (cross) the street when a car
(hit) him.
5. They (read)
(go) on their trip.







6. Why you (cry) when I

(see) you yesterday?

4. Complete the sentences with the verbs in brackets. Use the Past Simple or
Present Perfect.
1.- How long you (live) in England? For about eleven years now.
2.- Our Christmas holidays (finish) last week.
3.- I (not see) Tom this week, but I (meet) him a couple of times last week.
4.- Unemployment (go) down in Spain last year.
5.- You (not bring) your sister with you?
6.- He (not work) a single day since he finished his studies.
7.- Tom (study) medicine from 1981 to 1985.

5. Complete the sentences with the verbs in brackets. Use the Future Simple, Be
going to or Present Continuous.
1. Are you going to the cinema? Wait for me. I __________(go) with you!
2. Tomorrow morning I_____________(go) to Athens for a meeting.
3. Paul's sister _______________ (have) a baby.
4. It's Julia's birthday next week, so we ____________ (buy) her some flowers.
5. Do you think they____________ (like) the presents we got for them?

6. Choose the correct answer.

1. How will I recognise him? He will be wearing / will have worn a green shirt.
2. Lets hope that we will be stopping / will have stopped global warming by the year
3. The film starts at 8.00 and finishes at 10.00, so at 9.00 we will be watching / will
have watched it.

4. The President is ill so he wont be attending / wont have attended the meeting
this evening.
5. If he wins the Oscar this year, he will be winning / will have won three awards.

7. Complete the advert with the correct form of the verbs in brackets. Use future
tenses. There may be more than one correct answer.
When I finish school this year, I 1._____________________ (work) in my uncles
office. He is an architect and thats what I want to be too. I
2._________________________ (stay) there for a few months until the new academic
year starts. By then, I 3. ______________________(gain) some experience and 4.
_________________(be) ready to start at the College of Architecture.
My only real problem is that the college hasnt accepted me yet because I havent
completed my entrance project. I 5._____________________ (stay) at home most
evenings until I get it done. I 6._______________________________ (ask) Ian to help
me, since he was accepted last year and knows what is required. But that means Ive got
very little time, as he 7.__________________________ (go) abroad soon. I hope I 8.
__________________(manage) to present my work before he leaves. I think I can do it!

8. Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verbs in brackets. (ALL
1. Sally has to work late tonight. By the time the shop closes, she
__________________(be) there for 12 hours.
2. By the time I arrived, everyone ________________________________(leave) the
3. That pizza smells good! I think I _________________________(have) a piece.
4. I know youre not jogging today, but __________________________(jog)
5. I love those jeans! Where__________________________________ (you / buy)
__________________________(argue) with my mum.



9 Complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first. Use the
word in capitals.
1 You arent allowed to park here its illegal. MUST
You _______________________________________ its illegal.
2 It isnt necessary for us to hand in our papers till Friday. HAVE
We ___________________________________hand in our papers untill Friday.
3 I can understand French, but only if you speak it slowly. ABLE
I ___________________________________French, but only if you speak it slowly.
4 You should feel guilty about being horrible to Dan. TO
You ________________________________________about being horrible to Dan.
5 I advise you not to be anxious about your appearance. SHOULD
You ____________________________________________about your appearance.
6 Tony has definitely forgotten about our meeting. MUST
Tony _________________________________________________________about our

8 Complete the sentences with the phrases from the box and the correct form of the
verbs in brackets.
shouldnt have


didnt have to

may have

1 Luckily, I__________________________________ (clean) up all the mess because

my brother did it for me.
2 You________________________________ (ignore) the red light; now that
policeman is signalling us to stop.
3 Peter isnt talking to Jennifer. I think she________________________________
(accuse) him of cheating in the exam.
4 My best friend, Helen,________________________________________ (speak)
three languages by the time she was twelve. Isnt that cool?

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