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In many countries education is compulsory up to the age of 15 or 16.

In others
students have to remain at school until the age of 18. Which system do you think is
The education system that a country applies determines actually its future. There
are systems that students can leave school at the age of 15 or 16 and others that
education is compulsory until the age of 18. Up to what age students must remain at
school is a controversial issue.
In my opinion the duration of the compulsory education is quite complicated. It
depends on the system itself and on its efficiency to the general goals of educationteaching of intensive and critical thinking and skills development. In view of leaving
school at the age of 18, it is generally considered more acceptable than leaving it at
younger age in most of countries. Not only is the maturity of the age that makes
students more qualified to reach better decisions for their future, but it is also the
society that dictates a higher level of education. A higher education level gives an
advantage in work-life and greater prospects for the future. It is believed that the
education level, that someone has, signifies the quality of his life. Additionally, a good
education widens students knowledge fields, improves the way of their thinking and
develops theirs personality as long as they remain at school.
On the other hand, all mentioned above could be valid in an ideal education system.
The fact is that there is not an ideal system in any country. Education has become too
wearing for students which leads them to giving up school at the age of 16. There is
no reason to oblige a student to remain at school for two more years when the
education has nothing more to teach him or cannot provide him the knowledge he
needs. Considering also the financial reasons, a shorter duration of the education
system might be preferable. For example in poor countries where families need to
work altogether in order to earn their living. Generally a 16-year-old student can leave
school so as to have the time to try other things he might want to do to find out
himself and finally set his personal goals for his future.
To sum up, the best education system in the view of compulsory duration is very
complicated to be defined. However, it is sure that the education system itself can
only determine its duration and with its quality services and with the assistance of
society it can keep students at school for as long as possible. We should never forget
what Aristotle said education may have bitter roots, but gives sweet fruits!